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CFB Teams as Former Communist Countries

Hello, I'm RatherBeYachting and I welcome you to the first of my off-season shit posts.
As per the idea from jkd0002 that received a fair amount of up votes in contest mode to merit posting, with approval from the gracious mods, we will look at Eastern Bloc countries and their college football equivalents.
Why am I qualified for this most sensitive of tasks? As someone born in the Eastern Bloc, who has spent many a summer in the region and has been to a dozen of these countries I feel I could handle this delicate endeavor.
As evidence, here is an old picture of me in a weapons museum next to a missile. This one was suppose to nuke San Francisco!
If I don't mention your program or conference it's solely because I hate your program.
The Now Defunct States
Soviet Union: Alabama. Is there any doubt that this would be the USSR? Alabama has dominated the college football landscape the way the USSR dominated Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The most renowned leaders of Alabama are Paul 'Bear' Bryant and Nick Saban. The Soviet Union was synonymous with bears. As a bonus, Bear Bryant was known for his brutal camps at Texas A&M - as Soviet dictators were known for their brutal camps in Siberia. Nick Stalin has also brought his rivals to their knees, by the college football equivalent of the T-34 tank, the 5-star recruit. Roll Red Tide!
German Democratic Republic: Florida, Florida State, Miami, Washington. You may ask, how can one country be four college football programs? And I'll tell you this is my shit post, and if you're unhappy you're welcome to enter the transfer portal. It's probably not that bad in there anyway, or Tathan would have let us know if it was ass.
The Florida schools: relatively late arrivals on the college football scene, but when going at full strength they are athletically formidable. But we all know the real reason, when you hear the weirdest fucking story it definitely came from either Germany or Florida.
Washington: The East German Olympic team was known for great success and steroid use, much like the Huskies under Don James. Eastern Germany collapsed, the Berlin Wall was torn down, and Washington went 0-12.
Yugoslavia: Southwest Conference. The geographically close conference, like Yugoslavia, was destroyed in the 1990s. Former members wound up in the SEC, Big-12, MWC temporarily, Conference USA, and the American Athletic Conference. Several former members are still feuding.
The Current Nations
Russia: Ohio State. A traditional power which regained their prominence under a man of dubious character. Even when Putin was forced to step aside by term limits he hung around, just like Urban Meyer during his suspension. Ohio State is the biggest program in the Big-10, and despised by their neighbors, just like Russia. Despite the success of the program/country they remain obsessed with their neighbor and old rival.
Ukraine: Michigan. One of the undisputed blue bloods of college football dating back to the days of the leather helmet. Just like Ukraine was the first empire of Eastern Europe as the [Kyivan Rus.](www.historyforkids.net/images/kievanrus.jpg) However, both have fallen from prominence in recent times. Largely as a result of the rise of their aggressive neighbor Ohio State/Russia.
Kansas State: Belarus. Let's get the obvious out of the way, K-State's dictator has left the program, but the similarities are still there. Belarus' leader since 1994, Aleksandr Lukashenko, is often referred to as the last dictator in Europe. He is still in power and there is a high chance of instability if he is no longer in office, a way he clings to power. But wait, the similarities don't end there. The way Bill Snyder had been grooming his son Sean to take over his spot, Lukashenko is doing the same with his youngest son Nikolai. The 'pint sized dictator' accompanies his father to all sorts of events.
Clemson: Lithuania. You may think a basketball school belongs here, but Lil' Ole Clemson is the school that appears to be dethroning Alabama. Much like Lil' Ole Lithuania did to the Soviet Union when it was the first to declare independence. Having scored a victory over the Soviet Union, and a 31-0 win over Russia, Clemson is the clear choice here.
Washington State: Moldova. The poorest country in Europe, just like Washington State is one of the poorest athletic departments in P-5 football. Moldova is an agrarian country, particularly known for their apples and cherries - just like Eastern Washington. The fine students of Wazzu are also known for their alcohol consumption, and Moldova lays claim to being the largest per capita consumers of alcohol.
LSU: Hungary. The Hungarians are an outlier in the Slavic speaking Eastern European world. Their language is part of the Finno-Ungaric family, incomprehensible to Slav speakers of nearby countries who can find commonalities in their languages. Thus, the clear choice is LSU and Coach Orgeron. Előre Tegrisek!
Oregon: Poland. A nation and program that suffered for a long time under the boots of their neighbors, but began a rise to prominence in the 1990s. One of the quickest growing economies in Europe has transformed Poland, much like Nike money has transformed Oregon football. The Ducks record against Ohio State/Russia isn't much different from Poland's record against Russia.
Wisconsin: Czech Republic. Wisconsin loves beer. The Czechs aren't just the heaviest beer drinkers in Europe, they are also the inventors of Pilsner.
Serbia: Nebraska. Once a great power as the dominant force of Yugoslavia, a steep decline in prestige has affected both the Serbians and Cornhuskers. The Nebraska fans are known for their intense passion, Serbians may have got a little too carried away with their nationalism.
Notre Dame: Slovakia. Slovakia is one of the Eastern European countries with a large percentage of Catholics. In fact, during WWII the leader of the country was a Catholic priest named Josez Tiso. As the picture of him with Hitler suggests, Slovakia was a Nazi puppet state. He was executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity, which is a bit different from Notre Dame which hasn't executed great in their past few title game and CFP appearances.
American Athletic Conference: Macedonia. The AAC lays claim to there being a P-6, pissing off the P-5 conferences. Much like Macedonia pisses off the Greeks by using the name of a Greek region. Macedonia has to officially use the name FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). The AAC could use some of that flexibility and not be afraid of scheduling a 2-1 series with a P-5 opponent.
BYU: Kosovo. The country with the highest percentage of adherents of Islam, with 96%, is an outlier in a region dominated by Orthodox Christianity and atheism. Much like BYU with it's strict honor code stands out in the college football landscape.
Kansas: Slovenia. Here's your great at basketball country, and your awful at football but great at basketball program. The reigning European basketball champions have gifted us Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic, while Kansas basketball has 29 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances and 14 straight conference championships.
Rutgers: Armenia. Rutgers lays a claim as the first college football program. Armenia claims to be the first Christian country in Europe, having adopted the religion in the year 301. Armenia is responsible for the Kardashians, while Rutgers is responsible for Artur Sitkowski's passing, so we've suffered at both of their hands.
Albania: Butch Jones. The first thing I thought of when I thought of Albania was The Simpsons episode 'Crepes of Wrath' where Albanian foreign exchange student/spy Adil Hoxha stay with the Simpsons. One look at Adil reminded me of none other than the Champion of Life himself, Butch Jones.
USC: Croatia. The former Yugoslav state made it to the finals of the last World Cup, so it's difficult to compare it to the dysfunction that is currently happening at USC. But one look at the Mediterranean style beauty of Croatia will remind you of Southern California. Granted, the country is on the Adriatic Sea and not the Mediterranean, but Clay Helton somehow has a job so things don't have to make sense all the time.
Kentucky: The Republic of Georgia. What, you thought Georgia would be Georgia? Hear me out. Kentucky's Mammoth Cave is the largest cave system in the world at 82 square miles. Georgia is home to the world's deepest caves, including one that is 7,257 feet deep. Spelunk away!
Texas A&M: Azerbaijan. Both of them have oil money. The Aggies coach is in the most expensive in the sport, and his name is Jimbo Fisher. Azerbaijan is on the Caspian Sea, home of Beluga Caviar and the most expensive fishery product in the world. Neither of them is playing Texas.
Oklahoma: Romania. The most famous Romanian of all time, Vlad the Impaler, stuck the heads of his enemies on pikes. Baker Mayfield stuck a flag on Ohio State's field, which is almost the same thing.
Texas: Bulgaria. This was the initial thought, since it's directly South of Oklahoma/Romania. But while trying to find some similarities I found something in Bulgarian history called the Bogomil Heresy, and it was confusing as fuck. Almost as confusing as whether Texas is back or not.
Oregon State: Bosnia and Herzegovina. A brutal war forced many people to flee. You know who else fled from a bad situation? Gary Andersen.
Ole Miss: Uzbekistan. According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, Uzbekistan is the most corrupt country in the former USSR. The choice was clear.
Stanford: Estonia. Known for it's internet freedom laws and online voting, Estonia is a burgeoning place for tech companies. The creators of Kazaa and co-creators of Skype are Estonians. What college comes to mind when you hear internet companies? Those Stanford nerds.
Minnesota: Latvia. Both like hockey? Check. Both have lots of lakes? Check. Plus, one time I got really drunk with some Latvians and they were really nice and I never asked them to say tacos but I bet they'd pronounce it tay-cos.
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Russia probe recap: Week of Sept 30 - Oct 6

With the Kavanaugh hearings dominating the news last week, I bet you didn’t think much happened in the Russia probes? Think again - so much happened it’s hard to pick what to recap here. Skip to the end for an abbreviated summary.
HELP: If anyone has some time to volunteer, even an hour a week, to help with something easy but monotonous on my spreadsheet tracking Trump administration firings/resignations, please message me!
I also have a request for you all - I need input. Should I continue the bots, trolls, and fake news pieces (pilot here)? [Self promotion: Which, by the way, exposed the Russian trolls and bots supporting Kavanaugh way before mainstream media picked it up]. Or is there something else you are interested in having me cover? Please give me suggestions if so! If you'd prefer to give anonymous feedback/suggestions, here is a SurveyMonkey link!
On to the review...

Week of Sept 30 - Oct 6: What We Learned in the Russia Probe


Mueller investigation

McConnell’s betrayal. While we knew the broad outlines of this story, we now have more details and I think it’s important to remember. Before the 2016 election, CIA Director John Brennan informed U.S. officials including Mitch McConnell that Putin was interfering in the election with the goal of assisting Donald Trump. Not only did McConnell say that he wouldn’t sign on to any condemnations of Russia’s actions, he said if the Obama administration went public he would “all out Brennan as a partisan intervening on behalf of Hillary Clinton.”
Catfishing. In an interesting development, GOP operative and anti-Trumper, Cheri Jacobus, said the investigation of an email hacking/catfishing scheme that targeted her has been forwarded to Mueller. The fact that the FBI thinks Mueller has jurisdiction over this case suggests there may have been foreign government involvement.
Suspicious death. Russia’s Deputy Attorney General, who allegedly directed the foreign operations of Natalia Veselnitskaya, died last week in a mysterious helicopter crash in Russia. Karapetyan was intimately involved in many of Putin’s schemes, including the death of Magnitsky and the investigation into the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko. He and Veselnitskaya attempted to recruit a high-level Swiss government official, leading to their exposure. Disclaimer: This has not been substantiated yet. Sunday, it was revealed by Moscow journalist Sergei Dorenko that the pilot of the helicopter had two bullet wounds and there is evidence of bullets hitting the blades of the copter. Russian authorities deny these allegations.
Seychelles update. The Russian sovereign wealth fund leader with whom Erik Prince met in the Seychelles, Kirill Dmitriev, “reached out to at least three additional individuals in close contact with the Trump transition team” in the days before Trump’s inauguration. In a communication to George Nader (who is now cooperating with Mueller), Dmitriev wrote of “rebuilding the relationship” between Russia and the U.S., implying “his boss” Putin endorses such outreach.
Clinton’s emails. You may not remember Peter W. Smith - he was the GOP operative who, apparently, killed himself after describing to the WSJ his efforts to track down what he believed to be emails stolen from Hillary Clinton. The WSJ has now revealed Smith solicited and raised at least $100k from donors as part of this effort. Due to the extreme lengths he took to hide his activities, it is not known exactly who made these donations.
Trump’s tax fraud. The reason I’m including this will become clear. The NYT conducted a large-scale investigation (short summary here) into Trump’s taxes and financial records, publishing the result last week: Donald Trump is the result of at least half a billion dollars siphoned off from his dad’s fortune using shell companies, lying about gifts and loans, and “outright fraud.” Far from a ‘self-made man,’ Trump was earning $200k a year by the time he was three years old, $1 million a year after college, and over $5 million a year in his 40s and 50s. “All told, The Times documented 295 streams of revenue [of varying legality] that Fred Trump created over five decades to enrich his son.” Over time, Fred Trump had to give Donald more and more to save him from self-created financial disasters.
The 5th. Randy Credico, a radio show host who Roger Stone asserts was an intermediate to Julian Assange, told the Senate Intelligence Committee he would plead the fifth in response to a subpoena for testimony and documents. Credico has already been interviewed by Mueller’s team and testified for hours before the grand jury.
Stone on the radio. Mueller has reportedly obtained audio of radio interviews between Randy Credico and Roger Stone from 2016-2017. The two “repeatedly discuss” Wikileaks and Credico asks Stone about the back channel to Assange, casting doubt that it exists.
Manafort forfeiting. On Monday, Manafort’s lawyers were spotted entering the building where Mueller’s team works with one of the lead prosecutors, Andrew Weissman. Then Friday, Mueller submitted a court filing requesting an order to seize assets that Manafort bought with money he hid from U.S. authorities. The property includes the Trump Tower condo, a luxury estate in the Hamptons, funds from three bank accounts, a life insurance policy, and an investment account.

More Russian Connections

Russians on reddit. Reddit’s CEO admitted that “suspicious” Russian accounts have been active within the past month on the platform. 953 posts were found and deleted; 264 of which were made to T_D, Donald Trump’s support community.
GRU cyberattacks. The U.S., U.K., and Netherlands have accused Russia of global cyberattacks and plots. The U.S. has indicted seven Russian intelligence officers on charges stemming from the joint investigations.
Russia <3 Kavanaugh. Russian TV propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov, who was chosen for his role by Putin, railed against Kavanaugh’s accusers and women in general last week, similar to Trump himself. Whereas Kiselyov said, “Guess what stands in Kavanaugh’s way? Certainly, the disease of malignant feminism… used to destroy promising careers and eliminate political opponents,” Trump said, It’s a very scary time for young men in America,” but “women are doing great.”
Exploiting white supremacy. A review of social media accounts belonging to the Kremlin’s Internet Research Association (IRA) shows that between September and December 2017 they imitated Americans to inflame racial tensions surrounding the NFL. On the first NFL Sunday of 2017’s season, 60% of the tweets sent by IRA accounts concerned the NFL, taking both sides of the protest argument.
Last Jedi. An analysis by a researcher at the University of Southern California, Morten Bay, found that half of the negative Twitter activity surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi was driven by “bots, trolls/sockpuppets or political activists using the debate to propagate political messages supporting extreme rightwing causes and the discrimination of gender, race or sexuality. A number of these users appear to be Russian trolls.”


NY tax probe. Following the publication of the NYT’s allegations of tax fraud against the Trump family, New York state tax officials are “pursuing all appropriate avenues of investigation.” While too much time has passed for criminal charges to apply to the tax crimes described by the NYT, civil fraud charges can still be pressed. For example, the penalty for intentionally underpaying taxes “could include a penalty of up to 75 percent of the unpaid federal taxes and double the unpaid state amount.”
Trump Foundation. While not technically the Russia probe, I think this behavior speaks to general law-breaking that carries over into other parts of Trump's politics. The New York Attorney General accused Donald Trump in a new court filing of engaging in “persistent illegality” in using his charitable foundation “for his personal, business and political interests in violation of federal and state law governing charities." AG Underwood also alleges the foundation coordinated unlawfully with Trump’s presidential campaign.
Nunes’ obstruction. Representative Eric Swalwell wrote an op-ed for the Fresno Bee accusing Devin Nunes of burying evidence on Russian meddling to protect Trump and endorsing his opponent, Andrew Janz. Swalwell states that Nunes plans to selectively release the interview transcripts produced by the House’s Russia probe.
Georgia purge. A coalition of voting rights activists announced they are filing a federal lawsuit against Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp for “using a racially-biased methodology” to remove roughly 700,000 voters from the state’s voter rolls. The group alleges that Kemp did not notify voters before removing them from the rolls. About 1 in 10 eligible voters in Georgia have been affected by the purge.
Bot ban. California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Friday banning companies from secretly using automated social media accounts to sell products or influence elections. The ban, which goes into effect July 1, 2019, specifically prohibits people from making a bot that appears to be anything but automated; in other words, “a person using a bot shall not be liable under this section if the person discloses that it is a bot.” Additionally, note this law targets harmful bots - bots used surreptitiously in an attempt to influence commercial transactions or how people vote in elections - not all bots.

Too long; didn’t read section

GOP operative and anti-Trumper, Cheri Jacobus, said the investigation of an email hacking/catfishing scheme that targeted her has been forwarded to Mueller. Russia’s Deputy Attorney General, who allegedly directed the foreign operations of Natalia Veselnitskaya, died last week in a mysterious helicopter crash in Russia. Sunday, it was revealed by a Moscow journalist that the pilot of the helicopter had two bullet wounds and there is evidence of bullets hitting the blades of the copter. The Russian sovereign wealth fund leader with whom Erik Prince met in the Seychelles, Kirill Dmitriev, “reached out to at least three additional individuals in close contact with the Trump transition team” in the days before Trump’s inauguration. GOP operative Peter Smith, who killed himself in an alleged suicide, solicited and raised at least $100k in his search for Clinton’s emails.
Randy Credico told the Senate Intelligence Committee he would plead the fifth in response to a subpoena. Mueller has reportedly obtained audio of radio interviews between Randy Credico and Roger Stone from 2016-2017 in which the two repeatedly discussed Wikileaks. Reddit’s CEO admitted that “suspicious” Russian accounts have been active within the past month on the platform - about a quarter of which posted on T_D. The U.S., U.K., and Netherlands have accused Russia of global cyberattacks and plots, resulting in the U.S. indictment of seven Russian intelligence officers. Russian state TV and Russian trolls are supporting Kavanaugh and condemning what they call “malignant feminism.”
Representative Eric Swalwell wrote an op-ed for the Fresno Bee accusing Devin Nunes of burying evidence on Russian meddling to protect Trump and endorsing his opponent, Andrew Janz. Swalwell states that Nunes plans to selectively release the interview transcripts produced by the House’s Russia probe. A coalition of voting rights activists announced they are filing a federal lawsuit against Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp for “using a racially-biased methodology” to remove roughly 700,000 voters from the state’s voter rolls. California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Friday banning companies from secretly using automated social media accounts to sell products or influence elections.
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Random Shit 68: Why Modern Feminism is Complete Bullshit: The Ultimate Facts Sheet. [By Eclectic Crafter]

Eclectic Crafter's great 300+ links Works Cited page showing all the times modern feminism has been full of lies, hatred, misinformation, and general awfulness. Read the full thing using the link below.

SOURCE: http://bit.ly/1Gq5h5v

  8. LINKCEPTION (other bunch of sources)
  10. LGBT+

1) Most Human Traffic Perpetrators are Women, not men:
2) Marine corps proves men are objectively better soldiers:
3) Both men and women are ‘graded’ in school based on looks, men have it worse (contrary to feminist belief)
4) Men stronger than women on average:
5) Porn users treat women better:
6) Women wanted 2:1 in STEM fields
7) Men use logic more due to wiring of the brain:
8) Men are less likely to KNOW emotions, not have them:
9) Missing people by age, race, sex:
10) Bad things are happening less:
11) Marriage is lowering:
12) Women control households more than men:
13) Women taking children more when single:
15) And women usually spend more of the money:
16) Male victims, and their Perpetrators:
17) Rape stats (1 in 6 wrong)
18) Who are being parents:
19) Males Attacked More Than Women/ Safer world
20) Fighting back causes less crime
21) Domestic violence:
  1. Men are guilty until proven innocent:
23) Murder statistics for UK/US:
24) Men are twice as likely to be homeless:
25) Women live longer:
26) List of movies for bechdel test. More pass than not:
1) Court bias against men is at least 6 times bigger than racial bias:
2) Blacks on SNAP (food stamps) more:
3) Race on Race violence
4) Blacks have a higher chance to go to jail during their life:
5) Blacks have lower income, but less poverty stricken
6) Irish worth less than blacks, treated worse:
7) Whites being enslaved:
1) Wage gap:
2) Wage gap legality:
1) Discrimination against males:
2) Men make up 97% of combat fatalities
3) Men pay 97% of alimony
4) Men make up 94% of workplace suicides
5) Men make up 93% of workplace fatalities
6) Men lose custody in 84% of divorce cases
7) 89% of men will be the victim of at least one violent crime
8) 77% of homocides are men
9) Men are over twice as victimized by strangers than women
10) Men are 165% more likely to be convicted of a crime than women
11) Men get 63% longer sentences than woman for the same crime
12) 60-80% of the homeless are men
13) Women's cancers receive 15X more funding than men
14) At least 10% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud
15) Women tend to choose careers that pay less than men
16) Women killing more kids, mainly male
17) Logic and truth are considered abuse:
18) By the way, men ARE shamed for not having children:
19) Women are liked more than males on Fathers day
20) Men commit suicide 4 times more than women:
21) Vast majority (92%) of workplace fatalities are men:
22) Selective Service sources:
21) Unfair health departments:
22) Boys in education:
23) Feminists fighting against equal custody:
24) Story on reproductive rights:
25) Rape charge anonymity pledge dropped:
26) Mens shelter owner suicide due to lack of funding:
27) Changing of rape laws to favour female predators:
28) Domestic Violence Programs Discriminate Against Victims Who Are Male:
29) Suppressing certain portions of domestic violence:
30) Feminists petition government to give money to women, whilst men suffered most during recession:
31) Manspreading:
32) Feminists complaining against the "sexism" of helping men who had lost jobs, rather than women who had gained jobs:
33) Men being sexually harassed more:
1) Feminism makes women scared:
2) Belittles, encourages more rape of females:
3) Hypocrisy with female perpetrators:
4) Feminists want women to be treated differently than men:
5) Further reading for the 2% false rape claim (being false):
1) Why reproductive rights are a mess summed up by a Reddit user:
2) Majority believe in equality:
3) Feminists like to see white people cry and be harmed:
4) Things that are racist or sexist to feminists:
  1. Photos/Light/The sun - http://www.racked.com/2015/7/7/8906343/instagram-racism
  2. Barbeques - http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/04/barbecue-american-tradition-enslaved-africans-native-americans
  3. Art by Whites (art in general) - https://news.artnet.com/art-world/museum-of-fine-arts-boston-apologizes-for-kimono-event-315000
  4. Being White: https://archive.is/302yt Merit: http://dailycaller.com/2015/07/06/top-american-indian-scholar-outed-as-fake-indian/
  5. BDSM: http://lavenderprivilege.tumblr.com/post/103280854262/i-dont-think-you-know-what-masochism-is-it-is
  6. Not being a drug addict: http://t-itty.tumblr.com/post/124123975246/drgnfckr-if-you-havent-been-addicted-to
  7. Air conditioners: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/frigid-offices-freezing-women-oblivious-men-an-air-conditioning-investigation/2015/07/23/bdd1b4b4-30ae-11e5-97ae-30a30cca95d7_story.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11760417/Air-conditioning-in-your-office-is-sexist.-True-story.html
  8. Science: https://whyscienceissexist.wordpress.com/
  9. Seriously, Science: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=tmLuCAAAQBAJ&pg=PA219&lpg=PA219&dq=is+sexist&source=bl&ots=rG5CWmkVmo&sig=chiikmlz8Cnx4lSZw9mBfVYRKx0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CEQQ6AEwBjhkahUKEwjOpIuoyo_IAhXJfhoKHQ7_Ax4#v=onepage&q&f=false
  10. Stem is sexist - https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/students-tell-stem-sexism-bristol
  11. Peer review is sexist - http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/news/sexist-peer-review-causes-storm-online/2020001.article
  12. Mars colonies are sexist - http://www.theguardian.com/science/the-lay-scientist/2015/may/06/how-can-our-future-mars-colonies-be-free-of-sexism-and-racism?CMP=share_btn_tw
  13. Meritocracy - http://authenticorganizations.com/harquail/2011/11/07/why-do-meritocracies-hurt-women/#sthash.19vg7jGR.dpbs
  14. History - http://www.jstor.org/stable/349851?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents
  15. Chivalry - http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/03/11/chivalry-sexist_n_6847264.html
  16. War - http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/22751
  17. Sexist anthems - http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2015/feb/25/how-sexist-is-canadas-national-anthem-compared-with-others
  18. Sexist money - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-32204664
  19. Sexist attitudes - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-politics/11276510/Hillary-Clintons-money-isnt-the-problem.-Our-sexist-and-outdated-attitudes-are.html
  20. Rape culture - http://www.redstate.com/2015/07/13/sexism-rape-culture/
  21. Monogamy - https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2015/07/17/apparently-monogamy-is-now-sexist/
  22. Fatherhood - https://archive.is/4OrJ0
  23. Judaism - http://www.chabadbrisbane.com/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/964239/jewish/Judaism-Is-Sexist.htm
  24. Christianity - http://www.religiouscriticism.com/bible/the-sexist-bible/
  25. The Church - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/30/sexism-church-all-together_n_6582268.html?ir=Women&ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000046
  26. The Dalai Lama - http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/607531/Dalai-Lama-Sexist-Attractive-woman-successor-London-Britain-Tibet-Perez-Hilton
  27. Not Islam, though - http://mic.com/articles/100156/everything-wrong-with-calling-muslim-countries-sexist-in-one-5-minute-video
  28. Sexist words - http://www.nationalreview.com/phi-beta-cons/392991/freshman-now-offensive-dangerous-sexist-word-jennifer-kabbany
  29. Sexist Books - http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/may/18/you-might-not-think-youre-a-sexist-until-you-take-a-look-at-your-bookshelf
  30. Art is sexist - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/20/sexism-art-_n_6721318.html
  31. Video games are sexist - http://motherboard.vice.com/read/real-life-sexism-follows-women-into-virtual-worlds?utm_source=mbtwitter http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-27824701
  32. Magic the Gathering - http://www.manaleak.com/mtguk/2014/05/dresses/
  33. Toys - http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/news/sexist-toys/
  34. Chess is sexist - http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/chess-described-as-racist-and-sexist
  35. Women's football - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-33411415
  36. Boxing - http://boxingjunkie.com/2015/08/17/shane-mosley-boxing-sexist-maureen-shea-aug-29-ppv/
  37. Head injuries are sexist - http://www.alternet.org/why-traumatic-head-injuries-are-urgent-feminist-issue
  38. Car crashes - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2052322/Women-drivers-greater-risk-car-crashes-thanks-sexist-safety-measures-study-finds.html
  39. HIV - http://sbmt.org.bportal/pesquisa-analisa-porque-transmissao-do-hiv-e-sexista/?lang=en
  40. Climate change - http://blueandgreentomorrow.com/features/climate-change-is-sexist-and-its-our-fault/
  41. The police - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/4218519/Racism-and-sexism-persists-in-police-service.html
  42. The beer industry - http://www.grubstreet.com/2013/11/beer-industry-women.html
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  44. Air conditioning - http://jezebel.com/is-office-air-conditioning-a-sexist-conspiracy-1719883384
  45. Seagulls - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3175036/Now-seagulls-cunning-Packs-birds-target-women-develop-new -tactics-steal-lunch.html
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  49. Feminist Fantasies - http://www.salon.com/2011/11/18/a_feminists_secret_sexist_fantasy/
  50. Hugging - http://www.nationalreview.com/article/423998/helen-mirren-girlfriend-arm-comment-sexist
  51. A shirt - http://www.theverge.com/2014/11/13/7213819/your-bowling-shirt-is-holding-back-progress
  52. Wearing a tie - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-165163/Wearing-tie-sexist.html
  53. Dress codes - http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/high-school-girl-dress-code-is-sexist/
  54. Poverty - http://www.one.org/us/take-action/poverty-is-sexist/
  55. Criticism of Hillary Clinton - http://edition.cnn.com/2015/08/09/politics/bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-sexist-criticism/
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  69. Equal rights for men - http://news.yahoo.com/this-california-law-is-helping-men-213035804.html
1) One:
2) Two:
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9) Nine:
1) One:
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5) Five:
9. Prison Rape stats
1) One:
2) Two:
3) Three:
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6) Six:
10. LGBT+
11. ETC. Order Fixing
1) The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TR_YuDFIFI
2) Does sex equal consent to parenthood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7_-4Q7Ia5g
3) Feminists saying the 1 in 4 (1 in 5, 1 in 6) rape myth:
4) FBI's section about forcible rape: https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/uccrime-in-the-u.s/2012/crime-in-the-u.s.-2012/violent-crime/rape
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Ep. 11: The Disappearance of Sherri Vanessa Holland

Listen on SoundCloud | Website


Editor's Note

This episode contains some experiments. I was so focused on research and writing for this episode that I forgot to mention any of the following on the recording. Please let me know via the post comments, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook or VOICEMAIL (another experiment I'll announce in an upcoming episode) at 724-24-CRIME.
  1. The title: I've been trying to put as many victims' names in the title as I can but at some point it just becomes too long. This time I'm focusing the title on the featured cold case. This partially to prevent crazy-long titles and partially to bring extra attention to the featured cold case because most if not all of the other crimes discussed are either under active investigation or have been solved and are awaiting prosecution.
  2. I read the intro this week instead of using the creepy augmented voice I've used previously.
  3. I've added bumpers between main segments of the show. It's a few notes of melancholy, mysterious-sounding strings taken from Ofelia's Dream by Benjamin Tissot.
  4. No background music in this episode.


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Update on Chris Zahl, covered in Ep. 4

Someone named Rich Laue posted the following comment on the YouTube video of episode 4:
As a friend of Chris Zahl I can add a little more. He had found an out of the way field in a Monmouth County Park off of Red Hill Road about 2 miles from the farm, to grow his weed.. He contended this was for medical research, but spent time in jail. The PI, hired by Friends of Chris, feels his disappearance is related to the pot growing, considering that all they found was the items you mentioned, almost ones costly felt it was murder. The car had been sanitized, no dirt, hair or fingerprints could be found to identify who he might have been with or where the vehicle might have gone. . His brother is not a suspect, the farm was thoroughly searched, including the pond. The mother who our lives there husband's has since sold the farm and lives in Red Bank. Texas also was brought into the investagation, but I'm not sure why.
Go have a listen to Episode 4 for more info and while you're there you can read the info I included in the original story I did on Chris Zahl.

Podcast Recommendation

This time the podcast recommendation is Crime in Sports by comedians James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman. While I was born and raised in a football household (Go Eagles!) and played baseball and basketball for years (very poorly), I'm not that into sports. (Sorry Dad). BUT when you combine sports with true crime you have my attention. Pietragallo and Whisman always bring serious research to the table and manage to be funny without disrespecting the victims. So, even if you're not a fan of sportsball, give Crime in Sports a try. It's a great listen and because of the show's premise it's likely to cover a lot of crimes you've never heard about on the broader true crime podcast circuit.
Find Crime in Sports on AudioBoom, Podbean, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter.


Human Garbage of the Week

Anthony Showers of Anfield, Liverpool, Merseyside in the United Kingdom, was sentenced to life in prison, with a 29-year-minimum. On June 12, 2016 he broke into the home of mother and daughter Karen and Jade Hales, 53 and 28 years old respectively, by breaking a rear bedroom window. Showers had dated Jade on and off but was banned from her home by a court order following a domestic abuse incident. He began by killing their dog with a hammer.
Showers then took the hammer to Jade, hitting her in the head 12 times and then, either while she was dying or very soon after she was dead, Showers raped her. Afterward, he found Karen downstairs. The mother was a stroke survivor who used a walker and depended on Jade for day-to-day care. He beat her to death with the same hammer he had used on her daughter.
Jade's 21-year-old sister Amanda told the court:
The day she met Anthony saw Jade change from a fun-loving young woman to a scared, frail person. I watched him take every last piece of her until there was no more to take.
Anthony Showers is the worthless stinking rancid putrid Human Garbage of the Week. My heart breaks for Jade, Karen, Amanda and all of the other people Showers hurt.


This episode's resource is an app called Safety Central by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Available on both iOS and Android, the app is a simple but potentially powerful all parents should take a look at. Here's a quote from the app's iTunes description:
Developed by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the leading nonprofit in the fight to keep children safe, Safety Central is designed to make sure that parents have the tools they need to help them protect their families and act quickly should their children go missing.
At the core of Safety Central is a digital Child ID Kit. One of the most important tools for law enforcement when searching for a missing child is an up-to-date, good quality photo along with descriptive information. A Child ID kit is a simple yet effective way to keep those tools right at your fingertips. The app, which does not share any of your personal information, reminds you when it's time to update your photos and allows you to store potentially life-saving information about your children in an easily accessible location.
Get Safety Central free for iOS or Android and visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at missingkids.com.

Cold Case: Sherri Vanessa Holland

[post at truecrimereview]
We discussed the murder of Sherri Holland by Steven Spears in Episode 9, but as one blogger notesthe disappearance of Sherri Vanessa Holland involved a different woman altogether. So we're going to cover that in this episode.
Please note that while I have rewritten what follows and added and subtracted elements of the story, most of the info comes from the Charley Project and the tireless work of Meaghan Good.


According to the Charley Project, Sherri Vanessa Holland was born on May 9, 1962 and was 34 years old when she was reported missing on August 16, 1996. She is a white woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, weighed 115 pounds and was 5 feet 5 inches tall when she disappeared. She has a scar on her left arm and pierced ears. Holland had cosmetic facial surgery in 1995. Some agencies may refer to her as Vanessa Sherri Holland.
Sherri was in Flager Beach, Florida where she owned a vacation property, preparing to return home to Atlanta, Georgia when she was last seen between 11:30 AM and 12:00 PM. Her sisters reported her missing when she didn't arrive in Atlanta. Her vehicle, a gold- or champagne-colored 1987 BMW 325i with Georgia plate BKT664, was discovered on August 24 (according to the GBI) or 25, 1996 near exit 76 between Macon and Atlanta Georgia. It was found on I-75 northbound in Morrow, Georgia. It had a flat as a result of a nail in the front right tire.
An Atlanta-Journal Constitution article dated August 20, 2001 says Sherri's car was a 1985 model year BMW so it's not clear which year is correct. It's worth noting the same article states Sherri was last heard from on August 16, 1995 even though GBI records and all other sources state that the year was 1996. Bottom line is it seems like the AJC article wasn't fact-checked very carefully, so keep that in mind.
Two miles from the car, in Riverdale, Georgia near the Stratford Arms apartments, her dogs were found in a field. Sadly one of them had died after being hit by traffic, but one of them was rescued and went to live with twin Sherri's sister Terri. A resident of the Stratford Arms told police the surviving dog, named Gracie, had tried to get him to follow her into a wooded area across the street from the Stratford Arms. However, further investigation revealed no evidence about Sherri.
There must have been other search sites though. According to that dubious AJC article, as many as "seven searches of woods, ponds and a vacant warehouse, some with cadaver dogs, within a three-mile radius of Holland's car turned up nothing."
An anonymous tipster told investigators Sherri was seen near her car loading luggage into a white pickup truck on the day she vanished. Further investigation revealed no additional evidence and police could not corroborate the tip.
Sherri was apparently operating an escort service called Atlanta Super Models out of her house the year she disappeared and her business partner told investigators during interview that they had been in business since 1992 and he believed her murder was related to their work. The business partner spoke of her in the past tense. He claimed she had set up video surveillance around the escort service's property and caught both employees and clients on video, later blackmailing them. The business partner claimed he had many people discuss killing Sherri.
Sherri had started dating a married man in 1989.
The man and his wife separated briefly in 1990 but eventually got back together. Sherri and the boyfriend had planned to marry in December 1996 but the boyfriend got cold feet and stayed with his wife. Apparently, at least according to the boyfriend, his wife never knew about his affair with Sherri.
He told police he and Sherri had argued about their relationship before she left for her vacation home in Florida. Having parted ways without resolving the argument, Sherri paged him around 11:30 AM and when he called her back she told him she would call when she got back to Atlanta. That was the last time he ever spoke to her.
Several people told investigators Sherri was depressed about things with her boyfriend and wanted out of the escort business. She had apparently mentioned Europe as an escape destination. Someone later gave authorities a recording phone call from September 1996 in which one of Sherri's sisters says to an unidentified second person that it's possible Sherri staged her own disappearance and escaped to Europe or elsewhere to start over.
A user going by the name anewday and claiming to have been an employee of Sherri's posted on the missing persons forum Porchlight and suspects Sherri's business partner, whom Anewday calls Jim:
I remember Sherri very well. She was beautiful, sweet and had a very sophisticated aire. I love this picture of her and Gracie (when she was a puppy). I worked for her for four years, but mostly knew her through her "business partner." The whole time I worked there, she had very little to do with the business and was out of town a lot of the time.
I told the GBI everything that I knew about her and her disappearance, including the fact that Jim had acted extremely nervous and sketchy during the days following her disappearance. I don't believe for one second that she was using video to blackmail her employees or their clients. If anyone did that, it was Jim. He had a whole suspicious backstory of who he was and where he came from. I'm fairly sure his name wasn't Jim, either.
When he told me about her disappearance, he said she probably just wanted to leave town to get away from her life, and also, to make her boyfriend worry about her. It was well known that she was devastated about their relationship problems.
I never trusted anything about Jim. He would say terrible things about her, but at the same time, pretty much lived on her dime and the business she had started. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he finally decided to "take" the business all for himself. It was very profitable, and being that it was all under the table, he probably figured no one would take much notice.
I look online year after year to see if anything has come of the case. She was (hopefully IS) such a vibrant person. She positively radiated with life. I hope she IS living in Europe and is finally happy. God bless you Sherri.
Anewday created their forum account on the same day that they posted this message and never posted anything else at Porchlight, so this info should probably be taken with a whole shaker of salt.


Now we'll discuss all of the motives I found in my research or came up with myself to make Sherri disappear. This section should probably be called "suspects" but I'm not in a position to suggest anyone is guilty of anything so I'm reluctant to call it that.
These next two motives are weak but I'm including them for the sake of being thorough:

My Theory

I wish I had a good theory on this one but first I'll tell you what I think did not happen. I don't think Sherri ran away to Europe or was murdered by Gary Michael Hilton. I also don't see her boyfriend or his wife getting involved in a disappearance or murder without drawing significant attention from investigators and I couldn't find anything that named them as suspects or made more than a brief mention about them. It's hard for me to believe a couple who could barely keep their marriage in tact managed to commit the perfect murder and haven't been suspected of it during the twenty year since.
Now, as for the two possibilities that look most likely to me:
If you have information about Sherri Vanessa Holland, contact Morrow Police at 770-960-3003 or the GBI Tip Line at 1-800-597-8477.

Cold Case Sources

These are listed in no particular order. I include both original source links and archive.is links, which preserve the page in case it is ever edited or deleted. I also add all my sources to the Wayback Machine on archive.org but you'll have to do those searches yourself.


Our theme song is Our Planet is Lost by Entropy Audio. The bumper is a clip from Ofelia's Dream by bensound.com.


Thanks for listening to this episode of True Crime Review. Find us on Facebook and Instagram at truecrimereview, on reddit at truecrimereview and on Twitter at truecrimerev.
Go to true crime review dot net slash subscribe to subscribe and get all of our new episodes when they're released. Please also leave a review in iTunes or wherever you listen to the podcast because helps us move up the charts and get more listeners.
This is your host Joe, signing off of this episode of True Crime Review. Until next time remember, families deserve truth, and victims deserve voices.
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[Table] IAmA: We are Jake and Amir (and we are launching a NEW podcast today!) Ask us anything.

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Date: 2013-05-13
Link to submission (Has self-text)
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Questions Answers
The next time I see you on the subway I'm going to yell something at you, what should it be? "WHOA, IT'S THE GUY WITH THE HUGE DICK!"
Amir: Please tell me Prank War isn't over. When will we be seeing a new prank? I really hope it's over... I'm next.
How about you go all out offensive and just get him again? He'll never see it coming. Streeter, if you're reading this, don't eat my vest man, i'm serious, don't eat the vest! Lol.
Have you ever gone dickless for Michael Chiklis? Not yet but we're willing to. Literally this afternoon.
Amir, are you afraid that Streeter might one day come back with one more prank? I am now.
Do you guys have somewhat of a same relationship in life? In real life I annoy Amir.
Do you ever reach a point where you run out of ideas, or where you feel you can't write anything funny, because you've been doing it for so long? We do, but luckily it's only momentarily.
Thankfully we only have to think of one idea per week, so if we couldn't do that, we may have to kill ourselves. Or become accountants or something.
We used to be afraid of that, but I'm not anymore. Our characters are just a part of me now. So literally anything that happens, I can imagine in the context of it happening to me or Amir, and thinking about how our characters would react in that scenario almost always helps to imagine future episodes.
Can I buy the rights to onealmond.com? edit: BURY ME WITH DOWNVOTES IF YOU DISAGREE. Lol. OneAlmond is NOT FOR SALE.
What was it like to work with Harold and Kumar? Also what was it like to act in your first movie? They were awesome and very friendly. I still don't know if they were nice to me because they were trying to make me comfortable so I wouldn't ruin their movie, or if they were genuinely that friendly.
Acting in a movie was a little intimidating at first, but you get used to it after a few days.
When was the first time you were recognized in public and what was it like? I can't remember the first time I was recognized in public, I think it was a very long time ago at the University of Connecticut. Someone recognized me from my articles on CollegeHumor. This was pre- Jake and Amir, pre- me working at CollegeHumor even.
I felt very proud of myself, I'm sure. But I think the thing that really hit me was that making a career out of writing was a viable option. And it felt like CollegeHumor would be the place to do it.
I remember being recognized at my college from an ARTICLE on collegehumor. He recognized my little headshot. it was pretty fun/weird.
Jake, I'm pretty sure I saw you at the Gratitude Cafe in LA about a year ago. You were with a girl, so I didn't want to interrupt, especially if you turned out not to be Jake. I bet it was me. You shoulda said hey!
Will we ever meet Mickey and Amir's Dad? and will we get a Rap Teacher 4? Or is that trilogy over? I hope so... For all three.
1) I’ve noticed that when I’m trying to annoy people I start acting exactly like Amir, do either of you ever find realise that you’ve been acting like your character outside of the show without realising it? 2) What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you because of the show? 3) Question tree. Edit: 4) Love the new podcast! You guys are still really funny without being 'Jake and Amir', what was the inspiration behind the show? 1) Almost constantly. 2) The fact that we get to travel and perform as much as we do still blows my mind. It's weird in a good way.
Who in their right mind would let Amir hold a baby for a full episode? His father is sort of my boss. So...
Amir: How many nuggets would you say is the "perfect" amount? OneNugget.com.
Do you guys still read every fan script posted to /jakeandamir? Have you thought about recording another one? I try to! And yes, it sure would be fun to do that.
Yes we do. Some are really great!
We may record another one...
What was your favorite script to write? To preform? Oh man, I have no idea. Great answer right? I love writing and performing so much that it would really be impossible to choose a favorite. Not to mention we have done over 600 at this point, so sometimes they kind of all run together in this gorgeous, enjoyable, blur.
We have a new Rick Fox one coming out next week that was one of my favorites to perform in recent memory.
I'm a big Laker fan so shooting with Rick Fox is a dream come true every time... New RICK FOX episode tomorrow!
Hey guys! How did Hoodie Allen find his way into your videos? Do you still see him often? I believe Jake's little brother was a fan, so we tweeted at him, and one thing lead to another and now we're in a boy band together!
Who grows the better beard? Me. Obviously, right?
Hi Jake and Amir. Big fan over here! I must ask. When will we see Stony in an episode? Great question! The real question is... does stony WANT to be in an episode...
Milkman please milkman please...
Stony, how much did you pay Eva to ask this? We'd love to have him in one!
Who influences a lot of these ideas? And also how did you get to know Ben Shwartz? Our influences are our friends and enemies.
Ben was a friend of CollegeHumor since back in the day!
Ben has been a friend of CollegeHumor for a long time, we always thought he was super funny and one day we decided to make a video together. We had so much fun that we kept it up. Ben is super busy now but he still makes time for us, which is awesome.
Our ideas are influenced mostly by real life situations these days. Whenever something interesting happens to us we imagine how our characters would react.
Amir, what's it like to simultaneously be the most hated and most liked person on the internet? Every fan action has an equal but opposite fan action. It's Newton's law of the Internet. Just like how every episode we make is the best OR the worst episode ever. Depending on who you ask.
Hey Jake and Amir! Huge fan here. My question is on average, how long do the episodes take to film. To go along with that, what is the longest you have spent on a single scene due to laughing? Episodes take 1-2 hours to shoot, depending on how much we move around. IF we're sitting at our desks, they can take even under an hour.
The longest we spent on a single scene due to laughing is probably a Ben Schwartz or Thomas Middleditch (Doobs) episode, because they crack us up.
Great question. Shoots generally take from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I imagine we've wasted up to an hour not being able to get through something because of laughter. I'm certain it was my fault.
What's the podcast going to be? Comedy? Or genuinely educational? It's going to be us, out of character, genuinely trying to answer life advice questions that we receive from our fans. Hopefully it will make you laugh as well! Check it out and lemme know what you think!
You cool cats think you can hot dog! With a deep V!
But seriously, you guys are hilarious, and I can tell there's a decent amount of improv in your videos. What is your favorite improvised line that found its way into an episode? That's a great question, and so hard to answer. I'm sure there are a million if I really sat and thought about it, but the one coming to my head right now is "HOLY GUAC! This i-pad is ridinky-donky."
Will you let your kids watch Jake and Amir? How will you explain it to them? Great question! Will the internet exist then?
Love the show, but I have one question... when is this guy coming back? Link to v022o.popscreen.com. Great news: Tomorrow.
REALLY? gotta go stock up on eggs then... 144 is not gonna cut it.
When did you guys realize you wanted to do comedy and perform for your career? Probably when I was 16, making dumb videos with my friends in my basement.
It's cool you guys are coming to the UK later this year. Any plans to make any episodes while you're out here? We're excited to come to London as well! Though we probably will just focus on putting on an awesome live show, and taking in Great Britain. No shoots planned for now...
of all I am a huge fan, keep up the good work! I was wondering how you guys met and began working with Rick Fox and, my favorite rapper currently, Hoodie Allen? Also who was it that wrote the aardvark raps? Thanks so much! We are so lucky to be able to work with those guys, we're huge fans of them outside of our videos, and big fans of what they do in our videos too.
Our boss Ricky met Rick Fox at some kind of event and Rick told him his kid was a big Jake and Amir fan. We immediately invited him to be on a video. As for Hoodie, my little brother showed me his music and after becoming a big fan myself, I tweeted at him. The rest is history.
What's the biggest contribution from a fan that you've used in an actual episode? Are you impressed with your fans' extensive knowledge about Jake and Amir? The biggest fan contribution was probably the episode "Crabs" which one the Jake and Amir fan script contest. So we basically produced a script completely written by a fan. We recently asked for fans to upload their intro ideas which we've been slowly using every episode. Those are some pretty big contributions!
Amir do you really have an undescended testicle from an incident at a renaissance festival? :(
Where does Jake work now? Does Amir still work at College Humor? If yes, why does Amir not appear in other original videos anymore? We both work at CollegeHumor still, though in a reduced roll. Our job is to produce Jake and Amir, which is why you see less of us in other videos.
Do your parents and friends consider this a 'real job' or is it as hard as I imagine to be taken seriously when you work in online entertainment? My parents do consider this a real job. I think they were happy that I was motivated to do anything, so even if they didn't understand what online entertainment was, they were happy I wasn't living in their basement.
Who are your biggest influences, not just for Jake and Amir but for comedic writing as a whole? Also I am a huge fan and can't wait to see what else you guys come out with! Keep up the amazing work and thanks for your amazing videos! Also, dinner tonight?! Thanks so much! I was inspired to write comedy after growing up loving movies from Chris Farley, Adam Sandler and Jim Carey. In college, Arrested Development renewed my desire to actively pursue comedy writing.
What do you guys do in your off time? We try to work every weekday. Either writing/shooting/editing "Jake and Amir" or something else. On the weekends I mostly try to relax and recharge my brain by watching basketball, exercising, or eating delicious fresh baked things.
Brainstorm and write. But in our off, off time I like to travel, climb, and PARTY.
Will we see "Mickey Your Friend" in future episodes? The suspense is killing me. Waiting on Matt Damon's reps to get back to us.
How would you describe the chemistry between you two? It seems like you work very well with each other. Each other, and other insecure people around us.
Question- What is the writing process for an episode? Is it just ideas pitched and then a bunch of ad-lib or is there a set script? We have an ongoing gmail thread with hundreds of ideas that pop into our brains... then we write the ones we love the most (maybe 10% of them)
Edit-punctuation. That's the initial writing process. We pitch, ad lib and if we laugh a lot we know the idea has legs. Then we sit and write til we have something we like. Then we look at it again later, and tweak it to make it better. THEN, we improv while we shoot it.
How was the blowjob from the milkman Jake? I know you enjoyed it... LISTEN UP EVERYBODY!
Do you guys plan on doing any more Hoodie Allen episodes? The 3 that are up are my absolute favorites. We want to! Hoodie is an international superstar though, so his schedule has to allow for it...
Hi, first off - thanks for doing this AMA. Alright, have there ever been any scripts/scenes that you've just said "I can't do this"? What has been the hardest episode(s) to film to date, and what generally goes into an episode in terms of props, extra cast members, production, filming, etc. For sure! Thanks for the question. In terms of not doing scenes, we're lucky in that we get to write them ourselves. So generally, we don't write anything we won't be willing to perform. That said, sometimes we laugh too much and can't get the coverage we need. But when that happens we usually just power through and eventually stop laughing, and get the shots.
The hardest ones to film are generally the ones with the most people. The ones at me and Amir's desks are simple set ups. Videos like the ones we did recently with Ben Schwartz and Thomas Middleditch are hard to film because we needed to get so much coverage.
We have a great team that produces and shoots the hell out of whatever we write. So sometimes it's as simple as getting a backpack with a fake snake in it, but sometimes it's as complicated as creating a slimy green stew that Amir can somehow spill all over his face and our office floor.
What was it like working with Rick Fox? He seems like a pretty funny guy. Also, open up that drawer and give me all the eggs in the world. He is the most talented physical specimen I've ever encountered. Tall, handsome, and funny. It's quite a genetic lottery he won.
What is the strangest thing that "Jake and Amir" has required you to do? Have a great day, guys. :] Man, being shirtless in Union Square in February? Amir spitting in my face? Rick Fox slamming a raw egg on my head? Who knows. It's all strange. It's all beautiful.
When do you plan to stop making Jake and Amir? Never.
Hey guys! My favorite episodes have to be the March Madness ones. How did you guys originally come up with your show? We just sat across from eachother and decided one day to tape our silliness...
My dad got so mad for taking part in this AMA that he freakin' moved. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? Hahaha.
Do u guys ever pop in character during your average day by accident? Also how is it working with murph? I grew up with him. funny as heck guy. I wonder if he's still random as all hell. No we never pop into our characters by accident.
It's always on purpose.
Have you ever tried to get a jake and amir tv show? Every episode is a small attempt.
Only all the time.
What show do you guys want to do a guest appearance on the most? What comedians would you love to have on your show? What upcoming film are you looking forward to the most? Britanick - Pete Holmes - Star Trek.
What has happened to the McDonald's addiction amir? He's on a break.
Ever consider selling the old episodes/outtakes/etc on dvd? I know I would drop major bills to get some hardcore behind-the-scene shit. Most of the behind the scenes and outtakes that were worth mentioning are already online for free! You wouldn't want to pay money to see all the footage of us picking our noses and forgetting lines.
of all, thank you so much for doing this AMA, I'm a huge fan. Thank you! I think we use the same amount of improvisation now, we just also write much more efficient scripts.
How much of the show was improvised back in 2007/8 as opposed to now? How long does the filming of an episode take? If you could do a really big-budget episode with guest stars and such, who would be in it and why? I just want to shoot with Matt Damon.
Which guest star was the most fun to work with? Hoodie Allen? Rick Fox? Someone else? They're all amazing. I honestly can't choose. Allison Williams, Rick Fox, Hoodie Allen, Ben Schwartz, Thomas Middleditch... Each one is my favorite.
Jake: Would you consider yourself more of a "Good Jake" or an "Evil Jake?" Can you explain why? I would consider myself a Good Jake, though I wouldn't ask to be referred to exclusively by that nickname, I guess I'm easy going like that. Easy going with a cool attitude. You could call me, Cool Jake, I suppose. I mean, only if you think that's chill.
Vaguely? Vaguely.
Hey jake and amir! Have you ever filmed an episode that you didn't run because it wasn't good enough? Yes! A few... (shutters)
I just recently started watching your show, and I love it! I'm now a fan and I can't wait to watch the rest of your show. Anyways, this question is for Amir: What's it like working with Jake in real life? For Jake: What's it like working with Amir In real life? Awesome! Glad to have you as a fan!
Working with Jake is fun! He's funny and smart and like... really cool. I dunno, he's just a chill dude. I love him I guess. Hahaha. Jesus. I love him.
Favourite doctor suess book? King James Bible.
How is it working at CollegeHumor? It's a joy! Working with your best friends is great.
Amir: I've been following your comedy since the days of BeingFamous.com. I was one of the last people to "be famous" on your site before it changed. I miss your snippits and didn't order the CD of the ones you made. Do you still have those online somewhere? Holy crap! Old school fan. Do you realize those were made TEN YEARS AGO! Crazy. i hope they're not online... they're probably terrible.
Its getting to be spring, time to pull out the sleeveless? A MUSCLE TEE FOR THIS PAPI MAKE THE GIRLS SCREAM "TEE-HEE-HEE!"
What did you use for aardvark cum? Antelope cum.
Amir, does your family ever watch your videos and get weirded out by the long, elaborate nightmares that your character goes through? I'd also like to ask for another episode where Jake tries out a new fashion thing, those are the best! P.S. The commenter above me is a philosopher and a cool. Thanks! What trend do you think we should go with?
When will you end the videos, if ever? Will you go out on your peak? We have no idea. We're just gonna keep doing what we're doing until we suddenly stop or trickle off. I guess we'll see.
So yeah, to answer your question: I don't know.
What a coincidence! Just yesterday my friend texted me a picture of his brother with Jake. Apparently it was at a starbucks in new haven? Jake, convince the internet I'm not crazy! That was me! Very friendly kid.
What is the one thing you guys have done that you're the most proud of, when looking back on it? I don't think I have a single accomplishment that I look back on like that. Maybe because we're still in the moment. But sometimes when we do something cool like sellout a show, or shoot a video with someone I have always looked up to, I think about the two kids shooting Quick Characters on a digital camera and feel proud of how big this silly little idea got.
Now that Rick Fox is a spokesman for The Bahamas, will you guys maybe possibly do an episode or two with him here? Um. We want to.
Help me, someone. I cannot find a Jake and Amir video I watched last year. Amir had broken into Jake's house and was trying to make him breakfast but had made a horribly disgusting mess. Help? Sounds like a job for the script archive! I kind of remember that being a sponsored video? It may have been taken down...
off, the obligatory "I'm a huge fan blah blah" Second, are you guys involved in any other acting or writing jobs besides Jake and Amir that you can tell us about? Nothing to report yet... but I just wanted to tell you I saw the question. Thank you!
How come the episodes with Ben Schwartz are so different from regular episodes? I mean, the regular episodes get crazy sometimes, but Ben episodes like Milkman get really crazy really fast (not in a bad way). Judging from the outtakes you guys seem to have great chemistry with him, so does the extra craziness stem from that, or is it planned due to the nature of the character he plays? We usually just shoot what makes us laugh the most with Ben. And often times that's him going a little crazy.
If you were to have a TV series, how long do you think the episodes would be and would you be able to make content for it easily? If we were lucky enough to have a TV show I imagine the episodes would be 22 minutes. And YES, very easily. (Just in case a network executive reads this...)
Not to belittle you guys at all, the show is hilarious, but the episodes where Ben Schwartz is on are some of the funniest viral videos I've seen and have laughed harder at them than anything else on the Internet. Anything coming up in the near future with him? We hope so! BEN ARE YOU LISTENING!?
We try to film with Ben whenever we can. Hopefully there's more coming very soon!
Amir how do you feel about nuggets in real life? I'm a fan but I try not to eat them because they're terrible for me...
Amir's dad? One day.
Will the advice be coming from two new characters, "Jake and Amir", or yourselves? Great question! It's real advice from our real selves. So the comedic sensibility should be the same as Jake and Amir, since it's kinda just our sense of humor, though the actual characters won't be part of the podcast.
We slip into weird bits all the time though, you should listen and let us know what you think!
How many almonds would say is the perfect amount? Maybe one?
I dunno, two dozen?
Do you actually know a guy named mickey, and is he your friend? We don't. But we should.
How do you two get along outside of work? It looks as if you get along incredibly well but I wondered how far it extended outside of the job. Keep up the good work! :) Amir is my fucking brother.
Yo so... are you planning on doing any more multiple-parters? (like the girlfriend series, the one where amir dates jake's cousin, the various road trips and when jake quits college humor) Those are my favesies. We don't have any multiple parters in the works but we should start thinking about one! We haven't done a big one since last summer.
It's awesome that you guys are coming to London, sadly I can nay afford to go this time round but hopefully you will be back soon! You can't afford to go? Tweet at me, let's get you a ticket.
Have you ever produced an episode you thought wasn't your best work, but loved by your fans? Yes! It happens all the time. It happened recently with "Rolex." Sometimes you guys know better than us.
Will there be a Rap Teacher 4? I really hope so.
Are any of the scripts based off any of your real-life antics(only hugely exaggerated first)? So many of our scripts are based off of real life antics.
On a scale from 1 to 10, how old are you? 4.
Sorry to hear that your a Lakers fan. Lol.
With a deep V! That's a great question, and so hard to answer. I'm sure there are a million if I really sat and thought about it, but the one coming to my head right now is "HOLY GUAC! This i-pad is ridinky-donky." I just remembered I think there are outtakes where you can watch Amir say it for the first time.
Ya didn't.
Oh my fuck yes. Also can't wait to see you guys in June at the soho! Us too!
I have an idea for the podcast: Unique user submitted intro jingles every episode. That'd be awesome.
Where did you get the baby for "baby Bjorn" His father works for us. Cutest baby.
I was late to the game with discovering all of the Jake and Amir videos. I watched them all before one of my finals. I failed the class. Fuck you guys, but also thank you, because who needs school anyways. BOOM!
Jake's a bitch. I'm a bitch, okay? I am! I really am!
How did they convince you to let them pour that milk substance on your face multiple times. Ben just kept pouring it.
Amir, I saw you with a girl at the bean in Chicago a little while back. I didn't bother you. You're welcome. Hahhaa, you shoulda bothered me!
Last updated: 2013-05-21 13:21 UTC
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