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An actual guide to Apex legends positioning and Game optimization (In depth PC guide part II)

An actual guide to Apex legends positioning and Game optimization (In depth PC guide part II)

The complete guide on maximising your Apex legends experience.

Welcome (again) to another apex legends guide, due to the success of my first post "How to actually get better at aiming" I decided to create a follow-up guide for all of you out there looking to get better at the game, and willing to take the necessary steps to actually improve. I'm sure you're wondering why I made a second guide since the first one seemed to cover every aspect necessary to excel at the game, and I'm also sure a lot of you are thinking about skipping this guide as it may be unnecessary, well, that's not the case. My first guide did indeed cover multiple aspects which are crucial to comprehend in order to improve, but it wasn't as analytical as it could've been, it was aimed mainly towards beginners and I wasn't sure if it would get positive feedback to begin with, so I kept it simple. This guide is for those of you wanting to take that extra step in order to differentiate yourselves from your opponents and finally climb up in the ranked ladder. In this guide I will be covering in detail: 1) finding the right mouse 2) optimal program settings for increased visibility + fps 3) Advanced aim training 4) In-depth positioning explanation + guide. As you probably already noticed, certain topics of discussion overlap those of my initial guide, but in this guide each of the topics will be analysed to their cores so that you can follow the steps which will be provided and see guaranteed improvement within two weeks of consistent gameplay. I am 100% certain that your in-game performance and Kovaak's scores will increase significantly if you follow my guide, with visible combat performance in Apex legends and a minimum of 5-10% increase for Kovaak's scores if you are closer to beginner level. For those of you questioning what qualifies me to be putting out information in the context about skill-improvement, I have played CSGO competitively with approximately 7k hours in the game, I was ranked in the top 30 McCree players in S6 of overwatch, I am predator in Apex, and I have top 100 scores in multiple 'Kovaak's FPS aim trainer' scenarios and general top 5% scores. If you haven't read through my first guide, you can do that here. Having said all that, let's get started.

Section 1) Finding the right mouse.

When it comes to FPS games, having a mouse which can accurately translate your arm movements into mouse movements in your game is of extreme importance, and as I mentioned in my previous guide, is constantly undervalued by the casual gaming community. There is a common gaming myth that I am certain everyone regardless of the genre of games they play has heard which is that if your mouse works without blatant issues then it does it's job. Such misconceptions are usually passed on by casual gamers that don't support spending $60+ for a quality gaming mouse, but unfortunately such statements are false, which is why you will never see any streamer or competitive player using a 10$ laptop mouse. It would be pretty useless and unfair for me to tell you to go out and spend $60+ on a mouse without providing a logical explanation as to why you should, so let's go over the reasons you need a quality mouse, as well as what makes a good gaming mouse good, and how to find the mouse that suits you best. First things first, why do you need a good gaming mouse? It's pretty simple, when playing PC games, but FPS games in particular, you want your mouse movements to be fast and accurate, and in order to achieve that you need to have a quality mouse, if you try a 180 degree flick on an outdated laptop mouse you will quickly realise the mouse loses track through the movement and is therefore inaccurate and even if it didn't lose track, the built in acceleration would make the movement of the mouse inaccurate relative to the movement of your arm. If you tried something similar as the previous example with tracking a target you will quickly realise the movement isn't perfectly smooth, along with the fact that such mice have delay, which means your reaction time will be slower as a result. Gaming mice offer precision sensors which will track your movement accurately with no delay or acceleration, this is very important as it will maximise your in-game precision by properly mirroring your arm movements as opposed to a generic mouse, not only that, but training with a mouse that is inconsistent in movement will hinder your ability to train your aim as it will mess with your muscle (procedural) memory. Gaming mice also tend to offer much more comfortable ergonomic shapes which will give you a better grip, fit your hand better, and also allow you to go on extended gaming sessions without your hand feeling cramped / tired. It is important that you choose a mouse that has a flawless optical sensor (laser sensors are inaccurate), most modern gaming mice offer flawless sensors, but be sure to check before you buy your gaming mouse; Any 33XX sensor will work flawlessly, with the best sensors in the category being the 3360 and the 3366 along with the Logitech HERO sensor which is a low-power version of the 3360. Now, while precise sensors may be important what is even more important is finding a mouse that fits your hand well, this will depend on two things, one being your hand size, and the other being your grip style. I have created a guide (guide within a guide, nice) to help you measure your hand correctly, as well as understand grip styles.

Hand measurement guide:

In order to measure your hands for the purpose of finding a mouse you will want to measure two things, one is the length of your hand, like so:
The other is the width of your hand, like so:

not my hands btw
Once you have figure out the dimensions of your hand, the format in which mice are presented is L x W. I personally have large hands at 21.5x11 cm, I've been using the Zowie EC2-B Divina for the past year and I am very pleased with it as the shape and texture is ideal for me, being an improved DA shape with a 3360 sensor. The most important aspect of the dimensions in terms of determining which mouse is ideal is the length of your hand.
After you have determined your hand size, you need to find out what grip style you use. There are three types of mouse grips, first we have the palm grip, then the claw grip, and finally the fingertip grip. Here is an image showing each grip.
Once you have the 'L x W' of your hand and have figured out what grip style you use, go to this link and you will be presented with a range of options for mice depending on your hand size and grip style. The recommendations have been put together by RocketJumpNinja himself, for those of you unfamiliar with who he is, he is a Quake player and marginally the best competitive mouse reviewer out there and I would trust him blindly for anything mouse related. Once you have found 1-2 mice you are interested in you can check his mouse reviews on YT for more detailed information on each mouse. Having tested a multitude of mice myself, I would say my favourites have been the Deathadder Elite, Zowie EC2-A and EC2-B series due to their ergonomic designs, and the G305 and GPW due to their flawless wireless capabilities.
Other Important Peripherals: As i mentioned in my last guide, while your mouse is by far the most important piece of gaming equipment in your setup, it is also highly recommended that you have 1) A 144hz+ monitor (makes a huge difference and you can get one as cheap as $200) 2) an extra large mousepad 3) A decent mechanical keyboard (membrane keyboards are trash).

Section 2) optimal program settings for increased visibility + fps

This section will be shorter as everything mentioned here will be a technical step by step guide to insure that you are getting the best performance possible in Apex legends. For myself and many others, Apex legends runs smoothly but suffers from certain technical hiccups, such as: lag spikes, stuttering, fps drops, and input lag. I am playing on a 2080ti and yet I used to have these issues affect my gameplay constantly, to a point where I had stopped playing apex for months and only returned towards the end of S2. If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, this step by step process will ensure that you get rid of them and have your game run smoothly. Note that if you have cheap PC components and you are getting low FPS due to that, this guide will not get you to that consistent 144fps goal, but will still improve your current FPS to some extent. There are multiple steps you need to take in order to squeeze every bit of performance out of your game, we'll start with application / file settings, and move on to optimal launch options and in-game settings.
For the first optimisation you will want to go through is set the game to run on exclusive fullscreen permanently. To do this you will want to launch the Registry Editor. Once in the Registry Editor you want to navigate to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\system\GameConfigStore\Children. You will see a bunch of series of numbers / letters here, what you will want to do is hit Ctrl + F which will open up 'Search' and search for "r5apex.exe", you'll find a folder called r5apex.exe or something similar, and you will delete that folder. What this step will do is enable your game to run at exclusive fullscreen mode, which the newer windows versions don't allow you to do for some idiotic reason, and this is far simpler and more convenient than a windows rollback.
The next step you want to proceed with is creating an autoexec configuration file for Apex Legends. What an autoexec file does for those of you unfamiliar with the topic (csgo players will know this) is that it will enable you to set certain commands which will automatically be ran in the console every time you run the application corresponding to the file. First, you want to locate the install location for Apex on your PC. For me this is This PC > Windows (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Origin Games > Apex. Click on the file called "cfg" and inside you will find a cfg file called "config_default_pc" make a 2nd copy of this file, open it, delete everything inside it, rename the file to "autoexec" and save it. Within this file you want to type in the following commands:
hud_setting_minimapRotate 1
This will enable your minimap to rotate in game depending on the position you're facing relative to the map
r_shadows 0
This will disable shadows for increased FPS
r_fullscreen 1
This isn't fully necessary taking into consideration the previous step. Ensures fullscreen mode.
mat_screen_blur_enabled 0
This will remove the blur effect from when you open up your inventory etc.
mat_compressedtextures 1
Compresses textures / FPS increase
cl_ragdoll_collide 0
Alters collisions possible in ragdoll physics / FPS increase
m_rawinput 1
This enables raw input for your mouse, uncertain about if it was enabled on default so I included it
optional commands:
mat_letterbox_aspect_goal 1.33
mat_letterbox_aspect_threshold 1.33
These two commands in your autoexec will enable you to play on 4:3 resolutions without having black bars

Next we will be setting the necessary launch options to enable our autoexec to run when we launch Apex, and to add some more optimisations to our game.
In order to get to your launch options launch origin, go to "My Game Library", click on Apex, click on the gear icon below and to the left of 'Play', choose "Game Properties", and finally "Advanced Launch Options". In the text area which says "Command line arguments" add the following:
+exec autoexec
This will run your autoexec file when you launch the game
+cl_showfps 4
This will provide an FPS counter in-game
Self explanatory and once again unecessary but better safe than sorry
Disables V-Sync (vsync is horrible and causes mass input lag)
-fps_max 190
I cap my fps because I feel like anything above 200 FPS in this game leads to screen tearing, could be wrong but once again, better safe than sorry.

Finally we have our in-game settings. This part is very simple, you basically want everything on low. Other than your texture streaming budget which should be on "High (4GB VRAM)" if you have a decent GPU, if you're on more of a budget GPU then you can lower this setting as well.

Section 3) Advanced Aim Training.

If you read my previous guide, you remember how greatly I emphasised training your aim consistently through "Kovaak's FPS aim trainer" for at least 30 - 60 minutes a day in order to see improvement in that aspect. This is a follow up to that for the people that have taken aim training seriously and want something a bit more advanced to allow their muscle memory to develop for a wider range of arm movements and scenarios. If you consider yourself to be a beginner / intermediate aimer you are better off following the warmup / training routine that I have posted in my first guide, if not, this is a routine which for those of you dedicated to improving your aim.
  • 10 minutes - Tile Frenzy 180 - good warmup
  • 10 minutes - 1wall6targets TE - good point & click training
  • 10 minutes - 1wall 6targets small - same as above but more precise due to significantly smaller targets
  • 10 minutes - 1wall5targets_pasu - (tracking mode) - good tracking training for moving targets
  • 4 runs - Air - one of the most difficult large movement tracking scenarios
  • 5 minutes - Thin Aiming Long Invincible - smooth tracking / arm movement training
  • 5 minutes - Popcorn - tough training for learning how to properly "click heads"
  • 10 minutes - McCoy 1v1 - good single fire training vs. strafing targets / good wingman training
In addition to having more difficult scenarios as part of your training routine, there is an extra step necessary in order to push yourself to improve your aiming mechanics, that is, instead of playing 'Free Play' on these aim training scenarios, play the "challenge" modes. Initially you want to aim for scores above the 'median', as you continue training aim to break your own record as many times within a week as you can. Don't be demotivated if the general 'median' scores are high in Kovaak's, as the average aimer doesn't play challenge mode in Kovaak's to begin with, so the scores you're seeing are above average to begin with. All you should aim for initially as I said is "above average", and within 2 weeks you will see improvement to your scores. If you reach the top 100 ranking in any challenge scenario you know you're doing something very right.
Alternatives to Kovaak's FPS aim trainer:
If you cannot afford Kovaak's for whatever reason (It's worth the $10 just buy it), you can use 3DAimTrainer or AimLabs instead, or even simply play FFA DM in community csgo servers with your apex ADS sens (HSDM even better for aim training) and monitor your score there, as CSGO sens scaling is the same as apex. Keep note that these alternatives are sub-optimal and I wouldn't recommend them for aim training as I don't have any training routines to offer for those, although if they are your only option it's better than nothing.
Note: Don't spend over an hour or two (max) a day on aim training itself as you need a combination of aim training and in-game experience in order to properly improve. If you only play aim trainers you will develop bad habits as you are simply training vs targets in very specific scenarios and not actual players that can think for themselves.

Section 4) Positioning yourself to win in ranked.

I have said on multiple occasions that Apex is 90% about aim, and while this may be true in my case as someone with over 10k hours in FPS games, it may not be the same for everyone. Aim is definitely the dominant factor in distinguishing a good player from a bad player in apex, but there is one certain very important thing which is just as transferable as aim from one FPS game to another, and that is positioning. Positioning is everything in BR games, and people fail to understand this. As many great players will tell you, positioning and general gamesense are many times more important than aim in determining the outcome of a fight. The way you move, the angles you hold, and your position on the map relative to the enemy can sometimes turn the best players into bots if they choose to engage with you. The problem with "learning" to position yourself is that you effectively can't, all you can do is take note of the mistakes you make in this context while playing, and try to consciously avoid those bad habits during your games. Let's break down the three points I mentioned initially.

Active movement / Keyboard input

First off we have individual movement, which means the active movement as an outcome of your keyboard input, one of the first things you need to learn in this context is strafing. Strafing is the action of moving from left to right while engaging in combat / shooting at your opponent, this may sound as simple as spamming your A and D keys while shooting, and technically it is, but there are many other factors to consider. Luckily the accuracy factor while moving in Apex is still 100% during ADS, so you don't need to worry about that while strafing in comparison to e.g. games like csgo, but you will still need to learn how to keep accurate while strafing, and how to strafe in relation to your opponents movement so that you can be as hard as possible to hit. The solution to my first presented dilemma would be to either start up Kovaak's and run some scenarios while strafing instead of standing still to get used to the crosshair / aim adjustment while moving so you can learn to compensate for the repositioning, while the solution to the second dilemma is more complex. Imagine a scenario where you and your opponent are standing 5m away from each other on open ground in train yard ADS'ing each other with a wingman (wingman has 100% ADS move speed) you are both on level ground and strafing from left to right, if you don't actively adjust your strafing to counteract his, you may find yourself in a situation where you're simply mirroring his strafes. In that situation you're effectively making yourself a static target relative to your opponent and you are incredibly easy to hit, you need to practice strafing as an active behavior before it can become subconscious, otherwise you will just be nonsensically spamming your "A" / "D" keys and not effectively hindering the shooter's accuracy onto you. Since apex legends has other movement mechanics such as climbing, sliding, and abilities you should also learn to utilise those aspects of the game in order to make yourself as hard to hit as possible, it doesn't matter what the action is, just never stand still, the harder you make yourself to hit, the higher the chances are that you win the fight, the reason this is harder to do than it sounds as mentioned before, is that you need to learn to move around while in combat while also maintaining the same accuracy, having great movement but effectively sacrificing 50% of your accuracy won't do much to win you a fight. Shortly climbing walls / wall jumping can also be good ways of making yourself harder to hit while in fights, if you don't know how to wall jump it's pretty simple, all you need to do is run for 1.5 seconds minimum, slide towards a wall, jump at the end of your slide while releasing your forward move key (W) and then jump again when you hit the wall and look toward the direction you want to "bounce" in.

Situational awareness

Another aspect of positioning which is crucial in order to get you to win more fights is playing the right angles. You need to be able to assume the outcome of a scenario before engaging in a fight, if the enemy team has highground in trainyard, and has fenced off the windows / entrances as wattson, and you choose to engage the team, you are forced to fight them from lowground while simultaneously allowing them to maintain their position. You will lose this fight 100% of the time because: 1) The enemy can force you to trade fire in the angle they choose since they don't need to reposition and you can only hit them if they peek you. 2) The enemy can stop and heal safely whenever they want 3) It is much more difficult to accurately hit targets partially peeking from an elevated position in relation to you. In this scenario you should know not to engage the team as is, as that will lead to a wipe. Let's discuss potential DPS here, Potential DPS is the amount of DPS possible on a target in the current instance if every single shot hits the target. The potential DPS you have on a Pathfinder behind a wall is 0, The potential DPS you have on a pathfinder full body peeking you for 10 seconds straight = The amount of damage the weapon you're holding can output in 10 seconds, and the potential DPS on a pathfinder jigglepeeking behind a wall depends on the effectiveness of his movement. In the Wattson / Trainyard scenario the enemy has a much higher potential DPS on you if you choose to engage in a fight, therefore it is wiser to avoid it until they reposition, or force them to reposition. When holding angles you want to force your enemies to reposition to your liking so you can maximize your potential DPS, if you are peeking a 90 degree angle from behind a tree, and you know an enemy is going to push you within the next second, you are already pre-aiming the enemy and therefore maximizing your potential DPS, while he has to turn the corner, locate your exact position, move his crosshair onto you, and start firing. In such situations you should always win the DPS trade unless your weapon doesn't allow you to due to the damage cap, e.g. a p2020 vs. a wingman.

Map rotations

Finally the last aspect of positioning that you need to take into account in order to win your games (this is especially important in ranked) is learning when and how to rotate. This is not a topic that I can go too in detail about since you need to experience team rotations on your own, and me covering this entire aspect of movement would effectively mean that I create a graph of every single potential rotation on the map relative to drop zones. Rotations in apex are the group movement of a team from point 'a' to point 'b', in contrast with individual / active movement this is a different issue you have to tackle which relates much more to experience and gamesense than your mechanical input. When you play ranked games keep an eye out for common drops and where people choose to move to once they have dropped, e.g. Teams that drop refinery and survive tend to move to epicenter after the initial looting phase, or teams that skyhook tend to move to drill site and then train yard, etc. etc. In terms of rotations you need to be roughly aware of where the teams currently are on the map, obviously you won't be able to know 100% of the time the exact location of other players, but it is useful to be able to tell "Oh we're in trainyard right now and we just finished looting, I know there's a team over at Depot, and a couple in capitol city, and the ring is closing out Capitol therefore the teams there will be moving towards us". This awareness skill is something which will save you from wiping many times, especially in higher ranks, knowing not to take a route when zone is closing because a team will be gatekeeping the zone is crucial.

Stop running away!

The final aspect I wanted to briefly mention is the whole ranked playstyle which seems to be engrained in the brains of mid-lower rank players in gold and platinum, which is that they play in a way which involves camping buildings and running from fights the entirety of the game in order to get placement RP. This is not something that will help you improve in the game, nor something that will get you RP the fastest, and will ultimately lead to you being hardstuck in a rank you can't mechanically compete in even if this works for you, nobody likes having that one teammate that can't fend for themselves in a gunfight, or that teammate that drops alone and camps the edge of the zone for the entire game. Instead of running away, utilise the aspects of positioning and movement that I mentioned above, learn to reposition yourself in fights rather than to run away from them. If you don't feel confident in going all out on an enemy squad you can simply position yourself to have an advantageous angle and simply poke away at the enemy for any damage you can put in, this is highly effective in the new meta to begin with due to the larger open map. All you do by running from squads is effectively reduce your potential DPS to 0, and your kill potential to 0. Your best bet if you are not an agressive player is to beat your enemy in the positioning game, and then try to break their shields as often as possible, this will end up in three ways. 1) You manage to break the shields often enough that they can't afford to stay in the same position and reposition / run, effectively eliminating the threat of that squad. 2) You force the enemy to push, in which case you have the advantageous angle to begin with and should win the fight due to marginally higher potential DPS. 3) You knock an enemy and open up an opportunity for a 3v2 push, in which case you should win 90% of those fights, especially in cases like this where you have full control of your position in relation to the enemies.
I hope this guide was of any help to you, I will be replying to comments actively. Feel free to PM me about any Kovaak's inquiries. As a side note, make sure to keep on top of your sleeping schedule, training 10 hours a day means nothing if you are sleeping 2 hours a day, as your brain can't actively process the information it has stored during the day if your sleeping patterns are inconsistent and incomplete, and a lot of that procedural memory goes to waste. Have fun, and good luck in your games.

Good luck legends!

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I got scammed out of 1,700 dollars worth of Rust Skins. I'm devastated and I'm not sure what to do.

I was recently scammed for 1,700 dollars worth of Rust Skins due to a data breach of my information.
I have been actively collecting skins mostly all unique since the game started releasing them in around 2015. Unfortunately, I was added and messaged by someone who I had added for a short time and they went and asked me this question red or black? Which was interesting thing to hear from a scammer, they said they wanted to ask cause they were betting on some site. So I said red, black esc and he kept saying he was winning. Then he said hey man here's this site let me send you some of my credits since you've helped me out. It was a phishing site. So I logged into the site which began the single worst code raid of 1,700 dollar I have ever experienced.
Nothing happened at that moment it was just the beginning, he had logged my information, then he said that he could also toss me a CSGO Knife since the site wasn't working but, he had friends who only did it to poor people. So he said send it to someone you trust, friend or family. Well I said this is to much work trading 500 items and it's probably a scam so I should just walk away, I had my mouse on the remove button of this persons profile. Unfortunately, I had told my younger brother beforehand twelve years old that I was about to get him a knife. Which convinced me to stay and continue this "deal" as the red flags poured in. I couldn't send it to my brothers account for some reason, which turned out to him denying the trades through my account. So after making two trade attempts to my brother which were declined by him. I had bought all those skins and didn't know how to really trade, I said enough is enough. Still my brother wanted to trade and once again convinced me to trade it to him, I said I'm going to do somethings just transfer the items to your account. So he figures it out and apparently i just needed to confirm the trade through my phone, I went on my phone which doesn't have the interface for that stuff and since the scammer had access to my account he was declining the trades and adding a trade that was his own from a fake account which he made look like my brothers because he saw the previous trade attempts. I accepted it and the collection of 1,700$ Rust skins was gone. What continued to follow was my reaction of disgust and shock for what happened as my brother busted into tears crying telling me he was so sorry. I have learned two things to have caution whenever your dealing with any money especially 1,700 dollars regardless of what form it is and your ultimately responsible for whatever happens.
I've read the Policy's steam has set up and it seems very unlikely they will return any items no matter what the circumstances are. I'm not sure if there is any other way to reverse the trade at this point it's been over twenty four hours. I really just need advice on what I can do to successfully regain my items and if that's not option how to cope with this lost and move on.
I played rust for less then five minutes today and turned it off because the only permanent progression I've always had in this game, the skins... they were gone and the chances are in the favor of that. I role-played with them or showed them off as my trophy's to my friends for the past three years and now they were stolen from me.
Any Advice is greatly appreciated, Otherwise I hope people can become more aware from what happened to me. Over the three years I've been easily able to dismiss scammers but, it only takes one time to lose it all. Unforgettably it can happen to anyone, even you. So If I'm not able to regain the skins hopefully someone else can learn from the mistake I've made and save their money and memories.
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[Long] Here is the full transcript of Northern Gaming CEO Mack's AMA, hosted on the Subreddit Discord!

Note: Questions and answers were copied directly from the AMA, so you may see typos and emojis that turned into text artifacts.
Here's the link to the Subreddit Discord:
About Mack
Mack is the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Gaming, the Season 3 RLCS Champions. Northern Gaming is a Canadian-based organization, with teams in games such as Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Mack has been crucial for Northern Gaming in achieving its respected place among other organizations since it was founded in May 2016. This AMA occurred after it was revealed that the team of Remkoe, Maestro, and Deevo had been released from Northern Gaming to join Team EnVyUs.
Mack's Twitter:
NG's Twitter:


Does Northern Gaming have any plans to pick up a new team in the near future?
We answered this in our post, but yes. 'Near Future' not as much, but we will be at S4 LAN and watching and go from there.
Does rocket league matter?
Does anything? <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114>
If you could talk to yourself from the past, what words of advice would you give?
I was having this conversation with my IRL Best Friend yesterday --- if I could go back a year with all the knowledge I have now, Northern Gaming would be in a completely different world. This is a very unique, fast paced market and there is no time for mistakes. I've learned a lot along the way, and every day I learn more and more. I don't think I could tell myself just one thing, but if I HAD too? I'd probably remind myself to never forget what you love about eSports. It can be incredibly stressful, but watching my team with the RLCS, or seeing how happy they are with this transfer makes you feel a certain way which is indecsribable. It's hard, and it's a very personable industry when you work closely with people so often, but I think that appreciating your players and every moment with them is incredibly important.
Do you like pineapple on pizza?
I get why people eat it, but no. Pineapple is good in a bowl, or grilled on a barbeque, but not on my delicious Bacon, Pepperoni & Jalapeno pizzas. :[
Do you think a hot dog is a sandwhich?
Depends on how you eat it I guess 😏
Why did you pick NV rather than the other orgs?
Honestly, I was really struggling between NV and another equally amazing North American organization. In the end, the other owner could tell I wasn't sure the best situation for the players, and he willingly stepped down from discussions. I narrowed it down from 10/12 - 2 because these organizations showed the most interest and were just the best orgs. I knew they couldn't go anywhere their new head honchos weren't passionate about them and the game, and EnVy was one of two that were.
Why not stick with the Team?
We answered this in our original post --- but the tl;dr is I knew there was a better opportunity for them and I made it happen.
Does Sodapoppin actually do anything actively as an owner?
Absolutely. Chance is pivotal in every move we make. He is a very busy guy, and he has a lot going on for himself being Sodapoppin as well as just living his own life, but Chance has always made it a priority to participate in the organization when he can/when it is needed. I deal with almost everything personally, but Chance is always in the loop and is our biggest piece for pushing and growing the organization. He's been a pleasure to work with, and I am blessed to have had him give me this opportunity in the first place -- without Chance, I wouldn't be here right now.
Why are you selling the team? it's easy money to keep them
While that sentiment seems to be shared amongst everyone, that is actually quite false. The team was always "losing" us money and we end our adventures at a significant deficit. But with that comes the fact that it isn't always about money, it's about building this scene and helping these players build themselves into brands.
Mack what first go you looking at Rocket League? I was surprised that I was able to help Reunited (another former OW team) get involved briefly but I wanna know where you started.
I actually got a lot of emails when we were taking public submissions for our team, and a lot of them were about Rocket League. We Dem Girlz stood out the most, so I took a leap with them! Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I made in eSports.
How are you today?
Pretty good, quite a bittersweet day. BUT! The NHL Expansion Draft is tonight, so that's great 😄 -- How about yourself?
Do your parents support you playing Rocket League as a professional?
I'm not a player, so no 😉 But as an owner of an organization, I was met with a lot of criticism as I dropped out of University (Pre-Law) to explore this. I don't think they fully support it, but they aren't against it either. It's not a topic of much conversation with my parents though my Mom has seemingly been a bit more interested and was happy about the RLCS win .^
how dare you test in my AMA. 😉
What is your favorite team in rocket league, excluding yours?
Denial's squad is up there 🇨🇦 but any team with Miztik or Turbo on it 😉
Are you moving away from rocket league or are you now on the look-out for new players?
We will be back, just want a season off to watch the scene.
What's happened to everyone?
Why the rocket league esport scene?
I just got a feeling when I was looking into it. I follow my gut, and that's why I am where I am today.
Does Northern Gaming have any plans to pick up a new team in the near future?
Yes. Check our original release 😉
Best game other than Rocket League?
I've played WoW for 12 years, I love League & Overwatch (when im not tilted) but PUBG has been my most recent binge-game. For all-time play ability it's going to be somewhere between NHL (I am a hockey nerd) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 👀
Are you becoming part of EnvyUs or are they taking the roster off of your hands?
No sir, I am still the owner of Northern Gaming! Though anyone working for NV is a pretty lucky person, I am more than happy with my situation!
Were EnvyUs the only org to approach the team?
NV didn't approach the team, but no. There were a solid 10 or so good Orgs wanting them
Cats or dogs?
I have both, I love both. Anyone who says they're a dog person hasn't met the right cat etc etc. 😄
Do you agree that with a big org like EnVyUs coming into the scene will pave the way for many other Tier 1 orgs to enter Rocket League?
Not really, all the T1 orgs are already looking at it, they're coming regardless of this move
What do you think of Mockit?
As an organization? We have no opinion. As a person? I don't know Luckey, but him making assumptions/comments about my team, and in general just the things I've seen about him and the interactions I've heard with him, I don't like him, and personally have no interest in ever doing business with him. I know the players made it abundantly clear they had no interest in playing with Mock-It and I would have never in a million years sent them there to begin with.
Is it raining money where you are?
If it was, I'd be outside with a bucket. That would be nice.
What, from your perspective as CEO, makes Rocket League a different e-sports than other games?
My biggest pitch with the game and my biggest thing about it, is how easy it is to watch and how fun it is to watch. It's super fast paced, it's CRAZY intense, the commentators are great and the analysts are equally as great (Gibbs and I have talked 1:1 once and he's a great guy) and overall it feels the closest to Sports, which I think is important.
The community is also not toxic at all which is a HUGE breath of fresh air. Thanks for that guys.
What is your favorite meal?
Buffalo Chicken Strips > Chicken Wings > Steak > Tacos.
Who is this doing this ama?
ME.. d00d
What do u think your chances are for next season?
0% chance we win Season 4. It's bleak, but it is what it is.
Will you be playing in RLCS season 4 and 5?
5, possibly. 4, absolutely not.
Was this action/move have to do part because turbopolsa acted as a sub?
Not at all. Turbo was a god at LAN and he was going to end up as a starter somewhere else. I had no intentions of moving Maestro ever, loved having him.
What was the second team you mentioned, and what was the deciding factor in chosing EnvyUS over the other team?
I am not going to reveal the team name because I don't want to risk any future moves they may be interested in making. But, I chose NV because the other team backed out realizing I was conflicted over the two. Both were world class organizations and I knew the players would have loved either or, so there was nothing to help me make that decision; the other owner made my job a lot easier.
What are your thoughts on RL as an esport? Will it, in your opinion, have the same sustainability and growth as LoL or CSGO?
I love it. I love how fast paced it is, how easy it is to watch, and how much skill actually goes into the games. I don't know if it will grow to the CS:GO/LoL levels right now, but I think it has potential to be the most watched eSport in the world one day due to it's parallels with Soccer (sorry I'm NA forgive me) and how it would be great for even your casual fan who doesn't play video games to watch unlike a relatively confusing LoL and a violent (I love it but some people, ya know) CS:GO
How has the Rocket League community changed in your eyes over time?
I really like this community, you guys rock. I don't think it's changed much, just the passion behind the players has grown.
Why did you get into rocket league esports in the first place?
Answered in a question above; but because I saw massive potential and a great roster. I just felt it was right.
Can you see someone showing up to rlcs and trying to play with the Joy-Cons?
hue? 😕
How's your day been?
Busy! Thanks for asking .^ -- how about yours? 😃
When and why did you decide to become their CEO?
I always have been a visionary for business since I was 15 or 16. About a year and a half ago I started looking into eSports and felt it was a great scene where I could be impactful on a large scale and affect millions of people, from players to fans alike, creating a better experience. So, I started Northern Gaming, and here we are!
Do you think other competitive orgs will be following suit?
Yes. Very soon.
Will you ever move to other games, like LoL?
I hope to; but we need to either affiliate with BIG $ or a Sports Team. I've been trying to find the latter for a while but it's very difficult. We plan on doing smaller scale expansion soon, and OWL and LCS are both big end game plans.
Are you keeping turbo on the roster?
He is going to be looking for a starter position somewhere else
What size is turbo's jersey MEANT to be?
Medium. Did you see him @ LAN? He owned! 😻
Is Turbo still part of Northern Gaming? Even though he is a sub
No, we have no RL players.
What, in your opinion is your biggest achievement in e-sports and why?
Winning the RLCS S3. It was our first world championship victory, and it was done with a sub. I'll remember that forever. It was my happiest moment as NG CEO. Second would be watching our NG WoW team at Blizzcon, that was surreal to hear a crowd cheer live for my team... insane.
You said on twitter that NG will be entering into RLCS season 5. Why not 4? Do you have any plans in the meantime? ie. DreamHack/Summer Series/NBC tourney teams?
I'm really interested in this NBC thing, I am going to do some research on that this weekend. But Season 4 feels too rushed, we want to make sure we get the right group.
Are you surprised by the Growth of RL Esports so far, particulary RLCS, as it was 1 year ago the Grand Finals were close to being held with a $50,000 prize pool?
I am not surprised at all, and I expect it to only continue.
What do you think about the recent announcement of NBC doing a rocket league tournament?
I'm really interested, I'll try to get involved somehow.
Were you confident in buying the team, and how will you manage your team once they start facing other teams that are much better? As in how would you make sure they won't get demoralized/ quit.
I make sure I know the type of people I'm signing beyond their abilities in-game. I will be sure to pick up players who feel like they have something to prove when they lose, instead of being discouraged. Look at what 3rd place finishes did to this team, it pushed them to go above and beyond and win it all.
How did you guys come up with the name Northern Gaming?
I came up with it because I wanted it to feel Canadian-esque without ostracizing the rest of the world. We are a North American organization (Canadian) so Northern could mean more than JUST Canada. Europe is also considered to be 'Northern' so I figured it was something that resonated with our country without shunning the rest of the world and locking us in one place.
When NG began what type of games were you looking into already? Specifically when did Rocket League spark an interest and why?
I wanted an OW team because that is when the game was coming out and I wanted to grow alongside it (that didn't work out too well .. hehe) but around August when I heard about RLCS S1 and WDG reached out, I pounced on the opportunity to grab the roster!
What's the players' training routine like?
I'm not sure, they just played a lot and I let them do their thing. As long as they were having good results, I didn't feel it necessary to enforce anything strict.
What rank are you in RL? Do you play it atall?
I tried. I'm awful. It's a lot of fun, but going from watching my players do the most insane Aerials/Double Taps/Feathering to barely being able to make a save --- <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114> --- but I will keep playing and getting better 😛
Do you think that any of the players that were in the team when NG won S3 lan will be back for S5 lan?
I doubt it, EnVY will treat them so well they won't ever want to leave.
How long do rl players' play daily to maintain skill level?
I couldn't tell ya, sorry!
From personal experience, what was your favourite or best moment with the previous roster?
It has to be watching them win the RLCS S3 Finals. That was just surreal.
Is what we perceive reality or just a construct of our minds? Can our minds correctly interpret reality or is reality subjective?
If I saw this like 40 questions ago I'd give you the most philosophically complex answer I could feasibly construct -- but I'm not going to lie that's a lot of effort. In theory though, does it matter? 🤔
What do you think the future of NG will look like, do you thonk you will expand into more gamess or focus on your current ones?
I plan on getting into some new titles, and returning back to Rocket League. I am going to use this as an opportunity to regroup and refocus and tackle things from a new approach. We have a long, bright future ahead of us, so properly planning that out now is our best bet while we still are in the position to do so comfortably.
Why do you like coaching Northern Gaming?
I own it, not coach it. 😉 But because it's honestly one of the greatest things on earth. The only job I'd ever want to leave this for is working high up at an NHL Franchise 😍
On a scale of 1-10, how cute do you think Remkoe is?
Putting numbers on any of their appearances would be unfair to the numbered scale. IT is not ready to compensate for their QT-ness
How much was the buyout?
It was $ x $ / $ + $ - $ ^ $ squared dollars.
What is the best thing about Rocket Leagie in your opinion?
Pacing and overall simplciity of the game while maintaining complex mechanics that are exciting to watch.
How many other orgs were interested in the team?
Every organization on the planet would be interested in that team, they are the best team in the World 😃
How does the transfer benefit NG and the players?
It was more focused on the players than us, because to be honest I'd rather keep them in the first place. I think that they're going to get unparalleled opportunities with EnVy and especially with someone like Deevo who is SO young with SO much room to grow, I think EnVy and their incredible support staff are going to help him grow into the best version possible. I didn't want them to miss out on that opportunity
What do you think of higher tier players that use kbm and do you see them do anything better consistently than controller players?
I use Controller and I'm awful, but if there's anyone who is a pro player with KBM they're gods and that needs to be appreciated.
Were you at the RLCS S3 LAN and if so what was your favorite thing you did while you were there?
I could not make it unfortunately 😦 S4 hopefully 😍
If you had to choose to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Buffalo Chicken. Every day. All day.
what do you think of the rocket league esport scene?
It's growing rapidly, and has a bright future ahead of it. I hope that organizations are included in more conversations going forward, and the Psyonix/Twitch can help smallemedium sized teams stay afloat as the price rises for salary with sponsorships.
Would you consider a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
I know it IS a fruit, but I'll never accept it's not a vegetable.
What business ventures did you have before NG, if any?
This is my first venture into business! It's been very enjoyable though
Are you still with us?
I am, not sure I can speak on behalf of my hands/wrists though
What would be your dream car (both in rl and irl)?
I'm a huge fan of Audi R8s (Matte Black/Black Rims), Honda Civics (2017/Matte Black) and the new Tesla's (Chrome Black 😍 ) irl and I am not really particular in RL 😛
Who do you think is the best Rocket League player right now cause like, what's a Kronovi?
Best player at LAN is Maestro. Best player in the world is probably Deevo.
What is the best way to explore human nature: psychology, philosophy, or biology?
All three, equally, are important.
to be or not to be?
Well, that is the question.
Tickling or no tickling?
I hate being tickled. :[
If Northern Gaming didn't exist, what ambitions would you have otherwise?
My two other passions are the hip-hop industry & the NHL. I one day want to work in either the NHL as a General Manager, or own a record label -- maybe both! 😃
Pancakes or Waffles?
There's no real answer to that. Blueberry Pancakes own, but Belgian Waffles are.. w0wzers.
Dominus or batmobile?
Which other games do you play besides Rocket League?
Regularly I play WoW, NHL, LoL, HoTS, PUBG, CS:GO and Overwatch. SUPER Excited for Diablo S11 though, I love me some Diablo.
Do you play rocket league?
I don't think you can call what I do "playing" --- heh.
What did you think of rocket league before you played it?
I actually tried it before NG and thought it was cool, but that I was terribad and I don't like being bad at things so I gave up pretty fast haha
What do you think was Northern Gaming's secret to win Season 3 of RLCS? What made them perform better than all other teams?
They worked harder than any other team at that event, and wanted it more than anyone I think. It didn't hurt that all three players came ready to play on Day 3 and played OUT OF THEIR MINDS
What's your highest rank in RL? Don't be ashamed.
if cardboard was a rank, I'd be chilling there. 😃
If you play RL, do you prefer to play it with Keyboard and Mouse, or with a Controller? If controller, which one?
I've only ever tried controller, KBM seems clunky
Isn't it the team's decision who they go with next. How much 'control' do/did you have over the org they finally moved to?
I had absolute control in where they ended up, but I know they are already happy with their new home.
Would you think about picking up a team like The Leftovers?
Absolutely. But it's not in the cards yet.
Who was your favorite rocket league player to work with?
Miztik or Maestro. Both class acts and would love to work with either of them again in some capacity.
Northern Gaming is a Canadian organization, what made you decide to acquire a European team?
We care more about the players, as people and as raw talent, than we care about their nationality. We want to help grow Canadian eSports, but that doesn't mean we're never going to take foreign talent. This was the best team available, and they felt like they matched with our ideologies very well.
What is your pet peeve (if any) in life?
When people don't tip their servers in restaurants (I know in some places tipping is considered disrespectful in Europe, but in NA I think it's disgusting) They are paid under minimum wage, and the only excuse is "because I can't afford to tip" but in that case you probably shouldn't be eating at nice restaurants to begin with 😃
Is human nature constant or is it molded by culture? Can human nature be completely changed by culture or society?
I like your philosophical questions. Human nature itself is constant, but the way we interact with the world is absolutely molded by culture. I think culture causes certain things to be brought out (capitalism breeds selfishness and greed as an example) more than others, but those are always underlying in human nature.
Why did you lose money with the team?
Sponsors didn't care about our RL team until they won Season 3.
What do you think needs to happen for the rocket league pro season to be profitable and for players to be able to make a living off of it?
We need help as organizations to bring in sponsors for our players. A proper league with Rev Share is super important as well, but that's a long ways away.
Are you good at air-dribbling? <:pc:272604533455060993> 😂
I can't even dribble on the ground. <:FeelsCringeMan:303254400015663114>
How often do players ask for more money ?
It's common. They deserve it most of the time, but whether it makes sense for us as organizations is a different question entirely.
Just wanna say Mack thanks for taking the time to do this. Love that you're taking the time to talk with our community and hope to see you guys back soon.
d'awh... ❤ you too sir! We will be, you guys are great and are doing great things, this is a community we want to be apart of for a long time.
Do you think Rocket League players will be able to do RL as a full time job anytime soon?
many do, but there are a LOT of improvements left to be made to their quality of life. Unless you're making the RLCS Finals, I don't think it's easy to justify. It will just take time.
What is love?
Baby don't hurt me.
In the one of the last questions you answered, you stated that "The team was always 'losing' us money". Why do you put losing in quotations?
Because while we were losing money, and it was to their roster, it wasn't really their fault. We obviously got publicity, so it wasn't like we were just dumping money in a hole, but it definitely wasn't making us money.
What was your motive to make such a team, and how easy/hard is it to start and manage a Org?
Sick picture btw. I just saw a good opportunity and wanted to see what i could do in eSports. It is ridiculously time consuming and stressful to start and manage an organization, but I love every minute of it.
How were you choosing the new org? Also, how do these transfers work? Do the players get the chance to say what they think or it was completely up to you?
I picked an org I knew they would be taken care of with. They didn't get a say in the sense that I didn't really ask their opinions of it, but I knew they were okay with it and they were kept in the loop as the conversation went on with other teams. I finalized the decision and they woke up to the news of being EnVy players.
How good is Deevo on a scale 1-1000?
We're sorry, the Scale you are requesting is currently insufficient. Please, try again later.
favorite rocket league player?
I don't have just one. Anyone who played for NG in particular, but Maestro/Miztik have a special place in my heart
How long have you been following the RL scene? How long do you expect it to last?
Basically the last full year. I expect it to be one of the elite eSports in the world.
Would you rather fight 3 remkoe sized horses, or one horse sized remkoe?
Thank god you said Remkoe and not Deevo, he's a tall boy. Uhm, probably remkoe sized horses because a horse sized remkoe would beat my ass.
How did the squad and you react to gReazy leaving?
Obviously it sucked, but we ended up getting an insane player in Miztik who I really really like, so I am happy it happened.
is Maestro really that good looking?
Yes. Yes he is.
Do you think NBC's 2v2 thing will hurt or help the RL pro scene?
Help. IT'S NBC! I want in, where do I sign up?
Could rocket League as an export ever be on a scale like CSGO or LoL and if so what needs to happen?
Anything is possible, just takes time and good promotion by Psyonix/Twitch, which I think has been done -- maybe slap it on TV with ESPN or something similar?
Who do you personally liked the best in the roster?
I liked all the players, so I am not going to say I personally liked anyone the "best"
What's the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
Doggos, Woofers, Yippers and Puppers.
What difference does your team winning tournaments make to your bottom line? Thinking mostly about non RLCS tournaments where currently the financial gain is small.
Puts more money in their pockets. Does nothing directly for us
So if I understand correctly you helped the squad with picking a new org? Is it hard for you to see your boys leaving?
I feel like I sent my kid off to College and I'll never see them again. It's bittersweet
Left twin or right twix?
IF there is one thing you would change about the structure of RLCS (Bracket, team size, matches, rules) what would it be?
Honestly? Nothing. It's a very well crafted League.
What was your reaction when NG won the world championships?
I was... very very happy.
Was it Optic?
We talked to them, but no.
What kind of music do you like?
Almost exclusively Hip Hop (Rap & R&B)
What would be some tips and suggestions you can give people who would want to start their own eSports brand?
Don't. Join one and learn the ropes, get the connections, then see if it's for you. It's a HUGE jump and it's a LOT of work
What did you think of the crowd's bias towards NA teams in the last LAN, and do you think that affected EU teams, yours specifically, in any way?
I personally believe that when people cheer against you, you want to work harder to prove them wrong. I think the NA crowd is a partial reason why our team cleaned up NRG so well, and I think when the team had the crowd cheering for them when they got into the Grand Finals, they took all that energy and just grinded out the series. Flipping the Bracket was the beginning of the end though, the crowd blew up and I'm sure that was the moment when our guys realized "Wow, we can do this."
Which way up would a cat land if it fell with a buttered slice of toast strapped to its back?
It would land on a 317 degree angle with it's left paw being obtuse to the Pythagorean's theory of it's nose.
I recall Chance streaming one day and thinking it would be nice to have an Esports team (something like that heh). How long was Northern in the works for before being announced? It seemed very quickly after that stream that Northern was announced. Also how did you guys end up meeting/coming to an agreement working together?
The day he said that I happened to be watching him, and had spent the last few weeks building my businsess plan (not for him, just in general) and I donated to him on a stretch ($3) for the TTS to get his attention. We talked over the phone, and I talked with his Brother and we eventually worked something out. It took about a week from there to get everything sorted out. Funny enough, the original answer from Chance's camp was a No to working with me, but after one more talk I plead my case and they wanted to work with me 😃
If you could pick a starter team from all the RL players, who would it be?
Maestro, Miztik, Deevo. Not that I dislike Remkoe (<3), I just really like Miztik. Maestro is the best LAN player in the world, and Deevo is in my opinion the best player in the world.
Favourite Meme?
Turbo pics/Jersey probably -- gReazy train one is always great too
What is your favorite christmas movie, and why is it Die Hard?
Harold & Kumar probably. Not a big Christmas Movie fan so that one has to be it.
What do you think Psyonix needs to do to attract bigger Orgs to the scene?
Nothing. They've done it enough. They're coming. 😏
In your opinion, was NBC making its massive event 2v2 the right choice? Would you have preferred 3v3 instead?
I really like the 2v2 decision. It's very different and unique, and should be very fun to watch
Who approached Deevo to join NG?
Should the upcoming cars be DLC in your opinion instead of crate drops?
I like the idea of eSport Crate Drops where a %age of the money goes into the RLCS pot. Outside of THAT, I don't feel particularly any which way about drops vs DLC
Congrats on the pickup. How do you see the RL esports scene growing in the coming years and how has that influenced your decision to pick NG up?
It is finally starting to grow in the direction I knew it always would. I just hope that it continues. I picked up WDG because I saw a lot of opportunity with their roster and with this community, and I've never looked back. It was a great decision.
Did you on purpose send me a medium jersey?
Yes. Let me take credit for the magic jersey. If you ever ask me for another jersey, it's going to be a medium -- we can't break that bond we have now. It's too late.
What was your most dissapointing moment with NG last year?
I think the departure of our Overwatch team, and the subsequent rumors that were started about us not paying our players. It caused me a lot of drama, and headache, and honestly more importantly it caused a lot of people who knew nothing about us to think we were scumbags. I know who started them, and obviously it left a really bad taste in my mouth, but I refuse to let a small minority of players ruin an otherwise great experience. We've worked with some amazing players, including those on this team. It sucked, and it was hard, but I think we've gotten past it enough now that I can look back at it and just shake my head in annoyance moreso than be actually upset.
If you were picking a RL fantasy team who would you pick?
I just traded my RL Fantasy team. :]
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Noob Advice - revisited.

1) Training maps!

Edit: If you are brand new to the game, the default crosshair will show you the inaccuracy of the gun while moving / spraying. Some crosshairs will show this, some don't. Learn what works best for you to aim accurately and control your burst / spray patterns.

2) Headphones / mouse / graphics.

Edit: I changed my mind, you should be able to turn 180 degrees very accurately. Stand in one place with two targets on both sides of you. You should be able to spin and aim directly at the targets consistently. You can then do this for 90 degrees, and 45 degrees. This will help a lot with flick shots on awp, and quickly finding enemies that are shooting at you from behind.

3) Use your microphone!

4) Use your radar!

5) Clear those rooms!

6) Crosshair placement.

7) Grenades!

8) Attitude.

9) Don't be afraid!

If you find yourself to be the last person alive, and you spot an enemy, that enemy will tell everyone where you are! Be unpredictable in these moments, run somewhere else or do the opposite of what you think you should do, it's always better to go out guns blazing than to be peeked while you hide in a corner, unless you are trying to save your gun of course.

10) Economy.

11) Learn all guns!

Extra advice:

Do not spend your money buying cases and keys! $2.50 can buy an amazing amount of different skins, compared to the very slim chance you'll get something you like from a case. If you want to get skins you want, go look for them in the community market and find out the cost first. There are many skins that cost mere pennies that you can buy for the guns you don't use much. $5 for a skin will get you something pretty nice for all skins except AWP and Knife. Good AWP skins start at around $10 and knives start looking nice around $100. Remember that the amount of degredation is different for every gun, so Inspect them in game before you buy. Occasionally you can find a battle scarred gun that looks factory new! Purchase skins at opskins or bitskins, they will sell for much more in steam and then you can buy new games you want. This is how I buy new releases in steam, I buy a gun for maybe $30-$40 then sell it for $60+ on steam market, then buy the new game. Like giving yourself a discount. As for gambling, you'll probably lose everything, if you arent willing to lose it, don't bet it.
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[Other] alanator89 - 76561197981295741

[Other] Any other fraudulant behavior

Accused Scammer:
| steamname: Hotted
| steam3ID: [U:1:21030013]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:1:10515006
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:
Scam Reporter:
| steamname: binkleborp
| steam3ID: [U:1:98806026]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:49403013
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:
Details of Scam:
So this scammer sent me a friend request and I looked on his profile and I saw his screenshots of his knives immediately and I saw his level and assumed he was a trustworthy "trader"
Anyhow, I accepted his friend request and he we chatted for a short while and he asked me if I was trading my gut knife fade and I said yes I was and he asked me what I wanted for it and I told him anything close to the same price (basic trading stuff.)
He sent me a link for his inventory which I was hesitant to click because when I tried loading his inventory off of his public profile page, all it showed me was his steam inventory with no items in it and when I tried to refresh his inventory it said "This inventory is not available at this time. Please try again later."And when I clicked on the drop down menu and clicked something else it said the same thing: "This inventory is not available at this time. Please try again later." [Screenshot 1]
I then was kind of nervous because I haven't seen anything like this before, I finally figured that somehow he changed his custom url somehow with a slightly different custom url. His real custom url is "alanator89" but he somehow found a way to change it to publicly show his custom url as "-alanator89-" I would believe that he changed his cutom url to be cached or something so people that he scams or attempts to scam can't report him which is twisted in itself and deserves a report just for being malicious. As you can see, when I clicked the link if his real steam id with /inventory it worked fine and it showed me his pages upon pages of m9 bayonet fades and karambit dopplers factory new and all of these very very expensive items that he seemed like he wanted to hide to an ongoing passerby
[Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3] The custom url difference is located in the address bar. And you can also test the fake steam id in steam io and it will give a fake profile or a "proxy" if you will.
After that I started egging him on about maybe giving me one of his many knives for for my knife to egg him on (trigger him) so that I could get a reaction and discover more about this mysterious scammer. He would say things like "cmon stick to the trade will ya" when I talked to him about his expensive knives. Very weird behavior...if he was a gambler like he said and he won big, then why wasn't he excited to brag about his knives? He instead was basically saying stuff like" dont talk to me about those" wouldn't a gambler who won all of those knives be proud of his winnings? Why was he trying to hide something from me?
Here is when it got interesting: I will give screenshots of the chat so that you can have proof of this all happening and I will also quote some important parts of it so you can stay interested and read all of it which I suggest you do. There is a total of 4 screenshots and I am not going to edit them at all. This is straight from my computer and they are unedited so you might lose your place, and I apologize for my inconvenience of there not being time stamps but the next screenshot includes the last message of the previous screenshot at the top of your screen.
The info for the chat log screenshots is listed below.
[Screenshot 4-7]
these screenshots are the chat log in order and if you lose your place on screenshot 7 then just find the sentence "why do you want my knife" and you should be back on track
Finally what he said in that chat window was that he wanted to trade his ? Gut Knife | Stained (Well-Worn) 1:1 for my ? Gut Knife | Fade (Factory-New)
He also offered me his ? Gut Knife | Boreal Forest (Field-Tested) to trade 1:1 for my
? Gut Knife | Fade (Factory-New) as well.
It should be known that both of those knives are worth half of my gut knife fade factory new. You can also notice how stunned he is when I call him a scammer in screenshot 7. Hotted is appearing upset to make himself look innocent...a very common tactic when someone is cornered in real life...
So this is isn't really a trade scam because he never sent me a trade offer for my knife for those listed knives. I just am submitting this report because this guy looks very fishy about how he earned his knives and I am suspecting that he buys $60 knives like his gut knives and he offers people like me 1:1 for them, saying that his gut knife is "very lucky when i bet"
He said he is known as a big gambler and that is how he got rich, but I am suspecting that he buys cheap gut knives and cheapo knives like the ones he offered me and he says that they are special to him and that he wins big bets with them. He then lurks for traders with expensive knives and tells them that his knife is "special to him" and that he wins big bets with them. Then I assume they oblige and trade him their expensive knife and then they bet that crappy knife that they got from him and they end up losing it, they get upset, and he has their knife and he unfriends them if they want to talk to him about it, and then he moves on to the next customer like a zombie.
Please read all of the above and please reply to this report. It took me some research and I have spent the past 3 almost 4 hours typing all of this and doing all of this research just to get the joy out of getting this guy banned. Please help me. I don't other people to fall for this type of scam and then report this behavior but it will be too late for those victims if they have already traded their knife.
We must stop this type of scam at it's roots before it spreads like a virus and it becomes the next big scam. This is so wrong and it hurt my heart to think of all of the people that he has taken knives from my being malicious. Thank you so so so so much if you read all of this. I appreciate you and I wish you the best of luck in dealing with these scammers.
Please respond asap​
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You can inflate the MMMarket with free Party MMR, can Valve do something about it?

You create a team, queue for AP Teammatchmaking and throw the game. Your team loses pointless Team MMR (or is still calibrating) while the other 5 man stack gains 25 party MMR each.
Now after 3 games you actually see your team MMR and let it drop as much as you want (or you kick a player and reinvite since changing roster resets your Team MMR to TBD).
Rinse and repeat and you slowly destroy inflate the MMMARKET with free party MMR.
We STEM majors actually care about doing well in school and making a living for ourselves. We work hard to learn difficult and marketable skills (the curves are way harsher in engineering courses than in English), and we are intelligent, logical, and disciplined. Time management is way better among STEM majors than humanities majors.
We don't waste our time protesting something political, like the liberal arts majors at my school (UC Berkeley) do. We are smart to realize that yelling loudly and occupying buildings is illogical: the opportunity cost is huge, and the tie would be better spent on doing well in school, gaining marketable skills, and pursuing activities that won't land us in jail.
We know how to work the system and laugh at those liberal arts students who complain about getting shitty jobs and complain about the system being stacked against them, etc. You know, I took out a lot of student loans too, but I'm not worried b/c I know I could easily land a six figure job on Silicon Valley. I bet you many of the people complaining about "gentrification" and "google buses" in San Francisco were lazy in high school and didn't take math and science seriously. Serves them right for not pursuing higher education in a rigorous degree. Many of these protesters don't understand basic microeconomics, that gentrification is happening because demand for housing is exceeding supply, and this is a result of zoning laws. The problem is the government, not "techies."
We are more intelligent about social issues, economics, and politics than many humanities majors. And many STEM majors are also good at writing and public speaking, whereas few humanities majors are strong in math and science. So we're better rounded and more intelligent. STEM majors are in demand, and IT is the future of our de-industrialized economy. Employers are demanding workers who are strong in quantitative skills, and are creative, innovative, and have strong public speaking skills. I can assure you that most English majors would get their butts kicked in intermediate calculus. History majors would get destroyed in organic chemistry, whereas I've aced my way through History and English courses.
Even President Obama has said we should get more people interested in math and science b/c the value of a liberal arts degree is diminishing. Advanced manufacturing, like prosthetic research, telecommunications, alternative energy, etc, are the industries of the future.
And the funny thing is, b/c we're more intelligent, we STEM majors have a more logical and nuanced perspective of politics than many liberal arts majors. Many don't understand basic logic and economics, which is why they approach every issue from such an emotional vantage point. We transcend emotions and thus are more fit to be political leaders than they are.
It's very easy to bs through humanities courses b/c since there's no concrete answer to any question, you can make up whatever you want. In science, however, you have to be very precise. The answer is either right or wrong. The stakes are a lot higher. If we're designing a bridge, a wrong calculation, however minor it is, could cause the entire bridge to fall apart, resulting in many deaths. Doctors need to learn very precise and specific knowledge when they offer diagnoses and perform surgeries. They can't afford to get one thing wrong. This is why grading in science is so harsh. In contrast, the stakes aren't as high in the humanities and you can afford to get things wrong, and since everything is a shade of gray, you can bs your way through essays and assignments provided that you can write well.
As a result, science is more meritocratic whereas grading in liberal arts courses is very subjective. You just have to agree with your instructors. Also to do well in science, you need to build up a hierarchy of knowledge (algebra 1 to linear algebra, chemistry through organic chemistry, etc), whereas with liberal arts courses, you can get through most of them without any background knowledge. Science builds upon skills and concepts we learn in previous courses.
Humanities courses are only "rigorous" when there's a lot of reading and memorization involved. Basically, it's hard only because you have a lot of busy work. In STEM, there's a lot of busy work in addition to learning a lot of difficult concepts at a rapid pace. Our tests don't require you to simply regurgitate material you memorized: they require you to internalize the concepts and use your brain to apply them to unconventional situations. Honestly, it's not uncommon for us to study 7-8 hours a day, and sometimes much more if we have a project. In comparison, humanities majors have a lot of free time. STEM encourages students to build up their mental chops, which makes us very marketable. Humanities majors only know how to recite facts. In STEM, you can't just be hard working: you also have to be SMART to survive.
The only liberal arts majors I respect are philosophy and economics. Economics is very rigorous on a mathematical level, and many philosophers were also mathematicians. Everything else is pretty much bs.
Also math and engineering majors tend to also kick ass on various graduate school admissions tests, like the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT. Look that up. It's a fact that math is more rigorous than humanities. And people who are competent in math (whether or not they like doing math) are superior intellectually to those who aren't.
I think humanities majors have NO right to complain about poor job prospects because they willingly CHOSE a major that isn't marketable.
Our economy is undergoing de-industrialization and structural shift, meaning that most future jobs will be in the service sector. These jobs require people who are competent quantitatively.
There is excess of supply of English majors than there is demand for them. It's the opposite in IT: many companies are even sponsoring apprenticeships where they train community college students in tech skills.
People should suck it up and take harder classes if they want a job. It's fine to take English or History classes for fun or for a minor, but treat it like a hobby. Don't major in it if you know that you can't get a good job when you graduate in it. Is someone who plays music for fun inferior to a music major? I think not. Therefore major in a science subject, and take humanities courses for fun if you like learning those subjects. I'm saying this b/c most of the time, even humanities majors don't find jobs that they find enjoyable. So better to find a job you don't like that pays well than a job you don't like that doesn't pay well. So suck it up and major in engineering.
Alternatively you do the exact opposite and win every game, this way you slowly reap everyone's party MMR and cause a party MMR deflation.
I work for a large bank call center where the demographic majority by far (90%) is black. I'm white. And this isn't an issue, but on often occasion some of my random black coworkers (no other race doing this) bring race up and bring race into our conversations. Like yesterday, we're doing a call-center roleplaying training excercise. I'm a guy walking to a bus-stop and just supposed to chat nicely with another person. The managers also tell me that it is a ghetto bus-stop. I say jokingly, well I wouldn't ever be in a situation like this. Just because I've always had a reliable car and I would rather ride a bike anyways. One dumb bitch then sais, " That's cus' you got white privilage." Everyone else pretty much becomes quiet, but multiple black girls in the group and the managers (who are black) starting giggling and smirking. Wtf? Like. Wtffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Then, we have a group activity where we're asked individually how we can improve our customer service. So one of the girls sais, "Well.. I just talk all chipper like these white people do." Then she looks at me - "no offense". WTF. AGAIN. Why is race even relevant!? Why the fuck are people at this place continually trying to distinguish a difference between us? This is bullshit. And I shouldn't be experiencing situations like this so often when there is hundreds of people working here... but I do constantly.
And this was just in an hour the other day. Shit like this happens constantly. People pointing out that I'm white in regular conversation. And it's never any other race. It's just many of my black coworkers. Like, I'm truly disgusted. Not every black coworker I have does this, and most don't. If black people and people in general don't like racism, and society clearly looks down on it, then why is this acceptable for these assholes to act like it's commonplace - bringing up that I'm white continually. Idk. A few weeks ago a guy (that ACTS like a friend to me) was acting like he was joking while trying to continually put words in my mouth. So for example, I would say something like, "Yea I've been playing this game it's pretty cool, it's called CSGO" and he'd reply some bullshit like, "So what you don't think I'd know about that because I'm black". But his joking was him attempting to act serious and make a big deal out of it.... to get a reaction out of me. I'm just a fairly quiet, generally kind 24 year old white guy, so how the fuck I am attracting such bullshit like this?
I support myself and my life will be TRULY ruined if I just straight up walk off the job. But I mean, how many jobs will I go through before I don't have to deal with bullshit like this ever again? What do I do guys, I feel lost and I hate everything.
But this method actually requires you to win toplel.
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[Table] InternetAMA: IAM Andrewsmith1986. First person to 1 million comment karma, moderator for 2 (previously 4) defaults, drama central. AMA

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-10-03
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Where did you first hear about reddit? Youve been here a long time, has reddit evolved in a positive or negative way over the years? A bit of both? About 6 years ago I started visiting reddit.
I think it has evolved both positively and negatively.
What about infamous stories like vagina bacon and cumbox. Would those stories be considered positive or negative to you? Positive.
They give the community a few jokes that only the community would know about. It brings everyone together.
Poor Colbie. I think that post is fake as hell.
How often do you think fake posts make it to the front page? All day every fucking day.
Why are you no longer a mod for 2 of 4 default reddits? I'm no longer a mod of IAMA because I went against the top mod about a rule that he unilaterally added.
I'm no longer a mod of askreddit because I said a first name to a user (is wasn't even his name) and fought with everyone about it. It was a long time coming because I made a lot of drama in the back room about rules and how we should be serving the users and not ourselves.
If even half of this is true, I love you. I will join in contributing what meager comment karma I can to you and your disgusting hoard of arrows. No need to upvote me strictly because of my name.
Upvote me when I deserve them and downvote me when I deserve them.
Well, good on you for Standing Up to The Man. The users should have the final say on everything.
Ill be honest I alyways want to hate you because you are everywhere, but you alyways come of as a decent chap when the shit starts flying. I have a decent job, a gorgeous gf and great friends. I am rarely at home due to these things. I wouldn't trade it away for anything.
Considering the amount of work you put into reddit, whats your IRL like (I'm assuming pretty dull but hope to be wrong)
Get real. people DOWNVOTE you strictly because of your name. I never said that they didn't.
That's just crazy talk. Y U B so crazee? Why put rules on people that never wanted them in the first place?
Why, to improve the quality of reddit, of course. Improvement for who?
The mods? the users?
What do you do to get so much karma? I've been here forever.
Do you ever logged out of reddit? It logs in automatically.
There's gotta be more to it than that. I make a lot of comments as well.
Why do you care about karma? I don't.
How many super secret elders subreddits are you a part of? At least 20.
Is your work hiring people at the moment who can sit on reddit all day? Nah, we just hired 4 more people.
How did you celebrate 1,000,000 karma? I went to sleep and went to work the next morning.
Wait, you work? How do you have time for work? What do you do? Why not both?
I'm a gis mapper.
You did cheat. don't fucking lie How can you cheat at karma?
You have multiple accounts. eat shit and die, you cocksucker. I have 60 or so accounts.
Exactly. you post about 500 comments a day. then fucking upvote each and everyone with all your accounts! its fucking pathetic. Don't gimme that bullshit about how reddit only counts different ip addresses. Even if it were true it could easily be bypassed with a vpn service. Lol.
Ninjaedit: Unless you're Charlie Chaplin. I agree but I think goatees look like shit too but I wouldn't ostracize anyone for having one.
How does it feel to be a millionaire? The same.
1) Favorite book? Wildwood wisdom.
2) If you could have any job in the world what would it be? Astronaut or president.
3) If you and Apostolate had a fight to the death using only what is within five feet of you currently as weapons, what would you pick and why? Also who would win. The knife in my pocket(would go into my weak hand) and a black inkpen. both could easily kill. I can handle myself pretty well in combat situations so I'd bet on myself.
Ah one more question, do you feel like you've changed at all for the betteworse from being on reddit so long? I think I've changed for the better.
I take things less seriously and I type better now.
I'm a lot less cynical.
How does one become less cynical by browsing reddit? Hang out in small subreddits.
Ah, fair enough. I've just started to exploring them. But I got to say, there's a lot of internal drama in those. Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Any recomendations? And anything that interests you /wicked_edge /startrek
What was your honest reaction when you hit 1 million comment karma. Did you not care because it is Reddit or were you genuinely excited? I was laughing and talking to friends on Facebook about it.
It was a pretty funny day in general.
33k karma on a sunday.
33k karma on a Sunday? Shit, how did you manage to rack up that much karma on Sunday? good timing? By making 800 comments.
How do you find the time to reddit so fucking much? Also, because you reddit so much, how often do you see reposts from stuff you know you have seen 3-4 years ago? It's reposts all the way down.
I normally only reddit while at work.
Where do you work? Are they know your reddit account? Are they okay with you redditing while at work? Yeah, I mentioned reddit in my interview.
So your current job is okay with it? What about your previous job? Previous job didn't enjoy it but the previous job kinda sucked.
What is the stupidest thing that anyone got mad at you about? How I dot my eyes.
I kinda drag the dot a lot.
Oh, I meant on Reddit. Oh god.
I said that people shouldn't use tits to gain karma in /pics and that cause a few riots.
If I am ever in LaFayette will you get black out drunk with me? That has always been the plan.
This is a late query...but what state of Lafayette? I know of 2. Lafayette, CA and Lafayette, IN. Louisiana.
it is such a good one. I am actually going to a meetup in NOLA in January, so maybe I will detour. I have a feeling we will end up in jail and I will never make it to the meetup. What meet up?
On a related note, do you ever make it to meetups in BR? I just moved back here, and have been looking forward to stalking you. Nope, only to ones in lafayette.
When is the next one?
Yeah, but you need to come to Dallas sometime. I'm going to austin in November.
I do need to stop by eventually.
Ahh. I thought you were a NorCal man? I like it but it is difficult to get used to.
how do you like the new csgo? I know you're a cs fan I can't quite get the hs down.
She is going to hang out with me. From nola?
Some people from one of the subs I mod and I are going. I have a steal on a familiarization trip from my travel agent days, so basically we'll be going for free. apostolate?
Well, there's one tonight at Spanish Moon, but I'm assuming your helicopter is still in the shop, so we'll have to play it by ear. I guess I'll have to plan one? When does it end?
I'm broke and so driving to BR is a bad move.
Lets get beers in Austin. I posted in /austin yesterday.
Psst. Never go to dallas. It is the city god forgot. The flats.
Why are you getting downvoted? And I feel the same. Hitboxes were shrunk and more realistic, but I hope it's not gonna flop like cscz :/ I get downvoted for lots of reasons.
MOD HERE. RULE #2. BE CAREFUL. <3. I've already been removed from the sub.
Rule #2 violation. B& Edit: she meant /geriatricporn. Should I start posting the screenshots or the pastebins of the subreddit now?
Hmm, I'm not allowed into there anymore. Oh well. Yeah, I just got banned.
:( Zoid has a vendetta against me.
That would ensure that you are never voted into /MURICA. Like I could ever be voted in.
Half of you have some silly vendetta against me.
That is a very empty threat.
How old are you? 26.
Is your name Andrew Smith? I've been using this account name since I was 11.
Is it true that you throw quarters at midget strippers, as my RES tag for you says? Yeah. In terrrebone parish.
How did you rig the million karma race? Karma is simple if you seek it out. When it got close I decided to win and so I kicked it up a notch instead of just posting because I was bored.
Is it true about the POLITE ALL CAPS GUY thing? Nah, that was a huge joke that backfired on me.
Did you start the joke? Nope.
I stumbled into it while drunk.
Speaking of PAC, whatever happened to him? Do you have any idea why he deleted his account? Also, when are we having our monkey knifefight? I think he just got fed up with it and switched accounts.
I stumble into a lot of things while drunk. I stumble into a lot of things when I'm not drunk. I'm a clumsy person. No one cares about you.
Don't dodge the monkey knifefight question Andrew. I'm down for it.
Yeah well fuck you too. Nobody cares, uncentury.
See if I ever hang out with you :( We both know you will.
Don't deny me.
Are you POLITE_ALLCAPS_GUY? I remember the rumors, but I really can't remember if they were true. Also: what do you think about novelty accounts especially Shitty_Watercolour and arrowtotheknee? I am not, it was a joke.
I liked the user that made S_W a lot more than S_W himself.
ATTK, I don't like the account but I like the person behind the account.
Oh my god, are their main accounts well known, or are they even the same person?! They are both different entities and both of their mains are prominent.
I could imagine attk is apostolate, or karmanaut... Those guys have so many accounts, and so many redditors hate them. Nope.
Well, I give up now, but it was an honour to speak with you even though nobody I know will be excited when I tell them that I talked to andrewsmith1986 :/ Lol, anytime.
Star Trek or Star Wars? Trek for life.
What is the most downvoted thing on Reddit, oh wise guru? Link to
What's your least favorite thing that reddit has ever done? Every witch hunt ever is my least fav.
Link to Link to
How do you get away with redditing so much at work? Because I still get more work done than most people.
What line of work are you in? GIS mapper.
Gave you ever posted to /gonewild? Twice. once of my dick after I pierced it and once of me and a lady.
Why do guys pierce their junk? Why would you mutilate your genitals like that? Eugh. I was drunk and bored and askreddit said that I shouldn't.
You mention being drunk a lot. Kind of concerning or typical 26 year old behavior? I've actually slowed down in the last few months.
The girl I'm seeing doesn't drink too much.
PA or jacobs ladder? Frenum.
Its my cake day. How much karma have you gotten in one cake day? It was the whole me being polite all caps guy mess.
Damn, you were him? Are you ME? It was just a joke.
1) How often do you get recognized on reddit? 20-100 times a day.
2) Have you ever interacted with the admins (either online or IRL)? Couple hundred times. I have most of them on aim/facebook/gmail chat.
3) How much time do you spend a day on reddit? I only reddit while at work (typically) and lately I've been working 7 days a week so about 40 hours.
4) How do you think you were able to accumulate so much karma? Can anyone do it? I'm a white college educated male and so are most of the users. Absolutely anyone could do it.
5) Have you ever tried to use your "reddit power user" status to your advantage (either online or IRL)? I've used it to ask special favors that may not work for everyone.
Like what? Like getting places to stay when I visit specific cities.
Also, do you think you'll be meeting the admins IRL anytime soon? Maybe so.
Whats your favourite reddit thread ever? The Lion tamer AMA.
Explanation & link? Link to
It's an interesting read, but why exactly is it your favorite? Any particular answer that you enjoy most? It was the one that made me fall for /IAmA.
It's just my favorite due to nostalgia.
If you had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a Dinosaur Death Match using only primitive weapons and not allowed to set traps, what's the biggest dinosaur you think you win against? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size reference. Utah raptor is probably a bit too big.
I think I could take on two velociraptors though.
I'm suddenly more intimidated by andrewsmith now.. I'm 6'4 and 215lbs. I can handle two small turkeys with a spear.
That's true. I forgot how hyped up Velociraptors are, especially here on reddit. Now just figure out how to disable a stegosaurus and I'll be even more impressed. I think with enough spears and an atlatl and I could possibly handle a steg.
How did you find Reddit? Through digg and I found digg through 4chan.
How did you find 4chan? YTMND and High school friends.
What were you doing in denmark? Just hanging out.
When is Andrew's Adventure Time happening? I'm thinking late next spring or early next fall.
If you were trapped in a room with a violin, and no escape until you break the violin, how would you break the violin? Against the wall or on the floor.
Then I'd hold my arms out like jesus, drop the violin and say "peace"
Do any of your real life friends know you who you are on here? Any interesting sudden revelations? All of them know.
I use andrewsmith1986 for everything.
They all think it is pretty stupids.
All my girlfriends have hated it.
What beers have you been drinking lately? Old rasputin.
Your favorite games? Counter strike and dota.
AMA and askreddit need to change their rules. I'm sick and tired of reading the same threads over and over. What are your thoughts on this? You may be tired of it but what about the new users and the people that aren't on every day?
If you look at the recent posts, you can easily tell that the same stuff is posted every week. It has gotten to a point where I can predict what posts will be top comment. I can too.
I only say the comments that I have said before though.
I don't steal anyone elses commenst.
What is your favorite sort of sandwich? Muffuletta made by my mother.
Do you know any languages other than English? A little german, a little spanish.
Who makes the best pralines in New Orleans? I don't eat pralines.
What's your favorite subreddit? wicked_edge and /nfl probably.
Huzzah! Another wet shaver! Definitely a great crowd over there :) I'm a mod there now.
I introduced the flair.
nfl is great. Do you play fantasy? Yep.
I play with drunken_economist and theatomicplayboy and supermanv2 and a bunch of other redditors.
Were you the one that made up the icons? I remember that thread, but not the name of who posted it. I didn't make them up, I just talked the main mod into letting me slowly change the sub.
Are you part of the so-called reddit rat pack or whatever it is called? What's that all about? Nah, I'm just friends with them.
Since you've been here for a while: What's your favorite event/conspiracy/post that's ever happened on here? Fav event was reddit mold on april fools day.
Conspiracy was all the karmanaut/phoy drama because I led to it being uncovered.
I still dont get the deal with the karmanaut guy, is there a post that sums it all up? Just search "karmanaut" in /SubredditDrama
Obviously you comment a lot. What's your upvoting/downvoting practice like though? I upvote a lot more than I downvote.
I downvote maybe 1-2 times a day.
What have been your best and worst moments on Reddit? Best was probably the day that I became a mod.
Worst was my first major witch hunt because I just felt the website was ridiculous and the users were fucking stupid.
How did you end up becoming a mod? I was voted in by the users of /AskReddit.
did we ever make it up to you? Nope.
Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the /MURICA team? Can you think of anyone more murican?
I always think I'm right, I talk more shit than a plumber, I cause chaos and mischief anywhere I go and I'm banned from /unitedkingdom.
And, lol.
For being a smart ass? For being awesome.
For being to 'MURICAN. Fuck yeah.
This is a little late but I noticed you started posting heavily in all the defaults when Apostolate was nearing 1,000,000 karma. I've always posted to the defaults. (well, for the last 2 years)
After you hit one million stopped commenting so much so much. I slowed my commenting because I got a gf and shit going on in my life.
Admit it. You wanted to be the first, right? I didn't decide that I wanted it first until we were both 30k away.
What was your best comment ever? Hmm, I have no fucking clue.
Do you have a job? If so, how do have so much time? If not, why aren't you looking for a job? And if you are a student, HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH TIME!? I just have time to reddit while at work.
In all of your time here, what is the most terrible thing you've seen Reddit do? Harass /suicidewatch.
Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck? 100 horses easy.
Birds are scary and ducks are vicious.
What's your most downvoted comment? Link to
Probably that one.
Why do some people hate you? Why do some people hate obama/gays/canada? Some people just need a boogey man.
Do you make money from this? Whatever 'this' is? Nope.
What activity/hobby takes up the time when you are not on reddit? The girlfriend and trivia take up the other time normally.
And working out/cycling
I am very well! How are you, any new developments? Nope, just been spending time with the gf.
How many friends on Fb have you added since Internet fame was acquired? Good luck with your new found powers! Probably about 100 or so from reddit.
How do you know which people are from reddit? Have you been on reddit so long you know everyone's real name? Oh, I don't.
I look at where they are from.
Since you've posted as much as you have, and you get recognized as much as you do, how often do people send you their tags for you? Not so often any more. like once a week now.
Also, do you still think Nigel Thornberry is funny? Yes, yes I do.
Are you Apostolate? No.
What do you think of the new Dinosaur Jr. album? I didn't give it the shot that it deserves.
I'll give it another listen.
Yeah I really liked it, you ever listened to Sebadoh? Nope any song I should give a listen to?
Pancakes or Waffles? Why? Pancakes.
I like the fluffiness.
How do you claim to get laid so much when you're on reddit 24 hours a day? Well, currently I have a gf.
I only reddit while I'm at work.
What state do you live in? Louisiana.
Dang. I saw Lafayette and hoping you were in Pa. Nope, sorry.
Do you have a copypasta document for the right things to say when certain submissions come up or is it all from memory? Anything I would say in real life.
Sure, but will you at least admit you're very aware of what kinds of comments will garner the most upvotes in a comment? That's part of the game, isn't it? I know what will gain the most, I just don't say those comments.
Okie doke. Is there any way you can use your clout to get social media screencaps banned from funny? We are working on that.
How do you feel about new power users trying to emulate you? (the karmawhores trying to get karma without adding to the conversation.) More power to em
Aww dammit I missed this AMA. Great read though. What is your favorite knife brand and specific folder? Kershaw leek.
Last updated: 2012-10-18 20:09 UTC
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Mosel Musikfestival startet mit neuem Konzept. VG Bernkastel-Kues.Noch im Juni wird das Festivalteam die Neuplanung für den Konzertsommer präsentieren – Weiterentwickelte Festivalformate und kreative Kulturprogramme sind in Vorbereitung – Intendant Tobias Scharfenberger: „Auch unter den aktuellen Gegebenheiten wollen wir mit musikalischen Erlebnissen berühren, begeistern und bezaubern.“ Now, CSGO is a competitive 'esport' so there are amateur and professional level tournaments and games that attract thousands of viewers. With this comes betting, and sites like csgolounge has attracted thousands of betters to place items on just about every competitive game that goes on in the scene. Cmon let's be real and think for a bit. Nomad saw the ascension of csgo and the increasing visitors on this site. He quit his job and decided to make his main income out of his site. There are two sides to this: the bad side - more advertising, betting, sellout stuff, the good side- more stats, more improvements, more coverage. Many of my theories have involved Hillary Clinton swooping in at the last minute for a rematch against Trump – this time without first suffering through a brutal primary.. When Bernie Sanders was the favorite to win the Democratic nomination, I thought the DNC might try to force a contested convention, allowing them to choose a candidate whose politics align with the party’s leadership and In CSGO one example would be betting a team to win a pistol round. While certain teams have better stats on pistols on particular sides of certain maps it would be best to create a system around it.

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csgo gambling is back....!? INSANE COINFLIP WINS $$$

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