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[OC] In 5 years, Super Bowl LVI is scheduled to be played on the same day as the 2022 Winter Olympics. How will the NFL address this problem?

I know what you’re thinking. We’re just 3 weeks removed from Super Bowl LI, and you’re already looking ahead five years to Super Bowl LVI? However, the NFL has a very interesting dilemma with this Super Bowl. For years, the Super Bowl has been the marquee event of that particular date. There will be programming before the game from other channels, such as college basketball games and celebrity bowling tournaments, but even that pales in comparison to what the pregame shows get.
Once the game starts, everything is about the Super Bowl. Other networks will just concede to the network broadcasting the Super Bowl. No other professional sporting events take place at the same time as the Super Bowl, and from the research I did, the only other sporting event taking place in the USA directly in competition with the Super Bowl was a women’s basketball game on ESPNU that started at 6:30 between Memphis and South Florida (I feel bad for everyone that had to play in that game). There are 2 options for people during the Super Bowl- you either turn on the TV and watch the game, or you don’t. There’s no other alternative. Nothing else is on TV during the Super Bowl, and for years, the NFL has been able to capitalize on this in the first Sunday of February.
Super Bowl LVI, on the other hand? That’s where things get a bit tricky. It’s one thing to go up against re-runs and the Fish Bowl between the Los Angeles Clams and the Buffalo Gills. It’s another thing to go up against the Winter Olympics.
The Problem
Assuming that TV contracts hold up, CBS will be broadcasting Super Bowl LVI (3-year rotation between CBS, NBC, and FOX). NBC has the rights to broadcast the Winter Olympics. Normally, this is not a problem- the Winter Olympics have never interfered with the Super Bowl. For the past four installments of the Winter Olympics dating back to 2002 in Salt Lake City, the Winter Olympics have been held five days after the Super Bowl, so you get no football hangover whatsoever (side note- those years with the Winter Olympics and World Cup are the best years for sports; the years with the European Championships and Summer Olympics are second best, and then any odd numbered years are not fun for the offseason).
Year Super Bowl Date of Super Bowl Site of Olympics Date of Opening Ceremony
2002 Super Bowl XXXVI 2/3/02 Salt Lake City, USA 2/8/02
2006 Super Bowl XL 2/5/06 Torino, Italy 2/10/06
2010 Super Bowl XLIV 2/7/10 Vancouver, Canada 2/12/10
2014 Super Bowl XLVIII 2/2/14 Sochi, Russia 2/7/14
It’s going to be the same thing next year. NBC right now is loving life, because they are broadcasting Super Bowl LII, and then five days later, get to broadcast the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. They’ve got the ultimate dream right now.
However, it’s not going to be like that in 2022. Why they awarded the Games to Beijing in the first place, I’m not entirely sure, seeing as they hosted the Summer Olympics, and have no mountains anywhere near the city center. They’re going to use fake snow down the mountains (and no, that’s not fake news… they’re actually planning on using fake snow), and this will be the third straight Olympics in Asia (2018 in South Korea, 2020 in Tokyo, 2022 in Beijing).
In terms of football, though, the 2022 Winter Olympics poses a major problem. The Opening Ceremony for these Olympics are taking place on February 4, 2022. If the Super Bowl is still held on the first Sunday in February, then Super Bowl LVI will occur on February 6. For the first time ever, if the schedule holds up, the Winter Olympics and Super Bowl will come into conflict with each other.
There are two events that non-sports fans watch. One of them is the Super Bowl. They watch for the halftime show, they watch for the parties, and they watch for the commercials. It’s a fun atmosphere for all involved, even if you’re not a football fan. The other one, unfortunately for the NFL, is the Olympics, whether it’s the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics. They watch because it’s the only time you can see particular sports on TV at the highest level, they watch for that sense of American pride, and they watch because it’s an event that happens just once every four years. Here’s what the NFL would be competing against on that Sunday, assuming the 2018 schedule holds of what is taking place that Sunday:
They’d be competing against not just one event, but a variety of them, including the juggernaut that is figure skating (the vast majority of the non-sports fans I know will be glued to the television during figure skating events), and a bunch of gold medal events in the process. That’s a lot different than competing against the Fish Bowl and some World’s Strongest Man re-runs, especially if you get a USA/Russia or USA/Canada hockey game scheduled at the same time as the Super Bowl. According to recent data, the 2014 Winter Olympics were watched in primetime by an average of 21.7 million people per night, and 78% of US TV homes tuned into at least some part of the Winter Olympics.
Would the NFL still win the night if they competed directly against the Olympics? Absolutely. I don’t think anyone, even NBC, would think otherwise. Having said that, would their ratings take an absolute nosedive if they went head-to-head against the Olympics? You bet. There’s a high chance that the ratings dip below 100 million if the NFL actually went up against NBC during these Olympics.
Whether or not the NFL is aware of this problem or is thinking actively about this problem remains to be seen. But the league has three options to address it.
Solution #1: Change Nothing
There’s the first option, which is to change absolutely nothing. Play the game on the first Sunday of February at 6:30, and then when NBC comes on with their Olympic coverage, be in direct competition. However, there are a few massive problems with this option.
Number one, if the game becomes a blowout or unwatchable, or football fans tune out for the halftime show, they could switch over to NBC and just never change the game back. If you get a Super Bowl XLVIII-esque situation on your hands, by the end of the night, NBC might actually have comparable ratings with the Super Bowl. Remember what happened at Super Bowl XXVI during the halftime show, which I wrote about here. In short, FOX decided to counter-program against the halftime show, actually drew a quarter of CBS’ audience away from the game and to FOX, and a large portion of the audience never flipped the game back to CBS because the game was so bad. Remember that Super Bowl XXVI was broadcast by CBS. They are well aware of their history, and they’d be broadcasting Super Bowl LVI thirty years later. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, on the other hand…
Number two, the amount that CBS would be able to charge for advertisements would plummet compared to previous years. Maybe instead of being able to charge $5 million (as is the standard price now), they’ll only be able to charge $3 million. How much a network can charge for ads depends on how many people are watching the game; there’s a reason why an advertisement during a regular season NFL game at 1:00 between the Browns and the Jaguars costs significantly less than a Super Bowl ad. If the NFL decides this option, CBS throws a fit. No way does CBS want to be competing directly against the Olympics, considering their own history and the advertising dollars at stake.
Yes, the NFL is stubborn. Yes, people now associate the Super Bowl with the first Sunday in February at 6:30. But there are so many ways that this could backfire that I doubt the league actually plays the game that Sunday at 6:30.
Solution #2: Start the Game Earlier
Of course, they could keep it on the same date as before, but just start the game earlier. If the NFL wants to be bold and place a Super Bowl in London, this is the year to do it. Start the game at 3:00 Eastern (which would be primetime in London), and have your earliest kickoff since Super Bowl X back in 1976, when the game started at 2:14 PM Eastern (for the record, the earliest ever Super Bowl kickoff was Super Bowl V in 1971, starting at 2:00). All data for that comes courtesy of this chart. You keep the game on the first Sunday of February, but just start it at 3:00. Game ends by 7:00, postgame is over at 7:30, and it’s a perfect transition into NBC’s Olympic coverage.
This option isn’t perfect, though. For one, the pregame shows take a hit in terms of ratings. And while this option seems good on the East Coast, it’s an absolute pain on the West Coast. Does the league really want to have the Super Bowl start at noon on the West Coast, when people are just waking up two hours before kickoff? That contributes to the pregame shows taking a ratings hit. Also, CBS might still not be happy about this, because nobody would watch their lead-out show. They’d flip off the lead-out show immediately to go to NBC and the Olympics. While you wouldn’t have to deal with live Olympic events (it’d be 3:00 in the morning in Beijing), and while you would still be able to keep the game on the first Sunday in February, it still poses some problems for all parties involved. If you’re on the East Coast, though, this plan seems like heaven.
Solution #3: Move the Date
And then, there’s the option to just move the game to a different date, like the final Sunday in January like it used to be prior to Super Bowl XXXVIII (Super Bowl XXXVI was supposed to be the final Sunday in January, but because of the attacks on September 11 forcing the league to postpone week 2, the Super Bowl got moved). The league has done this before with moving the season due to other circumstances. In the 1999 season, the NFL moved the season back a week so that nobody would have to play on January 1, 2000, due to the Y2K concerns. From Wikipedia:
The start of the 1999 NFL season was pushed back one week and started the weekend after Labor Day, a change from the previous seasons. Due to the Y2K concerns, the NFL did not want to hold the opening round of the playoffs on Saturday, January 1, 2000, and did not want teams traveling on that day. Week 17 games were held on January 2, 2000, and the opening round of the playoffs would be scheduled for January 8-9.
The NFL needs the double bye before the Super Bowl because of the Pro Bowl (and because of the juggernaut that the game has become), so this means that the season would be pushed up a week, starting Labor Day weekend. Even though the game is on the final Sunday of January, this seems to benefit all parties involved from the NFL’s perspective… right?
Not necessarily. Because even though CBS isn’t angry, college football is to a certain extent. The NCAA has played week 1 of their season on Labor Day weekend, including games that Sunday and Monday that are usually marquee games. This year, the Notre Dame/Texas game that took place that Sunday night was one of the highest rated games of the season. Now, they wouldn’t be able to play that game because they can’t go directly against the NFL. Those Sunday and Monday night games that they had week 1 couldn’t be played. Of course, college football could, in turn, push their season back one weekend, but considering the fact that some schools aren’t even in session yet, attendance would take a dramatic hit in week one.
Because of the circumstances with the Olympics and the NFL, someone’s going to get ticked off no matter what the NFL proposes. There’s nothing the league can do about it. The question is what the league wants to do and what battle they want to fight. Do they want to fight a battle against both NBC and CBS, do they want to fight a battle against CBS, or do they want to fight a battle against the NCAA? Either way, the NFL is going to be in competition with some organization.
It may be five years away, but considering the fact that no stadium has been awarded the rights to Super Bowl LVI yet and no date has been determined for the game, the league has time to determine an appropriate solution. We’ll see which route they decide to go.
What Would You Do?
I decided to add a straw-poll to see what /NFL would do in this situation. Choose from 1 of the 3 options I mentioned above- keep the game as scheduled, move it to an earlier start time, or move the date.
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The Warriors are being blamed for supposedly, ruining the league, because of their roster moves. "Super Team", but here are a few things that you need to know about how they came to this point and why the accusation is false.

When Steph Curry was drafted , he wasn't exactly highly thought off
Don't get me wrong, Curry deserves all the attention he is getting. He really is a great story. The son of one of the best NBA shooters of all time gets looked over by all the high-majors, goes to a small school in North Carolina, and proceeds to torch everyone in the country from the first day he sets foot on campus. Add to that the fact that he genuinely seems like a good kid and a nice guy, and you have the worldwide leader's dream. No matter how good of a player Curry is, at some point (and we have reached this point) his hype is going to surpass his skills as a player. So the next logical question is, will he be a pro? I actually think he will, although I doubt he will be a star. - Bleacher Report, Janurary 6, 2009 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/107424-is-stephen-curry-overrated
Comparisons: Best Case: I've seen a lot of people saying Mike Bibby, so I'll go with that; Worst Case: Jannero Pargo, Steve Kerr, and JJ Redick. Bottom Line: Curry is an incredibly smart player. Not only does he understand the game, he understands his limitations. He probably is never going to end up being a star in the league because of a lack of explosiveness (meaning he will be a huge defensive liability). He should be able to hang around the league because of the all-around offensive package he brings to the table. - Bleacher Report, May, 2009 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/183841-nba-draft-prospects-stephen-curry-davidson
Klay Thompson
But, at a career 42.3 % NCAA field goal percentage, this is precisely what worries me about Thompson: He perhaps overachieves on guile and his statistical production could reflect guile’s limitations. The concern is that the Warriors drafted already-realized potential, as opposed to tapping a grower like Kawhi Leonard........It’s this kind of action that draws praise from film-gurus like Sebastian Pruiti. I’m equally impressed by his screen-usage, but more than happy to go negative with a positive: If Thompson is this smart, then why aren’t his numbers smarter? This kid certainly knows how to expertly use picks. I’m just not sure that means Golden State is equally good at it. What does this mean for Monta? It could mean nothing. Number 11 picks don’t usually become starters (Acie Law was picked at 11, for example). I’m less inclined to be reverent towards Jerry West than many out there. He’s had a great career, but the septuagenarian executive left Memphis in shambles. Sorry to be age-ist, but I like West better as a consultant than an ultimate decision-maker. - Warriors World, June, 2011 http://www.warriorsworld.net/2011/06/24/klay-smart-gsws-good/
In the bigger picture, I have no idea how this arrest will affect Thompson's future. Have we seen him play his last game as a Coug? Even before his arrest, I figured that was the case. Thompson's a junior who was expected to leave early for the NBA, but there's some doubt about that because he's projected as a late-first round or second-round draft pick. Thompson has said if he were projected to go in the second round, he would stay for his senior season. If I were an NBA GM, it wouldn't bother me, but maybe the marijuana charge will hurt his draft status. What would bother me more is the fact that Thompson isn't quite ready for the NBA, physically and I would argue emotionally as well. For as good as he is, Thompson can be surprisingly erratic, both with his shot and the ball. Remember, too, that this is also a kid who was late for the team bus in Tempe two weeks ago because he couldn't find his iPod. But maybe I'm viewing this subjectively as the WSU alum who hopes that Thompson returns. With Thompson, Moore and DeAngelo Casto playing a third year together, the Cougs would be a top-25 team, one with the potential to crack the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. Whatever happens, Thompson has been consistent in one respect -- good and bad, he never ceases to make you shake your head in disbelief. - SeattlePI, March, 2011 - http://www.seattlepi.com/sports/moore/article/Thompson-s-erratic-ways-continue-this-time-with-1042357.php
Last for Klay
He reminds me of a less-quick version of Kevin Martin. Thompson is the son of former L.A. Lakers big man Mychal Thompson. ...Can Klay Thompson play in the NBA? Absolutely. But I've read where he is being compared to Reggie Miller and that is just silly. There is a difference between good, very good, and great. Klay Thompson's 3-pt percentage, this season was 39% (good) but not the 44% (great) that Miller's was at UCLA. Miller shot 54% FG (GREAT!) as a Bruin. Thompson's, as we mentioned, is 42% (not very good). Miller, as a junior, averaged 25.9 ppg. (very good). Thompson was 21.6 as a junior (good). ...I think Klay Thompson can be a good starter in the NBA sometime - but I don't foresee stardom. - Hoops Obsession, June , 2011 http://basslinespin.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-dont-hate-klay-thompson-plus-tyler.html
Around this time we also had the Monta Ellis trade
Both acquisitions are good fits with the Warriors' roster, but neither was able to help Tuesday. The team was in shock before Ellis addressed them in a closed-door meeting and said his goodbyes before the game. Ellis has been the face of the Warriors' franchise for much of his seven seasons. He was named the league's Most Improved Player in 2007 and has been among the NBA's top scorers the past three seasons. But he was never a good fit alongside similar-sized Curry, and he started to show his frustration with the organization in the past week. His teammates immediately shared that frustration Tuesday, when Ellis and Udoh were informed of the trade via a scroll at the bottom of the TV. As many players shook their heads in disbelief, Curry walked over and hugged a solo Udoh. Wright said, "I'll talk about the game, but I'm not talking about the trade crap." One Warriors player said, "If we're giving up, I can feel my hip hurting already." "It's time," said a smiling Ellis. "They're moving in a new direction. I can't be mad about that. I was in those shoes at one time, when a veteran guy was playing in front of me. It becomes time for that player to go. It's my time to go." The move opens immediate playing time for rookie Klay Thompson, a shooting guard who is getting rave reviews around the league and is considered nearly untouchable by the Warriors. With a potential playoff run all but lost, the move also opens the door for the Warriors to be more cautious with Curry's recurring ankle/foot injuries. They maintain that they're going to try to win as many games as possible, but they'll be shorthanded and could see a precipitous drop in the standings. - SFGATE - March, 2012 http://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/Warriors-send-Monta-Ellis-to-Milwaukee-Bucks-3406832.php
The Milwaukee Bucks need to head on over to their local casino and put some serious bets down on the roulette table, because they are the luckiest bunch of guys in the country right now. With the first big trade of the 2011-12 NBA season, the Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to send Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson to the Golden Warriors for Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown. After reading that, if you're left thinking "why in the world would the Warriors make a trade like that?", you're not alone. There's no doubt that Andrew Bogut is a solid big man when he's healthy, but Golden State didn't necessarily make an upgrade at any position with this trade. Instead of becoming a better team, they sent away solid and consistent production for an injury-prone player, and a player that's well past his prime in Stephen Jackson.
To understand the insanity that exists within this trade, just take a minute and look at the comparison between all the players' combined production for each team in this trade. Bogut and Jackson: 21.8 PPG, 11.5 RPG, 5.6 APG, 24.8 PER, 40.2 FG% Ellis, Udoh and Brown: 33.7 PPG, 10.6 RPG, 7.2 APG, 41.8 PER, 46.7 FG% Aside from rebounds per game, the Warriors are the clear winners when it comes to every major statistical category. If you take out both players that are currently injured, Andrew Bogut and Kwame Brown, those statistics become that much more lopsided in the Bucks' favor. Not only are the Warriors sending away a significant amount of offensive production, they are also getting rid of three players that are much more efficient than the talent they are getting in return, which will certainly hold Golden State back this year and into the future. - Bleacher Report, 2012 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1103923-nba-trade-deadline-why-the-warriors-trading-away-monta-ellis-makes-no-sense
The Warriors records before the 2012 Season:
- Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson drafted within this time
2009: 26-56
2010: 36-46
2011: 23-43
and then Draymond Green comes
Draymond Green is in a staring contest with history right now, and usually, history doesn’t blink first. For the Golden State Warriors second-rounder, failure is practically assured. But why? How can we be so certain of Green’s fate at such an early juncture in his career? The answer is simple. Green comes from the most historically cursed category of NBA players: He’s a Consensus First Team All-American who wasn’t drafted in the first round. Moreover, scouts are virtually unanimous in saying that he knows how to play and has a terrific basketball IQ. What he doesn’t have is a position. There are concerns that Green, generously listed at 6’8” and 236 pounds, won’t be able to defend either forward spot in the NBA—not to mention that he’s had problems with his conditioning in the past. So, the odds are stacked against Draymond Green. If he puts together a solid career, he’ll buck the trend that no player like him has ever been able to. For what it’s worth, I’m hopeful Green can break the mold into which he’s been cast. Maybe all 30 NBA GMs were wrong to let him slip out of the first round. It’s possible. But history is standing firmly in front of Green, dispassionately staring him down. - Bleacher Report, 2012 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1248077-golden-state-warriors-why-history-dooms-draymond-green
Then Golden State fires Mark Jackson after two straight playoff years
He continued to put his players in the best possible positions to succeed and grow, particularly his young core. Stephen Curry went from a good, young scorer to an NBA All-Star Game starter under Jackson. Klay Thompson went from a timid rookie to a fearless two-way force. Draymond Green went from being a second-round pick to being one of the most valuable bench players in the NBA. Jackson's club was the league's third-best road team. His starting lineup had the best plus-minus in the NBA. Since that article, Jackson's merit has only increased. He almost knocked the Los Angeles Clippers out of the playoffs despite not having Andrew Bogut—his best defensive player and rebounder—on the court. He kept his team together amid nearly unprecedented levels of conflict, deceit and paranoia within the organization. He was endorsed heavily by all of his players. There are only 10 coaches in the league—at most—that did as good a job as Jackson did of maximizing their talent and getting their teams to buy in, compete and execute. Jackson deserved to be the Warriors coach next season, and it is not even close. The problem is that "deserve" has nothing to do with it. Joe Lacob, Golden State's majority owner, did not want him to be the coach, and so he fired him.
That's when the locker room starts to weaken. Curry starts to realize that the reason he wanted to be on the Warriors for his entire career was not something inherent about the team or location but rather the special atmosphere that Jackson had created. Free agents that would have once flocked to Oakland at a discount (such as Iguodala did) start to shy away from signing in a place where the ownership has a history of breaking up successful, potential-laden teams due to ulterior motives. As quickly as Lacob shed the darkness and dysfunction that had been plaguing the franchise for 20 years, the Jackson firing could ultimately trigger a rapid descent back into NBA obscurity as soon as 2017. - Bleacher Report, 2014 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1651457-mark-jackson-firing-reveals-true-priorities-of-golden-state-warriors-ownership
Steve Kerr is hired
Ownership has spun this into the notion that the two-headed combination of Myers and Lacob had had enough of the offense and personal interaction issues. Steve Kerr ostensibly solves both of these problems at once. And yet, this still leaves open the door to the question as to whether the credentials were worth going this high and blind, flying all the way to Oklahoma City after their Game 6, to woo the guy they wanted? Kerr was and is Lacob's guy all along. For whatever reason it may be, he got what he wanted. If the team desired offensive innovation they could simply go with Mike D'Antoni and bank on the defenders to keep playing at their requisite talent. If they wanted a fresh face with coaching experience and a fun offense, there was Fred Hoiberg. Hell, they were even ready to interview Lionel Hollins, a coach that ran into most of the same problems Jackson was a part of near the end of the season. But Lacob's comfortability and connections led him to the glitzy hire of Steve Kerr. We just don't know what was so glitzy to begin with. - SBNation/Warriors , May 2014, http://www.goldenstateofmind.com/2014/5/15/5719552/golden-state-warriors-steve-kerr-coach-lacob
In comes Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant could join the Warriors this summer. That is possible because, in the 2016 NBA offseason, almost anything is possible. The $1 billion in salary cap space and the lack of bad long-term contracts around the league open doors that would have been inconceivable in almost any other year. The notion of Durant, the offseason’s top free agent, joining the Warriors, the NBA’s top team, is simple enough, as Sporting News has explained in the past. The notion of Durant joining the other foremost Western Conference power, however, is more complicated and perhaps more interesting. - Sporting News, May, 2016  http://www.sportingnews.com/nba/news/kevin-durant-spurs-free-agency-salary-cap-san-antonio-oklahoma-city-thunder3fhcsyjd0871uosph6652hy9
For the rest of this decade, any superstar has a better chance of making the Finals in the East. The West has Golden State, San Antonio, OKC (for now), the star-crossed Clippers, the savvy Blazers and the precocious T-Wolves lurking like Arya Stark. That’s a murderers’ row. The East has Cleveland (FYI: Year 14 for LeBron next season), Boston’s Collection of Awesome Assets That Can’t Translate to an Actual Contender Yet, Whatever Toronto Is, Whatever Atlanta Was, Whatever Orlando and Milwaukee Might End Up Being, Whatever Pat Riley Might Have up His Sleeve and that’s about it. (Sorry, Knicks fans.) You want an easier road to the title, go East. Or sign with the Warriors.Durant knows this. I promise you. He hasn’t made the Finals since 2012 for a variety of reasons: injuries, cheap owners, shaky coaching, bad luck, a stacked conference, and one dreadfully short-sighted trade (that’s becoming less and less dreadful as Steven Adams blossoms into a Kiwi warrior, but still). You can excuse all of those things and easily land at the following place: We should have won at least one title, it’s amazing that we didn’t, I can’t give up on this team yet. Admirable and understandable, especially for someone as loyal to fans and teammates as Durant has been. - The Ringer, June, 2016 https://theringer.com/kevin-durant-thunder-conundrum-4b1689d4002c
Also keep in mind other teams had a chance at Kevin (Well, at least in thoery
The Thunder, Spurs and Warriors already have meetings set up, according to a report from The Vertical. The Los Angeles teams want face-to-face talks. So do Miami, Boston, Houston, and New York. Another agent thinks, in the case of Durant, the club that wants to pry him away from the Thunder “needs to be a good team, in a better market with a better chance to win than OKC.” “So Golden State and Miami become the only real players,” the agent said. “It's too hard to justify a move to Los Angeles (Lakers) or New York because they are not close to winning. Houston's out.” Durant won't be touring city-to-city. The Vertical reported that Durant and his representation will host meetings at an undisclosed location in NYC, the homebase of Roc Nation. LeBron James had a similar strategy in 2010 when he set up meetings for teams to come to him in northeastern Ohio. Not since James has a free agent been as highly coveted as Durant, to be able to control the entire tempo and pace of free agency. Another agent, however, thinks Durant's free agency will be different from James' in one regard: Durant isn't playing general manager. - NewsOk, June, 2016 http://newsok.com/article/5506480
...and there you have it.
The Warriors built up this so called "Super Team" by players that they drafted. Steph Curry was a first round pick, but there were still mixed feelings about him when he was drafted. Thompson was heralded, but people were worried about the weed arrest. Alot of people thought that neither one these players would be Stars. The trade of Monta Ellis for Bogut and others, was ridiculed at the time. Even I questioned that, because Ellis was really good at the time. The Warriors go the playoffs two straight years , only to have Mark jackson be fired. At the time, I hated it. I thought it was stupid. I thought that the Warriors would regress because of this. Of course that was wrong.
The Warriors have also picked up decent free agents along the way like Andre Iguodala and Shawn Livingston. Both ended up being great additions. The Warriors built their core through the draft and supplemented that through smart , veteran Free Agent picks.
Andre Iguodala won’t ever win an NBA championship until he’s paid correctly and plays with truly better players than himself on offense. It’s inconvenient for whatever team overpays him this summer, but it’s the truth. - HuffPost, July, 2013 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jake-fischethe-incovenient-truth-abo_b_3530424.html
Livingston is a beast of a defender, capable of handling both guard spots and most small forwards. His length, physicality and smarts make him yet another fantastic wing stopper on a Golden State roster that already has one of the league's best in Andre Iguodala. Slotting him into backcourt lineups alongside Stephen Curry will allow the Dubs to hide their franchise point guard on the weakest available matchup. And if the Dubs want to get particularly nasty on defense, they can put a flat-out-terrifying combination of Livingston, Iguodala, Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut on the floor together. - Bleacher Report, July, 2014 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2116632-does-shaun-livingston-signing-make-klay-thompson-more-expendable-for-warriors
The Warriors got to the state that they in by making shrewd moves. Fortunately for them , these moves paid off. Trades, Free Agents, Draft picks, Coach firings, it all could have went either way. This was not a team that went out and constructed a Big 3 in Free Agency. They drafted and groomed their Big 3 organically. Yes, they added Kevin Durant, but Durant had other suitors. He talked to other teams who did not do enough or have enough to wow him. The Warriors had the cap space and they signed the FREE agent.
There was a void. Harrison Barnes was that void. We already know how bad he was in the Finals. The Warriors wanted to be able to beat the Cavs, so they got better. Kevin Durant is available and the job of every team is to constantly improve. The Warriors would be doing a disservice to themselves and their fans if they did not pursue him. He was free to choose and there was nothing wrong with this.
There are fans who are now complaining and saying that the league needs to do something, but the Warriors did nothing wrong and Durant did nothing wrong. The Durant signing was there biggest Free Agent signing in years. This was a team built through the draft and I can't stress that enough. I keep repeating that when Curry, Klay and Draymond were drafted most did not see any of them being stars, so lets not act like these were overly hyped draft picks.
The Warriors built their team the right way Its almost similar to how Jerry West helped build the Lakers in the late 90s/early 00s and then to go to the Warriors in 2011
After a slump in the early 1990s, West rebuilt the team of coach Del Harris around center Vlade Divac, forward Cedric Ceballos, and guard Nick Van Exel, which won 48 games, and went to the Western Conference Semifinals; for turning the team around, West received his first Executive of the Year Award.[49] By trading Vlade Divac for Kobe Bryant, signing free agent center Shaquille O'Neal, and signing six-time NBA champion Phil Jackson as a coach, West laid down the fundamentals of the Lakers three-peat which saw L.A. win three NBA titles from 2000 to 2002.[1] On May 19, 2011, West joined the Golden State Warriors as an executive board member, reporting directly to new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber.[52][53] This role also came with an undisclosed minority ownership stake in the team.[54] In 2015, the Warriors won their first championship in 40 years; the championship was the seventh earned by West while serving as a team executive. - Jerry West, Wikipedia
the bottom line is, if other NBA teams want to win, then maybe they should follow the blueprint of the Golden State Warriors. You have a clear vision that you follow, you make smart draft picks, you build team chemistry even at the expense of trading favorite players (Ellis), you put smart basketball people in key positions in your franchise (West), You take chances at the Coaching position even if it doesnt make sense at the time (Kerr), you take chances and add players other teams dont really want (Iggy, Livingston, Javelle), You make your team as a good as possible by going after and acquiring the best player in Free Agency when you have the chance (Durant). None of this "ruins" the league.
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Texas A&M Legacy of Failure, Episode VII, Part I: Maybe He'll Finally Shut Up Now

Previous Episodes;
Episode I,
Episode II,
Episode III,
Episode IV,
Episode V,
and Episode VI.
Well. I’ll keep the intro this time pretty short. This episode is a little different from the rest, in that while sports are still a focus, the meat of this episode has to do with the rot that is growing at an alarming pace at my beloved school. It is also LONG, and it does conclude my 41-page, 18,000 word shitpost. When we last left, A&M was beginning to re-order its priorities further towards money above all else in the form of swelling costs and enrollment numbers. To anyone who wants to take this shitpost and turn it into a video or x-post it somewhere else, you have both my blessing and my encouragement. My whole goal with this script was to reach people with it. Mr. Tree, I'd like to thank you once more for the inspiration to write this, and should you ever want to make a bet, I'm all ears. To the other mods in this shitposting hellhole, I thank you again for tolerating this weekly flood of garbage. It's over now. I'd also like to thank you, the reader, and all the subs in this place, for turning this little slice of Reddit into a genuinely fun place to hang out and learn things I never thought I'd care about. I've learned about lolcows the world over in sports and gaming that I never would have discovered thanks to this place. Thanks BMacky for making this mess. Thanks Selke for sticking around with me when no one was here. Thanks Vette, Notumbre, Felix, and ProjectSaint for helping this place grow, and ribbing me when my teams kick me in the balls. Let's hope the next thousand subs is as good as this thousand.
2010s And here we are. This decade has been one of mistakes and decline for A&M as a whole, and I would wager it has been the worst for A&M since the 1950s. The university is absolutely packed. A&M is one of the 3 biggest universities in the country. The bus system went from bogged down to completely broken. The buses are now so unreliable due to lack of drivers and high demand on the more popular routes that there isn’t really a point to using them. Even among the shortage of drivers, starting pay refuses to rise over $9.75 an hour, there are frustrating hurdles to actually getting hired, and seniors are not allowed to drive. Dorms are filling up to the point where they can’t even house most of the freshmen anymore.
And what is the University’s response? Let’s flood the school with even more students, many of whom are from overseas and don’t give a damn about any of the values and traditions that make A&M different from any other college! And what about the rats in the MSC and the roaches in Sbisa? What about the goddamn lead in the engineering buildings’ water systems? They tested it, declared it lead free in 2015, and then mysteriously shut off the water afterwards for “further testing” in 2016. Long story short, the quality of student life takes a serious hit these years.
In addition, prices for everything – tuition, housing, food, books, you name it – have risen off the charts. While A&M may be affordable compared to private or out-of-state universities, it still takes tens of thousands of dollars of student loans to get anywhere near a degree unless you are rich enough (or your parents are) to buy the education outright or poor enough to get financial aid. A&M’s tone-deaf administrators brag about never having more scholarships than before – which, I will grant, is true -- but when the cost of everything keeps rising and there are thousands more students to compete for the scholarships each year, it isn’t anything more than lip service.
And let’s review some sports for a second here. The first player everyone will think of is Johnny MLG AIRHORN HONK Football. But he is exactly the opposite of what an Aggie is supposed to be: an Aggie should be a man of high repute both on and off the field. It isn’t a requirement by any requirement of the NCAA, but A&M is supposed to be about more than just athletic skill. The dude was an off-field basketcase. He was born to an extremely wealthy family and wasn’t raised right. The warning flags were as red and loud as Kyle Field on gameday. Where do you draw the line, A&M? Is the conduct by this tool acceptable because he generates you shit-tons of money but students selling tickets to former students so that they can pay the goddamn rent, keep the lights on, afford your ever-more frequent tuition hikes, or just get some fucking food money is unacceptable because “muh Aggie values?” Where is the fucking consistency?! And even if you want to make excuses because he did win the Heisman, that still doesn’t explain why we tolerated the cancers at QB that came immediately after Manziel.
And then… oh dear Lord. This stadium rebuild. $450 Million for an increase in 20,000 seats! How many new seats are made for the legendary twelfth man, for the students that yell and stand eternal, making Kyle Field deafening to play in? 36. Fucking 36. THIRTY. SIX. That’s it. Sports passes? They’ve now doubled in cost AND you only get to see half the games! And two of those games will be against some low-rent FCS school that A&M paid to be there! And all the while, the reconstruction of the horrifically overcrowded student Rec center takes years beyond its deadline and almost no real progress is made during the Kyle Field reconstruction project.
And one last thing. Let’s bring up the 100-odd year old elephant carcass in the room -- the rivalry against t.u. I hate the Longhorns. And their greed in insisting upon the Longhorn network is noted in countless other articles, videos, and media across the internet. It isn’t just “lol aggy gonna aggy” when Nebraska, Mizzou, and Colorado tell you to eat shit too. You nearly killed the Big 12, and you need to thank TCU, Oklahoma State, and OU for keeping the Big 12 from turning into the AAC. Truth be told, there are probably Longhorn fans who can sum up the rampant fuckery of their administration far better than I can. And to those of you Longhorn fans that have maybe read this (presumably for the understandable schadenfreude) along the way that believe the rivalry is better off dead, and that Oklahoma was always the one you wanted, let me remind you that it’s not goodbye to OU in that godawful excuse for a fight song you insist on bleating like a bunch of mentally stunted goats. It’s goodbye to A&M. You hate us. You hate us in a different way than OU. You would be sad to see Oklahoma become a punchline because it would deprive you of a solid rivalry. The truth is, your rivalry with OU justifies you, whereas what you want to see A&M do is suffer and collapse to become that funny little maroon punching bag you had back in the 60s. I have got enough Longhorn friends and family to have a decent idea as to what each rivalry means. You want Oklahoma to be a 1-loss team that loses to you. You want A&M to be a 12-loss team that loses to you. And the feeling is very much mutual. The Charlie Strong years were so long-overdue for you. It is high time that you suffer a decade of genuinely crap sports. Not just football. You deserve a good decade of misery in a sports desert, because at least then when you have some success again, you’d have the fanbase intensity that’s gone missing in recent years . Consider that the Strong years were the worst years for Texas football in roughly half a century. And Kansas memes aside, your worst year was still 5-7 in that span. Yet pundits like this chode insist you are one of the longest suffering sports fanbases. Oh yes, 12 years of drought must be so, so difficult. Please.
But I am getting off track. Our administration has been equally as responsible for bitching about the network, and then about unequal revenue sharing. A&M’s administration tried to have their cake and eat it too, and whaddya know, it cost the world of college sports one of the greatest rivalries in the nation. While the overall record is heavily skewed in favor of Texas, it had been more or less even rivalry since the 70s, filled with every kind of craziness on both sides that makes college sports great: victorious triumphs, tragic heartbreakers, seasons spoiled by the underdog, and all sorts of vengeance. Similar to the rise of A&M from backwards military school sliding into irrelevance to one of the biggest public universities in the nation, the rise of this rivalry went from an OU-OKST style rivalry into a fierce and evenly matched competition, in all three major sports and in many others. And our high-ups not only just pulled the plug on it, but refuse to revive the rivalry as it enters rigor mortis. Ask yourselves. Buckeye fans, would you not be outraged with your university if you stopped playing Michigan? Georgia fans, if your administration killed off the Florida rivalry, would you not be livid and demand immediate change? This is a rivalry on that level. What I fear is becoming a university with no clear #1 rival anymore. I fear the fate of Nebraska-Oklahoma. Go back and watch the early 70s or the 1990s matchups of these two gridiron titans. It is criminal to see that rivalry dead (and whaddya know, Longhorn greed was a root symptom there too), and it is criminal to watch this rivalry die. Nebraska has been listless since that rivalry began to die. We have no rival like that in the SEC, unless we want to relegate ourselves to being the Capitals to LSU’s Penguins. No matter what we do, the hate isn’t there in the same way on the other end -- t continue the analogy, the Pens fans have the Flyers. Similarly, LSU is always going to be looking eastward at the end of the day, not toward us, when the hate consumes them. I cannot believe it would have to come to this, but let’s look at the ever-shining beacon of legislative achievement that is the state of Alabama. They have a law that forces Bama and Auburn to play. Governor Abbott, make this happen for the good of the citizens of the state of Texas, and make sure the game is never held in goddamn Jerryworld. I want to go to DKR and get jeered at, and do the exact same when they come to Aggieland.
I could keep ranting about the crap this university has pulled for a while. And I will. But let’s cut to the recent years in A&M sports choking and get it out of the way for the sake of completion. As you might imagine, yeah yeah yeah there is no real success this decade in football, basketball, or baseball, even though ever more obscene amounts of money are pumped into the programs…But the failures, as is longstanding Aggie Tradition, shine brightly and brilliantly. Let’s just get this over with.
2010 Well, the basketball team looks promising. And a strong showing in the Big 12 conference, coming in as the runner up to a perennial powerhouse Jayhawks squad. Let’s go to the Dance as the 5 seed!
First round Way to beat Utah State like you were supposed to. Up next is Purdue. Can you please not choke away this one?
Second Round Let’s go out and win this one for Derrick Roland, boys! (Do not look up this injury if you have a weak stomach…woof) A matchup for the ages against a 4th seed Purdue squad looking to prove itself just like we are.
OT After blowing a 7-point lead in the half, the score is notched at 55. You’re in this somehow with 10 seconds left at 61 apiece. Time for a key defensive stop – WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF DEFENSE IS THAT KRAMER JUST WALTZED IN FROM THE POINT FOR A LAYUP Ok just get down the court and get off a three, there’s still time aaaand…. Off the rim.
Baseball Another 43 win season. What does that even matter at this point.
Regional finals Get assblasted by Miami in the deciding game 10-3!
Football Alright! Up 21-7 at the start of the 2nd half against a good Oklahoma State team and 3-0!
15 minutes later Allow 21 points in one quarter of play and lose 38-35. Lose the next two games until the coaching guys remove their heads from their asses and play Ryan Tannehill. Respond with six straight wins and a resounding victory over Texas and one of the most exciting games in an absolutely bonkers Kyle Field crowd against Nebraska! Enjoy the ensuing Bo Pelini meltdown! Too bad you can’t win the bowl against LSU, but hey it’s not like you’ll have to play them every year or anything! All in all, this is one of the better years in A&M history, and it is STILL riddled with failure when it really counts.
2011 What was that I just said? Yeah nevermind, we’re going to the SEC! Surely we can make the leap from a mediocre Big 12 team to a good SEC team! Much like Mizzou, Nebraska, and Colorado, we mostly got tired of the Longhorns trying to be greedy as hell and put the screws on the rest of the conference. That being said, if we had actually tried putting more effort into funding a Big 12 Network instead of taking our ball and going east like a petulant six year old, maybe a 117-year rivalry wouldn’t have had to die. I want to stab myself for saying this. While the wonderful assholes in burnt orange being their greedy selves had much to do with the split, A&M has handled the split about poorly as possible as discussed at length above, which, honestly… what else would one expect from the A&M admins in the new millenium?
Basketball Another stellar season! Let’s go dancing again! The good news is that you didn’t choke in the 2nd round… because you lost in the 1st to Florida State.
Baseball Well well well. Another 40+ win season, a tie for Big 12 Champs, blah blah blah…
Regionals Meh, you beat Wright State and Seton Hall. Tell me when you beat a real team.
Finals Solid shutout against Arizona. But you’ll just choke in the Super-Regionals…
Super-regionals Holy Shit. A resounding and clutch bounceback win against Florida State! YOU GUYS ACTUALLY MADE IT TO THE CWS AND DIDN’T CHOKE!!! YEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH WE’RE GOING TO OMAHA!!!! I CAN FEEL IT. THIS IS THE YEAR!
CWS first round You couldn’t even win one fucking game. It’s really my fault for buying in at this point.
Football The Big 12 shits on your season as a parting gift. The cherry on top is a knife in the back over what would have been a win over Texas, in what was still a game for the ages. I hope your leg develops gangrene, Justin Tucker. Go fuck yourself.
2012 Due to a tremendous talent loss and a coaching change to Billy Kennedy, the basketball team regresses heavily.
Baseball After a 43-win season, you choke to TCU in the 2nd round of the regionals. Remember that team.
Football New(ish) coach in Kevin Sumlin for $5 million a year. And we have this small dude named Johnny at the helm. A freshman QB and a new, tough-as-nails conference? Jeez, I’d hope for a 5 win season here.
Week 1 The SEC era in Kyle field begins with a tough loss to Florida. But considering how good UF has been and what we are working with, perhaps things won’t be too bad this year.
A few weeks later Wow, a ranking and 5-1! Not half bad! We wiped the floor with Arkansas and beat Ole Miss and LA Tech to boot! We might not be the doormat of the SEC after all!
1 week later Congratulations, you STILL Can’t beat LSU.
Johnny B. Goode intro
montage of wins over rest of 2012 season including monster revenge win over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, as expectations launch into the stratosphere
2013 Coach Kennedy makes a small improvement to the team, but Aggie hoops has a way to go before it can compete with the best in the SEC.
Baseball Congratulations, you once again fail to get past the regional! This time, get mauled by Oregon State!
Football Oh, what a year this was. Expectations were sky-high. We had Johnny Football. Sure, he’s rapidly becoming an off-field basket case, but the dude was electric! A rising coach, 5 studs on the O-line, and a true star in Mike Evans to bail Johnny out when he made a risky throw. Two easy wins over Rice and Sam Houston State, and fresh into our rematch in Kyle Field with Alabama.
2013_Aggies_Defense.exe not found
Oh come on, not this again! The appalling defense proves too heavy an anchor for Johnny Football to pull behind him and A&M loses to every ranked opponent it plays in the regular season. At least that comeback from 28-10 against Duke was a lot of fun to watch. Johnny Manziel, meanwhile, leaves for the greener pastures of the NFL. Surely he won’t regret this!
Plays 2014 Draft footage, with a visibly disgusted Manziel at he realizes his fate is now to watch his career die in the Factory of Sadness Well then.
Basketball A small improvement in the records again towards the middle of the pack in the SEC. The tough schedule might make the record look suspect, but this team wasn’t too bad.
Baseball Congratulations, you once again fail to get past the regional! But to add insult to injury, its to those God-damn Longhorns in the deciding game!
Football The radioactive off-field issues of Johnny Manziel morph into the radioactive off-field issues of Kenny Hill! We as a fanbase will always be responsible for the travesty that was the nickname “Kenny Trill”, and it is a sin we must carry with us to our graves. But who cares about that?! A&M is 5-0 and ranked 6th overall! This could finally be the --
3 weeks later 59-0. Fifty. Nine. To. NOTHING. Oh, and lose another two out of the last five (including another defeat to LSU) to end the season 8-5.
2015 The Aggies make it to the NIT this year, and improve once more to the SEC, but this program still isn’t all that much of a power player this year.
Groundhog day clock After winning 50 games and making it to the super-regionals, don’t just get eliminated in the final game by TCU, but do so in 16 innings to ratchet up the BAS just a little bit more!
Football Pay John Chavis shit-tons of money to fix the defense! Clearly, all Sumlin needs to win is a good Defensive Coordinator. Meanwhile, the radioactive issues of Kenny Hill morph into the radioactive issues of Kyle Allen AND Kyler Murphy! Two locker-room cancers for the price of one at the same position? We can't lose! Wait, there’s some Jalen kid who was born and raised in Houston and really really wanted to be an Aggie? Fuck that scrub, he’ll never make it in college ball!
October All right! We’re ranked 5-0 again and ready to take revenge on Alabama! Final Score: A&M 23, Alabama 20, Kyle Allen -21. Finish the year by losing 5 of 8 and ending up 8-5 again, including ANOTHER painful loss to LSU!
2016 Coach Kennedy has finally put this team into the spotlight! We’re going dancing again, boys!
First round Way to crush Green Bay. Next!
Second Round Well, it looks like we decided to underperform. We’re down 12 against Northern Iowa. Good luck to them, it’ll be fun to watch the cinderella...no way.
No way.
Sweet 16 Get curbstomped by Oklahoma! Honestly, Northern Fucking Iowa could have done better. We had no business being here, even though we were the 3 seed.
Groundhog day clock After winning almost 50 games and making it to the super regionals, again, get eliminated in the final game by TCU….AGAIN.
Football Pay Noel Mazzone shit tons of money to fix the offense! Clearly, all Sumlin needs to win is a good Offensive Coordinator. And holy Shit. You guys actually have a non-cancerous Quarterback in Trevor Knight AND you are 6-0 AND you are (somehow) ranked #4?! Let’s see how the bed gets shat in THIS year!
December Lose five of the last seven and get whatever specks of dignity left on this joke of a team destroyed by LSU and Kansas State!
2017 Regress heavily back into the swamps of basketball mediocrity!
Breaks Groundhog day clock This time you don’t choke in the Super Regionals! You’re going to the College World Series Aggies! WHOOP!!!
Ghosts of Groundhog day clocks layered over one another Get eliminated immediately by WHADDYA KNOW, THE FUCKING HORNED FROGS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
Football Ok, put up or shut up, Kevin Sumlin. It’s been 4 years since Manziel magic and your team is incapable of maintaining a good show through the 2nd half of the season.
Week 1 Well, you know what! I guess I was wrong! You’re actually running the football, Mazzone has decided not to become a Spav carbon copy, AND the defense looks unstoppable! Oh but my BAS is raging something fierce! Surely A&M can’t fuck up THIS badly!
2nd half Wait. Why are you not running the ball. Why the fuck are you not – what the fuck. WHAT. THE. FUCK! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA rips A&M shirt off body and into shreds and punches wall. No really, this is actually something I did AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRK!!!!!!
YOU BLEW A 34 POINT LEAD! A 34. Point. Lead. Even the likes of Andy Reid, the 2017 Atlanta Falcons, and the 1993 Houston Oilers bask in the awe of this utter failure in clock management! And to think that after Hurricane Harvey, and after the other Texas teams performing like flaming excrement, A&M could finally shine once more! This choke job is so bad that UCLA had over a 99.5% chance of losing with FOUR MINUTES TO GO. And we, the fans, paid Sumlin $5,000,000 a year to enjoy the privilege of him looking like a deer in the headlights whenever things don’t go perfectly!
Oh, and to add insult to injury, how is that Kenny Trill guy doing? Oh, he got his head out of his ass and is pillaging Charmin-soft Big 12 defenses? Wonderful. And that Jalen guy Kevin passed on for two QBs that aren’t on the roster anymore? Killing it in Alabama you say? Just fucking dandy.
I have to be honest here. I was in the CFB sub talking with other people watching the game. When we went up 44-10, I said “How will we fuck this one up?”. Three letters to live by, people: B.A.S.
2018 While it’s still awfully early, the basketball team has managed to plummet from #5 in the country to a 6-9 conference record in a matter of weeks. While it looks like they’re now bouncing back, do I have any confidence in them to get anywhere close to new ground in the Dance? C’mon. I await the new and fascinating way in which A&M will let me down this time. I had to post this here because fuck it, let’s stack one last example on the platter.
Oh Christ. Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME. $75 Million GUARANTEED to Jimbo. Way to not learn anything at all from the Jackie Sherrill years, A&M. Oh well. He’s brought in a good recruit haul so far and really, a nine-win season would be eno-
A&M Chancellor John Sharp Presents Jimbo Fisher with a National Championship Trophy dated 20--
I bury my face into my palms and exhale, rubbing my eyes and giving into BAS once more
Whew. The Aggies put my beloved Nationals and Capitals to shame in terms of disappointment. How on earth do we still have faith in Aggie sports through excruciating loss after excruciating loss? What else is there to say? Here. Let’s let the numbers show the final results!
NCAA Tourney 1st Round: 8-4
NCAA Tourney 2nd Round: 2-4
NCAA Sweet 16: 0-6
Seasons ranked 15 or higher that ended with 4 or more losses in the 2nd half of the season: 13
Overall record against Texas: 37-76
Overall record against LSU: 20-33
Overall record against Alabama: 2-5
Overall record against Oklahoma: 12-19
NCAA banhammer years: 6
Conference Championships: 22
Qualified for Tournament: 33
Regionals tourney record: 11-22
Super-Regionals tourney record: 3-5
College World Series tourney record: 0-6
College World Series games winning %: 0.143

Total number of cumulative seasons since last Big 3 sports championship: 232.

EDIT: 0-6. FUCKING 0-6.
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UPDATE: 7 of the last 9 NCAA tournament champions were ranked in the top 4 of Team Rankings predictive rankings the day before the NCAA tournament started: The top 3 right now are Kansas, Michigan State and North Carolina. West Virginia, Villanova, and Virginia are tied for #4.

Here is Team Rankings Predictive Rankings right now
The conference tournaments are under way and these rankings could dramatically change depending on how far certain teams go. I decided to look at the rankings for all final 4 teams dating back to 2007 to see if I could find any correlations. Their rankings only go back to 2007.
This is what I found for the last 36 final 4 teams based on their rankings the day before the NCAA tournament started:
This is what I found for the last 9 championship teams based on their rankings the day before the NCAA tournament started:

TL;DR It's a safe bet that either Kansas, Michigan State, North Carolina, West Virginia, Villanova, or Virginia will win the NCAA tournament this year. Michigan State and Kansas have the best odds at making the final 4.

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NCAA Basketball Picks  Odds Couple  Monday, February 6th NCAA Tournament: March Madness Futures Odds, Favorite Bets and Longshot Bets Wednesday 2/12 College Basketball Betting Odds and Free Picks College Basketball Championship Week Picks and Predictions - ACC, American, Big Ten, Atlantic-10 March Madness Picks and Predictions: 2020 Big Ten Conference College Basketball Tournament

2010 NIT Tournament brackets and betting odds were to be released around the same time as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament brackets (shortly after 8 pm EST Sunday at Bookmaker.com). To put To figure out your Win Amount, take the odds and multiply by the amount wagered. Ex. Baylor Bears (8/1) to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. The Bears are listed as a 8/1 betting choice to win the NCAA Men's Championship. If you wager $100 on Baylor to win the NCAA and it captures the championship, then you would win $800 (8 ÷ 1 x 100). Using our College Basketball database that goes back over the past four seasons (since the 2005 March Madness Tournament) — and about 15,000 games — we looked at a simple system. During March and April, betting on a team that has a: The 2010 MLB betting season is just around the corner, and Bankroll Sports has all of the ins and outs in for the World Series odds that you should be looking to invest in and those that you should stay away from in the upcoming year. Experts And Clowns Issue 26: Ncaa Basketball Tournament Edition With Basketball QuotesAnother best teams in australia get number 2 seeds et cetera. They easily took out Dayton a new score of 79-64. Whether it's the first four days or the championship game, NCAA basketball can bring out fans from all around the.xbox basketball rosters, march madness betting, march madness bracket, march madness

[index] [33967] [23311] [40032] [22671] [2209] [20593] [16915] [36376] [16972] [10498]

NCAA Basketball Picks Odds Couple Monday, February 6th

Gamble provides "Winners" and "Sleepers" for four NCAA Tournaments which include the ACC, American, Big 10 and Atlantic-10. Are you betting on the College Basketball Tournament games this week? 2020 Big Ten Conference Men's College Basketball Tournament Predictions, Picks, and Odds: Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas, Kelly Stewart and Kiev O'Neil handicap the Big 10 ... March Madness NCAA Tournament College Basketball Betting Futures Picks by Bang The Book. 12:50. March Madness NCAA Tournament West Region Betting Odds & Predictions The Last 15 Seconds of Every NCAA National Championship Title Game Since 2010 (2010 ... NCAA Basketball Picks Odds Couple ... 17:40. Wednesday's Odds Couple Best on the Betting Boards - Duration ... The Last 15 Seconds of Every NCAA National Championship Title Game Since 2010 (2010-2018 ... Sooners 2/12/20 Free NCAA Basketball Picks, Tips, and Predictions! ... College Basketball Betting Odds ...