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[Long] Here is the full transcript of Northern Gaming CEO Mack's AMA, hosted on the Subreddit Discord!

Note: Questions and answers were copied directly from the AMA, so you may see typos and emojis that turned into text artifacts.
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About Mack
Mack is the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Gaming, the Season 3 RLCS Champions. Northern Gaming is a Canadian-based organization, with teams in games such as Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Mack has been crucial for Northern Gaming in achieving its respected place among other organizations since it was founded in May 2016. This AMA occurred after it was revealed that the team of Remkoe, Maestro, and Deevo had been released from Northern Gaming to join Team EnVyUs.
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NG's Twitter:


Does Northern Gaming have any plans to pick up a new team in the near future?
We answered this in our post, but yes. 'Near Future' not as much, but we will be at S4 LAN and watching and go from there.
Does rocket league matter?
Does anything? <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114>
If you could talk to yourself from the past, what words of advice would you give?
I was having this conversation with my IRL Best Friend yesterday --- if I could go back a year with all the knowledge I have now, Northern Gaming would be in a completely different world. This is a very unique, fast paced market and there is no time for mistakes. I've learned a lot along the way, and every day I learn more and more. I don't think I could tell myself just one thing, but if I HAD too? I'd probably remind myself to never forget what you love about eSports. It can be incredibly stressful, but watching my team with the RLCS, or seeing how happy they are with this transfer makes you feel a certain way which is indecsribable. It's hard, and it's a very personable industry when you work closely with people so often, but I think that appreciating your players and every moment with them is incredibly important.
Do you like pineapple on pizza?
I get why people eat it, but no. Pineapple is good in a bowl, or grilled on a barbeque, but not on my delicious Bacon, Pepperoni & Jalapeno pizzas. :[
Do you think a hot dog is a sandwhich?
Depends on how you eat it I guess 😏
Why did you pick NV rather than the other orgs?
Honestly, I was really struggling between NV and another equally amazing North American organization. In the end, the other owner could tell I wasn't sure the best situation for the players, and he willingly stepped down from discussions. I narrowed it down from 10/12 - 2 because these organizations showed the most interest and were just the best orgs. I knew they couldn't go anywhere their new head honchos weren't passionate about them and the game, and EnVy was one of two that were.
Why not stick with the Team?
We answered this in our original post --- but the tl;dr is I knew there was a better opportunity for them and I made it happen.
Does Sodapoppin actually do anything actively as an owner?
Absolutely. Chance is pivotal in every move we make. He is a very busy guy, and he has a lot going on for himself being Sodapoppin as well as just living his own life, but Chance has always made it a priority to participate in the organization when he can/when it is needed. I deal with almost everything personally, but Chance is always in the loop and is our biggest piece for pushing and growing the organization. He's been a pleasure to work with, and I am blessed to have had him give me this opportunity in the first place -- without Chance, I wouldn't be here right now.
Why are you selling the team? it's easy money to keep them
While that sentiment seems to be shared amongst everyone, that is actually quite false. The team was always "losing" us money and we end our adventures at a significant deficit. But with that comes the fact that it isn't always about money, it's about building this scene and helping these players build themselves into brands.
Mack what first go you looking at Rocket League? I was surprised that I was able to help Reunited (another former OW team) get involved briefly but I wanna know where you started.
I actually got a lot of emails when we were taking public submissions for our team, and a lot of them were about Rocket League. We Dem Girlz stood out the most, so I took a leap with them! Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I made in eSports.
How are you today?
Pretty good, quite a bittersweet day. BUT! The NHL Expansion Draft is tonight, so that's great 😄 -- How about yourself?
Do your parents support you playing Rocket League as a professional?
I'm not a player, so no 😉 But as an owner of an organization, I was met with a lot of criticism as I dropped out of University (Pre-Law) to explore this. I don't think they fully support it, but they aren't against it either. It's not a topic of much conversation with my parents though my Mom has seemingly been a bit more interested and was happy about the RLCS win .^
how dare you test in my AMA. 😉
What is your favorite team in rocket league, excluding yours?
Denial's squad is up there 🇨🇦 but any team with Miztik or Turbo on it 😉
Are you moving away from rocket league or are you now on the look-out for new players?
We will be back, just want a season off to watch the scene.
What's happened to everyone?
Why the rocket league esport scene?
I just got a feeling when I was looking into it. I follow my gut, and that's why I am where I am today.
Does Northern Gaming have any plans to pick up a new team in the near future?
Yes. Check our original release 😉
Best game other than Rocket League?
I've played WoW for 12 years, I love League & Overwatch (when im not tilted) but PUBG has been my most recent binge-game. For all-time play ability it's going to be somewhere between NHL (I am a hockey nerd) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 👀
Are you becoming part of EnvyUs or are they taking the roster off of your hands?
No sir, I am still the owner of Northern Gaming! Though anyone working for NV is a pretty lucky person, I am more than happy with my situation!
Were EnvyUs the only org to approach the team?
NV didn't approach the team, but no. There were a solid 10 or so good Orgs wanting them
Cats or dogs?
I have both, I love both. Anyone who says they're a dog person hasn't met the right cat etc etc. 😄
Do you agree that with a big org like EnVyUs coming into the scene will pave the way for many other Tier 1 orgs to enter Rocket League?
Not really, all the T1 orgs are already looking at it, they're coming regardless of this move
What do you think of Mockit?
As an organization? We have no opinion. As a person? I don't know Luckey, but him making assumptions/comments about my team, and in general just the things I've seen about him and the interactions I've heard with him, I don't like him, and personally have no interest in ever doing business with him. I know the players made it abundantly clear they had no interest in playing with Mock-It and I would have never in a million years sent them there to begin with.
Is it raining money where you are?
If it was, I'd be outside with a bucket. That would be nice.
What, from your perspective as CEO, makes Rocket League a different e-sports than other games?
My biggest pitch with the game and my biggest thing about it, is how easy it is to watch and how fun it is to watch. It's super fast paced, it's CRAZY intense, the commentators are great and the analysts are equally as great (Gibbs and I have talked 1:1 once and he's a great guy) and overall it feels the closest to Sports, which I think is important.
The community is also not toxic at all which is a HUGE breath of fresh air. Thanks for that guys.
What is your favorite meal?
Buffalo Chicken Strips > Chicken Wings > Steak > Tacos.
Who is this doing this ama?
ME.. d00d
What do u think your chances are for next season?
0% chance we win Season 4. It's bleak, but it is what it is.
Will you be playing in RLCS season 4 and 5?
5, possibly. 4, absolutely not.
Was this action/move have to do part because turbopolsa acted as a sub?
Not at all. Turbo was a god at LAN and he was going to end up as a starter somewhere else. I had no intentions of moving Maestro ever, loved having him.
What was the second team you mentioned, and what was the deciding factor in chosing EnvyUS over the other team?
I am not going to reveal the team name because I don't want to risk any future moves they may be interested in making. But, I chose NV because the other team backed out realizing I was conflicted over the two. Both were world class organizations and I knew the players would have loved either or, so there was nothing to help me make that decision; the other owner made my job a lot easier.
What are your thoughts on RL as an esport? Will it, in your opinion, have the same sustainability and growth as LoL or CSGO?
I love it. I love how fast paced it is, how easy it is to watch, and how much skill actually goes into the games. I don't know if it will grow to the CS:GO/LoL levels right now, but I think it has potential to be the most watched eSport in the world one day due to it's parallels with Soccer (sorry I'm NA forgive me) and how it would be great for even your casual fan who doesn't play video games to watch unlike a relatively confusing LoL and a violent (I love it but some people, ya know) CS:GO
How has the Rocket League community changed in your eyes over time?
I really like this community, you guys rock. I don't think it's changed much, just the passion behind the players has grown.
Why did you get into rocket league esports in the first place?
Answered in a question above; but because I saw massive potential and a great roster. I just felt it was right.
Can you see someone showing up to rlcs and trying to play with the Joy-Cons?
hue? 😕
How's your day been?
Busy! Thanks for asking .^ -- how about yours? 😃
When and why did you decide to become their CEO?
I always have been a visionary for business since I was 15 or 16. About a year and a half ago I started looking into eSports and felt it was a great scene where I could be impactful on a large scale and affect millions of people, from players to fans alike, creating a better experience. So, I started Northern Gaming, and here we are!
Do you think other competitive orgs will be following suit?
Yes. Very soon.
Will you ever move to other games, like LoL?
I hope to; but we need to either affiliate with BIG $ or a Sports Team. I've been trying to find the latter for a while but it's very difficult. We plan on doing smaller scale expansion soon, and OWL and LCS are both big end game plans.
Are you keeping turbo on the roster?
He is going to be looking for a starter position somewhere else
What size is turbo's jersey MEANT to be?
Medium. Did you see him @ LAN? He owned! 😻
Is Turbo still part of Northern Gaming? Even though he is a sub
No, we have no RL players.
What, in your opinion is your biggest achievement in e-sports and why?
Winning the RLCS S3. It was our first world championship victory, and it was done with a sub. I'll remember that forever. It was my happiest moment as NG CEO. Second would be watching our NG WoW team at Blizzcon, that was surreal to hear a crowd cheer live for my team... insane.
You said on twitter that NG will be entering into RLCS season 5. Why not 4? Do you have any plans in the meantime? ie. DreamHack/Summer Series/NBC tourney teams?
I'm really interested in this NBC thing, I am going to do some research on that this weekend. But Season 4 feels too rushed, we want to make sure we get the right group.
Are you surprised by the Growth of RL Esports so far, particulary RLCS, as it was 1 year ago the Grand Finals were close to being held with a $50,000 prize pool?
I am not surprised at all, and I expect it to only continue.
What do you think about the recent announcement of NBC doing a rocket league tournament?
I'm really interested, I'll try to get involved somehow.
Were you confident in buying the team, and how will you manage your team once they start facing other teams that are much better? As in how would you make sure they won't get demoralized/ quit.
I make sure I know the type of people I'm signing beyond their abilities in-game. I will be sure to pick up players who feel like they have something to prove when they lose, instead of being discouraged. Look at what 3rd place finishes did to this team, it pushed them to go above and beyond and win it all.
How did you guys come up with the name Northern Gaming?
I came up with it because I wanted it to feel Canadian-esque without ostracizing the rest of the world. We are a North American organization (Canadian) so Northern could mean more than JUST Canada. Europe is also considered to be 'Northern' so I figured it was something that resonated with our country without shunning the rest of the world and locking us in one place.
When NG began what type of games were you looking into already? Specifically when did Rocket League spark an interest and why?
I wanted an OW team because that is when the game was coming out and I wanted to grow alongside it (that didn't work out too well .. hehe) but around August when I heard about RLCS S1 and WDG reached out, I pounced on the opportunity to grab the roster!
What's the players' training routine like?
I'm not sure, they just played a lot and I let them do their thing. As long as they were having good results, I didn't feel it necessary to enforce anything strict.
What rank are you in RL? Do you play it atall?
I tried. I'm awful. It's a lot of fun, but going from watching my players do the most insane Aerials/Double Taps/Feathering to barely being able to make a save --- <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114> --- but I will keep playing and getting better 😛
Do you think that any of the players that were in the team when NG won S3 lan will be back for S5 lan?
I doubt it, EnVY will treat them so well they won't ever want to leave.
How long do rl players' play daily to maintain skill level?
I couldn't tell ya, sorry!
From personal experience, what was your favourite or best moment with the previous roster?
It has to be watching them win the RLCS S3 Finals. That was just surreal.
Is what we perceive reality or just a construct of our minds? Can our minds correctly interpret reality or is reality subjective?
If I saw this like 40 questions ago I'd give you the most philosophically complex answer I could feasibly construct -- but I'm not going to lie that's a lot of effort. In theory though, does it matter? 🤔
What do you think the future of NG will look like, do you thonk you will expand into more gamess or focus on your current ones?
I plan on getting into some new titles, and returning back to Rocket League. I am going to use this as an opportunity to regroup and refocus and tackle things from a new approach. We have a long, bright future ahead of us, so properly planning that out now is our best bet while we still are in the position to do so comfortably.
Why do you like coaching Northern Gaming?
I own it, not coach it. 😉 But because it's honestly one of the greatest things on earth. The only job I'd ever want to leave this for is working high up at an NHL Franchise 😍
On a scale of 1-10, how cute do you think Remkoe is?
Putting numbers on any of their appearances would be unfair to the numbered scale. IT is not ready to compensate for their QT-ness
How much was the buyout?
It was $ x $ / $ + $ - $ ^ $ squared dollars.
What is the best thing about Rocket Leagie in your opinion?
Pacing and overall simplciity of the game while maintaining complex mechanics that are exciting to watch.
How many other orgs were interested in the team?
Every organization on the planet would be interested in that team, they are the best team in the World 😃
How does the transfer benefit NG and the players?
It was more focused on the players than us, because to be honest I'd rather keep them in the first place. I think that they're going to get unparalleled opportunities with EnVy and especially with someone like Deevo who is SO young with SO much room to grow, I think EnVy and their incredible support staff are going to help him grow into the best version possible. I didn't want them to miss out on that opportunity
What do you think of higher tier players that use kbm and do you see them do anything better consistently than controller players?
I use Controller and I'm awful, but if there's anyone who is a pro player with KBM they're gods and that needs to be appreciated.
Were you at the RLCS S3 LAN and if so what was your favorite thing you did while you were there?
I could not make it unfortunately 😦 S4 hopefully 😍
If you had to choose to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Buffalo Chicken. Every day. All day.
what do you think of the rocket league esport scene?
It's growing rapidly, and has a bright future ahead of it. I hope that organizations are included in more conversations going forward, and the Psyonix/Twitch can help smallemedium sized teams stay afloat as the price rises for salary with sponsorships.
Would you consider a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
I know it IS a fruit, but I'll never accept it's not a vegetable.
What business ventures did you have before NG, if any?
This is my first venture into business! It's been very enjoyable though
Are you still with us?
I am, not sure I can speak on behalf of my hands/wrists though
What would be your dream car (both in rl and irl)?
I'm a huge fan of Audi R8s (Matte Black/Black Rims), Honda Civics (2017/Matte Black) and the new Tesla's (Chrome Black 😍 ) irl and I am not really particular in RL 😛
Who do you think is the best Rocket League player right now cause like, what's a Kronovi?
Best player at LAN is Maestro. Best player in the world is probably Deevo.
What is the best way to explore human nature: psychology, philosophy, or biology?
All three, equally, are important.
to be or not to be?
Well, that is the question.
Tickling or no tickling?
I hate being tickled. :[
If Northern Gaming didn't exist, what ambitions would you have otherwise?
My two other passions are the hip-hop industry & the NHL. I one day want to work in either the NHL as a General Manager, or own a record label -- maybe both! 😃
Pancakes or Waffles?
There's no real answer to that. Blueberry Pancakes own, but Belgian Waffles are.. w0wzers.
Dominus or batmobile?
Which other games do you play besides Rocket League?
Regularly I play WoW, NHL, LoL, HoTS, PUBG, CS:GO and Overwatch. SUPER Excited for Diablo S11 though, I love me some Diablo.
Do you play rocket league?
I don't think you can call what I do "playing" --- heh.
What did you think of rocket league before you played it?
I actually tried it before NG and thought it was cool, but that I was terribad and I don't like being bad at things so I gave up pretty fast haha
What do you think was Northern Gaming's secret to win Season 3 of RLCS? What made them perform better than all other teams?
They worked harder than any other team at that event, and wanted it more than anyone I think. It didn't hurt that all three players came ready to play on Day 3 and played OUT OF THEIR MINDS
What's your highest rank in RL? Don't be ashamed.
if cardboard was a rank, I'd be chilling there. 😃
If you play RL, do you prefer to play it with Keyboard and Mouse, or with a Controller? If controller, which one?
I've only ever tried controller, KBM seems clunky
Isn't it the team's decision who they go with next. How much 'control' do/did you have over the org they finally moved to?
I had absolute control in where they ended up, but I know they are already happy with their new home.
Would you think about picking up a team like The Leftovers?
Absolutely. But it's not in the cards yet.
Who was your favorite rocket league player to work with?
Miztik or Maestro. Both class acts and would love to work with either of them again in some capacity.
Northern Gaming is a Canadian organization, what made you decide to acquire a European team?
We care more about the players, as people and as raw talent, than we care about their nationality. We want to help grow Canadian eSports, but that doesn't mean we're never going to take foreign talent. This was the best team available, and they felt like they matched with our ideologies very well.
What is your pet peeve (if any) in life?
When people don't tip their servers in restaurants (I know in some places tipping is considered disrespectful in Europe, but in NA I think it's disgusting) They are paid under minimum wage, and the only excuse is "because I can't afford to tip" but in that case you probably shouldn't be eating at nice restaurants to begin with 😃
Is human nature constant or is it molded by culture? Can human nature be completely changed by culture or society?
I like your philosophical questions. Human nature itself is constant, but the way we interact with the world is absolutely molded by culture. I think culture causes certain things to be brought out (capitalism breeds selfishness and greed as an example) more than others, but those are always underlying in human nature.
Why did you lose money with the team?
Sponsors didn't care about our RL team until they won Season 3.
What do you think needs to happen for the rocket league pro season to be profitable and for players to be able to make a living off of it?
We need help as organizations to bring in sponsors for our players. A proper league with Rev Share is super important as well, but that's a long ways away.
Are you good at air-dribbling? <:pc:272604533455060993> 😂
I can't even dribble on the ground. <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114>
How often do players ask for more money ?
It's common. They deserve it most of the time, but whether it makes sense for us as organizations is a different question entirely.
Just wanna say Mack thanks for taking the time to do this. Love that you're taking the time to talk with our community and hope to see you guys back soon.
d'awh... ❤ you too sir! We will be, you guys are great and are doing great things, this is a community we want to be apart of for a long time.
Do you think Rocket League players will be able to do RL as a full time job anytime soon?
many do, but there are a LOT of improvements left to be made to their quality of life. Unless you're making the RLCS Finals, I don't think it's easy to justify. It will just take time.
What is love?
Baby don't hurt me.
In the one of the last questions you answered, you stated that "The team was always 'losing' us money". Why do you put losing in quotations?
Because while we were losing money, and it was to their roster, it wasn't really their fault. We obviously got publicity, so it wasn't like we were just dumping money in a hole, but it definitely wasn't making us money.
What was your motive to make such a team, and how easy/hard is it to start and manage a Org?
Sick picture btw. I just saw a good opportunity and wanted to see what i could do in eSports. It is ridiculously time consuming and stressful to start and manage an organization, but I love every minute of it.
How were you choosing the new org? Also, how do these transfers work? Do the players get the chance to say what they think or it was completely up to you?
I picked an org I knew they would be taken care of with. They didn't get a say in the sense that I didn't really ask their opinions of it, but I knew they were okay with it and they were kept in the loop as the conversation went on with other teams. I finalized the decision and they woke up to the news of being EnVy players.
How good is Deevo on a scale 1-1000?
We're sorry, the Scale you are requesting is currently insufficient. Please, try again later.
favorite rocket league player?
I don't have just one. Anyone who played for NG in particular, but Maestro/Miztik have a special place in my heart
How long have you been following the RL scene? How long do you expect it to last?
Basically the last full year. I expect it to be one of the elite eSports in the world.
Would you rather fight 3 remkoe sized horses, or one horse sized remkoe?
Thank god you said Remkoe and not Deevo, he's a tall boy. Uhm, probably remkoe sized horses because a horse sized remkoe would beat my ass.
How did the squad and you react to gReazy leaving?
Obviously it sucked, but we ended up getting an insane player in Miztik who I really really like, so I am happy it happened.
is Maestro really that good looking?
Yes. Yes he is.
Do you think NBC's 2v2 thing will hurt or help the RL pro scene?
Help. IT'S NBC! I want in, where do I sign up?
Could rocket League as an export ever be on a scale like CSGO or LoL and if so what needs to happen?
Anything is possible, just takes time and good promotion by Psyonix/Twitch, which I think has been done -- maybe slap it on TV with ESPN or something similar?
Who do you personally liked the best in the roster?
I liked all the players, so I am not going to say I personally liked anyone the "best"
What's the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
Doggos, Woofers, Yippers and Puppers.
What difference does your team winning tournaments make to your bottom line? Thinking mostly about non RLCS tournaments where currently the financial gain is small.
Puts more money in their pockets. Does nothing directly for us
So if I understand correctly you helped the squad with picking a new org? Is it hard for you to see your boys leaving?
I feel like I sent my kid off to College and I'll never see them again. It's bittersweet
Left twin or right twix?
IF there is one thing you would change about the structure of RLCS (Bracket, team size, matches, rules) what would it be?
Honestly? Nothing. It's a very well crafted League.
What was your reaction when NG won the world championships?
I was... very very happy.
Was it Optic?
We talked to them, but no.
What kind of music do you like?
Almost exclusively Hip Hop (Rap & R&B)
What would be some tips and suggestions you can give people who would want to start their own eSports brand?
Don't. Join one and learn the ropes, get the connections, then see if it's for you. It's a HUGE jump and it's a LOT of work
What did you think of the crowd's bias towards NA teams in the last LAN, and do you think that affected EU teams, yours specifically, in any way?
I personally believe that when people cheer against you, you want to work harder to prove them wrong. I think the NA crowd is a partial reason why our team cleaned up NRG so well, and I think when the team had the crowd cheering for them when they got into the Grand Finals, they took all that energy and just grinded out the series. Flipping the Bracket was the beginning of the end though, the crowd blew up and I'm sure that was the moment when our guys realized "Wow, we can do this."
Which way up would a cat land if it fell with a buttered slice of toast strapped to its back?
It would land on a 317 degree angle with it's left paw being obtuse to the Pythagorean's theory of it's nose.
I recall Chance streaming one day and thinking it would be nice to have an Esports team (something like that heh). How long was Northern in the works for before being announced? It seemed very quickly after that stream that Northern was announced. Also how did you guys end up meeting/coming to an agreement working together?
The day he said that I happened to be watching him, and had spent the last few weeks building my businsess plan (not for him, just in general) and I donated to him on a stretch ($3) for the TTS to get his attention. We talked over the phone, and I talked with his Brother and we eventually worked something out. It took about a week from there to get everything sorted out. Funny enough, the original answer from Chance's camp was a No to working with me, but after one more talk I plead my case and they wanted to work with me 😃
If you could pick a starter team from all the RL players, who would it be?
Maestro, Miztik, Deevo. Not that I dislike Remkoe (<3), I just really like Miztik. Maestro is the best LAN player in the world, and Deevo is in my opinion the best player in the world.
Favourite Meme?
Turbo pics/Jersey probably -- gReazy train one is always great too
What is your favorite christmas movie, and why is it Die Hard?
Harold & Kumar probably. Not a big Christmas Movie fan so that one has to be it.
What do you think Psyonix needs to do to attract bigger Orgs to the scene?
Nothing. They've done it enough. They're coming. 😏
In your opinion, was NBC making its massive event 2v2 the right choice? Would you have preferred 3v3 instead?
I really like the 2v2 decision. It's very different and unique, and should be very fun to watch
Who approached Deevo to join NG?
Should the upcoming cars be DLC in your opinion instead of crate drops?
I like the idea of eSport Crate Drops where a %age of the money goes into the RLCS pot. Outside of THAT, I don't feel particularly any which way about drops vs DLC
Congrats on the pickup. How do you see the RL esports scene growing in the coming years and how has that influenced your decision to pick NG up?
It is finally starting to grow in the direction I knew it always would. I just hope that it continues. I picked up WDG because I saw a lot of opportunity with their roster and with this community, and I've never looked back. It was a great decision.
Did you on purpose send me a medium jersey?
Yes. Let me take credit for the magic jersey. If you ever ask me for another jersey, it's going to be a medium -- we can't break that bond we have now. It's too late.
What was your most dissapointing moment with NG last year?
I think the departure of our Overwatch team, and the subsequent rumors that were started about us not paying our players. It caused me a lot of drama, and headache, and honestly more importantly it caused a lot of people who knew nothing about us to think we were scumbags. I know who started them, and obviously it left a really bad taste in my mouth, but I refuse to let a small minority of players ruin an otherwise great experience. We've worked with some amazing players, including those on this team. It sucked, and it was hard, but I think we've gotten past it enough now that I can look back at it and just shake my head in annoyance moreso than be actually upset.
If you were picking a RL fantasy team who would you pick?
I just traded my RL Fantasy team. :]
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PPV Review: Taboo Tuesday 2005.

I'm back again. I don't have any idea what kind of schedule I'm going to have on these reviews, it's more going to be when I'm bored and have enough time to dedicate to it. I thought this one would be a fun one since it was the first PPV of its kind.
Edit: It wasn't. 04 was. But fuck me, right?
Taboo Tuesday was held on Tuesday, November 1st, 2005 in the iPayOne Center in San Diego, California. It was attended by 6,000 people (that's tiny) and was commentated by Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler. The theme song for the show was "Twisted Transistor" by Korn.
Opening Video
Bischoff wants to punish Cena. We see him doing so. Stephanie is back... and she called herself a bitch. Linda fired JR. Authority was running wild and Vince McMahon gave the people the power to pick the matches. Cena will have a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. HHH and Ric Flair is promoted. HHH took the horse behind the barn and pulled the trigger. That's... awkward. Flair isn't afraid. He wants a cage. Carlito and Foley. Did we get to choose Foley's persona? Batista is fighting for... JR? I don't know what I just watched, honestly.
Pyro. is promoting a WWE PPV. Go figure.
Edge and Chris Masters come to the ring being accompanied by Lita. This is not a duo I ever remember being together in any capacity. Styles and Lawler welcome us in. Styles is doing the intro just fine but Lawler decides to cut him off and ask for an introduction. No wonder Styles lost his shit later on. Some nameless 12 year old boy is saying 2 Smackdown stars will be facing Edge and Chris Masters. I guess it's inter-promotional. This 12 year old doesn't have a name nor does he have a nameplate flash in front of him... so I have no idea who he is.
Our choices were:
So our match is:
MATCH 1: Edge and Chris Masters vs Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy
So we get to relive the Matt Hardy vs Edge feud... and apparently Masters and Rey were in a feud. Well, isn't that just as easy as pie for the match to end up this way? Not like anyone was going to vote for Hardcore Fucking Holly anyway. 10% my ass.
Hardy comes out slapping tornadoes. He got a nice reception, but Mysterio was ridiculously over at this point. Oh... he's from San Diego... that's why. Lita's got a microphone... and I'm going to admit something here. I never thought Lita was ever worth a damn on the mic. I also didn't think she was all that talented to begin with, but that's another matter. She says she's got a surprise for Mysterio and Hardy. She says Edge isn't wrestling tonight. Edge on the mic saying he's not going to beat Matt again. He doesn't care about Hardy, he doesn't care about Raw and he certainly doesn't care about what the people want or voted for. Good heel work, Edge.
Edge is replaced by Snitsky. Now there's a downgrade if ever I saw one. So now our match is:
Match 1: Snitsky and Chris Masters vs Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy
Masters attacks from behind and takes control on Rey. We have two referees. What the shit is this? I'm drawn away from the action and focusing on the two referees now. I don't even care that Snitsky is in. And now he's not. Why would they put two referees in this match? Masters dominating Rey for a while until Rey gets some flippy shit in and a hot tag to Hardy. Hardy hits a sloppy assed Side Effect on Snitsky, only one ref counts a 2 count.
They have no idea what they're doing. Hardy and Snitsky in the corner and Hardy hits a no-handed brainbuster-style derp-plex from the middle rope. He shakes his head as he covers as if to say "this fucking guy..." Masters in for the save at 2. No tag, but Hardy and Masters tussle for a while until Snitsky takes Hardy's head off with a big boot. Snitsky has a lot of tall. And ugly. He is ample in those two categories.
Masters now in legally. Masters has lots of strong. And baby oil. And steroids. Big clothesline gets a two, save by Rey. The bigs continue to beat on Hardy. I'm glad Snitsky shaved his head because he wasn't fooling anyone but himself. "Snitsky sucks" chant. I agree. I still don't understand which ref counts when.... and why they're both there. Hardy fights back but team of big and oily keep him down until he reverses a big powerslam into a reverse DDT. Hot tag to Rey.
2 count on a springboard cross body to Masters. Another 2 count from a dropkick. Refs still don't know when to count and when not to. Snitsky misses a shoulder block in the corner and sells like he hit the post, but he blatantly didn't. Really nice counter by Snitsky (sentence I never thought I'd type) when Mysterio goes for a tornado DDT and Snitsky throws Mysterio to Masters who locks him in the MasterLock. It's a full nelson. I always thought that shit was pathetic.
Mysterio runs to the corner and does the Roddy PipeBret Hart finish, kinda. Smackdown ref begins to count Masters down, Raw ref stops his count. Oh here we go. Refs argue while big and oily get thrown to the floor. Double cross-body from either corner to the bigs. Mysterio misses a springboard sunset flip but Hardy clotheslines Masters and gets a 2 count. Masters hits an upside down TKO to Rey. Hardy hits a massive tornado DDT to Snitsky. 619 to Masters. Twist of Fate to Masters. Springboard splash. Both refs count 3.
Winners by Pinfall... twice... Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy
Snitsky should've taken the fall, especially as the replacement guy. Mysterio and Hardy celebrate on the ramp.
Backstage Foley gets cheap pop. He's holding lingerie. Some chick is wearing the Mankind mask. Oh, it's the Queen of ROH, Maria. I remember her stint in WWE... they made her a brainless bimbo. She's doing so much better in ROH. Then she gave him her top. And her bottoms. 2005, everyone.
Rob Conway comes out and he had that awful "Just Look at Me" theme song. He was a cheap knockoff of Buff Bagwell. He did so much better in NWA. So Eugene will have a legend as his partner. Todd Grisham, also known as pre-pubescent child revealing WWE Universe's selections, gives us the options we had:
Before I go any further... 11 years later, Snuka is up on murder charges, Kamala has no feet and Duggan is still fucking working in Global Force. This is not the greatest trio of "legends" for WWE to parade out there with Eugene.
I typed that paragraph before I saw the results. Holy shit, Snuka is in this match. This might be the second most awkward thing to watch... second to every Chris Benoit match ever being tied for first.
Match 2: Rob Conway and Tyson Tomko vs Eugene and Jimmy Snuka.
Snuka is old. This is still 4 years before the disaster that was his match with Jericho at Wrestlemania 25 when he looked like he could barely walk, but at that time he was in there against Jericho. We'll see. Eugene starts off against Tomko. TT takes early control with the power of strong. Eugene always had this gimmick of out-smarting his opponents which I thought was awesome. The test of strength thing was fun. Conway still has his fucking sunglasses on.
Conway sneak attacks Eugene and Tomko takes control back. Conway tags in now and, still wearing his sunglasses, beats on Eugene. Conway steals Scott Steiner's bicep pump elbow drop. Conway has a nice dropkick. Tag back to Tomko. Tomko uses powerslam. It is effective. Tag back to Conway. Conway uses rest hold. It is also effective. Joey Styles even says Conway's rest hold is effective.
Eugene fights back with headbutts. Conway cuts him off and then cheap shots Snuka. Tag back to Tomko. Another comeback attempt cut off, tag back to Conway. Third comeback attempt and both baddies are down. Eugene needs to get to the 62 (at the time) year old Snuka. He does.
Chops. Headbutt. Eugene takes out Tomko and then Eugene and Snuka ping-pong Conway with headbutts. Rock Bottom by Eugene. Snuka goes to the top, hits a fairly impressive splash for the win.
Winners by pinfall: Jimmy Snuka and Eugene.
Tyson Tomko comes in after the bell and attacks Snuka. Duggan and Kamala run (trot? saunter? shuffle?) to the ring. Duggan hits the 3 point stance on Tomko. Kamala hits the splash. Eugene celebrates with the legends. What a nice moment that will be ruined by diabetes, murder charges and Global Force Wrestling. HO!
Jake Roberts DVD promo.
Carlito comes out. He spits at people. That's unsanitary. He's fighting Foley. Todd the 12 year old tells us about Foley's split personality. Here were our options:
Now that I think about it, it wouldn't be that hard. Mick's backstage with three shirts to pick from... if it's Jack, he puts on a t-shirt and a flanel. If it's Dude, he puts on a tie-dye shirt. If it's Mankind, he puts on a t-shirt, button down and his mask. Same pants, away he goes. This one was lame.
Match 3: Carlito Caribbean Cool vs Mankind
Promo video so Foley can get dressed. I've seen much better from WWE. Foley comes out, looks kinda fluffy but for a guy who, at this point, had been semi-retired for 5 years, what do we expect? Carlito looks to be in great shape, I don't remember him being that cut. I mean, he's not Chris Masters or anything, but he looks better than I remember.
Foley takes the early advantage with such great wrestling holds as the back rake, the eyes-across-the-top-rope and the tree of woe. I did always love Foley's neckbreaker on the floor. Simple move made more devastating by the execution on the floor. Foley runs with a chair and gets drop toe holded... drop toe held? Anyway he eats the chair into the steps into his face. Dropkick on the floor and the back of Foley's head hits the steps.
I'm really scared Mick is going to have the worst case of CTE on record. Does anyone know if he's decided to donate his brain after his death? Carlito has control in the ring. 2 Count off a Russian leg sweep. Worst electric chair drop I've ever seen. Foley is visibly slowing. He's heavy in this match. Even Joey Styles is pointing out how slow Mick's moving.
Foley mounts a comeback after pulling out his own hair... nice. That corner running knee he does? Man that was a lot slower than I remember it being. He does the rope clothesline we all know... and the ring apron elbow. I'll give Foley this, he's giving us everything we want to see in this match... it's just not the same. Double arm DDT and here comes the sock. It has a Carlito wig on it. Carlito goes out.
Winner by submission: Mankind
I'm just pointing out right now that so far, all the faces have won and of those faces, 40% of them have been either retired or semi-retired. And we thought it was bad now....
Backstage Bischoff on a cell phone. Vince enters. He wants to hear about the first match of the show. Bischoff stalls and Vince asks if Raw lost to Smackdown. He berates Bischoff for his list of excuses. He expects Bischoff's creativity to show up.
Elsewhere Foley walks into a computer area with what can only be described as 2005 internet geek behind one. They speak silently while Lawler and Styles tell us we can interact with Foley.
12 year old Todd screams about the maaaain event. WWE Title in a triple threat match. Cena defending against Kurt Angle and our choices:
Match 4: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (c) vs Kane and Big Show for the World Tag Team Championships
Trevor Murdoch looks like an angry gallon of sour milk in a trucker hat. Lance Cade... whose name used to be Garrison apparently... looks like what would happen if Shawn Michaels and Toby Keith had an abortion. These are the tag team champions. Kane is in tremendous shape as usual. Slow Chemical is still the best theme of this time period. Big Show is in better shape than Bad Blood 2004, but not by much. His belly is still very apparent.
Murdoch and Kane start. Murdoch throws a tantrum when he's caught between Kane and Show, looking like a jello jiggler in a blender. Kane beats on him. Murdoch makes a mild comeback and tags in Cade. Cade gets beat on by Kane. Kane tags Show.
Show beats on Cade. The Shhh Chop is not something I would wish upon anyone. Ever. More beating until Cade rakes the eyes and tags in Murdoch. Murdoch works on Show, but that stops quickly. Show beats on Murdoch. More Shhh Chops. Tag to Kane. Crowd pops when Kane comes in and Show goes out.
Another eye rake by Murdoch, tag to Cade. Kane big boots Cade in the... butt. Somehow. Kane goes for the top rope clothesline, Murdoch distracts and Cade tries to capitalize. Kane shoves him down, Murdoch shoves Kane to the outside. The champs do a shitty clothesline/sweep combo on the outside and then double team Kane in their corner.
Lots of tag work from the champs. Cade gets cocky and Kane mounts a mild comeback before being cut off by the champions. Hot tag to the Big Show. Every Big Show hot tag ever. Kane top-rope clotheslines Murdoch, the deposits him outside. Double chokeslam, 3 count.
Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: Big Show and Kane
Todd Grisham set to interview the new champs, interrupted by the gallon of sour milk. The Titans chokeslam him too. They celebrate. Styles ponders who could beat these two.
Backstage Vader and Goldust. This is weird. Coach comes in and tells them how great they can be together. Coach wants to be WWE Champion.
Todd Grisham back in his little control center area. Oh, it's going to be all the divas in the "Fulfill your fantasy" Battle Royal. Stay classy, WWE.
Maria, Candice Michelle, Ashley Massaro, Victoria, Mickie James and Trish Stratus come on stage in robes. Women's Title will be on the line. So, what were our choices?
The girls leave and Lawler prepares to masturbate. They hype Batista vs Coach. Batista is defending the World Heavyweight Championship, contrary to Coach's wishes to be WWE Champion. We see a video package about the build for this match. His original opponent was to be Austin. Vince tells us that Austin was involved in an accident and won't be at Taboo Tuesday. He fought Funaki and wanted better competition. Out came Batista who started a fight with Goldust and Coach... and then Vader showed up.
Lillian Garcia introduces this match and, might I just say, she looked fucking ridiculously hot. Goldust is in Coach's corner. This must've been during his battle with demons because he looks like gold garbage. Double chinned, big gut, and looking rather disinterested. Vader introduced as also in Coach's corner. Vader looks like Vader. He hasn't changed in like 30 years. He's a bit slower, admittedly, but he's still as big as he ever was.
Vader pushes over the verbal debate podiums. He knows that bullshit isn't happening. Coach comes out with his name written on his ass. They finally announce what the match will be, as if it were ever in doubt:
Match 5: Street Fight - Jonathon Coachman (w/ Goldust and Vader) vs Batista (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship
Batista is then introduced. Holy fuck was he over at this point. He's also still got his hair and that little landing strip goatee. Coach is outside on the apron, Vader and Goldust attack. Batista is fighting them off easily. Goldust bumps after every punch, Vader doesn't.
The heels huddle outside. Goldust and Vader get back in the ring. More of the same brawling between the three with Coach talking shit on the outside. This isn't looking good. Batista spears the FUCK out of Goldust. Sets up for a suplex on Vader, and Goldust is back with a kendo stick. Coach strips a timekeeper of his belt. It's whippin' time.
Batista fights out after some whippin and takes down Vader, Goldust and Coach. He gets the belt and goes to town on all three. Massive spinebuster to Vader. He slaps Coach. Batista Bomb to Coach. 3 count.
Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Batista
Was there really nothing else for Batista to do on this show? 6 minutes fighting an out-of-shape Goldust and an aging Vader? Doesn't make me buy Batista as a champion, honestly. Replays. Styles and Lawler cackle at Coach's pain.
Backstage Todd Grisham has HBK. He got voted into the triple threat against Cena and Angle for the WWE Championship. Angle interrupts. They don't like each other. Angle wants to put differences aside and make sure Cena doesn't leave with the title. They had some classic matches at Mania and Summerslam. HBK will think about it.
Twisted Transistor hype.
Match 6 - Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal for the Women's Championship. Ashley Massaro vs Candice Michelle vs Mickie James vs Victoria vs Maria Kannelis vs Trish Stratus (c)
Lillian, still looking hot as hell, tells us elimination happens when a diva is thrown from the ring to the floor and both feet hit. I'm not going to describe each outfit. It's lingerie. If you want porn, go watch porn. They're hot. They all get an entrance, which is nice for them. But I'm betting this match is shorter than the six entrances.
Brawling. Styles says it's over-the-top-rope. We'll see. Trish and Victoria do a nice spot in the corner. More brawling. Catfight stuff. Maria eliminated first by Trish and Mickie through the ropes. More brawling. Interesting leg choke over the top rope by Candice Michelle on Ashley, but she celebrates too much and Ashley eliminates her. Ashley celebrates and then collapses in the corner.
Victoria does that ridiculous twisting side slam she did. She was always my favorite women's wrestler despite the fact she really didn't get a lot of credit for her ability in WWE. Victoria eliminates Ashley with a slingshot over the top.
Trish is still dead from the sidewalk slam and Victoria does the same move to Mickie James. Trish back up now and unloading on Victoria. Really nice handstand headscissor thing from Trish. They brawl near the apron, Mickie James misses a kick on Victoria really badly then helps Trish back in.
Victoria looks really strong in this match as the tweener against James and Trish. Mickie James spears Victoria and they tumble outside.
Winner and STILL Women's Champion: Trish Stratus
This was building toward that Wrestlemania match between Mickie James and Trish Stratus. Todd interviews Trish but before she can answer, Mickie interrupts and kisses Trish's ass. Trish looks creeped out.
San Diego Chargers players. I don't recognize any.
Hype for Flair vs HHH for the Intercontinental Championship. Much better hype video than earlier. HHH's promo about Flair's fall from grace and acceptance of "mediocrity" as the Intercontinental Champion is pretty damn good. HHH should probably win this match. Just from the build. We have choices of what the match will be:
Match 7 - Steel Cage Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Ric Flair (c) vs HHH
This didn't need the Intercontinental Championship, but I understand where the story needed to involve some sort of feeling of mediocrity for Flair to be happy about. I can see now that Flair's going to win to keep the belt, but here we go.
HHH comes out and dear god, man... this was HHH in 2002. Ripped. Looking like every memory I have of HHH. This was HHH in late 2005, early 2006. What the actual fuck happened to this guy during that time? At this show, HHH looks solid from about the nipples up, but everything around the middle looks soft and squishy like Goldust's double chin.
This was also during the facial hair tribute to Harley Race with the stache goatee thing.
Flair's rocking a pink robe to the ring. Still can't believe Batista is wrestling Jonathan Coachman two matches earlier for the World Heavyweight Title and the Intercontinental title is on the line between two legends in a cage. Go figure.
They tie up, Flair works H into the corner and chops him. Woo. Crowd is HOT for this match. They love them some Flair. Early brawling won by Flair and his chops. H takes control on a high knee and pounds Flair in the corner. More brawling ends with a HHH spinebuster.
I think it's ironic that the two real moves HHH have done are a Harley Race move and an Arn Anderson move. Nobody does Tully Blanchard's slingshot suplex anymore though. Flair is busted open in about 3 minutes. This surprises no one. Knee drop from HHH is very Flair-esque. Flair's face is then raked against the cage... and I've said before how much I love the cheese-grater spot for the visual it creates.
Flair is a mess already. HHH punches him much in the same way he punched Reign's face to "break" his nose. Another Flair kneedrop. Flair is taking a good ass kicking here. HHH waves goodbye and begins to climb the cage. Flair goes up after him. They brawl on the top rope and both crotch themselves on the top rope.
Flair falls in the ring, but H stays on the rope and begins to climb again. At the top of the cage, HHH finds a chain and wraps it around his fist. He goes for a fist drop, but Flair gets a boot up and HHH does a Flair bump. I'm really loving this match for all the little tips of the cap to the old timers, including Flair himself. Flair goes for the Figure 4, H clocks him with the chain. 2 Count.
Referee takes the chain away after a fist drop and passes it to the outside referee. More beating of Flair's bloody noggin. I wonder how many people have gotten Flair's blood on their knuckles over the last 40 years. Flair is being punished and to call him a bloody mess is an understatement.
HHH puts Flair in the Figure 4. I wonder how many people can say they've done that in their lifetime. Actually put Flair in the Figure 4, not simply reversed it. Flair, bloody face and all, screams "FUCK YOU" and gives HHH the finger before reversing the hold. Crowd pops. HHH gets to the ropes and then drags Flair back into the middle of the ring and as H was going for the Figure 4 again, Flair pushed him off into the cage.
HHH is busted open. Now Flair opens up on HHH in typical Flair fashion. He bites him. That.. is quite cringeworthy. Bloody Flair biting bloody HHH. Ew. Cheese grater spot from Flair. This has become a bloodbath rivaling Tully Blanchard and Magnum TA in the cage.
Flair focuses on the left leg of HHH. Styles and Lawler talk about the quad injury H had a few years prior. Flair then slaps on the Figure 4. HHH looks to be in misery, much like Blanchard in that match with Magnum. Another finger and a "Fuck You" from Flair. Crowd pops. HHH finally grabs the referee and throws him into Flair to break the hold after a good two minutes.
"Not in my wildest dreams as a wrestling fan did I think [Flair] had one more war left in him." - Joey Styles.
Flair begins to climb the cage. HHH stops him, but gets his eyes raked. Flair flies off the top rope with a... punch or something. But the crowd pops anyway. Flair stands HHH back up and delivers the most obvious and brutal low blow to the crowd's delight. Now that begs the question... if Flair wasn't disqualified there, then why did the referee break holds on rope breaks? Wouldn't there be a DQ if one didn't? If there are no DQ's, then there are no rope breaks.
I think too much sometimes. This match is pretty awesome.
"There is a forearm right to the balls and it's pay-per-view and I can say it!" - Joey Styles.
The fact that Styles is calling this match and not JR actually adds to it, in my opinion. Flair crawls to the door of the cage. HHH catches him by the ankle and drags him back in. As he does, Flair drags a chair in off the floor with him. HHH steps on it, Flair screams out in pain and HHH gets a hold of it.
Testicular claw. There is something incredibly cringe-worthy about two grown men over 200 pounds, wearing nothing but tiny wrestling trunks, covered in each other's blood and sweat, and one has the other by the nutsack. The plum basket. The Yam Bag!
HHH is back-dropped out of a Pedigree onto the chair. UNPROTECTED chair shot to the head of HHH. PROTECTED chair shot to the head. PROTECTED chair shot to the head. Flair crawls to the door and climbs out.
Winner by Escape and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair
I didn't know this match was that good. I don't remember seeing it back when it originally aired, but holy shit that's a good, brutal, bloody, cage match. That is what a cage match is all about and it took two legends and 10 years ago to make it happen.
Replays of the chair shots. They're nasty, but HHH did get his arm up to protect himself. Ric is crying on the stage as referees tend to HHH. There is blood all over the canvas. The crowd give HHH a really good ovation for this match.
Promo for Wrestlemania Anthology. Guess that's kinda outdated now with the Network.
Styles and Lawler let us know over 6.3 million votes were cast on for tonight's event. They hype Cena vs Angle vs HBK.
Main Event: WWE Championship Triple Threat Match. Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels vs John Cena (c)
Angle's so over the entire arena is telling him he sucks. Shawn Michaels is so over he's Shawn Michaels. But that ovation pales in comparison to John Cena's ovation in 2005. This was the height of Cena's popularity and his long-ass title run. This is part of what soured so many people on him, was that even a match like this, you kinda felt like he was going to win no matter what.
That spinner belt is fucking hideous. Like, dog puking up its own shit hideous. Angle attacks HBK to start and then pairs off with Cena in the corner. Cena hulks up and takes out both HBK and Angle, hitting a Fisherman for a 2 on Angle.
HBK now in control on both with some brawling, reversing a back suplex into a pin for 2 on Angle. Angle then sent over the top to the floor.. and I submit that Angle has the best take of being thrown over the top to the floor in the history of wrestling. The guy does a complete front flip and lands on his feet from the ring. Tell me who does something better than that?
HBK and Cena brawl in the ring while Angle recovers on the outside. When Angle returns, it's Suplex Time. Suplex Town? The Village of Suplexes? Something like that.
The next little sequence is brilliance from three great performers. Olympic Slam countered to a sunset flip which Angle rolls through into the Ankle Lock on HBK. HBK rolls through, Angle right into the FU from Cena but Angle holds the ropes. Angle slides down as HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Cena catches it and a gnarly clothesline from Cena to HBK. 2 count. Small package from Cena on Angle. 2 count.
"A human championship car wreck is what we're watching." - Joey Styles
Angle and Michaels begin to team up on Cena. Styles and Lawler speculate whether HBK sold out. They run Cena into the steel post. HBK clears the Spanish announce table while Angle beats on Cena s'more. Double front-suplex through the table.
And now Angle and HBK begin pounding on each other. Back in the ring, powerslam from HBK. 2 count. Angle back in control with brawling and hits a vertical suplex for 2. Body scissors for a rest hold, but Lawler points out that the strategy isn't sound since he's trying to win while Cena is out.
"Cena" chant breaks out. It dies quickly. HBK turns into the scissors and sleeper and pounds his way out. More brawling. Angle shuts down an HBK comeback with a belly-to-belly suplex. Man, he was so good when he was in his prime. HBK and Angle fight on the second rope, Angle hits a run-up Angle Slam from the top. 2 count.
Cena's back in. Shoulder block. Clothesline out goes Angle. Back drop on HBK. Protoplex on HBK. Goes for 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Angle pulls him out and throws him into the crowd. HBK plancha over the top onto Angle. All three men down outside the ring.
Back in the ring, forearm by HBK to Angle. Inverted atomic drop. Clotheslines. Body slam. HBK then chops Cena. Another forearm. Knip up. Angle catches him after the knip up and belly-to-belly suplexes him over the top rope!
Protoplex to Angle. 5 Knuckle Shuffle. FU reversed to a roll up and into the Ankle Lock. Cena tries to reach the ropes, the tries to kick Angle off... no luck. Angle drops and locks he legs around Cena's leg. HBK climbs the corner. Elbow drop breaks the Anklelock.
Sweet Chin Music to Angle. FU to HBK. 3 count.
Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena
Cena no-sold the FUCK out of that Ankle Lock. I'd say 80% of the crowd is cheering Cena, but there are a bunch of guys in the front row giving him the finger. Cena sits in the corner selling the ankle again. Replays.
Cena still selling the ankle after the replays, walking with a considerable limp. He holds the spinner belt up for all to loathe. Show goes off the air.
Overall feeling
Man tag team wrestling in the mid 2000s sucked hairy donkey penis. That was brutal to see Kane and the Big Show wrestle two literal nobodies and have to sell for them... kinda. And to think, there was a second set of tag titles on Smackdown!
This was a really hard one to get through. The only match worth watching is the cage match because of it's old-timey tributes to matches like Magnum vs Blanchard, Sammartino vs Zbyszko, and Flair vs Rhodes. Flair could have lost that match and retired on it, but then we wouldn't have the HBK moment at Wrestlemania.
Cena's win really bugs me, but I guess it doesn't matter if you're just going to keep feeding him wins during this period. Kane/Big Show beating a gallon of spoiled milk and a ham sandwich doesn't belong on a PPV. The opening match was botchy thanks to Snitsky. Too many old guys winning over young guys on the under card.
Enjoy the cage match... discard the rest of this. Hope you enjoyed my write-up on it. I'll do another one again soon!
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WWE: Dawn of the Authority (Money in the Bank 2014 to Summerslam 2014)

Here we are: Summerslam. First and foremost, sorry about the wait. I just haven't had the motivation to really write a whole lot the last few days. But here is the show---live and in living color. Because of said issue, I changed the format a little to make it shorter and sweeter. Moving on, I never expected to make it this far in a project. I usually drop off after a post or two...but this one just meant something more to me. The latter end of 2013 always felt unspectacular to me. Whether it was the WWE Championship being vacant for 2 months, The Big Show being booked to overshadow Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler being squandered, or other things; it was always just a period that rubbed me wrong. That's why I decided to do this project. I wanted to take that period and make it fun and enjoyable and give the guys who got wronged the platform to do their work. I know mistakes have been made but hell this has been fun. I planned on this post being the finale of my project but I honestly feel like I have way more to put out. I have events booked until Mania 31 at least. But I want you guys to weigh in on whether or not you wanna see this project continue! Hopefully so because I love posting these and I hope y'all love reading them. Anyways, enough of that. If this does end up being the last part of my series, let's make it a damn good one.
Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:
Part Five:
Part Six:
Part Seven:
Part Eight:
Part Nine:
Part Ten:
Part Eleven:
Part Twelve:
Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler
Buildup: On the Raw after MITB, it would be an understatement to say that Randy Orton is pissed off for losing his world title match to Daniel Bryan. He interrupts segments and matches with lower card wrestlers just to hit them with the RKO. To end his rampage, he attacks Dolph Ziggler in the parking lot (who is confronting him on his bullying ways) and RKOs him on top of a car. The next week, he faces the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship after attacking him earlier on. Orton tries to cheat his way to victory but Dolph Ziggler plays the distraction and costs him the match. Ziggler storms down and attacks Orton; causing The Viper to scramble away. In an interview, Randy Orton looks down on The Showoff as someone who has always been below his level. He beat Ziggler back in January to unify the WWE Championship with the World Heavyweight Championship and he beat Ziggler in February to retain it. He thinks that Ziggler is just a young punk who wants to make his legacy off the back of veterans like him---veterans who paved the way for guys like Ziggler. Orton advises for Ziggler to tread lightly or pay the price. Ziggler fires back by admitting his shortcomings against Orton along with his other shortcomings in his 2 world title matches after WrestleMania and Money in the Bank. However, this isn't just about Orton's legacy or Ziggler's redemption; this is about kicking Randy Orton's ass and teaching him a lesson about throwing his weight around.
Result: Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall following the Zig Zag
The Red Carpet Posse (w/ Summer Rae) vs The New Day
Buildup: After MITB, The Miz hosts an extra special edition of MizTV alongside Fandango and Summer Rae. He says that he and Fandango are looking for an understudy to join their ranks and calls down the participants. RybAxel, The Primetime Players, Heath Slater, and Damien Sandow come down. RybAxel's audition consists of Ryback doing multiple gorilla presses to Curtis Axel but Miz declines; causing Ryback to drop Axel from the gorilla press position in frustration (it's pretty humorous). PTP's audition is Darren Young dancing with Summer Rae while Titus O'Neil leads a beat, but Miz rejects that too. Heath Slater tries to lead a rendition of song but Miz stops him before he breaks everyone's eardrums. Before Sandow can audition, Big E Langston and Kofi Kingston interrupt and wants to audition themselves! Xavier Woods steps out with a trombone and plays while Big E and Kofi sing about whooping their butts. Sandow yells for them to silence and says that The Miz and Fandango, especially with him by their side, would shellac the three imbeciles in a heartbeat. The New Day slides in and runs Miz, Fandango, and Sandow out of the ring after a brief fight. The next week, Miz tells Sandow he has potential and will base his inclusion on one match tonight. Sandow faces Kofi Kingston and wins in a dirty manner. The next week, Miz and Fandango rechristen Sandow into "Damien Mizdow" and Mizdow comes out with a warddrobe that mimics The Miz to a tee. As Miz leads a tirade on the fans and The New Day, Mizdow mimics his every action and mouths every word. Miz says that his new "Red Carpet Posse" will make the WWE MUST-SEE and will bring a new A-list flair that the WWE has been lacking for a long...long time now. The New Day interrupts the newly-dubbed Red Carpet Posse and talks about all of their negative vibes and how it's just so off-putting. They run The Red Carpet Posse out of the ring and hold the ring down.
Result: The Red Carpet Posse wins by pinfall following the Skull Crushing Finale by The Miz to Xavier Woods
Notes: Maryse makes her return by appearing as a fan and distracting The New Day; allowing her husband to get the win.
Fatal Four Way for the United States Championship: Bad News Barrett (c) vs Alexander Rusev (w/ Lana) vs Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) vs Sheamus
Buildup: On the Raw after MITB, Sheamus and Barrett are given the night off to recover from their brawl the night prior that was so brutal that they couldn't finish it. On that same Raw, Swagger and Colter interrupt a Russian propaganda speech by Alexander Rusev and Lana. Lana smacks Colter and Rusev attacks Swagger, but Swagger drops Rusev and forces the Bulgarian to retreat. The next week, Sheamus and Barrett return to Raw and dispute who should be the rightful United States Champion. Before they come to blows, Alexander Rusev comes out of nowhere and destroys both men. He holds up the US Championship, throws it down, and SPITS ON IT!! The heat is nuclear as The Bulgarian Brute makes his statement towards the stars and stripes. Backstage, Rusev is attacked by Swagger but escapes again. The week after, Sheamus, Jack Swagger, and Bad News Barrett put their differences aside in a tense segment demanding payback against Alexander Rusev. They all hate each other (Sheamus holds a grudge against Swagger for sneak attacking him in April) but all want retribution on Rusev. A Fatal Four Way is made for Summerslam and a singles match with Barrett and Rusev for the night where if Rusev wins, the United States Championship will be on the line. Of course, Rusev wins the match and refuses to let go of Barrett after the match. Swagger and Sheamus run down and beats the hell out of Rusev---making him retreat through the crowd. Afterwards, Barrett sneaks up on Sheamus and hits him with the Bullhammer and hits Swagger with one too. Seeing the odds in his favor, Rusev goes back to the ring but gets flattened with the Bullhammer! Barrett holds his title up high as the fighting champion.
Result: Alexander Rusev by submission with the Accolade to Sheamus to win the United States Championship
Notes: Bad News Barrett begins to turn babyface through the match as he shows his heart and fights all comers---being a pretty dominant force throughout the match.
2-out-of-3 Falls for the WWE Tag Team Championships: The Wyatt Family (c) (w/ Bo Wyatt) vs The Usos
Buildup: On the Raw after MITB, The Usos save Kane from a 4-on-1 beatdown from The Wyatt Family after he almost defeats Bo Wyatt. Right after, the match is made into a 6 man tag between Kane and The Usos against Bo, Harper, and Rowan. Kane picks up the win over Rowan after The Usos take out Harper and Bo. It's announced that the former champions will be enacting their rematch at Summerslam in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match. The build becomes pretty straight-forward as Harper and Rowan are presented as an insurmountable roadblock in the way of the fighting babyfaces in The Usos. The Usos deduce that they need to become more aggressive if they have a chance in hell of winning their titles back and they put that to work by destroying RybAxel in a match. Afterwards, The Usos cut an aggressive promo on Harper and Rowan about how they're more ready than they've ever been at Summerslam and they will win their titles back once again and prove that they are the best tag team walking the planet. The lights go out...when they come back on, The Wyatt Family (except for Bray) are surrounding The Usos. Despite their numbers, The Usos are able to fight them off and escape before being overwhelmed---proving that they're ready for Summerslam.
Result: The Wyatt Family wins 2-1 and retains the WWE Tag Team Championships
Notes: The Usos get the first fall with a double splash onto Harper, The Wyatt Family gets the second fall with a full nelson slam by Rowan onto Jey, and The Wyatts get the final fall with a double armtrap side slam onto Jimmy.
Intercontinental Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Cody Rhodes (w/ Eden Rhodes)
Buildup: On the post-MITB edition of Raw, Cesaro takes on some established mid-card name in a non-title match. During the match, Eden Rhodes takes a seat at ringside and takes notes. After Cesaro wins, Eden leaves. Cesaro is obviously confused about her presence but thinks nothing of it. The next week, Eden confronts Cesaro backstage and challenges him to a match for his Intercontinental Championship on behalf of Cody. Cesaro accepts but is assaulted from behind by Cody. The American Nightmare slams the champ head-first into a wall and stomps on him a few times. Cody later explains his actions as a return to the championship that he once redefined and revitalized. He says that all the work and all the progress he made was undone and he wants to reverse that. Cesaro takes offense to Cody's comments and says that he is always the first to every show and the last to leave. Cesaro says that he struggled his entire career to win a title as prestigious as the Intercontinental Championship while Cody was handed success on a silver platter. Cesaro respects Cody's abilities in the ring but believes he is a spoiled brat and wants to teach him a lesson in respect and will do that by beating him when the title is on the line and prove that he deserves to be champion.
Result: Antonio Cesaro wins by pinfall following the Neutralizer to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Triple Threat: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns
Buildup: On the Raw after MITB, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are side-by-side and they are irate at Seth Rollins. Basically, it's The Shield Summit from March 2014 only with the added element of Seth Rollins winning Money in the Bank. However, as The Shield comes together and celebrates their animosity being put to bed, Triple H comes out. The Game says that his greatest creation may have been destroyed by these three idiots but promises he will get his revenge. Just as HHH says this, Rollins strikes. He first caves in Roman Reigns' head with the briefcase then Rollins. After, he grabs a chair from ringside and breaks it on the backs of his former brothers. HHH nods approvingly and holds Rollins' hand up high as The Shield has officially been fractured. The next week, there's no sign of either Ambrose or Reigns in the building. Seth Rollins cuts a promo about why he betrayed The Shield, why he joined HHH, and what this means for the state of the WWE. Later on, after Daniel Bryan wins a match; Rollins sprints down and attempts to cash in his briefcase. However, DEAN AMBROSE appears and attacks Rollins! Rollins scrambles up the ramp to escape Ambrose...but ROMAN REIGNS appears behind him! Reigns pulverizes Rollins with a thunderous spear and drags him to the ring where Ambrose drills him with Dirty Deeds. Afterwards, Ambrose and Reigns have a tense staredown and Reigns leaves Ambrose in the ring. It's also announced that Ambrose and Reigns amicably decided to go their separate ways as The Shield is destroyed for good. The next week, Ambrose challenges Rollins to a match at Summerslam but Roman Reigns interrupts and says that he wants a match against Rollins; not Ambrose. Despite their issues with Seth Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns are certainly not friends and they have a tense war of words until HHH comes out and announces that Ambrose will be facing Reigns with the winner taking on Seth Rollins at Summerslam. The match ends in a no contest after Seth Rollins interferes and destroys both men with a steel chair. Unlike the scene from 2 weeks ago, Ambrose fights back and goes to hit Rollins with the chair...but Roman Reigns snatches it from Dean's hands. He goes to nail Rollins but Ambrose snatches it back. Ambrose throws the chair down and starts trading blows with Reigns. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds...but Reigns pushes him off and flattens him with the Spear! With no restrictions, Reigns looks to destroy Rollins with a spear but Rollins throws the chair in Reigns' face and plants his head into the mat with a Curb Stomp. The next week, it's announced that due to his actions; Rollins will be facing Reigns AND Ambrose at Summerslam. The next few weeks consist of all three men attacking one another and Rollins using his intelligence to stay ahead in every situation.
Result: Seth Rollins wins by pinfall following the Curb Stomp to Roman Reigns
Ring of Fire II: Bray Wyatt vs Kane
Buildup: After MITB, Kane has officially split ties from The Wyatt Family. He teams with The Usos against Bo, Harper, and Rowan in a winning effort. The next week, Bray cuts a chilling promo on his former disciple; saying that Kane was forged in fire and branded by the tips of a burning inferno. "It's ironic that very flame that gave you your wings will be the death sentence that sends you spiraling into the cold grip of damnation." The next week, all four Wyatt Family members attack Kane in the ring before a match. Bray pulls out a brand and attempts to BRAND KANE'S FLESH...but Kane fights out of the predicament and forces Bray to run away with a defeated Family. The next week, Kane takes on Bo Wyatt in a winning effort. He continues to attack Bo with chokeslams and tombstones. The Wyatt Family attempts to help their brother, but Kane summons a wall of fire to force The Wyatt Family to watch Bo's destruction. Kane gets a microphone and challenges Bray to the match that catalyzed his downfall---RING OF FIRE!!!! Bray accepts the match and Kane throws Bo back to his brothers.
Result: Bray Wyatt wins by pinfall following Sister Abigail
Notes: Right before the finish, Bray rips Kane's mask off while avoiding a chokeslam and throws Kane face-first into the flames. He's able to take advantage of Kane's agony to get the win.
Womens' Championship; if Paige wins, Natalya, Naomi, and Alicia Fox will get their jobs back: Paige (c) vs Stephanie McMahon
Buildup: The Womens' division is looking very grim after the events of Money in the Bank. Despite Paige still being champion, Stephanie McMahon has revealed that she is in a partnership with The Bella Squad and is looking to claim the Womens' Championship for herself. On the post-MITB edition of Raw, Natalya, Naomi, and Alicia Fox are all scheduled in separate 1-on-4 handicap matches against The Bella Squad and if they lose, they're out of a job. Sadly, all three women lose. Next, Stephanie McMahon forces Paige to defend her Womens' Championship in a 1-on-4 Handicap match against The Bella Squad; but Paige gets the upset win after a hooded fan attacks Eva Marie at ringside. Furious with how things turned out, Stephanie McMahon sanctions a one-on-one match against her and Paige at Summerslam for the title. As for that fan, Stephanie is gonna let her off with a warning but any disruptions from that point on will be met by a lawsuit headed by the finest lawyers money can buy. Paige interrupts and tries to confront Stephanie over her actions, but Stephanie's security blocks the ramp so Paige can't get in the ring with McMahon. Furious, Paige unloads on Stephanie verbally and says that at Summerslam; she's going to take the McMahon out of HER division and maintain its honor. Over the next few weeks, vignettes of Steph training with Triple H and The Bella Squad are shown. While Steph trains and prepares, Paige is forced to wrestle every single week leading up to the PPV. Despite constantly winning, Paige is becoming more and more strained headed into the show. On the final Raw before the show, Paige and Stephanie have a contract signing. Stephanie gives a rousing speech about how she is going to end the pathetic reign of Paige at the Biggest Party of the Summer then signs her contract. Afterwards, Paige reveals a clause that her lawyers added into the contract on behalf of Paige's allies that were wrongfully terminated. If Paige wins, they're reinstated. Paige signs much to the fury of Stephanie. Unfortunately, she suffers a 5-on-1 beatdown by Steph and The Bella Squad that ends with Paige being put through the table.
Result: Paige wins by pinfall following the Paige Turner
Note: Before the match even starts, Stephanie changes up the stipulation and makes it a Lumberjack match with The Bella Squad as the lumberjacks. Paige almost loses, but the hooded figure returns and takes out The Bella Squad at ringside. She reveals herself to be AJ Lee!!! Paige takes advantage and beats Stephanie to retain the title.
Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs John Cena
Buildup: Fulfilling his promise, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman appear on the Raw after MITB and Heyman hypes up a new Brock Lesnar. He is much more savage, animalistic, and will drop any man on the back of his head who dares step in his path. Enter John Cena. Cena confronts The Beast and says that he isn't impressed by Brock and since he beat him before, he could definitely humble Brock again. Of course, Lesnar responds to these claims by laying the 14-time champ out with a thunderous F5. The build to the match is roughly the same as irl from there. Lesnar is painted as a mercenary, a scoundrel, and a man with no qualms about the safety of his opponent as long as he is able to lay a beatdown that resembles a crime scene. Cena is built as a defender, a guardian, and a man who is safeguarding the WWE from the new animalistic Beast Incarnate. Even the go-home show remains the same as irl with Brock Lesnar ruining Hulk Hogan's birthday and Cena coming to the rescue.
Result: Brock Lesnar wins by pinfall following the F5
Note: Cena barely gets in any offense on Brock---making him look near invincible. 16 German Suplexes and two F5s spell the end of Cena's night.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs CM Punk
Buildup: On the Raw after MITB, the entire roster is gathered on the stage for the closing segment and Daniel Bryan is in the ring. Bryan says that one year ago, John Cena was given the chance to choose his Summerslam opponent for the WWE Championship and the man he chose was Daniel Bryan. Bryan says that Cena choosing him boosted his career to unfathomable heights and has decided that he wants to extend that same opportunity to someone he feels deserves it. He names CM Punk as his Summerslam opponent. Punk comes down to the ring and the two have an epic staredown. Throughout the weeks, Punk and Bryan have a friendly yet competitive rivalry. They steal each other's signatures during matches, mock each other, and even lose a tag team match due to the tension building between the two. On the go-home show, Michael Cole conducts an interview with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as his guests. It's a similar layout to Austin vs Rock from the Wrestlemania X7 buildup. The two absolutely go ham on each other with the mic. CM Punk claims that he laid claim to the title that Bryan holds for an incredible 434 days---more than any other superstar in the last 30 years. Punk says that lately, he's been caught dealing with guys like Cody Rhodes and losing; but that stops now. Punk says when the lights are on him and the stakes are high and all bets are off, the money is always on him because he is a wrestler like no other and he is the man who is going to end the WWE Championship reign of Daniel Bryan. Meanwhile, Bryan says that he achieved his career peak at Wrestlemania when he overcame The Authority to become champion but Punk cuts him off. Punk says that he was defying authority figures and causing controversy while Daniel Bryan was shaking off his indie darling reputation. Bryan tells Punk that he defied by manipulation, contract stipulations, and being a scumbag while Daniel Bryan defied authority by winning matches and proving every naysayer wrong. Bryan says that he chose Punk as his opponent because CM Punk is one of the greatest athletes that the WWE has ever seen and Bryan wants to prove his worth against the former WWE Champion. However, Bryan doesn't plan on losing. He plans on stretching Punk out in front of millions of people and forcing him to tap out. The two men go nose-to-nose with ripe tension leading into the show.
Result: Daniel Bryan wins by pinfall following the Knee Plus
Notes: After the match, the two shake hands and Bryan leaves to give Punk the spotlight. Punk looks at the WWE fans longingly and remorsefully. With a uncharacteristic smile on his face, Punk unlaces his boots and leaves them in the ring as he heads to the back.
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Hey everyone! Every month, days before PPV's happen, I share my thoughts on the show and card and how I would book the show that has unexpected swerves, returns, debuts, and a memorable show that would leave fans happy. If you want, you can read some past editions of these by clicking on my name and searching. I have been doing these for every PPV since Night Of Champions 2015. I hope you enjoy, and this is how I would book Wrestlemania 33. Here's where it all matters.
1ST KICKOFF MATCH: Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries (Cruiserweight Championship)
WINNER and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Neville
2ND KICKOFF MATCH: 2017 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
1ST MATCH: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c) vs. Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Enzo & Cass (3-Way Tag Team Ladder Match for the RAW Tag Team Titles)
Cass is laid out on a ladder set up between the apron and announce table, and Luke Gallows goes to the top rope and jumps and crushes Cass through the ladder with a Legdrop.
Cass hoists Enzo up on his shoulders to try to grab the belts, but Cesaro climbs the top rope and nails Enzo with a jumping uppercut, sending all 3 crashing and burning to the ground.
Anderson is on the top rope with the ladder upright, and he's about to jump and crush Sheamus who is under him, but Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick, sending the ladder into Anderson.
WINNERS and NEW RAW Tag Team Champions: Enzo Amore & Big Cass
2ND MATCH: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Nia Jax (Fatal Fourway Elimination Match for the RAW Women's Title)
WINNER and STILL RAW Women's Champion: Bayley
3RD MATCH: AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon
4TH MATCH: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Baron Corbin (Intercontinental Championship)
WINNER and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Baron Corbin
5TH MATCH: John Cena and Nikki Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse (Mixed Tag Team)
WINNERS: John Cena & Nikki Bella
6TH MATCH: Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)
WINNER and STILL WWE Champion: Bray Wyatt
7TH MATCH: Seth Rollins vs. Triple H (Unsanctioned Street Fight)
8TH MATCH: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Carmella w/ James Ellsworth (6-Pack Challenge for the SDLive Women's Title)
WINNER and NEW SDLive Women's Champion: Naomi
9TH MATCH: Goldberg (c) vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman (Universal Championship)
WINNER and NEW Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar
10TH MATCH: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens (United States Championship)
WINNER and NEW United States Champion: Kevin Owens
11TH MATCH: Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker
WINNER: Roman Reigns
After Wrestlemania, it's WAAAAY too difficult to determine what happens, so these are just the skeletons of the PPVs. Not full cards nessecarily.
Well, that's how I would book WM. I know the Backlash and Payback cards are shaky and probably bad. I feel like AJ and Nakamura would obviously be a PHENOMENAL tag team, and it would lead to a WWE Title main event title feud between the two down the line. I'll be live at the show tonight.Tell me what you liked and didn't like, and what from this you'd like to see on the show. What are your predictions? Enjoy Wrestlemania, everyone.
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Daily Transfer News Thread - 08/07/2018

Auto-Refreshing Transfer News Thread from Sky Sports
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link


Chelsea are finally starting to get going in this summer's transfer window, according to Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville.
"For me, Courtois is one of the best," the former Man Utd captain told Sky Sports' Premier League launch show.
"I absolutely love him. I know people say I’m critical of 'keepers, but I also love quite a few keepers and I absolutely love Courtois.
"He’s [Kepa] got big shoes to fill and it’s a big price. Pep Guardiola said in an interview with us that Chelsea are going to do quite a lot of business in the next few days and obviously the market talks and agents talk.
"Chelsea look like they are moving. They have been a little slow in the transfer market and a little bit less obvious in the transfer market over the last few years than they have been previously. It looks like they are making a move again."


AC Milan in talks to sign Chelsea midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko on loan, according to Sky Italy.
The France international arrived from Monaco last summer for £40m.


Chelsea's potential world-record capture of Bilbao 'keeper Kepa is a big risk, according to former Spurs midfielder Ryan Mason.
"It is a big gamble," he told SSN. "It is going to be very difficult to replace Courtois because for me he is in the top three to five 'keepers in the world. He has proven that over a number of years now.
"I do not see many 'keepers who can come in and replace that. So to now go and sign someone for an extortionate amount of money that is not proven to be one of the so-called best in the world is a big risk."


West Brom striker Jay Rodriguez starts against Nottingham Forest in the Championship tonight, a match you can follow live on Sky Sports Football and
Burnley are set to make an improved offer of £18m later on Tuesday, SSN understands.


Chelsea are in advanced talks to sign Bilbao 'keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, according to Sky sources.
It is understood the 23-year-old – a Spain international with one cap – would cost the Blues £71.6m, which would be a world-record fee for a 'keeper.
Reports in Spain this evening have gone as far as to say that Chelsea’s intentions are fly the player to London on Wednesday and have him train on Thursday, with the hope he could make his debut in their season-opener against Huddersfield on Saturday.


Bournemouth have completed the £25m signing of Levante's Jefferson Lerma, according to Sky sources.


Here is a quick roundup of where we stand with today's main transfer stories...


Cardiff City striker Omar Bogle has joined Birmingham City on a season-long loan.
The deal marks a return to St Andrews for the 25-year-old, who came through City's youth ranks before being released in the summer of 2011.
Bogle dropped into non-league football with Hinckley United, Solihull Moors and Grimsby Town, who he helped secure promotion from the National League.
He joined Wigan in January 2017 but was on the move again at the end of that season, joining Cardiff for a fee of £700,000.


Man City manager Pep Guardiola has told Sky Sports' Premier League launch show that the champions will not sign anymore players this summer.
City have so far signed just Riyad Mahrez from Leicester for £60m and Claudio Gomes on a free from PSG.


Aston Villa have signed FC Ingolstadt 'keeper Orjan Nyland for an undisclosed fee.
The Norway international has agreed a three-year deal and will wear the No 1 jersey at Villa Park this season.


Leicester 'keeper Kasper Schmeichel has hit out at the "exceptionally harsh" treatment of new Burnley signing Joe Hart, saying people have very short memories.
He said: "I've known Joe for a long time and I think he's been exceptionally harshly treated in many respects.
"Not just what happened at Man City, where I don't think he was given a chance to prove what he could do, and then the whole England debacle I found that quite staggering at the time.
"But for Joe, the important thing is to get home, stay living at home and get a bit of normality back into his life."


SSN reporter Dharmesh Sheth brings us all the latest on what is going on at Chelsea as we approach TDD...


Defender David Agboola has joined Colchester following a successful trial.
The 18-year-old defender, formerly of Dagenham & Redbridge, has signed a one-year deal having caught the eye with his performances in pre-season.
Agboola will initially join Kevin Horlock’s U23 squad, who get their season under way at Hull on Sunday.


SSN reporter Mark McAdam has been updating us on Bournemouth's club-record £25m pursuit of Levante's Jefferson Lerma.
"Lerma has just been meeting Eddie Howe and various members of the Bournemouth management," he said.
"And he is now heading off to a local hospital to put the finishing touches to his medical at the club."



Right-back Moses Odubajo has returned to Brentford on a one-year deal.
Odubajo spent pre-season with the Bees as he rehabbed a serious knee injury.


Bournemouth winger Connor Mahoney has joined Birmingham on a season-long loan.
Mahoney becomes Blues boss Garry Monk’s second signing of the summer.


West Brom defender Dara O’Shea has joined Exeter City on a six-month loan.


Real Madrid boss Julen Lopetegui has confirmed that 'keeper Keylor Navas is part of his plans for this season.


Real Madrid have offered Chelsea Mateo Kovacic on loan in order to persuade them to sell Thibaut Courtois, say Sky sources.
Croatian midfielder Kovacic has been told he can leave Madrid this summer. They are prepared to let him join Chelsea on a season-long loan.
Chelsea will not let Courtois go until they find a replacement.


Leicester manager Claude Puel says it is important they keep Harry Maguire amid Man Utd's interest in the defender.
"For me it's good for Leicester to keep a valuable player, and it's important to show good ambition for the next season," Puel told Sky Sports News.
"I can understand some speculation about our player because he has good attributes, but I am happy to keep him and hopefully start a great season.
"We lost Riyad Mahrez, who was a very good player for us. After Riyad it was important to keep our players and add some good players to strengthen the team."


The summer transfer window closes on Thursday and you can follow all the Deadline Day news and drama with Sky Sports.
Clubs have until 5pm to do business as the window shuts for the first time before the new Premier League season starts and as managers scramble to bolster their squads before the big kick-off, we will make sure you don't miss a thing.
From timings, key dates and deal sheets to following the developments at home or on the move, here's all you need to know...


Here is a quick roundup of where we stand with some of the day's main transfer stories...
  • Thibaut Courtois seems determined to force through a move away to Real after the Chelsea 'keeper failed to report for training for the second day in a row
  • Man City 'keeper Joe Hart's future is already sorted with he former England No 1 having joined Burnley on a two-year deal
  • Sky sources are telling us Burnley make an improved £18m offer for West Brom striker Jay Rodriguez
  • Rodriguez not the only target for Sean Dyche as we understand they're in talks to sign Matej Vydra from Derby. That move would see Nakhi Wells move to Pride Park as part of the deal. If it goes through Vydra's transfer would be permanent, while Wells would move to Derby on loan...
  • Levante's Colombia international Jefferson Lerma is having a medical at Bournemouth ahead of what will be a club-record transfer


Jamie Redknapp and Danny Murphy believe Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho should make Paul Pogba his captain at Old Trafford in order to keep the France playmaker at the club.


Portsmouth boss Kenny Jackett expects new signing David Wheeler to boost the club’s goal threat.
The 27-year-old forward has joined Pompey on a season-long loan deal from QPR.
Wheeler joined the Rs last summer from Exeter but was hampered by injury and made only nine appearances, scoring one goal.
But Wheeler had netted 39 times in four seasons with Exeter before his move to Loftus Road.


Burnley are in talks to sign Matej Vydra (pictured) permanently from Derby County, with Nahki Wells moving in the other direction on loan, according to Sky sources.
Both players are understood to be ready to take medicals at their respective new clubs on Tuesday.
Vydra was set to join Leeds United, who had agreed an £11m fee with Derby, but the Czech Republic international turned down the move.
Sky Sports News understands he failed to agree personal terms with Leeds, and preferred a move to the Premier League.


Jamie Redknapp and Danny Murphy told The Debate that Chelsea should allow unsettled goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois to leave Stamford Bridge.


Watford striker Harvey Bradbury, 19, has joined Oxford United on a free transfer.


Brighton have signed Billy Arce from Ecuadorian side CSD Independiente Del Valle on undisclosed terms.
The 20-year-old has signed a four-year contract with Albion, but will spend the upcoming season with the La Liga 2 club Extremadura UD on a season-long loan deal.


Shrewsbury Town midfielder Bryn Morris has joined Wycombe Wanderers on-loan until January.
The 22-year-old midfielder featured 30 times in all competitions last season, but was not included in their opening-day defeat away to Bradford.


Colchester United have signed defenderDavid Agboola from Dagenham & Redbridge on a one-year deal.


Manchester United will resist any offers for Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial while continuing their search for a centre-back, ESPN report.
Jose Mourinho has made it clear he wants to secure two more signings before Thursday’s 5pm deadline, but acknowledges that signing a defender is a priority, with Toby Alderweireld, Jerome Boateng, Harry Maguire and Yerry Mina linked with a move to Old Trafford.
As a result, United have no intention of losing Pogba or Martial, two of their high-profile players, although they are willing to listen to offers for Matteo Darmian and Marcos Rojo.


Barcelona do not have an agreement in place with Paul Pogba but the La Liga champions are working hard to sign the Manchester United midfielder.
Barca are hoping to tempt United into selling the Frenchman by putting forward cash-plus-players proposals.
Yerry Mina, Andre Gomes and Rafinha are the Catalan club’s preferred makeweights but Mundo Deportivo claim they may also be willing to consider using Ivan Rakitic or Ousmane Dembele.


Reporter Jane Dougall has been speaking on Sky Sports News to update us on the latest news regarding Thibaut Courtois at Chelsea.
She said: "We understand after failing to turn up at Wembley on Sunday, Courtois didn't turn up for training two days in a row. He was due to have talks with Maurizio Sarri yesterday, but it has been reported he will not stand in Courtois' way if he wants to leave.
"Chelsea are reluctant to let him go, though, without a new number one to replace him, which will be tricky with two days of the transfer window left."
You can see those in the frame to replace Courtois below (14.04)...


Sky Sports News reporter Jamie Weir cuts through the froth to find out what's really going to be brewing on Transfer Deadline Day.


Athletic Bilbao’s Kepa Arrizabalaga is a goalkeeper target for Chelsea, Sky Sports News understands.
With the Blues resigned to losing Thibaut Courtois to Real Madrid before the deadline after he missed training for a second day today, the club are focusing their attentions on securing his replacement.
Stoke’s Jack Butland remains their first choice because of the nature of the deal, according to Sky sources, which is expected to cost them £30m if they can act quickly - but that price will rise the close to the deadline it becomes.
Arrizabalaga would cost Chelsea much more, and a fee of around £70m would make him the most expensive goalkeeper in the world - eclipsing Alisson only weeks after the Brazilian joined Liverpool.
Maurizio Sarri would also like to go for Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak, but his £89m release clause is a stumbling block.


Huddersfield are interested in signing Montpellier winger Isaac Mbenza, according to Sky sources.


Eidur Gudjohnsen's son Andri Lucas Gudjohnsen has joined Real Madrid, the 16-year-old has revealed.
Writing on Instagram after moving from Espanyol, he said: "Very excited and pleased to announce that I have signed with Real Madrid! Looking forward to the future."
The move could provide some friction in the Gudjohnsen household - dad Eidur famously turned out for Barcelona after leaving Chelsea during his playing career. And should he play for his national team at any point, he will follow in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather.


Everton and Manchester United target Yerry Mina missed Barcelona training this morning, reporter Vinny O'Connor has just confirmed to Sky Sports News.
The Colombian defender, who scored three goals from centre-back at the World Cup, is being chased by both clubs - so his absence will increase speculation over his future even more.


Brendan Rodgers has been speaking ahead of Celtic's game with AEK Athens tomorrow night (preview here), and confirmed Fulham have rejected a firm bid for Dredryk Boyata.
Rodgers said the Bhoys had knocked back the bid because "it would be very difficult for us to replace him at this late stage".


Bayer Leverkusen have signed Sweden forward Isaac Kiese Thelin on a season-long loan from Anderlecht.
The 26-year-old, who was in Sweden's World Cup squad, spent last season on loan at Belgian side Waasland-Beveren.
"He has developed excellently in the Belgian league," Leverkusen head coach Heiko Herrlich said on the club website. "Isaac is an additional option for us up front."


Sky Sports News understands Burnley will make an improved £18m offer to West Brom for striker Jay Rodriguez later today.
Sean Dyche is becoming increasingly frustrated by the situation and wants a new striker in before the deadline - it's thought Rodriguez is keen on a move back to the Premier League in his home town, but is prepared to stay and try to get Albion back into the top division if a deal can’t be done.


Leicester City have a broad agreement with Dinamo Zagreb for young defender Filip Benkovic, Sky Sports News understands, with the Croatian Under-21 international due to fly to England later today for further talks.
The deal could cost Leicester more than £10m, but it’s understood Claude Puel considers him as a good prospect for the future, rather than someone who can go straight into the first team - and is not viewed as a Harry Maguire replacement.


Swansea are in talks over a potential deal to sign Yeovil’s Tom James, according to Sky sources.
The defender’s deal to West Brom collapsed over personal terms last week, giving the Swans renewed hope.
James is predominantly a right-back can cover anywhere across the back-four - making him an attractive possible squad member.
He played in Yeovil's 1-0 defeat to Bury on Saturday - but was sent off.


He's just signed a new deal at Leeds United, but who is 17-year-old striker Ryan Edmondson? There's no test on this, but if he ends up as England's star striker remember where you heard his name first...


With Deadline Day rapidly approaching, it’s been a hectic day on the transfer front. For those just joining us, here’s a round-up of the today’s top stories...
  • Sources: Thibaut Courtois has failed to report for Chelsea training for the second day running.
  • Burnley have confirmed the signing of Joe Hart from Manchester City for an undisclosed fee on an initial two-year contract.
  • Sources: Middlesbrough winger Adama Traore is undergoing a medical ahead of a club record £18m move to Premier League new-boys Wolves.
  • Sources: West Ham close to agreeing deal to sign Arsenal striker Lucas Perez.
  • Brighton have completed the signing of winger Anders Dreyer from Danish Superliga side Esbjerg.
  • Sources: Jefferson Lerma will undergo a medical at Bournemouth today.
  • Sources: Middlesbrough are attempting an ambitious move for Everton winger Yannick Bolasie.
  • Sources: Kevin Mirallas has undergone a medical at Fiorentina this morning ahead of his season-long loan move from Everton.
  • Rangers have confirmed the signing of Croatian international full-back Borna Barisic from NK Osijek on a four year deal.


We take a look at some of Thibaut Courtois’ best Premier League saves, as the Chelsea goalkeeper continues to be linked with Real Madrid.


Leeds United striker Ryan Edmondson has signed a new three-year contract, the Sky Bet Championship club have announced.


Aitor Karanka confirms Nottingham Forest are interested in signing West Ham defender Sam Byram.


Hibernian midfielder John McGinn has arrived at Aston Villa’s training ground for talks about a possible move to the Midlands, Sky Sports News understands, but Celtic are still very much in the frame to sign him.
No fee has yet been agreed between Villa and Hibs for the 23-year-old Scotland international.
Celtic have seen several bids for McGinn rejected this summer, and it’s thought both the player and Hibs prefer a move to the English Championship.


Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has not reported for training for the second day in a row, Sky Sports News understands.


New Rangers signing Borna Barisic has vowed to repay the faith of the fans after sealing his move to Glasgow.
“I think the most important thing is that in every game I give 100 per cent,” the Croatia international told Rangers TV.
“I think the Rangers fan recognise that and I will give my heart for Ibrox – I think that is important.
“I want to give back for all the messages the fans have sent me, and all the belief the manager has shown me. I need to back all this up on the pitch, and I will do that.”


Rangers have confirmed the signing of NK Osijek captain Borna Barisic on a four-year deal.
The Croatia full-back, who scored against Steven Gerrard's side in the recent Europa League qualifiers, has joined the club for a fee believed to be around £2m.
Although he missed out on the final squad for his country's recent World Cup campaign, he has three caps at international level and is the 11th signing for Gerrard since taking over as Rangers boss.


Mateo Kovacic is closing on a season-long loan to Chelsea, reports Marca.
Kovacic trained with Real Madrid on Monday but after speaking with the club he has decided he will not train or wear their shirt again, for the time being.
He publicly announced his desire to change clubs during the World Cup and has asked the club to leave on three occasions.
The club had declared Kovacic non-transferrable and the player, who is determined to leave the Bernabeu in search of regular first-team football, did not understand their stance.
But Marca claim Madrid have given up with their efforts to keep Kovacic and the Croatia international is on the verge of joining Chelsea on a season-long loan.


Rangers complete the signing of Croatia international Borna Barisic from NK Osijek on four-year deal.


Sprint legend Usain Bolt has been handed a trial at Australian side Central Coast Mariners.
The eight-time Olympic gold medallist has committed to an indefinite training period with the A-League club, with the aim to develop him into a professional footballer.
Bolt is not guaranteed a professional playing contract but the trial presents him with an opportunity to fulfil his burning desire to play professional football.
“I am very excited about coming to Australia and would like to thank the owner and management of the Central Coast Mariners for giving me this opportunity,” Bolt said.


Up-to-the-minute transfer news from Sky Sports News, with updates on Paul Pogba, Thibaut Courtois and more!


Middlesbrough winger Adama Traore has undergone a medical at Wolves this morning, according to Sky sources.
Sky Sports News understands the 22–year-old Spaniard is now on the verge of a club-record £18m move to the newly-promoted Premier League club.
Wolves triggered Traore’s £18m release clause after an initial bid of £12m was turned down by Boro.


Hamilton have announced the signings of Delphin Tshiembe and Jacob Marsden.
Born in DR Congo, 26-year-old Tshiembe, who can operate at centre back or in central midfield, came through the youth ranks at FC Copenhagen but most recently played with AC Horsens in the Danish Superliga.
Marsden, is a 21-year-old goalkeeper who signed professional terms with Ipswich before moving into non-league to gain experience at clubs including St Ives Town and Mildenhall.


Kevin Mirallas underwent a medical at Fiorentina this morning ahead of his proposed season-long loan from Everton, according to Sky in Italy.


Adama Traore is having a medical at Wolves ahead of club-record £18m move from Middlesbrough, according to Sky sources.


Manchester City have taken to Twitter to thank Joe Hart for his 12 years of service.


Joe Hart has left Manchester City to join Burnley on an initial two-year deal.
The England international has brought a trophy-laden 12-year spell at City to an end by agreeing to move to Burnley in a deal worth around £3.5m.
Burnley have an option to his extend Hart’s contract by a further year.
The signing is a timely addition to Sean Dyche’s squad, with goalkeepers Nick Pope and Tom Heaton injured with less than three days to go until the start of the Premier League.


Burnley complete the signing of goalkeeper Joe Hart from Manchester City on initial two-year deal.


Rio Ferdinand has warned Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward not to sell Paul Pogba, amid reported interest from Barcelona.
Ferdinand, who made over 450 appearances for United during a trophy-laden 12–year spell at Old Trafford, has called on his former club to dismiss the speculation surrounding Pogba’s future and sign Tottenham defender Toby Alderweireld.
"Don't you dare allow this ED... #MUFC is Pogba's home!!” Ferdinand wrote on Twitter. “Silence these rumours ASAP & get @AlderweireldTob through the door."


Barcelona have agreed terms with Paul Pogba as reports in Italy claim the La Liga champions are stepping up their pursuit of the Manchester United midfielder.
A story from the Daily Mirror, based on the Italian reports, claim Pogba has agreed a five-year deal worth £100m with Barcelona.
Sky Sports News brought you the news earlier that United had rejected a cash-plus-player offer - £45m plus Andre Gomes and Yerry Mina - from Barca for Pogba.


Middlesbrough have launched an ambitious move for Everton winger Yannick Bolasie, Sky Sports News understands.
The 29-year-old is surplus to requirements at Goodison Park and is available for around £15m, despite joining the Toffees two years ago for £26m.
Boro boss Tony Pulis knows Bolasie from his time as manager of Crystal Palace.
We understand the DR Congo international is also interesting former club Palace and Burnley, but Boro have money to spend after selling Ben Gibson and Patrick Bamford for a combined £25m this week.


Middlesbrough are attempting an ambitious move for Everton winger Yannick Bolasie, according to Sky sources.


Brighton have completed the signing of winger Anders Dreyer from Danish Superliga side Esbjerg.


Burnley are closing on the £3.5m purchase of Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart, Sky Sports News understands.
Hart has agreed a two-year deal, with an option of a further year, after personal terms were finalised late last night.
Burnley are expected to confirm the signing later today.


Joe Hart is leaving Manchester City for Burnley in deal worth around £3.5m, according to Sky sources.


The summer transfer window closes on Thursday but who still needs what ahead of Deadline Day and which players could yet leave?
Some top-flight clubs will be content with their business, while others - including Manchester United and Jose Mourinho - are keen to add further reinforcements before the cut-off time of 5pm.
Here, we assess where each Premier League club may still look to trade before this weekend's big kick-off but you can have your say on the deals you would still like to see - tweet us @SkySportsPL.
Read the feature here.


Shrewsbury Town have completed the signing of Lincoln City captain Luke Waterfall on a three-year deal.


Jefferson Lerma will have a medical at Bournemouth today ahead of his proposed move from Levante, according to Sky sources.


Ebere Eze has committed his future to Queens Park Rangers by signing a new three-year contract at Loftus Road.
The 20-year-old has agreed a two-year extension to his existing deal, and has been handed the No. 10 shirt by manager Steve McClaren.
“I am delighted to have it all sorted so I can focus completely on playing football,” Eze told the club’s official website.
“It’s a great feeling to know you have the trust of your manager, the fans and your team-mates. Everyone believes in me and it’s a real confidence boost.
“This is the best place for me at this moment in time. I know that I can be free to play how I like to play.
“If I keep my head down I have got a good opportunity to play here and that’s the main thing.”


Ebere Eze has signed a new three-year contract at Queen Park Rangers through to 2021.


Sky Sports News understands West Ham are close to agreeing deal to sign Arsenal striker Lucas Perez.
The 29-year-old spent last season on loan at Deportivo La Coruna, whom Arsenal signed him from for £17m two years ago.
Once complete, Perez will become West Ham’s ninth signing of the summer and will take their spending close to £100m.


West Ham close to agreeing deal to sign Arsenal striker Lucas Perez, according to Sky sources.


Patrick van Aanholt admits he is flattered to have been linked with Serie A champions Juventus but insists he is "happy" at Crystal Palace.


So Steve Bruce has had his say on Jack Grealish’s future but with two days to go until Deadline Day, how do things stand?
Well, Sky Sports News understands talks between Aston Villa and Tottenham remain ongoing over the 22-year-old.
It is understood that Villa and Spurs remain apart on their valuation of the player.
We have previously reported that Villa value Grealish between £30m and £40m.


Steve Bruce admits Aston Villa have a fight on their hands to keep hold of Jack Grealish before the window closes.
The midfielder, who has been linked with Tottenham, helped Villa win their opening Sky Bet Championship game of the season against Hull last night.
Speaking after the game, Bruce told Sky Sports: "We'll do our best to keep hold of him but obviously it's going to be difficult.
“We understand the human side. He'll want to play in the Premier League, he'll want to play in Europe, and he’ll want to play in the Champions League.
“I'm sure it's going to be a fraught few days! The owner has made clear he wants him to stay and that's what we'll try to do. To be fair to Jack, he's just got on with it. Roll on Thursday!"


Chelsea have lodged a late bid to sign Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Bernard, according to Sky sources, but the Brazilian is on his way to Everton and is expected on Merseyside for a medical in the next 48-hours.
Bernard’s move is subject to that medical and a work permit being granted.
Sky Sports News understands that AC Milan were convinced Bernard was on his way to the San Siro, and another source tells us Atletico Madrid also pushed hard to sign him, while West Ham were also interested.


Stoke goalkeeper Jack Butland is Chelsea's top target to replace Thibaut Courtois if he leaves this summer, according to Sky sources.
Sky Sports News understands there has already been informal contact between Chelsea and Stoke over the England international.
It is understood the Sky Bet Championship side would be prepared to allow Butland to leave for around £30m - but want any deal to be resolved quickly.


The Debate returned to Sky Sports last night as the build-up to the new Premier League season continued. And, speaking on the show, Jamie Redknapp said Liverpool must be considered as genuine title contenders after signing wisely to address their problems from previous seasons.


Chelsea are facing a race against time to find a replacement for goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who seems intent on forcing through a move to Real Madrid.
The Belgium international failed to report back to Chelsea training on Monday as scheduled, where head coach Maurizio Sarri was expecting to hold face-to-face talks with Courtois about his future.
Over the weekend Courtois' agent revealed that his client wants to move to Madrid to be closer to his family.
Courtois has one year left on his contract at Stamford Bridge and is valued by Real at £32m, but Sky Sports News understands that Chelsea will not resume talks with the European champions until they find a suitable replacement.


Gary Neville has had his say on Twitter early this morning - and he certainly sees the funny side of Barcelona's bid for Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.
He's posted a laughing emoji - while responding to a tweet from Sky Sports Premier League detailing the offer.


There’s only one place to start this morning and that concerns Barcelona reported interest in Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.
Sky Italy report that United have rejected a cash plus player offer for the France international from the La Liga champions.
It's understood Barca offered £45m plus Yerry Mina and Andre Gomes in exchange for Pogba. That deal has been rejected.
However, it's worth remembering that Spanish clubs are not subject to the early closure of the window like English clubs - and they can buy players until August 31.
Sky Sports News understand Barca are serious about bringing Pogba to the Nou Camp.


Good morning and welcome to the Transfer Centre! With just two days and 10 hours to go until the summer transfer window slams shut, we’re expecting a busy day here at Sky Sports News as clubs across the country scramble to get any late deals over the line. Stay tuned with us throughout the day as we bring you the very latest done deals, news, rumours and much more!


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