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Incentivizing entry fragging (and support)

It seems to me that CS:GO is still in a pretty primitive place in terms of the way we assess player performance. Certain roles are disproportionately valued even at the highest levels of commentary and analysis. There isn't a CS:GO commentator alive who doesn't talk about who's topfragging for his team — even though it indicates nothing except that player's role and how the map is going for that player's team. The fact is that the roles of awper and especially lurker are going to result in the most consistently high k/d ratios regardless of how the map is going for their team. Whereas entry fraggers almost always have garbage ratios if their team is doing poorly, and often mediocre ones even if their team is doing well. Because of this, commentators treat them like punching bags, giving them shit for being inconsistent, for not showing up.
Try, off the top of your head, to name the five best players alive. I'd be willing to bet that at least 4 of the 5 you come up with are AWPers and lurkers.
But here's the thing. Entry fraggers expose themselves to multiple angles at once with little or no knowledge of enemy positions. They are most likely to die, and if they don't die they're most likely to be lit the fuck up when they're helping hold off a retake, making them most likely to die during the hold. The information they provide and fire they draw on entry are at least as valuable as the frags they get. And if they're not getting frags, it could be because they're playing poorly, but it could also indicate poor support play (having to face unflashed, poorly-smoked-off CTs) and bad early-round picking by the team as a whole. On d2, for example, if the AWPer picks someone at mid, the entry fragger's way more likely to get his kill because he's probably only going to be getting shot at from one direction.
On the vast majority of maps, at MOST, you need 7 T rounds for the win. If we estimate that Ts win 60% of rounds where the entry fragger gets the opening kill, that means an entry fragger who has gone 12-15 on T side has done his job, even though most of us would consider that a garbage K/D.
So, to commentators and stat-keepers I would say: Enough with the talk of topfraggers and ratios! Let's move toward an emphasis on role-specific conversation and stats. For AWPers I want to hear about accuracy percentages and early-round picks, maybe a cost-of-weapons vs cost-of-weapons-taken-away ratio, for lurkers # of rotators picked off and 1vX kills. For entryfraggers, entry frags (obviously), entry frag ratio (obviously), unflashed enemies taken out, etc.
To Valve and ESEA, I'd say: You're already moving toward a points-based rather than frag-based scoreboard ranking with MVP stars and assists, or in ESEA's case RWS. But it can and should be taken much further and implemented better(idgaf who plants/defuses, for example). If entries were placed at a higher premium, the problem of no one wanting to be first into a site, which I've seen in comp from Nova to LEM and which I suspect shows up in SMFC and Global as well, not to mention every pug system known to mankind, would disappear. Points or assists could be awarded for anyone you've flashed or mollied out of position who a teammate then kills. Taking away guns as the round ends, killing a T after the timer runs out — high impact shit — can be encouraged thru game mechanics. Toughest to incentivize would be good smokes, but I don't think it'd be impossible — something to do with the amount of time choke points go unused and lines of sight are obstructed. Who knows! I'm not a game designer, I'm just some fucking guy.
Inevitably there would be some mishaps where an incentive is implemented in such a way that players figure out how to exploit it, but that's what patches are for. And it's not like the current state of the game doesn't result in people being bad team players in order to pad their stats with low-impact frags.
If you read all that, god bless you. I'd love to hear yr thoughts below.
tl;dr: I'm a butthurt entry fragger who didn't get enough attention as a child :[
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