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Who are the secret puppet-masters behind Trump’s war on Iran?

By: Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies - May 30, 2020
Read the article here:
On May 6th, President Trump vetoed a war powers bill specifying that he must ask Congress for authorization to use military force against Iran. Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign of deadly sanctions and threats of war against Iran has seen no let-up, even as the U.S., Iran and the whole world desperately need to set aside our conflicts to face down the common danger of the Covid-19 pandemic.
So what is it about Iran that makes it such a target of hostility for Trump and the neocons? There are many repressive regimes in the world, and many of them are close U.S. allies, so this policy is clearly not based on an objective assessment that Iran is more repressive than Egypt, Saudi Arabia or other monarchies in the Persian Gulf.
The Trump administration claims that its “maximum pressure” sanctions and threats of war against Iran are based on the danger that Iran will develop nuclear weapons. But after decades of inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and despite the U.S.’s politicization of the IAEA, the Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.
If Iran ever did any preliminary research on nuclear weapons, it was probably during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, when the U.S. and its allies helped Iraq to make and use chemical weapons that killed up to 100,000 Iranians. A 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate, the IAEA’s 2015 “Final Assessment on Past and Present Outstanding Issues” and decades of IAEA inspections have examined and resolved every scrap of false evidence of a nuclear weapons program presented or fabricated by the CIA and its allies.
If, despite all the evidence, U.S. policymakers still fear that Iran could develop nuclear weapons, then adhering to the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA), keeping Iran inside the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and ensuring ongoing access by IAEA inspectors would provide greater security than abandoning the deal.
As with Bush’s false WMD claims about Iraq in 2003, Trump’s real goal is not nuclear non-proliferation but regime change. After 40 years of failed sanctions and hostility, Trump and a cabal of U.S. warhawks still cling to the vain hope that a tanking economy and widespread suffering in Iran will lead to a popular uprising or make it vulnerable to another U.S.-backed coup or invasion.

United against a Nuclear Iran and the Counter Extremism Project

One of the key organizations promoting and pushing hostility towards Iran is a shadowy group called United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI). Founded in 2008, it was expanded and reorganized in 2014 under the umbrella of the Counter Extremism Project United (CEPU) to broaden its attacks on Iran and divert U.S. policymakers’ attention away from the role of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other U.S. allies in spreading violence, extremism and chaos in the greater Middle East.
UANI acts as a private enforcer of U.S. sanctions by keeping a “business registry” of hundreds of companies all over the world—from Adidas to Zurich Financial Services—that trade with or are considering trading with Iran. UANI hounds these companies by naming and shaming them, issuing reports for the media, and urging the Office of Foreign Assets Control to impose fines and sanctions. It also keeps a checklist of companies that have signed a declaration certifying they do not conduct business in or with Iran. Proving how little they care about the Iranian people, UANI even targets pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device corporations—includingBayer, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Abbott Laboratories—that have been granted special U.S. humanitarian aid licenses.

Where does UANI get its funds?

UANI was founded by three former U.S. officials, Dennis Ross, Richard Holbrooke and Mark Wallace. In 2013, it still had a modest budget of $1.7 million, nearly 80% coming from two Jewish-American billionaires with strong ties to Israel and the Republican Party: $843,000 from precious metals investor Thomas Kaplan and $500,000 from casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Wallace and other UANI staff have also worked for Kaplan’s investment firms, and he remains a key funder and advocate for UANI and its affiliated groups.
In 2014, UANI split into two entities: the original UANI and the Green Light Project, which does business as the Counter Extremism Project. Both entities are under the umbrella of and funded by a third, Counter Extremism Project United (CEPU). This permits the organization to brand its fundraising as being for the Counter Extremism Project, even though it still regrants a third of its funds to UANI.
CEO Mark Wallace, Executive Director David Ibsen and other staff work for all three groups in their shared offices in Grand Central Tower in New York. In 2018, Wallace drew a combined salary of $750,000 from all three entities, while Ibsen’s combined salary was $512,126.
In recent years, the revenues for the umbrella group, CEPU, have mushroomed, reaching $22 million in 2017. CEPU is secretive about the sources of this money. But investigative journalist Eli Clifton, who starting looking into UANI in 2014 when it was sued for defamation by a Greek ship owner it accused of violating sanctions on Iran, has found evidence suggesting financial ties with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
That is certainly what hacked emails between CEPU staff, an Emirati official and a Saudi lobbyist imply. In September 2014, CEPU’s president Frances Townsend emailed the UAE Ambassador to the U.S. to solicit the UAE’s support and propose that it host and fund a CEPU forum in Abu Dhabi. Four months later, Townsend emailed again to thank him, writing, “And many thanks for your and Richard Mintz’ (UAE lobbyist) ongoing support of the CEP effort!” UANI fundraiser Thomas Kaplan has formed a close relationship with Emirati ruler Bin Zayed, and visited the UAE at least 24 times. In 2019, he gushed to an interviewer that the UAE and its despotic rulers “are my closest partners in more parts of my life than anyone else other than my wife.”
Another email from Saudi lobbyist and former Senator Norm Coleman to the Emirati Ambassador about CEPU’s tax status implied that the Saudis and Emiratis were both involved in its funding, which would mean that CEPU may be violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act by failing to register as a Saudi or Emirati agent in the U.S.
Ben Freeman of the Center for International Policy has documented the dangerously unaccountable and covert expansion of the influence of foreign governments and military-industrial interests over U.S. foreign policy in recent years, in which registered lobbyists are only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to foreign influence. Eli Clifton calls UANI, “a fantastic case study and maybe a microcosm of the ways in which American foreign policy is actually influenced and implemented.”
CEPU and UANI’s staff and advisory boards are stocked with Republicans, neoconservatives and warhawks, many of whom earn lavish salaries and consulting fees. In the two years before President Trump appointed John Bolton as his National Security Advisor, CEPU paid Bolton $240,000 in consulting fees. Bolton, who openly advocates war with Iran, was instrumental in getting the Trump administration to withdraw from the nuclear deal.
UANI also enlists Democrats to try to give the group broader, bipartisan credibility. The chair of UANI’s board is former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, who was known as the most pro-Zionist member of the Senate. A more moderate Democrat on UANI’s board is former New Mexico governor and UN ambassador Bill Richardson.
Norman Roule, a CIA veteran who was the National Intelligence Manager for Iran throughout the Obama administration was paid $366,000 in consulting fees by CEPU in 2018. Soon after the brutal Saudi assassination of journalist Jamal Khassoghi, Roule and UANI fundraiser Thomas Kaplan met with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, and Roule then played a leading role in articles and on the talk-show circuit whitewashing Bin Salman’s repression and talking up his superficial “reforms” of Saudi society.
More recently, amid a growing outcry from Congress, the UN and the European Union to ease U.S. sanctions on Iran during the pandemic, UANI chairman Joe Lieberman, CEPU president Frances Townsend and CEO Mark Wallace signed a letter to Trump that falsely claimed, “U.S. sanctions neither prevent nor target the supply of food, medicine or medical devices to Iran,” and begged him not to relax his murderous sanctions because of COVID-19.
This was too much for Norman Roule, who tossed out his UANI script and told the Nation, “the international community should do everything it can to enable the Iranian people to obtain access to medical supplies and equipment.”
Two Israeli shell companies to whom CEPU and UANI have paid millions of dollars in “consulting fees” raise even more troubling questions. CEPU has paid over $500,000 to Darlink, located near Tel Aviv, while UANI paid at least $1.5 million to Grove Business Consulting in Hod Hasharon, about 10% of its revenues from 2016 to 2018. Neither firm seems to really exist, but Grove’s address on UANI’s IRS filings appears in the Panama Papers as that of Dr. Gideon Ginossar, an officer of an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands that defaulted on its creditors in 2010.

Selling a corrupted picture to U.S. policymakers

UANI’s parent group, Counter Extremism Project United, presents itself as dedicated to countering all forms of extremism. But in practice, it is predictably selective in its targets, demonizing Iran and its allies while turning a blind eye to other countries with more credible links to extremism and terrorism.
UANI supports accusations by Trump and U.S. warhawks that Iran is “the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism,” based mainly on its support for the Lebanese Shiite political party Hezbollah, whose militia defends southern Lebanon against Israel and fights in Syria as an ally of the government.
But Iran placed UANI on its own list of terrorist groups in 2019 after Mark Wallace and UANI hosted a meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York that was mainly attended by supporters of the Mujahedin-e-Kalqh (MEK). The MEK is a group that the U.S. government itself listed as a terrorist organization until 2012 and which is still committed to the violent overthrow of the government in Iran – preferably by persuading the U.S. and its allies to do it for them. UANI tried to distance itself from the meeting after the fact, but the published program listed UANI as the event organizer.
On the other hand, there are two countries where CEPU and UANI seem strangely unable to find any links to extremism or terrorism at all, and they are the very countries that appear to be funding their operations, lavish salaries and shadowy “consulting fees”: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Many Americans are still demanding a public investigation into Saudi Arabia’s role in the crimes of September 11th. In a court case against Saudi Arabia brought by 9/11 victims’ families, the FBI recently revealed that a Saudi Embassy official, Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah, provided crucial support to two of the hijackers. Brett Eagleson, a spokesman for the families whose father was killed on September 11th, told Yahoo News, “(This) demonstrates there was a hierarchy of command that’s coming from the Saudi Embassy to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs [in Los Angeles] to the hijackers.”
The global spread of the Wahhabi version of Islam that unleashed and fueled Al Qaeda, ISIS and other violent Muslim extremist groups has been driven primarily by Saudi Arabia, which has built and funded Wahhabi schools and mosques all over the world. That includes the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles that the two 9/11 hijackers attended.
It is also well documented that Saudi Arabia has been the largest funder and arms supplier for the Al Qaeda-led forces that have destroyed Syria since 2011, including CIA-brokered shipments of thousands of tons of weapons from Benghazi in Libya and at least eight countries in Eastern Europe. The UAE also supplied arms funding to Al Qaeda-allied rebels in Syria between 2012 and 2016, and the Saudi and UAE roles have now been reversed in Libya, where the UAE is the main supplier) of thousands of tons of weapons to General Haftar’s rebel forces. In Yemen, both the Saudis and Emiratis have committed war crimes. The Saudi and Emirati air forces have bombed schools, clinics, weddings and school buses, while the Emiratis tortured detainees in 18 secret prisons in Yemen.
But United Against a Nuclear Iran and Counter Extremism Project have redacted all of this from the one-sided worldview they offer to U.S. policymakers and the American corporate media. While they demonize Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood as extremists and terrorists, they depict Saudi Arabia and the UAE exclusively as victims of terrorism and allies in U.S.-led “counterterrorism” campaigns, never as sponsors of extremism and terrorism or perpetrators of war crimes.
The message of these groups dedicated to “countering extremism” is clear and none too subtle: Saudi Arabia and the UAE are always U.S. allies and victims of extremism, never a problem or a source of danger, violence or chaos. The country we should all be worrying about is – you guessed it – Iran. You couldn’t pay for propaganda like this! But on the other hand, if you’re Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates and you have greedy, corrupt Americans knocking on your door eager to sell their loyalty, maybe you can.
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Slashdiablo's official player ranking 2020 part 2

Official Slashdiablo player ranking
We will reveal our top 100 list based on data gained from the past ladders. Some players have been scrapped from the list due to cheating, such as Swisher,ExaltedOne, Roy, and others.
Lets begin our list from bottom to top. This is part 2 of part 2
©2020 trademark Bunnyhopper131
A fight with DanitoBamito gives the participating players an opportunity to show the true personality of both DanitoBamito and themselve. To be successful in it, one must degrade to DanitoBamito's level and confirm its effectiveness. He is truly an iconic slashdiablo player and there are few players that have not been in direct contact with him. Apart from Meanski, DanitoBamito is probably the 2nd most famous player of slashdiablo. He is not 'that' famous for his diablo game mechanics, his paladin travincal runs early seasons are rather fast and praised for. It was a shocking news that in the season of 2019 he had an accident which for privacy reason we wont go in full details, but his left arm got damaged when he had that car accident. As a result he cannot play diablo for an extended amount of time anymore, effectively eliminating him from achieving any higher rank. He posted on SNS that he will only play 3 April season for 2 days then quit.
Just how did Mikemanson managed to kill ubers in just 2:30 of game time? Well most of us experienced players already know that because Mikemanson has posted many videos and guides throughout the ages of time on the reddit. Please PM this player for hints and tips as his days of competitive player is over, he mainly coaches on his gaming stream these days. We appreciate what you have done for us community.
The question whether the toxic behavior came from the switch to softcore in the last few seasons of slashdiablo or whether the increasing number of toxic players brought out the toxicity of him remains unanswered. One thing is for sure. He belongs on the top 5 most toxic slashdiablo players. Closely watching the data, we see that he has had the most success with a sorceress. We'd recommend going for teleport sorceress this upcoming reset.
Most slashdiablo players would have been condemned for making a hammerdin on the back of enchanting tactics such as maxing enchant and using other players to gain an increase in levels quickly. But in anubis2019 case, both his play and circumstances were so extraordinary that slashdiablo has given him the benefit of the doubt. He quickly became a competitive player with his paladin rising through the ranks fast. He should learn however to not only rely on other players to carry him.
As it turns out, Slashdiablo can make local heroes, but it doesn't maintain them. Having done many events such as organised ironman since 2016, homeless3 experiences have become a harsh parable about how quickly new heroes will emerge to try and devour the old. Not only do people not know him anymore, more and more players are entering the server. homeless3 we remember and so do your teammates which who you have ran organised ironman's with and 'fake ladder resets'. You used to be a competent player but age gets the best of us all. We understand. Pick an easy class such as Amazon for continual success.
None of the inexperienced players were able to take on the fight with ghostofone3, their efforts were only to gain motivation to push further and stop anyone from overtaking him, as ghostofone3 is a seasoned veteran that will do anything to keep his spot on the ranks. Our piece of advice, keep playing like this. Get more familiar with the necromancer class, as this one is very good in the current meta, which you refuse to explore and use.
Jerrymaguire has continued to be a lens through which to see the shifting slashdiablo ranking dynamic. It's as if his single person represents an entire generation of slashdiablo players. Jerrymaguire has a rather tricky playstyle to copy therefor hard to master and hard to rate. He seems very familiar with the Barbarian class. Among items received from other players he seems to be very high up there, which might explain why he is able to spike through the ranks so quickly, and nobody wants to play these odd classes, he'll get the benefit of the trash. As Samuel l jackson once said in his movie "Another man his junk is another his treasure". Keep on playing
Around this time of year, we tend to take a step back and think about things in a historical context, wondering where one of our most famous necromancer of slashdiablo history went. Obvious, our attention first goes to his well written and famous necromancer guide, the players who might want to mimic his playstyle search for Pixstyx Necromancer guide on our subreddit and you'll find it.
d2d2 is a world class entertainer who had a wide range of audience of players. Yet, he tends to scale off after a week and quickly becomes what is called a slashdiablo meme. Whenever we see our data and d2d2, we are suprised as to why people praise him that high in skill. although his viewers are mostly somewhat 'inexperienced' and 'vocal' players we do see why this misconception about him has been scemed. Does this mean he only gives bad advices? No, infact he is an average player but the advice that he gives is solid for new players. He just lacks to skill to show them on his broadcasting show.
Diablo is a game form that is widely known in the US and China it is one of the primary reasons TheEscapizt plays the game. CSing account for the vast majority of hours during the season. Several aspects of MFing are extremely valuable such as Andariel runs, Lower Kurast Superchest runs. TheEscapizt has most of his hours in those 3 aspects. Which makes him a very threat to anyone that tries to get a high rank. This player tends to perform better solo than with a team. Therefor we recommend him going solo next season or with 1 other partner. Keep the number of other players in game as low as possible. His inferior complex makes him difficult to work together with.
We all remember that famous screenshot of czartaylor where he pulled out nearly six unique items from a single chest. barely having played much that ladder he had found a very wealthy amount of unique items. As you might have guess he was running Lower Kurast runs, He farmed till he had a full Tal Rasha set, then he went to proceed and farmed andariel and mephisto. Unfortunately, what holds czartaylor back is his quest on getting experience and rising up the ranks. His high speed mf runs carries him through a well deserved rank 39.
Shakka is not one of the first slashdiablo players. There had been hundreds if not thousands prior to this. However, currently his rapid pace of improvement has been noticed and many players want to know how his skills will be in the next upcoming seasons. We'd expect great results, as we only have very little data to fall back on, we recommend going blizzard sorceress this season.
It's easy to get caught up in the Greencarrot buzz. Greencarrot the most toxic player is a kind of story we've heard many times before Slashdiablo, and we're not seeing anyone more toxic than him yet. And, ofcourse, we hope that our community stays as toxic free as possible. But it's worth thinking back to those days where Greencarrot was an active member of the slashdiablo community. Not only can we learn from his behavior we can also prevent us from ever trying to follow his footsteps. Another member KPS of the slashdiablo community is getting dangerously close to Greencarrot level of toxicness. Greencarrot however is a much more competent player, and has proven this by finding a decent amount of high runes over the course of his stay.
Many of the top diablo players, with high ranks in previous seasons have given a praise towards NinjaInSpandex,represent farming skills both in the boss and in chest techniques. His successes during his stay relies on a simultaneous application of the dominant cow running techniques and getting a headstart from lesser experienced players by claiming a spot in a ladder reset group. As such we recommend he sticks to his game and goes Amazon next season.
Since Slashdiablo came to prominence in mainstream diablo reddit in 2014, and with their sister server in 2015, no servers have presented significant competition, and one of the reasons is draggon3. He made a particularly well written reddit post on the diablo reddit that attracted many people. regarded as having the most influence on our spike in popularity.Professional gamers usually get contracts after such an achievement, however he has time and time again refused it as he said 'it was just to get more people to play, nothing more'. We'd still like to take this opportunity to get him on board the moderator team.
shlshh22 actually came within a fairly decent lenght of reaching the top 16 rank of season 2019, reaching a staggering rank 22 on sorceress. shlshh22 has still a lot to learn, but his overal game mechanics carries him over other players. His mouse accuracy is what gives him a lot of speed over other players. We recommend him to avoid using druid this season as druid tends to not benefit from his mouse accuracy. Also, stop clicking on your health bowl each time you enter a game. You can enable this by default by going to the config.xml and edit this to value 'always show=true'
It's rare in Slashdiablo that we get an immediate 'wait, was that for real?' check on demand. In this case, we cleaned off our glasses and saw that Death was, indeed, for real his nickname on slashdiablo. Even if Death wasnt cool enough of a nickname, he tops it with his outstanding outclassing performance with early ladder necromancer skeleton corpse explosion play. it was confirmation enough for us players. Keep up slaying enemies!
Commonly also referred to as the Kennedy of Deconstructed Keepsake, the nickname is so unique due to the fact that KDK spelled backwards still remains the same identity of this player.It is actually the side you see in full bloom never has it departed from the core essence. You might see this player often in public games, as this player is generally considered a 'trusted' player. He did not have any scandals after his shocking 2013 season Jah rune steal that dropped during a public baal run in hell, while he was leeching with his level 39 sorceress. Therefore we can say with great joy that this player has learned from his mistakes and adapted for a better future. You can also see this reflecting on his gaming skills.
The first documented data of the name qourlite was in a competitive season. The term qourlite gained popularity when he did public cs + baal runs. Back at that season players casually referred those runs as qourlite runs. One of the biggest players in slashdiablo hosted and reprinted the name and used it for a good while. The first use of the term by the public was in 2016, when Craussie used it as a mocking joke in the public chat channels.
preparation alone can't possibly explain everything about Bigfatty success. After all, if Bigfatty was so great at preparation, then why did his peers spend the entirety of season 2017 behind him in ranks? The answer is within his superb gameplay while using the hammerdin. Once he gets enigma, his experience per minute goes through the roof. Not many can keep up with him, which therefore he is placed at a highly rank 30.
instead of regressing back into the middle of the pack, Nirst took major strides forward as a player in 2018. With a high finish rank as one of the strong players of the year. Nirst has been rather dissapointing these last few seasons. When will he go back to his insane 2018 form?
Bro, a player with so-so results in 2019, but of unimpeachable reputation. Whether it be his unique nickname or his fast paced druid gameplay, he is pretty popular among other players. Having survived many seasons as one of the better druid players he has very consistant top finishes for druids. It would be pretty cool if he'd pick up a role with more potential like a paladin. Yes this was a free subtle advice.
undeniable that Uee results were shocking in a good way since his performance back in the day. Some of that is due to good class picks and good teammates, as Uee is deciding to once again face other players in the ranking race, he is looking to do just that during the upcoming 3 april 2020 season. Uee was a very good sorceress user, and we suggest to continue on that path. Goodluck to Uee and the players trying to compete with Uee.
Nowadays MFing in the cow level are one of the most popular and the fastest developing MF areas presented on the server. Kory is one of the early adapters and has been gaining a lot of success over the course of the seasons. Kory is one of the few users that uses hammerdin to clear cows early in the ladder, we'd expect many runes from the season 3 april 2020.
Looking back on the one-year reign of Kerm as top assassin makes you realize how much Kerm's season 2018 has distorted our perception and standards of assassins. Just like many others on the list there appears to be a pattern with the cow level. Kerm uses assassins early ladder to farm cow levels, which was very unheard of before his grand appearance. If you need a high level rune early in the season, your best bet is to add Kerm to your friendlist, try to befriend him and then try to ask him to trade him the high level rune for one of yours. Many of us confuses Merk with mrek, who joined us in 2017, they are 2 different players...
Let's go back to that season 2014, which was a major component of the raler hype at the time. Before raler was even considered a 'good player',he had already have ton of experience competing in the diablo ranks. In a surprising turn of events, the raler managed to make it through the top 8 on his first attempt on slashdiablo. It might have been a fluke as he hasnt been performing on the level that he once was. Or has competition been harder? raler, you have been with us for years you have already exceeded most of our expectations, but we would like you to play paladin this season.
The string of slashdiablo seasons continued, with jovar3's absense as a player, jovar3 used to be pretty popular in the community as a solid barbarian player. However we are still sad that jovar3 has left us since that day. Players please let us remember the player who he was.
The fight for the top ranks confront players with a need to master multiple techniques used in different styles of magic finding and leveling. Depending on the preferred techniques used during a season, players can be divided into the so-called noobs and experts. On our list LivEisJeebus is the first of the so called experts. he has an insane clear speed in the cow level. LivEisJeebus is a player legend and should not need many words to describe his legend status. If you want to learn how to do cow runs. Please send him an email.
Two weeks later after adding the multiple server we got something close to the exact opposite result. Right off the bat, sicklyfish show little to none improvements in gameplay. At the time, sicklyfish was widely praised as the best player but with huge ping handicap. We expected him to skyrocket the ranks, but he has not really showed any signs of improvements. We'd like to think he was saving it for next 3 april 2020 season. If he still doesnt show us his true performance we might have expected too much of him.
In the ongoing season of 2019, SpankTrain finished #2 in the standings and was just one rank away from toppling #1 at Barbarian ladder to be known as number 1 Barbarian. He impressed many outside the race as well, having received high praises from players outside the race pool he has made a promise to us on his SNS that he will show us performances to reach #1 in 3 april 2020 season next upcoming.
This whole multiple server experiment has been a giant test of faith, as Xum slowly begins to fade away after the introduction it might have been clear that competition might have been to rough after this big change. Players that were getting hold back because of ping handicap started to out rank him. He tried to play it clever and stopped after the experiment, but the competing players knew it all along. His peak of his skills are just not good enough to rank him higher.
After unleashing his potential by becoming the first moderator to ever top spot a ranking list, Meanski went on to dissapoint all expectations by going on hiatus the following seasons. His performances against top tier players continued to be a memorable moment of history. The server is waiting for his comeback in 3 april 2020 season. Meanski has stated that he was busy with his son and 2 daughters the last few seasons therefor he was not able to compete. Now that his son has left the house to live on his own his PC has more free time than ever. Having made the promise to comeback next 3 april 2020 season we are waiting in full exciting posture for his performance. We are expecting him to play paladin and make atleast top 10 in the ladder. His rank in the rankings has fallen off due to lack of play. We might see him higher on the ranks next ladder.
While you may enjoy the pretty beauty colours of red, yellow, and pink in the river of flame , you may not be so quite to send Craussie of this particular river of flame to your friends since it actually conveys the warning of beware. As we all know Craussie has been only farming in the river of flame area for many seasons. He has much respect and success from us players for his consistant and stubborn behavior. Craussie can you tell us what the best way to run river of flame is? start from Waypoint City of the Damned or start from Waypoint river of flame?
While Rufi0000 had been hyped as a rising prospect on the ladder, no one could have expected how well he'd perform once he actually sat down to play in the multiple server enviroment. At first, he looked like a token player there to hand out free items, gifting shako's this seasons to finding ber runes. He has a large amount of luck on his side. Most of his success comes from mephisto running. Rufi0000 is considering writing a guide on how to kill mephisto easily while using a secret trick.
The beauty of diablo is that sometimes, a single player can be all that it takes to inspire us, and overcharge our realistic expectations with blind hope. In the case of toepin, that transformative play came when he introduced us to the rune farming against ghosts in the arcane sanctuary area. he has found around 6 high runes after just 2 days of the reset. Some people have reported him as botter although this has no evidence to back it up. He has shared in global chat that he does it by farming ghosts and not by breaking the rules and being seduced to botting.
Players of some sort have been around for millennia. It is unknown when questbugging was first used to keep the drops better, but it is likely that the first true questbugging started with jux3. Derived from the enviroment for centuries and was expertly optimised by jux3. jux3 knows all the tips and tricks when it comes to questbugging. Please message him for advice.
Stungan's Slashdiablo journey carries with it all his experience from the past seasons. For Stungan and slashdiablo, his success validated that diablo in the slashdiablo enviroment is all about skill and knowledge. Stungan used to play amazon in the early seasons, but later once he has all the items he switches to necromancer to full exploit his skill. Stungan prefers a slow but safe playstyle.
Just a few weeks after being accussed by KPS on slashdiablo, Kujah3 headed into exile to compete with players on The year hit 2019 with Kujah3 living up to and exceeding all of his hype by placing a out standing top 10 finish. Next sesaon 3 april 2020 has a similarly important turning point, as Kujah3 is prepared to gather all of his energy into 1 final season. He might go back to after this as this enviroment has been a toxic experience for him because of KPS. We'd like to give a reminder that we will take action upon toxic behavior.
After slashfap said he was willing to race to a high level on barbarian with him reaching the top of hardcore ladder he died... and didn't have much motivation to compete again, he followed that up by saying he was just joking about reaching the last achievement. Whether that is true or whether he was just being a salty player is up to him. He has however impressed many people with his performance. We are going to suggest him to make a sorceress 3 april 2020 season. All his player traits amplifies the sorceress playstyle.
Some of the most important moments of slashdiablo belong to him—he who leveled an assassin and paladin to level 99 in a fast time. Yet, as time has passed and seasons have faded out of existence, his deeds have ended up becoming obscure historic details, only talked about by the most obsessive fans on slashdiablo. He is however a very strong contender although he is a bit overrated by most people. According to the data he falls just short of the following players to come.
In mixed-region servers, raiob's resume—or that of any of the non-US representatives from the planet earth does not compare to that of raiob. Just this season, raiob has achieved multiple achievements. With atleast more than 4 characters on his name he is someone to consider putting in the top 10 ranking. raiob said on his radio interview back in 2018 that he used to play only sorceress because this is the best class to learn the game and play the fastest, he said it is a stepping stone that everyone need to master before moving on to other classes, get your game mechanics right before doing mindless of average MF runs. raiob goodluck next 3 april 2020 season.
In 1980, Slashpanda created his first ever computer mouse, called Computer Mouse Super, which was later renamed SuperUser mouse v3. Blizzard has made several diablo mouses and one of them at display was Slashpanda's mouse. However, in 2006 blizzard passed a bill prohibiting the use of the 'SuperUser mouse v3' this was due to its unfair advantage back at that time. in 2014 when mouses became more standarized and on par with each other has blizzard revoked the prohibiting bill and is usable on the official servers again. Slashpanda has been vocal about using the mouse between 2006 and 2014. However he stated that he played mostly on slashdiablo with it, which did not have any rules about unfair mouse usages. Wether it was his mouse or his skills, Slashpanda is a very competent player that is better than most players.
awf appeared in the late season sixteen, combining several global styles of sorceress usage, including Lighting and Blizzard builds. In turn, awf went on to greatly influence modern diablo. His flexibility of using other characters other than the sorceress has prevented him from going up higher in the list. His sorceress usage is atleast in the top 4 of slashdiablo users. We'd recommend sticking with sorceress in 3 april 2020 season.
Travincal and Cow level was becoming well-established. Previously, it was difficult to see returns from running these areas. The tenacious work of clearing travincal and cow level during the early parts of the season has made these areas very uncommon so early. muse's development of the building your character with items easily and quickly has risen in high popularity. muse is a strong believer in using spirit on the earliest as possible option till late game. through his detailed guide that was posted back in 2015 many people have found a very easy way to gear the character and make it ready for difficult areas such as Travincal and Cow level.
Trying to play diablo while being drunk feels more like a foregone conclusion than any previous year. The best version of Hedgehog is remarkable as he could cut through all the randomness, chaos, and noise to achieve what the best player often fails, and that is playing while under the influence of alcohol and (not always) drugs. First a disclaimer, we do not encourage the use of drugs and alcohol and advise to completely seperate diablo and alcohol and drugs. Hedgehog however is the best during early ladder resets, while his competition is slowly being drained from exhausting Hedgehog is still going strong on the drugs. He tends to scale off after each day as alcohol and drugs have a permanent damage that they leave behind. How many more seasons we'll have with Hedgehog is unknown but we'll know that he is one of the best early players.
This player has been famous for being so selfish and stubborn he really does things his own way. You cannot however ignore the skills that he brings to the ladder for slashdiablo. You'll have to get used to his sometimes harsh and strange words. Here is another quote from him when KPS tried to insult him by playing weird builds. “You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world!” “I'm unpredictable, I never know where I'm going until I get there, I'm so random, I'm always growing, learning, changing, I'm never the same person twice. But one thing you can be sure of about me; is I will always do exactly what I want to do." Keep on playing you are among the top players and nobody can take that away.
If filosofy is to be spun into yarn in the slashdiablo 180 lb bales of a Jah rune seller, then filosofy is often referred to as a rich madman because it is rich from baalruns. filosofy publicly announced that he wanted to learn from the best back in 2014, he has spent exactly 2 years streaming his gameplay on gaming broadcasting sites of him improving every aspect of the game. Having surpassed his mentor in raler he went on to becoming a top 3 ranked player. Name any class or any build and he will show you how to play like a professional diablo player.
His play during his prime was technically and theoretically sound, possessing a strong baseline gameplay mechanic and mixing in an almost scientifically calculated ratio of sorceress actions to keep opponents honest. Quietly, he's been one of the most consistent players in slashdiablo. Many players have tried to match his playstyle and most players cant keep up. Having received an invitation from moderators to join the moderator team he has been considering joining them. He stated in the public chat that he doesnt want to join the moderator team as his attention towards diablo would decline and would result in a loss in performance. We suggest that you play sorceress in 3 april 2020.
grover heads into the early season 2019 as the favorite to achieve an even more historic event. No player has ever achieved a level 99 character on all characters, yes ALL characters. We were closely monitoring his stats and data and can confirm that he is still the highest skilled player that slashdiablo has to offer. There are rumors that his next achievement will be a level 99 SC and HC in the same ladder, no one has ever achieved this. As grover is the only player that would have a chance of achieving this we are waiting patiently for him to pick up the game again. In his latest interview he told us that he has no plans yet when he wants to achieve this feat. We are hoping that 3 april 2020 season is the season he might achieve this. grover is also one of the few players that does not rely on help of others, he knows how to adapt in all circumstances. Secretly we hope he does not achieve all his diablo goals to keep seeing him play diablo on slashdiablo server. We have known him since the beginning and as good as he was in the early days he has only been growing stronger and stronger each season. Give him any classes and he'll beat you in the ranks vs the class of your choice, also is the most likable player in slashdiablo. grover is the player that truely shines the 'form is temporarily class is forever', 'The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in how much knowledge and skill he possesses', 'success will come by looking forward and learn from past mistakes', 'becoming the best player in slashdiablo is not guarding yourself from players, becoming the best is by being accepted by all players'
conclusion And there you have it, our #1 player still remains strong. there has been a shift in the ranks especially at the lower ranks, as new talent flows through old talents fade away.
We wish all the players good luck in the next season.
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Top-60 bitcoin/crypto quotes of the last decade, because reading them makes you feel good, and it feels good to feel good. Also one trading tip

First, number one trading tip for the next decade (in my opinion):

XXA/XLM trading pair, price is 5.20 XLM (0.3588 USD). Ixinium XXA is so undervalued right now. Target profit +300% for this year. Backet by precious metals. Precious metals 100% insured by Lloyd's of London. Target price levels for this year because of precious metals base value:
12.0 XLM (0.83 USD, +130.6%)
18.8 XLM (1.30 USD, +261.5%)
23.2 XLM (1.60 USD, +345.9%)
Price up since Coinmarketcap listing 7 days ago: 47.26%
XXA/XLM trading pair on Stellarport and StellarX exchanges with zero trading fee. It's not too late to become an Ixinium whale :)

My favorite bitcoin/crypto quotes, last ten years:

  1. Came into Bitcoin for the short-term dollar gains. Stayed in Bitcoin for the long-term bitcoin gains.

  1. Fiat addicts you to spending. Bitcoin addicts you to saving.

  1. There are 1,900x more dollars in existence today than there was less than a hundred years ago. Bitcoin has no top because fiat has no bottom.

  1. Most investors would be better off if they lost the password to their account and couldn’t log in for a few years.

  1. How I learned to stop worrying and love the bear market: Value your wealth in bitcoin not fiat.

  1. If I had a Bitcoin for every time someone asked me if I know who Satoshi is... I'd be Satoshi.

  1. Every second bitcoin stays out of the spotlight, is another second we get to build unopposed. We can't take this time for granted.

  1. You can't be excited about Bitcoin and fear the bear market. It's like being excited for Christmas but fearing winter. The bear market is a natural part of Bitcoin's mass adoption.

  1. Crypto is the only money that works on the internet. But it's also the only money that works in space. It's really expensive to bring gold bars to Mars.

  1. The fact that your normie friends don't think Bitcoin is cool yet is the reason why there is still massive upside potential.

  1. Feel free to print (fiat money) as much as you need, as I am already all in crypto.

  1. Satoshi walks in to a bar. Nobody knows.

  1. Fiat supply: unlimited. Gold supply: unknown. Bitcoin supply: 21 million.

  1. Most people still don’t know anything about Bitcoin except its price. But they don’t know why Bitcoin has a price in the first place. Hence the skepticism. When you don’t know why something has a price, it is impossible to understand how much it can really be worth.

  1. There can never be more than 17 million people who own 1 full bitcoin. But in practice, there will be far fewer.

  1. Internet allowed you to never have to go to the library. Bitcoin will allow you to never have to go to the bank.

  1. Google's CEO is Indian
Nokia's CEO is Indian
Adobe's CEO is Indian
Amazon's BOD is Indian
MasterCard's CEO is Indian
Microsoft's CEO is Indian
Pepsico's CEO was Indian indra nooyi
Nasa has 58% Indian employees
Do something towards $Btc bans in India! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  1. When you trade trends, you can be the last person to join the trend & first person to leave the trend & you can still outperform everyone else in long term simply because others will keep guessing the tops & bottoms while you will keep riding confirmed trends.

  1. You don't need to fomo into positions, if you accumulate early.

  1. If your "financial advisor" doesn't advise you to buy crypto, fire 'em.

  1. Bitcoin doesn't care about your feelings. It also doesn't care about your gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or religion. Bitcoin just is.

  1. Want to prove to an investor that your crypto product is needed? Get people to use it. It is really hard to argue with usage.

  1. Is it possible to be a BTC maximalist and be Vegan? Asking for a friend..

  1. If you think that bitcoin is not going to the mainstream, think again.

  1. Most people don’t know what money is. This is why Bitcoin is still underrated. First, learn what money is. Then, you will be able to leverage the massive opportunity that is Bitcoin.

  1. If you think the people in charge know exactly what they’re doing, do nothing & continue on with your life. If you think those in charge may NOT actually be as smart as they want us to think, buy a little Bitcoin. The status quo is a bet on humans, but Bitcoin is a bet on math.

  1. Bitcoin is only risky to those who don’t understand it.

  1. Short term volatility doesn’t phase long term investors.

  1. If you manage your risk, your profits will take care of itself. If you don't, your parents will take care of you.

  1. For every person in the world, there are only 0.00225764 bitcoins.

  1. If you did your research, this bear market was expected. Bear or bull market, it’s business as usual for true Bitcoiners.

  1. For Bitcoin to succeed, the whole world doesn't need to understand its value proposition. Those who do will profit from its monetization. Those who don't will naturally adopt this better money.
Economic reality imposes itself onto the world whether you're aware of it or not.

  1. This is not financial advice. This is life advice. Buy Bitcoin.

  1. If Banks & Fiat are horse carriages, then Bitcoin isn't merely cars, it's fucking teleportation.

  1. How Bitcoin enables global prosperity:
Bitcoin makes you future-oriented
Bitcoin makes delaying gratification easier
Bitcoin makes saving & capital accumulation easier
Bitcoin makes investing easier
Bitcoin makes global trade easier
Bitcoin makes advancing civilization easier

  1. Bitcoin is the ultimate marshmallow experiment. People who are able to hodl for longer will tend to have better life outcomes.

  1. Other than your human time, Bitcoin is the scarcest thing on earth. Human time will become more abundant as life expectancy increases. Bitcoin, however, will only become scarcer.

  1. The energy cost of Bitcoin mining will pale in comparison to the improvements in the world’s productivity and prosperity that are enabled by Bitcoin.

  1. Pros of bear market:
-You can buy more Bitcoin
-Devs more productive than ever
-Weak hands driven out+hodler base strengthened
-Focus on fundamentals, not short-term price
-Overvalued shitcoins deflated
-Critical Infrastructure being built out, making next bull run even fiercer

  1. The more productive we are during the bear market, the harder Bitcoin will pump in the next bull market. Ignore short-term price action. Focus on Bitcoin fundamentals.

  1. Bitcoin bear market is the best time for buying, learning and staying miles ahead of the normies who will once again be late to the game and will buy the top.

  1. Before you invest in Bitcoin, invest in educating yourself about Bitcoin. Understanding Bitcoin will make your conviction much stronger and enable you to maximize your gains.

  1. There are 2 ways you can adopt Bitcoin:
  2. Early on & willingly-> result: allows you to capture upside as Bitcoin grows & becomes widely used or
  3. Much later & not having another choice-> result: failing to capture most upside from Bitcoin's monetization.
The choice is yours.

  1. The overwhelming majority of highly intelligent people I talk to still have no idea why Bitcoin is valuable. We are extremely early. The ability to identify opportunity before others and take advantage of the information asymmetry is key.

  1. Bitcoin will succeed with or without you. Don’t be left behind.

  1. In the 90s people couldn’t imagine that the Internet would replace newspapers, TV, phone calls, shops & many other things. Today, people can't imagine Bitcoin becoming mass adopted money. Bitcoin will do to money what Internet did to information. And money is a way bigger market.

  1. If every millionaire in the US wanted to have just 1 bitcoin they wouldn't be able to. There will always be fewer bitcoins than there are millionaires in the US (let alone the whole world). Ignore this at your own risk.

  1. The corporations & institutions that stand to lose from Bitcoin adoption are made up of individuals who stand to benefit massively from Bitcoin adoption. Realizing that every group or entity is made up of self-motivated individuals is key to realizing why Bitcoin will succeed.

  1. Bitcoin self-selects for people with:
* Low time preference
* Long attention span
* Commitment
* Authenticity
* Patience
* Persistence
* Ability to focus
* Ability to go against the mainstream
Bitcoin is a marathon, not a sprint.

  1. If you don’t have a deep understanding of:
  2. What money is
  3. Functions of money
  4. Monetary history
  5. Money properties that fulfill its various functions
Then don’t you dare criticize Bitcoin.

  1. Bitcoin doesn’t care:
- what color you are
- what sex you are
- what age you are
- what your religion is
- who your parents are
- which university/school you went to
- who you’re friends with
- how expensive your lawyer is
Bitcoin cannot discriminate.

  1. You chase money every single day. You stress over money all your life. You worship money.
But you have no idea why money is valuable. Money controls your life because you have no understanding of what it is. Once you ask yourself “What is money?”, Bitcoin will make sense.

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto deserves:
- Nobel Prize in Economics
- Nobel Peace Prize
- Nobel Prize in Physics
But thankfully the last thing Satoshi needs is the validation of the establishment.

  1. Bitcoin is doing better than corporations & altcoins though it never had:
- Marketing
- Salaries
- Partnerships
- Headquarters
- Customer support
Bitcoin is an emergent superorganism. Members contribute according to their ability, driven by passion more than greed.

  1. July 2011 - $31
- “Damn, I should've bought bitcoin earlier”
Apr 2013 - $266
- “Damn, I should've bought bitcoin earlier”
Nov 2013 - $1,242
- “Damn, I should've bought bitcoin earlier”
Dec 2017 - $19,891
- “Damn, I should've bought bitcoin earlier”
2022-2023 - ...
- “Damn..”

  1. Successful crypto trading boils down to correctly predicting how the whales will torture the normies next.

  1. Bitcoin doesn’t wait for anyone. It’s up to you if you want to learn this the hard way.

  1. Percentage of world using the Internet in 1995 = 0.4%
Percentage of world using the Internet in 2019 = 58.8%
Bitcoin is to money what the Internet is to information.
Percentage of world using Bitcoin in 2019 = 0.4%
If you thought you are late to Bitcoin, think again.

  1. I didn't choose the dollar.
I didn't choose the euro.
I didn't choose the pound.
I didn't choose the yen.
I didn't choose the ruble.
I didn't choose fractional reserve banking.
I didn't choose central banks.
I didn't choose quantitative easing.
I choose Bitcoin.

  1. Using Bitcoin
  2. Download wallet
  3. Receive funds
Using Banks
  1. Go to location
  2. Identification card
  3. Social Security #
  4. Hidden fees
  5. Initial deposit
  6. Proof of address
  7. Unreadable legal docs
  8. Wait a week for your funds
Which one will the next generation choose?

Many of these wisdom quotes are from the author of the new book called “This ₿ook Will Save You Time”, and he's donating all of the proceeds from the book sales to a Bitcoin developer.
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I would have never guessed that Ethan would talk about my left nut.

I’m the guy that made fun of the #teamtree proof. Timestamp of the podcast. Emotions got the better of me and when I heard Ethan quoting me, I was taken a bit aback that I wrote something so… bad… As a big h3 fan I need to clarify some stuff. And I'm ashamed that I wrote such a hateful comment
EDIT march 2020. After posting here, I took this post and made it in a comment format. It was the most awarded comment of december 2019 100+ awards And it is also on medium It is easier to share
I know it may be a bit boring but please bear with me 5 minutes. You wait 5 minutes for the coffee to be done. 5 minutes is eating a nice salad. It took me hours and hours to write the below. So go, make your coffee, take your salad and please read the following. And please read it with an open mind.
I’ll try to sum up why planting trees is a marketing stunt and we are past the saving point. Everything in here is backed by sources and not some “doomsday” fantasy stuff. Here you have an image of the likelihood of SHTF events of happening. So we are not talking about some alien stuff, war or EMP, but global warming.
I’m the same age as Ethan and I’m a Ph.D. in int.relations with a specialization in climate conflicts(I have other masters too). If you look at my top comments on reddit most of them are well researched. Bear in mind, English is not my mother tongue. 10 years ago I was the guy chained up to a tree, 5 years ago I was the guy blocking the street trying to get your attention to stop eating meat. I was arrested, ridiculed and "roughed up". Now I’m just resigned and I’ll try to present you with some graphs and news and then sum it up at the end.
Most people don’t want to read white papers because they are too boring. On the other hand, journal articles are backed by private corporation’s money and they try to minimize global warming. nconvenientnews created a great post about the latter, on how the billionaires are discrediting the climate activists. Good GQ article on how the billionaires caused the climate change and in here you have 20 firms behind 1/3 of CO2
For all you white paper junkies, here you’ll find 30,000 scientific papers about how F*cked we are.
For all audio lovers here you have a 30 minutes talk about why everything must collapse. "There's no infinite growth"

Let’s get to it.

5 years ago there was a tv show called The Newsroom. It was mostly a serious tv show with some comedic tones about the world of media. There is a famous 5 minutes clip about climate collapse. It was "comedic" back then however now it is the reality.

Why tree-loss prevention is more important than planting them.

On this chart you have all the CO2 levels, CH4 levels, N20 levels, Temp and sea level.
There’s too much CO2 in the atmosphere that planting trees can no longer save us. However Scientists estimate that we need to plant 1 trillion trees to mitigate the GW. WITHOUT LOSING ONE SINGLE TREE because a burning tree is releasing all the CO2 back. The amazon is losing 3 football field’s PER MINUTE thanks to fire. If you prefer an interactive map. At the moment we are losing 13-15 million hectares per year in South America and Africa and south East Asia because it is converted from a forest to agriculture land. Source.
So, if we assume that 1M trees’ planted is one step that you make, then 20 meters is 20M trees right? 1 trillion trees are like 2.5x from where you're standing to the International Space station. Not to mention all the pollution by delivering the seeds (or small trees from tree farms), all the logistics in preparing the ground for planting and all the promotion waste etc.
“I do think eliminating deforestation is more important than planting new forest,” says Stanford University professor Rob Jackson, who chairs the Earth System Science Department and Global Carbon Project and is an author of a forthcoming study on the ability of forests to store carbon as more CO2 enters the atmosphere. But “it’s not an either-or, of course,” he says. “We can do both. ”When trees are cut down, he says, it can release years of a forests’ stored carbon back into the atmosphereSource. and Leaving trees alone might be better than planting new ones
20M trees is a feel-good thing but by the end, it is a marketing stunt. Everybody now talks about Youtube, Elon and MrBeast. Just look how the views number exploded since Mr.Beast announced this movement. From 5M a day to 20M a day. Additionally, GOOGL had an earning call on the 28th of October, 4 days after the teamtree was announced. Sure the movement had no impact on the earnings but some greenwashing won't hurt the marketing.
And Mr. Beast is not really known to care for the environment. He often litter thousands of ballons I bet his channel generated multiple times more Co2 than the 20m will ever "capture". An example - I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend's Backyard. Not to mention everything was imported from China on a cargo ship. I bet he recycled all of it /s. Or How he drove 1000 times through the same drive tru with his massive Ford truck. And his world's largest cereal bowl? I bet some starving kids will feel good about his #teamtree now. And can you even recycle a pool of slim?. Yes, he definitely created way more CO2 by doing his stunts.
So yes, he is greenwashing himself using your money.

Global Warming:

The below is based on this collection of sources and the doc here
According to a 2018 report the have the current global temperature is above 1C the pre-industrial mean. What will happen with every 0.5? The climate action tracker shows we will reach a 3.5C with the current policies by 2050. Climate stripes- look at the jump in 1995
Graph showing the Carbon emissions per continents. Look at the explosion in Asia

1.5 degree of warming:

This used to be the point at which scientists thought we were OK. In 2018 the IPCC wanted to stop global warming at this temperature predicting we will hit it with a 10% chance by 2023. At this temperature, heatwaves across the globe will happen every single year, and these 'new' heatwaves will be as hot as the Sahara Desert. There will be massive crop destruction, 70% of coral in the ocean will be bleached, and drought will affect 360M people. source. Guess what according to the month-old IPCC 2019 report we are at 1.5C already . The number of loss events (Tsunamis, storms, flood, wildfire) between 1980-2015 has QUADRUPLED.
Historically, every climate summit missed their target of limiting GHG emissions by a lot. Another angle.

Biomass and 6th extinction

Earth appears to be undergoing a process of "biological annihilation." Up to half of the total number of animal individuals that once shared the Earth with humans are already gone. A 2017 study looked at animal populations across the planet by examining 27,600 vertebrate species — about half of the overall total that we know exist. They found that more than 30% of them are in decline. Some species are facing total collapse, while local populations of others are going extinct in specific areas. Moreover humans wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970 Source
Insects are dying off at record rates. Roughly 40% of the world's insect species are in decline, according to one study. Insects aren't the only creatures taking a hit. In the past 50 years, more than 500 amphibian species have declined worldwide — and 90 have gone extinct — due to a deadly fungal disease that corrodes frog flesh. Source
And Plants are going extinct up to 350 times faster than the historical norm
On the other side, Look at the explosion of domesticated animals between 1950 and 2000. Cattle is one of the causes of global warming. Ie. The Amazon is being cut down not for lumber but to make room for cattle SourceOur hope in her is all the Beyondmeat, Impossible burger which are not using animal protein and are way better for the environment.


The steep steep curve of population. If our numbers grow by 228,000 on an average day, then in one week, we will have added about 1,589,000 extra persons to world population. And five days after that we will add another million and then another and another, and we are on track to continue this way repeatedly into the foreseeable future. Never before in human history have we asked our governments, infrastructure, social institutions, earth's environment, and the social fabric of our civilizations to respond to and accommodate such mammoth increase numbers in such compressed periods of time. Source. To prepare for it Humanity must produce more food in the next four decades than we have in the last 8,000 years But we are wasting so much food and losing so much water in irrigation that taking all this into account Society will collapse by 2040 due to catastrophic food shortages. The results show that based on plausible climate trends, and a total failure to change course, the global food supply system would face catastrophic losses, and an unprecedented epidemic of food riots. Source

2.0 degree of warming:

Permafrost and Methane

At this level we expect 6.6 million square kilometers of permafrost to thaw. And create a feedback loop of releasing a lot of methane which means that melting ice caps and permafrost becomes a self-accelerating extinction. Already boiling with Methane But that is also terrifying because we know that there are pathogens frozen in that permafrost - pathogens like anthrax. Zombie antrax.


As the rest of the Earth warms, animals will be forced to migrate en masse. This means animals carrying tropical diseases (such as malaria. To give you an idea of why this should really scare you is because diseases like camel flu have a mortality rate of 36%. And the world’s hospitals are not ready for the health challenges of climate change
Nearly unbeatable and difficult to identify fungus has adapted to global warming and can now survive the warm body temperature of humans. With a 50% mortality rate in 90 days, meet Candida auris, the first pathogenic fungus caused by human-induced global warming
Report from the WHO "World at risk"here. They listed dozens of illnesses which the experts suggested had the potential to trigger an outbreak which could spiral out of control, among them plague, Ebola, Zika virus and Dengue. A flu-like deadly pandemic could sweep the world in hours and kill millions because NO country is fully prepared, report claims. A century ago the Spanish flu pandemic infected a third of the world's population and killed 50million people.source

Topsoil erosion

We are running out of topsoil Source, by 2055 we will have none of it video. That's the warning of "Surviving the 21st Century" author Julian Cribb to an international soil science conference in Queenstown, New Zealand on Dec 15, 2016. "10 kilos of topsoil, 800 litres of water, 1.3 litres of diesel, 0.3g of pesticide and 3.5 kilos of carbon dioxide – that's what it takes to deliver one meal, for just one person," Cribb says.. And it takes 2000 years to form 5cm of topsoil
If ecosystems start to break down, that means bees will eventually die. Which means that we will stop having pollination. Which means plants will die. Which means our crops will die. If you don't think this will affect you...just you wait until food becomes the rarest commodity on Earth. If you think you have seen human barbarity, just wait until those same humans are starving and desperate for food. This won't mean millions starving. It will mean billions starving. Including you.

Scarcity of freshwater

India has 5 years to solve the water crisis, South Africa has the worst drought in 1000 years, Zambia has 2M of brink of starvation thanks to regional drought. According to the UN report in 10 years, 4 billion people will be short of fresh water, 2 billion will be severely short of fresh water.

The Blue Ocean event

A Blue Ocean Event means that huge amounts of sunlight won't get reflected back into space anymore, as they previously were. Instead, the heat will have to be absorbed by the Arctic. As long as the Arctic Ocean has sea ice, most sunlight gets reflected back into space and the 'Center-of-Coldness' remains near the North Pole. A Blue Ocean Event will not only mean that additional heat will have to be absorbed in the Arctic, but also that wind patterns will change radically and even more dramatically than they are already changing now, which will also make that other tipping points will be reached earlier. This is why a Blue Ocean Event is an important tipping point and it will likely be reached abruptly and disruptively by 2022.source The arctic ice volume over the years in one chart. It is a Death spiral. Oh, and rising seas could affect three times more people by 2050 than previously hought

The ice sheet feedback loop

And when it comes to rising ocean levels its becoming increasingly difficult to predict because not only are we heating the air, heat is getting trapped in the oceans too which means that ice sheets in the Arctic circle and Greenland are melting from above and below - meaning they're melting much MUCH faster than we estimated even in our most extreme estimates. Vice news video about it. This will mean that Florida and New York could be completely underwater. If you're worried about refugees from Central and Latin America or Africa, you'll want to start thinking about the tens of millions of people that will be fleeing inland as climate refugees to escape the inundation of their homes. Warming oceans doesn't just mean rising ocean levels either - it means more ocean water gets evaporated, which means larger, faster and deadlier hurricanes and torrential disastrous downpours.

Wet bulb event

Extreme heatwaves that kill even healthy people within hours will strike parts of the Indian subcontinent unless global carbon emissions are cut sharply and soon, according to new research. Even outside of these hotspots, three-quarters of the 1.7bn population – particularly those farming in the Ganges and Indus valleys – will be exposed to a level of humid heat classed as posing “extreme danger” towards the end of the century. The new analysis assesses the impact of climate change on the deadly combination of heat and humidity, measured as the “wet bulb” temperature (WBT). Once this reaches 35C, the human body cannot cool itself by sweating and even fit people sitting in the shade will die within six hours. There are already part of thw world above 32-33

Ocean Acidification

oceans are absorbing a large portion of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere—in fact, oceans are the largest single carbon sink in the world, dwarfing the absorbing abilities of the Amazon rainforest. But the more CO2 the oceans absorb, the more acidic they become on a relative scale, because some of the carbon reacts within the water to form carbonic acid. If acidification decreases marine emissions of sulfur, it could cause an increase in the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface, speeding up warming—which is exactly what the Nature Climate Change study predicts. Researchers estimate that the pH of the ocean will drop by 0.4 pH units by the end of this century if carbon emissions are not stopped, or by 0.15 units if global temperature rise is limited to 2C. source And plankton and all fishes are plunging. There is a mass extinction in the oceans right now


Tens, hundreds of millions of climate refugees. MIT source. By 2050 there will be 1.5B migrants. Yes, it’s in 30 years. And it will increase the potential for conflicts and violence. A study by the Pentagon confirms in 100% there will wars caused by migrants. Just an example of top of my head. India could block the river Indus and kill hundred of millions of Pakistani source. Both countries have WMD.
There will be a rise of fascism and concentration camps on the borders. Trump already tried this with the camps south and China is doing terrible things to Uighurs my comment about the crimes against the Uighurs. We will see a rise of this over the next 30 years. In dresden, Germany this week they declared a state of emergency over the rise of Nazism
And yes, U.S. Military Could Collapse Within 20 Years Due to Climate Change

Feedback loops and tipping points.

1 hour presentation about the feedback loops


We have at most 30 years if we stop completely CO2 emissions. Every powerplants needs to stop today. Today. Not tomorrow, not by 2025, not by 2030. I know it is impossible that’s why we have at most 30 years. But the sooner we accept it the sooner we may make peace with it. By continuing on this path, we are creating more feedback loops that are out of our control and forest fires, migrations, wars may happen sooner than expected.

The super-rich

The rich know that it is too late and they will be the only one to survive the global warming article. They are building bunkers and buying NZ passports to fly there when SHTF happens and that’s why they are getting richer and richer exponentially. For example Canada, Norway and Brasil will flood the world with oil just to profit at the maximum Article from NYT from today "Flood of Oil Is Coming, Complicating Efforts to Fight Global Warming". And if anything happens they will just buy Visas and passports for 1M+ and bug out while migrants are put into concentration camps.
there is also a very extensive campain against the extinction rebellion movement and Greta. You may disagree with their tactics but at least by disrupting everything they make enough noise around them that the normal Joe starts reading about global warming.

Why going green is not the solution.

Costs of going green are insane and the global economy is unable to bear the brunt of this mass switch. Going 100% green energy is not possible with the current consumption. Earth lacks enough metals to produce solar panels, batteries and ways to distribute energy around the globe. Building one wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45 tons of plastic. Solar power requires even more cement, steel and glass—not to mention other metals. Global silver and indium mining will jump 250% and 1,200% respectively over the next couple of decades to provide the materials necessary to build the number of solar panels, the International Energy Agency forecasts. World demand for rare-earth elements—which aren’t rare but are rarely mined in America—will rise 300% to 1,000% by 2050 to meet the Paris green goals. If electric vehicles replace conventional cars, demand for cobalt and lithium, will rise more than 20-fold. That doesn’t count batteries to back up wind and solar grids. Source A periodic table of elements that we are running out of And China controls 90% of all rare minerals source
A single electric-car battery weighs about 1,000 pounds. Fabricating one requires digging up, moving and processing more than 500,000 pounds of raw materials somewhere on the planet. The alternative? Use gasoline and extract one-tenth as much total tonnage to deliver the same number of vehicle-miles over the battery’s seven-year life.
The new green deal is not enough. The Developing World Is Increasing Emissions At Such A Rate That Any Emission Reduction By The Developed World Will Be Offset. Even if we imagined that the political will could be found in both the United States and the European Union to spend trillions on a Green New Deal, and we made the somewhat generous assumption that these plans would be successful in achieving net zero emissions by 2030, it would really have no meaningful impact on global carbon emissions. The rapidly industrializing developing world is increasing emissions at such a rate that even if the US and the EU achieved zero emissions by 2030, it would be entirely offset.
Same with a meat tax. We can impose a tax on meat in the developed countries but China, India or South america are eating more and more meat by the day. According to Asia Research and Engagement's report "charting Asia's protein journey", meat and seafood consumption in Asia will rise 33# by 2030 and 78% from 2017 to 2050

Peak Copper

An international team of researchers has looked at the material demands and pollution that would result from a push to get the globe to 40 percent renewables by the middle of the century. The analysis finds that despite the increased materials and energy demands, a push like this would result in a dramatic reduction in pollution. And for the most part, the material demands could be met, with the possible exception of copper. 40% Green Energy requires 200% more copper 100% green energy requires 500% more copper. We move some 3 billion tons of earth per year to get 15 millions tons of copper. We cannot recycle it into existence. Substituting aluminum for copper takes 5X the energy and is less safe. And there is no substitutes for the metals

Financial Black Swan event

The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials Millennials are already in debt and without savings. After the next downturn, they’ll be in even bigger trouble. How CEOs got so rich – buybacks. Student debt is massive. Minimum wage didn’t move for the last 40 years. The productivity-pay gap. The gap between productivity and a typical worker’s compensation has increased dramatically since 1979 If you want to read about wealth inequalities please see here

Why nobody talks about collapse?

Why does nobody talk about collapse? Because a world without hope is a burning world. Imagine 7B people realizing they don’t have 50-70 years of life but 20 or 30. It’s pure chaos. Additionally, the wealthy of this world are trying promoting such work ethics that you don't have the time to read, watch or study the above. This endless cycle of working-buying stuff-sleeping is damaging our society. We are becoming more and more ostracized from each other by using technology like FB, instagram, twitter or Tinder. Moreover, some countries or politicians are trying to destabilize the world as we know, to create confusion and conflicts between us. Divide and conquer. Why do you think Russia stands behind Brexit, the Blacklivesmatter movement and the rise of fascism in Europe? Russia influenced the American elections by creating hundreds of facebook groups to vote for Trump. Russia paid facebook to run "patriotic maga" ads. If you want to read more about Russia's violations of law here is my 1.6k upvoted comment
If you want to read my comment about the destructive power of Automation please see here
Good article on how the future will be seized by corporations. From private taxation to schools, corporate cops and judges. It’s beginning in Toronto
Why do you think there are so many protests going around? Chile, South Africa, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, Haiti, Syria, Iraq, Algeria. Here are all the major protests happening around the globe right now. Why so many people are protesting
The 20 worst Global Warming consequences
What we need is mass civil protests and not another Youtube marketing move with #teamtree
Papa bless & I love the podcast.
Edit: Some additional facts on why last 30 years were so important and why it is getting worse:
  1. We have increased fossil fuel use more this century than in the last two decades of the 20th century. More than half of all fossil fuel emissions released over the previous 25 years are more than was released in all of recorded history before 1990.
  2. Even though we have had over 21 international conferences on fossil fuel reduction, and we had international treaties since at least 1993 pledging we would reduce global warming, we still are about 67% higher in carbon emissions than the early 1990s. (Atmospheric carbon emissions is probably the best way to measure future global warming.)
  3. In 2018 carbon emissions increased another dramatic 2.7% and they are projected to rise once again in 2019.
Edit2: Someone asked me what’s the most crazy SHTF thing that may happen but is backed by science? My personal favorite a Carrington-level solar storm. “A Carrington-level, extreme geomagnetic storm is almost inevitable in the future. The total U.S. population at risk of extended power outage from a Carrington-level storm is between20-40 million, with durations of 16 days to 1-2 years “ Source. According to unpublished FEMA documents obtained by Government Attic, a FOIA database and non-profit organization, the Department of Homeland Security agency once mapped out a disaster plan for the occurrence of another geomagnetic "superstorm," noting that the rare—yet "high-consequence"—scenario has "the potential for catastrophic impact on our nation and FEMA's ability to respond." Source
Edit3: What can you do to prepare for collapse?
  1. buy land, build a community around it and enjoy life. (nearly impossible as you need a lot of money)
  2. become a prepper, learn skills, stockpile food and water.
EDIT4: thank you for the plat, gold and special (?) award! For any future donator, instead of gilding please donate to Cool Earth link. They try to save the rainforest, David Attenborough supports them and they are the most cost-effective charity to date which works on mitigating climate change through direct action. Thank you! (And my response to the anonymous note with the plat award - I'm a member ;) )
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August 24th, 2019 - /r/Dota2: It's the finals of The International 9!


587,489 player rage-quitting for 9 years!
/Dota2 was featured for the first time about 6 years ago, way back when the game required invites to join. Back then, the subreddit had 57k subscribers and the game averaged 250k concurrent players, which has grown to 584k subscribers and an average of over 500k concurrent players respectively, with the peak player count consistently hitting a million1.
"So what is DotA?", you may ask. It is a soulless void, into which once you enter, you cannot leave. Here's the answer, from the previous feature,
For those not in the know, Defense of the Ancients (DotA) was a mod for Warcraft III which was adapted into a standalone game by Valve called Dota 2. There are two teams with 5 players on each side. Each player gets to pick a hero and level them up choosing from 5 different abilities. The goal is to push with your team to the enemy's base and destroy it. It sounds simple(it isn't). Easy to pick up, hard to master, and the combinations are infinite (okay, they aren't but there are a lot of them).
Herein lies another tale, the legend of IceFrog1. Although his official name was revealed in court last year1, the conspiracy theories about the identity of the lead developer for DotA2 used to keep pouring in, with Bruno1, a well-known caster, often said to be IceFrog, and other fluff pieces calling SirActionSlacks1, another community member, the frozen toad. We do love IceFrog though.
Now, let's go through the annals of DotA 2 through the eyes of DotA2.
DotA 2 was first announced at GameCom, Cologne in 2011, with the first International being held having a prize pool of US$1 million1. 16 teams were invited to compete in the tournament, which would also serve as the first public viewing of Dota 2, and it was streamed online with commentary in four languages. Na'Vi1 won the tournament, and would go on to become one of the biggest teams in the game. The finals1, cast by TobiWan1 and syndereN1 are a delight to watch even 8 years later. A documentary named "Free To Play1" was made about 'The International'1/).
Patch Notes for 2011 - v6.70 to v6.72d
This year's 'The International 2012' moved to Seattle, with the prize pool still at US$1.6 million, and the teams playing live on a stage in front of about 2,500 spectators1#2012). TI2's most memorable moments include THE PLAY, the OG IT'S A DISAASTAAAH, Bruno's no legs strat, where you could see everyone else die a little inside and LD's1 over-exaggerated(is it though?) WAOW. Invictus Gaming1 won the finals 3-1 against Na`Vi.
The DreamHack Winter 2012 finals gave us another one of the most insane plays and hype-casting moments, the jD Masters Semifinals gave us the Maelk Award1, and an online stream gave us this epic Ravage by Sheever1.
Diretide1, was introduced for the first time, and became one of Dota 2's favorite time-limited event.
Patch Notes for 2012 - v6.73 through v6.77
2013 was the year Ranked Matchmaking was introduced, and Skeleton King got removed due to pressing ceremonial reasons 1.
The International 20131 (can we.. it TI3?) was once again held in Seattle and an "Interactive Compendium" was announced, with 25% of its sales amount going towards funding the prize pool. The US$1.6 million allocated by Valve, plus the compendium sales helped raise the prize pool to US$2.8 million. Team Alliance1 won the tournament, beating Na`Vi 3-2 in the grand finals1. This event was hosted by Kaci Aitchison, who would go on to be a part of the next TI's as well.
Some of the most memorable moments and posts of the year were Na`Vi's fountain hooks, the battle between LeagueOfLegends and Dota2, aforementioned Kaci's AMA, kYxY's aegis denial1, the million dollar dream coil1, another insane piece of hypecasting1, renaming of some heroes and discussions about a river.
But, the highlight of the year was when the community wanted Diretide, got hints that it wasn't coming, invaded Volvo and sent them to all, while requesting Diretide, and then thanking them, because they got both, a response from Valve, and also the Diretide game mode
Patch Notes for 2013 - v6.79c through v6.79c
The International 2014 was still held in Seattle, but the venue shifted to KeyArena1. As done the previous year, Valve allocated US$1.6 million to the tournament and released an interactive compendium of which 25% of sales went towards the prize pool, which took the total prize pool to over US$10 million, and settled just short of US$11 million1. Team Newbee1 won the Grand Finals 3-1, against Team Vici Gaming1, taking home about US$5 million.
Some memorable moments from the year included the introduction of a new hero Techies at the DotA 2 All-Star Match at the TI1, AdmiralBulldog1 and Sheever's multiple shenanigans, Team Evil Genius'1 22-0 loss1 to Team Invictus Gaming1, the art of rat dota1, the incredibly fun weekly stupid question threads, and copypastas such as 4k player who reported slahser, LMFAO wHo cAREAS HAHA Xd1, He's a good player, a bit overated in my opinion. But defenitely okay to be in a top team!, n0tail u r fuckin perfect m8., and literally nothing
Patch Notes for 2014 - v6.80 through v6.83
The game went back into beta this year, and the community collectively cummed, but there still was a lot of teasing. The International stayed at KeyArena, and the total prize pool reached US$18 million1. Team Evil Geniuses defeated Team CDEC Gaming1 3-1 to win the grand finals, taking home about US$6 million.
This year saw a bigger and badder version of It's a disastaaaaah, memes about mangos, OG's side-splitting pasta, trigger warning: whatever kid did i trigger you, a guy who delivered on his promise, drama surrounding a YouTuber, and copypastas for days.
Patch Notes for 2015: v6.83b through v6.86c
The game version jumped from 6.xx to 7.xx, with the game engine being changed from Source 1 to Source 2 (meaning you could blame everything on Source 2 now). The International 2016 was announced, with a Battle Pass being introduced for the crowd-funding of the prize pool, which stopped just short of US$21 million1. Team Wings Gaming1 beat Team Digital Chaos1 3-1 to win the Grand Finals and the prize money of US$9 million.
Thank you Dota, I owe you one, lolicon, "when the sun hits that ridge just right1" based memes, Valve's CEO turning up to fire 2GD1, calling him an ass (also notice the absence of a point number 3), and 2GD's response, Funn1k's1 rant, and Puppey's1 headphone smash were the moments for the year.
Patch Notes for 2016: v6.86d to v6.88f -> v7.0 through v7.01
The International 2017 was announced1, a battle pass realeased, and the prize pool hit US$24 million1. Team Liquid1 won 3-0 beating Team Newbee1, to take home the prize money of US$10 million.
A new spin-off game called "Artifact1/)" was released, the community gave their energy to Sheever, who was diagnosed with cancer, and she kept getting better, ODPixel1, mostly known for casting one of the longest match in DotA2 history became the rap god, a fluff piece about our god RTZ1, raising awareness about pangolins, a seemingly no context shitpost by a professional player EtenalEnvy1, sending a bot to all and OpenAI bots dominating 1v1 at The International were the highs of 2017.
Patch Noted for 2017: v7.02 through v7.07d
The International 2018 moved to Vancouver, Canada, and the Battle Pass helped the prize pool reach US$25 million1. The cycle of China/Rest of the World winning TI was broken this year, with Team OG1 coming in as underdogs through the open qualifiers, and scripting a Cinderella run to win the grand finals 3-2 against Team PSG.LGD1, taking home US$11 million.
The biggest switch-a-roo ever, angry rants, the TI broadcast team getting their recognition, GABEN's Announcer Pack, shitpost, shitpost, shitpost, and shitpost got attention. THe community also said goodbye to TotalBiscuit1, and cried their hearts out.
Patch Notes for 2018: v7.08 through v7.20e
This year's "The International 2019" moved to Shanghai, China, and the battle pass has so far helped increase the prize pool to over(for those of you who still do not get the 3 joke, here you go) US$34 million1. Whoever wins this TI looks set to take home about US$15 million.
The hot-takes up to this point are people being banned for typing Tiananmen Square in the stream chat, people going gaga over Valve putting out 3 blog posts within 3 days, plus a minor update in the same timeframe, a couple of complaints and Dota Underlords.
Patch Notes for 2019: v7.21 through v7.22f
Honourable Mentions And Spicy Drama Threads: * Puppey seems to be mad * TRASHTALK THrREADS * Tobiwan refusing to cast International Matches * Aui_2000 claims he was kicked from EG * Ex-Riot employee about DotA * EternalEnvy blog * Half-Life fans are flooding DotA with negative reviews * Cr1t shoves n0tail * Kuku and drama * Ceb and drama * Mason and drama * Lakad Matatag Normalin Normalin
Which brings us to the ongoing TI9. The Lower Bracket Finals are scheduled for 0200 UTC on the 25th August, and the Grand Finals for 0600 UTC. Check out the daily Match Discussion Threads, where Crusader-ranked plebs discuss the skills and strategies of Immortal-ranked pros.
Team OG are one of the Grand Finalists, and tomorrow's Lower Bracket Finals will decide who faces them, Team Liquid or Team PSG.LGD. This is the first time since The International 2013 that a team has made it to consecutive grand finals , and also the first time that the same 5 players are in it
You can watch the tournament live, at * Twitch * YouTube * SteamTV
For more information about TI9, go here.
If you want to start playing DotA 2, the subreddit has enough resources to get you up to speed.
And as we say, "You either play DotA for 4 hours and hate it, or you play it for 4000 hours and hate it". Welcome to being a noob!
Written by u/as53
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Genie in a Bottle

Genie in a Bottle
Originally published in the Imagination Reimagined collection, BlackWyrm, LLC, 2013

Alex Bartelli strutted down the trash-riddled street, one hand in his pocket and one holding a long stick, which he used to tap a rhythm on fences and walls. The afternoon sun made Brooklyn oppressively hot. Air conditioners hummed in windows, and children played in the spray of a fire hydrant. Alex whacked one of them across the ass with his stick as he passed.
“Ow!” the kid howled.
“What’d you say to me, punk?” Alex snarled, brandishing the stick like a baseball bat.
The boy, ten or twelve years old and so skinny his ribs were showing, raised an arm to ward off the blow. “Sorry, sorry!” he cried.
Alex made as if he were going to hit him, and the boy whimpered. “Remember who you’re dealing with, kid.” He turned away but stopped and whipped the stick around, catching the boy across the back and leaving an angry welt. “Don’t let me see you around here again,” he warned before starting back up the street.
He stopped into Manelli’s Pizza to collect his normal fee and then proceeded down the street to Hamed’s Antiques, where he found Old Man Hamed standing behind the counter. The guy had to be a hundred years old. His skin had darkened and wrinkled with age, and his face looked like a squishy prune. His eyes were clear and sharp, though, and he glared hatefully at Alex.
“Time to pay your weekly neighborhood association fees,” Alex quipped as he stepped around the counter and roughly pushed Hamed away from the register.
“Please, this store is all I have. I can barely afford to live as it is.”
Alex loomed over the shopkeeper. “I can make it so you don’t have to worry about that anymore . . . or any other problems, for that matter.”
Hamed held up his hands in surrender and backed away.
“Good. The neighborhood association would hate to lose such a distinguished member.” Alex emptied the large bills from the register and stuffed them into his pocket; then he looked up to see Hamed holding a bottle. It was a kind of decorative decanter made of milk glass with golden stripes painted on it. On closer look, it appeared to be real gold embossed over the glass. It was bulbous at the bottom and narrowed near the top, where an ornate stopper with gold swirls rested.
“Hey, what’s in that? Whiskey? I thought you types didn’t drink.”
“This is not for you,” the old man said flatly.
“I think it is. Give it. Little something extra as a ‘thank you’ for my generosity.” He yanked the bottle from Hamed’s hands, then turned toward the exit. “Thank you for your support,” he said over his shoulder as he sauntered out the door.
Alex strolled through the streets to the old brownstone where he lived with his mother, running up the stairs two at a time and slamming the door behind him.
“Don’t slam the door!” Ma shouted from the kitchen.
“Shut up, Ma!”
“Watch your mouth! You’re not too old for me to whoop.”
“Yeah, whatever. Make me a sandwich.”
“Make your own damn sandwich. You’re eighteen years old and can take care of yourself. I’m going out.”
“You’re wearing too much makeup. You look like a whore.”
Ma slapped the back of his head. “Don’t talk to your mother like that! And don’t wait up.”
“Never do.”
She left the apartment, slamming the door as she went.
“Yeah, she can slam it. Hypocrite.” He made a ham sandwich and poured a pile of chips on the plate, then set his food on the table and held up the bottle. “Cheers,” he said as he uncorked it.
With a whoosh, a cloud of blue smoke wafted out of the bottle and swirled in the air before him.
“The fuck?” Alex stood frozen in bewilderment as it took shape, coalescing into the form of a human.
“Human?” the figure before him spat as if it had read Alex’s mind. It looked human, except for the fact that it was hovering four feet off the ground. It was a guy, Middle Eastern by the look of him, wearing loose, purple pants, vest, and shoes that were curled at the toes. His head was covered with a purple and gold turban adorned with a huge ruby. “I’ll not be insulted in such a manner!”
“No way! That old man had a genie and he didn’t use it to get rich? Stupid old guy. Or am I seeing things? Maybe I already drank whatever was in the bottle and it had LSD in it. Are you real? If you are, that means I get wishes, right?”
“It is in my power to grant you three wishes.”
“Okay, I want—wait. Aren’t you supposed to tell me something like, ‘Be careful what you wish for’?”
The genie nodded. “All wishes come with a price.”
“Yeah, but there’s ways around everything, right? I wish for lots of money.”
The genie nodded again. “Wish granted.”
“There’s this girl who lives around the corner. Felicia. I’d really like to see what’s under that tight little skirt of hers. I wish to have sex with Felicia.”
“Wish granted.”
“And I want—wait, do I have to tell you right now?”
“You may ask your wishes at your leisure.”
“I’ll hold onto the third one. It may come in handy later; you know what I’m saying? So get back in the bottle now. That wasn’t a wish.”
“Understood.” The genie swirled into mist and disappeared into the bottle.
“Damn it,” Alex muttered. “Now I don’t have anything to drink. I wish—ah-ha! Not gonna get me that easy!” He put his sandwich in the fridge and left the apartment, heading for the liquor store.
He stopped at the corner to wait for a car to pass, and a piece of paper, caught by the wind, hit him in the face. He reached up and took the paper away, then noticed it was a lottery ticket. “It can’t be this easy,” he laughed. “I gotta be already drunk.”
At the liquor store, he handed the ticket to the cashier, a fiftyish woman with a blond bottle job. “Hey, is this worth anything?”
Her eyes widened as she scanned the ticket. She scanned it again and looked up at him with a broad smile. “This is your lucky day, sonny!”
“What? It’s a winner?”
She turned the display on the scanner toward him, and he almost dropped the bottle of wine he had chosen. It was a winner all right—two hundred million dollars!
“Whoo!” Alex shouted, then leaned over the counter and kissed the older woman. “You know what? I’m gonna put this wine back. I’m goin’ for a bottle of Cristal!”
* * *
Alex got his expensive champagne, and a Ferrari, and a fancy flat on Park Avenue, and a new set of friends. Well, he couldn’t really call them friends, but he was still one of them, going to the best parties, drinking the finest wines, eating caviar. It tasted like shit, but who cared? He had found a great investment adviser and put a big chunk of his money into a company that couldn’t lose. As much cash as he had now, lots more was coming his way. Life was sweet.
It wasn’t all glitz and glamour, though. People from the old neighborhood called on him a lot, looking for a handout. His ma called him every day to bitch and whine about her living conditions, trying to make him feel guilty for not giving her any money. Hey, it wasn’t his fault she hadn’t played the lottery. And then there were the charities. Give us money for this. Donate money for that. He had worked hard for his money, and everybody wanted him to give it away! Forget it. They could go leech off somebody else.
Alex still liked to visit his neighborhood now and then, for no other reason than to flaunt his wealth. The first time he had done it, a kid had thrown a tomato at his car, and he’d beaten the kid senseless and then made him wash the car. These days, the kids smiled and waved as he drove by, too scared to try anything like that again.
He pulled to a stop at the intersection and noticed Felicia standing at the corner, eyeing his Ferrari with undisguised interest. Her deep-red hair cascaded over one shoulder. She wore a black spaghetti-strap top that was tight enough to show the pattern of lace on her bra through the thin material, and just short enough to give a glimpse of her toned midriff. Form-fitting jeans and high-heel sandals completed the outfit and reminded Alex of why he’d thought of her when he had made his wishes.
He rolled down the tinted passenger window, and Felicia started over. The sway of her hips and the slight jiggle of her breasts caused Alex’s breath to hitch in his throat, and it took him a second to regain his composure. In that second, Felicia caught sight of him behind the wheel, and her face lit up as she leaned into the window.
“Alex, is that you? Oh, my God! Where did you steal this car? You are so going to get busted.”
“It’s mine, bought and paid for,” he replied smugly. “Didn’t you hear? I won the lottery. Wanna go for a ride and see how the better half lives?”
“Try and stop me,” she dared, opening the door and sliding smoothly into the seat. She surprised him by throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him soundly on the cheek. “I always knew you’d make it big.”
They tooled around the neighborhood for a while, and then Alex headed into Manhattan, where they stopped at a swanky restaurant downtown. He didn’t even look at the name of the place; he just saw there were valets out front and pulled over. “One scratch and I’ll make you wish you were never born,” he warned as he handed over his keys.
“Of course, sir,” the valet responded almost indifferently.
Inside, Alex fumbled through a hundred-dollar handshake with the maître d’, and they were promptly seated. The meal consisted of small portions of overpriced froufrou, but it seemed to impress Felicia. He didn’t even have to suggest going back to his place. She asked if she could see his apartment before they even finished the main course. Man, he thought, that genie really came through!
Back at his apartment, he poured wine, started the tour with the view of the city from the balcony, and finished it with the king-size bed and Jacuzzi in his bedroom. Before he could even ask what she thought, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him close and covering his lips with hers. He froze for a moment at the suddenness of her embrace, but he opened his mouth to her as soon as he felt her tongue probing his lips.
“So, do you have a girlfriend?” she asked as she pulled back and gazed enticingly into his eyes.
“Um, no,” he replied awkwardly. “That position has yet to be filled.”
“Well, since we’re talking about positions and being filled . . .”
“Who says we’re just talking?”
Sex with Felicia was amazing, if brief. He was too excited to last more than a few minutes. If she was disappointed, he couldn’t tell. He wasn’t even sure he really cared.
When he woke up and she was gone, he thought, ah, so much the better. Alex crawled out of bed and went to the fridge, where he pulled out a beer. What the hell, it was noon already anyway. He sat on his balcony, watching the city go by, and jumped when his front door opened.
“Alex!” Felicia sing-songed as she entered, dropping two suitcases on the floor.
“Damn it, you scared the hell outta me!” he said. “I thought you were gone.”
“No, baby, I just went home to get a few things.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long, wet kiss.
“Felicia, what are you doing?”
She pulled away and picked up one of her suitcases, heading for the bedroom. “Be a dear and grab that other one for me, will you?” She walked into the bedroom and set the case down, then went to his closet and started rearranging it. “I can see I’ve got my work cut out for me. Alex, really, you’re so sloppy.”
“Felicia!” he shouted. “What the hell are you doing?”
“Making room.”
“Oh, no! You can’t move in here.”
“Well, of course, I can. You said last night you didn’t have a girlfriend. Oh, by the way, Bloomingdale’s declined your credit card.”
“I thought I would do a little shopping while I was out, so I took your card. But they wouldn’t take it. I guess they figured I wasn’t you, huh?”
She flitted about the room, moving clothes and accessories from one closet to another and ignoring his half-hearted protests until Alex finally stepped in front of her and grabbed her by the shoulders. “Felicia, no! You’re not moving in. It was just one night.”
She stared at him blankly for a moment, and then her eyes filled with tears and she let out a pitiful wail. “Oh, my God! I knew it was too good to be true! You bastard, you were just using me!”
She pushed him away roughly and threw a pair of shoes at him, then started lobbing all the other stuff on the bed, sobbing the entire time. All Alex could do was hold his hands up to ward off the flying clothing. When she finished with the clothes, she went to his dresser, picked up a bottle of cologne, and hurled it at him. It caught him in the temple and he snarled in pain.
“Goddamn it, Felicia, get ahold of yourself!”
She finally crumpled to the floor, wailing and moaning as if her mother had just died. “What am I gonna do? You can’t leave me. We just got started, and now you hate me. You hate me!”
Alex was dumbfounded. Who could have known that Felicia was psychotic? How was he going to get rid of her? He needed time to think, and he couldn’t think with her sitting on the floor blubbering like that.
He knelt at her side. “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay. You can stay for now.”
“No, you’re just saying that to make me feel better!”
“Hey, I tell you what: I’ve got about a thousand bucks cash in my wallet. You get yourself cleaned up, and you can take the cash to buy yourself something nice.”
Felicia sniffled and looked up at him with mascara-smudged eyes. “Really? You mean it?”
“Sure, baby. You just caught me off guard, that’s all.”
With that, her entire demeanor changed. She smiled broadly, wiped her eyes, and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I knew you loved me.” She kissed him and got up to go redo her makeup.
“Jesus Christ,” he muttered.
She left the apartment half an hour later, and Alex locked the door and grabbed another beer. He wondered if he could get a locksmith over to change the locks before she got back. He doubted it would solve the problem, though. All he had wished for was to sleep with her. Well, he’d certainly gotten his wish, but it was over now, and that should be that. He supposed he could just put his foot down and kick her to the curb, but she scared the hell out of him.
Hmm, maybe a hitman . . .
There was a knock on the door, and he opened it to find two men wearing dark suits. One had a thick manila folder tucked under his arm. “You’re either the mob or the feds. I can’t think of what either would want from me, so I think you’ve got the wrong address.”
“Are you Alexander Bartelli?” the taller of the two asked.
“Who’s askin’?”
“Mr. Bartelli, my name is Special Agent Barber, and this is my partner, Special Agent Allen; we’re with the FBI. We have a few questions we’d like to ask you; may we come in?”
“You got a warrant?”
“No, Mr. Bartelli. We aren’t here to arrest you or search for anything; we just want to speak with you for a few minutes. We can do it out here, but we’d all probably be more comfortable sitting down, don’t you think?”
Alex had the sudden, irrational fear that winning the lottery by genie was against some federal law, but he said, “Sure, whatever,” and stepped aside for the men to enter. He led them to the living room, and they all sat down.
“Mr. Bartelli, are you familiar with a company called Sahara’s Odds?” Agent Barber asked.
“Sure. It’s the company my financial adviser, Frank Goldstein, had me invest in . . . some off-track betting place or something.”
Invest in?” Agent Allen echoed incredulously. “Mr. Bartelli, we have documentation identifying you as president, CEO, and controlling shareholder. You know, when most people set up a Ponzi scheme these days, they try to make the company seem at least remotely legitimate. Sahara’s Odds has no physical address, only a post office box—by itself not so unusual, but there’s no record of the company owning any property at all. No business office, no equipment, nothing but the PO box and a cellphone number. It’s miraculous that a company with so little foundation can ‘guarantee’ thirty-percent annual returns to its investors.”
Alex had no clue what these two were talking about. His voice cracked as he sputtered, “Seriously guys, my, uh, financial adviser just told me he had this sure-thing investment that was going to double my money. I don’t know nothin’ about being president or CEO or nothin’.”
“Is this your signature?” Barber asked, pulling a sheet of paper from the manila folder and handing it to him.
Alex had signed so many things for Frank that he couldn’t remember half of them, and he hadn’t understood the legalese, anyway; but it did look like his signature. “I’m not sure.”
The agent placed the paper back in the folder and stood up. “That’s all we need at this time, Mr. Bartelli. I must inform you, however, that the FTC is investigating your involvement in this as consumer fraud, the SEC is investigating separately for securities fraud, and the U.S. Attorney may open a third investigation. The assets of Sahara’s Odds, and your own personal assets, have been frozen pending the outcome of these investigations.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means you won’t be able to use any of your lottery winnings for a while. I don’t think I need to add, but don’t leave town. We can show ourselves out.” The agents left the apartment, closing the door behind them.
Alex’s head was swimming. He didn’t know what was going on, but he was going to find out, and Frank had better hope he was legitimate. Nobody messed with him like this. He dialed Frank’s number, but the call went to an automated message saying the recipient’s voicemail was full. Evidently he wasn’t the only one trying, and failing, to get ahold of Frank Goldstein. Alex knew without even talking to him that he was screwed.
“Goddammit!” he snarled as he threw the phone across the room. It crashed into the mantel and shattered. “Figures,” he muttered, and went over to pick up the pieces.
As he stood by the fireplace with his broken phone, the genie’s bottle fell off the mantel and landed in his hand, as if it were trying to get his attention.
“Oh, like I’m going to make a third wish now.” No, there would be no more wishes. He was going back to that shop and smashing the bottle over Old Man Hamed’s head. He’d thrash the guy for even giving it to him in the first place. He took the bottle and left the apartment.
It started to rain just as he got to the old neighborhood, and he couldn’t find a parking space anywhere near Hamed’s. His thousand-dollar suit was going to be ruined. As if that wasn’t enough, when he reached Hamed’s, he found the store closed.
Alex leaned against the door in the pouring rain, close to tears, and stared at the bottle, his reflection distorted in the curved gold plate. Why was all this happening to him? The genie had told him his wishes had a price. Who had known the price would be more trouble than the money was worth? If he ever got ahold of his so-called investment advisor, he’d ring his neck. Yeah, if he ever came back from sipping mai-tais in Tahiti.
And what about the gold-digging psycho bitch? She was supposed to leave when he was done with her, but Alex had a feeling he wasn’t going to get rid of her for a very long time.
He plodded back down the street and got into his car, where he placed the bottle in the passenger seat. “I just wish all of that would go away,” he sighed, resting his head on the steering wheel.
“Wish granted,” came the soft voice.
“No, wait, that wasn’t a wish.”
A sudden knock on his window made him startle, and he looked up to see a gun pointed at him. “Open the door!” the gunman shouted.
“You must be out of your mind, man!”
“Open it, or I’ll smash the window.” Alex didn’t move, and the gunman used the butt of the pistol to break the window, covering Alex in glass; then he grabbed hold of Alex’s collar with one hand and his hair with the other, and dragged him out through the window. The guy was incredibly strong, and when Alex’s leg got caught on the steering wheel, he just yanked harder. The steering wheel didn’t give, but his leg did. With a great crack, the leg broke, and the gunman managed to drag him the rest of the way out of the car. He tossed Alex unceremoniously onto the pavement, where he landed head first.
A blinding pain shot through his head, and the world began to swim. He was vaguely aware of the bottle, which his assailant tossed into the pool of blood that was rapidly growing next to his head.
The carjacker started the Ferrari and jerked it out into traffic, driving over Alex’s pelvis in the process. Alex screamed, but there was nobody around. He was alone, broken and bleeding to death on a Brooklyn street with no one to hear his cries.
As darkness started to overcome him, he managed one last weak chuckle. Well, he had wished for it all to go away. It looked as though he had gotten his wish.
* * *
As Alex perished, the bottle began to wobble back and forth, and it finally tipped over and started rolling. It rolled down the street, through puddles and across potholes until it came to a ramp to the sidewalk. It rolled up the curb and continued on and finally stopped at the door to Hamed’s Antiques. The door opened, and Hamed bent down and picked up the bottle.
“Ah, there you are, my friend,” he said, locking the door behind him. He took the bottle to the counter and set it down, smiling as he watched the blue smoke filtering into the room. By the time the genie had fully materialized, the bottle was gone. The genie bowed his head and said, “It is done, Master. Your enemy is dead. Wish granted.”
With that, he dissipated into smoke and retreated into his real home, a golden lamp which held a place of honor behind Hamed’s counter.
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[DEW: Chemtrails] Military Chemtrails: Artificial Clouds & Directed Energy Weapons in Space
Contrail, also called condensation trail or vapour trail, streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear cold humid air. It forms upon condensation of water vapour produced by the combustion of fuel in airplane engines. When the ambient relative humidity is high, the resulting ice-crystal plume may last several hours. The trail may be distorted by the winds, and sometimes it spreads outward to form a layer of cirrus cloud. On rare occasions, when the air is nearly saturated with water vapour, air circulation at the wing tips of an airplane may cause sufficient pressure and temperature reductions to cause cloud streamers to form. In the 1990s a popular conspiracy theory arose claiming that long-lasting contrails contained chemicals (“chemtrails”) that were sprayed by governments for purposes such as controlling the weather or dispersing drugs to influence the general population. However, atmospheric scientists have explained that some contrails last longer than others because of factors such as the humidity of the air (which can vary quite sharply over short distances) and the temperature of the airplane’s exhaust. Encyclopedia Britannica
Military Chemtrails: Artificial Clouds & Directed Energy Weapons in Space
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00:10 [Music] 00:17 welcome climate viewers is Jim Lee from 00:19 climate viewer news at climate viewer 00:21 calm climb viewer Oregon weather 00:24 modification history calm so I just 00:27 recently did a debate with Mick West and 00:31 I got a lot of feedback on that ranging 00:35 from you killed it - holy crap 00:39 Jim doesn't believe in you know military 00:43 chemtrails he just thinks it's all jet 00:45 fuel and this nothing could be further 00:48 from the truth I have on year after year 00:52 after year said that both can be 00:55 happening simultaneously that we can 00:58 have commercial aviation pollution 01:00 creating clouds which are cirrus clouds 01:02 which is a problem and we can have 01:05 military intervention creating 01:09 geoengineering all of that sort of thing 01:11 so and I and I do regret not bringing 01:15 that up during the debate I'm not gonna 01:18 read you know show you the personal 01:21 direct messages between Mick West and I 01:23 but I showed him what I'm about to show 01:26 you and he agreed that this is 100% 01:29 legit so that would have been great to 01:33 have during the debate but there's no 01:35 time like today to go ahead and educate 01:37 you on all of the military aspects of 01:40 this and this secret government programs 01:43 for chemtrails aka artificial clouds 01:46 what they have to do is satellite 01:48 surveillance and what do they have to do 01:52 with directed-energy weapons so let's 01:57 get into that right away I did a 02:00 previous presentation on this it was 02:03 called carbon black dust the chemtrails 02:06 secret for weather warfare 02:08 geoengineering and ozone destruction and 02:10 this really breaks down the difference 02:13 between the two for those you know that 02:19 are saying Brian Jones and Chad saying 02:22 he didn't get a 02:22 application follow me on Twitter and 02:25 Facebook at climate viewer 02:28 slash climate viewer slash 02:30 climate viewer I always tweet out and 02:33 Facebook post before I go live that 02:37 might help out for you guys and also 02:39 like I'd like to you know say if you've 02:42 never if you're new to the channel if 02:43 this your first time seeing please 02:45 subscribe links right there and the 02:48 bottom of that beautiful visit of my 02:52 shelf and everything that you see is a 02:56 free of charge open source and I'd like 02:58 your support so I greatly appreciate 03:01 everybody who sports me on patreon or 03:03 gives a one-time donation on PayPal or 03:05 go fund me everything I do is open 03:08 source you're free to remix this video 03:10 download it any of my material just 03:13 please give a link back to the original 03:14 or if it's a video keep the link in the 03:17 descriptions you know all of the 03:19 information please so in this uh in this 03:22 a presentation I did I bet I break down 03:26 the difference between the two and you 03:30 know really this is the thing that 03:32 people don't get that it's it doesn't 03:34 have to be every single plane is in on a 03:37 secret agenda that there's clear 03:39 evidence the military has reasons to 03:42 create clouds and I have the proof I 03:45 have Freedom of Information Act requests 03:48 these are as legit as shit so buckle 03:53 your seatbelts I'm going to go through 03:55 this really quickly this will not this 03:57 will be the abridged version of the 04:00 other video I did real quick so weather 04:05 warfare US Air Force and Navy FOIA 04:07 documents and presentations 04:09 geoengineering carbon black dust and 04:11 soot carries metals and sulfur into the 04:13 stratosphere ozone carbon blasts black 04:15 dust and so it levitates in the 04:17 stratosphere metals and sulfur destroy 04:19 the ozone is released in the exhaust of 04:22 jet aircraft by burning fuel soot or 04:24 dumped pumped from military aircraft 04:27 carbon black now there is a difference 04:30 between carbon black dust and carbon 04:31 soot I'm not going to get into the 04:34 details if you want 04:36 watch the video that I did on this 04:38 presentation I go into great detail 04:40 about all of this but this is a 04:42 PowerPoint presentation you can download 04:44 it yourself you can send it to anybody 04:46 so on the Left we have military use 04:49 which is carbon black dust increase 04:52 cirrus cloud covered increased decreased 04:55 precipitation dissipate fog hurricane 04:58 modification increased decreased 05:00 precipitation these are scientific 05:02 weather modification uses of carbon 05:04 black dust and then ever on the other 05:06 side we have commercial aviation so it 05:08 does similar things increase cirrus 05:10 cloud cover alter rainfall patterns 05:13 affects solar radiation cools by day 05:14 traps heat by night let's let's just get 05:18 along real quickly through this because 05:20 I want to get into the important stuff 05:21 so yes they're metals coming out of 05:24 planes I was on destruction so it 05:26 levitates how it affects human health 05:30 and all biology on the planet hairy wax 05:33 our warning about how jet rocket exhaust 05:35 can screw with the atmosphere you know 05:39 and I called this chemtrails from space 05:41 you can see my entire playlist on 05:44 YouTube about that or check the 05:46 references on my article aluminum barium 05:49 and chemtrails from space 05:52 10 technologies to control the weather 05:54 today all the ionosphere heaters and 05:57 space vents related radars of the world 06:00 can be found at climate viewer org 06:02 artificial cloud creation history so in 06:05 1958 Palm Springs gripes about Jets 06:09 blocking out the Sun air force gives 06:12 village two choices live with the trails 06:14 are move let's face it man set a crisp 06:17 talkin star-studded generally II they 06:19 have to live with the vapor trails or 06:21 move the city of Palm Springs hilarious 06:24 oh but wait Navy scientists create 06:29 clouds then breaks them up another are 06:32 um newspaper article this is 1958 Navy 06:35 creation destroys clouds ordinary carbon 06:39 black is used so right here in the 06:43 details at the bottom we dropped one and 06:46 a half 06:47 and dry packages of carbon black we 06:51 produce single clouds with each drop 06:53 this is the military creating clouds 06:58 using just dumped pumped carbon black 07:02 dust the Navy team seeded seven clouds 07:06 of carbon and dissipated each of them in 07:08 from two-and-a-half to 20 minutes each 07:11 cloud turned gray and then rapidly 07:13 disappeared dr. florence flint van 07:16 Straten said aside from the cost of the 07:18 airplanes we spent less than five 07:20 dollars on the experiments in Georgia so 07:23 it's real cheap it modifies the weather 07:26 carbon black dust used by the US Navy to 07:30 create clouds all right let's continue 07:36 John F Kennedy 1961 we shall propose 07:40 further cooperative efforts between all 07:42 nations and weather prediction and 07:43 eventually weather control from my 07:46 original image right here 07:57 you 08:18 so let's continue along he also said and 08:23 this gets to the directive energy part 08:25 of things control of space means control 08:27 the world from space the Masters of 08:29 infinity would have the power to control 08:31 Earth's weather to cause drought and 08:33 flood to change the tides and raise the 08:36 levels of the sea to divert the Gulf 08:38 Stream and change temperate climates to 08:40 frigid my gosh now that's a mouthful so 08:45 Lyndon Johnson went on to do operation 08:48 Popeye with the weather warfare in 08:50 Vietnam he authorized it so just a 08:53 heads-up on that audio should not be off 08:58 audio should be fine I need your crap 09:03 stream hangs not good I've got I got 09:09 green lights everywhere so must be on 09:13 your in two states ooh over black belch 09:17 on the possibility of weather 09:18 modification by aircraft contrails is 09:22 likely that contrails are affecting 09:24 precipitation to a much greater extent 09:25 than present deliberate cloud seeding 09:28 operations 1970 on the dot 1970 and then 09:37 using weather modification by carbon 09:40 dust absorption of solar energy using 09:41 carbon black dust to steer hurricanes 09:45 1976 I believe it is yes acid rain but 09:51 let's get to the important stuff so here 09:53 the foyers that this is the undeniable 09:58 truth about the military side of weather 10:01 warfare this is from a Freedom of 10:05 Information Act request space cast 2020 10:09 and in it's a previous Russian weather 10:13 modification effort redacted big block 10:17 missing and then it said this 10:19 demonstrated the ability to generate 10:22 infrared defeating clouds effectively 10:26 denying overhead surveillance 10:31 this was talking about a long time ago 10:35 Russia creating clouds to block out spy 10:39 satellites this makes sense this makes 10:44 total sense this is from 1994 and this 10:49 comes from the sunshine project they did 10:51 a FOIA US Air Force Freedom of 10:54 Information Act request document titled 10:56 weather modification using carbon black 10:59 proposed by US Air Force Philips 11:02 Laboratory geophysics Directorate to 11:06 achieve precipitation enhancement to 11:09 create cirrus clouds and to dissipate 11:12 fog and low clouds employed 11:16 precipitation enhancement techniques to 11:19 muddy the Ho Chi Minh Trail reducing the 11:21 flow of supplies in North Vietnam so 11:24 this was actually also user in Vietnam 11:27 allegedly so carbon black dust u.s. 11:30 naval warfare center is up next 11:35 US Naval Warfare Center non-lethal 11:39 warfare proposal weather modification by 11:42 the Naval Air Weapons Station at China 11:46 Lake here's their cold cloud 11:48 modification system bombs they use to do 11:51 cloud seeding here is the FOIA over here 11:53 on the side and of course right here at 11:56 the bottom is a link to weather 11:58 modification history comm I will be 12:00 showing you those links as well all this 12:03 is in the the presentation PowerPoint 12:05 you can download it and read it yourself 12:08 then in 1995 through 96 both of those 12:12 foyers would work from 90 all three of 12:14 those four years that I just showed you 12:16 about weather modification using carbon 12:19 black and creating artificial clouds 12:20 were from 1994 then what happened 1995 12:24 and 96 that's when the Air Force 2025 12:27 papers came out and the most famous of 12:30 those papers was weather as a force 12:32 multiplier owning the weather in 2025 12:35 the most important what up Mike Morales 12:39 in chat my ninja the most important 12:43 thing that I saw 12:45 while going through this document was 12:47 this chart and in this chart it shows 12:50 what we have now what we plan on using 12:53 in the future to own the weather in 2025 12:57 and right here at 2005 it says CBD and 13:02 if you look down here CBD equals carbon 13:06 black dust and as a star next to it the 13:10 star beans technologies to be developed 13:13 by the Department of Defense 13:17 interestingly enough the Air Force the 13:21 Freedom of Information Act request which 13:23 I just showed you right here which was 13:27 by the US Air Force Phillips laboratory 13:30 to prove its real they did owning the 13:33 weather in 2025 and then the very next 13:35 year in 1997 dr. Arnold a Barnes jr. 13:41 from the optical effects division of the 13:45 Phillips laboratory had a joint Army Air 13:49 Force meeting called test technology 13:52 symposium 97 weather modification 13:56 how will the army after next the army 13:58 after next how will we test weather 14:00 modification and he goes into great 14:04 detail about all of the different ways 14:07 that we can own the weather in 2025 for 14:10 real he cites all of the stuff that we 14:12 did during the Ho Chi Minh Trail 14:14 stuff over Vietnam and Laos and weather 14:18 modification using carbon black there 14:21 were two slides in his presentation on 14:23 this slide one increased precipitation 14:26 muddy dirt roads yada-yada decreased 14:29 precipitation shut off rainfall this is 14:33 the military creating drought alright 14:37 slide 2 and this is your smoking gun 14:40 slide military chemtrails 14:43 what the eff are they doing it says it 14:47 right there in bold in front of your 14:50 face increase cirrus cloud cover using 14:57 carbon black dust 14:59 why why would the military want to 15:01 create clouds to deny visual satellite 15:05 or high-altitude reconnaissance to block 15:09 out spy satellites that's the important 15:12 part okay that they can create a blanket 15:17 of clouds and then the military from 15:19 China or Russia or anybody else who's 15:22 got spies in the sky even high-flying 15:26 planes like the YouTube plane that these 15:29 planes these satellites cannot see 15:32 what's going on on the ground that's why 15:34 the military in this presentation from 15:38 the US Air Force Phillips lab which was 15:40 in the FOIA talking about weather 15:42 warfare using carbon black dust say they 15:45 would create cirrus clouds and cirrus 15:48 clouds are what we see when we call them 15:51 chemtrails that is what we're seeing and 15:54 especially if you're seeing a white 15:56 unmarked military aircraft creating a 15:58 bunch of clouds this is possibly what's 16:00 going on the other reason they say that 16:03 they create clouds is to decrease light 16:07 level for nighttime operations now for 16:11 me this was like oh why didn't I think 16:15 of that so you're in Iraq and you got 16:20 the Republican Guard you're taking on 16:22 and it's nighttime and we love nighttime 16:24 operations why we've got very expensive 16:27 equipment and everybody's got night 16:28 vision guess what do you think the 16:31 Iraqis had a whole bunch of night-vision 16:33 goggles 16:34 hell no so how do you exacerbate that 16:37 problem create a bunch of freaking 16:39 clouds that block out the moonlight and 16:41 make it even worse Steve if only Mick 16:45 West was watching this I sent all of 16:48 this to Mick West after I did the 16:52 interview with him and he basically was 16:53 like I was reading the comments do you 16:55 really think you changed anybody's 16:56 opinion and how helpful was that and I 16:59 was like but dude I could have gone way 17:01 harder on you I was being a gentleman 17:03 and making this about your fascination 17:06 with the c-word I mean you really don't 17:08 like the c-word but I could have really 17:11 beat the hell out of 17:12 you and I was a gentleman about it 17:14 because if I would have brought up all 17:15 these folios you'd be looking like an 17:17 asshole and so now that's why I'm making 17:21 this video because I got so many 17:22 comments on the Midwest debate about why 17:26 didn't you Jim believes that this is all 17:28 just pollution no I've said for years it 17:31 is pollution coming from commercial 17:34 aviation for the most part and there is 17:39 military CIA Air Force US Navy 17:42 specifically Air Force at 17:44 wright-patterson Air Force Base and Navy 17:47 at China Lake California you can't get 17:51 more specific than me 17:52 I mean there's a whole lot of people 17:54 talking a whole lot of shit and I'm the 17:56 only one telling you exactly who okay 18:00 they say they tinker with everything 18:03 someone says how about Tinker Air Force 18:05 Base won't get into that one but anyway 18:08 back to the presentation so this is your 18:12 smoking gun proof right now why the 18:14 military say they want to create clouds 18:18 okay and then I go on to talk about jet 18:21 fuel and how NATO's involved in how it 18:23 coincides with the chemtrail word being 18:27 used for the first time on the Internet 18:29 in 1997 and that was during a switch 18:33 from gasoline to kerosene based fuels 18:36 and you know drone will drone wolf 18:42 medias as you held back sure Jim I did 18:45 hold back a little bit because I was 18:47 trying to be a gentleman about it and 18:49 I've been debating my quest for ten damn 18:53 years on his own forum I know how his 18:55 mind works so I wanted to beat him at 18:58 his own game anyway this thing goes on 19:00 and on and on talks about the aluminum 19:02 the strontium the titanium the barium 19:05 that's in the jet fuel and all of that 19:06 and I go through both sides of things 19:09 and of course here we are today history 19:12 repeating itself 2008 Homeland Security 19:16 Department Homeland Security 19:18 hurricane modification workshop and the 19:21 image over here flight 19:24 fleet of transport aircraft flying at 19:27 50,000 feet drop suit in the path of 19:30 targeted area of hurricane suit is 19:34 warmed by the Sun heating and heating 19:38 the cool air around it and at the very 19:42 top of the hurricane and reduces the 19:46 having trouble reading it because my 19:48 monitor is so far away and let me just 19:51 blow it up right here in front of me 19:53 come over here make it easier for me to 19:56 read this reduces the flow of the air 20:01 within the hurricane and slows it down 20:02 depending on where and when the suit is 20:05 dropped this will now week in hurricane 20:07 will change course steering hurricanes I 20:11 know you're agreeing with me during wolf 20:13 no work no no worries bro no worries bro 20:15 this is this is all good I mean I was 20:19 called a beaker the other day I think I 20:22 can take it 20:23 me me me me me me me me my hair does get 20:27 crazy I tend to wait till the last 20:28 minute to get it trimmed back up which I 20:32 did as you can see it's all trimmed up 20:34 right now because I'm going to the beach 20:36 and a couple days and I can't wait to 20:38 have a nice little break you break and I 20:40 hope that you guys can make do a beach 20:41 or someplace fun seeing is summertime 20:44 that's why there's less videos going on 20:46 right now love you mean it and I'm not 20:49 going to go through the rest of this 20:50 entire thing but contrary control and 20:52 you know how it relates to volcanic 20:56 eruptions and you know what people are 20:59 saying about the greenhouse gas jet 21:01 biofuel enlisted for contro control this 21:04 is more of the commercial aviation side 21:06 of things and how they're using jet you 21:09 know jet fuel control to create clouds 21:12 but that's what not what this video is 21:14 about so anyway you guys can go through 21:16 the entire PowerPoint presentation and 21:18 see how I went to the EPA hearing on it 21:20 talk about accidental geoengineering 21:23 airplane contrails maybe creating 21:26 accidental geoengineering and we're 21:28 about to kill a massive accidental 21:30 experiment and reducing global warming 21:31 with ship tracks 21:33 so anyway geoengineering 21:36 sulfur dope fuel and all of that sort of 21:38 thing you know all of the different 21:41 references that the scientists have 21:43 talked to about putting sulfur in jet 21:45 fuel to do that it's kind of crazy and 21:48 you know the studies they're doing all 21:51 biofuels right now and how all that 21:53 works so you can feel free to go through 21:56 the rest of all of this but be sure to 21:59 check that part out so over here on a 22:02 weather modification history comm US 22:04 Navy creates just and destroys clouds 22:07 using carbon black you can actually see 22:09 those newspaper articles right here you 22:13 can view them at full-size and what you 22:15 will see is they are very large so you 22:17 can actually go very very large and you 22:21 can go through and you know read each of 22:24 these all these were created by Dominic 22:27 Marama my brother from another mother in 22:30 Canada so you feel free to dive into 22:34 that let me go back here and reset my 22:39 dings in apparently I screwed it up 22:43 Reesa Reesa area carbon black controls 22:47 clouds there's another one Navy creation 22:52 destroys clouds ordinary cloud carbon 22:55 black is used lady meteorologists toys 22:57 with clouds to seek to tranquil I train 23:00 to seek tranquilizer for bad storms dr. 23:03 Florence van Straten 1958 four separate 23:07 newspaper articles we were able to find 23:08 on just that topic 23:10 what up Dominic weather modification 23:14 history in the house and the chat room 23:16 that's dum-dum we needed to shoot some 23:20 people on battlefield five when this is 23:22 over with just saying all right so all 23:27 of this can be found in the if you go to 23:30 weather modification history calm you 23:33 click on weather warfare right here you 23:36 can see all these FOIA is so down here 23:39 is HAARP and stuff and in modern stuff 23:43 and CIA and stuff but those FOIA as you 23:48 can see right here 23:49 are right there there's the China Lake 23:54 FOIA the US Air Force FOIA and the space 23:59 caste 2024 yeah you can actually 24:02 download these documents owning the 24:04 weather in 2025 test technology 24:06 symposium 1987 Secretary of Defense 24:10 William Cohen on eco-terrorism with an 24:12 electromagnetic waves dr. Evil's 24:15 geoengineering plan from National Lab to 24:18 global governance all the papers 24:20 associated with that artificial tornados 24:25 steering cyclones with the thunderstorm 24:27 SEP solar-powered satellite by Bernard 24:30 Eastlund the guy who came up with the 24:32 HAARP patents and this is the one I 24:35 wanted to show you guys so where does 24:37 directed energy weapons come in to all 24:39 of this and this is the quote create 24:46 localized fog or Stratus cloud 24:48 formations shielding critical assets 24:51 against attack from energy-based weapons 24:54 in space I'm not making this up like I 24:59 said on weather modification history 25:00 calm everything has a link click the 25:03 link go to the article this is on DT 25:05 ICML operational defenses through 25:09 weather control in 2030 and as it says 25:17 right here the United States needs to 25:24 appropriate incorporate the defense 25:26 against directed energy weapons with the 25:29 same intensity use used developing 25:32 anti-ballistic missile defenses one of 25:35 the major drawbacks to optical or 25:37 directed energy weapons is the inability 25:39 to penetrate clouds or defense fog 25:41 advances in technology are beginning to 25:44 bring weather phenomena under our 25:45 control greatly increased computing 25:49 power and micronized delivery systems 25:51 will allow us to create specific 25:53 perturbations in local atmospheric 25:56 conditions these perturbations 25:59 or screwing with 26:00 stuff allow for the immediate and 26:04 lasting ability to create localized fog 26:07 or Stratus cloud formations shielding 26:10 critical assets against attack from 26:13 energy-based weapons the future of 26:16 nanotechnology will enable the creation 26:18 of Stratus cloud formations to defeat 26:21 directed-energy weapons and optically 26:23 targeted attacks on the United States 26:25 assets the solution the weather control 26:29 problem involves networked miniature 26:32 balloons feeding and receiving data from 26:36 a four dimensional variation computer 26:38 model through a sensor and actor network 26:42 a network of diamond walled balloons 26:46 enters the area to be changed and then 26:49 both measures and effects localized 26:53 temperature and vapor content this 26:55 system effectively shortens the control 26:57 loop of an atmospheric system to the 27:00 point it can be managed the capabilities 27:02 in the diamond walled balloons are based 27:06 on future the future of nanotechnology 27:09 and this was published April of 2009 so 27:16 this is the important part of the you 27:20 know the whole idea of why and these are 27:23 stratus clouds to boot a man I 27:26 appreciate it my love you mean it 27:28 brother always always a supporter if you 27:31 guys haven't checked out Mike Morales go 27:34 to my channel you can do that by 27:36 clicking right here go to 27:38 slash M Lea - climate viewer and on the 27:42 sidebar you're gonna see Mike Morales 27:44 Mike does great daily videos on keeping 27:48 us up-to-date on what's going on the 27:50 weather and he's a hell of a fella a 27:52 good friend of mine so give him show him 27:55 some love 27:58 alright so what do we have what let's 28:01 tie a bow on all this real quick so what 28:04 we have is we have the military 28:07 explaining that not only do we want to 28:10 create cirrus clouds to block out spy 28:13 satellite 28:14 and make a darker at night for our 28:16 nighttime operations but we even want to 28:19 create stratus clouds which are lower 28:23 not not not as high not near the 28:27 stratosphere the what's called the 28:28 tropopause the area where the 28:31 troposphere meets the stratosphere 28:33 stratus clouds are lower to create 28:36 clouds 28:40 no problem fixing your PC Mike love you 28:43 mean it brother 28:44 the to create these clouds to defeat 28:48 directed-energy weapons in space lasers 28:52 from space so that's why the military 28:56 says they're going to create clouds 28:59 these are official documents these are 29:02 Freedom of Information Act requests 29:04 you're not going to find them anywhere 29:05 else the sunshine project sunshine - 29:10 project org website was deleted so if 29:14 you actually go to these foils um and 29:18 I'll show you real quick let me bring it 29:20 up what you'll see is on these foils 29:24 right here that you'll go to down here 29:29 they're coming from web dot 29:31 and if you click on this it's going to 29:34 take you to sunshine - project org their 29:38 website was shut down and then over here 29:40 new in mod 1994 download a short 29:44 two-page 1994 US Air Force proposal to 29:48 develop the theater scale weather 29:50 modification system using carbon black 29:52 and that's where I got the document from 29:55 you click the link it'll actually take 29:57 you to the PDF and I also have that PDF 30:01 link so there it is weather modification 30:04 using carbon black I dig I dig and I dig 30:07 some more and the truth is out there you 30:10 would not believe what you can find on 30:12 the internet if you look hard enough and 30:14 damn and I find everything and right 30:17 there is where I get that from increased 30:19 cirrus cloud covered in high visual 30:21 satellite and high-altitude 30:22 reconnaissance decreased light level for 30:25 nighttime operations 30:28 and like I said I showed this to Mick 30:30 West let's take a little peek real quick 30:36 that's me on Twitter let me log in real 30:39 quick well go to messages will go to 30:42 Mick west and I said do you agree see we 30:47 can blow this up so do you agree that 30:50 the FOIA is and the military documents 30:52 prove that the military not only had the 30:54 capability of creating and suppressing 30:57 contrails serious on demand for 30:59 surveillance and coverage and nighttime 31:01 operations 31:02 I don't know but probably to a degree 31:04 why not I mean I basically like razzed 31:10 him afterwards and I was like if you you 31:12 haven't read all this this is the stuff 31:14 here's the FOIA is this basically the 31:16 content of this video you're watching 31:17 right now and you know I said you know 31:21 um he was like I was looking at the chat 31:23 and I didn't really think that you know 31:25 or rather that people they take what 31:29 they want from what you're saying seems 31:31 like a lot of people rather stuck on the 31:32 traditional idea of chemtrails and not 31:35 really getting what you're saying and I 31:37 said like a like I said YouTube is a 31:40 schoolyard they're smart people and 31:42 ignorant people everywhere especially on 31:45 YouTube I could have gone really hard on 31:47 you and brought up much more damning 31:49 material first of all you're dead wrong 31:51 about the link between geoengineering 31:54 the weather modification and I pointed 31:56 out the nexus between weather 31:58 modification and limited area 31:59 geoengineering boy I'm on a side tangent 32:02 now but anyway I gave him hell showed 32:04 him all these links and at the end of 32:06 the day you know he tried to dodge my 32:09 question you know about it he's like I 32:13 was like you didn't answer this question 32:15 you know what the f and he's like yeah I 32:17 guess you're right the military that can 32:20 do that and and I rarely shared the aims 32:24 but you know MIT kind of deserves it 32:28 anyway and like I said if you if you die 32:31 getting your YouTube update go to this 32:34 is slash resonated that's me 32:37 my other one 32:39 is climate viewer like I said and you'll 32:42 see that this video and all my other 32:45 videos I post them here before I go live 32:49 so military chemtrails artificial clouds 32:52 blah blah blah and you can see this 32:54 video is live as we speak right here so 32:57 there we go
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