Retail Assistant CV Example -

I'm in a risk of being made redundant. What should my next step be?

I'm not sure how many of you here are from the UK, but as some of you might have heard from the news, the biggest betting shop operator is closing down about 700 stores and over 4000 staff are currently in the risk of being made redundant. I am one of them.
I came to the UK when I was 18 with very little work history, only some summer gigs and weekend jobs. I took the first job I could get here and started working as a Cashier in Burger King. After a while, I worked my way up to shift manager position and 9 months in the job I became an Assistant Store Manager. There I've gained a lot of team management and other crucial skills needed in the retail customer service. I was 19 when I was promoted to the Assistant Store Manager position.

A few months into that position I have decided to quit and find a better opportunity, as I had to travel almost two hours to work and from work, which became very exhausting after a year. I got a job with this betting company, and again very similar story, in little over a year and a half I went from cashier to defacto Store Manager (they call it Customer Experience Manager) but you are in charge of the store and your staff.

Now I'm 23, just got home from work where I found out I most likely have only until September left in my current employment and I'm not entirely sure what my next career step should be. I have indeed a lot of experience in retail, customer service and team management, but I'm a keen IT enthusiast with a decent amount of experience. I'm confident I could take on IT support jobs but don't feel confident to apply for them due to the lack of professional work experience or any diploma in that field. I can work with a variety of software and I'm also proficient with software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Maya, Unreal Engine, Adobe Premiere Pro... but again I have no major way to prove to an employer that I can actually do that. I feel very anxious about the possibility to lie in my CV.

I have spent the last 5 years working in retail and I'm confident I could get a job in this field, but on the other hand, I'm not sure if I should just settle for something samey. I don't want to live in a bubble and waste precious time applying for jobs I would love to do, but I have very little official qualification for, but I really don't want to stay or go back to retail unless my life depends on it.

What type of jobs would you recommend to apply for? What could I do to boost my credibility if I was to apply for more technical jobs, and is there anything in-between?

Thank you so much for your time!
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A weekend in the life 8/25/2019, or Helping the Second Amendment Weekend

747AM: My alarm blares and I am awakened. My back is not doing too well. Megan's salon closed several months ago and she has been working two jobs and has had a lot going on and I don't get a chance to catch up with her as much as I used to where she'd tell me what's going on with her life, I'd crack wise and she'd jam her elbow into an extremely tight part of my muscle group trying to make me feel pain. Megan does not know I fly United. She cannot hurt me.
My gun club has monthly orientation and I go to help out since it is typically a shitshow and the Louisiana heat in the middle of August is an absolute killer of those with weak constitutions.
I have the dubious distinction of doing Firefighter 1 in Louisiana IN JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBEOCTOBER so I am accustomed to my body losing a gallon of water in 20 minutes so this is the usual to me.
9AM: Roll up to the gun club and help set up orientation. The gals helping have brought Chickfila chicken biscuits for breakfast as a treat for the crew helping out. Awesome. I scarf two down as we do a range briefing. All the people I check out handle their firearms properly and don't injure themselves or destroy range property.
Sidenote: The Ruger SR22 Longslide is fucking garbage. The trigger pull on the DA is fucking atrocious. I wish the club bought S&W Victory's or the Mark IV with the push button takedown LIKE I RECOMMENDED but they didn't heed my suggestions.
1203: I pack up the guns and head back to give the tour.
1245: We have completed the Bataan Death March, I mean a tour of the gun club in Louisiana in August at noon. Everyone is ready to go home
102: I'm on my way out of the gun club and I run into Ralph. Ralph is the gatekeepemaintenance person that also fights fire and just got out of medic school. We enjoy talking shop, fire shit, gun shit etc and he's a good egg. We trade stories of idiots and guns and fire calls. He tells me a story about a DUI he ran where the guy said he had one beer before he flipped his F150. Ralph asks just how big that beer was. ETOH says "THAT BEER WAS ABOUT AS BIG AS YOUR PUSSY" at which point Ralph doubles over in laughter and high fives the guy. He's going to jail, but he's having such a good time about it I have a feeling he will fit right in with the drunk tank.
2PM: I get back home and clean out my car, clean all my guns in my range back and lube them all up. I've got ladies day at the range to prep for tomorrow and I try to help out whenever I can. Just as I finish wiping down some mags, I get a call.
ring ring
FC: Go for FC
1: Hey FC, it's Calvin - can I come pick up my Barrett 50 today?
FC: Sure thing! Just let me get cleaned up and I'll head in.
1: I'm about 45 minutes away and I gotta get gas so I'll see you in an hour.
FC: Sounds good!
212PM: I hop in my F350 and head to work. My AC blower motor has decided to stop working. It's a good thing I'm not in Louisiana a week before Labor day in the middle of summer. That would just be the fucking worst, wouldn't it? Oy.
234PM: Roll into work, get paperwork ready for Calvin and double check all his mags, parts, etc. I've got two Barrett 50 black cases next to my desk today. Today I didn't even have to use my AK. I got to say it was a good day. Barrett 50 does not rhyme well with it, I think Ice Cube nailed it the first time. I have been invited to write some pro-2A op ed's for the local bar association newsletter and I work on that for a bit until Calvin arrives.
3.14159: Pi
3:15PM: Calvin rolls up in his brand new Lexus LX470 and asks if it'll fit. I tell him that it'll fit.
We crank off 4473's and I show him on the parts list where we had some problems and replacement items will be in in a few days. He's understanding about the situation and is glad i double checked all the parts for him before he found out he was missing some. Super cool fella, I wish I had more customers like him. The PM 2 looks fantastic on the gun and everything is done right for once. He packs all his stuff up and goes home.
345PM: I'm all done at work, I grab a sandwich at the deli across the street and as I'm stuffing my gullet with pastrami I get an email from a buddy of mine asking if I want to go to the gun show with him. It's about an hour away and Sundays are kinda slow but with the blower motor out on the F350, that's a sacrifice I'm not willing to make. A reluctant pass. I head to the grocery store and get some shopping done. Theo 70% chocolate bars are on special, so I grab a few. Ever since I met Megan, I keep a drawer of high test dark chocolate at the ready in case she's having a bad day. It's been a few weeks since she had her birthday, I wonder how she's doing.
439PM: I get home and unload all the groceries. Steak, Pork Sausage, Eggs, Orange Juice - this will make for a tasty breakfast all week. Nom nom nom.
511PM: I can't find my fucking sunglasses. I have to clean out the F350. No idea where they are. Fuck. I'm gonna need those Oakleys for ladies day in the morning. Shit. I grab a trashcan and clean out the cab and I fill two trashbags of junk before I realize I need a shop vac too. No Oakleys. Fuck.
550PM: Time to hit the self service wash with free vaccum. $8 in quarters later I'm washed down and vacuumed out. Surprisingly no ammo on the floorboards. I head back to the gun club to look for my Oakleys. No dice. I'm wandering around and there's storage and gates open. WTF. I know USPSA is tomorrow and setup is Saturday before for Sunday AM match but what the fuck? I call the club president and ask what's up. He has no idea. I tell him that if we're just leaving doors open to rooms with literally THOUSANDS of dollars worth of steel targets - we're just asking for them to be stolen and made fun of. He agrees this should not happen. I lock up all the club property and lock up the gates. Tsk tsk.
612PM: One of the junk mail flyers on the floorboard was from the Ford dealer. Hmm. Maybe I won the big one. I head over there to the parts department for a price on a new blower motor. They're closed. Fuck. At least I win a $10 gift card to Outback Steakhouse. Win. My glasses must be back at work. Shit. I head back home and take a well deserved shower.
713PM: Time to hit the road and I go to my weekly AA meeting. It's a good meeting although I wish the speaker didn't use that much profanity. Unfortunately, there is no "364 day" chips so I'll have to wait until next week to get mine. After the meeting we all head out to eat at a local BBQ place. I order the prime rib.
1032PM: Gary who is sitting across from me bets me that I cannot eat 14 ounces of medium prime rib as a sandwich between two pieces of texas toast. I say how much you wanna bet?
Gary: five bucks
FC: I got five bucks right here (I pull out my wallet and extract 5 well worn singles and slap em on the table)
Gary begins to backpedal. He pulls out his cash in his pockets and he says he does not have a five he's got two singles. I make out the corner of a C note.
FC: Fine, then lets go big or go home. I see you got a bill. Lets go for a bill.
(I put a C note right on top of the napkin dispenser for everyone to see that the gauntlet has been thrown down)
Gary: No bet, no bet.
FC: Gary, you're no fun anymore since you stopped drinking.
Gary: The same could be said for you my friend!
He's not wrong.
1121: I stop by FC HQ on the way home. My oakleys are on my desk. I'm an idiot. At least I'm an idiot with a clean F350.
1149: Back home, time to take another shower, finish up all the laundry and time to catch some Zzzzz's before the alarm.
757AM: I am jarred awake after an evening of restless slumber. I tossed and turned all night. My new memory foam pillows aren't even helping. My back is stiffer than Jeffrey Epstein watching the Disney Channel. This is gonna go real well.
812AM: A very hot shower and ibuprofen are not going to fix this. I wince in pain just getting my jeans and my boots on. Thankfully the range bag is already loaded up and I don't have to carry it out. One Egg McMuffin and a swig of Simply Orange and my day has begun.
9AM: Ladies day festivities commence at the range, I do some basic instruction and supervisory tasks and everyone seems to have a good time. By noon the group has decided to call it quits and I'm ready for a shower and lunch.
1230PM: I grab an italian from Jersey Mikes on my way home. After a cool shower, I scarf it down with some ginger ale, beverage of champions.
1PM: As I am in recovery mode on the couch I realize something. My passport is expiring soon and I need to get new pictures. Fuck. I drive over to CVS and have them do some passport photos for me and I get my application filled out back at FC HQ. The phone rings.
ring ring
FC: Go for FC
Stan: Hey FC, it's Stan over from PD in Illinois - we met out at SHOT last year?
FC: Yeah man, what's up?
Stan: I need a black nitron Sig 227 SAS Gen 2 for the chief, we're a 45ACP department and nobody's got one. Think you can work your magic? It's letterhead so ships direct to department.
FC: Let me check the back. Hang on.
I crack the safe open and there's a 227 Layaway that hasn't been paid on for 3 years sitting there but I can't remember what model it was
There's $300 down and a $800 balance. From 2016. It's an SAS Gen 2. Yeah, fuck this.
FC: Stan, got one for you. $900 and its yours. Cut me a city check?
Stan: If you can send it out, I'll get with the comptroller on Monday AM and have her mail you a check.
FC: Done.
Stan: You're the best!
FC: That's what she said.
Stan: LOL
That's what she said, and that's true. I wish she hadn't hanged herself. As it turns out, for some folks - the most important thing you can do is just to listen. Apparently being honest, respecting someone and not raping them puts you in the top 1% nowadays. Fuck, why do I always get involved with these women. Maybe that's why I drink, or maybe it's why I don't drink anymore. I don't know. I don't have the answers but they tell me they'll come if your own house is in order. Mine isn't. But it's a work in progress.
216PM: I dump Stan's gun off at the self service kiosk at the post office and check my calendar. I'm O positive and the blood bank loves my blood. I drive over to donate and I grab 3 apple juices and two packages of cheezits. They're delicious.
237PM: The phlebotomist is named Lisa. She's cute. We have the same birthday. Every time she sticks me, they're required to ask you name and date of birth. So when she sticks me, I state my name and I say same as yours. She then stabs me with a giant needle into my arm that gushes blood. It's a strange relationship, but we make it work. We catch up and she tells me that her boyfriend is planning on taking her to a tour of craft breweries in Asheville NC. I tell her he needs to up his game and fly her to LA and go for a drive down Mulholland, a walk around the scenic overlook and dinner at In and Out Burger. She thinks I'm insane. I tell her that if I had a beautiful woman like her in my life, I'd do something like that for her. She says I'm sweet. I say it must be the blood loss.
315PM: I am now a pint low and on my way back home. I'm sweating like GOP leadership at a White House Press Conference featuring unscripted remarks from Donald Trump.
330PM: Another shower and I'm feeling a lot fresher and I do some more writing for my article. My co-conspiratocollaborator says I have a good foundation but we need some legal references to back our positions up. I call him up and he agrees to comb through McDonald and Heller for anything good. We eventually settle on a few select words from Antonin Scalia that underscores our values. Every two child did. I will.
450PM: I finish a draft outline and send it over to my accomplices in legal writing. He says he'll look at it and gives me a Lexis Nexis login to do some more research. Score! I run down a few searches and I don't find anything useful but I make some notes on keywords to search and hopefully I'll dig some more material out later. I work on a few jokes and transitions but the substance of the article still needs work. We have a framework and a foundation but not much else. I'll deal with this later.
512PM: Email from a girl I went to middle school with. Ironically, I didn't know we went to middle school together until about 8 years ago when we met through some mutual friends. Her dream ever since she was a little girl was to be a lawyer. She got a job at the courthouse in the restaurant making sandwiches, washing dishes and serving lawyers. Eventually she made her way to the clerks office, put herself through law school AS A SINGLE MOM and passed the bar last year. We chat about legal issues from time to time and she went from being a state prosecutor to working in private practice doing wills/real estate and she hated it. Her place is in a courtroom, not a fancy office doing doc review and being on the phone all day. She's moving to the public defender's office and asked me if I'd be of assistance helping her to get up to speed on firearm issues. I tell her anything for her. She says I'm sweet. Where have I heard that before?
530PM: August 25, 1975. One of the greatest albums ever to be pressed into vinyl was released, and that album of course is Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run.
I fire it up as I fire up my chimney starter, it's summertime and it's steak grilling time. I got some nice thick USDA prime top sirloins. S&P the choice for me. Four and a half minutes a side. Turn for the nice grill marks. Down the hatch.
The beauty of the grill and the genius that is Springsteen's Born to Run is 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The dulcet tones of Max Weinberg on drums, Clarence Clemons on sax and Phil Spector's wall of sound - this album isn't just music. It's magnificence. It's the only thing worth a shit to every come out of New Jersey. Okay, that and my friend Liz that I took to Mortons (she was born in Passaic but I don't hold that against her) but that's it. I air guitar as I let the kingsford charcoal do it's thing.
The instrumental break to Thunder Road tells me that we're almost ready to pull those suckers off for a perfect medium rare. These are a little thicker than normal so I leave them on for closer to 5 minutes. I pull and rest my beef on the counter as I prepare some creamed spinach, some fresh broccoli and some bacon and brussels sprouts. My 10 ounces of USDA prime beef have to be complimented with some well prepared vegetables. The creamed spinach is going straight to my thighs, but I don't care. The broccoli is buttered and dashed with garlic salt. Bacon and brussels sprouts are a perfectly balance between eating healthy and smothering your food in bacon grease. I love it so.
615PM: I cut into my steak for a beautiful bleeding just a bit in the center medium rare. I scarf it down faster than Roseanne Barr and a bottle of Ambien. Life is good. Or is it?
645PM: I'm back in recovery mode on my couch. My back is killing me but the pint of Cherry Garcia is taking the edge off. I've got writers block for the article. I understand the concept and the big picture but I can't make the connection between micro to macro and vice versa. Maybe some music will help me figure it out. I set the ipad to shuffle and I let my mind wander for ideas. Billy Joel starts rocking out to Uptown Girl and I'm reminded of Megan. My back is out, she's got a gun to protect her from shithead ex and......hmm. Maybe this is the angle? Does my story need a non-academic these are real world people with real world problems rejoinder?
No, I can't.
I couldn't.
She's my friend, not a research subject.
I......know she gets off work at 9 when her spa closes and there's a kilo of varying brands of dark semi sweet chocolate in my desk right next to my Stainless Sig 220. Maybe I should ask permission. After all, I did get her a nice present for her birthday. Lets see how she's doing.
701PM: I throw on a clean seersucker shirt and head up to Megan's spa. I have to stop for diesel so there goes the $100 I had leftover from dinner last night.
745PM: Her car is visible from the road, I park next to it one space away. I grab my notepad and laptop and try to think up how I want to pitch this to her.
"Megan, how would you like to be the subject of......" - no.
This does not have to be that difficult. She's a nice girl that's been treated badly and she doesn't deserve this. Also, for those new to /guns
me and megan
we have
a little bit
of a sordid history
where I try
to ask her out
where I am
very bad
with ladies
Laptop in front seat, passport photos and passport are on lap with my legal pad scribbled with chicken scratch everywhere.
The spa closes at 9. She leaves sometime after that. I've got about an hour to figure this out.
859PM: I'm fucking clueless. I cannot figure this out for the life of me. This is a terrible idea this idea. I shouldn't have done this. I should leave. No, we're already here.
915PM: Megan walks out and is telling her coworker about the customer from hell at her other job very emphatically. I'm sitting there holding a notepad with a pencil behind my ear with the window rolled down looking at her casually. The radio is on playing "I only wanna be with you" by Hootie and the Blowfish. She gets to her car, finishes her story and looks up at me quizzically, stops and smiles.
Megan: Really?
I get out, and I forget that my passport, passport photos and notepad were all sitting in my lap.I'm distracted by her beauty. All my crap is on the ground now.
FC: Really what?
Megan: Really?
FC: I guess I'm that predictable.
Megan: I guess so.
I pick up my notepad, passport photos and passport.
FC: How are you? Did you enjoy your birthday and your present?
Megan: Yes! I needed that week off. How are you? I see you got a haircut.
FC: I got em all cut. I don't like it though. My first choice of stylist wasn't available.
Megan: Sorry.
FC: It's not your fault the salon closed.
Megan: What are you doing here?
FC: I uh. I......
I look down at my feet and my passport slides off the legal pad. I look back up and feign the confidence of Hill and Mac on a facebook live video.
FC: I figured I'd see how you were doing and ask you out on a date.
Megan: Really?
FC: Really.
Megan picks up my passport and opens it up and looks at my picture. She cracks a smile looking at my ugly pre obama administration picture.
Megan: You know, that's funny. I was thinking about calling you before work.
FC: For what purpose?
Megan: I was going to ask you on a date.
FC: Really?
Megan: Really.
FC: Is that a yes?
Megan: That's a yes.
FC: When and where?
Megan: (names time and place)
FC: Done.
Megan: Your timing is really incredible, you know that?
FC: I'm glad plan A worked. Because plan B was asking you out on a date, having an awkward pause, getting rejected and then uh I'm not sure what the next steps would be but I'm certain groveling would be involved followed by "come on, it's my birthday"
(Megan opens my passport up and looks at it more closely)
Megan: Really?
FC: Really.
Megan: I don't get asked out by guys very often. What do we do now?
FC: You don't get asked out by guys that don't treat you like crap very often. Hug?
Megan: Okay. Hug.
(we hug)
Megan: Happy birthday
Me: It wasn't. But it is now. See you (time/place).
I get back in my truck and the last line of the Hootie and the Blowfish song is playing....... ♫ "I only wanna be with you" ♫
Can't make this up.
One psycho ex, two kilos of dark chocolate 3 ounces at a time, a surplus oxygen mask from a Delta MD88 taped to a Theo chocolate bar with a handwritten post it that said "In case someone takes your breath away in a good way", two trips to Atlanta, a three year no contact order, one bouquet of flowers on valentines day, one bleeding scrotum, two slices of Chick-Fil-A chocolate pie, one dinner out as friends, one GPS tracker, and three years later - and I've got a date.
I guess Tom Petty was right.
And in case anyone is wondering. I will be carrying, and I will sleep soundly on my left side if I have to punch her psycho ex in the forehead with a 124 grain bonded Speer Gold Dot.
Oh yeah and one more thing. Guess who's 10 years sober today
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videos Was on the weird part of Youtube when I found this... Youtube
videos PSL 2017 1st Match Islamabad United vs Peshawar Zalmi Full Highlight United
mildlyinteresting My Gatorade freshness seal failed Gatorade
nottheonion 'Trumpagator' Sighting: Orange Alligator Surfaces in South Carolina Orange
worldnews US visa applicants could be asked for Facebook passwords in Donald Trump border crackdown Facebook
dataisbeautiful Average NFL linebacker or Google engineer: Which career pays more? Google
mildlyinteresting Good to know RBC has your back RBC
AskReddit What are your go-to websites when you are bored or wanting to kill some time except for Reddit, Facebook, Youtube and other widely known websites? Youtube
movies Is there a "line in the sand" for Warner Bros. and the DCEU? Warner Bros.
pics A cool photo I took at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show with a Volvo car camera Volvo
videos F 2847 American Airlines Boeing Factory Tour of 747 Boeing
videos F 2847 American Airlines Boeing Factory Tour of 747 American Airlines
Jokes What's the difference between a Ferrari and a bunch of dead babies Ferrari
funny Our 5 year old son made a wish to be Caterpillar Man Caterpillar
worldnews Court backs Trump travel ban suspension - BBC News BBC
worldnews Court backs Trump travel ban suspension - BBC News BBC
AskReddit People who are Google Search geniuses, what is your pro tip for finding stuff that no one else seems to find? Google
funny Mom's Apple Pie Fits Better Apple
personalfinance Dad used my bank account eBay account and pay pal account to sell tickets do I have to give him money? eBay
AskReddit How much cloud storage does Google Calendar use? Google
gaming GTA 4 Now Compatible on Xbox ONE Xbox
todayilearned TIL In the June 15, 2003 Futurama episode "Three Hundred Big Boys", Dwight buys stock. The stock is up 2400% since then.
todayilearned TIL David Choe, artist and host of Vice's Thumbs Up - a series about hitchhiking across the USA, also did a commissioned art piece for Facebook in 2007. In lieu of payment, as a gambler, he accepted shares which turned out to be worth $200 million. Facebook
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Subreddit Title Brand
EarthPorn Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States of America, photographed by NASA astronaut Jeffrey N. Williams on 18 December 2009 from the International Space Station. 17037 x 5735 OS United
pics Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States of America, photographed by NASA astronaut Jeffrey N. Williams on 18 December 2009 from the International Space Station. United
AskReddit When is Walmart most empty? Walmart
videos Leonardo da Vinci Bridge Vinci
AskReddit What is the creepiest experience you've had at Walmart so far? Walmart
LifeProTips LPT: Cheap Mans Starbucks Latte Starbucks
pics Secret ingredients at McDonald's McCafe McDonald's
gaming Before you buy Mass Effect Andromeda Please Google "Manveer Heir" Google
pics Gross Warning My brother found this in a Dove Chocolate 5 min. ago. Dove
Showerthoughts Tonight is the equivalent of the Uber drivers black friday Uber
mildlyinteresting This Taco Bell hot sauce packet is blank. Bell
mildlyinteresting This large moth has an upside-down Nike symbol on both wings Nike
pics Rocky Ford a dirt road in Kansas. Ford
worldnews The head of a United Nations agency that promotes development in Arab countries resigned Friday after refusing to withdraw a controversial report concluding that Israel has established an "apartheid regime" that discriminates against Palestinians. United
Futurology Engineers at Uber's self-driving unit passed around 'Safety Third' stickers as a joke. Also, Uber's Pittsburgh team was "super unhappy" when Uber acquired Otto. Uber
OldSchoolCool Harrison Ford 1982 Ford
AskReddit What single sentence status would set your Facebook ablaze? Facebook
food I ate Apple spiced rum cake with maple gelato. Apple
Jokes TIFU by mishearing my customer' order and making her a Subway sandwich with tuna, which I later learned she was allergic to. Subway
pics How Italians like Facebook posts Facebook
Showerthoughts Despite using Google every day for the past ten years, I still wouldnt be able to tell you the order of the colours in the logo. Google
pics Fashion model Tyra Banks poses during the 8th annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 14, 2002 in New York City. Photo by Ezio Petersen/UPI Victoria's Secret
AskReddit If Harrison Ford was never born, who would have played any of his roles with equal success? Ford
gaming Our Xbox live group met for the weekend. We're sharing images and stories about our gaming days. My friends wife took this picture of him. Xbox
Showerthoughts Nest Protect smoke detector + Alexa or Google Assistant. Wish I could buy one, hint hint Google Google
news Brazil meat-packing giants 'exported rotten beef' - BBC News BBC
videos Pirates of Silicon Valley IBM scene IBM
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's doesn't say McDonald's anywhere. McDonald's
sports Are the "Turn down for what" commercials the worst thing ESPN has ever done? ESPN
videos Jan Oblak Amazing Triple Save vs Bayer Leverkusen Bayer
gaming My buddies wife took this picture of him. Our Xbox Live group turn it into a meme. Xbox
gaming How crazy I am to think that the Xbox Project Scorpio might be a completely new console than Xbox One but have backward compatibility with all the previous console. Xbox
funny My coworker who drives a lowered Honda Civic got a sticker that said "Be Scrapin". I changed that after work. Honda
videos Ghost In The Shell 2017 - Section 9 Featurette Shell
Jokes How did Burger King get Dairy Queen pregnant? Burger King
videos Moment BBC crew caught in Mount Etna eruption BBC
funny When my wife shows me something on Facebook that I saw on Reddit two weeks ago... Facebook
videos Virtual Black Jack Dealer at the Hard Rock Hotel + Casino in Tampa, Florida Casino
AskReddit Why are Google and other companies honoring St. Patrick's Day when it's a religious holiday not everyone celebrates? Google
funny Another BBC interview interrupted BBC
videos CoMPleTe and how all the minitials, are in the 0:00-:45 secs Youtube link Youtube
videos Andy Milonakis Gets His ID Turned Down By CVS For Buying Nicorette Gum CVS
pics Seen in a Taco Bell bathroom Bell
pics The CN Tower in Toronto celebrating St. Paddy's Day xpost evilbuildings CN
mildlyinteresting This model Porsche Cayenne Turbo weighs exactly .666 lbs. Pure evil or pure driving excitement? Porsche
funny I swear, honey. I just went to Target for paper towels. Target
mildlyinteresting My sauce packet from Taco Bell didnt have a saying printed on it. Bell
todayilearned TIL President Lyndon Johnson once answered reporters badgering him about the United States involvement Vietnam by pulling out his penis and saying "This is why!" United
todayilearned TIL President Lyndon Johnson once answered reporters badgering him about the United States involvement in Vietnam by pulling out his penis and saying "This is why!" United
personalfinance I'm currently a Bank of America customer. Their website says I'm preselected for their secured credit card. Does that mean that I'll probably be rejected if I apply for one of their rewards credit cards? Bank of America
worldnews Rex Tillerson set for first China visit as US secretary of state - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL despite their botanical classification as a fruit, tomatoes are legally considered vegetables in the United States. United
videos Microsoft Drops Windows 7/8.1 Support for AMD Ryzen & Intel Kaby Lake CPU & Lies About It - BUSTED! Intel
news One Billion Yahoo Accounts Still for Sale, Despite Hacking Indictments Yahoo
todayilearned TIL despite their botanical classification as a fruit, tomatoesamong others are legally considered vegetables in the United States. United
movies Venom Movie Reportedly Set by Sony for 2018 Release Updated Sony
WritingPrompts WP Muggles steal the Weasleys Ford Anglia from Kings Cross. Chaos ensues! Ford
news Rex Tillerson on North Korea: Military action 'an option' - BBC News BBC
news Chance the Rapper Reveals Apple Paid Him $500,000 for a Two Week Exclusive Apple
Showerthoughts Everytime I see a car on the road with people only sitting in the back..I assume its either Uber or Lyft Uber
worldnews UK troops in Estonia to deter 'Russian aggression' - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting This display icon at Walmart looks like the Aphex Twin logo Walmart
Showerthoughts I don't think it is a coincidence that Nestlé cookies are done baking in the same amount of time it takes to smoke a decent bowl. Nestlé
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Do United States police officers have to answer you when you ask "Am I being detained?" if so, is there a point where if they do not respond you can 'legally' just walk away? United
funny Wow! Xfinity is racist! Xfinity
AskReddit What's your Uber rating? Uber
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How is it a benefit for Sony to make Playstation Now able to play all Playstation games on your pc , Wont that decrease console sales? Sony
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How is it a benefit for Sony to make Playstation Now able to play all Playstation games on your pc , Wont that decrease console sales? Playstation
television Candy Crush themed game show coming to CBS on July 9th CBS
Documentaries I SPY 2017 - he Five Eyes Alliance is a secretive, global intelligence arrangement between the governments of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States. The alliance represents the largest surveillance program in human history. United
Showerthoughts The fact that my 1.5yo has hit me in the face in tempeout of excitement more times than I can count makes me wonder how Johnathan and Martha Kent never had their faces caved in by a baby Superman. Kent
worldnews Buzz Aldrin launches VR plan to get humans to Mars - BBC News BBC
Futurology Simplified DIY: New Tool-Free IKEA Furniture Snaps Together in Minutes - "these joints also make it easier to take things apart again, making them particularly useful in a day and age where people move frequently for work and other reasons." IKEA
AskReddit What books do you wish every President of the United States should have read and understood? United
news Police 'shoot man' at Paris Orly airport - BBC News BBC
worldnews Police 'shoot man' at Paris Orly airport - BBC News BBC
worldnews Police 'shoot man' at Paris Orly airport - BBC News BBC
gaming Candy Crush tv show debuts on CBS July 9th CBS
OldSchoolCool Neil Degrasse Tyson in the 80s Tyson
Futurology Tesla’s $169 Million Battery Play Is Just the Beginning - An audacious deal hatched on Twitter may start a new wave of electricity storage for cities, regions, and nations. Twitter
AskReddit How come you haven't tried McDonald's new Grand Mac burger only $4.99 yet? McDonald's
news Canada mid-air plane collision over shopping centre kills one - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What are best pickup lines to hit on a Google employee? Google
pics The CN Tower was lit up all green last night to celebrate St. Paddy's Day xpost evilbuildings CN
videos Will circular runways ever take off? - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Folks outside the US: what menu items do you have at McDonald's that are original to your country? McDonald's
worldnews Tobacco and fizzy drinks to be taxed in the United Arab Emirates United
listentothis Sandy Rogers - It comes and goes Country Rogers
Jokes Imagine if Samsung and Apple came together to build a phone. What would it be called? Apple
news US speaks of N Korea military option - BBC News BBC
gaming The complete list of backwards compatible games for Xbox One Xbox
videos This was Youtube in 2013 Youtube
dataisbeautiful Machine-learned topics in Philippine news Facebook pages OC Facebook
AskReddit What's one Youtube channel that nobody really knows about, but deserves recognition? Youtube
television Harrison Ford Asked Adam Sandler To Wash His Car - CONAN on TBS Ford
DIY All the cool Youtube wW'ers have Long Reach Clamps... Youtube
explainlikeimfive ELI5 Why do we say "A United States Navy ship or A United States manufactured item" not "An United States Navy ship or An United States manufactured item." United
OldSchoolCool Johnny Carson in the United States Navy maybe 1940's United
mildlyinteresting This door at McDonald's that offers two handles to pull McDonald's
pics The Storm . . . On the border of South Dakota and Wyoming, United States of America . . . Photographed by Derek Burdeny in June 2015 United
worldnews Russian officials hired criminals to hack 500 million Yahoo accounts, according to Feds Yahoo
gaming I bought this off eBay back in 2012 and it just arrived today. eBay
AskReddit I found an Apple lightning cable and charger, I don't own an Iphone, but why does it still burn when I pee? Apple
pics Close up of McDonald's food in car park McDonald's
mildlyinteresting My high school English teacher posted this on Facebook today. Facebook
TwoXChromosomes 20 Worst Paying Jobs for Women in United States United
Futurology China's Baidu bets big on AI to increase competitiveness Baidu
gaming 4 Minutes of Playstation 2 Nostalgia.. Playstation
funny First conversation with the new Google Assistant... Well at least she is not lying to me... Still messed up though! Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5: does Facebook somehow know what I talk about throughout the day to specify my ads? Facebook
gaming Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Edition: Skyrim Accessories Xbox
worldnews North Korea accuses United States of deploying supersonic bomber United
AskReddit Time Travelers of Reddit, What are some things that people should invest in, money or skillwise, in the coming future? Travelers
videos Apparently the homes seen in MTV Cribs were often pristine homes rented just for the show. Ironically one of the best episodes was that featuring Redman, who refused to rent. MTV
AskReddit What do you do play Lego Star Wars Set? Lego
news Lawyer: Dearborn Michigan cops use fake Facebook profile to track gun advocates Facebook
worldnews FTSE 100 closes at another record high - BBC News BBC
sports Arsenal fans take their Twitter battles to the skies over the Hawthorns Twitter
AskReddit What annoying things have been popping up on your Facebook feed recently? Facebook
mildlyinteresting This KFC chiken stripe looks like a revolver KFC
space Why are the groups competing in the Google Lunar X Prize securing funding in excess of the prize money? Google
WritingPrompts WP Steve Jobs was struggling to make ends meet working as a janitor at Apple in his 50's. One day, he woke up in his 5 year old body back in 1960. Remembering all the Apple products that made the company successful, this was his chance to be some body. Apple
Futurology AI Bracket beating every CBS Expert and 99% of all ESPN brackets heading in to round two ESPN
Futurology AI Bracket beating every CBS Expert and 99% of all ESPN brackets heading in to round two CBS
nosleep My Son Has Been Acting Strangely After He Started Playing His New Xbox One Xbox
science Spiders top the global predator charts - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL Subway has a "sandwich artist" apprenticeship in the U.K. as an excuse to pay £3.50 an hour. Subway
television Will there be a Cosmos Season 2? Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the current state of the show Tyson
Futurology China must woo top tech talent turned off by Trump, says Baidu chief Baidu
worldnews Russian agent hired alleged Yahoo hacker, Canadian Karim Baratov Yahoo
Showerthoughts Thanks to Google Maps if I was coming from space in a spaceship, I'd know exactly how to get home. Google
Jokes What do you say to Uber Eats when your food takes hours? Uber
mildlyinteresting A 70 Day Exposure of the Suns Path Across the Sky OC Sky
mildlyinteresting My steel American Airlines fork from before 9/11 American Airlines
mildlyinteresting This Costco has a self-checkout Costco
movies Train to Busan only $0.99 on Google Play Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5 How is it that things like Microsoft Word have been around for a while but printer technology is still incredibly frustrating? Microsoft
Showerthoughts If your Google Chrome history is empty then you've masturbated recently. Google
Documentaries Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis 1987 - Scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government to carry out operations which are clearly contrary to the wishes and values of the American people. United
videos Ski Jumping New World Record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
sports Stefan Kraft 253,5 m New World Record Vikersund Kraft
worldnews Refusal by Britain's prime minister to discuss an independence referendum would "shatter beyond repair" the United Kingdom's constitutional structure, Nicola Sturgeon told her Scottish National Party on Saturday United
gifs Ski Jumping New World Record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
movies The SECRET Behind FAST & FURIOUS Chase Scenes! - Frame by Frame Chase
Showerthoughts Even if I know I'm looking for a Wikipedia page, I still search on Google and not Wikipedia. Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How does Google & Youtube backup my files, videos, pictures and not deal with hard drives failing all the time? Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How does Google & Youtube backup my files, videos, pictures and not deal with hard drives failing all the time? Youtube
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Kid from BBC Interview Blooper during a press conference BBC
Showerthoughts Uber users should get a percentage discount based on their Uber rating Uber
gifs New ski jumping world record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
sports Stefan Kraft sets new world record in ski jumping. 253.5 meters Kraft
gaming [Watch Dogs 2 Low End PC Test
gaming Evolve Ultimate Edition is free with Xbox live Gold Xbox
UpliftingNews 7-year-old boy paralyzed in car accident dances thanks to harness therapy Source: ABC News ABC
funny Dang eBay seller. All I wanted to know was if the camera was new or used. eBay
worldnews Financial leaders of the world's biggest economies dropped a pledge to keep global trade free and open, acquiescing to an increasingly protectionist United States after a two-day meeting failed to yield a compromise United
Documentaries Controlled Impact Demonstration 1984 When NASA Intentionally Crashed A Remote Controlled Boeing 720 to Study Anti-Misting Systems for Aviation Fuel Boeing
videos Stefan Kraft 253.5m NEW WORLD RECORD ski jumping Kraft
gaming I Think the Artists for Mass Effect: Andromeda Took Inspiration From Total Recall... Total
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does a global corporation like KFC have have take away outlets in North America than in countries like China where they have vast multistory restaurants? KFC
funny This has to be the best eBay ad of all time... eBay
funny REVEALED: The secret KFC herbs and spices KFC
videos Pop.Up modular autonomous car / drone hybrid concept by Airbus and Italdesign Airbus
funny That's messed up Adobe Illustrator. Adobe
mildlyinteresting This BMW employee is actually wearing BMW brand shoes. BMW
explainlikeimfive ELI5:From a purely economic perspective, would a major war be beneficial to the United States? United
mildlyinteresting My Walmart receipt has a typo Walmart
videos Attenborough: Beaver Lodge Construction Squad - BBC Earth BBC
mildlyinteresting This Burger King that has plastic cushions that mess with your head and make you think they're actually cushions Burger King
todayilearned TIL masturbation, even in private, is forbidden in United States prisons. United
gaming As a Xbox gamer being able to play PS4 games with my Elite controller feels amazing Xbox
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell sauce doesn't have flavor text. Bell
AskReddit People who admitted to having intercourse with someone's mother over Xbox Live, what was their reaction? Xbox
WritingPrompts WP A zombie outbreak has occurred on the west coast of the United States but was controlled in a matter of weeks. A rogue group of zombies has evaded the military and started to travel across the northern states taking out town and building their army United
funny I knew that little BBC interview girl looked familiar BBC
gaming Found this scrolling through FB today. As an Xbox owner I can confirm. Xbox
funny Man Google is good Google
mildlyinteresting I found the Sky King at Burger King. Sky
pics Visiting Target and I found this Target
mildlyinteresting This Burger King serves beer Burger King
sports Villanova broke CBS sports CBS
todayilearned TIL that Leonardo da Vinci invented the Miter Lock in 1497, which is still in use today including in the Panama and Suez Canals. Vinci
OldSchoolCool Prince Nelson Rogers playing the f☆☆k out of it circa 1985 Rogers
pics Excellent Sky to Ground Contrast Sky
AskReddit Californians of Reddit: What do you think California's future with the United States will look like? United
space United Launch Alliance Delta IV WGS-9 launch today at KSC at 7:24 PM EST Delta
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Every Quarantine Graduation Ever Getting Your First Job As A Retail Assistant SUPER CHEAP Curly Hair Products UNDER $10 How To Write A Medical CV (CVs & Resumes That Stand Out) Trademate Core Walkthrough  A Sports Trading Software

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