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CM0102 - The Manageial Life of Anders Karlsson (So far...)

Career to date 2 league wins Hødd Norway First Division 01/02 Sp. Covilhã Portugues Second league B Central 03/04 1 cup win Norwegian Cup Hødd 01/02
Anders Karlsson never expected to be a football manager, he was content coaching the youths at his home town club IL Hødd. He'd joined straight out of University, with his sports science degree 2.1 and a determination to help young players reach the first team. When the first team coach walked away in late March 2002 he threw his name into the hat after losing a bet with the physio. The board decided an in-house hire would be best and Karlsson soon found himself manager. He immediately implemented his beloved 4141 formation with short passing, hard tackling and pressing all over the pitch. He bartered and traded extensively making swap deals, for every first team player sold he got at least one player along with the cash, building a team of other teams cast offs.
The plan worked and Hødd strode to league victory, promotion and a shock cup win over Brann. The next season in the Norwegian Premier league started off well, playing mostly the bottom half they got 5 wins and a draw from 6 games to sit top and the future was looking bright, then Odd Greenland sacked their manager and all the press said the job was Karlssons to lose, tempted by a better squad, money and a real chance at building a Norwegian powerhouse he applied and made the mistake of resigning from Hødd.
He didn't get the job!
Lost and now unemployed Karlsson soon found that his name was tarnished in Norway, no one would hire a manager with only one years experience and who had shown that he could be tempted by a larger offer. So he hired an agent to search for a job ams went on holiday, after a couple of months his agent called and said that they had got him a job at KVV Maasmechelen in Belgium lowest division, upon arrival he found a team with no players, no money and a board that wanted the world. He resigned the next day.
Sacking his agent and taking the search into his own hands he managed to get an interview at Portugese Second Division B Central team Sp. Covilhã. The board explained they had limited resources, but a reasonably strong first team. Karlsson took the job.
Installing the tactics and wheeling dealing attitude that had worked in his first season he barted and traded and made extensive youth signings the best being Dutch defensive midfielder Jan Hesp who at 17 played 23 games scoring 8 goals, 6 assists and 3 man of the match awards looks a steal.
The season ended with Karlssons second promotion as Sp. Covilhã won the league and gained promotion to the Portugese second league. They also managed to get to the 5th round of the Portuguese cup before being decimated by Porto.
The pre-season started badly losing their starting cb pair as well as their top and only striker to higher placed teams, luckily this gave Karlsson a £280k budget which he spend on 2 young but talented Portuguese cbs in Carlos Marques from Académica and Helder Rosario from Portsimonese, he also strengthened the midfield with 3 players joining spending £275k in total, he had also raided the free transfer market picking up a decent young Italian Capecchi but so Solomon Island International Commins Menapi. He also signed Joao Paiva on loan from Boavista.
The second season is not 8 games In and Karlssons team lead the 2nd division having started unbeaten. They go to 2nd placed Penafiel next. What will the future hold?
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The tiny island nation of Montserrat are one game away from qualifying for the Gold Cup.

Montserrat is a tiny island in the Caribbean, home to approximately 5,000 people. Half of the island is inaccessible (including the capital, Plymouth) because of the Soufriere Hills Volcano eruption in 1995, which also meant over 7,000 people left the island to USA, Antigua or the UK.
A map of Montserrat
The Montserrat National Football team are ranked 200th in the world, below Gibraltar, Guam, Samoa and Malta just to name a few. Most of the players are born in the UK, having Montserattian parents or grandparents, who left the island either because of the volcano or because of the lack of jobs in the 50's and 60's. They joined FIFA in 1991, and in their first international lost to St Lucia 3-0. Willie Donachie, a former Scottish international who played in the 1978 world cup, manages the team.
Montserrat were featured in a film known as The Other Final, which focused on a game being played on the day of the 2002 World Cup final between the two lowest ranked teams in International Football - Montserrat and Bhutan.
Lyle Taylor is the team's main man and captain. Playing up front for Charlton this season, he has 14 goals in League One this season. Brandon Comley is another important player, who plays for Colchester United in League Two, whilst Adrian Clifton, Dean Mason and James Comley play together at Maidenhead in the National League. Alex Dyer plays in Norway, for Lillestrøm, on loan from Elfsborg. The Rest of the team play in the lower leagues in England.
The Montserrat line up against Aruba.
Matty Willock, who plays for Crawley Town on loan from Manchester United is another player that is eligible for the Montserrat National Team, along with his brothers Joe and Chris who play for Arsenal and Benfica (but I bet they'd prefer to play for England).
The Nations League qualifying has Montserrat in 15th and they play the Cayman Islands next, who are ranked 203rd in the world, and have failed to win any of their qualifying games. Montserrat would surely be the favourites in that one. To qualify for the Gold Cup, Montserrat would have to finish 10th or above.
Now, the teams above Montserrat. Belize play Guyana, and St Kitts & Nevis play Suriname. These are difficult games for Belize and St Kitts & Nevis. If they both fail to win, the odds will heavily swing in Montserrat's favour. French Guiana face Canada, which they should struggle to win, and El Salvador (who we nearly drew with!) play against Jamaica, which will be a tough test for them. If these teams fail to win then Montserrat will have qualified, if they beat the Cayman Islands.
On the 27th of March, the draw for the next Nations League will take place. Having already qualified for Group B, it could be a very busy year ahead for Montserrat.
For me, someone born in the UK with Montserrattian grandparents, it would be amazing to see them play in the Gold Cup. It's a miracle that we have beat Aruba and Belize, but to get to the Gold Cup would be a spectacular achievement.
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[OC] Introducing Serbian National Basketball team, 2nd favorites for FIBA World Cup 2019, coming in with the strongest team since 2002.

Since the next big thing in Basketball World is FIBA World Cup, I've decided to make this post and introduce NBA to second favorites to win the whole thing, Serbia. I've made a similar post when USA and Serbia met in finals 3 years ago and it was pretty well received and sparked some nice discussions so this is why I decided to do this again but a little bit bigger and before the tournament starts, you can check that post here.

Regarding Serbia being second favorites, I am basing it on Gambling Odds where USA is the biggest favorite with around 1.15 odds of Winning (EU odds, so if you bet 100$ you win 115), Serbia is the second favorite on all of the sites, with odds around 9, and Spain is the third one with odds around 20.
But, I personally also feel like Serbia will easily be the second-best team in this tournament, no offense to anyone, and I will elaborate it in the post below.

It would be awesome if other Redditors were to post about their national teams similar to this post so we can get to know every team before the tournament starts.


Serbia is a runner-up from last 3 big tournaments, World Cup (2014) & Olympic Games (2016) where they lost to the USA both times, and European Championship (2017), where they lost to Slovenia who were led by Goran Dragic and pre-NBA Luka Doncic.

As mentioned above Serbia comes as a clear second favorite into this tournament based on their previous results, but more importantly, because this time every player that was invited has agreed to play and the fact that this National generation has the perfect blend of young players and veterans, so all players are around their primes.

Based on the media, and the vast majority of the people agree, this is the Strongest Serbian Basketball team since 2002 when they won the FIBA World Cup. That legendary team had 6 NBA players on its roster, including Divac, Stojakovic, Jaric, Radmanovic, as well as one of the biggest European legends Dejan Bodiroga.

This 2019 Serbian team will have 5 NBA players (one joined this summer), of which all play very important or decent roles on their team, or even 6 if you include Teodosic's last official game was for NBA team. Also, Serbia possibly has one of the top 3 players in this FIBA World Cup in Nikola Jokic (since most of the USA superstars canceled).

Serbia's Coach is still Aleksandar Djordjevic, who took over in 2013 and won 3 mentioned silvers medals. 2 weeks ago he cut the list of players to 18, contralesional removing Nikola Kalinic, who was projected to be a starter and very important player in rotation, apparently because of political comments on Twitter. I wasn't following this drama too closely at the time, but based on the comments and conversations with people, most of them agree with this decision.

So now I am going to introduce you guys to 12-13 players I Believe will be officially in the roster:
(Bolded players are possible starters)


Won silver in 2009, 2014 & 2016. Was injured during 2017.

Teodosic is a well-known name in the world of Basketball, but unfortunately for him, his stint in NBA didn't go as planned. Teodosic came to Clippers in 2017-18 and had rough start while dealing with a foot injury that sidelined him for almost half of the season. He still managed to look decent with almost 10 points and 5 assists, but Clippers reshaped and drafted Shai and Teodosic was not needed anymore.
So they parted ways during the last season and Teodosic's last official NBA game was on 15th, December 2018. After that Teodosic joined the Serbian national team and helped them secure a spot at FIBA world cup, averaging 9.5 assists over 2 games he played.

Teodosic is entering this World Cup as the biggest enigma on Serbian team, but if the history is any indicator he should still be one of the most important players on the team. Teodosic historically played with a boost for the national team and always took responsibility in the clutch, but this year he actually has well-rounded players all around him and won't have to shoulder the whole offensive load, so I fully expect him to thrive in this tournament, especially in playmaking segment.

Won silver with the team at 2017 European Championship.

Micic just had his breakout seasons in Anadolu Efes, who he joined last summer. Micic helped lead the team to Euroleague finals where they lost to CSKA Moscow. Micic was 2nd all Euroleague team for this 2018/19 season.
Micic is a well-rounded player with both scoring and playmaking options. He shot around 48% from the field, 38% from 3 and 82% from ft last seasons. Similar to Teodosic he is not that reliable on defense, so if both of them are sharing the floor there will be a lot of holes in Serbia's perimeter defense.
Micic could possibly start over Teodosic if he can't find his rhythm in this Tournament, but I fully expect him to be 6th man and take over starting spot only if Teodosic looks completely lost.
Some Highlights from last season, so you can get a feel for his game.

Won silver with the team in 2014, 2016 & 2017.

There were some rumors that he was about to sign with Houston Rockets 2 weeks ago, but he recently signed with the Khimki from Russia.
Jovic is everything that Teodosic and Micic are not on the defensive end, so I fully expect him to share the floor with Teodosic all of the time, similar to how Stefan Markovic did before him.

Jovic is a complete package when it comes to defense, he is great 1v1 situations, can guard p'n'r phenomenally and can guard 1-2 and possibly 3 with his 6' 6'' height and strong physical attributes.

He also possesses nice playmaking skills, but completely lacks an outside shot. He will often hesitate when left open which can ruin the pace of the offense, but he somehow shot 40% on 2 attempts last season in Euroleague if he can translate that same effectiveness to this tournament he will be a really important player in the rotation.

He also struggles with injuries a lot of the time and hopefully can play the whole tournament without one.
Some Highlights from his time in Bayern Munich, no defense tho but some decent playmaking.

Was part of last 3 silver iterations of the National Team.

Bogdanovic is our 2nd best player, he led the injury-riddled team to European Championship Silver Medal in 2017. After that medal, he came to the Kings and had a decent rookie season even tho he was 25 at the time, but he made a decent leap along with the rest of the Kings this last season and was often their motor from the bench. He once again showed his clutch gene with an insane buzzer-beater over Lakers legend Tyson Chandler.

Bogdanovic possesses decent playmaking ability, but his strongest weapon is definitely his shoot, especially 3 pointer. Considering that he is surrounded by some of the best passers in the world and an amazing offensive scheme he should have a tournament of his life from shooting standpoint. He can also effectively drive, score flouters and mid-range jumpers, which he often does for Kings.

His defense is not to sing about, but it's not bad either. He struggles a little bit in the NBA from time to time on the defensive end, but can keep up most of the time so his defense might only be a problem against USA team.

Serbia could look to turn to him in clutch situations for a quick 3, or a game-winning shot, but he is definantely not their only option.

Won silver with the team at 2017 European Championship.

Unicaja missed the Euroleague this year, but when they played there in 2017/18, Milosavljevic had similar numbers.

He is a rotation 3&D player. His defense is very solid he can guard players from 1 to 3 with his 6' 6'' height and long arms.

He is not a sniper from downtown, but can get pretty hot and should never be left completely alone. He can do some playmaking but it probably won't be needed from his since Serbia literally has a playmaking Center.

He is also pretty athletic.

Some of his career highlights.

Won silver with the team at 2017 European Championship.
Guduric is an only left-handed player in the Serbian team. He reached Euroleague final four with the Fenerbahce last season but was kicked out in semi-finals. He was very streaky this year and he would have games where he would carry the team, and sometimes he would just look completely lost on the field.

He shot insanely well from 3 last year, 47.7% on 3 attempts a game for about 36 games (52/109).

He very good all-around player, can get hot and take over games, can also drive and often goes for dunks with his left hand and can also assist. On the defensive end, he is nothing spectacular but can hold his own and is not a liability.

I honestly have no idea how much he will play, he could be anywhere from starter in rotation to 12th man in the rotation.
I can see him being a 6/7th man or even starting some games at SG/SF alongside Bogdanovic, but I would much rather he comes off the bench to give Bogi some rest.

Some really nice highlights from his time in Fener.

Won silver in 2017.

This is just my opinion that he will start at SF, there could be a completely different starting 5 once the Tournament starts.
He will take role Nikola Kalinic had in previous tournaments, but that's not to say that he is a worse player than him.

He is a very versatile player can shoot from the downtown, drive, rebound well and and play good defense. He can guard players from 2-4 with his 6'8 '' height, long arms and decent athleticism. Also likes to dunk a lot.

Not much to say about him other than he is a very serviceable player.
His biggest issue through his career were injuries and that's why he didn't play much for the National Team, but this year he played most of the game for his club and appears to be healthy so hopefully, he can stay that way for this tournament and rest of his career.

Some of his Highlights from Euroleague.

Won silver in 2009 and 2014, missed Rio and Euro because of injuries, appears to be healthy now.

Former Euroleague MVP has found decent success in the NBA. He was part of the Thibodeau's Timberwolves, was used almost exclusively as a spot-up shooter and I hate it. In Sacramento, he found a bigger role and started in from of the rookie Marvin Bagley and looks to be a happier man and a better player.

He is a very good shooter, 40% from deep on 3.3 attempts last season, can drive and also do some playmaking if necessary, but I highly doubt it will be in this team.

This is already a long post so I Won't write much about players that play in the NBA.

Was part of all three silver teams.

Don't know what to say about him, he is a decent dude, but none likes him that much and people always yell at him over TV, but still somehow plays for the National Team.

This year there were probably 30 players better than him, but he will still end up in the 12, and I won't be surprised if he starts for some reason.

Running theory is that he is Djordjevic's (coach) bastard.

Won silver with the team at the Olympic game in 2016.

Was the most hated man in Serbia for refusing to play in EropeBasket 2017, then people started to like him as Denver had some playoff success, now everybody loves him since he will be playing for Serbia once again.

Not much to say about Jokic, by now everybody knows him and in tandem, with Teodosic we might see some of the nastiest assists in the game. They could possibly be the best assist combo from point to center ever to play (i am throwing this out of my ass but it feels right), if Teodosic is his old self.

Won silver in 2017.

Serbia tried to get Tobias Harris our citizenship but someone very powerful Vetoed it and nothing is right in the world right now.

Jokes aside, Bobi is also well known on this sub so I won't waste much of my time on him. He is our 2nd or 3rd center depending on the match-up, he can destroy slower teams, but struggle against fast-paced ones.

It would be ideal if he could play alongside Jokic at PF and I am certain Djordjevic will try that in the Group stages.

He is definantely our best big Defender and the kid is overall very, very talented player and just had his best season of career. Can defend well, rebound, play pick and roll and shots well from free throw line, 74/100 in 28 Euroleague games last season.
He is around 7' 0, and he and Jokic can work together as PF/C combo it would be amazing for Serbia especially for potential finals against the USA where he can hide Jokic's defensive weaknesses and secure some amazing rebounding all around.

Won silver in 2014 & 2016.

I don't even know if he plays for any team right now, but he always played for the National team. He is a very weird player, and could have made a better career if tried a little bit more.

I don't even know if he will be in the 12 players since he is literally our 4th center, but he is definantely top 12 player when we consider how he plays for Serbia.

He and Teodosic run some nasty pick and roll, that worked even against the USA in 2014 and 2016 to some extent.

He also lost a lot of weight since the last time they played against the USA, so I don't know if he can Physically handle strong players anymore, but he used to be a beast.

Here are some of his highlights from the World Cup Qualifiers.

Those are 13 best available players from the shortlist of 18 that Djordjevic selected for the start of the Camp. Players that are on the list but were left out above are: Aleksa Avramovic (24, pg), Dejan Todorovic (25, SF), Marko Simonovic (33, SF), Milan Macvan (29, PF) and Ognjen Kuzmic (29, C) who had a terrible car accident where he suffered severe head and chest injuries. But thankfully Kuzmic is doing better and recovering slowly, according to last reports, prayers for a fast and full recovery.

Serbia's strengths:

Serbia has been historically a very successful Basketball country. A lot of that success comes from the pure talent of the players, but there are some other factors like players actually wanting to play for the National team and playing better than in their teams.

Also, Serbia has always had some insanely good coaches and coaching staff, and that's the case with Djordjevic and his assistants, and they all share a very healthy and fun environment with the players.

On the court, Serbia's biggest advantage is crazy good ball movement, as this twitter video shows, and this was against the USA at RIO 2016. Serbia often plays like that not settling semi-good looks and always trying to find completely open guys. And this time they have around their best passing big man, and overall one of the best passers from NBA Nikola Jokic to pair up with Teodosic and other fantastical playmakers and passers. Yes, Jokic was there in Rio in 2016, but he was only 21 and it was before his boom in the NBA.

Serbia also has 3pt snipers from every position, Jokic shoots from C, Bjelica from PF, Guduric from SF, Bogdanovic from SG and Teodosic from PG. Serbia can also run both small ball and insanely tall 5 on the field at the same time and no one would be out of the position that much.

Serbia's weaknesses:

This iteration of the Serbian Team doesn't have many weaknesses compared to the previous ones that won Silver in 2014,16 and 17.

One of the biggest question marks is Milos Teodosic and if he can play on his level from 2-3 years ago, and also if Jovic and Lucic can stay healthy throughout the whole tournament (I hope every player, from every country, stays healthy).

Serbia definantely looks like a clear cut 2nd best team in this Tournament after the USA, and the universe has aligned the starts for them so there two teams could meet in finals once again if they finish first in their groups, which they should.

In the potential Finals against USA Serbia's weakness is definantely Athleticism as it always is the case, and of course, Talent since the USA harbors best basketball players ever. But this year most of the superstars aren't playing so anything is possible. If these 2 teams meet in finals again I will definantely make a big ass post about how Serbia can finally surprise them and win new Gold Medal.

Thanks for reading, and once again, if you are a Redditor from Italy, Greece, China, Korea, Jordan or any other country that plays at the FIBA world cup 2019 give us a summary of your team it doesn't have to be as long as this one, or can be even longer, so we can get to know every team possible.

Edit: Some formatting so it's easier to read...
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All crucial aspects you want to know about cricket

Cricket Betting in India is to a great degree well known the nation over. Cricket has a since quite a while ago settled history in India dating the distance back to the 1700's. It is a standout amongst the most betting on sports in India alongside football and tennis. While there are no official sites from India to put down Cricket Tips on, there are numerous trusted European betting destinations that acknowledge bettings from Indian occupants. Some even acknowledge rupees straightforwardly. Underneath you will locate the best Satta locales for Cricket Betting Tips India, a timetable for household competitions, and some cricket betting tips. You will discover more detail on the different subjects on devoted pages.Live Cricket Betting – In Match Betting Cricket Live is once in a while alluded to as 'in-coordinate', 'in-play' or 'in-running' betting which enables betters to put down bettings amid a live match as the amusement progresses. For instance, rather than simply betting on the last score or result of the cricket coordinate, bettors can betting how the following expulsion will happen, what number of runs a group will score on the following ball or the following man out. This is accessible internet betting locales through live stream innovation that enables players to view and betting on the match continuously. This adds a level of fervor to the amusement that isn't accessible through conventional 'static' cricket. Having a strong web association makes this strategy considerably more pleasant as it diminishes the slack between the constant occasion and gathering of the occasion. Live betting is quickly passed and requires that the keeps up add up to center to monitor the match as it advances and the chances offered on each betting. Since the betting constant, bettors should rapidly act to make a portion of the bettings continuously.Information about Cricket in India
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[OC] In 5 years, Super Bowl LVI is scheduled to be played on the same day as the 2022 Winter Olympics. How will the NFL address this problem?

I know what you’re thinking. We’re just 3 weeks removed from Super Bowl LI, and you’re already looking ahead five years to Super Bowl LVI? However, the NFL has a very interesting dilemma with this Super Bowl. For years, the Super Bowl has been the marquee event of that particular date. There will be programming before the game from other channels, such as college basketball games and celebrity bowling tournaments, but even that pales in comparison to what the pregame shows get.
Once the game starts, everything is about the Super Bowl. Other networks will just concede to the network broadcasting the Super Bowl. No other professional sporting events take place at the same time as the Super Bowl, and from the research I did, the only other sporting event taking place in the USA directly in competition with the Super Bowl was a women’s basketball game on ESPNU that started at 6:30 between Memphis and South Florida (I feel bad for everyone that had to play in that game). There are 2 options for people during the Super Bowl- you either turn on the TV and watch the game, or you don’t. There’s no other alternative. Nothing else is on TV during the Super Bowl, and for years, the NFL has been able to capitalize on this in the first Sunday of February.
Super Bowl LVI, on the other hand? That’s where things get a bit tricky. It’s one thing to go up against re-runs and the Fish Bowl between the Los Angeles Clams and the Buffalo Gills. It’s another thing to go up against the Winter Olympics.
The Problem
Assuming that TV contracts hold up, CBS will be broadcasting Super Bowl LVI (3-year rotation between CBS, NBC, and FOX). NBC has the rights to broadcast the Winter Olympics. Normally, this is not a problem- the Winter Olympics have never interfered with the Super Bowl. For the past four installments of the Winter Olympics dating back to 2002 in Salt Lake City, the Winter Olympics have been held five days after the Super Bowl, so you get no football hangover whatsoever (side note- those years with the Winter Olympics and World Cup are the best years for sports; the years with the European Championships and Summer Olympics are second best, and then any odd numbered years are not fun for the offseason).
Year Super Bowl Date of Super Bowl Site of Olympics Date of Opening Ceremony
2002 Super Bowl XXXVI 2/3/02 Salt Lake City, USA 2/8/02
2006 Super Bowl XL 2/5/06 Torino, Italy 2/10/06
2010 Super Bowl XLIV 2/7/10 Vancouver, Canada 2/12/10
2014 Super Bowl XLVIII 2/2/14 Sochi, Russia 2/7/14
It’s going to be the same thing next year. NBC right now is loving life, because they are broadcasting Super Bowl LII, and then five days later, get to broadcast the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. They’ve got the ultimate dream right now.
However, it’s not going to be like that in 2022. Why they awarded the Games to Beijing in the first place, I’m not entirely sure, seeing as they hosted the Summer Olympics, and have no mountains anywhere near the city center. They’re going to use fake snow down the mountains (and no, that’s not fake news… they’re actually planning on using fake snow), and this will be the third straight Olympics in Asia (2018 in South Korea, 2020 in Tokyo, 2022 in Beijing).
In terms of football, though, the 2022 Winter Olympics poses a major problem. The Opening Ceremony for these Olympics are taking place on February 4, 2022. If the Super Bowl is still held on the first Sunday in February, then Super Bowl LVI will occur on February 6. For the first time ever, if the schedule holds up, the Winter Olympics and Super Bowl will come into conflict with each other.
There are two events that non-sports fans watch. One of them is the Super Bowl. They watch for the halftime show, they watch for the parties, and they watch for the commercials. It’s a fun atmosphere for all involved, even if you’re not a football fan. The other one, unfortunately for the NFL, is the Olympics, whether it’s the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics. They watch because it’s the only time you can see particular sports on TV at the highest level, they watch for that sense of American pride, and they watch because it’s an event that happens just once every four years. Here’s what the NFL would be competing against on that Sunday, assuming the 2018 schedule holds of what is taking place that Sunday:
They’d be competing against not just one event, but a variety of them, including the juggernaut that is figure skating (the vast majority of the non-sports fans I know will be glued to the television during figure skating events), and a bunch of gold medal events in the process. That’s a lot different than competing against the Fish Bowl and some World’s Strongest Man re-runs, especially if you get a USA/Russia or USA/Canada hockey game scheduled at the same time as the Super Bowl. According to recent data, the 2014 Winter Olympics were watched in primetime by an average of 21.7 million people per night, and 78% of US TV homes tuned into at least some part of the Winter Olympics.
Would the NFL still win the night if they competed directly against the Olympics? Absolutely. I don’t think anyone, even NBC, would think otherwise. Having said that, would their ratings take an absolute nosedive if they went head-to-head against the Olympics? You bet. There’s a high chance that the ratings dip below 100 million if the NFL actually went up against NBC during these Olympics.
Whether or not the NFL is aware of this problem or is thinking actively about this problem remains to be seen. But the league has three options to address it.
Solution #1: Change Nothing
There’s the first option, which is to change absolutely nothing. Play the game on the first Sunday of February at 6:30, and then when NBC comes on with their Olympic coverage, be in direct competition. However, there are a few massive problems with this option.
Number one, if the game becomes a blowout or unwatchable, or football fans tune out for the halftime show, they could switch over to NBC and just never change the game back. If you get a Super Bowl XLVIII-esque situation on your hands, by the end of the night, NBC might actually have comparable ratings with the Super Bowl. Remember what happened at Super Bowl XXVI during the halftime show, which I wrote about here. In short, FOX decided to counter-program against the halftime show, actually drew a quarter of CBS’ audience away from the game and to FOX, and a large portion of the audience never flipped the game back to CBS because the game was so bad. Remember that Super Bowl XXVI was broadcast by CBS. They are well aware of their history, and they’d be broadcasting Super Bowl LVI thirty years later. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, on the other hand…
Number two, the amount that CBS would be able to charge for advertisements would plummet compared to previous years. Maybe instead of being able to charge $5 million (as is the standard price now), they’ll only be able to charge $3 million. How much a network can charge for ads depends on how many people are watching the game; there’s a reason why an advertisement during a regular season NFL game at 1:00 between the Browns and the Jaguars costs significantly less than a Super Bowl ad. If the NFL decides this option, CBS throws a fit. No way does CBS want to be competing directly against the Olympics, considering their own history and the advertising dollars at stake.
Yes, the NFL is stubborn. Yes, people now associate the Super Bowl with the first Sunday in February at 6:30. But there are so many ways that this could backfire that I doubt the league actually plays the game that Sunday at 6:30.
Solution #2: Start the Game Earlier
Of course, they could keep it on the same date as before, but just start the game earlier. If the NFL wants to be bold and place a Super Bowl in London, this is the year to do it. Start the game at 3:00 Eastern (which would be primetime in London), and have your earliest kickoff since Super Bowl X back in 1976, when the game started at 2:14 PM Eastern (for the record, the earliest ever Super Bowl kickoff was Super Bowl V in 1971, starting at 2:00). All data for that comes courtesy of this chart. You keep the game on the first Sunday of February, but just start it at 3:00. Game ends by 7:00, postgame is over at 7:30, and it’s a perfect transition into NBC’s Olympic coverage.
This option isn’t perfect, though. For one, the pregame shows take a hit in terms of ratings. And while this option seems good on the East Coast, it’s an absolute pain on the West Coast. Does the league really want to have the Super Bowl start at noon on the West Coast, when people are just waking up two hours before kickoff? That contributes to the pregame shows taking a ratings hit. Also, CBS might still not be happy about this, because nobody would watch their lead-out show. They’d flip off the lead-out show immediately to go to NBC and the Olympics. While you wouldn’t have to deal with live Olympic events (it’d be 3:00 in the morning in Beijing), and while you would still be able to keep the game on the first Sunday in February, it still poses some problems for all parties involved. If you’re on the East Coast, though, this plan seems like heaven.
Solution #3: Move the Date
And then, there’s the option to just move the game to a different date, like the final Sunday in January like it used to be prior to Super Bowl XXXVIII (Super Bowl XXXVI was supposed to be the final Sunday in January, but because of the attacks on September 11 forcing the league to postpone week 2, the Super Bowl got moved). The league has done this before with moving the season due to other circumstances. In the 1999 season, the NFL moved the season back a week so that nobody would have to play on January 1, 2000, due to the Y2K concerns. From Wikipedia:
The start of the 1999 NFL season was pushed back one week and started the weekend after Labor Day, a change from the previous seasons. Due to the Y2K concerns, the NFL did not want to hold the opening round of the playoffs on Saturday, January 1, 2000, and did not want teams traveling on that day. Week 17 games were held on January 2, 2000, and the opening round of the playoffs would be scheduled for January 8-9.
The NFL needs the double bye before the Super Bowl because of the Pro Bowl (and because of the juggernaut that the game has become), so this means that the season would be pushed up a week, starting Labor Day weekend. Even though the game is on the final Sunday of January, this seems to benefit all parties involved from the NFL’s perspective… right?
Not necessarily. Because even though CBS isn’t angry, college football is to a certain extent. The NCAA has played week 1 of their season on Labor Day weekend, including games that Sunday and Monday that are usually marquee games. This year, the Notre Dame/Texas game that took place that Sunday night was one of the highest rated games of the season. Now, they wouldn’t be able to play that game because they can’t go directly against the NFL. Those Sunday and Monday night games that they had week 1 couldn’t be played. Of course, college football could, in turn, push their season back one weekend, but considering the fact that some schools aren’t even in session yet, attendance would take a dramatic hit in week one.
Because of the circumstances with the Olympics and the NFL, someone’s going to get ticked off no matter what the NFL proposes. There’s nothing the league can do about it. The question is what the league wants to do and what battle they want to fight. Do they want to fight a battle against both NBC and CBS, do they want to fight a battle against CBS, or do they want to fight a battle against the NCAA? Either way, the NFL is going to be in competition with some organization.
It may be five years away, but considering the fact that no stadium has been awarded the rights to Super Bowl LVI yet and no date has been determined for the game, the league has time to determine an appropriate solution. We’ll see which route they decide to go.
What Would You Do?
I decided to add a straw-poll to see what /NFL would do in this situation. Choose from 1 of the 3 options I mentioned above- keep the game as scheduled, move it to an earlier start time, or move the date.
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The /r/Futebol Guide to the 2018 Brasileirão [Part 2]

This is the second of a two-part post. Click here to go to the first part


Full name Fluminense Football Club
Nicknames Time de Guerreiros ("Team of Warriors"), Tricolor, Fluzão, Nense
Supporters Tricolores
Ground Maracanã (78,838), Rio de Janeiro/RJ
2017 Season 14th place
Kits Home/Away/Third
Best Showing 1st place (1970, 1984, 2010, 2012)
Manager Abel Braga
Starting XI Júlio César; Renato Chaves, Gum; Gilberto, Jadson, Richard, Ayrton, Sornoza; Marcos Júnior, Pedro
It is no secret to Tricolores that Fluminense is in a dire financial situation. With the fat years of Unimed sponsorship long gone, the club hasn't been able to splash money on big signings like it once did in the early 2010's, resulting in mediocre campaigns, with three bottom-half finishes in a row since 2015. However, the club's history teaches supporters that many of Fluminense's successes came not from their stellar squads, but from their tight-knit, sedulous teams instead; and that's just the kind of team they have assembled this season.
The board allowed many players to leave the club, including key ones (Diego Cavalieri, Gustavo Scarpa, Henrique Dourado, Wellington Silva, Richarlison, Henrique), to help balance the club's finances and restricted signings to free agents and loanees, which meant manager Abel Braga had to rely mainly on home-grown talent to build his team. It took a lot of time for him to get the team working the way he intended on the Campeonato Carioca, but despite all odds he has so far succeded: in spite of a frustrating elimination to Vasco on a last-minute goal, his campaign on the tournament included a 4:0 win against Flamengo and a dominating 3:0 triumph against Botafogo, showing that the current squad is prepared for the Brasileirão to come.
Manager Abel Braga has focused on building a solid defence and a speedy, capitalizing attack, settling on a 3-5-2 formation. Highly contested throughout 2017, goalkeeper Júlio César has improved tremendously thanks to the strong chemistry on the backline of three between recently promoted Ibañez, clumsy Renato Chaves and ever-aging veteran Gum. Richard with his well-timed tackles and Jadson with his fine ball distribution allow Fluminense to control the midfield, leaving creative duties to Sornoza and his great vision of the game, with Gilberto and Ayrton helping from the wings with their speed and exquisite feinting. The pacey and indefatigable second striker Marcos Júnior is Abel's weapon to take the opponent by surprise in counter-attacks; Pedro, with his finesse and positioning, is Fluminense's promising young striker.
Fun fact There's another good reason for Fluminense's low budget at the transfer window: the Estádio das Laranjeiras, the club's historical grounds and birthplace of the Brazilian NT, is to be renovated for its centennial in 2019 and expanded to a capacity of 15,000, allowing it to host its first professional match since 2003.
Familiar faces Gilberto came on a loan from Fiorentina and Jadson was released for free by Udinese. Sornoza is also regularly called up for the Ecuador national team.
Star of the show Sornoza is the maestro of Fluminense's midfield. The Ecuadorian international arrived at the club after carrying Independiente del Valle to a surprise Copa Libertadores final and now dazzles Tricolores with his great ball control and superior reading.
Wild card Pablo Dyego. The 24-year-old comes from Fluminense's youth academy, but only now he's getting minutes at the team following several loans. He has impressed supporters with his sturdiness, speed, and fine finishing, and could soon get a spot at the starting XI.
CruzeiroDoSul, jggomes14


Full name Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense
Nicknames Imortal ("Immortal"), Tricolor de Porto Alegre
Supporters Gremistas, Tricolores
Ground Arena do Grêmio (55,662), Porto Alegre/RS
2017 Season 4th place
Kits Home/Away/Third
Best Showing 1st place (1981, 1996)
Manager Renato Portaluppi
Starting XI Marcelo Grohe; Léo Moura, Pedro Geromel, Kannemann, Bruno Cortez; Maicon, Arthur, Luan, Ramiro, Éverton; Jael.
After a drought of 15 years with no major title, Grêmio is coming from an incredible sequence of years. Having broken this drought with the Copa do Brasil title in 2016 and achieving the so dreamed about 3rd Libertadores title last year (and just falling short against Real Madrid in the Club World Cup final), Grêmio comes into 2018 with high hopes to be a contender to title in all major competitions.
President Romildo Bolzan Júnior and his board managed to recover Grêmio's dire financial situation at the beginning of 2015 season, by betting on Grêmio's academy system and lesser known players, instead of big old names. It payed off, as 3 years later, Grêmio is back winning titles with great young prospects calling the attention of major European clubs.
The biggest reinforcement for Grêmio this season is the maintenance of its Copa Libertadores' champion and CWC runner-up squad. The team got a slow start in state league this year, by fielding mostly reserves, being threatened with relegation. Once Renato and his squad took form, the team went back to the performance that earned the title of "most beautiful football in Brazil" at mid 2017, with the trademark style of great possession and offensive football. Grêmio is currently in the verge of winning the RS' state league, and looking as a strong contender for Brasileirão.
As mentioned earlier, the core elements of the Libertadores winning team, goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe, National squad defender Pedro Geromel, young star midfielder Arthur, best player in América in 2017 Luan and club legend, manager Renato Portaluppi. Grêmio's CBs are considered the best duo in Brasil, as both Geromel and Kannemann are contenders for going to WC with Brasil and Argentina, respectivelly. In the midfield captain Maicon is back from a 2017 filled with injuries to be the companion of, signed to Barcelona, Arthur. With this, Grêmio solidify even more his possession dominant playstyle, as both are well known for it's pass accuracy. In the attack, Fernandinho and former Dortmund player Lucas Barrios left, leaving their place to Éverton, 12th player in the Libertadores campaign, and with great start of the season so far, and **Jael, initially regarded only as a meme player (Jael the Cruel), but also with an amazing start. Reinforcements signed were Alisson and Thonny Anderson, from Cruzeiro and André, former Santos player, coming from an amazing Brasileirão with Sport last year.
Fun fact Renato Portaluppi achieved club legend status last year, as the first Brazilian to win the Libertadores as a player and a manager on the same club. Renato joked in all 2017 about making a statue of him if he won Libertadores. Joke became reality and Renato's statue is coming in September.
Familiar faces Pedro Geromel, former FC Köln, Vitória de Guimarães and Mallorca player, found his football again in Porto Alegre; Arthur, not known yet, but soon will be a common face as he is going to FC Barcelona at the end of the year.
Stars of the show Marcelo Grohe, Geromel, Luan and Arthur It's impossible to talk about Grêmio's success without citing the 4 players that can earn a call up to the NT, these guys were the foundation to conquer the Libertadores.
Wild card Thonny Anderson. Young prospect of Cruzeiro academy, came in the deal for Edílson, and is surrounded with expectations. So far, strong showings in the state league, is regarded as the Luan substitute.


Full name Sport Club Internacional
Nicknames Colorado ("Red"), Clube do Povo("People's Club")
Supporters Colorados
Ground Estádio Beira-Rio(50,128), Porto Alegre/RS
2017 Season 2nd place(2nd tier)
Kits(2017) Home/Away
Best Showing 1st place (1975, 1976, 1979)
Manager Odair Hellmann
Starting XI Marcelo Lomba; Fabiano, Rodrigo Moledo, Victor Cuesta, Iago; Edenílson, Dourado, D'Alessandro, Rossi, Patrick; William Pottker.
Internacional heads into the 2018 Brasileirão to forget and learn from the past 2 seasons. Once a International contender and 2 times Copa Libertadores champions, Inter saw their demise at the hands of poor administration, leading to the first Brasileirão relegation in the club's history and a really weak 2nd tier to get back, not being able to win the title.
The year started slow for Inter, being prematurely eliminated from the Campeonato Gaúcho by their biggest rival, Grêmio; Odair Hellman, thus, has enjoyed from a to work with the team, and prepare for Brasileirão.
Inter's main strengths rely on the genius of Andrés D'Alessandro and his quality to create their offensive plays, be it in crosses or in free kicks. Alongside D'Ale, Patrick is having a great start of the season so far, their synergy creates the most of offensive sector from Inter, with Patrick scoring many goals himself. The team main goal man is William Pottker, was having a great 2018 so far, until struck by injury, and coming back right on time for Brasileirão. Worth mentioning also Leandro Damião, called for the NT in 2011-2013 is back, but for now, he recovers from a cervical injury.
On the defensive sector, GK Marcelo Lomba lives great form, with Inter having to their disposal Danilo Fernandes, another amazing GK. But despite having great keepers, Inter's defense remains a doubt if they will be able to hold on against stronger sides than 2nd tier. With the reinforcement of Rodrigo Moledo, back from Greece, alongside Victor Cuesta, Odair hopes to fix the sector, exposed in the Derbies against Grêmio.
Fun fact Inter is the only ever undefeated Brasileirão Champion. Inter accomplished in 1979 season, led by Falcão(later Roma player), one of the greatest club idols.
Familiar faces Andrés D'Alessandro River, Portsmouth, Zaragoza and former Argentina international; Rodrigo Dourado earned a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics for Brazil.
Stars of the show Andrés D'Alessandro. Idol of the club, star of Inter's 2nd Libertadores, even with 36 years, still the most reliable and consistent player in the team; Patrick,coming from Sport, he has been the best duo to D'Alessandro and overall the best reinforcement so far.
Wild card Iago. Elected revelation player from Campeonato Gaúcho, seems to be doing great in a position that caused trouble for the whole 2017.


Full name Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras
Nicknames Verdão, Campeoníssimo, Academia de Futebol (The Football Academy), Alvi-Verde Imponente (Imposing White-Green)
Supporters Palmeirenses, Palestrinos, Alviverdes
Ground Allianz Parque (43,000), São Paulo/SP
2017 Season 2nd place
Kits Home/Away/2017/Third/2017
Best Showing Champion (1960, 1967RGP, 1967TB, 1969, 1972, 1973, 1993, 1994, 2016)
Manager Roger Machado
Starting XI Jaílson; Marcos Rocha, Antônio Carlos, Thiago Martins, Victor Luis; Felipe Melo, Bruno Henrique, Lucas Lima; Dudu, Willian, Borja
Founded by a group of Italian immigrants in 1914 as Palestra Itália, Palmeiras one of the largest clubs in Brazil in both titles and fanbase. Along with holding the record for league titles (9) and national titles (13), the club boasts around 15 million fans, being tied as the third biggest fanbase in the country with São Paulo and Vasco. Many place Palmeiras currently as the strongest roster in Brazil, having a plethora of options in most positions and reinforced last year's second-place team with players such as Lucas Lima and Gustavo Scarpa, who had both been considered the best players of their teams in 2017 (Santos and Fluminense, respectively).
The best position to see the depth that Palmeiras has is GK, where Jaílson is the starter having in the bench Olympic gold medal winner Weverton and club legend (and the original starter in the Olympics-winning team) Fernando Prass. The rest of the team is studded with great players as well, such as the winger Dudu, the defensive mid Felipe Melo and even Borja up front, who seams to have regained his good football, being the team's top scorer so far in the season.
The 2018 Season has barely started, but it's already been a roller-coaster for the club. With a blazing start, the team seaming to find a good cohesion and a starting XI shaping up more and more, things changed in the two-week stretch before the beginning of the Brasileirão. Palmeiras had to play the two legs of the Paulista final against arch-rivals Corinthians in the weekends as well as two Libertadores games in the midweeks, a level of intensity the team had not yet been tested for. With two wins, a loss, a draw, and a lost title, it's become blatant that the team's major weakness is the inexperienced duo of defenders, as Palmeiras has not yet been able to replace the loss of Yerry Mina to Barcelona. Another glaring issue Palmeiras will have to overcome is the unequalled pressure to succeed coming from fans and press alike.
Fun fact In 1965 for the inauguration of the Mineirão the Brazil national team won a friendly against the Uruguayan NT 3:0. That team was 100% composed of Palmeiras players, as well as the manager, Filpo Nuñez, who is the only non-Brazilian to manage the Brazil national team.
Familiar faces Felipe Melo is undoubtly the most well-known player for Europeans, but Lucas Lima, Dudu and Borja are also somewhat well known.
Star of the show Dudu is the thermometer of the team, when he's well, the team's well, when he's not, the team lags with him.
Wild card Keno late bloomer Keno is going into his second season with the green kit and has shown both at the end of the last season and at the beginning of this one that he could be claiming a spot in the starting XI soon.

Paraná Clube

Full name Paraná Clube
Nicknames Tricolor, Tricolor da Vila, Paranito
Supporters Paranistas, Tricolores
Ground Vila Capanema (17.140), Curitiba/PR
2017 Season 4th place (2nd tier)
Kits Home/Away
Best Showing 5th place (2006)
Manager Rogério Micale
Starting XI Richard; Alemгo, Neris, Rayan, Mansur; Leandro Vilela, Wesley Dias; Diego, Carlos Eduardo, Baez; Thiago Santos
Paraná Clube is the youngest club in the 2018 Brasileirão 2018 but despite being 28 years old, it carries the history of the clubs that merged to create the Tricolor. It wouldn't take long for its first local titles, the 90s were dominated by Paraná and the club reached its peak by winning the Campeonato Paranaense five times in a row and by playing at the top flight for 14 of the club's first 18 years. In 2007, Paraná reached the round of 16 in its first and only Copa Libertadores. In that same year, struggling with serious financial problems, the Tricolor was relegated to the second division, being able to return to the Brasileirão only in 2017.
After getting promoted in 2017, I thought Paraná would be a contender for the 2018 Campeonato Paranense. That is the cost of success for smaller clubs in Brazil, we couldn't keep most of our players from last season: only three of the victorious starting XI are still in Paraná. Manager Wagner Lopes was fired after a series of five matches without a victory and Rogério Micale was appointed as the new coach. He will only have to deal with Brasileirão since we are already out of Copa do Brasil (beaten by Sampaio Corrêa, a 2nd tier side)... maybe a good thing as we will need full power in all and every match to avoid relegation.
The squad has lost some important players like Maidana (Atlético-MG), Eduardo Brock (Goiás), João Pedro (Atlético-PR) and Renatinho (Botafogo). Richard is a great goalkeeper but I feel he will have a tougher job this season playing against stronger sides. Without the centre-backs from 2017, I don't believe we will keep a decent defence like we had last year (43 goals conceded in 64 matches). Leandro Vilela and Carlos Eduardo are a safe choice in the midfield, while Baez and Diego are playing as wide-midfielders trying to open spaces in the opponents' defense. This also creates some problems to Paraná because we don't have a midfield fast enough that covers the final third of the pitch. Thiago Santos is our main striker (34 goals in 110 matches in his career) but he still needs to prove his worth in the Brasileirão. All in all, 2018 will be a successful season for Paraná if the club manages to escape relegation.
Fun fact In 1999, Paraná faced San Lorenzo (PAR) in Copa Conmebol. Our goalkeeper was sent off by the end of the match and a 19 years old striker took his place to save three penalty kicks and score his own.
Familiar faces Midfielder Carlos Eduardo played for Hoffenheim and Rubin Kazan.
Star of the show Carlos Eduardo is probably the most skilled player in the group. Staying up depends on his good performances.
Wild card Keep na eye on Johnny Lucas (17 years old). The defensive midfielder has been called for the U20 Brazil national team and can develop his football skills a lot in 2018. Another youngster is Matheus Pereira, a Juventus player who is on loan at the club after a disappointing season in Bordeaux.


Full name Santos Futebol Clube
Nicknames Peixe ("Fish")
Supporters Santistas
Ground Vila Belmiro (16,068), Santos/SP
2017 Season 3rd place
Kits Home/Away
Best Showing Champions (1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 2002 & 2004)
Manager Jair Ventura
Starting XI Vanderlei; Daniel Guedes, David Braz, Lucas Veríssimo, Dodô; Alison, Léo Cittadini, Vitor Bueno; Bruno Henrique, Eduardo Sasha, Gabriel
In the last couple of years, Santos has been one of the clubs that people don't expect big things of but keeps fighting for the top positions. This scenario repeats itself again this year due to having lost a couple of "important" pieces, with some pundits and specialists putting the club as the quarta força (fourth best) of SP. The club is going to have to find solutions inside the squad to overcome this status, as it is going through some financial trouble (as always) and big signings are basically discarded. So far, that's exactly what it has done, with almost every player in the squad having been tested as a starter (save from some useless bastards).
A lot has changed since last year, with the club going through some major changes in the administration and coaching staff, and the performances on the pitch reflecting that instability, with the team alternating between some brilliant games with a lot of fight and some downright awful showings, where the team has looked lost and lazy. New manager Jair Ventura, brought in at the beginning of the year, has the faith of most fans due to making the Libertadores quarterfinals last year with a weak Botafogo squad, but even then there are some doubters, as his defensive style of play is not in Santos' DNA.
As for the main players, the defense starts with Vanderlei, the best GK playing in Brazil, Daniel Guedes on the right side of defense, Lucas Veríssimo, a player that most fans didn't rate at all at the beginning of 2017, but made some major improvements since then, his clumsy CB partner David Braz, and Dodô on the left side, currently on loan from Sampdoria. Alison is the starting DM, famous for his heart and rough playing style. In front of him, there are some question marks, with many players having been tested in those positions but none establishing themselves as starters. Currently, those spots are being claimed by Léo Cittadini and Jean Mota, but a lot can change as the year goes on, as Vitor Bueno and Renato are not behind in the pecking order by much. The attack consists of Bruno Henrique, a flashy and fast winger, currently injured, being replaced by Rodrygo, a teenager that's being touted as the next big thing coming out of Santos, Eduardo Sasha, a player that has surprised even the most optimistic fans with his great performances, and Gabriel, the Gabigol. Fresh from a failed spell in Europe, if he puts his mind to working hard and chills a bit with the yellow cards, he can be a very important piece as the year goes on.
Fun fact In 1969, Pelé's Santos briefly stopped a civil war in Nigeria.
Familiar faces Gabriel. Perhaps the most recognizable player in the squad for many, the striker hopes to reestablish himself in his boyhood club and return to Internazionale at the beginning of next year stronger than ever.
Star of the show Vanderlei. One of the two players responsible (along with Bruno Henrique) for the team's 3rd place finish in last year's tournament, the fans expect the keeper to maintain the level and keep on with his miraculous saves.
Wildcard Rodrygo. The 17-year-old is yet another wonderkid from Santos' prestigious academy, and from what he has shown so far, he has a brilliant future ahead of him.

São Paulo

Full name São Paulo Futebol Clube
Nicknames Tricolor Paulista
Supporters São-Paulinos
Ground Morumbi (72.039), São Paulo/SP
2017 Season 13th place
Kits Home Away Third
Best Showing 1st place (1977, 1986, 1991, 2006, 2007, 2008)
Manager Diego Aguirre
Starting XI Sidão, Régis, Arboleda, Rodrigo Caio, Reinaldo; Jucilei, Petros; Valdívia, Cueva, Marcos Guilherme; Tréllez
This will be the 10th season after São Paulo has lifted his third consecutive Brasileirão trophy, a feat that no other club has achieved in round-robin system in Brazil. Since then, the Tricolor Paulista has been living on its shadow, struggling to compete for the title. In the 9 seasons since, São Paulo went through ups and downs, with few top positions and culminating with the last two seasons were the club battled against relegation. In 2017, São Paulo had the help of Hernanes to finish in 13th position, the worst the club has recorded since 1998. It's no coincidence that these results are effects of the political turmoil the club has been living, with some questionable board changes, internal disputes and even corruption cases. This scenario, combined with a 5 year titleless, led São Paulo to be on constant pressure.
In the months before, São Paulo has again faced some political backlash, causing major changes on football board, with the arrival of club past idols: Raí, Ricardo Rocha and the newly retired Lugano. The trio took the responsibility to put the club back on the titles' race. Soon after that, the team lose their two main players, Hernanes and Pratto. For 2018 season, the club bought keeper Jean, attackers Diego Souza and Tréllez, not to mention the arrival of winger Valdívia, defender Anderson Martins, left-back Reinaldo, and midfielders Hudson and Nene. Dorival Jr was unable to make the team competitive and was sacked after losing three derbys. For his position Diego Aguirre was hired, right before the club's knockout games on the Campeonato Paulista. The Uruguayan coach relied on heavy defensive work in semifinal but lose on penalty shootout, ending 3rd overall.
With only six games so far, Aguirre's team is a mistery. To complicate things further, both Souza and Tréllez didn't meet the expectations and Cueva will hardly stay much longer. With new manager and many squad changes still happening, the starting team will be determined in the tournament. Fortunately, the team have some good disputes on his defensive side with Arboleda and Reinaldo being the only guaranted starters. The midfield, centered on Jucilei, will see a dispute between rising star Liziero and veterans Hudson and Petros. Souza and Nene will battle for Cueva's spot. Wingers M. Guilherme and Valdívia will aid the attacker that, at this point, could be Tréllez, Gonzalo Carneiro and even Souza, who knows?
Fun fact According to the club's folklore, the white ball was created by one of São Paulo's employees who, tired of running behind brown leather balls in the woods, painted the ball white to help recover them.
Familiar faces Nene. The 36-year old veteran has been, so far, a decent substitute to Cueva.
Star of the show Cueva. The Peruvian will certanly departure after 2018 World Cup but until then, São Paulo will heavily depending on his talent to win.
Wild card Liziero. The gifted 20-year-old defensive midfielder has gained a lot of spotlight after impressive performances in the last games of the Campeonato Paulista.


Full name Sport Club do Recife
Nicknames Leão da Ilha ("Lion of the Island"), Rubro-Negro Pernambucano
Supporters Rubro-Negros, Leoninos, Sportistas
Ground Ilha do Retiro (30,000), Recife/PE
2017 Season 15th place
Kits Home/Away/Third
Best Showing Champion (1987)
Manager Nelsinho Baptista
Starting XI Magrão; Raul Prata, Ronaldo Alves, Léo Ortiz, Sander; Anselmo, Neto Moura, Gabriel; Pablo Pardal, Marlone, Éverton Felipe (subject to change)
One of the most traditional sides in northeastern Brazil, Sport amasses a huge following, with polls finding their fanbase to be around 3 to 4 million strong, around the population of Uruguay. In addition to their immense following, the club is the most recent non-South/Southeastern club to have won a national title, having won the 2008 Copa do Brasil over juggernaughts Corinthians. Furthermore, for the past years, Sport has been considered an example of management, with the club in little to no debt, and being able to hold on to their players in spite of harassment from larger clubs. Throughout history it would not be out of place to consider the Leão da Ilha a mainstay of Brazil's elite division - in the past 10 seasons, Sport has been in Série A 7 times.
Despite not being relegated, 2017 was not kind to the club. After winning the Campeonato Pernambucano, finishing second in the Copa do Nordeste and a surprisingly good first half of the Série A, Sport seamed to forget how to play football. In the second half, Sport only managed to amass more points than relegated side Ponte Preta, with a pitiful 29,8% of points made per game. Relegation was only narrowly escaped, in the final matches of the year, and the club ended up without even a Sulamericana spot for the first time since 2011. Things don't look better in 2018, as the club projects negative revenue for the season, finished third in the Campeonato Pernambucano and forfeited their Copa do Nordeste spot.
A veteran manager with many titles in his resumé, including the very Copa do Brasil title that is Sport's greatest pride in recent years, Nelsinho Baptista is well known and trusted by the Sport board, dispite a lackluster start of the season. The team is going through renovations, with many players being swapped in the roster, Traditionally, Nelsinho favors a more defensive tactic, playing with 2 DMs, such as Anselmo, and exploiting counter-attacks with a fast midfield and effective strikers such as Éverton Felipe and Marlone.
Fun fact Sport's 2008 upset win in the Copa do Brasil, thanks to the away goal rule, led to CBF no longer counting away goals in finals as of 2009.
Familiar faces Marlone was a 2016 Puskas Award contender, when the forward was at Corinthians.
Star of the show Magrão The most experienced and longest-serving player at Sport, keeper Magrão is seen by fans as one of if not the greatest legend in club history.
Wild card Éverton Felipe Talented young player coming from the club's youth system, many fans have high hopes for his future.


Full name Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama
Nicknames Gigante da Colina, Time da Virada
Supporters Vascaíno, Cruzmaltino
Ground São Januário (21,880), Rio de Janeiro/RJ
2017 Season 7th place
Kits Home/Away
Best Showing 1st place (1974, 1989, 1997, 2000)
Manager Zé Ricardo
Starting XI Martin Silva; Yago Pikachu, Erazo, Paulão, Henrique; Desábato, Wellington, Wagner, Evander, Paulinho; Riascos.
Vasco went through some tough times through the last 5 years, being relegated to Série B in 2013 and 2015, political instability and less then ideal finances. One of the "Doze Grandes", Vasco looks to make another great campaign after guaraanteing a Copa Libertadores spot last year and to make the last 5 years nothing but a dark memory.
This year, Vasco went through the qualifying stage of the Copa Libertadores, reached the Carioca Finals, only losing the title at the Shootouts after conceding a tie equalizing goal at the 90+4 minute of the second match, they look to repeat and even improve their campaign from last season. Even after losing important pieces from last year through the January window, manager Zé Ricardo rebuilt the team and went on to gather great results through the start of the year:
Martin Silva leads the team from the back, the Uruguayan international is going through an amazing patch of form and is one of the main names on this roster, protected by the always contested Erazo and Paulão, with the goalscoring threat of the right back Yago Pikachu and the reliable left back Henrique. Deep on the midfield, former Velez Sarsfield player Leandro Desábato is one of the standouts of their season, alongside his partner on the double pivot Wellington, a box to box midfielder that was one of the important pieces last season, combining with the experience from the 12' Série A winner Wagner and the youth and talent that Evander and Paulinho offer, there's no way that Duvier Riascos lacks opportunities to score.
Fun fact Vasco is famous in Brazil for being the club that first allowed black people to play without restraints.
Familiar faces Paulinho is the most coveted young star in Brazil right now.
Star of the show Also Paulinho, the 17-year-old is the spark of brilliance on Vasco attack, scoring in Libertadores matches and deciding "Classicos", unfortunely he's going to be out for 4 months after injuring his elbow.
Wild card Giovanni Augusto just recovered from injury and is asking for his space on Vasco midfield.


Full name Esporte Clube Vitória
Nicknames Leão (Lion)
Supporters Rubro-Negros (the Red and Blacks)
Ground Barradão (34,535), SalvadoBA
2017 Season 16th place
Kits Home/Away
Best Showing Runners-up (1993)
Manager Vágner Mancini
Starting XI Fernando Miguel; Lucas, Kanu, Ramon, Bryan; Fillipe Soutto, Uillian Corrêa; Rhayner, Neílton, Denilson; André Lima.
After a last-minute saving goal at another game, and a movie-like escape from relegation, Vitória is trying to put 2017 behind. 2017 was a year to forget for them, with political crysis behind the scenes, failed signings and a lot of time spent in relegation zone. Now, Vitória aims a year without the relegation desperation, and, maybe, a spot at the sudamericana.
Vitória had a solid Campeonato Baiano, leading the round-robin phase and winning easily against the lesser sides of the state. But, after the big brawl at the first derby against Bahia, they lost 5 starting XI players and the manager for the rest of the competition. That made the team look shaky, and was decisive for the title loss to Bahia. In other competitions, where the players aren't suspended, the team is doing just fine, ending the group stage at the regional cup in first and classifying for the 4th fase of the national cup.
Vitória lost their wonder-kid David to Cruzeiro and their goalscorer Tréllez to São Paulo, and didn't sign any replacements for them, but promoted another kid, Denilson, to fill the void left by David. A signing from last year, Neilton, is showing a lot more now, with an impressive 13 goals in 20 games. And they still have Mancini, the manager who saved them last year, starting in a pretty dire situation, and he is a total idol in the club, and has the locker room and the directory total confidence.
The team starts with Fernando Miguel, who has been under the bars for three years, protected by Kanu and Ramon, Kanu being a threat to the keepers at set pieces and known to score bunch of goals. At the left side, the newly signed Lucas, and the right, the fast Bryan, forming the backline. Midfield is defended by Uilliam Correa, one of the best players from last year, who commands the pace of the midfield after Willan Farias' injury, and Fillipe Soutto, who was signed to fill in for injured players last year, and is still doing that. The playmaking of the team is done by Neílton, who is also their most aggressive player. He has at his side Denilson, who started playing at the center of the attack, but was dragged to the side by Mancini, and Rhayner, another aggressive skilled dribbler. Leading the attack, Vitória has André Lima, an experient and opportunist goalscorer.
Fun fact Vitória is the only team to get 2nd place at the first, the second, the third division and the national cup.
Familiar faces With a squad consisting mainly of unknown players, foreign observers may not recognise any of the names on the squad.
Star of the show Neílton is the hope of Vitória to win games, and the team is much weaker when he is not playing, since he is the main hope of scoring.
Wild Card Luan, recently promoted from the youth team at 19 years old, scored a goal at the Campeonato Baiano finals, is making great appearances and the supporters ask for him to be starting, but Vitória's managers are trying to transition him slowly, but he has the potential to be a great player.
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World Cup OUTRIGHT Tournament

Hello, you may remember me from such tournaments as the April betting tournament and the first betting tournament. Well I'm back, and with two more tournaments for the World Cup!
This outright tournament (OT) will focus on any outright bets whereas the next tournament will focus on any match bets. I will start a separate thread for that soon but it will mainly be in the daily threads in a similar manner to the previous tournament once the World Cup begins so don't worry if you don't get in at the start.
In this OT anyone is able to enter and has an unlimited budget of units. The aim is to be in the most profit come the end of the World Cup. The maximum you can place on any one bet is 5u(2.50u for E/W bets), except for the World Cup Winner which can be up to 10u (Only one bet, other than one selection will be at 5u max). For any bet, the odds need to be included and with any multiples the odds need to be included for each part for transparencies sake, for any Each Way bets then also state to the amount of places your bet is with. The closing date for this tournament is once the opening match kicks off in Russia.
With all that said, here are some interesting stats.

Past Winners:

These are the odds of the finalists for the past 8 World Cups:
Year Winner Odds Loser Odds
2014 Germany 6.00 Argentina 5.50
2010 Spain 5.00 Holland 11.00
2006 Italy 11.00 France 15.00
2002 Brazil 8.00 Germany 21.00
1998 France 8.00 Brazil 4.33
1994 Brazil 4.33 Italy 7.00
1990 West Germany 8.00 Argentina 15.00
1986 Argentina 5.00 West Germany 15.00
As you can see, no real outsider has won the World Cup or even been in the final (other than Germany in 2002) in this time so it feasibly leaves 6 potential teams for this World Cup; Brazil (5.50), Germany (6.00), Spain (7.00), France (7.50), Argentina (11.00) & Belgium (12.00) but who knows, maybe its time for an African team to make the next step up. Another fact is that either Brazil or Germany have made it to the semi finals since 1934, only missing the first ever World Cup, can the streak continue?

Past Golden Boot Winners:

Year Top Scorer Country Played Scored Team Placed
2014 James Rodriguez Colombia 5 6 Quarter-finalists
2010 Thomas Muller Germany 6 5 3rd Place
2006 Miroslav Klose Germany 7 5 3rd Place
2002 Ronaldo Brazil 7 8 Winners
1998 Davor Suker Croatia 7 6 3rd Place
In 7 of the 16 World Cups where there has been a sole winner of the Golden Boot, they have played for a team that made the finals. In recent history, at least, it has showed that players of teams that can reach the semi finals are very likely to be hunt for the Golden Boot. Brazil holds the record for the most Golden Boot winners with 3, Ronaldo winning most recently in 2002 when he had odds of 17.00. Before that, you have to go back to 1982 where Paolo Rossi of Italy was the top goalscorer whilst also being a World Cup winner.
Here are the past World Cup goal records for some of the current favourites:
Player Goals 2006 2010 2014
Messi 5 1 0 4
Neymar 4 - - 4
Greizmann 0 - - 0
C Ronaldo 3 1 1 1
Lukaku 1 - - 1
Diego Costa 0 - - 0
Cavani 2 - 1 1
Suarez 5 - 3 2
Muller 10 - 5 5
Higuain 5 - 4 1
Aguero 0 - 0 0
Hazard 0 - - 0
Some names that aren't on the list include Jesus, Kane, Werner, Mbappe, Lewandowski who are all making their World Cup debuts and will hope they can follow in the footsteps of Thomas Muller and James Rodriguez who both won the GB on their WC debuts.

Past World Cup Discipline:

Year Yellow Cards Yellows/Game Red Cards Reds/Game Average Booking Pts
2014 187 2.92 10 0.16 33.20
2010 261 4.08 17 0.27 47.55
2006 345 5.39 28 0.44 64.90
2002 272 4.25 17 0.27 49.25
1998 258 4.03 22 0.34 48.80
The most booking points in any match in Brazil 2014 was 105pts. It will be interesting to see if the new inclusion of VAR will see a rise of bookings but it must be remembered that VAR can only be used in the event of a 'clear and obvious error' or a 'serious missed incident' affecting the award of a goal, a penalty, a straight red card or a case of mistaken identity. These incidents are reviewed in the background, the VAR then tells the ref if this check has shown an incident and they will decide whether to act on the VAR's advice, watch the footage themselves or just carry on.
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Favourites and underdogs in World Cups since 1978 - a historical overview

Scouring through the internet, I've managed to find pre-tournament betting odds for World Cups since 1978 - so here's a list of the bookmakers' favourites before each World Cup started, with the eventual winners in bold and the runners-up in italics:
(For some of these tournaments, various sources list slightly different odds, based on what different bookmakers offered.)


Brazil 4/1 Germany 5/1 Spain 6/1 France 6/1 Argentina 9/1 Belgium 11/1 England 16/1 Portugal 25/1 Uruguay 25/1 Croatia 33/1


Brazil 11/4 Argentina 9/2 Germany 6/1


Spain 4/1 Brazil 5/1 England 6/1 Argentina 7/1 Netherlands 10/1


Brazil 5/2 Germany 8/1 England 8/1 Italy 10/1 France 14/1 Netherlands 14/1


Argentina 4/1 France 4/1 Italy 6/1 Brazil 13/2 Spain 9/1 Portugal 11/1 England 12/1 Germany 12/1


Brazil 11/4 Germany 7/1 France 7/1 Italy 7/1 England 7/1


Brazil 7/2 Germany 7/2 Italy 11/2


Italy 3/1 Netherlands 7/2 Brazil 4/1 West Germany 6/1 England 10/1 Argentina 11/1


Brazil 3/1 Argentina 4/1 Uruguay 6/1 Mexico 10/1 Italy 12/1 England 12/1 Denmark 14/1 West Germany 14/1 France 14/1


Brazil 9/4 West Germany 4/1 Argentina 7/1 Spain 7/1 Italy 11/1


West Germany 3/1 Brazil 7/2 Argentina 5/1 Netherlands 6/1 Italy 6/1 Scotland 6/1
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any records from before 1978.

So in summary, from 1978 onwards:

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My Pedigree Thoughts-- Most Of What I Have Mentioned Can Be Found Online But Takes Hours To Research.

I will give you my opinion of every horse's pedigree that looks to be pointing to this year's derby. but I will let each of you make the final decision of who you want to risk money on. Most of my thoughts will be dead on but there are instances where I may overlook a sire but more likely it will be the dam I tend to overlook.
Bolt D'Oro is first up. His sire was Medaglia d'Oro, a son of El Prado. Medaglia d'Oro only G1 win at 1 1/4 mile was the Travers S where he ran the last 1/2 mile in 51 flat and was all out to hang on beating the only other graded stakes winner in the field, Repent, whose biggest win was the G2 La Derby, ran that year at 1 1/16 miles. But he also ran second in two editions of the BC Classic, Belmont S(finishing the last half in 53 2/5), and the Pacific Classic(to Candy Ride when he set the track record that he still holds in 1:59 flat). His best runners were at their best up to 1 1/8 miles, though his only runner to win at 1 1/4 mile was Songbird, who did it twice, in 203 flat and 204 flat, both on fast tracks and finishing times that are respectable for fillies but a little slow for the best colts. Bolt D'Oro dam, Globe Trot, won three times in 17 starts, all at 1 mile but no stakes wins. But her sire is A.P. Indy, giving Bolt all the distance pedigree he will need. While I would not be surprised if he won, his trainer will face pressure during derby week that he has never experienced before. It is the downfall of many, especially the first time. The more I watch his races makes me believe the trainer will try to get him on the lead, and I think he is beatable if the trainer succeeds.
Enticed is another son of Medaglia D'Oro(see above). His dam is It's Tricky, a multiple G1 winning filly up to 1 1/8 mile. However, the only time she tried 1 1/4 mile, she ran 2nd to Royal Delta, a champion 3 YO & 4 YO filly. She just recently died from foaling complications producing a Pioneerof The Nile colt, who also died. Her other foal was a year older full sister to Enticed and retired without racing to preserved the bloodlines. It's Tricky sire, Mineshaft, is a son of A.P. Indy who was Horse Of The Year in 2003 and winning at 1 1/4 mile twice in 2 attempts, the Jockey Club Gold Cup in 2:00 1/5 and the Suburban on 201 3/5, beating Volponi in the latter, pulling away at the end. His best sons were Effinex, a G1 winner at 1 1/4 mile and Dialed In, beaten favorite in the 2011 Ky Derby. Enticed trainer, Kiaran McLaughlin has experienced the pressure of derby week several times, including a 2nd in the 2005 Ky Derby with Closing Argument at 80-1, and two 4ths with Frosted and Mohaymen, both sons of Tapit. As of now, Enticed is my pick to win this year's derby and will most likely be the one I will end up betting. Knowing McLaughlin, I believe he will ask the jockey to rate this horse and make a move turning for home.
Bravazo is a son of Awesome Again, who was Horse Of The Year in 1998 when he won the BC Classic against probably the best field top to bottom ever assembled for that race, including Silver Charm, Swain, Victory Gallop and Skip Away, all multiple G1 SWs up to 1 1/2 miles. Awesome Again is a top sire and his best son, Ghostzapper, also won the G1 BC Classic on his way to Horse Of The Year in 2004. Bravazo's dam, Tiz O' Gold, is bred on the exact same lines as Tiznow but her broodmare sire, Slew O' Gold was Seattle Slew's most accomplished runner on the race track, winning the older horse TC at 4 YO after narrowing missing sweeping it as a 3 YO. While Bravazo is bred to handle 1 1/4 miles, he will need to run faster than he has thus far to be a factor against G1 competition. A likely pace setter.
Promises Fulfilled is a son of Shackleford, who ran 4th in the Ky Derby after setting the pace and then won the Preakness S, beating Animal Kingdom. His dam, Marquee Delivery, was graded stakes placed at 1 mile and 1 1/8 miles. His broodmare sire, Marquetry, won the 1 1/4 mile Hollywood Gold Cup, just lasting and beating a career G3 winner but was trounced in at least a half dozen other attempts at 1 1/4 mile, including twice more each in the Gold Cup and BC Classic. If Promises Fulfilled gets a slow pace is the only way, he will be a factor in the Ky Derby and I personally do not see that as possible. I will definitely make this one beat me.
Magnum Moon is a son of Malibu Moon, who sire Ky Derby winner Orb, a horse Magnum Moon is similar bred like. Orb's broodmare sire was Unbridled and Magnum Moon's broodmare sire is Unbridled's Song. However, there is a major difference in their female lines that could prevent Magnum Moon from getting the 1 1/4 mile distance. Unbridled's broodmare sire, Le Fabuleux, is a son of Wild Risk, a great grandson of St Simon and himself the broodmare sire of Blushing Groom(broodmare sire of Awesome Again). In Unbridled's female family under Le Fabuleux, his dams traces to Man O' War twice and more important, to La Troienne twice. Unbridled's Song was super fast and the beaten favorite in the 1996 Ky Derby when 4th to another Unbridled's son, Grindstone. Unbridled's Song broodmare sire was Caro, whose best sons were better on grass than dirt. However, Caro's daughter, Winning Colors, won the Ky Derby in 1988, mostly because the trainers of that derby gave her no respect and she got to run all alone throughout and lasted. Unbridled's Song initially was better at siring sprinters/ milers types when he first started breeding, but his progeny started getting more distance as he aged. Underneath in Magnum Moon pedigree is Giant's Causeway whose broodmare sire is Rahy, a son of Blushing Groom. So before I can dismiss this horse, I will want to see how he fares in the Arkansas Derby. Pletcher has screwed up on several top 3 YOs just before the derby and this could possibly be another one. The Apollo curse(unraced as a 2 YO) will eventually be broken and this one has the bloodlines to do it, especially with his slightly off the pace style of running.
Quip is a son of Distorted Humor, who was better as a sprinter during his racing career. He was the sire of Ky Derby and Preakness winner, Funny Cide, but Funny Cide's broodmare sire(Slewacide) had more to do with that than him. Distorted Humor can produce a distance runner but usually when he gets a lot of help from the dam. And that is not the case with Quip. Starting with his broodmare sire, Indian Charlie, his female family is loaded with sprint/miler type runners and producers. Definitely one I will not consider.
McKinzie is a son of Ky Derby winner Street Sense. However, he has the running style that resembles his broodmare sire Petionville, a son of Seeking The Gold, who found 1 1/8 miles to be his limit. Mckinzie's running style is the preferred style Baffert now tries to teach all his horses to use but I believe he would be much more dangerous if allowed to sit mid pack and make one big run. But Baffert has been burned twice using that type of tactics on favorite type horses and I do not see him changing what has worked for him 4 different times versus none(due to misjudged rides mostly). So I will try to beat this one.
Good Magic is a son of Curlin, who ran third in the Ky Derby in his 4th lifetime start, then won the Preakness and ran 2nd in the Belmont S on his way to the 3 YO Champion. He was Horse Of The Year at 4 in 2008. Good Magic's broodmare sire is Hard Spun, who beat Curlin when 2nd in the 2007 Ky Derby behind Street Sense, then ran 3rd in the Preakness and 4th in the Belmont before finishing 2nd in the BC Classic in the slop against Curlin. Hard Spun's sire was Danzig, who mostly known for siring milers but his broodmare sire was Turkoman, a son of Alydar, who was Champion Older Horse after maturing as a 4 YO. However he ran 2nd in the Travers S and 3rd in the BC Classic as a 3 YO, so he showed he preferred distance. There will be no one in this year derby that is better bred to handle a distance than Good Magic. And with Chad Brown(who learned under Bobby Frankel) as his trainer, it will be hard to bet against this one. Only downfall might be two races before the derby but Brown has proven he knows how to get them fit quickly.
Solomini is another son of Curlin(see above). His broodmare sire is Storm Cat. However, Solomini's dam, Surf Song, is an unraced 1/2 sister to Frosted but with one noted difference. She is inbred 5x5 to ultra stamina influence Princequillo. When a horse is inbred, they will often turn out closely resembling the inbred horse. She has five foals to race and Solomini is her first graded placed foal. Early in his career, Princequillo flashed speed but was unable to win often until he was claimed for $2500 and tried at distances of 1 1/4 mile and up. He set the 1 3/4 mile track record at Saratoga in 1943 as a 3 YO and was brought by Arthur "Bull" Hancock for breeding purposes. Baffert announced before the Rebel, that he would have to find another spot for Solomini because he was going to run Justify in the Arkansas Derby. Maybe worth a wager in the exacta or trifecta, but only if he gets little or no respect at the betting windows. I still believe he represents Baffert's best shot at another derby win.
Flameaway is a son of Scat Daddy, who probably is best up to 1 1/8 miles on dirt. He is better bred for grass and that is why most of his foals perform better on that surface. Flameaway's broodmare sire is Fusaichi Pegasus, winner of the 2000 Ky Derby and Mr Prospector's only son to win at 1 1/4 mile or further in a G1 race on a fast track. The only other time he raced at 1 1/4 miles was the BC Classic that year and he was no factor against Tiznow & Giant's Causeway. I see Flameaway as a pace factor only and there are quite a few I like better.
Firenze Fire is a son of Poseidon's Warrior, who did not win a stakes race past 6 furlongs. However, Poseidon's Warrior broodmare sire is Smarten who also is broodmare sire of Smart Strike. Smarten won 4 derbies as a 3 YO and ran 2nd in the Travers S and the Arkansas Derby. Firenze Fire's broodmare sire is Langfuhr, the best siring dirt son of Danzig. Langfuhr is the sire of Wando who won Canada's TC(restricted to Canadian breds) but got crushed when he raced against America's best and Lawyer Ron, who won the Arkansas Derby and several other G1 up to 1 1/8 miles. Firenze Fire has a sneaky good pedigree especially on his dam side and that makes him a possible for an underneath slot but think him winning is probably a little far fetch. He is one I will probably make beat me because I like several others more.
Free Drop Billy is a son of Union Rags, who won the 2012 Belmont S and whose only off the board finish in his career came in the Ky Derby when he got sandwiched at the start, squeezed back and had to take up but then closed with a rush to finish 7th, making up more than a dozen lengths. Free Drop Billy's broodmare sire is Giant's Causeway who has been a top runner and sire throughout his life. He has the pedigree to burn none believers and it will mostly be the type of trip he gets that determines the final outcome. While I am leaning against betting him to win, he is one I will have to consider underneath.
Snapper Sinclair is a son of City Zip, who was a solid sprinter during his racing career. I bet a lot of his horses at under a mile on dirt and usually up to a mile on grass. However, we are talking about 1 1/4 mile on dirt here and there is no way I can even consider that. Snapper Sinclair's broodmare sire is Yes It's True, another confirmed sprinter who was at his best up to 7 furlongs. And while he has a little help from other parts of his pedigree, the fact he has 2 sprinters in the 2 most important spot of his pedigree makes him a do not include in any bets for me. Pass.
Combatant is a son of Scat Daddy, who as I mentioned earlier was at his best up to 1 1/8 miles on dirt but his best runners are better on grass. Combatant's broodmare sire is Boundary, who also was a sprinter during his racing career. Boundary did sire Ky Derby and Preakness winner, Big Brown, but it was discovered after the Preakness that he was receiving monthly steroids shots, which has always been illegal in all horse racing jurisdictions because it can mask more potent drugs. When confronted, the trainer admitted to administering the steroids, leading to a 10 year to lifetime ban on the trainer. That said, Combatant does have a nice pedigree underneath that makes it hard to dismiss him. Forty Niner ran 2nd in the 1988 Ky Derby to Winning Colors and is Mr Prospector's best siring son. Combatant's dam is also inbred 3x4 to Northern Dancer and 5x5 to Native Dancer. Also, Slew O' Gold can be found on the dam side. If you like this horse, you can be sure you will get some solid odds on derby day, especially if he runs close but finishes 2nd or 3rd in his last prep. Have not yet toss him myself, waiting to see how the derby sets up.
Blended Citizen is a son of Proud Citizen, who ran 2nd in the 2002 Ky Derby and 3rd in the Preakness, beating Medaglia D'Oro. Proud Citizen is one of only a few sires that has sired 2 Ky Oaks winners, Proud Spell and Believe You Can. Proud Citizen's son, Went The Day Well, lagged near the back of the pack in the 2012 Ky Derby but was closing fastest of all at the end to finish 4th, beaten 2 1/2 lengths, making up 8 lengths in the stretch alone against I'll Have Another and Bodemeister. Proud Citizen's third dam, Arctic Dancer, is a full sister to Northern Dancer. Blended Citizen's broodmare sire, Langfuhr, was arguably Danzig's best producing son on dirt but was also a solid sire on grass. While he was a sprintemiler during his racing career including winning the G1 Metropolitan Mile, several of his foals stretched their speed up to 1 1/8 mile on dirt. With three crosses of Nearctic in his 5th generation and two crosses of Natalma(Mahmoud's grand daughter who was dam of Northern Dancer & Arctic Dancer), Blended Citizen is bred very similar to Danehill, sire of 348 SWs(most all time by one sire). However, Danehill won two sprint stakes on grass during his racing career and most of his foals were also best at sprinting up to a mile on grass. While I feel Blended Citizen best surface will be the all weather tracks and grass, there is little in his pedigree that suggest he can not perform well at 1 1/4 mile on dirt. However, he will have to run a race he has not proven capable of yet to be a factor but has the look of one that could finish in the lower have of the exotics, keying a monstrous payoff.
Strike Power is a son of Speightstown, a very fast sprinter during his racing career that Pletcher was forced to stop on twice during his racing career due to major injuries, once for almost 2 years. Speightstown still owns Saratoga track record for 6 furlongs in 108 flat and he won the BC Sprint, also in 108 flat, in the last start of his career as a 6 YO. Strike Power's dam, Gold D'Oro, won at 1 1/4 mile on grass in allowance company and showed she preferred distances of 1 1/8 miles to 1 1/4 miles on grass. Her sire is Medaglia D'Oro and she has a rare cross of 3/4 brothers Sadler's Wells and Nureyev, both top sires on grass at distances. Gold D'Oro's dam line traces back into 1941 TC winner Whirlaway. However his pedigree is tilted too much towards speed on dirt for my liking and he will be one I will leave out of my bets.
Old Time Revival is a son of Brethren, a 1/2 brother to 2010 Ky Derby winner Super Saver. Their dam, Supercharger, is a full sister to She's A Winner, dam of 2006 Ky Derby & Belmont S seconds, Blue Grass Cat. Brethren, also trained by Pletcher, won his first 3 starts including the G3 Sam F Davis S before running third in the Tampa Bay Derby and 11th in the Arkansas Derby, effectively knocking him out of the TC consideration. Brethren dam line is also the dam line of California Chrome's broodmare sire, Not For Love. However, Brethren's early career mirrors that of this year derby hopeful, Magnum Moon. Old Time Revival's broodmare sire is Congaree, who ran third in the 2001 Ky Derby after contesting the fastest pace in Ky Derby long history. Congaree would win the Hollywood Gold Cup at 1 1/4 miles and run 2nd in the SA Handicap as a 4 YO. His broodmare sire Mari's Book, a son of Northern Dancer, was also broodmare sire of Ashado, champion 3 YO filly and Champion Older filly as a 4 YO. While Old Time Revival has some more stamina influences in his dam family, he seems to prefer setting the pace and that will probably be his downfall against this type of horses. Another I will not consider, myself.
Instilled Regard is a son of Arch, who won the G1 Super Derby at 1 1/4 miles, beating a G3 quality field at best. Here is a sire that I disagree with the pedigree experts assessment on his distance abilities. The experts thinks he is a 1 1/4 mile sire but his progency says otherwise. True, he is sire of BC Classic winner, Blame but Blame's female family produced Sadler's Wells and his full brother Fairly Bridge, and Nureyev, along with dozens of others who displayed distance capabilities. Outside of Blame, Arch's other foals was good up to 1 1/8 miles but none lasted the 1 1/4 miles distance. However, his sire line is one of the best stamina influences but Arch's dam line was simply middle distance horses at best. Instilled Regard's broodmare sire is Forestry, a son of Storm Cat but who sports the same dam line as Mr Prospector, just a few generations later. This dam line was also at their best up to 1 1/8 miles and struggled at any distances past that point. However, Instilled Regard's second dam, Heavenly Prize, won 9 of 18 starts including several at 1 1/4 miles and never finished worse than third, including a solid third to Cigar while he was in the middle of his 16 straight winning streak. The Risen Star S is a toss for this horse and every other horse than ran in that race as no horse passed more than one horse throughout that race. While it is common to see no moves in a 4 or 5 horse field, it has to be at least 1 in 10,000 to see none in a 8 or more horse fields. So I am going to wait to see what he does in the Santa Anita Derby before I will be willing to totally exclude him from consideration.
Catholic Boy is a son of More Than Ready, who ran 4th in the 2000 Ky Derby. However, he never won past 7 furlongs in his racing career, though he ran 2nd in the Blue Grass S on Keeneland's notorious speed favoring track and 2nd in the Louisiana Derby against horse than proved to be a cut below the better horses of that year. As a sire, More Than Ready's foals has always been high class sprinters/milers, especially on grass but none has won at 1 1/4 mile on either surface. The only son I found of his that won at 1 1/8 miles on dirt was Verrazano, who won both the Wood Memorial and Haskell Inv as a 3 YO in blowouts. But he did not finish anywhere near the money in 3 tries at 1 1/4 miles. Catholic Boy's broodmare sire, Bernardini, won the Travers S and the Jockey Club Gold Cup at 1 1/4 mile as a 3 YO before running 2nd in the BC Classic. However, his best distance son, Stay Thirsty, had no problem handling 1 1/4 miles but his broodmare sire, Storm Bird, had a lot of influence in that. His 2nd best son, To Honour And Serve, won several G1s at 1 1/8 miles but was not close in two tries at 1 1/4 miles. So while I will not say Catholic Boy can not win(because anything can happen during a race), my money will be going on others that has family that succeeded at 1 1/4 miles or further.
Avery Island is injured and off the derby trail.
My Boy Jack is a son of Creative Cause, who finished 5th in the 2012 Ky Derby after making a strong move before hitting the invisible proverbial brick wall at the 1/8 pole. Creative Cause's sire, Giant's Causeway, had no problem with the 1 1/4 miles distance but his dam, Dream Of Summer, limit was 1 1/8 miles but she was even better at up to a mile. Her sire line is the same as Uncle Mo and this sire line is much more dangerous on grass. My Boy Jack's broodmare sire, Mineshaft, was Horse Of The Year at 4 YO and won both of his attempts at 1 1/4 miles. And believe it or not, he is the only son of A.P. Indy out of a Mr Prospector mare to win a G1 race at 1 1/4 miles. My Boy Jack's dam was unraced but is bred to another daughter out of a Mr Prospector's son. And for this reason, I will be looking elsewhere.
Greyvitos is a son of Malibu Moon, who broke his maiden in his first start and then got injured in his second start while finishing second. Malibu Moon sired 2013 Ky Derby winner, Orb, who won in a muddy edition of the derby like his pedigree suggested he should and never came even close to reproducing that form at the 1 1/4 mile distance. Malibu Moon's best foals are solid at 1 1/8 miles but rarely wants to go any more route of ground. Greyvitos was last seen winning the Remington Springboard Mile in December and had surgery to remove bone chips from his knees after that race. He has yet to make his 3 YO debut, but is now back in training. Greyvitos's broodmare sire is Najran, who won up to a mile and actually tied Dr Fager's world record of 132 1/5 for a mile on dirt in the G3 Westchester H. His best two runners were fillies, including Greyvitos's dam, and both were solid up to 1 1/8 mile on grass. His dam also has some distance influence in her family tree. However, I can not believe any horse will be able to beat the best off one prep at 1 1/4 mile and will have to pass, especially with his pedigree.
Audible is a son of Into Mischief, who won the 1 1/16 mile CashCall Futurity on Hollywood Park's all weather track in a fast time. Into Mischief is a 1/2 brother to Beholder, who won the Pacific Classic at 1 1/4 mile as a 5 YO against horses better suited for shorter distances and then ran 2nd to California Chrome in the same race as a 6 YO. Beholder two races outside of California was better than most perceived as she ran 2nd in the Ky Oaks, beaten a 1/2 length by Princess Of Sylmar and then 4th, beaten 1 length by that rival in the Ogden Phipps H. However, true to her pedigree, she performed her best at 1 1/16 miles and 1 1/8 miles against the best of her class. Audible's broodmare sire, Gilded Time, won the BC Juvenile Dirt as a 2 YO and was injured shortly thereafter and missed the derby. He returned in the BC Sprint after a year layoff and ran third, beaten 3/4 of a length. However, his pedigree suggested he would struggle at a 1 1/4 mile. In fact, his best son, Gayego, won the G1 Arkansas Derby at 1 1/8 miles and ran near the back in both the Ky Derby & Preakness S, fading badly both times. So there is no way I will consider betting this horse under any circumstances. I have never made money betting this type and rarely does this type beat my horse. Pass.
The Tabulator and Paved, a filly, are not nominated to the derby. The Tabulator has good breeding but has been sent towards the lead in each of his starts and I will not consider him mostly for that reason and the expected pace battle that is shaping up along with being inactive this year. Paved, a filly, will prove she belongs on the grass and/or all weather tracks against her own kind. She beat a less than stellar field in the El Camino Real Derby.
Kanthara is a son of Jimmy Creed, who won the G1 Malibu S at 7 furlongs. His sire was Distorted Humor and his dam, Hookedonthefeelin, only added to his sprinting ability. Kanthara's broodmare sire, Noonmark, was a son of Unbridled's Song, whose best races were as an off the pace sprinter that did not run on as the distance stretch out slightly. So I will take a pass on this one as I simply do not see enough stamina influences to help him.
World Of Trouble is a son of Kantharos, who won his only 3 starts, including the G2 Saratoga Special in the mud. Kantharos's sire, Lion Heart, ran 2nd in the 2004 Ky Derby to Smarty Jones, also in the mud. World Of Trouble's broodmare sire, Valid Expectations was a confirmed sprinter whose biggest win came in the G3 1 mile Derby Trial S. He tried G1 competition twice and was crushed on both occasions. Simply does not have enough pedigree for my liking. Pass.
Lombo is a son of Graydar, a G1 winning son of Unbridled's Song who won 5 of his 6 lifetime starts, including the Donn H and New Orleans H, defeating G1 winners Flat Out, Take Charge Indy, and Bourbon Courage in the Donn H at 1 1/8 miles in wire to wire fashion. He concluded his career by winning the G2 Kelso H at a mile in 1:34 flat. Lombo is from Graydar's first crop. Lombo's broodmare sire, Johannesburg, went unbeaten in 7 starts as a 2 Yo, including beating a solid field in the G1 BC Dirt Juvenile handily after winning Europe's biggest 2 YO races in his first 6 starts. In his first crop, he sired Scat Daddy, who won the G1 Champagne at 1 mile and G1 Florida Derby at 1 1/8 miles. Lombo is another who would benefit from a slow pace but I really think he is overmatched against these. Pass.
Noble Indy is a son of Take Charge Indy, who won the G1 Florida Derby at 1 1/8 miles. In his only try at the 1 1/4 distance, he finished 19th of 20th beaten 50 lengths by I'll Have Another. Take Charge Indy is a 1/2 brother to Will Take Charge, champion 3 YO of 2013. Noble Indy's dam, Noble Maz, won a couple of turf sprints restricted to Pennsylvania Bred, Her sire, Storm Boot, did his best running in turf sprints also, though he did not win a stakes race. Storm Boot's best son, Delta Storm also spent his career on all weather tracks and grass in Southern California but won only 2 small stakes, both at 6 furlongs. While I am willing to throw his Risen Star race out, I still do not see him being a factor at 1 1/4 mile. Pass.
Pony Up is a son of Aikenite, a son of Yes It's True whose top effort was a 2nd in the G1 Breeders' Futurity at 1 1/16 miles on Keeneland's all weather track. When tried on dirt, he was beaten soundly a number of times in mid distances and his only win in a dirt stakes came in the G2 CD Handicap at 7 furlongs. Pony Up's dam, A.P. Petal, is an unraced daughter of A.P. Indy bred with a Mr Prospector daughter that produced many good foals but for the most part with distance limitations. However, Pony Up is in bred 4x4 to Secretariat and crosses with Bold Ruler three times in his 5th generation. Throw in Secretariat's 1/2 brother, Sir Gaylord, as the sire of his fourth dam and you have a horse that will probably run all day. His Holy Bull race is better than it looks on paper and this is the Pletcher horse that most likely will be live on derby day. Definitely one I will keep an eye on and will be a part of my final decision.
Vino Rosso is a son of Curlin, champion 3 YO of 2007 and Horse of the Year in 2008. His broodmare sire is Street Cry, sire of both Street Sense and Zenyatta, both confirmed late runners. Street Cry, as a runner, was sent to the lead and set blistering paces throughout his career, but often tired late. He was a classic example of a horse who was asked to run early but probably would have been better as a late type runner. I say this because his female family was loaded with European champions and most of them did their best running late. His Tampa Derby Derby run was not a good indication of his running ability as the pace was crawling, at best, and Velasquez tried to keep him close to have a chance and he did not respond mostly because he had nothing to run at. While I like others better, I know he could surprise with a pace to run at like he will get in the Ky Derby, if Pletcher decides to push forward. Not likely, though.
Tiz Mischief is a son of Into Mischief, who won the G1 CashCall Futurity on Hollywood Park all weather track and is a 1/2 brother to Beholder. His broodmare sire, Tiznow, won back to back BC Classic in 2000 and 2001 at 1 1/4 miles. Like his pedigree or not, he has six full brothers and sisters that either placed or won in G1 races at 1 1/4 miles or produced at least one runner that won in G1 races at a classic distance. His full brother, Budroyale, ran 2nd in the 1999 BC Classic after running 2nd in the 1999 Hollywood Gold Cup and adding a second in the 2000 Santa Anita H, all at 1 1/4 miles. Tiz Mischief has been posting fast works since his first work and everything will eventually click. Whether that will be before the derby or in the derby remains to be seen. The Tampa Bay Derby ran in a similar fashion to this year's Risen Star S and horses exiting both of these should be on everyone's list to watch out for. After looking back at the Tampa Bay Derby, I now realized the outcome was the results of very slow paces in both races. That said, I still am on the fence with this horse because he has yet to run to his works. Hoping to see one more race before the derby from him and knowing Romans, it probably will be the Blue Grass S.
Hollywood Star is a son of Malibu Moon, sire of 2013 Ky Derby winner Orb on a muddy track. Hollywood Star's dam, Hollywood Story, ran 4th in the 2003 BC Juvenile Fillies against Halfbridled for the third graded stakes in a row against that rival and Ashado as a maiden and came back to win the G1 Hollywood Starlet in her next start. She ended her career winning 4 graded stakes, including the G1 Vanity H at 1 1/8 mile. Her sire was Wild Rush, who won the Illinois Derby at 1 1/8 mile but his biggest win came in the G1 Metropolitan Mile H. Hollywood Story's broodmare sire was Dynaformer, best known as sire of Ky Derby winner Barbaro but also sire of Point Of Entry, a champion turf distance son. Hollywood Star is another trainee of Romans and is probably the best bred son for distance of Malibu Moon this year. However, he has only been seen once this year and that inconsistent makes me wonder if Romans is up to something with this horse. He has been talking about both Tiz Mischief and Free Drop Billy a lot, but has not mentioned this horse. But if you look at the works of each, this one is working faster than his other horses.
Ayacara is a son of Violence, a son of Medaglia D'Oro and winner of 3 races in 4 lifetime starts, including the G1 CashCall Futurity on Hollywood Park's all weather track. He fracture a sesamoid bone while finishing 2nd in the Fountain Of Youth and was retired. Violence third dam, Sky Beauty, won the U.S. TC for fillies while winning 15 of 21 lifetime races. His broodmare sire, Pulpit, is the sire of Tapit and grand sire of 2014 Ky Derby & Preakness winner California Chrome. Ayacara has yet to display any resemblance to his pedigree and looks like a fringe player, at best. Not for me until noted improvement is shown. Pass.
Sporting Chance is a son of Tiznow, winner of two BC Classic at 1 1/4 mile. His dam, Wynning Ride, won the Iowa Distaff for her only stakes win, but she ran 2nd in the G1 Hollywood Starlet S on Hollywood's all weather track and third in the G1 CCA Oaks at 1 1/4 mile. Her sire is Candy Ride, unbeaten in 6 lifetime starts, including the G1 Pacific Classic where he broke the track record in 1:59.11 and still owns it today. His pedigree on his dam side is tilted heavily towards speed and is one I will try to beat. However, Lukas will do his best to have him ready but I still believe it looks like a fast pace is setting up in this year's derby.
Givemeaminit is a son of Star Guitar, who won 24 of 30 lifetime starts, mostly races restricted to Louisiana Breds. His sire is Quiet American, sire of 1997 Ky Derby & Preakness winner Real Quiet, Cara Rafaela(dam of Bernardini) and Quiet Dance(dam of Horse Of The Year Saint Liam and 2nd dam of Gun Runner). Givemeaminit's broodmare sire is Turkoman, a son of Alydar out of a mare by Round Table's son Table Play and U.S. Horse Of The Year in 1986. Sire of Givemeaminit's second dam is Pleasant Colony, winner of the 1981 Ky Derby & Preakness and third in the Belmont S. Sire of his third dam is Illustrious, another son of Round Table from 1926 Belmont S winner Chance Play, a closer relative of Man O' War including the same sire. I absolutely love his pedigree and he will be my bet to win the Ky Derby if he qualifies in this weekend's Louisiana Derby. I have him to win in the first future book at 70-1 and would have placed more on him to win in the next 2 futures if they had not moved him to the field. Instead, I used Enticed in the second future book to win and got 62-1. Either one wins and I will kick back for months.
Justify is a son of Scat Daddy, who won the 1 1/8 mile Florida Derby in 2007. Scat Daddy's best foals ran better on grass than dirt, however. Scat Daddy's best performing horse on dirt looks to be Frac Daddy, who ran second in the 2013 Arkansas Derby before finishing 16th in the Ky Derby. El Kabeir won 2 G3 New York preps in the 1 1/16 mile Gotham S and 1M 70Y Jerome s. He ran 3rd in the Wood Memorial and scratched from the Ky Derby on the morning of that race. He would never hit the board again in a graded stakes. Daddy Nose Best won the G3 Sunland Derby for his only graded stakes win on dirt before running 10th in the Ky Derby and 9th in the Preakness. Scat Daddy's son Daddy Long Legs won the UAE Derby at 1 3/16 mile on their then all weather track before finishing last in the 2012 Ky Derby. His only other start on dirt, he finished last in the BC Juvenile Dirt the previous year. Justify's dam, Stage Magic, finished third in the G3 Gardenia S at 1 mile after battling the pace and tiring to finish 6 3/4 lengths behind Groupie Doll. She also finished third in the Pippen S at 1 1/16 mile, again tiring late. Justify's second dam was the G1 placed Magical Illusion. Her G1 placing came in the CCA Oaks after battling Ashado for the lead and stopping cold at the mile pole in the 1 1/4 mile test to finish 3rd beaten 12 lengths. Justify's broodmare sire, Ghostzapper, is a 1/2 brother to City Zip but he won the BC Classic at 1 1/4 mile after setting a slow pace for a G1 race and sprinting home in 47 4/5 seconds at Lone Star Park, a track known for sub 46 splits for distance races. Most of his foals performs better under a mile, like City Zip but he has some that performed well in distance too, unlike City Zip. Which one will Justify be? Only time will tell but I will make him prove to me that he can do what his bloodlines says he can not do against G1 competition.
These are the known runners that is still pointing for the derby. There are several good ones that will fly under the radar and you will get good odds. There are several others that will be overbet and ripe to take a stance against. But the final decision will be yours whether you want to try to make a little or make a lot with just a few dollars risked. I personally normally bet a lot(for me) but as always, will only include the few horses I think will have the best chance of surprising. Good luck to all and hopes this helps.
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Which team won the World Cup with the longest odds (biggest underdog at the start of the tournament)?

I'm not expecting this to be resolved with actual odds data so hypothetically given what we know about the relative strengths of teams in each tournament what would the odds have looked like? Is it possibly Italy in 2006? I found the below odds for recent finalists:
But elsewhere I saw Italy at 8/1 and 17/2 in 2006.
I know 1950, 1954 and 1974 are considered to be upsets in the final but how did that Uruguayan and two West German teams stack up to the field pre-tournament?
Is there conclusive evidence that a non - top 5 favorite has ever won the World Cup? I think Italy in 2006 look like the 5th favorite just ahead of the Netherlands.
Some further discussion and info can be found here:
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Partial Trainers List And My Assessment Of Each.

I have done a couple of posts on jockeys. Now I will do one on trainers. As with jockeys, there are many trainers that will not be included that probably should be, mostly because they do not come to mind while I am typing.
I will start with Bob Baffert. Baffert started his training career training quarter horses where he learned that it was important to get solid breaks in order to give his horses the best chance of winning. At first, he let the horse determined which style of running he preferred. But that began to change after he trained Point Given in 2001. Point Given only loss as a 3 YO was the Ky Derby where Baffert admitted he made the wrong decision and told Stevens to keep him too close to the fastest pace in the Ky Derby history. Baffert started the trend of 2 preps before the Ky Derby with this horse and it was probably a bigger factor in Point Given's only off the board in his racing career. Now he tips his horses chances of winning by giving them several solid workouts in a row before running them. Horses that work inconsistent or slow for Baffert rarely wins. You can make solid profits betting against his horses when you see this. Much better at training on dirt than turf, but mostly because he rarely runs one of grass.
Todd Pletcher--Most thinks he is best trainer around. But I think he simply gets the most well bred horses. He took over for Lukas string when D Wayne decided to scale back his barn 3-4 years after his son was almost killed by a kick to the head, receiving permanent brain damage. Most of Pletcher's horses wins early but most are ill prepared to win a race such as the Ky Derby. A stat to back that statement up is he has won 2 derbies, both on tracks that were sloppy or muddy. And neither won another race after the derby, though Always Dreaming is still in training supposely. High winning percentage with 2 YOs and early 3 YOs but below average with older horses except for turf runners, IMO.
Chad Brown- Learned under Bobby Frankel who was notorious for turf training but also above average with dirt runners. Went out on his own and built his own stable after Frankel was diagnosed with brain cancer. One of the best with distance turf runners and improving with his dirt runners.
Brad Cox---Learned under Dallas Stewart, he has become one of the better trainers in a few short years since going out on his own. Wins with more than 25% of his starters and trains solidly on both grass and dirt. He is slowly starting to pick up better horses and it is only a matter of time before he starts winning G1 type races. One of the first horse he trained on his own was Call Pat, after failed attempts by Philip Sims, Jorge Navarro and Martin Wolfson in getting this horse to produce. He simply changed her running style from speed to a late runner and in a year and a half, won 2 G3s and a G2 and banking more than 1/2 million dollars. Not bad for a runner who made less than 80K with three other trainers over roughly half of her career.
Dallas Stewart-- He, too, learned under D Wayne Lukas. He went out on his own in the late 1990s after Lukas announced he was scaling back and giving Pletcher his clientele. Stewart, however unlike Lukas and Pletcher, always only wanted to train a handful of horses. He has always said he felt he could tell more about a horse's ability with hands on experience, rather than hearing through the grapevine. Excellent at training late runners and getting them to peak near derby time. Has 6 G1's seconds and thirds in the triple crown races, all with major outsiders but has yet to win one. Trained Forever Unbridled for his first BC win last year. Past due to win a triple crown race.
Christopher Clement-- Originally from Europe, he trains turf horses better than dirt horses, as do most who trains in Europe. But he can train dirt horses too when given the opportunity though most seem to be a cut below the top horses. The top twenty horses he has trained has been graded stakes winning grass runners with the exception of Tonalist.
H Motion Graham-- Another trainer who started in Europe, he too is better known as a grass trainer than a dirt trainer. He can, however, get a horse to perform on the dirt. With the exception of Animal Kingdom who won the Ky Derby, most of his biggest G1 wins have been on grass, including 3 BC distance winners. He has not won a breeders cup race on dirt, short or long.
Shug McGaughey-- As long time trainer of Phipps stable, he is very good at training both on dirt and grass. He is known for letting his best horses matured before asking them to run but that is mostly because that was always Phipps philosophy. While he has trained quite a few young 2 YOs to win, mostly fillies, it is more because they are ready to run earlier than most.
Barclay Tagg-- Here is one most will not recognize, but this veteran will shock some if overlooked on grass especially. He trained Funny Cide to win the Ky Derby along with a few others that made the derby but his grass runners are almost always totally overlooked. Rarely sends out a horse that is not fit, whether on dirt or grass, but rarely gets a well bred horse to train. Now a 15% lifetime trainer after hovering around 20% winning trainer for years earlier in his career.
Linda Rice-- Another most will not recognize, but she is one of the better trainer at training sprinters. Has always made the East coast circuit her home, including Belmont and Saratoga. First noticed when she took over the training of City Zip and immediately turned him into a graded stakes winning colt. She has won at a 20% for most of her career but now is starting to make a name for herself as a mid distance turf trainer.
Wesley Ward--- A former jockey, he turned to training after a few years of problems maintaining his weight. Excellent at training young horses and sprinters, both on dirt or grass. However, does not have a good reputation of training distance runners. Maintains a better 19% lifetime winning %.
John C Servis--Mostly stabled in New Jersey, he is best known elsewhere as trainer of Smartly Jones. He is exceptional at training speed/pace type horses on dirt and can get them to go mid distances with suspect breeding. He wins with 17% of his starters and will occasionally show up at Oaklawn Park in the winter and early spring. He has a brother, Jason, who has a higher winning % but trains mostly cheaper stock that shows up in New York a lot, mostly with sprinters.
David Jacobson- He is usually based in New York but unlike most trainers, he often claims horses with his money, switches equipment and wins often first time off one of his claims. He has taken more than a few lifetime claiming horses and turned them into stakes winners. Sure, he has made plenty of claims that did not work out but that is part of the sport.
Robertino Diodoro-- He is another who is very good with horses first time off a claim. He is better at training sprinters but knows how to get them to go mid distances. Has been seen at many different tracks including California and New York, but can be found mostly in the south at Oaklawn, Louisiana, Oklahoma, or Turf Paradise tracks. Wins with 19% of his runners lifetime and is especially dangerous when one of his runners is overlooked. Trains mostly claimers though.
Steven Asmussen-- A solid trainer who wins with more than 20% of his starters, he has always been one of the hardest to figure out. Unlike Pletcher or Baffert, Steve tends to get his horses in shape before sending them to the track at his dad's ranch in Laredo, Texas. This is why most of his runners will have slow works at the track prior to running. He usually already has them in shape, so he works them to maintain conditioning, not for improvement. He rarely tips bettors with fast workouts but the fact they are working steadily is a major tip in itself. Much better at training on dirt than grass, especially in top races.
William Brett Calhoun--A trainer that is among the best at training sprinters, both on dirt and turf, especially if they flash speed. He is well bet in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, but is often overlooked when he shows up at Churchill Downs. He won both BC turf sprints in 2010 there and can occasionally get his runners to stretch out to mid distances, especially when left alone on the lead.
Mark Casse-- Has been leading trainer in Canada for many years. Very good with turf runners and above average with dirt runners. His best dirt runners tend to do best as a 2 YO and early 3 YO while his best turf runners usually does not mature until their late 3 YO career or as a 4 YO. Better with slightly off the pace type horses than his other type runners.
Kenneth McPeek--- Lifelong trainer in Kentucky who trains most of his horses to rate or come running late. Much better at training horses on dirt compared to turf. Ran 2nd in the Ky Derby with Tejano Run, but a disappointing 7th with Harlan's Holiday as the 6-1 favorite in 2002. He would avenge that loss by winning the 2002 Belmont S with 70-1 shot Sarava.
William Mott-- He is a trainer that most consider better with grass horses. But he trains dirt horses equally as good, if not better. He has trained 5 BC Distaff winners, 2 BC Classic winners, 2 BC Turf winners, and 1 BC Turf Mile winner. He rarely trains his horses to win first time out unless they work fairly fast at close to the distance/surface he is entering them in and does not rush them to the gate as 2 YOs, preferring to wait until they mature more.
Dale Romans-- Son of popular long time Churchill Downs trainer Jerry Romans, he trains most of his horses for distance racing, both on grass and dirt. He has won 2 BC turf races with horses at odds of 17-1 and 65-1 and ran 2nd in two more at odds of 9-5 and 5-1. Otherwise, what I am saying is he is a better bet when his horses gets off at good odds. Most of his dirt runners will be trained to run late while he keeps most of his turf runners near the pace to get a jump on the big time late runners.
Jerry Hollendorfer-- A top trainer in California, he is a much better trainer on dirt than grass. He trains them mostly to get good position early and make a late run in the stretch. He has won plenty of races with horses that did not want to rate, but that is not really his style of training. His 22% lifetime winning rate would be near 30% if you took out his turf racing stats.
Mick Ruis--- A fairly new trainer to the racing world, I am including him because I believe you will start hearing his name a lot in a few years. He has only 35 lifetime wins but now trains only horses that he purchases at auction. I do not know much about his past training record, but it looks like he was around in 2007 to train a few horses for others and then left the game. He reappeared in 2016 and made several large horse purchases, including this year's early Ky Derby future book favorite, Bolt D'Oro. If he continues making these types of breeding purchases, it will not be a matter of if but when he will start to become well known in the racing world.
There are so many more trainers I could add and I will probably do another post on more trainers later. Also, on every trainer, I do not use any stats except winning percentages but instead use my memory of what I have seen through the years. Stats are good but at times I feel they are misleading and can lead you down the wrong path.
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