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OlemGolem's Trove of Tips: Wisdom

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What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.
I am proud of players who want to play a character with an ability score that they think they lack. Not only do they show awareness of themselves, but also a willingness to challenge themselves. The mind and body are less set in stone than we might think. D&D is not primarily meant as a replacement for therapy, but I have seen certain developments happen to people because of it and it’s almost magical. With a bit of insight, more developments can come and make one’s roleplaying experience better.
It’s okay to make little slip-ups when it comes to roleplaying ability scores. An ability score is a quantifiable representation of a character’s talent and the score only means what the odds of success are and not a guarantee. Getting a little bump above or below 10 doesn’t mean your character should behave in a dramatically different way. And these tips (well, it’s a bit too much to call it a tip) are not the end-all-be-all of solid roleplay essentials. They’re ways to understand and act how you want your character to act.

What Is Wisdom?

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.
-Frank Sonnenberg-
When people say someone is wise, they tend to refer to someone making smart choices and be very knowledgeable. Yet, if Intelligence and the IQ are different from Wisdom and the EQ, then perhaps wisdom, especially in D&D, is something different. Animals in the game tend to have a higher Wisdom than Intelligence as they still rely on senses and instincts. If it was about literal wisdom, then I’d find it hard to imagine a wolf achieving a state of enlightenment.
To have Wisdom in D&D means to be attuned. Attuned to reality, attuned to people, attuned to the outside world, attuned to a greater cause, and attuned to oneself. When you think of the word ‘wise’ and look at people and characters who reflect that, I bet that the following traits will show:
  • They have a calm demeanor
  • They show empathy and patience
  • They speak truly about life experiences
  • They show a disciplined mindset
  • They believe in a higher cause
Wisdom is not about telling vague pseudo-introspective phrases or silly idioms that only sound profound. The truly wise have experienced a lot and took the time to reflect on it, both the good and the bad. From these experiences and truths that they’ve gathered, they look at them internally.
When we look at the philosophers of old, they all seem to have their own defined sense of truth and they put it to the test just as much as they test common sense. They observe people and ask themselves deep and confrontational questions. Through staying and reflecting on these questions, they learn more about life and themselves.
In order to get a good grasp of what wisdom entails, we need to know more about the following things:


Learning to stand in somebody else's shoes, to see through their eyes, that's how peace begins. And it's up to you to make that happen. Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.
-Barack Obama-
People often confuse empathy with sympathy. Whereas sympathy is caring about how someone feels, empathy is knowing how someone feels. These two do not need each other to exist. You can care about a person who is crying without knowing why and you can know why someone is crying without caring about it. A bully torments someone because they know it hurts, that’s why they do it. The word is also flung around loosely. Nobody is truly without empathy except for psychopaths. A psychopath must be told to feel empathy in order to experience it.
Empathy can be learned. It can be done by experiencing things that are outside of your general world of experience. By experiencing it, you will know how it feels. By knowing how it feels, you can imagine what it would be like for other people to experience the same thing. Empathy is not perfect, however. To truly know how someone feels, you have to live their entire life in full detail.
As empathy is not perfect, you need to stretch your understanding of things and find similarities. I don’t know what it’s like to be physically abused, for example, but I do know what it’s like to be bullied, to be vulnerable, to feel powerless, to experience trauma, and to feel resentment. If I would find someone who experienced something as severe, I wouldn’t react with neglect and hand-wavy comments as I know how that would feel for myself and that it wouldn’t be a wise choice to make. For anything else, it’s safe to assume that everyone is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something. Yet if you think that a foot falling asleep is the same as being crippled and that it’s perfectly okay to mention this to someone in a wheelchair, then I have some bad news for you.


Wherever you are, be there totally.
-Eckhart Tolle-
A mind that is poorly connected with itself and the world is often turbulent, pressured, impulsive, and ill at ease. It’s what Buddhists call a monkey mind. Especially in this day and age, we get tons of things thrown at us at full blast. Obligations, traffic, media, salespeople, finances, work, relationships, it doesn’t seem to end. What matters is not if it gets resolved or not, even though it all feels urgent, but how we react to it. A calm mind is often a stronger mind, a more resilient mind, and a focused mind. It’s a state the mind is in where all the irrelevant junk is filtered out and stops bothering at inopportune moments. And even when it does, the mind is strong enough to deal with it.
I’m not encouraging you to go to some kind of resort to ‘cleanse the ego’ and ‘leave behind your mortal excrement’ or something. All I’m saying is that practicing a kind of meditation or prayer can train the mind to calm down and be more resilient to life’s turmoils. It doesn’t matter that much if it’s meditation, yoga, mindfulness, or taking a minute to listen to the sound of rain. What matters is that you’re training the mind to swamp the clutter where it belongs. For those in IT, it’s like a defragmentation of your brain’s hard-disk.
The meditative state can be hard at first. Just like what exercise does to the body, it will resist and complain with all the parts you never used before if you start out. Stopping a spinning wheel will hurt too if you try to make it go full stop with your bare hands. That’s why you don’t need to start practicing meditation for 20 minutes right from the get-go. What matters is that you do it daily to keep it consistent. Be mild in your approach, without judgment or criticism. If you keep practicing, you will eventually notice the benefits of a calm mind.

Bear With Uncertainties

When nothing is sure, everything is possible.
-Margaret Drabble-
For logical black-and-white thinkers, uncertainty, vagueness, and ambiguity can be unbearable. We want to be relieved from discomfort and we want it now. Therefore we want clear-cut answers that make sense so we can go on with whatever we are doing. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. Plenty of things just don’t make logical sense. Learning to bear with the uncertainties of life, to be patient, and to accept that not everything is answered (yet), can create peace of mind. I’m not saying that all that is unanswered should just be shrugged at. I’m saying that just because an object has an uncomfortable design, doesn’t mean that it’s poorly designed. Just because your feelings are hard to describe, doesn’t mean that they aren’t real. Just because my conclusion is right, doesn’t mean that yours has to be wrong.
A good way to drive logical thinkers crazy is to tell them a koan and reject their answer. Koans are Zen riddles that don’t have a single answer. The most famous ones are:
  • “If a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody around to listen to it, does it make a sound?”
  • “What is the value of a bottomless bucket?”
  • “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”
  • “What was your original face before your parents were born?”
  • “Does a dog have a Zen nature?”
  • A bell is rung “What do you hear?”
  • “If nothing what you do will do, then what will you do?”
  • “All things turn back to The One. To what does The One turn back to?”
Zen masters accept original answers because these riddles aren’t meant to be solved, but to be thought about. The answer that you give it says more about you than about the answer. It’s a good reflection tool and a way to deal with unanswered situations that might not have an answer, to begin with.

Roleplaying Wisdom

Life's biggest tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.
-Benjamin Franklin-
Internalize the sense of mental resilience and peace of mind. Look for in what way your character has developed a sense of wisdom. There is no need to make the character old, just keep to a level of calm and reflection. Wisdom has a wide range of uses that require focus, discipline, and a good gut feeling. Yet, to show that in a meaningful way, you could try the following methods to show the wise side of your character.

Don’t Judge

The moment you fill in the value and reasoning of someone’s actions with your own conclusion it’s all over. Nobody likes to be judged, even when you’d say your judgment is right and theirs is wrong. People won’t listen to you when you judge them and it shows that you don’t listen when you pass judgment. Do you really know people based on what they did one time without knowing why? Some people can do bad things because they don’t see a way out or make a mistake that turns out for the worse. One wrong choice shouldn’t define a person and people can make amends if given the chance.
Listen by following through with questions, summarizing, and paraphrasing without judgment, opinion, or advice. Even when it sounds like a good thing to do, be patient, and keep asking. Here are some examples:
“I’m not a good dancer.”
“I think you’re a good dancer!”
BAM! An opinion, and a positive one at that. The listener wants to add something positive but instead cuts down the conversation with something contrary. This actually shows that the listener wants to cut the commentary short, butts heads with the talker who trusts the listener, and basically demands the talker to change their mind. The listener is actually not listening.
“I’m not a good dancer.”
“Go take dance classes, then.”
Woof. Again, this advice is given with a positive intention, but it cuts the line short and butts heads with the talker. The listener wants to provide a solution but the solution doesn’t really solve anything because it’s not about dancing but about something else. Yet, that doesn’t show because the listener came up with a single solution right off the bat. As the conversation was over when it started, it showed that the listener was not listening.
“I’m not a good dancer.”
“Yeah, you sure aren’t.”
I value honesty a lot, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be stated forthrightly like that. Even when agreeing with someone, such a statement can make them feel unsafe as they are judged. This conversation goes nowhere as the talker has been given nothing from the listener, not even a feeling of being listened to.
“I’m not a good dancer.”
“Why aren’t you a good dancer?”
Ooh~ This is a sneaky one. It’s technically a question, that’s true, but what does it imply? The judgment is already set within the question. It’s like if you would refuse to play a game with people for some reason but get asked: “why do you hate fun?” That judgment was already set and speaks louder than the question itself. The listener, as you might have guessed, did not listen.
“I’m not a good dancer.”
“Not a good dancer?”
“No, I’ll make a fool out of myself.”
“To whom would you feel foolish?”
“Well, Ronalda.”
“The one dancing over there?”
“Have you tried dancing before?”
“Well, no. So I’m not good at it.”
“That reminds me of a time I wanted to ask someone out. I was so scared to be rejected.”
“What happened?”
“Nothing, I never asked. And I don’t regret the rejection, I regret never having asked to this very day. So what would you rather regret?”
The talker joins the dance.
A nice little scenario, sure. Not all situations will turn out like this. But the listener actually listened without telling the talker what to do. Also note that the first question is a repeated statement re-skinned as a question. That’s an easy way to get more information out of people. The listener could’ve done so many things such as dragging the talker to the dance, commanding him to join, try to couple the two, overstate his own grief, get depressed along with him, saying that he doesn’t care, and so further. Yet, he didn’t. He kept asking and the more he knew, the more he noticed what the real problem was. It’s not about dancing, it’s about rejection. The listener knows what rejection is and learned something from that. He didn’t force his lesson onto the talker, he just gave an anecdote and his own experiences from it. The talker was free to listen, reflect, and learn. That is when someone truly listens.

Empathic Communication

Everyone has needs that they want to have met. That annoying kid has a need for attention, the grumpy co-worker has a need for autonomy, and those squeaking guinea pigs have a need to be fed. The thing about most people is that they already feel listened to and tend to relax a little bit when someone recognizes their need. All you need to do is listen to the other person via listening techniques and give the conclusion of ‘it sounds like you have a need for _____. Am I right?’
Recognizing needs can be tricky. Money is not a need, but safety is. Being told what to do is not a need, but direction is. Being left alone is not a need, but autonomy is. Seeing what someone’s need is requires some deep digging and a strong sense of understanding.


A bending branch does not break. Why does that sound so profound? Because it’s true and it can apply to a vast number of examples in our lives. But in order to understand it, we first need to know the differences in trees and how they work and why. Truly profound metaphors require an observant eye and an inspiring sense of truth. Take a holistic mindset and try to find similarities. One time during a group project, we entered our room that always had this stuffy smell. I said “Our teamwork is like the air here, stagnant and musty.” so not only did we had to open a window, we also had to get some air circulation in our work ethics.
Even a fool can sound wise in this way. And it’s not an oxymoron. Roger von Oech’s book A Whack on the Side of the Head talks about foolishness as looking at situations differently. His example of ‘Life is like a donut. There is no beginning or end but the mystery is the hole in the middle.’ sounds silly, but there is a kernel of truth to it.

Activities for Wisdom

  • Attend a sermon
  • Conducting a tea ceremony
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Flower arrangement
  • Gardening
  • Hunting for game
  • Interior decorating
  • Meditation/prayer
  • Taking a walk
  • Training an animal
  • Writing poetry

Wise Characters

  • Charles Xavier and Magneto from X-Men
  • Death from Discworld
  • Gandalf and Saruman from Lord of the Rings
  • Garnet from Steven Universe
  • Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin
  • Kensuke Miyagi from Karate Kid
  • Long John Silver from Treasure Island
  • Madame Web from Spider-Man
  • Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda
  • Master Splinter and Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Morpheus from The Matrix
  • Optimus Prime and Megatron from Transformers
  • Ramirez from Highlander
  • Sean Maguire from Good Will Hunting
  • The Dude from The Big Lebowski
  • Silent Bob
  • Uncle Iroh and Aangh from Avatar the Last Airbender
  • V from V for Vendetta
  • Yoda and Obi Wan from Star Wars

Other Treasures

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #4: R6M4 - Demis Roussos vs. M.I.A.

The epilogue is in for Match 3...
The winner is Gioia Arancini, with a score of 74 to Yuigahama Kaito’s 73!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Tie 20-20 After a harrowing period under the low turnout threshold, we ended the match off with a 5-5 tie!
Quality Gioia Arancini 28-25 Reasoning
JoJolity Yuigahama Kaito 26-28 Reasoning
With that, we must now sadly bid goodbye to Team Jupiter, the Civil Disobedients, the fifth team to be eliminated from Tournament 4. They started off strong, and had some of the most memorable matches in the first half of the tournament. In that spirit, even as their numbers dwindled, their impact didn’t in the slightest.
Let’s take a moment to remember…
8th/7th Place: Djimon Ejigu and Lyra Wishly - These two were swamped against the Fairy Fellers in a 2v2 near the end of the first round, but that wasn’t the end of their stories! Djimon went on to found Uncivil Umbra and even defeated Electric Grapevine, another RETIRED competitor. As for Lyra, it’s said she took up Cryptid Hunting...
6th Place: Tom N. Place - The snake-tongued sleazebag made a pair of very impressive showings, even if he didn’t quite come out victorious in either. It started with a stalemate in Venice, and his partner in that same match fell victim to a bodyswap the next round, earning his RETIREment and abandonment.
5th Place: Baroness Malka - The boisterous Baroness had a pair of heated battles in very cold places. She shocked the competition with her adaptability in a ski chase worthy of a spy thriller, but even her adaptability couldn’t hold up against that of the ‘trout’ of Tierra del Fuego.
4th Place: Prince Johnny - The Prince came to Urban Uprising hoping to find love, but the people he encountered weren’t quite suited for that… First he came across a painter who rejected him, a figuratively two-dimensionally evil psychologist, and a literally two-dimensional image of God Himself; then he tested his athletic talent against a dog and a bull; and finally he seemed to find someone his age, but the middle-aged man who’d just stolen the body of a girl in her early twenties ultimately spelled his doom… Or did it?. Things like this tend to be more complicated than they seem.
3rd Place: Michelle Xu - The mysterious girl with a Strange Power was just as mysterious and strange to the rest of her teammates as she was to everyone else. Against the odds, she survived a plane crash, won a cooking competition, and then was never heard from again…
2nd Place: Donovan Ito-Rogers, better known as Fighter Jet - I guess even your heroes can have feet of clay. Sentai hero, or murderous vigilante? Looking at his matches, you might have seen the signs. Even when protecting a citizen, he caused some collateral damage, but still, that’s to be expected in the course of heroism, right? And there weren’t any red flags in a friendly futbol game against some farm animals, right? Yeah, he was a little rough with Prince Rupert and caused some collateral damage to Helena Beat’s garden, but really, his true colors weren’t revealed until Alarm Call forced the truth into the open and beat the vigilante down.
1st Place: Yuigahama Kaito - This hot-blooded rebel embodied the Civil Disobedients to a T. We’ve already mentioned his stalemate in Venice, and while he may have lost a battle overseen by the Mollusk, his body and Stand were on the winning side. When Tom abandoned him, Kaito ended up teaming up with an old adversary to take down a major member of Lyte and begin to bring out the truth of what was really happening. Back in Urban Uprising, he was able to win through ring-out a match worthy of Smash Bros or Shoal Calibur. After this, the sole Civil Disobedient left, Kaito reconnected with Djimon, and as a part of Uncivil Umbra he defeated Tom Alcove a second time. But even his streak had to end, and ultimately, it was another Fairy Feller, from the team that had bested him and brought out the best in him, who managed to do both in his final showing.
Location - Detroit, Michigan:
The familiar click of wheels on the sidewalk were muddled beneath the hustle and bustle of the city, but the crowded streets were no obstacle to Mylo Xyloto.
He took a deep breath, his view panning around the skyline. “Ahh… it’s been too fuckin’ long! I missed this place.” he spoke to himself, rolling through the streets with ease, at the deficit of the unfortunate passerby in front of him that he paid no mind to.
It had been quite a while since he had been in his hometown of Detroit, having been swept up in all the serious business of the tournament. With Nate Selleck dead, much to Mylo’s pleasure, he could take a break from that Horde he was a part of, and take some time to “relax” in his own special way; though, he was still on call.
Mylo spotted an alley breaking off from the sidewalk. Perfect, he thought. Prime territory for his next tag! He grabbed one of the spraycans off his bandolier and began eagerly shaking it, genuinely excited to make his mark on yet another dark and dirty wall. This city just wasn’t as lively with his murals painted over!
As he rounded the corner, however, he noticed a distinct noise. The shaking of cans. The spraying of aerosol. No mistaking it, someone else was spraying in this alley. And there he saw them.
Two people, a young man and a young woman were snickering to each other, wearing matching hoodies and spray-painting a wall. He looked up in anger, and he saw it: a large, messy, bubbly piece of graffiti reading "21S."
Mylo gritted his teeth, advancing on the two. "Hey! What the fuck are you doing, you pieces of shit?! Look at that mess!"
The man turned towards Mylo, glancing towards the woman. He smirked, and stepped up to Mylo. “Ehhhhh? What, you talkin' to me chump? What, you got a problem with art?!'
Mylos face remained unchanged, pointing to his bandolier. "You fuckin' blind, dipshit?! I don't got a problem with art, I got a problem with you not only tagging on my turf, but being a fucking amateur! What, did you look up 'how to graffiti'' online this morning and buy the cheapest can of spray paint at the store, you prick?!"
Mylo reeled his head back and slammed his forehead into the bridge of the man's nose, knocking him to the ground. Mylo rubbed his head.
"'21S, huh… you're like a piece of shit swirling around a clogged toilet. I thought I fuckin' flushed you already!"
The man whimpered, backing up on the ground. He got up quickly and tapped the woman's arm. "T-This guy's a real asshole! Let's go and tell the boss!"
The two scurried away, Mylo watching them, and glancing back at the graffiti. He sighed, beginning to trail them.
"I'll deal with this shit later… for now, let's figure out why these fuckers are still kicking."
Location - Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Michigan:
Passengers in various states of wakefulness went to pick up their bags from the conveyor belt, stepping forth and retreating in an ebb and flow. A bit away from this traffic, M.I.A. stood against a wall. Her eyes flitted between the electronic doors which travellers streamed through and the monitors on the wall. Despite the early time of day, she bounced on the balls of her feet. She had long gotten used to flights at this point, but she wasn’t watching the baggage claim.
The past few months had been busy for the de facto leader of the Youngtown Mysteries & Curiosities Association, or what was left of them. Milo and Man had moved on to bigger and better things, while Vanita and Jinsoo pursued the smaller mysteries that interested them. Baba returned to reporting with the influx of news regarding the death of the Governor of California. Urban Uprising and its mysteries had unravelled, and its threads had sent the team in its various directions.
In M.I.A.’s case, this meant jetting between Ohio, California, and the rest of the country and following the various leads she had picked up, with Flint and Vic holding down the homefront. Uncivil Umbra may have fulfilled its purpose—Sides using the wealth of evidence gathered to prosecute those whom the team had arrested—but there was still clean up to do in the wake of Selleck’s conspiracy. Punishment had to be meted out: Riko was tried and found guilty of assault of Aesop Rock, and Lauryn’s arrangement with Sides came to an end. She frowned, unhappy with Lauryn deciding to go back, even if it was just for a few weeks.
But justice had to be restorative as well, for M.I.A.’s sake as well as theirs. She had been willing to kill the one responsible for sandstorm in Mexico City, only to discover that it was just a bird in the throes of XPLICIT—Hunger, Lauryn said his name was. The drug, the ARG had riled up Stand users all over; if she could deescalate them, then she would. She had to deal with many of them—some aggressive, some scared, all managed easily enough—in her promise to get rid of the last of XPLICIT wherever it may be by her own means and by her own hands. It wasn’t the fastest way to deal with the dregs of XPLICIT, but it was one she had chosen.
Nonetheless, she would need a hand.
She perked up as a young man in a bomber jacket took stepped out of the door. As he looked around, a small paper bird flitted into his field of view before resting on his head, pointing out its user from its newfound perch. Demis’s frown of confusion quickly tilted to a smile as M.I.A. waved him over and pulled him into a hug. There was much to debrief him on, only having given him a brief phone call, but for now it was good to see an old friend.
Demis pulled back, adjusting his jacket and stretched. Niceties had been exchanged, but they had a busy day ahead of them. “Nice hat,” Demis nodded. M.I.A. beamed up at him, tipping her Detroit Tigers cap as she turned to lead him to the parking lot.
“Nice haircut,” she called over her shoulder, the Paper Wing hopping off his head and flitting after her, ruffling his hair in the process.
Mylo sneered, typing in the phone number he’d been given. The ‘Khan’ had been decent enough to bother sticking with, and Mylo didn’t mind how annoying he and the painter bitch could be enough to bounce.
The kid picked up on the second ring. “Salutations, Mylo, he whose paint will blot the sun and terrify legions! How is your visit to the lands of your youth?”
Mylo paused and blinked. Ok. “Uh. It’s cold as shit.” Not that he’d cover up his badass tats. “Most of the people here still give me respect, but… man, there’s some of the assholes I used to run with still sticking around, and being a damn nuisance. Like dog shit stuck to my skates.”
“The… what was it, ‘Twenty One Savages’?”
He cocked his head up, sneering. “Heh, yeah. Those chumps are still using the same name and title that I came up with. Like they’re still in my crew. Thinking I’d go around and beat the shit outta them, so their stink of Loser doesn’t stick to my good name. Their leader… can’t fuckin’ believe it.”
“Indeed!” Niyaz declared, with the emphaticness that he very much understood Mylo. “Who, pray tell, are they being led by.”
Mylo chuckled, and muttered an answer.
“...Sincerest apologies, Mylo, but you’ll have to speak louder.”
Mylo repeated himself, louder.
There was staticy silence on the line, and Niyaz burst out laughing. A raucous cackle that was normally only reserved for his most grandiose of self-congratulatory speeches. “That’s who they’re led by? By the Buddha….”
“My good man, there’s no need to bother teaching them a lesson. These people aren't worth your gaze."
Mylo nodded, rubbing the back of his neck. It wasn't entirely typical of him not to just do what he wished and go in without a care, but… "Yeah… Guess you're right, those dipshits ain't worth the effort. Let em tear each other apart, they don't have the fuckin' loyalty to stick around too long."
After a short exchange of goodbyes, Mylo hung up the phone, and sighed. Loyalty. Even if he didn't always mesh with La Horde, at least he could say he had that in them. Having people to rely on like that really made him think. Maybe, given some time, he could settle down, start thinking seriously about where he wanted to go with his life and—
A passerby accidently bumped his shoulder into Mylo as he walked past. Mylo growled.
The man screamed and began running, Mylo giving chase, until they were both out of sight.
Their destination was a bit of a drive away, most of it silent. The rental car cruised through the city streets, foot and vehicle traffic thinning out as they entered the more abandoned part of the city. M.I.A. had given the rundown on how the 21 Savages had regrouped in their home turf, trying to grow their numbers and their XPLICIT supply, and how they just needed to clean them out. Since then, they had sat in silence, electronic crooning from the radio.
“Sooooo,” M.I.A. hazarded as the radio station cut to commercial. She pursed her lips in thought as she looked for something to start a conversation. “How’ve you been? How’s, uh, Autumn?”
“She’s been good, yeah.” Demis rubbed the back of his head, unsure how to proceed on the topic. “We’ve mostly been just relaxing back in town, really. Spend time with Millie, explore more of the town with Nico....‘Go back home’ as Sides put it.”
“...Yeah, I feel that.” M.I.A. nodded slowly, eyes on the road. The silence crept back, Demis calm but M.I.A. twisting her lips. “So why did you agree to help me?” She blurted out.
Demis was quiet for a moment. “It managed to reach us.”
“I’m sorr—”
“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” Demis reassured. “We dealt with it easily enough. Honestly, the dude was more scared than anything. No more can be made so the worst is over.”
M.I.A. exhaled. They were almost there now, at least. Her expression softened as Demis gave her a hesitant pat on the back. “You said you’re trying to do that on a broad scale, right?” He continued. “That’s a lot on one person. I couldn’t just let you do that on your own.”
“...We’re not dealing with scared kids this time,” M.I.A. placed a hand on a revolver. Her usual set was replaced to shoot rubber bullets, but the point was made. “These guys tried to raid a Black Beetles warehouse and still didn’t call it quits....you can still back out now if you want.”
Demis shook his head resolutely. “All the more reason to help you out. Uncivil Umbra was founded to deal with dangerous Stand users, and you’re not gonna carry that by yourself.”
M.I.A. opened her mouth to protest, but Demis’s expression interrupted that before words could. She shifted awkwardly in her seat as the music started playing again. They were almost there, and yet...“So you left home again to help me?”
“What are friends for?”
M.I.A. blushed, locking her eyes on the road and firmly gripping the steering wheel. She exhaled. They had a mission to complete, and they would.
“Thanks, Demis.”
An ornate throne sat out of place in a musty warehouse, home base of the 21 Savages. Cloaked in darkness, mostly because of the poor lighting of the building, was a man, clearly grinning even through the shadows. What little light that streaked through seemed to glisten off his teeth, he rested his elbow on the arm-rest, his hand resting confidently at his cheek.
Two figures approached the throne, Anthony Song and Abraham, two members that had been there with the group since its inception.
“Boss… You asked to see us?” Anthony said, smiling.
“Ehh? ‘Boss’?” The figure leaned forward, his grin not dropping, but his tone stern. “Nigga, I told you what to call me. Try again!”
Anthony sighed, clearly annoyed. He forced his smile harder.
“...Ruler of Heaven, Uro Sho. You wanted us to meet with you?”
Uro Sho leaned back in his throne and cackled. It was shrill and grating, his shark-like teeth chomping at the air. After a moment, he regained his composure and leaned forward once more.
“Yea, I did! Took you fuckers long enough, I was about to come drag your asses in here myself! KUKUKUKUHIHIHIAHAHAHAHHHH!”
Abraham and Anthony chuckled mildly along, exchanging awkward glances with one another. Uro Sho rose from his throne.
“I asked you to come here because, word on the street is, your ratty old fucking boss is running around! He even broke one of the Skrrt Twins’ noses and sent him packing! Why didn’t you fuckers tell me he was still running around?!”
Abraham’s eyes widened, and Anthony began rubbing the back of his neck, laughing nervously. “Err… we didn’t know he was! Eheh… After our last run-in with him we figured he’d probably uh… lost interest. He was busy with that tournament thing…” Anthony muttered.
Uro gritted his teeth at the mention of the tournament. He remembered… not one, but two rap battles he got absolutely cheated in. It wasn’t fair!
“Dammit, fuck that tournament bullshit! Rigged fucking matches, I should have won that! I spat nothing but fire in that rap battle, and yet they gave it to that kid! Whoever won that shit, I bet they just asked for something dumb like money or a fucking date with that alien bitch.” Uro’s ground his teeth, the metal of his grills making a grating scraping noise. He clenched his fists.
“If I won that shit, I’d be smart, ask for something good! I’d have power…power the fucking Ruler of Heaven deserves! I was a better rapper in that match, the best fuckin’ player in the tourney, a better leader than that stupid roller-skating, ratty-ass bitch Mylo! I’m at the top of the fucking world! I deserved that shit!”
Abraham begrudgingly nodded his head. "Yeah, yeah you totally deserved that."
Uro shook his head. "Ugh, I almost forgot what I called you here for! With that shithead running around the city, who knows if he'll try to bust in here? We need all the Savages in the city back here to hunker down and defend the warehouse.” Uro gestured behind him, a large variety of containers stacked behind his throne. “Especially to guard our supply."
"Are you sure we want to deal in that XPLICIT stuff, boss…? I’ve seen what it does, it makes people go psycho, and even your Stand goes nuts…" Abraham muttered.
Anthony swiftly nodded. "Yeah! I heard a dude had a stand that could blow stuff up, and when he took XPLICIT, his Stand made nukes and leveled a whole city, killed him instantly!"
"Don't be stupid!” Uro growled. “It's not a fuckin' steroid! It gets you high! We can make a ton of money off this shit!"
Abraham sighed. It wasn’t his job to babysit Uro, if he really wanted to mess around with that stuff, that was his prerogative.
While Abraham and Anthony moved to rally the 21 Savages, M.I.A. and Demis were nearby as well, converging on the warehouse together. They had anticipated a fight, but far more individuals than they thought would be there immediately had filed into the base; the result of Mylo’s poking around.
“Ah, that’s a lot of people...” Demis said, discreetly scaling the outside of the warehouse via a spring to reach the second floor unnoticed.
“Yeah,” M.I.A. muttered, climbing right behind. “Of course, they’re holding a meeting right when we get here.”
Hoisting themselves up through a window onto the dark, musty second floor of the warehouse, they were just in time to watch seemingly all of the remaining 21 Savages huddle around their new leader.
“That’s all of them? I feel like it’s less than the last time I saw them…” M.I.A. scanned the gathering below. “And who’s that guy with the gaudy throne?”
“No way…is that that dude from the rap battle? He got stomped back in Round 1!” Demis muttered surprisedly. The two of them advanced forward behind the cover of a variety of junk, spying on the gathering below.
“Anyway, how did you want to do this? It seems like even if they’re less than before, we’re still outnumbered…” Demis said.
“The way I see it, we have the element of surprise. We want to get this done as quick as possible…So I say we, uh, jump down and go in Stands blazing.” M.I.A. said, looking down firmly at the crowd.
Demis had fought a lot before, but he still couldn’t help but feel nervous at the prospect at fighting the lot of them. He exhaled, his key silent. Demis nodded, glancing over at M.I.A. Working together, they could get this done. “On 3, then?”
M.I.A. took Demis’s hand. Paper Wings fluttered from her, cutting out the glass and setting it aside. “One.”
「Starmachine 2000」 manifested behind both of them, springs manifesting in their soles. “Two.”
The two leapt forward, diving into the room. They landed securely on their feet, bounding once before gaining more secure footing. Uro turned from the stockpiles of cough syrup to face the intruders. “Who the fuck are you?”
「Angel’s Thesis」 shimmered into view as M.I.A. drew a revolver, making a show of loading it. “Surprised your crew hasn’t talked about me. Ran into them at an XPLICIT warehouse in LA, thought I stopped them from doing this stuff–” She gave a pointed glance around the room before her gaze softened upon dropping back onto Uro. “Oh, and we won Urban Uprising. Andromeda congratulated me herself. Where did you place?”
"You, won? That's…." He shook his head, a vein throbbing on his temple. "That's enough, who the hell do think you're talking to!?" Uro screeched.
Demis had the feeling that it would be best to not answer the question. 「Starmachine」 took a protective stance beside him, springs jangling from its shoulder. "Uh–"
"That's it! Savages! In position, let's take these jackasses down!"
"Yeah!" They whooped, getting into a ragged formation.
He smirked as his Stand climbed out from behind him. "Let's show these assholes what happens when you mess with the Lord of Heaven, Uro Sho!”
"And the 21 Savages!" Anthony added.
M.I.A. and Demis shared a glance, wordlessly getting ready for what would come next. They were certainly more than prepared to handle the group, so they'd clean this up as quickly…and as cleanly as possible.
With a burst of movement, The Savages sprung into action, as Uro called from his throne:
Location: An abandoned warehouse in Detroit, Michigan that currently houses the 21 Savages.
The area is a 50 by 50 meter with tiles that are each 5 by 5 meters. The 21 Savages are shown on the map, each with their own color that will be stated in additional information. The players are represented by their character tokens in their respective team colors.
The warehouse is a fairly open space with a 30 meter ceiling, 4 support columns represented by gray squares, mattresses represented by light blue rectangles, a TV represented by a light purple rectangle, a snowmachine represented by a dark blue rectangle with a large pile of snow to its left, 2 porta-potties represented by green rectangles, a table and 7 folding chairs as represented by the brown rectangle and triangles, a half-pipe represented by the purple curve, and a pile of miscellaneous stolen junk as shown by the red area. The place in general has some trash strewn about such as empty cans, used cigarettes, and wrappers.
The pile of stolen junk has things ranging from cough syrup bottles, a walker, a bike, some purses, and other things that the 21 Savages decided to take with them.
Goal: Knock some sense into the 21 Savages! You're working together on this one, so attacking the other is right out. But the 'winner' of this match will be who manages to more effectively style on the Savages and convince them they aren't cut out for this life! Shows of Stand ability, defeating them, shrugging off their Stands, and overall styling on the Savages will count for this. In other words, contributing the most to defeating and embarrassing them from the Savages’ point of view is the victory condition.
Additional Information: The 21 Savage members have a baseline on 222 Physicals, a 2 in 21 Savages (they really are a standard gang of hooligans, have some experience with vandalism, running from the cops, spray painting, mugging, and some degree of street smarts), and 5 in Thick-Skulled (They don’t know when to quit and will definitely keep fighting well past when they really should. This is both a slight downside and a massive endurance plus pain tolerance buff. There is a really good chance they will try to get back up after getting seemingly Retired once or twice)
The 21 Savages have their own stands and general fighting styles that will be outlined here:
  • All 21 Savages: If you get into close range situation with one of them where they can’t retreat, they will try to fist fight you directly on top of any attacks their stands can do. In general they will avoid each others attacks and friendly fire to a degree, but their coordination is a mess.
  • Uro Sho (Magenta), with 「Modal Soul」: 「Modal Soul」 has A Power, A Speed, C Range, B Durability, and B Precision. There are three Stand bodies, which all have these stats. If there are no Savages within 5 meters, he will throw an incendiary bomb, which breaks into C POW burning liquid on contact with something and an A POW burst from the shell after 3 seconds. If a player gets within 10m of him, he will throw a gravity bomb, which creates a 5m radius gravity zone of 2x Earth gravity for 3 seconds. If attacked, he will throw a flashbang, which the other Savages will not know to look away from. He will stay on his throne no matter what, and will get back on it if pushed off. He cannot use the bombs in close range. (Within ~2m) All bombs travel at C Speed.
  • Anthony Song (Light Blue), with 「ball w/o you」: 「ball w/o you」 is an E power, B speed, A durability, B Range, and C Precision punch ghost that can control the texture and meltedness of snow in its range. Anthony will be running for the pile of snow and snow maker at the start of the match. From there he will gather up snowballs, and chuck them at the players. If they hit, Anthony will turn the snow to ice, effectively forming an ice sheet on the player where they hit. 「ball w/o you」 will be used to block attacks and throw snowballs as needed.
  • Joseph Bin (Dark Gray), with 「Gunsmoke」: 「Gunsmoke」 is E Power, C Speed, D Durability, A Range, and B Precision. It forms as a cloud of smoke of up to 5 cubic meters in volume that can obscure vision. It is rather viscous and can slow any projectiles thrown at it somewhat. It resists movement with D Durability and burns your lungs a bit if you breath in too much. It will be used to try and distract orr suffocate the player nearest to the user, while he uses the bulk of it to protect himself, hiding behind what cover he can find while jeering loudly.
  • Dennis Coles (White), with 「Ghostface Killers」: Made of thirteen masks, this is a massively long ranged Stand that can create simulacra forms of whoever wears the mask (always Dennis). The masks are functionally indestructible and defeating simulacra transfers no damage. Once a simulacra is defeated, the mask itself can still fight by shoving into you with D POW and D SPD, but they will not be able to reform their body. Dennis fights by surrounding opponents and attacking them…with one clone at a time. The simulacra will stop attacking if an ally goes in to attack and will resume directly after. Six will try to surround either player.
  • Tyler Wayne (Dark Blue), with 「Ocean Drive」: 「Ocean Drive」 takes the form of a model battleship that is about thigh high and half an arm long. It has C Power, Speed and Precision, and B Durability and Range. It comes with three anglable cannons, one at the front and one on either side and can fire 360 degrees around itself and shoot in high arcs. When the cannonballs come in contact with the ground or players, the cannonball will burst into a 2 meter tall spray of salt water that both stings and does blast impact damage. The cannonballs will pass through objects–including Stand objects–as if it was water. All of 「Ocean Drive」’s attacks also seem to be locking in on players to a degree, even if its shots are a bit inaccurate. Its user will be trying to stay at range and shoot from afar.
  • Abraham Skrrt (Orange), with 「King Zoo」: 「King Zoo」 has effectively no special abilities for a match: it’s just a Punch Ghost with C stats across the board. Abraham is reactive, and will attack anyone who goes to attack him or his twin Rachel with standard stand punch rushes, shoulder tackles, and simple physical attacks. He will otherwise simply trash talk. However, if you ignore him and try to run past him, he will start attacking you.
  • Rachel Skrrt (Purple), with 「break da law」: 「break da law」 is a skateboard with the ability to defy physics, which Rachel uses to ride on walls, have sick air time, and spin on people's heads. She will stay mobile and try and avoid prolonged confrontation, attacking by hitting her opponents with her board or a drive-by punch if she has an opening. She will start off combat by riding up the half-pile, getting unnecessarily high in the air and do a diving attack on the players. That attack will be done any other opportunity she gets the chance to do so using one of the walls, columns, or the half-pipe. The skateboard is unbreakable and relies on her strength for damage. It is impossible for her to fall off the skateboard or have the board taken out from under her.
  • Extra Note: Most of these stands not being used to their full potential. They will be used as proficiently as stated above, even if there is more to them. Only the included information is relevant.
MIA has taken rubber bullets to this match. Inventory normally used for her bullets is entirely replaced with them. They are nonlethal, but will hurt badly, heavily impairing use of what they hit.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Sweetwater Visitors Demis Roussos “Yare yare daze….” You're really tired of these people. This isn't any sort of leader, this is a fool. Make a special effort to discredit Uro Sho as a leader!
YMCA: GIT GUD M.I.A. “Yare yare dawa….” You're trying to get these people to stop this… utter silliness. But that's impossible while they still have faith in their leader… right? Take responsibility! Make a special effort to discredit Uro Sho as a leader!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to R6 Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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Rumnchess's Guide to Live Poker. A.K.A Alex Livingston Main Event FT 2019

This is taken from his guide on the forum. Highly recommend for anyone who's new to live/casino poker. He and the other 2 players at this year Main Event Final Table are the ambassador that we need to make poker fun again.

I'm crossposting this from the HUNL forum, but I wrote a brief summary of live poker; some of you may find it interesting and/or (in)accurate.
Rumnchess's Guide to Live Poker
PART VIII - IntroductionPART XI - Attitude & EtiquettePART XIII - General StrategyPART XV - Bankroll Guidelines (an extremely short section)PART XVII - Player Profiles (quite long by contrast)PART XXIII - Conclusion
PART VIII: Introduction
Live poker is my bread and butter. It has been one of my favorite pasttimes for the last five years of my life, and will always remain so. Along with golf, fine dining, and women, live poker constitutes one of the four core pillars of my life. Over the past few months, I have experienced a period of extraordinarily erratic, and for the most part tumultuous, results in online poker. The advent of heads up superturbos has been particularly disruptive to my confidence, state of mind, and bankroll. Nonetheless, my live results have remained consistently good. I consider live poker my best form of poker, not only relative to the respective fields, but in absolute level of skill. Perhaps just as important as my results, I love everything that live poker has to offer: easily attainable food and beverages, chip shuffling tricks, and an incredibly social and lively atmosphere. Through live poker I have attained an internship with a day trading firm in New York, and free business class flights for the next year. The opportunities for conversation and networking are plentiful, and the live poker world encompasses a fascinating crossection of society. Rarely do such a diverse group of individuals come together. Everyone from min-buying truck drivers to lawyers to wealthy Middle East businessmen can be found at the poker table. To my knowledge, the plethora of people you meet in a cardroom have only one thing in common: they are all notoriously poor players.
PART XI: Attitude & Etiquette
It is extremely important to approach a casino poker game with the correct attitude. Often I see online players who are new to live cardrooms walk into a game with an attitude that is not only harmful to themselves, but to the overall quality of the game. Berating poor card players is not only disrespectful, but is extremely harmful to your bottom line. It is imperative to treat your opponents with respect, and in particular, you should often make an effort to befriend the poor players. Of course if a guy at the table is acting like a complete *******, I will make no effort to be friendly towards him, but at the same time, I will typically avoid being rude towards him, unless absolutely necessary. It is important, however, to make a distinction between your conduct as a person and your conduct as a competitor.
Conduct as a person: Your conduct as a person is the way you act in conversation, your demeanor towards others, and also the way you respect the ettiqute of the game. If I see somebody slow roll another player or try to angleshoot, in my eyes this speaks towards their character as a person, and not their character as a card player or a competitor. There are some exceptions: sometimes a guy who is clearly a novice will take a long time to roll his hand on the river, or make a string bet. Here he is just inexperienced and unfamiliar with the code of the game. It should be fairly obvious to you who is simply new to the sport, and who is deliberately trying to take advantage of their opponents by use of non-poker tactics.
Conduct as a competitor: While I am extremely friendly to my opponents in conversation, etc., I am a ruthless beast as a poker player. If I think a guy wants to avoid playing big pots, I will relentlessly three-bet him in position. Sometimes I will reraise him on each of his first three opens while we are both at the table. This often frustrates and even angers your opponents, but its completely within the ettiquette of the game, and says nothing about your character as a person. Ideally, I want my opponents to like me as a person, but fear me, or dislike me as a card player.
  1. If the dealer asks you to go to the cage to buy your chips, comply. Every card room has a different process (and in most you can buy chips right at the table), and the last thing you want to do is get off to a bad start with the dealer. Bad karma.2. If a dealer makes a ruling that you disagree with in a hand that you are involved in, do not be silent. Ask to speak to a supervisor, and explain your case clearly and concisely. Be as polite as possible, but be firm.3. Always make your big chips visible. Nothing irks me more than when I think a guy has a $500 stack and he is hiding a tower of black chips behind his red chips.4. String betting is not allowed in any casino I’ve been to. Either announce the amount of your bet or raise, or make sure you bet in one clear motion.5. Tip the dealers when you win a pot of any decent size. My rule of thumb would be that a tip is not necessary for a pot of $40 or less, but for anything beyond that $1 will suffice. I typically tip $2 when I win a pot of $400 or more, and $5 when I win a really huge pot.6. Tip the cocktail waitress $1 when you get a drink.
PART XIII: General Strategy
Before I get into specific player types, I’ll list of general adjustments to make when transitioning from internet poker to the live arena.
  1. Raise bigger preflop. You can get away with raising to 5x or 6x (sometimes even more, depending on the table), because people will call you with the same or greater frequency that they would call a 3x raise online.2. 3bet less frequently. Your edge on the table should be so big that you want to play large pots with deep stack to pot ratios. You also typically want to keep the bigger fish in the pot. Obviously if you are playing at a table of loose fish who will call very wide, it is okay to three bet a reasonably wide value range, but generally, I try to avoid 3betting trash, except against the nitty guys who want to avoid playing big pots.3. Overbet more often. Live players are notoriously unaware of the size of the pot, and of the correct sizings of bets in relation to the size of the pot. A player will typically think more about the actual dollar amount you’re betting than the amount relative to the pot. You will often see opponents make absurd bets like $50 into a $500 pot. As a good player, born and bred on the internet, you should be able to control the size of the pot and determine the correct betting amount in a given situation. Do not be afraid to bet $600 into $400 if you have a big hand, believe your opponent to be reasonably strong, and perceive him as the type who doesn’t care too much about money.4. Play suited junk. As heads up players, most of you should feel in your element here. I advocate playing hands like K4s and Q7s in a live game, particularly if the pots are multi-way. Stacks tend to be deeper in a live game, so your implied odds are greater. Most pots in a live game will be multiway, with poor players who allow you to dictate the size of the pot post flop. Flushes and straights are like jackpots in a live game.
Part XV: Bankroll Guidelines:
I tend to not worry too much about my bankroll because I consider my winrate to be extremely high in these games, and am just a general degenerate. But in general, you need far fewer buy ins to be properly rolled for a live game than you would online. I like to buy into a live game for 200 bbs, and I think that having a roll of 10 such buy ins would be plenty. Keep in mind you are only one tabling, and seeing far fewer hands. Not only that but your winrate per hand should be at least triple what it would be online. $10,000 should be plenty to play 2/5 live.
PART XVII: Player Profiles
It would be extremely time consuming to identify and describe each of the many different player types you will encounter at the poker tables. Therefore, I have chosen five different player profiles that I believe will provide a solid framework for the type of creatures we are dealing with. In parentheses, I’ll indicate that player’s corresponding play style.
The Businessman’s Son (LAG)
Description: Usually Lebanese or Middle Eastern (though they can be Greek, or from other parts of the world), the businessman’s son is a party animal with a seemingly limitless budget. Typically single, under the age of thirty, and comes with an air of sheer and utter lack of responsibility.
Plumage: Designer shirts, designer jeans, expensive jewelry, crocodile shoes.
Poker Style / How to Adjust: The BMS is not afraid to put money in the pot. He comes to play, and he doesn’t like folding. Not only that, but he is almost always accompanied by a couple of cronies, and is sure to try to impress them by showing bluffs, scooping large pots, and being the center of action and attention. As such, the BMS is extremely loose both preflop and post flop, and will often employ tactics such as large unnecessary overbets, merely designed to display his true indifference to money.
3bet a reasonably wide value range vs. this player, but never 3bet as a bluff. Don’t worry if your image is rock tight, you will still get action when you 3bet AA vs. this player. BMS’s have a fold to 3bet of about 1.8%, a decision they usually only make when they are receiving an important phone call on their blackberry. If you have a strong hand, and perceive the BMS to be weak, it can often be correct to trap this player. Even a BMS will sometimes throw away their total air to a flop check/raise, but they will rarely slow down if you check/call. While you will get action from the BMS regardless, it can be helpful to build up a slightly looser image, perhaps even attacking them early, as they will develop a need to personally show you up in the future. It is considered advantageous to show a BMS a bluff for this reason.
Old Man Coffee (TP)
Description: If you never play poker between the hours of 7AM and 8PM, don’t bother looking for old man coffee; he’s at his home, likely sleeping. Usually between the ages of 55 and 90, old man coffee shows up to his local poker game on a strict routine. Some OMC’s are daily grinders, others only show up on Tuesday. But every OMC has a strict poker schedule that he follows and incorporates into his weekly routine. The OMC arrives looking fresh and ready for action. He quietly sits into his favorite seat, pulls out a newspaper, and orders a coffee, black. He rarely displays much emotion, and avoids conversation, unless it is about a violation of the rules, in which case he leaps into action and displays his authority on the matter. Every dealer and supervisor in the casino is on a first name basis with the OMC.
Plumage: Weathered flannel shirts, warn out khakis, bland sweaters, goofy straw hats (more successful OMCs, such as Dan Harrington, have even been spotted with baseball caps)
Poker Style / How to Adjust: The OMC is completely positionally unaware and completely unaware of his opponents. He knows that KJ is a limping hand, so he limps it under the gun, and he limps it on the button. OMC’s generally play tight, and when they do raise (even on the button), you can be sure it’s one of seven possible hands (AA,KK,QQ,JJ,TT,AK,AQ). While Some OMC’s protest raising AQ and TT, most have come to understand that these are acceptable raises in today’s poker environment. Postflop, an OMC will rarely slowplay a big hand, and will often even lead into a multiway field when he flops a set. If an OMC comes out firing big, back off. If he comes out firing small, this is often representative of a middling made hand like middle pair or top pair, weak kicker. It’s often a good time to try to get the OMC off his hand. OMC’s pride themselves on being able to fold hands - they consider it a skill they have honed through decades of poker experience. For this reason, you should almost always try to make an OMC fold his hand by the river if you have reason to believe he is not very strong.
OMCs are weak prey that a professional poker player can eat up for consistent small gains. While you will rarely win large pots form an OMC, you can win many small ones. OMCs are easy to manipulate by simply altering your bet sizing. Often you will arrive at the river in a $180 pot vs. an OMC. You know from experience, that he has top pair, weak kicker here. You also know that he will begrudgingly call a $100 bet, and you know that he will fold to a $150 bet. It’s very simple: bet $100 when you have a hand that wants to be called, and bet $150 when you are bluffing. It sounds too good to be true, but with the OMC, that is the beauty of his game. His decisions are mechanical and predictable. Even if he were perceptive enough to alter his decisions based on his opponent type, he is too stubborn. Raised by a strict father in a household where rules were rules, the OMC was never given enough freedom to actively develop an imagination or any sort of creative thought of his own.
The Middle Aged Guy With Everything To Prove (A mix)
Description: Often from New Jersey, the MAGWEP owns a small business, and he can’t wait to tell everyone around him about its success. In reality, MAGWEPs almost always earn between 35 and 100k per year. The MAGWEP is happily married, as you can see by obnoxiously large wedding band displayed around his ring finger. The MAGWEP loves to talk strategy; rather, the MAGWEP loves to tell you how you misplayed a hand. When he gets sucked out on, the MAGWEP always lets out some sort of verbal declaration, and then often bangs the table and gives the dealer some sort of dirty look. MAGWEPs cannot stand young internet poker players; they are subconsciously aware of their own inferiority in skill to these players, and are threatened by the seemingly reckless attitudes of their competitors. When a young internet player sits down at a poker table, a look of concern appears very briefly on the face of a MAGWEP, but not long enough for anybody to notice. This look will disappear quickly, and the MAGWEP will refer to the internet player as “kid” for the rest of the session, announcing his dominance. MAGWEPs always appear to be more interested in sports than they really are (they are interested, but not obsessed, as they try to convey), and often try to converse with the other players about the table about the future of their football team. Generally, but not always, it could be said that MAGWEP’s have some form of need to assert their masculinity, which can often be attributed to physical deficiencies in certain areas.
Plumage: Working man’s jeans, sweatshirts (often emblazoned with the logo of their son’s university), baseball caps.
Poker Style / How to Adjust: MAGWEP’s can range from being reasonably tight to quite loose, but they are almost always aggressive. They understand the basic theory that raising is better than limping in, and have incorporated it into their game. They are even somewhat positionally aware, and would do things like raise 76s on the button, something an OMC would never dream of doing. MAGWEPs tend to get waaaaaaaay too attached to premium starting hands, and are often even guilty of overplaying AK on whiffed flops. Flop a set when a MAGWEP has aces, and the money is all yours, no matter what.
MAGWEPs give away several very obvious tells. The most noticeable one is when a MAGWEP is involved in a hand, and he has check/called a bet on the flop, and then the turn falls. The MAGWEP will look his opponent right in the eyes, and then he will check the table so viciously that it might even startle some of the other players. When the MAGWEP does this, you can be damn sure that he has a marginal to strong, but not super strong, made hand. Occasionally he will have a semi-strong draw in this spot too. The MAGWEP is essentially trying to intimidate his opponent into keeping the pot small by checking behind. He feels that his eye contact and intense slamming of the felt will do so. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether or not to continue with a bluff in spots like these. On the one hand, the MAGWEP doesn’t want to fold, but on the other hand, he knows that you know that he is pretending to be committed to showing his hand down, so he may feel that you won’t bluff him here (the MAGWEP does have some poker smarts). My advice would be go with recent history: if you have a crazy animal image, now would be a good spot to cut your losses, but if you’ve been reasonably tight thus far, try to take it away from him.
The Internet Kid (LAG/TAG)
Description: While you will find “internet kids” of all descriptions playing live poker from time to time, the most common one I see is the 1-2 NL grinder. The kind of guy that plays 6-8 tables 15-20 hours a week online, and, when he sits in a live game, thinks he is God’s gift to poker. Often wearing a backwards hat and a smug grin. Typically enters the casino with two or three of his buddies, one of whom is almost certainly a novice poker player. While generally congenial and easy going, the internet kid can get extremely defensive when his poker skills are brought into question.
Plumage: Jeans, polo shirts, Birkenstocks, hooded sweatshirts, watches in the $100-500 price range, sometimes sunglasses.
Poker Style / How to Adjust: The IK tends to be tight aggressive, while some more brazen varieties are loose aggressive. He is positionally aware and willing to mix up his game and play creatively. While the IK will make quite a bit of money from the fish in the game, an experienced and aware opponent can profit quite nicely from the IK by putting him in spots that he is uncomfortable. If you are seated to the left of an IK, both flat and 3bet him relentlessly, and establish your presence as table captain. You want to be the one playing multiway pots against fish, and when he opens the pot, he cuts into your win rate. Figure out what kind of IK he is: some will buy in for 50 or 80 big blinds and play a scared money style, others are overly bold and bluff happy. Focus much of your people reading skills on figuring out exactly how the IK plays (it will be incredibly obvious to obtain this information on the other players at the table). Also try to figure out how the IK perceives you: unlike the other player types, the IK will actually be capable of adjusting his play based on your play and your dynamic with him. Do everything you can to take the IK out of his comfort zone: show him bluffs, own him with overbets for value, etc. etc.
Keep in mind that some more inexperienced IKs can actually be good opponents to have at the table: they will play a straightforward style, and their ranges will be very obvious. Study the IK at great length, and even go out of your way to make eye contact when you get involved in pots with him - this will often make him uneasy and you will be able to pick up physical tells. Remember, the IK is used to hiding behind a computer screen, and is not necessarily socially adjusted or in solid control of his emotions and body language.
The Friendly Whale (LP)
Description: We save the best for last. The Friendly Whale is an icon in any live poker game - there’s almost certainly sure to be at least one at every table. Some of my best friends in the poker world are friendly whales, and most are between the ages of forty and fifty-five. Not only do FWs consistently give me large sums of money, they also tend to be accomplished, interesting, and conversational people. And the best part about them is that they don’t care when they lose, so there are no hard feelings, or awkward moments when your hour long conversation is interrupted only to have you win $1,000 off them. Friendly whales come in many shapes and sizes, but tend to be middle aged businessmen with successful business ventures or other forms of employment. Despite being the poorest card player I have profiled, the FW is arguably the most life successful type, and is the envy of MAGWEPs worldwide.
Plumage: Business casual: dress shoes, khakis and casual/dress shirts. More conservative FWs may sport a blazer or slacks.
Poker Style / How to Adjust: FWs are the loose passive fish that poker players dream of. Recreational players who enjoy the thrill of the game, FWs rarely miss a flop with any two cards that have even the remotest of similarities to each other. The beauty of the FW is that he is eager and willing to call large bets, but will rarely bet or raise himself without an extremely powerful hand. It is therefore extremely easy to bet/fold extremely strong hands on the river against an FW, as he may well call you with fourth pair but would be unlikely to raise you without the nuts. Value bet, value bet, value bet. Often you can get three streets of value out of 2nd pair, top kicker vs. an FW. If you have a huge hand, consider overbetting for value, and also consider incorporating some overbet bluffs into your arsenal (even an FW can fold a hand to significant pressure, but try to feel the situation out and use this move sparingly). If an FW is in the pot, you should not be looking for an excuse to play a hand, but rather looking for an excuse not to. Mix in some overlimps with your weakest hands, and make small to medium raises with your suited connector type stuff, and bigger raises with your pure value hands. Nobody at the table will notice when you make it 6x with AA and 4x with Jts - remember, you are trying to accomplish two different things with these two hands, and so it would make sense to adjust your raise sizes accordingly. When you make a very strong nut type hand, and believe the FW to be reasonably strong, hammer the pot with large bets and raises. Do not be scared of frightening the FW off, if he likes his hand, he will stay in almost no matter the price. FWs favorite thing to say after making a bad call, usually accompanied by a chuckle and a smile, is “well at least I can sleep at night”. FWs are wonderful people, great for the game, and fantastic for your bottom line.
PART XXIII: Conclusion
Live poker is the nuts. You get to sit at a table with interesting people from around the world, and hear their life stories. You hear married men ***** about their wives, and listen to Norweigan businessmen who have played 100,000 euro pots. You experience a general sense of comraderie that cannot be replicated in the online arena. I advise you this: do not judge a person’s character by the way he plays cards. Even the biggest whales in the world can be fascinating, interesting and successful people. Take time to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the full experience of playing live: winning money will take care of itself.
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This Weekend's Inflection Points, help me break them down

All hands were live. Results will be posted in the discussion later. Apologize in advance for wall of text.
Hand 1 - $55 Freeze Out Tournament, early on, no bubble pressure or money jumps pressure.
Blinds are 500/1000. Hero is in SB with roughly 12k left. Villain 1 in early pos and limps, action folds to Villain 2 in the cut off who calls, Button folds. Hero looks down at Qc7c. Hero completes. Big Blind checks. 4 ways to the flop. 4k in the pot.
Flop - 7d2c4c
Hero (11k) bets 3200. Big Blind folds. Villain 1 (roughly 9500) goes all-in. Villain 2 folds.
What do you do?
Hand 2 - $1/$2 NL. Full ring. Mix of solid players, maniacs, and a few fish. Very limpy game. Standard opening raise has been $8-$12. Lots of 3 or 4 way flops.
Hero is on the button with roughly $330. 4 limpers come in. Hero looks down at AdKd. Hero raises it to $21 in an attempt to isolate or thin the field. Villain 1 (maniac, early position, roughly $250 deep) calls. Villain 2 (tight player, middle position, roughly $500 deep) calls. Everyone else folds. 3 ways to the flop, roughly $70 in the pot.
Flop - JdJc6d
Villain 1 (Maniac) checks. Villain 2 (tight player) also checks. Hero checks. Free card!
Turn - JdJc6d - Td
Villain 1 checks again. Villain 2 bets $30. A little about where my head is at this point, 10/10, J/J, J10, and 66 are all in their ranges. But I'm not too worried because paired flops often check around even when someone has it because they want to raise, not bet. $30 into $70 is pretty value-y. I don't want to raise into a made boat and there's still action behind me from Villain 1 (the maniac). I call $30, hoping Villain 1 comes along. He does, calls.
River - JdJc6d - Td - 8s
Suddenly the pot is $160. Villain 1 slowly checks again. Villain 2 bets $40. It's on the Hero... now what?
Hand 3 - $1/$2 NL, same game as Hand 2.
Hero is in the SB with roughly $450. Villain 1 in early pos with roughly $155 and Villain 2 in the cut off with $800 or more, big stack at the table. Both Villains are maniacs.
Limp-fest preflop. 5 limpers by the time it gets to Villain 2 in the cut off. He raises to $12. Hero looks down at TdTh. Under normal circumstances I would consider 3 betting here but I don't particularly want to play a big pot out of position with Villain 2. I also hate calling here because I know it will set off a train of calls that will result in a bigger-than-it-should-be multi-way mess of a pot. I kind of just want to fold but decide to call the $12 and let the call-train give me odds to set-mine. Sure enough, the BB calls, Villain 1 calls, a middle position fish call. We go 5 ways to the flop, Roughly $65 in the pot.
Flop - 9d8c4h
Hero decides to lead for $45. Villain 1 goes all in for about $140. Villain 2 goes into a looooooong tank. After several minutes, Villain 2 calls the $140. Action is on the Hero with an over-pair on a relatively dry board... now what?
Thanks guys!
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The Haters Guide to EVO 2018

The Evolution Championship Series. The most famous fighting game tournament in the world. It only happens once a year, or thanks to EVO Japan, twice a year. But even so, Las Vegas is one of the most expensive places to spend a weekend, and their Mandalay Bay is sure to be a hot ticket for Sunday Finals. A ticket you can rushdown with SeatGeek!~. It's an app that nerfs the resale market's recovery on block, and with its smart combo of a 1 to 100 scale plus being able to sort tickets from red to green, you will be able to separate the hitboxes from the hurtboxes. As an added bonus to your DEALS meter, put in the code word TREE to save $20 off your first purchase. Ryu wishes he could be this viable in AE. He'll probably select SeatGeek!~, since that's the only way he'll be a part of Top 8 this year.
EVO. What everyone has been saving their shit for, and saving their money just to attend. To a spectator, it is the mecca of the fighting game world. A yearly celebration of the video game genre that is, in the words of last year's Street Fighter V champion, "so great"...Fighting games.
But to a competitor, there is no higher level of play led by the largest population of "would bes" and "have beens" you'll ever see. The upsets and the triumphs are of equal timeless recollection. Its most famous snapshot is still remembered fondly, and the butterflies in one's stomach upon taking the stage are gigantic in mass and excitement.
With all that fellatio in mind, and ignoring the dozens of side tournaments, which games are OFFICIALLY being contested at the 17th annual showcase?
So you're not quite ready to tell us about the new Mortal Kombat, and we end up with this game for another year or two. Good on you NRS for finally showing some restraint in your bi-annual outings. To be fair, there is one thing that Injustice 2 hasn't been in its tournament life as of recent... predictable. SonicFox's reign of terror is crumbling. While NRS has paid his tuition in full, it's not as heavy a payout as MKX was. Now we're seeing a lot more variety in the faces that are taking the spotlight. Whether it's the "Noble"men of Semij and Tweedy, the brothers from a Canadian mother with HoneyBee and Biohazard, the ever present international flavor with people like Tekken Master and Foxy Grampa, or the tried and true American veterans with Theo and Scar. And if they actually make it far, a Rewind here, and an iLuusions there to spice up the higher brackets. I don't believe the game itself is as fun as MKX was. Maybe the grind for better gear has turned me off of going back on a consistent basis, or the fact that I can't consistently play Starfire to save my life. But I don't have to fear the lack of Starfire in high level, she's gonna be everyone's pocket character going into EVO, and that alone is preferable to the NyQuil induced sleep coma provided by Black Adam and Aquaman polluting high level. So who's gonna come out on top?
It's gonna be Semij and Honeybee. Honeybee has a history of taking no prisoners come EVO time. Even SonicFox has been made temporarily mortal by Honeybee's big brain plays and shutdowns. He's come close in the past to being EVO champ, but no cigar. With his likely switch to Starfire, the results will more than likely remain the same in him piling up the bodies of the defeated. As for Semij, what do you even need to say? The man has nine lives much like his Catwoman main. And he has been consistent even with a declawed character. If I had to choose, I'd say Semij takes it 3-1. He runs rings around Honeybee, and Honeybee starts wishing for more Flash buffs.
Ignoring the red hotness of your newer brother and sister, you manage to survive the EVO chopping block. The problem with trying to pin down how your tournaments go is that the sea of talent surrounding your game is planet sized, and of equal strength. Hell, most of them don't even leave their home country to play Guilty Gear with the exception of EVO. Most of them have become legend. Machaboo, Nage, Omito, Ogawa, Samitto... Those are just off the top of my head. The scene is far too vast to see someone crushing the competition single handed. And that's why I feel this tournament is going to be the most interesting of them all. Ruled by the die hards that have yet to be tempted by the fruits of other fighting games. I have yet to show extended interest in this game as of late. I made the mistake of running to Jam when she was released in the first Revelator. So fun, yet SO not viable. And that's probably not going to change anytime- https://twitter.com/Tinshi009/status/956691944960352256 -so you're telling me she's viable now? That's cool. It gives me hope that a Teresa can sneak back into the Top 8 like last year, but who do I feel will step upon the destined ground?
As I've said before, the talent pool is going to be wild. Do not expect the usual names to populate top honors this time around, especially when the best of East & West are in town. Assuming that Samitto makes the trip, I believe his position in Grand Finals is a literal CHIPP shot. And his opponent, well, let's say, Kazunoko. That guy is long overdue for a rampage. If Samitto is absent, I wanna put my money on Dogura, but I don't wanna commit to it, since he's just not at that higher echelon in Guilty Gear. He's a man of great depth, so if he's not part of Top 8 at Guilty Gear, it's probably because he's Top 8 somewhere else. Sky's the limit, GG community. For all we know, someone like MarlinPie could be opposite Kazunoko in Grand Finals. Stranger things have happened.
Speaking of your siblings, holy shit, guys! Double the entrants of last year's Central Fiction, which in its own right was a decent Top 8. I mean you weren't Dogura/Galileo from EV0 2014, but you were pretty close with Fenritti and Ryusei. But now, it's a whole new game. Forget everything you thought you knew about Blazblue; now it's about tag warfare, simplifying the combinations, and coming out of left field with the crossover everyone dreamed of, but had no idea it would be this inviting. Players from all walks of life will be present. The hardcore Blazblue level grinders, the noteworthy Persona nerds, the Under Night masochists, and... well I guess people who tolerated RWBY. The skill level has never been this much of a seesaw. Nor is the variation in player base. Since the game is 2 months old going into EVO, we should expect some similar character selection. An awful lot of Ruby, Es, Jin, and Gordeau are to be expected. Good thing I chose the Yukiko hill to die on. Apparently, her role as a training dummy wasn't too far off from her placement during retail release. What a shame. But hey, people are still getting their hands dirty, diving deep leagues into the depths of this game's hidden tech. And BBXTAG's inaugural year is going to be "show off or shove off". The best thing that Arc System Works could have possibly done is skipping an arcade release. Everyone is on equal footing this time around. But who's got the drive?
It's going to be the people you least expect. Everyone feels like the Blazblue stalwarts such as Fumi and Fenritti have the best shot, but I'm not buying that it will be an All-Japan Top 8. From what I've seen, America has been putting in equal work. People like Flux and KizzieKay have been setting noteworthy examples, and we still have strong Blazblue carryovers like SKD and Grover, who have made the transfer with little sign of side effects. There's always the electric performances of KidViper and Fame96 to consider. There's more names to drop, but the point is that if there's ever been a case of a tournament being anyone's game, it's here. Don't sleep on the American players with this one. It's gonna be a blood filled pool. For the sake of having something to attach, I'm gonna say Fenritti vs SKD is your Grand Final. But I really just wanna see this game in action. It's been a hell of a ride getting here from the block headed DLC decisions to the high praise of its simple yet satisfying gameplay. And that's with the mass appeal of having the combined fanbase of Persona and RWBY converge on a fighting game. Here's hoping the eyes on this game come EVO weekend are converted into players. It could really use the push, especially in Japan, where it's not as popular as its original.
Congratulations, Melee! You've got a spot in the Sunday Finals...with less people than you had last year. Hell, your younger brother squeaked by in player count by THREE! WHOLE! PLAYERS! There's a multitude of factors in play here. Mostly because EVO is sandwiched between other Smash related throwdowns, but the most important one in EVO's mind is that Melee is becoming a bit of a handful to properly accommodate in terms of both a timely manner and manpower. Especially if you manage to maintain that 3/5 ruling as the brackets start to shrink. There's also the adventure of lugging around hundreds of CRT TVs exclusive to Melee, which more than likely doesn't get easier the larger that EVO becomes. This could be your last year, which is probably why you're given center stage, to appease the mighty MrWiz, and ensure the upcoming Smash Ultimate doesn't swallow both playerbases alive. But let's face facts, you are a 17 year old game that is more or less widdled down to 5 people that are actually successful in it. Armada, Mango, Mew2King, Leffen, and HungryBox. This is their paycheck, and they're gonna fight like hell to keep it around the EVO stage, despite them telling you that there's nothing to worry about. AND despite lesser members telling you that they don't need EVO. "We have Genesis, The Big House, and APEX. Pfft, we don't need EVO." Yeah, you kinda do. It was your charity that got Melee back into EVO, and EVO brought it back to relevance. The new blood better be ready to bring the house down if you want there to be actual things of interest happening. You are MvC2. While many people come to see the Five Gods tap dancing on a Gamecube controller, this game will eventually have to make way for the future. Being an old dog doesn't change the fact that Melee's time is running out. And I think people not entranced by Melee are starting to grow tired of the exact same people on top 5 years running. It's slowly becoming the fighting game tournament equivalent to the NBA. Predictable and no parity within the playerbase. Ugh, I gotta do that prediction thing again, don't I?
Armada vs Hungrybox. It's the Warriors vs Cavs of Melee. It happened in Smash N' Splash recently, and it's going to happen again. I don't care who wins, flip a coin. If you think you're going to see someone that hasn't made EVO Grand Finals in the past, you're sorely mistaken. Actually, scratch Leffen from my recent list. He's far too busy leveling up in a game that actually released in the current year. Just replace him with Plup. His win at Genesis will SURELY factor into his EVO performance!
Wait, you seriously think Mew2King is gonna be in Grand Finals-hahahahahahaha. Please. That guy won Smash Summit, and even HE was shocked he won something. I'll be surprised if he even sniffs Losers' Finals. I hope for one of two things in this year's Melee tournament. That somebody actually fucking NEW makes an impact, and that Top 8 doesn't have the runtime of Titanic. Otherwise, you are a tournament scene stuck in a weekend marathon of reruns. Please be excited for your lunch break between Guilty Gear and Tekken on Sunday.
BREAKING: Actually, wait a moment, folks! https://twitter.com/LiquidHbox/status/1024764798842679298 The hex I deliberately didn't cast upon the creation of this Haters Guide has taken effect. And Hungrybox has a broken finger days before EVO. Don't worry, old chum, it's just Carpal Tunnel being a complete douchebag. In any case, Wizzrobe, your time is now! Pfft...Yeah right.
If you're looking for the Smash game WITH parity among its high level colleagues, look no further. Your most dominating single individual, Zero, is a thing of the past. Ever since his EVO dethroning last year, he has hung up his controller, and now streams for pennies on the dollar. And https://twitter.com/theSirToasty/status/1007468803951915008 if he's to be believed, Twitch money will probably pay more then him winning EVO will. Hell, according to him, 2 years worth of McDonald's wages would be a bigger payout. Because who wants to go to a video game tournament for the love of the game when you can get that minimum wage paper instead! In all seriousness, I really hope he comes back for Ultimate like he says he will. Another 56 tournaments of terror await.
So in his wake, we're left with the 2nd most dominating individual: MkLeo. Also known as the world's most insufferable tattletale. https://youtu.be/dfQkoFWWrHw?t=3m33s Listen to that crowd booing the sight of his Bayonetta taking Plup to his Smash 4 neighborhood. As far as Smash 4 players go, he is the man to beat coming into EVO. He will have some sharp competition if all the pieces come together. Guys like Nairo, Abadango, Ally, MVD, and last year's champion Salem are still as strong as they were before. Especially Abadango's EVO Japan performance. Dude played like his life depended on it, and still got 2nd place. I see him working harder to rectify that imperfection. He's absolutely one to watch out for. I probably play this game the least, as I still treat Smash like it's fought on the ground, charging up Smash moves like no one's business with my low tier Charizard play. For fun get togethers, it's either this or Mario Kart. For a fighting game, it's still not my jam. For the rest of the world, better get those Gamecube controllers back in production, Nintendo. You're going to need them by the end of the year. This is no doubt the final year for Smash 4 since Ultimate is hellbent on being the one stop Smash community destination. Remains to be seen, but who will stand tall hoisting the winner's trophy to Smash 4's farewell bash?
Aside from the obvious MkLeo choice, it starts to get a little more difficult to pin down his GF opponent. All of these top players are knee deep in brackets, and they can easily be sent to losers even before Top 16. It's just the nature of the game. As much as I anticipate Abadango's rampage, he'll come short in Losers' Final to Salem. Yes, I'm gonna say Salem makes his way back to the Grand Finals promised land, and we end up closing Smash 4's EVO tenure with a Bayonetta mirror in Grand Finals. Yes, I see MkLeo forsaking his chickens to make this happen. It's just the type of sendoff Smash 4 deserves. "Most requested fan-voted character".Be careful what you wish for next time, internet.
BREAKING: https://twitter.com/Mkleosb/status/1024724098595934210 Wait, MKLeo's got the chickenpox, and can't make EVO? God **TABLE POUND** FUCKING damnit! One time, I'd like a Haters Guide NOT to deliver a hex on someone's physical being! Oh, just toss out about half of what I just talked about! It's fine, really!
...That's the last time I call someone's main character their "chicken"...
Wow, you are the ONLY returning fighting game to have a significant INCREASE in player entrants. That's mighty impressive, especially when you've had infrequent content updates. I guess it has to do with making your game Capcom vs SNK 3D what with Akuma and Geese Howard being selectable characters. The mere thought of it would have been laughable years prior, but the crazy bastards have done it. And the sales numbers have rewarded them. While it was off to a rocky start on console as far as the online infrastructure went, it's been a showstopping monster at almost every tournament it's appeared in ever since its console drop. And whether you're Japanese, Korean, or American, you too can be a threat in this game. It certainly helps that the list of people who place consistently is a small percentage compared to the entry numbers. The best part about top play is that it's rare for the cream of the crop to be confined to a single character. They more and likely have multiple blades to kill you with. JDCR's Heihachi/Dragunov, Knee's Steve/Bryan, Jeondding's Eddy/Lucky Chloe, even Saint is willing to experiment at crucial times. Nothing feels too dull, and there's a soul being taken every minute. As an Alisa player, my personal bias lies with the likes of Chanel. Chanel is constantly wowing me with his play, but not leaving much of an imprint in the winner's circle. He came close at EVO Japan, but fell short due to Knee unleashing his latent Tekken powers on an unsuspecting audience. Chanel's true demon? Saint. In a long set, Saint is usually the victor in that exchange. And if Chanel wants to see success beyond his wildest dreams, that is the evil he must vanquish. I sure wish I could see the likes of Nobi and Ao go far. Their EVO 2015 final is one of the most emotional sets of Tekken I've ever seen, especially on the side of Ao. Christ, that was hard to watch. This is going to be the biggest tournament Tekken has ever seen. And it's a game that's only growing in size. The field is wide open, and ripe for upsets and surprises. Who will be the king?
Even if the international flavor is strong, there's only one country who shines brightest when it comes to Tekken at EVO... Korea. I'm seeing an All-Korean Top 4 this year. JDCR, Saint, Knee, Qudans. Or replace Knee with Jeondding. More than likely Qudans and Saint in the Grand Final with Qudans being the victor. It's gonna be a close one, though. Keeping in mind this is also another game where you need to look out for the American players. I see Anakin and Speedkicks taking a few noteworthy Asian players down with them. Tekken 7 is top level that hardly disappoints. Be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor when all is said and done.
And with the previous titles covered, now we get to our DOUBLE main event...
Q: Dragonball FighterZ, your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?
Ever since its reveal at E3 last year, this game's release has been anticipated with bated breath. Finally, a legitimate Dragon Ball fighting game that doesn't get laughed off the main stage with the dial-a-combos of its ancestors. Lo and behold, it was most certainly a good game. The most popular manga series in the world combined with the most adept developer of over the top anime fighters in Arc System Works. A marriage with previous kids in the past, but one that has never grown into such high class status as FighterZ has. Even better, it's a fighting game that came at the perfect time. Spoilers ahead, there's no Marvel vs Capcom title this year at EVO. Wanna know why? Because its latest entry was such a black eye on the Marvel vs Capcom name that not even Marvel wants to promote it anymore. Their Battle for the Stones tournament ended faster than it even started. But EFF THAT GAME anyway. We've got the legitimate successor to the Marvel vs Capcom style of play right here. And the entry numbers! Over 2500 players registered. Outstanding for a first timer.
But the Dragonball love is universal. Several FGC members recall their nostalgia for DBZ. It really starts to pour out on the commentary desk and in the team comp. Lore happy matchups lead to excitement from both character and player alike. Rivalries of legend have been contested upon this digital battlefield. The two most noteworthy players of this game going into EVO need no introduction. If you know anything about the tournament scene, you know their names; SonicFox and Go1. They've been barking and hissing at one another for what feels like forever ever since this game launched. It truly is this generation's Alex Valle/Daigo matchup. A rivalry spawned from two people who are simply the best of their district both with something to prove. The thing is, well, let's take a look at that final player count of over 2500 participants. That's a pretty large swimming pool to dive into. Make no mistake, the best of the best are in absolutely no danger. But this is the land of EVO. An unforgiving tidal wave of upsets and 0-2s await the unprepared. And DBFZ is no exception to the rule. Expect many of the current superstars to get randomed out, only to drop an atomic bomb on the losers bracket. You are not safe at any point in the bracket. You bring your best, or you bring your contribution to the pot. Thanks for playing! Take your All-Goku team back to the online realms!
And there will be plenty of people playing. It feels like they're flying in with every type of fighting game possible. From the obvious MAHVEL champions like ChrisG and Cloud805, the Smash legends like Leffen, the anime gods such as Dogura and Kazunoko, to the "hey why not make this the first game I was actually really good at" crowd like HookGangGod. This is the EVO tournament with the highest possibility of pure chaos in a long time. You all remember how good MvC3's inaugural year was? Yeah, that level. It may not be the entire universe at stake, but players of this game will fight as if their lives, as well as the lives of their friends and family, depend on it. But when the smoke finally clears among the planet sized explosions, and the final match is played, who will Earth's mightiest champion be?
Sonicfox walked into VSFighting with his newly christened team, and walked out the winner holding a Dragonball in his hand. He left even the gods of Japan stunned. He has a gameplan, and has revealed it to the world with every intention of expanding upon his accolades at EVO. I'm going to make the safe bet and say that if anyone is making it to Grand Finals of DBFZ this year, it's this man. He made Zamasu look like the god he is in the actual anime. With little time to deduce proper countermeasures, it will be nothing short of an upset if anyone knocks him out of the Winner's bracket. He is once again a one man army. A generational prodigy in all things fighting games. For him to not make it to Grand Finals, someone has to have his number. That someone... is HookGangGod. If he plays the same way he did at Summit of Power, he can be the one to outplay SonicFox. Yes, the Japanese threat is still a threat. Go1, Kazunoko, Dogura, Fenritti... they are still really strong opponents. But I don't think they're strong enough to stop SonicFox in his current state. It's going to take an American to beat an American. If SonicFox is not in Grand Finals this year, HookGangGod is the reason. If it's not SonicFox vs HookGangGod, then it will be Dogura and Fenritti. It's either going to be USA vs USA or Japan vs Japan. There's no way I see a USA vs Japan Grand Final occuring in DBFZ. I see destruction. And I see hype. I see... further beyond.
So now to the other main event...
Street Fighter being the grand finale of EVO. I don't know what people were even expecting. Numbers do not determine the main event of EVO. DBFZ may have the most population this year, but that population will decrease the following year. And its population does not cover the amount of countries and communities that Street Fighter does. Street Fighter may have taken a small hit, but not nearly as hard as others did. People will be playing this series forever no matter what number is at the end. Because it's Street Fighter. Its very existence created fighting games as a whole, and it's main eventing EVO because it's still the most active fighting game played around the world after all these years across all these different titles. Having the Capcom Pro Tour behind it being as successful as it is certainly backs up this fact. Despite the claim of others that this is the worst Street Fighter with a roman numeral in its title, you cannot deny the scope of the playerbase. The loudest, the most international, and the most star studded. All of the heavy hitters are occupying this game with a force and a power unrivaled in the FGC.
Though I will say that AE and Season 3 as a whole has been the worst version from a spectator's standpoint. Remember how great last year's EVO Top 8 was for SF5? Every member of that Top 8 had a different character. All the woes of Laura, Urien, and Balrog derping their way through Season 2 vanished come EVO time. The pros and the specialists shined. Yeah, you're not seeing that in AE. There are 4 characters most commonly seen at the highest level. Cammy, Menat, Guile, and Ibuki. There are few exceptions to this rule, and many have joined the dark side in exchange for power. One of them is Justin Wong. No longer repping his signature Karin, he has chosen to bust some balls with his Menat play. A play that comes from experience. Sizing up his opponent, and shutting them down piece by piece at his preferred range. Daigo has fully embraced his Guile calling in AE that was foreshadowed near the end of Season 2 with his jaw dropping plays at Capcom Cup. What did that acceptance get him in 2018? Why, he finally fucking won his first CPT 2018 event at VSFighting, a tournament that was quite recent for the record. But the Cammy and Ibuki loyalists? They are out in force. Fujimura, NL, Xian, Verloren. They've done their due diligence, and have received glorious returns for their service. Fujimura's been on a hot streak ever since EVO 2017. What was once kindling is now a raging fire. Over the past year, he has won Stunfest, CEO, last year's SoCal Regionals, up to the aforementioned VSFighting where it took Super God Beast Daigo to finally stop him in his tracks. But I think we're all forgetting the raging demon in the room; Tokido. Allowing Tokido to ascend to his golden platform at EVO 2017 was an omen. A foreshadowing of things to come. Thaiger Uppercut, Norcal Regionals, Battle Arena Melbourne... he has stood victorious at all 3 of those majors. Say whatever you want about the great ELEAGUE pause, but it was a foregone conclusion that Tokido would have beaten Smug in the reset. Why? Because to those who enter a contest with him, and show unforeseen amounts of momentum, Tokido is there to rip your dreams from your body. Ask Punk, the favorite of last year's EVO that had his soul taken to hell by a Grand Finals demon. Where exactly has he been since then? I'll tell you where he hasn't been... The Winner's Circle.
You know how much of a monster the boys of Japan and Korea can be. America still has a few aces up their sleeve. There's always the American pride of the still evolving NuckleDu.The sudden re-emergence of FlashMetroid. The ever present switchblade of Smug. And the Kolins in wait like Nephew and Neon. Europe's gonna bring their best. Problem X is still as advertised: a problem for those who aren't prepared to play a new age Bison with old age strategies and know how. Phenom, who is coming off a respectable 3rd place showing at CEO, and might be the best damn Necall in the world. Luffy's character loyalty to R.Mika has not hindered his output. Look at his work at the recent HeadStomper event in Denmark to validate that. There's plenty more people to discuss. Hundreds more. From plenty of countries, and tons of talent to unleash. And the worst part about Street Fighter V at EVO is that both the skill level and the drive to succeed are at their highest difficulty yet. Get ready for some shocking early eliminations of well established veterans and high rolling executives of the Street Fighter community. And it WILL happen. They don't get any bigger than this one. A new year, a new version, and a new meta to calculate. Who's ready to be EVO Champion?
I really do feel that momentum is everything, but at EVO, your greatest ally is Lady Luck. To anyone who correctly chooses the Grand Final of this year's event, contact me the day after. I could use some state lottery numbers. Now then, predictions...
If America has any hope of showing up in Grand Finals, it's on the shoulders of NuckleDu. The man managed to conquer the north at Defend the North overcoming strong American play. It's not that often you see him outside Top 8 at a premier event. You get the rare instance of Combo Breaker, but it proved that event had no shortage of international intervention playing for points. The UK better start injecting all their knowledge and tech directly into Problem X's brain hoping none of it spills out. In all honesty, aside from your prodigal sons, it's just not your year this time, America. Fight your international battles in Blazblue Tag and Dragonball. That's your best opportunity to come away with an American win. As for SF5, I can't even give my predictions the proper conviction. While many names are racing around in my head for a potential finals, there's the matter of who can actually win it all. I'd put that honor on the man who has much luck AND momentum on his side this year; Daigo. I'm going with Daigo to appear in the Grand Finals, regardless of whether or not he's got a (W) or an (L) next to his name. His opponent has to be someone who has already gone through hell to keep his character in the top tier conversation. I say Tokido. Either an undefeated run through the Winners bracket, or a cold emotionless killing spree in the Losers bracket. Daigo beats Tokido 3-2 in the end. The beast reigns supreme once again. And then I wake up.
Whew, that was exhausting to write. I had to nurse this haters guide for about a week or two to get my proper thoughts in there. I know there's at least a passing interest in the Esports side of things, but I'm willing to bet the followers of the FGC is a much smaller ratio of members in comparison. If you lasted this long, thanks a ton for reading. If you want to yell at my absurd projection, and supposed lack of knowledge, and any other bouts of bitter contempt you think of, feel free. Otherwise, EVO is only days away. Grab your sponsored shirts, your custom arcade sticks, and your 11"x17" signs demeaning friends and foe alike. Get ready to EVOlve, motherfuckers!
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I've Created an Actual Practical Live Casino Poker HUD for Smartphones

First and foremost, here is a landscape screenshot of the HUD I programmed via mobile Excel and have been using for the past year and a half in L.A. casinos with great success. It has earned me roughly $48/hr playing the $3/5 NL holdem games in L.A. over about a 1,000 hour sample. I'd estimate my expected EV is running right about average, and this winrate will look the same (give or take $5/hr over 10,000 or 100,000 hours). I take some credit for being an on-and-off player, but consistent winner since I learned the game at 18 (I'm 31 now). But this HUD has a lot to do with my winrate being where it is, and frankly keeping me from being bored to tears playing live poker for the past 18 months or so.
As are many of you, I'm a former U.S. online player who stepped away from poker after Black Friday turned my world upside down back in 2011 (Full Tilt, thanks for everything). I've had a few decent, middle of the road analyst-type jobs since and have recently left my last one to pursue my Master's degree. While doing so, I have been playing live poker seriously to cover living expenses and supplement my income.
Early on around the spring of last year, I realized that the biggest obstacle I had in adjusting to live poker, especially after 4 years away from the game where I was used to 16-tabling at FTP, was managing the slow crawl of being dealt 18-25 hands per hour of NL holdem. This was a far cry from the 700-900 hands per hour I was used to from my online days. However, to compensate for the slow drip of cards to work with in live games, I noticed that the players I faced when actually receiving playable hands, were absolutely horrendous on average. The slow crawl poker that I thought was a joke during my online days was actually a huge benefit in a sense, as I noticed that patiently waiting for premium or semi-premium hands in loose L.A. casinos almost guaranteed significant winnings in the long run assuming the hands weren't butchered by me post-flop. Everyone else gets 18-25 hands per hour to work with as well, and most of them get impatient at some point or another and KJ suited starts looking like aces to many.
However, even as a patient player, I was still extremely bored folding 84 offsuit all day and actually seeing a flop with a playable hand 3-5 times per hour. I could manage my time browsing the front page of Reddit or watch a mindless YouTube video about how to make a great pizza and still make an ok profit on most days, but I wasn't learning much about my opponents while in between hands. If I managed to stay attentive after repeatedly folding my hands and watching the action, I was picking up on play styles of my opponents, but not to the extent my HUD allowed me to passively do when I played online and everyone's stats just popped up next to them as I played... it was mostly to the extent where I'd noticed seat 3 at my table played a lot of hands and bluffed lots of flush draws, or seat 8 was nitty and seemed to be sacrificing all his blinds. Getting this vague, but incomplete understanding of my table, while knowing how vital it was to pick up on every piece of information I could to ideally play my 3-6 flops per hour as perfectly as possible with these 8 other guys around me... That's when I had the idea to create this live HUD. As much as players say you can get plenty of info just by watching people play their hands (which is true), I wanted to take it a step further. And despite the common consensus that live HUD's are too small of a sample size or too much of a pain in the ass to ever be worth using, I'm glad I went through with this idea.
My biggest worry in making the program was that it would be far too time consuming to be on my phone entering tedious numbers while a live poker game was going on and people were all around me asking me "what game am I playing... that looks weird." Well, I can honestly say that around half the players at my local casinos are browsing on their phones and tuning out while waiting for their next hand. In general, people don't give a shit at all what you're doing on your phone, and even if the floor came over and were genuinely interested in what my program is (which they never have and will never care), I could tell them the truth and they would most likely just find it "cool." I do occasionally have an old timer in the seat next to me take a peek at my phone, but they have no idea what they're looking at. If I don't really care for them and they ask, I'll tell them it's a spreadsheet for work. If I'm cool with them, I'll tell them exactly what it is and joke with them that they should start playing more than their 17% of hands they're playing, or everyone will think they're a nit. They'll usually just laugh when I tell them, and compliment me or ask how "the stats say they're playing". I'll lie and tell them something like "the stats say you're gonna donate all your money to seat 2 in the next 10 hands"... because I'm a poker player.
My next biggest worry in making the live HUD was that half the players in L.A. casinos play for around 1-2 hours at most before going bust or leaving with what they made, which means I'm only getting about a 40-50 hand sample size. I figured this wouldn't do me much good until I realized that the differences in play style statistics in casino players become apparent much, MUCH more quickly than online. I'll explain...
In full ring online games, extremely tight players' VP (voluntarily put in pot) percentages were between 10-13%. Loose players' VP's probably were around 20% and above. In 40-50 hands online, tight players could easily play 20-25% of their hands just by being dealt a good run of hands, making that sample size pointless.
In LIVE games, on the other hand, I quickly noticed that players' VP's (in my casinos) ranged anywhere from 10% to 90%. Yes, 90%. Casual players who come over from blackjack and don't really know much holdem strategy will sit down and literally want to play every hand unless the action has a $500 all-in preceding them, and the player looks down at 62 offsuit and has to begrudgingly fold. In fact, after about 5 sessions of tracking stats, I deducted that the average VP in my casinos is around 28-30% (note that this screenshot is from my most recent Thursday afternoon session, and my table was tighter than typical for this location). And this was among plenty of casino regulars. This average VP in my live games would be considered a MANIAC VP on a Full Tilt ring game back in 2008, when online players were frankly loose and terrible. Yes, tight players in live games will still get a hot run of cards over 40 hands and have a deceivingly high VP%, while loose players can be card dead and be deceivingly low. However, they will usually balance out to within 5-10% of what they are after just 50 hands if you played with them for another 200. You will not see a player play at 20% VP through 50 hands, and be at 45% after 100 hands. It just doesn't happen, unless there's some uber-tilt going on, which is easily picked up on without any need for a HUD.
The point I'm making is that I was noticing that just after a 15-20 hand sample size at any table, I was seeing some players playing 15% of their hands vs. others playing 60%, 70%, or 80% of hands. And this was plenty sufficient to at least give me a ballpark estimate of a player's style without having to mentally remember whether I keep seeing common players playing lots of hands, as most live players do to label players as tight or loose in their minds. The longer these players stayed while I tracked their preflop stats, the more detailed of an analysis my HUD gave on their ranges and play styles. 50 hands of data on a player in a live game is equivalent to about 200 hands of data on an online player, simply due to the DRASTIC percentage differences in VP, PFR, 3B, and even Fold to C-Bet stats among live players.
Finally, probably the most glaring concern, and the one I have spent by far the most time addressing, is the amount of time one would have to spend entering data into the spreadsheet after every hand. Keeping track of what every single player is doing after every single hand is a giant pain in the ass. However, only having to keep track of non-folding players makes things significantly easier. Especially when just tracking preflop stats (the most important stats), which is essentially what my HUD does. By making folds as blank cells by default, and only counting hands where at least one number has already been entered in its respective column, I was able to create a spreadsheet where the program counts everyone's action as a fold by default until a 0, 1, 2, or 3 is put in its place. This cuts down the time it takes to enter stats for each hand by about 80%. If seat 1 raises preflop and everyone folds, I am putting a "2" in row 1 to signify they raised, and leaving every other row blank. That's it. The program automatically calculates row 1's raise into their VP, PFR, 3B, and all their other stats, as well as the overall table stats, while automatically tallying up a fold for seats 2 through 9 in all of their respective stats. If seat 3 raises preflop, seat 5 reraises, and seat 3 folds (along with everyone else), I'm entering a "2f3" (to resemble a raise and fold to 3bet) in row 3 and a "3" in row 5 (to resemble a 3bet). Done. If a new player comes into the game, I'll enter what hand number they started on, and all hands before it are automatically entered as "0"s for that player, which tells my data to ignore those "0" hands for that player.
To debunk a few other commonly brought up myths as to why keeping stats during live games is supposedly pointless:
1) Casinos, at least in California and most in Vegas outside of crazy high stakes games, couldn't care less as to what you're doing on your phone. Apart from being on your phone with a buddy in the middle of a big hand and asking them what you should do, casinos do not want to make it their business as to what you're doing on your phone while you're out of a hand (or even in a hand, as long as you're not slowing the game down). Entering in a couple 1's and 2's into a spreadsheet to gain an analytical edge that they can't comprehend is far from a casino's concern. Even if they wanted to know what you were doing, nothing in any casino rules even hint at this being frowned upon.
2) It is NOT difficult to follow the action preflop, enter in a couple one-digit numbers into a spreadsheet, and then go back to whatever it is you're doing at the poker table. If you already folded your hand, you can enter in whatever seats actually had an action immediately. If you're actually involved in a hand (eg. you raised from seat 1 and had seats 5 and 9 call you), just play your hand as normal and enter the appropriate three numbers when your hand completes. If you miss a hand or happened to have tuned out while watching a cute dog do a somersault on aww, it's not a big deal. The spreadsheet doesn't care. It's at your disposal to give you as much information as you want to take from it.
3) People do NOT treat you as a nit and give you no action just because you keep glancing at or using your phone. It's 2016, and people all around us are on their phones and tablets doing god knows what. In fact, what I've found about live players, is that they're impatient, and even if they KNOW you're studying them or playing nitty (which I do on occasion, but not always), live players are bad and they really can't help themselves. If they have K9 offsuit and see you 3bet them. They aren't focusing on the kid who keeps playing on his phone... they're focusing on the fact that they have K9 offsuit, and maybe this is the time they'll finally peel off a flop and see three 9's hit... because they're totes due!
I can address several other things about my HUD, such as the "action graph" at the bottom of the screen that fills as you play or the shading of each player's cell in column A, which is lightest for the most profitable seat at the table based on the loose/tight players on your left or right and darkest for least profitable seat... But this has turned into a pretty long explanation already. If you have questions, I'll try and address them in the comments. No, this is not currently available for public use yet. But I'm not opposed to releasing it to the masses at some point should it gauge enough interest. I'd ideally like to find some other individuals who are actually enthusiastic about my project and perhaps even find a few app developers with a poker background and turn what is essentially a full-fledged backend spreadsheet into a frontend app with an actual table interface with 9 seats where each seat could simply be tapped, double tapped, etc. to signify limps, raises, etc. for each hand. That is the dream at least... I have no idea at the moment whether it could plausibly ever be a reality. But I can assure all that having this program at my disposal while I've played has been +EV for me, helped me in a couple very key spots where I would have never known to fold my two pair or steal blinds with my junk, or 3bet light, and it's given me some advantages that most would consider unheard of in live poker.
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Looking for aspiring poker players

I want to turn some of you into solid winning poker players. I'm talking about those of you who are just interested in poker, or who are relative beginners at poker, or even who are winning players at microstakes, but who want to become winning players at the $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em level online, or $2/$5 No Limit Hold'em live.
I'm not going to train you. I have written some poker training software. My offer is that I will mentor you, and offer you the use of my poker training software, as we both work to turn you into a solid winning poker player. This may take some time, and it will definitely take some effort, on your part and mine.
Firstly, here are my credentials...
anonymous7 = RangeVsRange = guyupstairs
Until now, I have been anonymous (and I have tried not to let that anonymity turn me into a jerk). I started this account in 2009 because my previous account (2007) was personally identifiable, and I wanted to be a bit freer to speak my mind. I was one of the founding moderators of this reddit (see here), and I've been the most active moderator since. ibarg is the other active moderator of this reddit, and he deserves great credit for being the guy who got up and usurped steveoola, who created this reddit and promptly got lost.
My screenname on Full Tilt was guyupstairs. Full Tilt was the site I played most on. Here is what PokerTableRatings has for the three stakes I've played most (ring games):
Stake Hands Net BB/100 $0.05/$0.1 NLH 17,479 $200 5.72 $1/$2 NLH 15,839 $4,019 6.34 $0.01/$0.02 NLH 14,510 $49 8.52 
Note how long I spent at 1c/2c, even though my winrate was so high. This is because I deposited $10 on Full Tilt, and followed strict bankroll management. You will also follow strict bankroll management, but there will be more on that later. I actually got to the point that I was properly bankrolled to play $400 NL (i.e. $2/$4), but I recognised that my bankroll had finally overtaken my ability, so I didn't take a shot.
My lifetime bankroll is over $9,000 :), including live play.
Here are my OfficialPokerRankings results (multi-table tournaments):
Prizes Profit ROI ABI AFS ITM $3,996 $1,254 46% $5.62 229 90/488 
And SharkScope (includes sit'n'gos):
Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit 1,168 $1 $5 41% $1,579 
Range vs. Range
The software I have written is called Range vs. Range. Until now I have been posting about it as user RangeVsRange, anonymously. This is because I did not want to be seen to be abusing my position as a moderator of this reddit. However, very few people seem to understand how this software works, and I accept some responsibility for that. Mostly I think the problem is that people who understand poker theory haven't noticed it yet. Probably because they're too busy winning money, and spending their spare poker time doing what they've always done to try to improve their poker game: watching videos, getting coaching, reading books and discussing hands.
For an explanation of why I don't think videos, coaching, books and hand discussion are sufficient or efficient, see here on Two Plus Two.
For the post where I explained what this software was about, see here on Two Plus Two, or the reddit I created for it, /rangevsrange.
The offer
I'm going to close the Range vs. Range software and make it invitation-only. I will offer accounts to all who wish to take me up on this offer, including non-redditors, but /poker and /rangevsrange is where we will discuss things, so you'll have to be a redditor to participate. (Later, I might make the offer available to the Two Plus Two micro stakes forum. Depending on how this goes.)
I will set up a training programme in the Range vs. Range software.
I want to make it very clear here that my software is actually aimed at mid-stakes players and above, but I'm going to make it useful for beginners too. The way I will do this is by creating training situations that are the most common in microstakes games. For example, 3bets are something small stakes players have to be good at, but that's less true at microstakes because people don't make thin 3bets very often. You also will not particularly have to think about ranges, because the ranges will be near-optimal. This means that the cards your opponent will have when playing on Range vs. Range will be the cards they would have if they were a strong player. The one caveat to the usefulness of this software is that it trains you to play against good players, and while microstakes has some good players, it also has many weak players. That's something we'll have to discuss in time.
So, the training programme: I will come up with a progression of training situations, starting with the ones that are most important for you to be good at – and be comfortable with (this is also very important). As you work on the first situation, you will become comfortable with and it you will come to know your own strategy for this situation very well. This will make it very easy to play when this situation comes up at the poker table, and because you know exactly what your default strategy is, you will also find it much easier to make slight adjustments to this strategy based on what you know about your opponent. Much more on this later.
Here are the situations we will start with. I haven't thought much about these, and I will continue to refine them from now until the challenge starts, and beyond:
  • Middle position player raises to 3 big blinds, button calls, everyone else folds.
  • Late position player raises to 3 big blinds, big blind calls, everyone else folds.
  • Middle position player raises to 3 big blinds, button calls, big blind calls.
Once you can play well in these situations, you can play well at microstakes. These three situations are actually seven scenarios you'll have to face at the table:
  • You raise and end up out of position (acting first on later streets)
  • You call and end up in position (acting last on later streets)
  • You raise and end up in position
  • You call and end up out of position
  • You raise and end up acting second in a three-way flop
  • You call and end up in position, but in a three-way flop
  • You call in the big blind and end up out of position in a three-way flop
As people show proficiency in all of these situations, I will add more. But to start with, there will be just one. And you will train in this situation (against other people!) until your results match the average of all other players. Please understand: there is absolutely no reason to want to progress to new situations. Train just one until you do well in it! If you can't get your results up, ask other people on /rangevsrange how their strategies differ. Or just see if you can tell what your opponents are doing better than you! And, as I said, I'll be around to discuss it all too.
Now, once you're doing better-than-average, it makes sense to move to a different situation and get good at that too. Slowly, you will get good at lots of different situations. Later, I will add situations like this so you can target more specific parts of your game:
  • The flop has an Ace, potential straight draws, and potential flush draws, and the out-of-position player makes a continuation bet (having bet preflop).
  • The same flop when an in-position player was pre-flop aggressor and makes a continuation bet.
  • The same two situations as above, but the flop has a King and two lower non-coordinated cards. E.g. Kh 8d 2c.
  • The big blind calls a bet and then donks into the flop.
But, to repeat: we will start with only one situation! Most of what you will learn will be in this one situation. And most of what you learn will help in every other situation. The nuances of other situations are very minor compared to just playing good post-flop poker in even one situation!
Well, that's pretty much it. There's a lot more to talk about, like how to use the software, what it means, and I'll give you a few tips on how to start with strategy, and how to get the most out of it. There will be lots of concepts to discuss. The training schedule will change as I think about it more, and discuss it with the you and the rest of /poker. I'll help you out, and if you show good results and can't afford to deposit online, I might even stake you.
I hope that what we achieve, together, is a realistic, useful and even fun training programme. And I hope it proves to be an effecient way to learn poker, and maybe even sufficient by itself. All I ask is that you put in the effort, and give it your best shot. Who's in?
Range vs. Range is now closed to the public, pending the start of this program. If a few people show interest in this, in a few days once I have the training schedule set up, and we have had a chance to discuss it, I'll be opening the site on an invitation-only basis.
If you're interested, you can leave a comment here, message me, or subscribe to /rangevsrange.
Edit: this is getting silly, if you are interested message me and subscribe to /rangevsrange. There's no point everyone commenting here.
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CanadianBakn's Poker Quiz #2

It's that time again...
I'm a consistent winner at live $1/2 and $2/5 games. I could probably still beat 25NL for at least a few bb/100 online, but I don't play online anymore. Most of these hands will be from a live context, where we do need to make some adjustments, but a good online player can find the right answers too.
Those discussing the questions below, please do so without spoiling the answers I have posted, where possible. If you disagree with something I've answered, give it a day or two before commenting. I know I'm asking for a lot here, but I want to have some good discussion with people's own opinions without having people get spoiled.
I thought the first quiz was a bit too easy. Let's amp up the difficulty a bit by introducing semi-decent regulars into the question instead of just beating up fish.
Question 1:
This is a tough one. It's from a hand I played myself.
You're playing a full ring $1/2 game at a Casino with $400 effective stack sizes. UTG raises to $10. You know him to be a loose and aggressive regular at the game, and you figure his range to be quite wide even UTG. He probably also thinks that you are loose and aggressive post-flop, and knows you are capable of bluffing in tricky spots. You decide to 3bet with TdJd from MP to $30. It's folded around to him and he flats relatively quickly.
The flop comes Tc8c5s. He check/calls a bet of $40. The turn brings a 2s. He checks, and we bet $90. He shoves for the remaining $240.
Question 2:
$200 effective, opponent in the SB is a younger player and seems to watch the action when he isn't in a pot. Stacks his chips where he can read his stack size and is shuffling a few of them. UTG straddles to $4. UTG + 1 limps. MP limps. We raise to $25 from the CO with AdJd. The SB completes and everyone else folds.
The flop comes Ac7c5d. Villain checks, we bet $40, and he raises to $120. Hero ?
Question 3:
What are some adjustments you should make between live small-stakes NL and online play? How do we adjust cbet %s, bet sizing, and general game plan at the tables?
This one is more a "go see the pastie" question, but I'm open to having some discussion here.
Feedback is always welcome.
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Question about transitioning to live poker (1/1 or 1/2) and game theory behind 1/1

Hey guys :)
I have been playing online poker for a very long time now (in total around 6 years, but only got into deeper game theory and mathematics around 2 years ago, feel I was kind of a fish before as I just "played my intuition") and I feel pretty confident in my abilities at the microstakes (2NL and 5NL) getting around 13BB/100 over a relatively small hand sample of around 19000 (I only got into using Pokertracker 4 about 8-9 days ago and I know that I probably won't have 13BB/100 over a 2 Million hand sample which I am currently trying to gather) which probably means I am on a pretty good upswing, but I always used to make profit when playing for the last 1.5 years. I play 6 Max mainly and sometimes play Full Ring when my friends are over cause they don't really like 6 max. Anyways my question is related to transitioning to live poker.
I played a couple of live tournaments before and feel I have a pretty good understanding about live tells and how to avoid them. I can sometimes get decent reads on fish when they're plainly bluffing but that's also related to bet sizings and the way they played the hand rather than just pure visual reads or w/e.
I am planning on saving up for a bankroll as soon as I graduate from college so I can start playing live cash game occasionally. My local casinos (I am from Berlin) offer 1/1 NL and 1/2 NL. So I was thinking about a 3000$ bankroll for 1/1 and a 6500$ bankroll for 1/2. Any feedback on the bankroll sizings would be appreciated :)
Now to my real question (sorry for the wall of text up to this point :l)
How does the general play change when the BB is the same size as the SB? doesn't defending blinds against opens and general preflop play become way different as you are always contributing 50% of the initial pot size rather than 1/3 and 2/3 for SB and BB? I am guessing post flop won't be too much of a difference as you can adjust your sizings to the pot size then, but I am not sure if I need to change my opening ranges or 3 bet sizing when playing 1/1.
Would you guys recommend playing 1/1 or 1/2? and also where can I find resources for learning about 1/1 theory? Do you guys think my bankroll idea seems alright or should I start with a bigger one since the swings can be way more heavy when playing at stakes other than micros?
Thank you guys so much in advance and also thanks so much to this reddit for helping me improve so much over the past 2 years and recommending so many amazing books <3
Have a wonderful day guys
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My attempt at a new player guide (beginner's guide). I did my best to collect a large number of resources & essential concepts to help beginners improve. Let me know what you think.

I felt like the new player guide could be better, so I put this guide together to hopefully make the learning path a little easier for new players. This is going to be mainly a collection of links to outside resources vs. straight exposition from me. I will rely very heavily on 2+2 because it's the nuts. If you disagree with anything I say, or if you think I should add a resource, please let me know. I will not be offended.

Important Starting Concepts

1st Level: Your cards
2nd Level: What does your opponent have
3rd Level: What does your opponent think you have
4th Level: What does your opponent think you think he has
5th level: What does your opponent think you think he thinks you have, etc.
At the micros, your opponents will almost all be level 1 thinkers. Don't get tricky; just play ABC poker. See Brian's comment down below for more discussion.
Here is a good example of what you should aim your thought processes to be.

2+2 Anthologies

This is just a start of what 2+2 has to offer. Go to the site and click on the stickied threads for each subforum to discover a wealth of more information covering such things as Sit N Go tournaments, multi-table tournaments, pot limit omaha, and more.
These threads are for NLHE as that's the most common game, but most of these basic concepts will apply to almost all poker games.


There are SO many good poker books out there. I have read a bunch, but that only represents a fraction of what's available. Here are what I think are super helpful books:
Now, I don't encourage or condone pirating, but if you are so inclined, you may be able to find pdf versions of some of these books here.

HUD Software

If you're going to be playing online with any sort of seriousness, using a heads-up display is tremendously useful and almost a necessity. The two best options are Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker 3. I am partial to HM, as I feel the software and interface have surpassed PT3. They both offer free trials, so maybe see what works for you.
Once you get your HUD established, you'll need to pick which stats. I would start with the following:
and once you are comfortable with understanding those, you can start adding more such as:
There are plenty more stats that are very helpful, but don't go too crazy. It's easy to overwhelm yourself with info, and there are plenty of high stakes guys that only use a barebones hud.
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HM-8415 Poker Snowie official release

Please update to this version http://www.holdemmanager.com/Downloads/8415_Hm2AutoUpdate.exe
Over the past year, the Hold'em Manager and PokerSnowie teams have been working together to integrate PokerSnowie artificial intelligence (“AI”) into HM2. Today we are proud to introduce SnowieApp for HM2! To start your FREE TRIAL, update your HM2 and click on the "SnowieApp" tab inside. Some of you may be asking "what is SnowieApp for HM2?" SnowieApp for HM2 IS a NL Hold'em teaching tool that utilizes the PokerSnowie AI. The PokerSnowie AI was developed by the same experts that also created "Backgammon Snowie" (widely regarded as the best AI ever created for the game). SnowieApp for HM2 IS in compliance with the terms of service of all online poker sites. This is because feedback is on completed hands stored in your HM2 hand database. SnowieApp for HM2 IS NOT accessible during live play. The PokerSnowie AI used in SnowieApp for HM2 DOES NOT play perfect NL Hold'em. To be clear, poker is an extremely complex game to solve. A perfect strategy for NL Hold'em ring games might not be achieved in our lifetimes. Having said that, I caution you against being dismissive of the potential that SnowieApp for HM2 holds to help you improve your game and identify patterns of mistakes. Many of the world's best online poker players have been using PokerSnowie for a reason. The AI used in SnowieApp for HM2 was developed for heads-up games to full ring games (10 players) and for play from short stacks up to 400 big blinds. Without getting into too much "geek speak", the PokerSnowie AI was developed utilizing artificial neural networks. In simplest terms, elements of the way neurons in our brain work and learning takes place were converted into mathematical formulas. The AI has played trillions of hands against itself (and adapting versions of itself) while "LEARNING" and "ADAPTING" from its successes and failures. When SnowieApp tells you that you should have folded rather than call in a particular hand on the river or that you have a pattern of betting weak hands too often on the turn, it is essentially sharing with you that, over the course of trillions of hands, it has "learned and adapted" from similar mistakes it made in that situation. The feedback and advice is not based on specific knowledge that you might have about an opponent based on your playing history with them. Playing decisions should always factor in such information when available. The strategy developed by PokerSnowie emphasizes a balanced approach to your game which minimizes opportunities that your opponents have to exploit your play. The AI trained against a "typical" range of playing styles and lines in particular situations. Therefore, the advice and feedback that you receive from SnowieApp is not as strong when an opponent plays a hand in an extremely "fishy" manner that it can be reasonably assumed the AI has not routinely seen. This is something to always keep in mind when reviewing the feedback. Matthew Janda (CardRunners instructor and author of "Applications of No-Limit Hold'em") has released a 3-part video series on SnowieApp for HM2. I urge you to watch it. The series provides an outstanding overview of the tools and feedback from SnowieApp for HM2 and great suggestions on how to most effectively interpret the feedback to help you improve your game. While integrating the PokerSnowie AI into SnowieApp for HM2, we had the "average" poker player in mind. Our goal was to offer our customers an advanced and robust teaching tool that is easily accessible from within HM2 with feedback presented in a visually clear and intuitive manner. We believe that you will find SnowieApp for HM2 will be the 2nd best investment you ever made to improve your poker results (behind HM2 of course). Start your FREE TRIAL of SnowieApp for HM2 today. Good luck at the tables!
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How to Put Your Opponents on a Hand Range Full Length: Live poker training of a $1-$3NL Deep Stacked Game 6-Max Cash Game Guide, Episode 6 - 3-Betting Poker Ranges Explained Preflop Poker Mistakes You Must Avoid To Move Up In Stakes

3-Betting Ranges. Our 3-betting range is a strong value-oriented game. You will notice that as our opponents open in later positions, we can 3-bet wider ranges for value, especially against BTN and SB opens. We do have a 3-bet bluffing range composed of small suited aces, 22-44 and a few combos of suited connectors. A range is a number of hands that depends on the game situation and that develops while the hand plays out. While amateurs often try to “put their opponent on a hand,” professional players put them on a set of most likely hands in a specific situation and then try to cut away single hands from this set as the hand plays out.. Here’s a very simple, theoretical example. The Upswing Lab has an extensive preflop game plan covering RFI strategy, 3-betting, facing 3-bets and more!) These ranges will serve as a great starting point for constructing your own RFI range. That said, you should be encouraged to deviate when doing so will have a higher EV against exploitable opponents. Including a number of non-premium hands in your 3-betting range makes you much more difficult to play against. You can isolate weak players by 3-betting; When you 3-bet after a weak player raises preflop, you force players behind to fold that may have played for a single raise. No Limit Hold’em Medium-High Stakes Micro-Small Stakes Med-High Full Ring Micro-Small Full Ring Heads Up NL Live Low these players get to earn ev by calling and 3 betting cause: the opening range gives opportunity to individual hand combos which other players get dealt. don't fall into the trap of "oh i'm just mixing it up" or "im

[index] [26237] [6088] [25283] [6066] [7634] [21217] [24566] [5251] [13947] [37824]

How to Put Your Opponents on a Hand Range

I've been playing high stakes cash games on PokerStars since arriving in Vancouver, buying in for $2,000 and battling some of the toughest players online. Here are some of the largest pots I ... In this video I breakdown how to look at a poker hand using ranges and how that has developed over the years. I no longer only think about my hand vs. my opponents hand, but now look at the ranges ... Pete 'Carroters' Clarke continues his in-depth look at 6-max cash games in this video. This time round 3-betting goes under the microscope, as Clarke looks at ranges you should defend and attack ... If you liked my style of analysis on overbetting, check out my FREE "Hand Range System" where you'll get access to the exact methodology I use to make each and every decision at the poker table ... We deep dive into the fundamentals for tight, aggressive pre-flop poker and enable you to make good decisions during your game. 0:10-- Intro to Preflop Fundamentals 6:44-- Suggested opening ranges ...