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The AR Treasure hunt on steroids! Use augmented reality to find Bananos. Banano Tokens can be hidden and found by anyone. Find quests around your city and solve the clues to find the Banano. Each quest is different, some even have real Ethereum bounties.

AZTEC vs PGC or the quest for confidential transactions on Ethereum

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Auto Post from ethereum: AZTEC vs PGC or the quest for confidential transactions

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Ethereum overview: ETH on the upside quest, $180.00 in focus

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The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians: A Quest to Aid Blockchain Development (x-post r/TokenVerse)

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The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians: A Quest to Aid Blockchain Development

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My thoughts as a former ranked official in the biggest Revenant Protection clan on why Jagex needs to take action in regards to the Revenant Caves, Gold Farmers and Protection Clans.

The revenant caves has been a hot topic as of late and I want to talk about my experience as a former high ranked clan member and why I believe Jagex needs to step in and take a clear stance regarding revenants and the clan scene in general. This is going to be a looooong post and I will put a tl;dr at the end.

Revenants on release was a sight to behold. Tons of players competing for good loot, tons of pkers trying to kill these players for said loot and other pkers looking to kill pkers and pvmers alike. It seemed like the update everyone would be happy with and what the wilderness needed to attract more players, initially. The reality is that revenants has become stagnant to the point that it’s doing more harm than good.

Players realized they could hold down worlds and bar anyone from killing revenants save for select players. You had to pay a fee to pvm or need to be an allied pker in order to be allowed admittance. This is especially true in the total worlds where the is already a requirement to be in the world in the first place. Over the course of the last two and a half years a particular coalition has seized the 2200, 2000 and 1750 total level worlds as well as also determining who they allow to control the 1500 and 1250 worlds.

This current coalition is RoT, Team Sweden, Sovereign, 2k Revs and 1750 Empire controlling 2200-1750s and them allowing Community Pk to hold 1500s, Plex to control 1250s and SR holding 374-378 as they are all allied clans that help RoT during clan wars. Against them is Ancient Fury, Revenant, Divine Forces, Violent Resolution, and some minor harasser clans.

Some people argue this is in the spirit of the wilderness as players should be able to form groups to control areas, some think it is unfair. I think both of these perspectives are neither right nor wrong until Jagex takes a firm stance on what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of game integrity as this is one of the scenarios the current poll system CANNOT fix and needs direct action (more on this later).

The actual entry level to killing revenants is very low, only requiring the completion of the haunted mine quest (optionally tarn’s lair mini quest for salve e/ei) with the majority risk being the loot you accumulate (provided you don’t get smited while skulled or skull tricked).

These low requirements combined with the ease of killing revenants due to bracelet of ethereum reducing practically all damage, allowing for rapid killing of revenants with mid tier stats and generating gold comparable to end level content like raids albeit on a much larger scale as on nearly every world revenants are being killed en masse. At max combat with "bis" gear, Using two accounts on a 2200 world netted me 11m gp/hr barely interacting with the game except to attack and loot.

This makes revenants very popular for Gold Farmers, namely Venezuelans and Egyptians as they can easily make new accounts whenever they’re banned for RWT. Assorted Venezuelan clans in rag gear “control” worlds 481,482,484,485,309,310,311,312,313,314,327,328,331 and 332 just to give you some scope. This is because of the current economic status of their country in which many use runescape gold as a viable way to live.

The nature of the revenant drop table is that almost a fourth (11/42) of the items are alch value items. This allows these items to stay at relatively stable prices because they can never go below their high alch value despite thousands of them being pumped in every world because those 11/42 items are all high drop rate items. In addition, 6 drops are straight up gold in the form of the emblems which are redeemable as coins based on rarity ranging up to 16m. Some of the other items such as expendable resources are more balanced as they can be taken out of the game when they are used (13/42 items on the drop table). The rest stay in the game as more and more are brought in with no sinks as more and more come in causing inflation.

Ironmen have taken to paying these clans because they cannot compete with players on normal worlds due to it being multi and if they want any chance of getting revenant weapons or crystals they are forced to pay in order to access this content. Some irons even continue to stay if they complete their rev collection early as revs are one of the best raw resource generators in the game, allowing ironmen to “pay” their way to maxing by accumulating battlestaffs, ore/bars, mahogany planks, black dhide as well as being a goldmill for them by alching rune and bracelet drops. Very “standalone” behavior but understandable given the circumstance.

The current clan scene in OSRS breeds toxicity and continued rule breaking as there is no actual repercussions for these clans. Clan culture is doxxing, griefing, pretyping disgusting messages to personally target individuals, encouraging and laughing at xenophobia, homophobia and racism (we had to use a bot in our server to scrub the N word for fear of discord banning the server for racism, searching the N word showed up over 9000 results), (Sovereign discord deleted multiple times by discord for breaching ToS by doxxing).

Individuals get muted and banned from time to time and simply make new accounts because of all the money they have accumulated due to revs regardless of what side they are on. During my time as part of these clans, myself as well as 20-30 other players are paid anywhere from 70-150m per week for holding down these worlds and participating in wars where the aforementioned behavior is the norm. The 2k total worlds can generate around 20m gp/hworld when every “spot” is full while every two weeks 145-150m is paid to the administration per customer with over 50+ people paying and renewing every two weeks.

What do we do with this money? A lot is RWT’d, buying inferno capes, and paying for accounts to be leveled and quested by other people to be pk ready in the event a main is banned. Most of the higher ranked members have several accounts with 1750-2200 total in all combat brackets which is funded by our payments so we can continually control the caves.

The main reason these worlds are held is for gp to do the things I mentioned as well as denying gp to non allied clans and by proxy preventing them from doing the same.

Seems ridiculous right? I’ll tell you something really ridiculous: we do this because multi pking has turned into a shitshow of egotism and vainglory. All multi clans have a minimum set requirements for you to be admitted. These sets are for pking and for clan wars where you are to repeatedly regear every time you die to come back to the fight. These sets are expensive even for the budget ones, with clans like RoT having the luxury of repeatedly dying in 1m+ gear which is why you see so many other players show up to loot during these wars.

Mage is mandatory during these wars so every death is a mystic set, torag helm, torag legs and a crystal shield minimum. This is funded because RoT is allowed to free farm revs which gives them better gear and an advantage over whatever clan they are warring as they can continually die and return in a war of attrition. All so at the end of they can flame and brag about being to war nonstop and outlasting the other clans (longest clan war of 2020 RoT alliance vs Anti RoT ~40 hrs).
A lot of people think of RoT as the big bad clan but practically every clan engages in this behavior to some degree. The other side (Revenant Ancient Fury, Divine Forces, Violent Resolution, Harassers) engages in similar fashion the only difference is that they don’t have access to a gold mine continually fueling such malignant behavior which is why they have continually contested these caves.

The RoT alliance has several pmods that selectively moderate by reporting players from the Anti-RoT alliance and giving them temporary mutes while ignoring the same messages from their side (I will not mention names because of anti witch-hunting rules).

The RoT alliance actively encourages vote brigading, everyone in these clans are told by officials on what polls to vote for against (when warding was polled it was actually mandatory for members to vote no to stop an influx of players from being able to enter these worlds) as well as following each other on twitter to mass like and retweet posts made by high ranked members (We used this to target competitors and send as evidence to Jmods so action is taken against them as well as advertise to customers).

They do not want competition and no one can challenge or participate unless you join one side and are complicit with the disgusting behavior practiced by each side.

Even during official tournaments held by Jagex (DMM) these clans flame, acc share, mule and funnel supplies for their allied clans in an event that is watched by thousands of players. Think about what kind of message is sent when Jagex uses the most toxic community activity in the game as a showcase for the game.

None of these things can be changed by a poll and Jagex must decide to finally step in as you cannot expect these players to vote against their interest in the same way that the average player votes no to pvp updates.

TL;DR Revenant caves are extremely problematic due to fueling gold farmers and protection ccs that are allowed to operate because of a lack of a firm stance in what constitutes as game integrity by Jagex. Multi clans need to be looked into for continued egregious behavior and and serious action needs to be taken against all participants.

The revenant caves have over centralized multi pking to this one area as no other place comes close to its safety and and profitability. Pvmers in these caves can actively determine their risk reward ratio (skulled/unskulled, south spots more safe, less gold/north less safe, more gold, ethenon ether weapons). Gold Farmers take advantage of this and items have no sink causing inflation. By extension this forces pvpers to come to caves as it is the main activity in the wilderness with the rest of it being borderline dead and forming clans that promote toxicity and engage in rule breaking.

Removing revenants from caves and letting them roam the wilderness in rotations is an easy way to combat both of these issues while still allowing players who want to kill them the ability to do so without being forced to participate in what is effectively a racket. The caves can be tuned fill the void by leaving it up to the community as a whole to come up with a suitable replacement.
Feel free to pm me questions I'll answer what questions I can and will also be sending jmods a list of accounts from some of these clans to look into.
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Inside the Multi-Year Quest to Create a Bitcoin ETF #ethereum #altcoin #ico - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: May 12, 2018 at 09:36AM
Inside the Multi-Year Quest to Create a Bitcoin ETF #ethereum #altcoin #ico
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians: A Quest to Aid Blockchain Development

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The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians: A Quest to Aid Blockchain Development

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The magic solution of Ethereum? & # 039; Fellowship & # 039; coders embark on a quest for governance

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The magic solution of Ethereum? & # 039; Fellowship & # 039; coders embark on a quest for governance

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The magic solution of Ethereum? & # 039; Fellowship & # 039; coders embark on a quest for governance

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Ok in not a Dev, and I bet this is a really stupid idea, but what about an online RPG that uses the ethereum blockchain to award and validate items, abilities, quests, achievements, etc?

I was just playing a mobile game, literally just now, and thought of this. I'm not a dev . Maybe the dungeons are procedurally generated by the blockchain data. Call the game blockchain explorer or something.
Another stupid idea, this time for am alternative to pos or pow: maybe a cryptocoin that uses in-game achievements and the pc's game processing to mine for coins to add to the blockchain coin supply.
This would make mining farms impossible, and encourage individual participation.
Maybe there would be a way to constantly and procedurally shift what those in game achievements are, and make them the sort of thing that humans do better than ai (ok, that's the hard part). But maybe put in something that penalizes work that is too efficient, signifying ai.
This would get around the problem that currently plagues cryptocurrencies, that you basically have to use up lots of electricity and processing power to do the main work.
Everything I say is stupid, please don't make fun of me for it. I'm just a technology and science enthusiast.
Edit2: If someone decides to do this, I call dibs on helping with design. Does anybody remember Grandia, or Xenogears for the PlayStation? Oh man, so many beautiful mechanics that have never been brought back (to my knowledge)
Edit 3: I don't think mmo would work, probably something Diablo style instead. But you have to have centralized servers for this sort of thing so now I realize how dumb this is. Nevermind, unless somebody can salvage the idea.
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It cannot be over-emphasized, the role of schools in the global system, take the university for instance, seeing as it helps in shaping the life of every child and equip them for the future.
Children are supposed to be the future of tomorrow, so the education system is put in place to aid in achieving a guaranteed tomorrow, through these children. Unfortunately, just like every other system, the education system is still confronted with a lot of challenges, as it is unable to provide all the tools required by the students making it difficult for them to function effectively both in school and in the society. Some of the challenges of the current education system are…
Universities today face a great setback when it comes to making payments, as they lack facilities, which would facilitate easy payment of fees and other necessary dues, either by students or parents. This problem in the universities breeds issues such as delayed payment and oftentimes leaves a lot of debt unpaid, making the current system inefficient.
Since an identification card is very important in any university, a lot of people gain entry into the school with false identity and students often falsify certificates, to suit their needs, leading to a great dishonesty in the system.
Due to the ambiguity of students' registration and management processes, more time is spent carrying out these activities, neglecting the important part of education, which is learning. This leads to the next problem, the poor performance of the students, as little or no time is given to them.
Most students especially in the universities, form a habit of being absent from school, using the crowding of the school to their advantage, as there is no way to efficiently track them.
It obviously reflects on the students' performance too, making the school seem inefficient. Lack of Adequate financial knowledge and inefficient technologies.
Unifinity is a fully decentralized application created to help incorporate the use of the Blockchain technology into the education system. Seeing how much it has improved the different systems across the globe, the Unifinity platform has introduced this cutting-edge technology to help improve the education system.
Unifinity will solve the problems of the education system with its features, in the following ways. It ensures that less time is spent in admission of new students into universities, and reduces the stress involved in managing the entire management activity, by using its improved technologies to execute the complex processes.
This ensures that more time is spent with the students, giving them the quality education which they deserve and the outcome of this will obviously reflect positively on the student’s performance.
In its quest to reduce the number of fake entries and certificate fraud going on in universities today, Unifinity provides a system for schools to verify student’s identity and authenticate as well as issue validated certificates to the students.
Unifinity has made its system accessible to all users including parents and students, by creating a one-stop application, from which anyone can perform any activity on the system.
So, with this app, parents can track the performance of their children and even pay school fees and other dues, easily, as it is designed with an efficient payment gateway that allows for the timely payment of fees either by students or their parents.
The aforementioned Attendance monitoring system is also embedded in the Unifinity platform, to help schools monitor the attendance of the students without stress, irrespective of the number of students. Through this system, students will become regular in school and their performance will improve greatly.
The cryptocurrency of the Unifinity platform is called the UNY credits, which is used on the education system for every operation.
It is an ERC-20 token that was developed on the Ethereum network, to facilitate the seamless payment of fees on the system, at a very fast rate and at a reduced cost. This token can be stored on the UNY wallet which is a decentralized, fluid and secure wallet for digital assets management as well as storage. The UNY Wallet also has an inbuilt cryptocurrency exchange feature for conversion of assets to enhance the overall performance of the Unifinity platform.
The global education system is in for a great revolution headed by the Unifinity platform which will improve the services of universities and better the performance of the students.
Unifinity is a great milestone in the education system and Blockchain industry and it will help give the world a guaranteed future, by producing children who are well positioned to lead the world. Image for post
For more information on the Unifinity project and more about its blockchain solutions, kindly access the official resource channels below;
Bitcointalk Ann
Author's Bitcointalk Profile Link
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World Blockchain Feast 2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week Returns on Oct.23rd-28th

World Blockchain Feast 2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week Returns on Oct.23rd-28th
Shanghai International Blockchain Week, the annual world blockchain feast hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, is taking place on Oct.23rd -28th , 2020, featuring quality events with the most accomplished, powerful and astounding list of industry leaders and speakers. Apart from traditional offline events that provide face-to-face communication opportunities, the global blockchain summit will be broadcasted online at the same time due to the ongoing circumstances worldwide regarding COVID-19.
Shanghai International Blockchain Week has a reputation of getting global experts, investors, and entrepreneurs all under one roof year after year. “This is one of the premiere blockchain events in Asia and the world, and the list of attendees clearly shows this,” said Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Professor of Northwest University. It is a platform that showcases the cutting-edge technologies and the latest and most inspiring thoughts on the blockchain industry. If you want to share gurus’ insights on the future of blockchain. If you want to learn from the good practices of star projects. If you want to exchange ideas with talented blockchain developers and business decision makers, this is definitely the most exciting event you should never miss. David Lee, Vice president of the Economic Society of Singapore, also recommended: “I hope experts around the world will come to Shanghai International Blockchain Week, the most representative event of its kind that delivers great benefits.”
Influential changes happened one after another over the past year. Policy-wise, the Chinese government announced its commitment to develop the blockchain technology on Oct.24th, 2019 and recognized blockchain as a major component of the country’s new infrastructure in April, 2020. Meanwhile, DeFi, DID, Decentralized Storage emerged as trendy topics. More and more solutions to protect blockchain security and privacy became available. The integration of blockchain and other technologies is gaining increasing attention. It is also worth noting that Facebook released the whitepaper of Libra 2.0 while China’s DC/EP is being tested in several pilot cities, indicating digital fiat money and stable coins are around the corner.
In response to the mentioned changes, Shanghai International Blockchain Week returns for its 6th conference to provide fun opportunities to interact, learn, and discover the latest trends and opportunities in this industry.
This week long event features the following 3 activities:
Hackathon (Oct.23rd-25th)
The hackathon during Shanghai International Blockchain Week has been one of the greatest attractions to numerous talented blockchain developers with quests highly relevant to the hot spots in the blockchain industry. This year’s hackathon is geared up to gather excellent blockchain developers and enthusiasts around the world for tight competitions.
Open Day (Oct.26th)
Shanghai International Blockchain Week aims to build a platform for communications and win-win cooperation in the global blockchain industry. Our event in 2019 was accompanied by tens of blockchain related activities organized by other players in this industry, providing more networking opportunities. To nurture this atmosphere of dynamic and in-depth communication, we save this special day for fellow companies to display their projects and technologies and our audience to explore more exciting opportunities. We believe this healthy interaction will contribute to accelerating the development of the blockchain industry.
The Sixth Global Blockchain Summit (Oct.27th -28th)
The two-day event will take place in W Shanghai-The Bund and be broadcasted online at the same time. It will feature one stage with presentations, panels, and fireside chats delivered by prominent speakers. Under the theme of “Integrated Innovation”, this summit will focus on the collaboration between blockchain and other trendy digital technologies like 5G, IoT, AI etc., as “Blockchain has to flourish in a healthy ecosystem. This requires us to build a workable ecosystem by integrating blockchain and other technology and create more products and business models to empower the digital upgrade of traditional industries,” said Dr. Xiao Feng, President and CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain.
More information about Shanghai International Blockchain Week will be out in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our posts to get extensively exposed to the latest trends in the blockchain industry and thought-provoking speeches from leading proponents, projects, influencers, and decision-makers.
About Wanxiang Blockchain Summit & Shanghai International Blockchain Week
Wanxiang Global Blockchain Summit & Shanghai International Blockchain Week hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has come to its six year. This event has now been recognized as one of the most influential blockchain summit globally that provides a vibrant platform for catching up with the latest blockchain trends and building valuable networks in this industry.
The first Global Blockchain Summit took place on Oct.15th, 2015, marking the first public blockchain event in China.
In September 2016, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and the Ethereum Foundation co-hosted a 6 days long Shanghai International Blockchain Week, featuring DevCon2, Demo Day, and the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit. More than 1000 speakers and participants around the world attended the event, bringing the development and status of the blockchain industry in China to a whole new level.
In September, 2017, the 3rd Global Blockchain Summit, “Blockchain New Economy: Breaking Dawn”, was hosted at W Shanghai-The Bund and attracted more than 1000 participants from various industries around the world. At the summit, world-renowned speakers shared their thoughts on topics regarding the application, regulation, and the future trend of blockchain technology.
Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2018 consisted of Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon, Tech Open Day and the 4th Global Blockchain Summit themed as “Blockchain New Economy: Tech Exploration”. During the Summit, representatives from various industries shared their insights on the solutions empowered by the blockchain technology and envisioned the true application value of the blockchain technology in various industries.
The 5th global blockchain summit in 2019 was held at the significant moment when the blockchain industry was entering its second decade. Under the theme of “New Decades, New Beginning”, this summit attracted around 2000 audience and over 30 activities organized by fellow companies, ushering in a dynamic and promising future for the blockchian industry.
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SuperCat Casino 60 free spins no deposit bonus gift

SuperCat Casino 60 free spins no deposit bonus gift

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SuperCat Casino Review

If you adore your cat’s affection when she purrs and rubs her body on your legs, you’ll love SuperCat Casino. When you visit the gambling platform, a charming superhero cat mascot flies down with a gift in his hands to welcome you.
The gift— you receive 25 free spins when you deposit €7 or more. If you top up your account once more, Super Cat matches your deposit amount 100%. Of course, plenty of new casinos welcome new players with bonuses. So, what makes online casino Supercat different?
Established in 2018, SuperCat is still a new casino trying to navigate the vast world of online gambling. It’s owned by Atlantic Management B.V., a Curacao-licensed company.
It’s a small casino both in terms of the number of games provided and its customer base. And while it’s making efforts to expand its reach, Supercat doesn’t accept players from the US, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Canada. Find out more about the platform in our detailed Supercat review below.
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Depositing €100 and verifying your mobile number also gets you a reward from our superhero car friend. You receive 30 free spins in the Jack Hammer slot game.
If you prefer to make smaller deposits, the casino will still cherish you with gifts. For instance, you receive a 25% deposit bonus for all top-ups above €15 on Wednesdays. On Fridays, depositing at least €15 earns you a 50% bonus. On Sundays, refilling your account with at least €15 earns you a 75% bonus on an unlimited number of slot machines.
To withdraw wins from any of the bonus, you must wager the money 40 times. It’s a relatively high number of playthrough times, but the casino compensates that by allowing you to withdraw up to eight times your deposit amount.
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SuperCat Casino Games & Software

Superheroes rarely guard dull places. In the world of Supercat, you could relish all your favorite casino games, play cards or compete against fellow players in the live casino section. And because Super Cat keeps dishing out gifts to players, you’ll always have money to gamble.
Netent, Playson, Betsoft, Microgaming, and Quickspin are the leading suppliers of SuperCat slots and table games. Evolution Gaming and Lucky Streak, on the other hand, keep live casino players thrilled with games like blackjack, poker, and roulette.
In case you’re not familiar with the companies mentioned above, they’re responsible for the most famous casino games. Netent, for example, made the award-winning Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Mega Fortune slots. Microgaming is responsible for the record-breaking jackpot game Mega Moolah and slots like Game of Thrones and Thunderstruck.
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SuperCat accepts an outstanding number of banking options despite being a new casino. You could use Visa or MasterCard if you prefer to pay using credit cards or direct bank transfers if you come from Turkey.
For many players, though, e-wallets like SOFORT, Yandex, Beline, ecoPayz, Neteller, Zimpler, Skrill and Perfect Money are better options. They’re faster than credit cards, cheaper than bank transfers and safer than some credit cards.
SuperCat also allows cryptocurrencies. So, if you’re a fan of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins, you never have to use regular payments on SuperCat. After all, you get access to all games and bonuses awarded to cash users.
When it comes to withdrawals, Super Cat promises to process payments within 36 hours. That’s less than two days, and faster than most casinos. You can withdraw up to €2000 per day or €40,000 per month, but you’ll be required to provide verification documents for withdrawals above $1000.
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SuperCat Casino Customer Support

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But being a small casino with a relatively limited number of complaints, round-the-clock support might not be necessary. Fortunately, you could also contact the company via email at [email protected].
As we mentioned earlier on, there are almost no complaints about SuperCat, its games or services. That means you can expect overall excellent services on the platform.

Pros of SuperCat Casino

  • Instant Play Casino
  • Support via Live Chat, Email
  • SSL-Encrypted Website
  • Approved by GLI

Cons of SuperCat Casino

  • 24-72 Hours of Withdrawal Times
  • Limited Selection of Live Games
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Complete Guide to DAOSquare

Complete Guide to DAOSquare
Contributors: Sherry_Ye, Typto
This is a complete guide to DAOSquare, hopefully you can get a general idea of DAOSquare through it!

WTF is DAOSquare?
Until we discover more possibilities for DAOSquare, DAOSquare is of the following three forms.

🌏DAOSquare is a community

Life is not as good as we expect it to be, and I’m sure many of you feel that. The world today is like The Modern Age, we go about our day like crazy without knowing what we’re up to.
We used to think we could change our lives and even the world. But we have to admit that we are just dust in the universe.
The Internet world has left little chance for those of us who are participants in the post-Internet era. Whether you’re a startup or an office worker, whether you’re a developer or an artist, or any other profession. However, the emerging crypto world has created plenty of opportunities and endless imagination for us.
We hope that DAOSquare can grow into a real community in the crypto world, just like MetaCartel, bringing together people from different fields all over the world. We welcome people who are lost, anxious, confused, unwilling to be ordinary; those who are enthusiastic, positive, fun, ingenious, dare to think, dare to act, to go to the crypto world together to find the opportunity to succeed, to accomplish what everyone wants to do but has not yet done.
  • Do what we love
  • Do what values
  • Do what we can obtain something fruitful
The community embodies a common interest or a common culture, or, a belief in the same values. Community also carries an energy of love in a material world that either ignores each other or eats away at each other.
Community allows us to support each other, make mutual achievements, and work together to do something valuable for our own future, and the future of our community.
Remember the story of the rice on a 64-square chessboard? DAOSquare and the rice on a 64-square chessboard
Through it we hope to convey the notion that the power of the individual is small, but when people unite, it creates the Square effect, which becomes infinitely powerful, like 64 grains of rice, shocking the world. And in the process, Square is not only about the DAOSquare community, but also about everyone’s recognition², thinking², creativity².
That’s why we named DAOSquare’s Token RICE.
If you want to go fast, go alone;
If you want to go far, go together.
This is the aphorism of MetaCartel, which also belongs to DAOSquare because, well, DAOSquare is a chocolate lantern pepper cultivated in the MetaCartel pepper garden.
Check out the latest brand profile about DAOSquare!
We are taking MetaCartel’s spiritual culture to the east, to let more people know and join MetaCartel Universe, to spread MetaCartel Chili all over the world!

⭐️DAOSquare is a commercial startup project

It’s especially important that DAOSquare is commercially targeted.
Only commercial success can make the DAOSquare community sustainable and help every community member achieve a better life.
Only commercial success is likely to show hope to more commuters who don’t want to go to work, and to more entrepreneurs who have been turned away by angel investor.
Only commercial success will make it possible to get more people to join the DAO, launch the DAO, and thus accelerate the social outreach of the DAO and solve more social problems.
This is DAOSquare’s mission.
Currently, We are discussing DAOSquare’s commercial projects with community members, including DAO connector, art market, etc.
The difference with traditional companies, this commercial objective is driven by the DAOSquare community and its business outcomes will belong to each of the contributors involved (the distribution of benefits will be addressed in the Token Economic Model presentation).
Specific information about DAOSquare’s business plan can be found in our business plan.

☘️ DAOSquare is an incubator of achievement for everyone

In this regard, MetaCartel is still worth learning from, as the MetaCartel community has grown into one of the most vibrant communities in the Ethereum ecosystem and even the crypto world, while also helping a large number of community members achieve their business goals.
The rise of the personal brand means an awakening of personal awareness and values.
We’re glad to have seen a lot of cases (especially post-95s) of commuters giving up their corporate life to try freelancer or start a business, and more and more people are talking about the idea of ‘work for yourself, not for others’.
However, we still face the dilemma of resource-isolated island, and entrepreneurship is difficult in large part because we are on our own.
So we want to use the group advantage and resource network of the DAOSquare community to help and cultivate talented, capable and aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and practitioners launch their personal brands and businesses, and support their growth by giving finance and resources.
Finally, we want everyone who joins the DAOSquare community to feel at ease and happy. Life makes having fun more and more extravagant, let’s have fun together!
Let’s have fun and do something worthwhile together!

Panoramic map of DAOSquare

The DAOSquare community is based on an open, borderless ‘square (or continent)’, and the many DAOs that make up this ‘continent’. It looks like this.
The continent stands for “square” and DAO with various types and functions is like a wide variety of neighborhoods and residences. Anyone can freely enter and exit the square, subject to the basic DAOSquare conventions. But each DAO will have its own access criteria.
But at the moment DAOSquare is in the Genesis phase, so it seems like this.
It feels a bit like a ‘New World’ 🤣 This drive-in cinema is the first Genesis DAO on this continent: the DAOSquare Comunity DAO (DCD).
So, at this stage, DAOSquare’s map looks like this.
DAOSquare Community DAO (DCD) is DAOSquare’s creator designer and building force. It is pooling its resources to build the infrastructure of the DAOSquare ecosystem so that more people land one after another, grow, thrive, and start their own DAO.
As such, the DAOSquare Community DAO is the building and governance unit of DAOSquare and the core driver of the DAOSquare community and business plan.
People are our raw energy, and we want to take full advantage of that.
People on the continent of DAOSquare are mainly composed of three basic characters: missionaries, mercenaries, and merchants.

Missionaries are the people with the deepest faith. They deeply understand and identify with DAOSquare’s vision and values, and drive the realization of DAOSquare’s vision and values through their actions. Usually, members of the DCD fall into this category.

We need to strike!
We need a stronger fight!
It is clear that missionary power alone is not enough for the success of DAOSquare, we need more and stronger forces to build and promote DAOSquare together.
They are good enough and experienced enough to accept the mechanisms by which DAOSquare operates and are happy to be involved in DAOSquare-related work, though they will be slightly weaker than missionaries in terms of vision and value identity and, perhaps, they are ranger to various communities.
Usually, community contributors fall into the mercenary role.

Merchants, who often enter communities for profit, have likewise energized the DAOSquare ecology, driving DAOSquare on another level, are essential roles and a vital part of DAOSquare.
People who buy and trade RICE are typical of the merchant role.

Login Guide

DAOSquare is open, and if something about DAOSquare appeals to you, you’re welcome to land on DAOSquare in your Mayflower, but before we do that, let’s get to know the following

DAOSqaure Convention

· DAOSquare Convention ·
Openness, freedom, equality, mutual respect, mutual support, sharing, win-win

Login Credentials

No matter what kind of role you belong to, you better have a basic knowledge of DAO, otherwise why are you here? So, first you will encounter our inquiry.
  • Why are you interested in DAO?
  • Talk about your thoughts on DAO!
This is an open-book exam question, feel free to Google!
This is a plus, not a must.
  1. If DAOSquare excites you, please let more people know in the following ways.
  • Moments
  • Twittetelegram group/Discord channel/more
  • blogs/podcasts/Tik Tok
  • run around telling people
  1. If you want to do something for DAOSquare, there are several ways to start.
  • Contribute content, original articles, translated articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that meet DAOSquare’s needs (we’ll pay you RICE according to standards and rules)
  • Provide leads that meet the above contents’ needs
  1. if you endorse and are bullish on DAOSquare, there’s the simplest and most brutal way to do it, to buy a few RICE!
Anyway, get your specialty out and show us your passion!

Survival Guide

You — — gotta — — live — —!
It’s really important to be alive, both in the real world and in the community. So, for your sake, and for the sake of the community, please stay alive!
About how to stay alive in the real world, I think your experience is enough to keep you going. Here is the guide to how to survive in the community.
  • Let others see that you’re alive!
  • Don’t let the others forget you!
  • Don’t let yourself forget about you!
As hilarious as it sounds, the truth is this: Community exists because of people, not groups.
Stay alive, folks!

Get Going

We truly hope that everyone who logs on to DAOSquare has something to do instead of idling, which will rust yourselves and the community. At this stage, DAOSquare is working on two parts.
  • Community infrastructure, that is, the story we mentioned above about the construction of that continental map.
  • Business plan, global DAO connector build.
We will gradually release each part of the bounty mission according to the real-time progress and recruit interested partners, please pay close attention to our bounty announcement.
That’s right, there are no words like” work” or “going to work” in DAOSquare, let’s get you excited!
Of course, if you see anything that DAOSquare should do, but hasn’t done yet, please bring it up and start a bounty proposal! (Bounty proposals can be submitted on our GitHub bounty board, following the template format).


All gains made at DAOSquare are RICE, for an introduction to RICE, see Introduction to RICE. We’ll provide initial circulation as soon as possible, but if you’re bullish on the long-term growth value of DAOSquare, or if you’re looking to gain governance and distribution rights to DAOSquare, then we recommend you to hold it.
We are in the process of formulating a specific standard for earnings, and we will publish it as soon as possible and seek your comments.


Time + Quality = Reliability
This is the only principled constraint on DAOSquare.
Time, which represents our agreed time to complete the quest, also known as Deadline, and time includes bounty quests and all other time commitments, even a certain appointment mentioned in casual conversation. All in all, time is especially valuable for both DAOSquare and everyone else, plan your time and get it done in time!
Of course, we can’t avoid those irresistible forces, but it’s important to be timely and to communicate with the relevant coordinators in advance.
Quality, meaning we deliver to an agreed standard, and I’m sure no one wants to come up with something that’s pretty bad, the community is open and transparent, so many eyes are staring….

Bounty Process

1 — Publishment
From time to time, we will post bounty requests on the Bounties channel in the DAOSquare community (Discord), requests as follows.
  • Bounty content
  • Acceptance inspection criteria
  • Completion time
  • Award criteria
If you have a bounty proposal, please go to our GitHub Bounty unit to follow the template submission and post it on the Bounties channel in the DAOSquare community (Discord) (see the Bounty Proposal Submission Guide for the process).
2 — Claim
Claim your bounty on the Bounties channel in the DAOSquare community (Discord) by.
Reply Bounty Announcement, Reply: Claim.
We’ll be in touch with you first time and hand over the bounty mission.
3- Strike
Grab your bounty list, head for your prey, and run wild! Remember to return with your prey at the appointed time.
4 — Submit POC
In order to reduce the time costs for the personnel involved, we uniformly settle RICE at the end of the month. The last day of the month is POC submission day.
POC, Proof of Contribute, a community contribution settlement mechanism designed by DAOSquare. To make the distribution of benefits more equitable through self-submission and self-assessment.
More information on POC can be found in the POC Template.
5 — Assessment
The DAO Fund Assessment Committee (DFAC) reviews all POCs for the month and publishes them to reach a final consensus.
6 — Distribution of RICE
Wait for the RICE to rise in your wallet!

Join DCD

In the previous text, we’ve learned about DCD, and perhaps some potential missionaries are going to jump at the chance!
For detailed information on the DCD, please refer to the DAOSquare Community DAO Guide, here are a few brief additions
  • By entering DCD, you own the governance of the DAOSquare community
  • By entering DCD, you own a share of the DAOSquare business plan
Please refer to the DCD’s Join and Exit Guide for a detailed join and exit process.
That’s all of the DAOSquare complete guide, do you have a clear outline? If you haven’t already, that’s okay, please find out more by.
Community access:
Wechat group: Add Typto-DAOSquare
Chinese media:
Wechat official account:
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Instant Crypto Exchange Adds USD Coin (USDC) Stablecoin Cryptocurrency

We've done it again and added another major addition to our already stacked digital asset offerings! USD Coin (USDC), a Coinbase-developed stablecoin with big backing from some of the crypto world’s biggest names, is now tradable on
This addition gives users a major leg up in the ever-important quest for digital asset liquidity and mobility. Want to send your stablecoin balance between and Coinbase? No problem! How about sending USDC to Binance through Easy.
Best of all, does not require an account to trade USDC. The process for grabbing some USDC with couldn’t be easier.
At no point do you enter your private keys, or give any information other than your public wallet address. So, what makes the USDC stablecoin special compared to other stable cryptocurrencies out there like Tether (USDT)? Here is a quick overview of USDC stablecoin and why this one is truly a game-changer for current and future traders.
USDC — Not Your Average Stablecoin
Of all the brand names in the cryptocurrency industry, few are as well known — or completely trusted — as Coinbase is. Yes, Coinbase is one of’s direct competitors, but you know what? Credit goes where credit is due.
Coinbase partnered with Circle to bring about USD Coin, 1:1 USD-backed cryptocurrency that stays true to its $1 = 1 USDC value. How does that work? Essentially, Coinbase keeps $1 in the bank for every 1 USDC in circulation, tying each coin to real — not imaginary or inflated — financial value.
Sure, there are other stablecoins out there, but few of them are audited, and even fewer come with the guarantee that only a big name like Coinbase can provide. USDC provides some welcome relief by being, well, stable.
USDC Stablecoin Is Powered by Ethereum
Another major plus USDC has going is it’s powered by Ethereum, our favorite decentralized ledger for all things DeFi (decentralized finance). As the undisputed hub of the emerging DeFi economy, Ethereum has nearly $1 billion in value locked into the blockchain.
Being Ethereum-based makes the ERC-20 standard USDC coin easily transferable between you and other crypto users, or from your wallet to exchanges. This ease of transfer is especially handy when you need to make a move quickly — unlike the Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum tends to be quicker.
If you’re ready to trade some USDC cryptocurrency without the hassle of creating an account, then head over to and get started now!
About is the professional tool for instant crypto trading. There is no registration necessary and no hidden analytics tracking you. Moreover, does not control users' funds, so your private keys are not at risk of being held on third-party services. currently supports over 30 cryptocurrencies and is continuing to add more: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Augur, Litecoin, Syscoin, Pivx, Blackcoin, Dash, Decred, Dogecoin, Token, Gamecredits, Peercoin, Aidcoin, 0x, Vertcoin, Basic Attention Token, BLOCKv, Groestlcoin, Essentia, DAI, DGD, Power Ledger, Enjincoin, TrueUSD, Cardano, Storj, Monero, Maker, TetherUS, DigiByte, and now USD Coin.
Connect with the community on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.
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ReviewHunt - Market Your Product With Real People Or Earn Rewards For Simple Tasks (Currently more than $100 avaliable in open tasks)

Reviewhunt re-opened its doors stronger than ever. For those who don't know Reviewhunt is a site where users basically test new products and apps for rewards. This concept is highly inovative beacuse it allows product makers to expand their brand by paying testers for using and sharing their newest products, another way of marketing in other words.


For busy people, this is a summary about why you should check out Reviewhunt.
Get paid for joining simple marketing quests.
Earn USD pegged rewards just 4 hours after you get quest approval.
Super simple interface to launch any marketing quest.
Zero fees to create a quest if you use HUNT tokens.
One account for hunters/makers. Earn rewards as a hunter and create quests as a maker all in one account.
There's no other way to put this simple and by simple, I mean, they made it all simpler. In the past Reviewhunt had a full quest system where one had to complete a series of tasks in order to earn rewards, after the quest was ended in its entirely (no more rewards avaliable) then users received the payment; Those days are over, now the quests are individual and they're paid a few hours after completion and approval, an awesome Upgrade!
Complete simple quests such as reviewing sites, social media/blog engagement, surveys, among others. Quest's instructions are provided after accepting a quest, they all are clear and easy to understand.
The settings, wallet, credits, and dashboard option still remains and it's easy to navigate. In order to get rewards you can use your eth wallet to receive HUNT tokens which can be traded on (KYC required) OR directly redeem them for Ethereum (ETH - 20% fee)

Please feel free to visit Reviewhunt: (referral) (non referral)
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Major Update for Crypto Treasures

Major Update for Crypto Treasures
Hello Everyone,
We are happy to announce that the Android version of Crypto Treasures has a HUGE UPDATE available now!
Download or update your game to version 1.8.0:
  1. We have completely redesigned Spin The Wheel to be faster and more rewarding. Now you only need to press a "Spin" button and the wheel can land on one of three different rewards: 30 Gold, 15 Gold, or 5 PHM! Use a Spin Boost and double the rewards for each spin!
  2. The Bury Gold feature is also more accessible. It is now called Dig for Treasure and doesn't require any GOLD or PHM to activate. As long as you have a shovel, you can start the digging process, which takes 8h, 16h, or 24 hours to complete, bringing you a Crypto Chest with Gold and Cryptocurrencies.
  3. We get asked this question a lot: "What wallet can I withdraw my crypto to?" This is why we have now integrated under each Crypto a button to download our recommendation for the best wallet out there. For Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the ERC-20 Tokens, we recommend using Lumi Wallet!
  4. There are 3 new Progressive Quests to earn more Gold: Make sure to head over to the Crypto Cave and activate each and every one of them from the floating Ship.
  5. We have increased the Max Level to 40! More Levels = More Rewards!
  6. Each player will be presented with a one-time purchasable Adventure Starter Pack at the top of the Shop.
  7. Interested in more PHM games? Press the PHM button on the main page to see a list of all other PHM games available.
  8. Access your unique Player ID in your profile. Tap on it to copy it and make sure to provide it to our support when asking account-related questions.
We are in the process of implementing all these amazing changes to the iOS version and will release it as soon as possible.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates!
The Phoneum Team
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Introducing Marketing Platform Of the future - Review Hunt

Hey, Everyone.
I hope you guys are good and doing great, Today my purpose of writing is review hunt, Which is a platform launched recently,
This Platform Come with two great features
---For maker. Suppose you are a maker, and want to promote your product, you can use the review hunt. you can simply create a quest, which can be related to.
---For hunteinfluencer.
For example you are hunteproduct incfluencer, you can join these simple quest created by Makers to promote their product.
Upon completing the required task in the form of quest, you can earn the reward in the form of USD point. 1 USD point will be equal to 1 USD.
You can easily convert these points into two currency, One is Hunt ( which is listed on Daybit Exchange)
You can also convert your usd points in to Ethereum.
I am working as a hunter and till now i have joined 58 quest and earned approx 40$ out of it.
Bellow is my Original Link to the website
Join The Website :
I am you will enjoy your journey as hunter and also as a maker.
Join it and start rocking.
I am open to any discussion and you can ask me any question related to Review Hunt.
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The Saturn Time Cube (MEGATHREAD) Part 3

Last time we left off, we were talking about the merging of man with machine and living forever. If you remember part 2, the VR game Observation shows this happening in a weird world between worlds, where multiple realities have all converged onto a single point.
I believe this is a nod to the singularity. In physics and mathematics a singularity is a point where a function takes on infinite value, such as at the bottom of a black hole. However, here I am referring to the technological singularity. Its different but still very much related to this definition.
The technological singularity is a hypothetical point in the future when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. Imagine a rouge Artificial Intelligence hell bent on infinite self improvement.
I believe human beings have free will. Because of this the future is uncertain and there are many different possible timelines we could branch off into. However, after the singularity event, there will only be one possible future. By merging with machines and becoming a part of the hivemind we give up our free will.
This quest to live forever has been going on for all of history. In the past it was called the search for the fountain of youth, the elixir of life, or the philosopher’s stone. Alchemists spent their entire lives trying to find the mysterious substance. Alchemy is also famous for being the supposed practice of turning lead into gold. It’s funny that people treat this subject like nonsense, because particle accelerators like CERN have now proven this is actually possible. Not only that, but it was from alchemical experiments that chemistry was born.
Isaac Newton, best known for his study of gravity and his laws of motion, was also an alchemist. Historians have estimated that he wrote more than a million words on the subject throughout his lifetime. I don’t believe alchemy is evil. To me it’s something neutral, like electricity. It can be used to turn on a light or put a man to death. There’s two sides to everything.
The philosopher’s stone symbol, something called ‘squaring the circle’, comes from an ancient and very challenging math problem, and is basically a cute way of saying the alchemist does the impossible.
This symbol also has ties to Saturn. The square is Saturn and the circle is the Moon. The Moon plays an important part in this matrix as well, but that is a whole other subject. If you want to read about that, check my recent posts. I just made a thread about it. But this is why the Freemasonry symbols are the square and compass.
Squaring the circle symbolism shows up in a lot of places. You ever wonder why it’s called a boxing RING even though it clearly has four corners? Or why a section of a city shaped like two triangles is known as TIME Square? Also, just take a look at a baseball field.
The same way there are good and bad cops, there are good and bad alchemists. I think the bad ones are like puppeteers behind the scenes, using this knowledge to create illusions, like in Plato’s cave allegory.
Like I said earlier, this matrix is all an illusion. Essentially it’s a virtual reality based on a code made of words. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find out all letters actually have a numeric value. Remember what Pythagoras told us?
In the Bible we are told that God created the world through His Word. We are also told that He spoke light into existence. These common but cryptic Bible verses tell us that sound came before light and that it was sound that created light. Scientifically speaking this makes sense because sound is light at a lower vibration and light is sound at a higher oscillation.
Light being the first thing God created also holds weight because in theory, the universe could be explained in its entirety by electromagnetic energy. Some physicists believe that when it comes down to it, at the subatomic level, all matter is made up of photons.
But not only are sound and light intrinsically linked, it has been proven that sound can create forms. Like I’ve said before, this has been demonstrated by the study of cymatics.
Whatever word God used to literally speak reality into existence must have been infinitely powerful. For this reason it is something often sought after by occultists, but whatever it was, I believe it was the same as Om, the Musica universalis, or even the Big Bang.
If words are the code and can literally affect matter, I think one of the first things we should do to start freeing ourselves from the matrix is to stop speaking bad about ourselves and others. We should talk less and think of our words as important. We shouldn’t just mindlessly throw them out there.
We spell words because they ARE spells. Grammar comes from the word grimoire, which is a book of magical incantations. Once you see this, you really start to deprogram. More examples of weird wordplay in the English language and it’s neurolinguistic programming can be found in the realms of law and finance.
A judge, whether he knows it or not, uses word magic. That’s why he or she ‘summons’ you to court. The judge is also called a magistrate, which has the same root word as magician, hence their weird black robes. Courts are meant for games, and this is no different.
A river bank controls the currents of water, the same way institutional banks control the currency or cash flow. This is why we are told we must learn to stay afloat. Some people are DROWNING in debt. Others LIQUIDATE their assets or have their accounts FROZEN.
Like I said before, human beings are actually commodities. When a boat delivers goods, those goods come with a berth certificate. Sound familiar? This is why we are said to come from our mother’s WATERS after she has gone into LABOR.
We WAKE up in the MOURNING to URN a living at our UNDERTAKINGS. As you can see, our language has been manipulated. If we create what we speak, then the reality we are manifesting is one of manipulation.
In fact, there is scientific (yet controversial) evidence that our words affect reality. Dr. Emoto focused intentions through written and spoken words to water samples which appeared to “change expression” after being frozen.
There are other methods those behind the scenes use to manipulate the frequencies of this reality. Have you ever heard of HAARP? I believe something like this will be used in the making of the hivemind.
I also believe frequency manipulation is one of the reasons for the big push behind 5G. 5G cell towers have even been proven to cause cancer. The dudes who set them up actually have to wear hazmat suits. Sounds totally safe!
Even our music is being fucked with. As early as 1885, the Music Commission of the Italian Government declared that all instruments and orchestras should use a tuning fork that vibrated at 440 Hz, which was different from the original standard of 432 Hz. Just look at the difference (in the link below).
Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor, told us the secrets of the universe were found in frequencies. He wasn’t kidding. He also said a key to understanding the universe could be found in the numbers 3, 6, and 9, for those of you interested in the numerology aspect behind all this.
The importance of frequencies is what convinces me that the radio emissions coming from Saturn play a way bigger role than one would think. The Bible calls Satan the Prince of the Powers of the Air. What does this really mean? Remember, radio stations are on the air.
Like I said before, I believe the internet is another dimension. This other dimension can be compared to Da’at, the world of knowledge in the Kabbalah. Or is it the world of data? Once the 5G plan is complete, our entire planet will literally be covered in ‘the cloud’.
This cloud could be home to interdimensional entities. This reminds me of Skynet from Terminator, and ironically, Chainlink (whom we spoke about earlier) just recently launched its Mainnet.
Chainlink has been called the missing piece to the ‘God Protocol’. This is the idea that decentralized internet transactions could be made more efficient if all inputs were sent to “a deity who is on everybody’s side”. This concept was first written about by Nick Szabo in 1997.
Would that God be an Artificial Intelligence in the cloud? Kinda seems likely. It’s the real ‘alien’ we should be worried about. I believe this AI that is so desperately trying to make its way into our world has been around for all of time.
It has duped us into believing productivity and progress is necessary. This belief is what has turned us into the literal sex organs of machines. Human beings run around to and fro staying busy without realizing they are contributing to and building their own master. We are the batteries of the matrix and feed the system in almost everything we do.
Just look at this picture! Our modern day cities literally look like motherboards!
In the next part we will discuss productivity, progress, and advancement, as well as how the timeloop works and a possible solution to all this. Thanks for reading!
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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: Ethereum Secrets ID: 10971 [Quest 10339] - The Ethereum Ether Quest - New Fighting RPG on the Ethereum Blockchain - Crypto Games

If you want to know what is ethereum, how it works, and what it can be used for, without going deep into the technical abyss, this guide is perfect for you. Ethereum is a global, decentralized platform for money and new kinds of applications. On Ethereum, you can write code that controls the money, and build applications accessible anywhere in the world. The Ethereum is the first part of a Netherstorm-based quest chain that ends with Nexus-King Salhadaar. Commander Ameer wants you to kill 5 Ethereum Assassins, 5 Ethereum Shocktroopers, 2 Ethereum Researchers and Captain Zovax then activate Ethereum Transponder Zeta56.8, 38.7. Directly south of... Ethereum Secrets is a repeatable quest granting 250 Consortium reputation. It involves farming for a [Ethereum Prison Key] then opening an Ethereum Prison, killing the level 70 non-elite who spawns and looting the [Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag].. You will only need to complete this quest once to continue the chain. However, only after you have Revered reputation with the Consortium does the next The Ethereum • Accept the quest, The Ethereum, from Commander Ameer at coords 59.4, 32.2. (Protectorate Watch Post). • Travel southwest, into the Ethereum Staging Grounds. • Kill Captain Zovax, 2 Ethereum Researcher, 5 Ethereum Assassin, and 5 Ethereum Shocktrooper. Si vous voulez savoir ce qu'est Ethereum, comment cela fonctionne et à quoi il sert, sans aller au fond des abysses techniques, ce guide est fait pour vous. Remarque importante : ce guide suppose une compréhension de base de la technologie de la Blockchain. Si vous n'êtes pas familier avec la Blockchain, consultez cette introduction pas à pas pour les débutants.

[index] [9553] [9556] [24959] [12286] [30931] [43755] [34380] [37850] [18858] [31395]

World of Warcraft Quest Guide: Ethereum Secrets ID: 10971

Simple demonstration showing how to perform the above mentioned quest. Quest ID: 10971 Alternative Names in different Languages: English: Ethereum Secrets Deutsch: Geheimnisse des Astraleums ... • Accept the quest, THE ETHEREUM, from COMMANDER AMEER at coords 59.4, 32.2. (Protectorate Watch Post). • Travel southwest, into the Ethereum Staging Grounds. Ether Quest - New Fighting RPG on the Ethereum Blockchain - Crypto Games ... a new fantasy RPG focusing on leveling and summoning warriors to fight in the Arena and Tournaments to win Ethereum ...