Closer look at superfecta strategies

ELI5: How payouts/odds are determined for Superfecta bets in horse racing

Is it essentially the total purse of all bets on superfectas dolled out to all those who have the winning superfecta combos?(how does the track make money off them)
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How to Bet and Win the Preakness - Anatomy of the Perfect Bet

Look first of all I'd like to be honest with you, I'm not going to claim I "stumbled" upon some "crazy secret system" that nobody knows. In fact, probably more than a few people know what I'm talking about in this article. The truth is that I've been playing the Preakness among many other horse races, for at least 15 years.
The Preakness is the first throroughbred race I ever attended, back in the 1990's. I had played at harness tracks, having been introduced to that at a young age, but had never been to a throroughbred track until 1996.
That year, my good friend and fellow horseplayer convinced me we should go to Pimlico for a big infield party and some big horse races would break out at some point. I didn't know or care much about anything except the infield party and thought it would be fun. We brought a 12 pack and settled in.
Early in the afternoon on the way up, we tuned in to the Baltimore rock station and were hearing all kinds of live music from some of our favorite bands such as Pearl Jam. We were just about pissed off at the fact that we missed some of these bands live, only to show up and find it was just a DJ playing live cuts, and the few local bands on deck hadn't even started playing yet.
I was young and after the party was over and horse races had broke out, I was wondering why Louis Quatorze had won the Preakness and we hadn't bet on him. After that I began some more analysis and started using some figures from Brisnet to help me analyze the races.
A couple years later I liked Charismatic in the Kentucky Derby, among like 10 other horses, but failed to have the right trifecta boxes since I had little clue what I was doing. I liked him in the Preakness as well, still at good odds since people thought his Derby victory was a fluke, but again failed to have the right trifecta when Badge showed up. But at that point I realized that a pattern was emerging.
Eventually I figured this stuff out, although hard-headed about it and unwilling to part from numerical analysis from numbers that I didn't even know how were calculated. I found out it didn't really take a any magic numbers or even much analysis for a basic wagering strategy.
With few exceptions, the Preakness is one of the easiest races to bet. Take the top (4-5) horses from the Kentucky Derby that run at Pimlico two weeks later, and undoubtedly 2 of them will finish in the top 4, in fact, usually the top two horses from the Derby will finish 1-2 in the Preakness. It's really that simple.
After that you do have to put in some analysis to figure out which "outsiders" will infiltrate the trifecta, or possibly even win the Preakness, along with the Kentucky Derby contingent. There are various tools to use to accomplish this but I normally use one I invented.
Unsatisfied with numbers from various other people and organizations with their secret calculations that I did not understand, I decided to make algorithms to create my own numbers and put them into what I call the Grid.
Last year, the Grid gave me Preakness winner Shackleford at 13-1 as the top Speed and Power horse. It was an obvious key horse for me and automatic win bet at those kind of odds. Plus, he was a top four Derby finisher. Apparently people forgot he finished 4th not 14th in the Derby, which was very respectable for a frontrunner.
Combine him with Derby winner and obvious favorite Animal Kingdom at 2nd, and take Astrology as an improving horse with 4th best Early Pace according to the Grid in 3rd place, and you have a very easy trifecta payout. Add Dialed In, the best Late Pace horse coming off a disappointing but respectable 8th place Derby finish, and you have a very easy superfecta.
This is what I call the anatomy of a perfect Preakness exotic bet. You take any of the top 4 Derby finishers that are running at Pimlico, and key them and 1 and 2, get the "outsider" that didn't run in the Derby at good odds, and add another strong contender, usually from the Derby, such as a good late runner for 4th.
You would be surprised how many times the Preakness plays out this way. Often the same horse will win the Preakness that won the Derby, which has happened less in the last few years but they still often finish in the money. And in fact the top two in the Derby often run 1-2 at the Preakness.
So using the top Derby horses is obvious but where will you find the "outsiders" that will undoubtedly take up a spot or two in the superfecta? Well that is tough to come up with by yourself. Normally you will need more of an advanced handicapping tool for that, which is why I use the Grid. I can tell you that the outsider is almost always at odds from 12-1 to 15-1 so that narrows it down.
The year before last the Grid of course gave me the Preakness winner, but only at 2-1 and not much value there, obviously. But also it gave me 11 of 13 winners that day including some nice long shots that provided good exotic payouts.
Of course, since I wrote this, it could just happen that the top Derby horses will finish 1-4 in the Preakness, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if that happens. Especially since of my top 6 Derby winning contenders, out of 20, 4 of them finished 1-4 in the Derby.
So now you know the basic strategy now for betting the Preakness. You just need to find the right long shot or two to add to your obvious Derby contenders for some nice exotic payouts. If I were you, I'd use the Grid to get them, but that's just because it always comes through for me in these situations.
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What does "all" in a superfecta mean? ie... 7-12-All-All

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2016 Kentucky Derby daily (May 7th)

Decided to make a sticky with some things that might help people out at the same time.
10 AM EST odds update
Post Horse Jockey Trainer Odd to 1 (opened)
1 Trojan Nation Aaron Gryder Patrick Gallagher 43 (50)
2 Suddenbreakingnews Luis Quinonez Donnie Von Hemel 25 (20)
3 Creator Ricardo Santana Jr Steven Asmussen 16 (10)
4 Mo Tom Corey Lanerie Thomas Amoss 20 (20)
5 Gun Runner Florent Geroux Steven Asmussen 9 (10)
6 My Man Sam Irad Ortiz Jr. Chad Brown 19 (20)
7 Oscar Nominated Julien Leparoux Michael Maker 39 (50)
8 Lani Yukata Take Mikio Matsunaga 28 (30)
9 Destin Javier Castellano Todd Pletcher 20 (15)
10 Whitmore Victor Espinoza Ron Moquett 33 (20)
11 Exaggerator Kent Desormeaux J. Keith Desormeaux 5 (8)
12 Tom's Ready Brian Hernandez Jr Dallas Stewart 42 (30)
13 Nyquist Mario Gutierrez Doug O'Neill 2 (3)
14 Mohaymen Junior Alvarado Kiaran McLaughlin 12 (10)
15 Outwork John Velazquez Todd Pletcher 28 (15)
16 Shagaf Joel Rosario Chad Brown 72 (20)
17 Mor Spirit Gary Stevens Bob Baffert 11 (12)
18 Majesto Emisael Jaramillo Gustavo Delgado 62 (30)
19 Brody's Cause Luis Saez Dale Romans 16 (12)
20 Danzing Candy Mike Smith Clifford Sise Jr 30 (15)
Opening odds
Post Horse Jockey Trainer Odd to 1
1 Trojan Nation Aaron Gryder Patrick Gallagher 50
2 Suddenbreakingnews Luis Quinonez Donnie Von Hemel 20
3 Creator Ricardo Santana Jr Steven Asmussen 10
4 Mo Tom Corey Lanerie Thomas Amoss 20
5 Gun Runner Florent Geroux Steven Asmussen 10
6 My Man Sam Irad Ortiz Jr. Chad Brown 20
7 Oscar Nominated Julien Leparoux Michael Maker 50
8 Lani Yukata Take Mikio Matsunaga 30
9 Destin Javier Castellano Todd Pletcher 15
10 Whitmore Victor Espinoza Ron Moquett 20
11 Exaggerator Kent Desormeaux J. Keith Desormeaux 8
12 Tom's Ready Brian Hernandez Jr Dallas Stewart 30
13 Nyquist Mario Gutierrez Doug O'Neill 3
14 Mohaymen Junior Alvarado Kiaran McLaughlin 10
15 Outwork John Velazquez Todd Pletcher 15
16 Shagaf Joel Rosario Chad Brown 20
17 Mor Spirit Gary Stevens Bob Baffert 12
18 Majesto Emisael Jaramillo Gustavo Delgado 30
19 Brody's Cause Luis Saez Dale Romans 12
20 Danzing Candy Mike Smith Clifford Sise Jr 15
live odds Yes, because the odds change with the bets, here are the live odds.
Entire day's racing form
Race 12 form only "Derby"
Hey, I don't understand all this junk, could you explain... sure
Post Times Kentucky Derby Day
Race 1 10:30am WPS EX DD P3
Race 2 11:01am WPS EX DD P3 P4
Race 3 11:31am WPS EX DD P3 P5
Race 4 12:03pm WPS EX DD P3
Race 5 12:35pm WPS EX DD P3 P4
Race 6 1:13pm WPS EX DD P3
Race 7 1:55pm WPS EX DD P3 P6 ($1,000,000 Guaranteed Pool)
Race 8 2:45pm WPS EX DD P3 P5
Race 9 3:35pm WPS EX DD P3 P4
Race 10 4:28pm WPS EX DD P3
Race 11 5:25pm WPS EX DD P3 P4(Woodford Reserve Turf Classic)
Race 12 6:34pm WPS EX DD P3 SH5(The Kentucky Derby presented by YUM! Brands)
Race 13 7:35pm WPS EX DD
Race 14 8:05pm WPS EX
videos of all the Derby prep races
Props I've seen:
Creator +105 v Gun Runner -135
Creator -110 v Mohaymen -120
Gun Runner 105 v Mohaymen -135
Suddenbreakingnews -115 v Mo Tom -115
My man Sam -105 v SuddenBN -125
Mo Tom -125 v My Man Sam -105
Whitmore -115 v My Man Sam -115
Mor Spirits -120 v Brody's Cause -110
Destin -170 v Danzing Candy 140
Outwork 105 v Destin -135
Outwork -160 v Danzing Candy 130
Shagaf +115 v Whitmore -145
Majesto -115 v Tom's Ready -115
Destin -130 v Mor Spirit even
Destin 105 v Brody's Cause -135
Trojan Nation -135 v Oscar nominated 105
Mo Tom -150 v Danzing Candy 120
SuddenBN -190 v Danzing Candy 160
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Help with 3 horse and 4 horse trifecta

Hello i'm a guy who gets into horse racing for 1 week out of the year and likes to do research and think i have it figured it out...that's never the case. Anyway i have a friend that goes to the derby every year and i send him down with $50 to make 4 $2 trifecta box picks with 3 horse each. I just found out through here that it's possible to make 4 horse trifecta boxes and i'm intrigued.
i looked over my bets and realized i could easily make 2 4 horse trifectas and be making the same picks as my 3 horse trifectas. My question is, is it better to place 4 $2 3 horse trifectas or 2 $1 4 horse trifectas? i think the latter has less risk so i'm guessing it's a smaller payout?
also is there any place to calculate your possible payout? like where i can set up my bet put in my horses odds and it would tell me how much money i'll make if i hit? just wondering if i'm dreaming of a 12' aluminum boat or a sweet new bass boat. Thank you!
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My Life of should've, would've, could've, but didn't : Why I love Crypto Currency

Mostly all here are invested into Crypto. We all have our own reasons, methods, values of how we invest our money. One thing in common is we all have one main goal. That is to get as much money as possible out of this with the time, and money we can spare.
That's the dam truth.
We are all here together, and since we are all here on our own will , I want to tell you why you should be proud to hold all your crypto.
I'm 38 years old. At 18 after I graduated HS I had about $7800. $1400 from my graduation party, and $6400 selling my MTG collection on EBay. I also managed a small arcade for about $400 a week.
Back to my MTG collection. I sold it because it changed. The designs on the new series looked too modern . the original designs were a work of art. Anyway, I seriously wanted to hold those magic cards but I kept telling myself
"I can get them back if I want. The price isn't going to move anytime soon. The market is in a decline. Some of these have been the same price for 2 years now."
I was right, the price of my two Lotus's stayed the same for 5 more years. Not budging . 12 years later after that , those same two cards value at over $60,000 . my entire collection would of been worth over $250,000 if I held.
The same goes for all the first edition garbage pail kids I had.
So , what did I do with all $7800? I told myself I want to invest it into Microsoft . But I talked myself out of it by saying
"Some people told me the market was a risk, and I had to prepare myself to lose it all"
So I didn't do it. I was close, but I didn't. I could of had almost a Million lol
I instead used that money for a school. Business computer programming . lol It was a waste because 90% of what they taught me came natural. I was doing basic programming at 13 for fun.
I regret not going with my initial FOMO on Microsoft , I regret listening to my own FUD with the MTG cards.
7 years later, I had about 15k, I wanted to invest 10 k in apple after I read about the release of the iphone, but instead opted to do 5k over FUD I read about the risk since they never made phones. Then I said to myself
"a fuck it, I don't want to do this. I could do so much more with this 5k"
I instead used it to turbocharge my transam, and add a racing transmission, tires, new stero system , and I took a 2 week vacation ...GONE!
I got what I wanted. Got laid a bunch of times, went to car shows. That could of been $250k now lol.
To top this off, I missed out on a quick $78,000 win at the racetrack. Horses. I lost $200 I had $5 left. I did a completely wild bet for $5. I picked all longshots in a superfecta. Then 1 minute before the race I Cancelled the bet. I told myself ...
"this is stupid, 78:1, 56:1, 33:1, 20:1 long shots coming out in this order? Fuck that, I'm canceling and putting $5 on the 10:1 to win . maybe I can get $50 back "
Well. The fucking.. Lol it came out. 3 largest superfecta payout in history. No body won it. I hate myself for cancelling that. But hey, maybe that happened for a reason. Maybe I wouldn't have ended up living on another country for 2 years. Learning another language.
You see
So many times in my life I had the perfect opportunity , and I didn't take it. I let fear, uncertainty, and doubt make my Choices for me.
Then came crypto currency. Last year, a client of mine told me he got rich off Bitcoin. He raved about it . He told me about ripple, ETH etc.
I invested, I went through ups a downs. I gained massive amounts of money off my original $500.
NO , never again I will tell myself...
Crypto Currency is severely undervalued. Its manipulated down right now. This about this logic, how can something increasingly popular with more and more support by the day drop in price? Crypto isn't human. Bitcoin isnt getting fired over sexual harrassement, there isn't a corporate takeover. Its manipulation.
I don't care if this shit takes 5 years to recover. I'm holding . I don't care if BTC dips to $1000. I'm holding till this MCAP tops 10 trillion. so if you love your crypto, hold that F#%KING SHIT!
The lesson here is never let FUD make choices for you. Stick to your own beliefs. If there's a voice in the back of your head telling you its a bad choice to cash out. Listen to that voice, that's your guilty conscious . That's you. Listen to yourself, not the new voice that intrudes.
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Preakness Value Plays if the chalk doesn't fire

Improbable, War of Will...every pro handicapper is on these two as the best horses, but let's say the derby horses falter this year. If the 1 4 7 all finish on the board the payouts will be crap anyway. I always like to throw out out $100 or so in darts at the Preakness (turned it into $800 last year), so here are mine this year:
$10 Win 3 $24 Exacta hail mary: 3 over 8,11 $16 Exacta chalk: 1,4 over 8,11 $12 Trifecta/ $24 Superfecta hail mary: Keying 3 over 1,2,7,11 $12 Super hail mary "Speed horses get toasted" 4,8 / 4,5,8,12 / 4,5,8,12 / 4,5,8,12,13
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Rebel Stakes @ OP, Saturday, Mar 19

tl;dr RESULTS 4-10-1-11 - Race recap at bottom of post
More Derby point on the line and another analysis to accept, reject, or use for your Friday afternoon entertainment....
14 horse field for the Rebel. Pretty sizable considering there were 7 last year and 8 the year before. Track record is 1:40.20 set in 1984. American Pharoah won it last year in 1:45.78 and Hoppertunity the year before in 1:43.90
Sunny skies and a high of 58 is good racing weather; expect the track to be fast.
According to the PP, Late speed has been favorable for the week and the rail has a slight advantage over the outside posts. Meet statistics show early speed and the rail have an advantage. This is interesting since this plays to the strengths of the contenders...
The field:
1) Creator - 440k Purchase @ Keenland September sales and 300K sire fee for Tapit. Ricardo Santana rides (23% win rate) and Asmussen (22%) trains. This horse has a serious case of second-itis but finally won it's last out. Notably, he won at OP, at 1 1/16, while 4 wide at the quarter pole, and won by 7 after being 11th in the 1st turn, 8th in the 2nd turn and first into the straight. Dead late closer? Pretty close. Those are the pros... the cons? Last out was maiden win. Speed wasn't the fastest. But looking at the PP, he gets bumped, shuffled back, goes 4 wide, and still finds himself in the money. Nice to think he'd be in the money here... Depends on how the others run their race. His 1:45.20 is faster than Pharoah's win. Something to consider....
1A) Madtap - $300K out of Tapit. Corey Nakatani rides (21%), Asmussen (22%) trains. Won his maiden at 1 mile on the turf and took 5 more races before he won again (last out) at OP, on the dirt. Also, he was 3 wide, led from the beginning, set fractions of .23, .46, 1:12, final of 1:43.4 and won by 6. That's faster than Hoppertunity 2 years back. How he gets a speed rating of 88 while creator gets 93 is beyond me. Maybe the dirt was extra hard that day? Anyway, a repeat performance and he takes the win unless someone else is showing faster. Rail, speed, held it to the end? Good stuff... Can he repeat? I'd like to think so...
2) ZRoyal - R VAzquez & D. Wayne Lukas team up for this 3 yo from Zayat Stables. Won its maiden 3 back and nothing since. Decent workouts but nothing to show for it. Led in the LeComte G3 but faded in the end. Showed nothing in the Southwest G3 last out. Maybe sets the pace, but I'll leave this one out.
2X) Gray Sky - 700K Keenland Sept purchase; 300K out of Tapit. Another Lukas trainee with Florent Geroux in the saddle. Took 5 tries to win maiden. Finished 2nd last out in 70K Alw at OP in 1:45.5 after setting the pace with fractions of .23, .47, 1:12 but got caught at the end. I'm sure expectations are high, but not seeing the sustained speed for 1 1/16
3) Ralis - First start since October in the BC Juvenile G1. Havent we learned our lessons with these "haven't raced in 5 months?". Did win the Hopeful G1 @ Saratoga last September, but that's it. That race was 7F. Hasn't shown much in routes. Workouts are nothing noteworthy and no recent performances. Can he be better than a bunch of allowance horses? Maybe. Then again, Awesome banner was great at 7F but not at 8+.... For this race, I think there's too many doubts. I'm not placing a bet on wishful thinking.
4) Cupid - 900K Keenland;300K tapit; Baffert; Martin Garcia. Damn. Those are some nice connections. Baffert has won the Rebel 5 out of the last 6 times. Lukas won the other. Cupid won last out at SA @ 1 1/16 in 1:43.3 for the Maiden (5 lengths). Bullet work on Mar 11 @ SA. Can he win 2 in a row coming off the maiden? 31% shipper, 97 speed rating last out too. A repeat of the last win and Cupid is bringing love to the Baffert stables.
5) Discreetness - 105K OBS Mar; $7.5k Discreet Cat. 4 wins in 7 starts. Trainer is 28% Jon Court rides. 7th last out in the Southwest G3. Couldn't close into a decent pace. The top 3 from that race are back in the Rebel. Let's see, 8 wide last out, 4 wide the time before, 5 wide before that, 3 wide before that, 4w before that and that.... jeez! I think he's a good horse, but lacks the tactical speed to put him in contention unless against inferior rivals. I'll pass.
6) Siding Spring - 110K Keenland Sept; Mark Casse trains, Joe Rocco rides. Won maiden on turf 4 back. Nothing since then. 3rd on turf at KEE in Bourbon, G3. 10th in BC Juvenile G1, 5th in Southwest G3. Set the pace early in Southwest but got gobble up by the top 3... all of those back in this race.... May improve in 2nd race from layoff ? Maybe, but I don't see it. Pass.
7) Spikes Shirl - 100K out of Speighstown. Won maiden 2nd out at 7f. 2nd in last 2 starts but times are disappointing. Workouts are meh but OK at FG. Just not seeing how this horse will be competitive.
8) American Dubai - 35K KEESEPT. Won maiden at 6f @ CD. 2nd in OC62K @ OP 1 1/16 in 1:45. 3rd in Southwest G3 in 1.45. Plenty of bullet works. Dueled for the lead down the straight in Southwest, gave way at the wire. Contender, but I wonder if 1 1/16 is a shade too long. Horse likes the pace, but giving way at the end doesn't make a winner. Exotics.
9) Cutacorner - Beat American Dubai 2 back in OC62K at 1 1/16. Had nothing last out in Southwest G3. Many sharp/bullet works but seems to finish behind many others in this race and hasn't been consistent. Maybe a 4th place for a pricy exotic, but not the winner.
10) Whitmore - Irad Ortiz is on hand for this race. Horse ran 2nd to Suddenbreakingenews last out in the Southwest G3 @ OP. Was 4-5 wide, closed from 11th to 2nd. Bullet work @ OP. I think this horse should be included in your trifecta/superfecta.. But I think there's some other competition to consider.
11) Cherry Wine - Dale Romans/Corey Lanerie. Won last out at GP @ 1 1/16 in 1:44. Closed from 6 back going into the stretch to win by 6 handily. Won 1 1/16 in the slop at CD in 1:46.4 by 9 in maiden win. sharp workouts at GP. only a 12% shipper though. Horse looks like he's been improving. If he continues to improve, no reason to look elsewhere for your winner. Speed rating of 90/89 tosses some water on the enthusiasm though. But a 1:44 at 1 1/16 is better than most in this race.
12) Suddenbreakingnews - 72K KEESEP, 25K Mineshaft. 6 starts, 3 wins, 3 seconds: 2 by a nose and 1 by DQ. Won last out in Southwest G3 by going from 14th to first. 5th in the straight, 1st at the wire. From 6th to 2nd before that, and before that, 5th to 2nd before that, set the pace and dualed for the win and won maiden going from 11th to first on the turf. Deadlate closer indeed. Solid workouts.
So, we have speed near the rail with Madtap who ran the fastest 1 1/16 @ OP in 1:43. We'll probably see Cupid and American Dubai sitting off the pace waiting to pounce in the stretch.
Whitmore, Cherry Wine, and, Suddenbreakingnews will all wait until coming out of the last turn (just like California Chrome) to hit the jets and swallow up the field.
Now, I like looking for value plays... What fun is it to bet the favorite? At 3-1, Sudden is not a walkaway favorite. So there's some value to be had here. What about Cutacorner? The 1:45 win @ OP is nothing to sneeze at. Horse seems to be a pattern runner: win, lose, win, lose... he's due for a win here. With the bigger field, maybe he gets in the money at 30-1
Cherry Wine won two in a row at GP. Maybe that translates well at OP? I wish there would have been one workout while there, but its a big unknown.
With 2 coupled entries, I wouldn't be surprised to see Z Royal sent off as a rabbit for the field to chase which Siding Spring would go with as well. Or he pressures Madtap by putting him a dueling situation from the start which would wear him down... Which only sets it up for a 10,11,12 finish anyway.
So, Suddenbreakingnews (12) has had good fortune at RP and did win the G3 at OP. So I consider him in the money. Cherry Wine (11) did win at CD and GP. He's in good form. Remains to be seen what he does at OP. Whitmore (10) follows Suddenbreakingnews. If Irad takes the lead or sits off the pace, not sure the horse will run his race. Cutacorner (9) Long shot play but did get 92 speed rating just 2 back @ OP. Continues to have bullet works. I think 30-1 is a gift. I'll use him in an exotic. American Dubai (8) toss up along with the others that ran 1 1/16 in 1:45 Cupid (4) Gotta have Baffert in this somehow. A repeat performance from the last, and he's the winner. Reminds me of last week's win by Danzing Candy in the San Felipe. Good payout if he wins. Would be worth a small wager for the win. Madtap (1A)... I like him... I can only hope for a repeat.
Whats the fun in better the top 2 favorites? Although, 3-1 & 7-2 should pay ok for an exacta.
How about these "throw your money out the window bets": .10 Super - 12/1/9/4 Exacta 1/4 box Tri - 1,4/1,4/12,9
RESULTS 4-10-1-11
Recap: Cupid wins wire to wire. Whitmore caught him in the stretch then Cupid continued to run while Whitmore ran out of steam. Creator, Cherry Wine, and Suddenbreaking news ALL came from last to try and catch in the deep stretch.... but they finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Did we just witness the Kentucky Derby winner? Although possible, it's too early to tell. Still lots of racing before May rolls around. This year isn't as clear cut as American Pharoah and California Chrome were the last 2 years.
The Good: Cupid ran his race the same way Danzing Candy ran his last week. Not all horses are capable of winning their maiden then winning a graded stakes race. I think most of us saw the potential but it was hard to make the definitive call. This was a tough race and the bets were really spread out... which makes sense considering each horse had a reason to be a contender even if the odds said otherwise. In the end, the lowest odd runners finished in the top 4 which made for some nice payouts.
Cherry Wine had morning line odds of 20-1 and went off at 7-1. I think most of us saw the value as did a lot of other people. Good to know we can identify value.
Ralis, Discreetness, and others.... Although a case was made for some of the long shots, there guys were totally left off our lists. Sometimes its not about picking winners, but rather, throwing out the losers.
The dead late closers did exactly that... With class relief, I think it's worth watching these horses. They could very well win their next time out against allowance or non-graded stakes.... BUT! Dead late closers can do VERY well in the Kentucky Derby. There are so many horses in the race, and its the first time many of them are running 1 1/8. The front runners get tired and fade... the dead late closers are still running strong at the end. It's worth keeping on eye on this angle because this will help get the payoff in the Derby.
The Bad: How did I relegate Whitmore to a tri or super and not the exacta? grrrr... that threw off everything. Congrats to those that liked him and used him. Should have given him more consideration since Irad came in for the race. Jockeys don't travel unless they believe they'll win.
Suddenbreaking news finishes 5th?! Creator and not Madtap finishes in the money?
The Ugly: All in all, the original review (above) was pretty accurate but it didn't translate into winning bets. This is what's frustrating. Maybe a lessens learned will lead to improving analysis into winning bets.
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How to bet on Horse Racing

How to bet on Horse Racing

Growing up, I never went to a steed track or saw a solitary steed race.

That all changed when I met Kate and wedded into a stallion race-cherishing family. Rick Surwilo, my dad in-law, had begun heading off to the circuit as a youngster with his family. This was a period before lotteries and club, and steed hustling was the main authoritative document of betting, so it was something truly diverse to go and do. His family lived in Connecticut yet had purchased somewhat home in Woodford, Vermont, and Rick's father wanted to take the spouse and children to the Green Mountain Race Track in Pownal, only a little routes south of there. They'd set up their grass seats by the completion line, and Grandpa Surwilo would take everybody's requests and go hand-off the wagers to the tellers.
When I began dating Kate, one of our to start with, and most sentimental, dates was the point at which she took me to the course here in Tulsa. We had an awesome time wagering on a couple horse races while cuddling in the cheap seats as an electrical storm came in.
After Kate and I got hitched, her folks would take us to the stallion races each other summer or somewhere in the vicinity, and even gave us poor love birds a little scratch to wager with. Rick's dad had since a long time ago passed away, however Gram Surwilo–every inch the cliché feisty Italian grandma–still wanted to go and wager on the horses, pretty much as she had in the days of yore in Vermont.
I truly delighted in these excursions with my more distant family, and putting down a couple wagers myself, yet I in fact had no clue what I was doing. I generally just picked the steeds with the names I enjoyed best.
So I seized the chance America's Best Racing offered me a few months prior to come see one of the six pre-Kentucky Derby races—the Spiral Stakes—at Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky, and get a few lessons on the most proficient method to wager on the horses. Kate and I had an extraordinary time there and took in a ton. Wagering on stallions is significantly more convoluted than I had envisioned, yet it's truly a lot of fun.
Today, I'll share a portion of the fundamentals of what I realized, so that the stallion dashing amateur can exploit this superb spring climate and go down to their neighborhood course (or the Kentucky Derby!) feeling like they recognize what they're doing.

Why Go to a Horse Race?

Before we get into the specialty of wagering, we should discuss why you'd need to visit a stallion circuit in any case. Maybe you're considering, "That is something my grandpa jumped at the chance to do, however I'm not intrigued."
Watching horse dashing at the more elevated amounts of the game is a superb ordeal. I'm truly very little for whatever other types of betting, and by and by don't see the enjoyment in losing my shorts in some dim, smoky gambling club. In any case, horse hustling I like; it feels like amusement, an ordeal, a trip. I like that I'm outside. I like that there's a great deal of history and convention behind it. All things considered, whether I win or lose cash, regardless I have an incredible time.
Nowadays in the event that you need to take the family to an ace ball or football game, the tickets and sustenance can without much of a stretch run you $400. Admission to a course is regularly free, the base wager on every stallion race is just $2, and you can infrequently bring your own nourishment and beverages. You get the chance to spend throughout the evening and night outside, viewing lovely creatures perform at their top capacity. And this can run you not exactly a trek to the motion pictures.
Furthermore, in case you're searching for a moderate, remarkable date, where you won't come up short on things to discuss, look no further!
Sorts of Horse Racing Bets
You have two classifications of wagers to browse when you wager on the horses: straight wagers and intriguing wagers. For a learner, I prescribe staying with straight wagers. They're basic and modest. You essentially pick one stallion to come in to start with, second, or third. The base wager at most tracks for a straight wager is just $2.
Fascinating wagers permit you to make various wagers on numerous steeds in a solitary wager. Colorful wagers are by and large substantially more hard to win than straight wagers, require a propelled level of ability and information in stallion picking, and are more costly. Be that as it may, the adjustments on fascinating wagers are much more noteworthy than straight ones.
Straight Wagers
Keep in mind with a straight wager, you just wager on one steed.
WIN– You're wagering that your steed will come in the lead position. In the event that your steed completes in to begin with, you get the chance to gather.
PLACE– When you wager on your steed to "place," you're wagering that he will come in first OR second. In the event that your steed completes in first or second, you get the opportunity to gather. Payout for a put down wager is not exactly a win wager, however you do have the security of having the capacity to trade out if your steed completes in the main two spots.
SHOW– You're wagering that your steed will come in the first place, second, OR third. Since you're supporting your wagers, you have a higher possibility of winning, yet the payout for a show wager is considerably not exactly a win or place wager.
Over THE BOARD– When you wager no matter how you look at it, you're wagering your stallion to win, place, AND appear. A no matter how you look at it wager is what's known as a "combo straight wager" since it's three distinctive wagers (win, place, AND appear) in one. Since it's three wagers in one, a no matter how you look at it wager is more costly than a basic win/place/show wager. For instance, a $2 no matter how you look at it wager will cost you $6, in light of the fact that you're making three $2 wagers. In the event that your stallion comes in to start with, you get the win, place, and show cash. On the off chance that your steed completes second, you get place and show cash. In the event that your steed comes in third, you simply get the show cash. No matter how you look at it wagers aren't normally a decent wager since they're costly and have less benefit potential.
WIN/PLACE, PLACE/SHOW– Similar to a no matter how you look at it wager in that you're making various straight wagers in a solitary wager. In a win/put down wager, you're wagering your stallion to win AND place. On the off chance that he wins, you gather both the win and place cash. On the off chance that he completes second, you gather only the spot cash. In a spot/show wager, you're wagering that your stallion will place and appear. In the event that your steed completes second, you gather the spot and show cash; on the off chance that he completes third, you simply get the show cash. Since you're putting different wagers on your steed in a solitary wager, a win/place and place/show is more costly. A $2 win/put down wager will cost you $4 on the grounds that you're wagering $2 that your steed wins and $2 that your stallion places.

Colorful Wagers

Colorful wagers permit you to wager on different stallions in a solitary wager, permitting you to expand your benefit potential. Be that as it may, as I said above, they're much harder to win than straight wagers, can get costly in case you're not watchful, and require substantially more aptitude in crippling stallions. Don't hesitate to explore different avenues regarding some fascinating wagers after you've done a couple of straight wagers.
EXACTA– You're wagering on two stallions to come in first and second in a definite request. For instance, on the off chance that you put a $2 exacta on stallions 3 and 5, you can just gather if horse #3 comes in first and steed #5 comes in second. Exacta wagers are famous among gifted steed handicappers in light of the fact that the result can be extremely lucrative. You can likewise "box" your exacta wager which implies your two steeds can come in any request in the main two spots regardless you win. Boxing an exacta costs twice as much as a straight exacta wager. So a $2 box exacta on steeds 3 and 5 will cost you $4.
QUINELLA– With a quinella wager, you're wagering on two stallions to come in first and second in any request. For whatever length of time that your two stallions complete in the main two spots, you win. So in the event that you put down a $2 quinella wager on stallions 1 and 6, you can gather if horse #1 and horse #6 come in first and second in any request. You may believe, "What's the contrast between a quinella and a case exacta? Both let you win if your two stallions come in first or second." The enormous distinction is expense: a $2 quinella wager costs $2 while a $2 box exacta wager will cost you $4. Why might somebody pay more for a case exacta in the event that it's basically the same wager as a quinella? The payout for a container exacta is by and large more than a quinella wager, that is the reason.
TRIFECTA– You wager that three steeds will complete in to begin with, second, and third in a definite request. On the off chance that you put down a $2 trifecta wager on 1-5-7, you can just gather if horse #1 comes in the first place, horse #5 comes in second, and stallion #7 comes in third. You can likewise box your trifecta wager so you can win if your three steeds come in the first place, second, and third in any request. Boxing a trifecta will altogether expand the expense of your wager in light of the fact that there are numerous blends. So a $2 box trifecta wager will really cost you $12 or a $1 trifecta boxed will cost you $6.
SUPERFECTA– You wager that four stallions will complete, in the first place, second, third, and fourth in a careful request. Likewise with exactas and trifectas, you can box a superfecta at an extra cost. The base wager is regularly 10-pennies, which makes it additionally speaking to numerous individuals.
I'm not going to get into "keying" steeds with these intriguing wagers. That is a tiny bit excessively progressed for our motivations here. Fundamentally, keying stallions permits you to minimize your wager, while expanding your payout in the event that you pick your steeds right. It's something that I'd investigate once you get happy with incapacitating steeds with extraordinary wagers.
What to Say to the Teller When You Place Your Bet
Okay, so you recognize what sort of wager you're going to make. Presently it's an ideal opportunity to put down your wager.
In case you're at the circuit in individual, I prescribe just utilizing human tellers. The programmed tellers have huge lines, and you hazard being closed out of a race since some country person is making various wagers and doesn't know how to work the PC. There's additionally the danger that you'll mess up your wager since you punched the wrong catch. The human tellers are quick, exact, and benevolent.
Have your cash prepared in your grasp. Things move quick at the counter, particularly a couple of minutes before post. You would prefer not to
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HORSE RACING**HOW TO BET AN EXACTA, TRIFECTA AND SUPERFECTA BOX!” How to bet and win playing superfecta wagers: Horse racing handicapping series Four Reasons to Bet the Dime Superfecta BEST Horse Racing Trifecta Strategy To Consistently Get Huge Payouts Part 1

However, with a field size of 9 and 10, the Superfecta payouts were substantially larger. If you take a look at the statistics from Race #5 and Race #7 (both with a field size of 9 horses) at Delaware Park , the payouts a re very nice for a $0.10 wager. The way that payouts are calculated is different than most standard horse racing wagers. Superfecta betting is based on the pari-mutuel wagering system, which means there are no odds involved. Instead, payouts are based on the size of the betting pool and the number of winning tickets. Here’s a simplified example to demonstrate. The possible superfecta payout is the main reason why this bet type is so popular. Even with a minimum stake of $1, payouts can reach thousands. Superfectas are based on parimutuel betting. This means that instead of odds, payouts are based on the number of winners and the size of the betting pool. Superfectas may be the most misunderstood wager in horse racing. Seasoned horseplayers often ignore the superfecta pool, even when it means passing up potentially huge payouts. Many people simply Superfecta Horse Racing Betting Payouts. There is no set payout in pari-mutuel horse racing betting. The payoff for a Superfecta will always be determined by the overall purse, and how much of that money was placed on the winning Superfecta, as opposed to any other bets placed. The tote board at the horse racing track won’t display the

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