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(Potential Takeover Target) MODU Pacific Drilling Draws Interest as Target: Bloomberg Business
I launched a discussion on this a month ago when Hercules filed for Bankruptcy.
Pacific "PACD" is currently at $2.55
It seems to further my thoughts that sometime this year I see acquisitions of smaller drilling companies by larger companies. With the glut of rigs, it makes no sense to continue building them and add to the oversupply but simply purchase other companies with a modern fleet and contracts and assume their work.
Personally, I see Transocean "RIG" making the first buy during this downturn.
  1. They have a large line of untapped credit.
  2. The Macondo Settlement is closed and they were fined no where near what they expected.
  3. Due to Macondo they didn't build rigs without contracts so their glut is with their existing fleet.
  4. They've retired half of their fleet, from 120 rigs down to 65 in the fleet at the moment, and still not finished. This has brought their average age up to 10-15 yrs of rig age.
Now here's where the big points come into play.
  1. Transocean has been built on Mergers and buyouts. Ex: Aker, Global Santa Fe, R&B Falcon, Sedco, Forex.....
  2. The new CEO is from NOV "NOV $44.16" which is a company built on aggressive takeovers and mergers of other companies.
Right now, I don't see any big mergers between the giants, but more so a slaughterhouse amongst all the smaller players who own 3-5 newer rigs and don't have the capitol to maintain them.
Maersk "MAERSKB" is another rumored favorite for doing takeovers. Ocean Rig "ORIG $4.71" on the other hand seems prime to be bought out.
Only time will tell.
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