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LBGT & 377A. The taboo topic of Singapore.

Ps: this is gonna be a long rant
As an LGBT individual, it is so disheartening to see all the homophobic comments and behaviours from my fellow Singaporeans. While 377A is not strictly enforced, it is still in place to “preserve traditional family values”. But people have to realise that times are changing. If you really want to stick to traditional, women shouldn’t be allowed to further their education and are expected to stay at home and take care of her kids and in-laws. Men who do arts aren’t considered real men. If your first born is a girl then you are a disgrace to your family. So many of these bullshit.
What the queer community want is equality. We want to be able to marry our partner legally in Singapore. We have to be recognised as husbands/wives without having the fear that our sexuality will affect our career (especially for those in the govt sector). We want acceptance from our parents and not have the fear of getting kicked out of the house. We are no different from the rest of you, the only difference is that we are attracted to people of the same gender.
“Your sexuality is a choice” is the dumbest statement ever. Nobody chooses a sexuality that causes them to be ostracised by society, bullied by peers from a young age, disowned by their parents, wait till 35 to BTO for a tiny 2 room flat. I bet you 95% of the LGBT wish they were straight at certain points in their life. But it is not a choice, we are born this way. We are not influenced by western media. In fact, it is western media that helped me realised that it’s okay for me to feel this way. I first liked a girl when I was 14, and hell the only times I’ve heard the words “lesbian” or “gay” is when it is used to insult someone. I had to google “am I a lesbian”. And it sucks because of the lack of education about sexuality in Singapore. No teachers or adults ever talked about it.
I’ve had a friend whom parents told her “we would have aborted you if we knew that you are gay”. My friend was only 13 at that time. This is the biggest fuckery ever. How can you claim that you love your child with your whole heart when you are willing to cease their existence immediately? She was ONLY 13.
“Being gay is a sin, you’re going to hell.” Firstly, not everyone follows the same religion as you. Secondly, what happens to “love thy neighbour”? There are so many LGBT individuals out there that are kind, caring, smart, hardworking, loving people. Yet just because they love someone of the same that means that they are a bad person. Thirdly, don’t judging someone and kicking them out of society saves you a spot in hell too? But well if all LGBT individuals are going to hell I guess I wouldn’t mind since it should be a rainbow party down there.
It really boggles my mind how narrow-minded Singaporeans are. How they can’t come to terms that we are all the same. How they can’t accept the fact that we just want to be treated as any other Singaporeans. If you want to talk about being a bad influence for kids, how so? What about the countless cases of father raping their daughter, with some even the mother knew about it but kept quiet. How about abusive parents? Or broken families? Should single parent or divorcees be criminalised too? “Gay parents will have gay children”. The only thing I have to say to this is that 100% of us LGBT individuals in Singapore have straight parents.
There are so many other things I have to rant about but I guess this is it for now. Dear Singapore, as much as you want to be a city of the future, your backward thinking says otherwise. I’m 24 this year, my dream is to see gay marriage being legalised before I die but I have little faith that it will happen.
We just want to be treated as equal. No special treatment of whatsoever. Just equal.
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I got called a ‘Stone Head’ today

So basically I was walking with a few friends yesterday, we finished a joint probably 20 minutes before this just casually walking around and playing some Pokémon Go
When suddenly this middle aged man pushes passed us and says ‘let me get passed you, Stone heads’ and stared us down angrily as he passed by, not to mention he was carrying a box of beer under his arm
It highlighted to me that going home and drinking a box of beer on a Friday afternoon is totally acceptable and in the UK where I live is seen as something everyone should be doing and if not then they’re weird. Mention to one person where I live that you don’t drink alcohol and you’ll get ‘bet you’re fun at parties’ or something like ‘ehhh?? How do you cope not going out on a weekend’
but smoking a joint playing Pokemon go and going for a walk gets you dirty looks and angrily pushed passed in the street
Legalisation in this country seems miles away
I just needed to rant somewhere about this
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Simple tips and tools for your privacy: recommended by a hacker

Hey guys, my co-founder is an ex-hacker who used to work for governments on classified projects. I've written a blogpost on the private tools he personally uses and recommends you to use.

As a non-technical person myself wanting to improve my online privacy, I know that using "private" products usually means, unfortunately, having to give up the simplicity and convenience that I get and love from using mainstream (non-private) solutions. But that's not always the case. Some private solutions are very simple, user-friendly and accessible to everyone.
So I've asked Greg to write down which products he uses as private alternatives, as well as what he'd recommend you to use and to do, in case you're a bit interested in improving your privacy (whether you're tech savvy, or not).
Some solutions and tips are definitely simple to implement, some less. In the end that is for you to decide.
So, Greg, what do you use for...
-EMAIL: ProtonMail instead of Gmail
"ProtonMail. It's end-to-end encrypted. They will soon release the calendar app making its ease of use and functionalities very close to Gmail."
Bonus tip: "I also recommend you to own your email name by buying a domain. That way, in case there's a problem for whichever reason, you can always change your email provider and you won't lose your address (it's a little technical though)."
Can anyone use ProtonMail? Simple and accessible? :"Yes, definitely."
-MESSAGING APP: Signal instead of WhatsApp
"Signal. It works well, it's end-to-end encrypted, anyone can use it without really sacrificing user experience, plus it works on both mobile and desktop. The challenge of course, is to get your friends to use it too. In my case I told them it's the only way to contact me via instant messaging, and that it costs them nothing to try it out. In the end more people downloaded it than I originally thought.
Avoid using WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook. Even WhatsApp's founder, who has actually invested in Signal (quite an incredible story), says the same thing. Here's a really interesting article of his take on the situation and on why he left WhatsApp, mentioning Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg in the process."
Can anyone use Signal? Simple and accessible? :"Yes, absolutely."
-SEARCH ENGINE: DuckDuckGo instead of Google
"DuckDuckGo. It works well and is privacy orientated.
A great advantage of using DuckDuckGo, which comes from its high level of privacy, is that you're not in a bubble, since the results from your searches are not "biased" (as opposed to when you use Google, whose algorithm manipulates your search results based on the personal data they have on you). Actually when I used Google sometimes I had to ask friends to search something for me because I couldn't access the info I was looking for (because the results I wanted were outside my search bubble)!
Though I have to admit I still use Google for some searches when DuckDuckGo's results simply don't do the trick."
Can anyone use DuckDuckGo? Simple and accessible? :"Yes, certainly."
-SMARTPHONE: Don't own one instead of... owning one
"I don't have a smartphone. I use a M5 Card Phone. Cheap GSM-only phone that fits in your wallet (credit card size), 3 days battery and very good call quality. People usually don't believe me at first when I tell them that it's my phone, they think it's a calculator.
If you knew what some people can actually (and easily) do with the info on your smartphone, my bet is you wouldn't use one.
If you truly need a smartphone, I recommend you check Librem-5.
The Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example which shows that when all hell breaks loose, governments don't hesitate to use your data against you. Once implemented, it's quite hard for mass tracking technologies to go away, even after the crisis.
Take a look at France. The governement implemented a "state of emergency" following the 2015 Paris attacks, allowing it to bypass certain citizen rights. After extending it 6 different times, it ended up legalising most of it in 2017. And the citizen rights that were bypassed (which was supposed to be temporary) became permanently lost."
Final say? : "If you can, don't use a smartphone."
-SOCIAL MEDIA: Limit it as much as possible
"I only use Linkedin, and that is for professional purposes. If I could do otherwise I would. I don't use any other social media platform.
That's the first thing somebody who wants to hack you will check, and there is a lot of info accessible that can be used against you, which makes it even easier for someone to gain access to your accounts, amongst other things. This information can even be bought, in fact that's the entire business of background checks companies.
If you absolutely want your holiday pictures up on the internet, you should host something yourself, or take a look at Mastodon."
-BROWSER: Firefox instead of Google Chrome and Safari
"Firefox. It's a good compromise between functionalities and privacy. However it's not that private if you keep the default mode and without configuring it a little bit. I recommend having a look here."
Can anyone use Firefox? Simple and accessible? :"Yes, definitely."
"I use a Thinkpad X1 Carbon running Linux.
It's better for me because I can customize the OS and add security features which I can't add on other OS. However, it's definitely not for everybody! I understand a Mac is more convenient for most people"
Can anyone use Linux? Simple and accessible? :"Definitely not."
-VPN: Use one
"I use a VPN, and you should too. ISPs collect a lot of info on you. Bear in mind though, that VPNs don't make you 100% anonymous nor 100% protected. However, they do considerably increase your level of privacy.
I use ProtonVPN (from the same people that brought you ProtonMail).
Be careful, as some VPN providers are government infiltrated, in fact I personally know some people who had problems with that. And being a Swiss company is not a badge for privacy either.
Can anyone use a VPN? Simple and accessible? :"Yes, definitely."

That's it. Hope this helps! We'll be starting a podcast soon focusing on the topic of privacy, if anyone wants to stay in touch, just DM me :-)
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[EVENT] Ending the "sin laws"


The strict laws on gambling will be relaxed massively in order to bring the rampant illegal gambling business into proper business regulation and, crucially, add to the government revenue stream. Casinos, betting houses, and other forms of gambling will be legalized, provided that operators of such businesses do the following;


The alcohol industry will be liberalized extensively, with a number of changes as follows;


Marijuana will be legalised in the Kingdom of Thailand. The model to be adopted for the legalisation will be as follows;


Prostitution will be completely legalised in the Kingdom of Thailand, bringing thousands of sex workers into the protection of the law, but also into the tax system. The limitations as part of this will be as follows;
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Check out this awesome article from the Neopian Times

Link: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=580669&week=896
Just in case it gets removed from the site, I pasted below.

The Fyora Question: Lesser-Known Scandals
by rielcz
FAERIELAND—Fyora has faced an onslaught of opposition in recent weeks, with growing calls for her to step down and pass her collection of pink-orbed staves to a more worthwhile governess. In the wake of the so-called “Mr. Krawley incident”, everyone from King Altador to Queen Amira – once allies of the Faerieland monarch in the Council of Neopian Nations – have written scathing op-eds on the Faerie Queen; even Brynnso is calling for her resignation. Fyora has been marred in many scandals during her tenure on Faerieland’s throne, several of which are common knowledge in Neopia, the most recent example being her seeming complete lack of knowledge of the events that transpired in Neovia.
 Most Neopians can quickly point to Fyora’s failure to jumpstart Faerieland’s economy and quickly rebuild her shattered nation-state after it fell from the skies, and her diplomatic collapse with Xandra is the subject of numerous liberal arts theses from Brightvale University post-grads. Likewise, many critics see her relationship with Kaia, and her inability to distinguish her protégé from the Darkest Faerie, as a point of contention at best and sheer incompetence at worst. Even Faerieland’s continually lacklustre Altador Cup placings have been interpreted by many as a lack of care of citizen morale on her part. But what about her lesser-known misconducts? The Faerie Queen has been embroiled in many such indecencies, well-known amongst the citizens of Faerieland and now just coming to light as her past governing and views become more heavily scrutinized. We report on four of these, here, and finish with a small discussion on the nation’s current political clime. 1. Evil Fuzzles Epidemic Coverup and Economic Policy As the Evil Fuzzles Virus continues to sweep Neopia, and as lands from Shenkuu to Neopia Central close their borders and build hospitals to house the victims of the disease, new evidence shows Fyora did not place the proper precautions to flatten the curve of the disease’s spread through her land. Faerieland’s neighbouring regions, particularly the Haunted Woods and Brightvale, have seen a drastic increase in the numbers of Neopet migrants attempting to enter their borders. Leaders (or at least those vying for leadership) have expressed deep concerns over the stringent measures required to prevent an influx of the cratered nation’s citizens from entering their lands, seeking solace from the viral spread. A representative of King Hagan had told us, “We simply can’t let them in. It’s too high a risk. Several members of our Border Guard have become sick via interactions with them. Fyora has to be lying about the numbers of citizens infected – she says her numbers are low but clearly it’s much worse than we could imagine.” One low-level staff member of the Hidden Tower, wearing a mask and speaking on conditions of anonymity, stated, “Fyora said, ‘It’s a Neopet illness. We Faeries are immune. That will inherently slow the disease’s spread.’ Well, that doesn’t do anything to flatten the curve for the many primarily-Neopet communities in Faerieland, or the Neopets here in general, myself included. It is especially bad for those in Faerieland’s lower-class neighbourhoods with high Neopet population density and virtually no faeries! It’s been spreading faster than the Swarm in Protection Zone 6b! Why are we not yet under a state of emergency? Why are even the Poogle Races still running!?” Many members of these lower-class and densely-populated communities are demanding a monthly living wage to get them through these “challenging and exceptional times” – especially with the Employment Agency vastly reducing its available positions, and the fact many citizens feel the economy never fully recovered from the literal crash in Y12, regardless. Mr. Steve, a Wocky from one of these densely-populated communities who recently tested negative for the virus, opined, “There feels like an obvious disconnect between Fyora and the Neopets residing in Faerieland. She has no idea of the issues that daily surround us. It’s almost as though she sees us as second-class citizens – heck, all the faeries seem to have that mindset, ordering us around to find their things when they need them. If not for us, how many faeries would have perished during the Krawley incident? You know, when we’re treated like we are, and during times like these, you can’t help but wonder whether Xandra had a point.” 2. Legalisation of the Grass Faerie Fyora has also come under fire in recent years for her willing suppression of quests by the Grass Faerie. Although the Grass Faerie, self-described “dankest of the Earth faeries”, has been around since the earlier days of Faerieland, she has found herself at the forefront of Faerieland’s recent debate on personal rights and recreations versus those of the Faerie Queen. “I just, like, wanna spread relaxation and happiness, yanno?” said the Grass Faerie, who desires gardening items (and occasionally potato chips and other assorted salty snacks) and in return blesses a Neopet with full unadulterated contentedness – albeit occasionally at the additional cost of a strength or intelligence point, though many Neopets report such losses to be temporary. “This feeling, this peace, it’s my gift to Neopia. And the man, Queen Fyora, is keepin’ me down! Keeping US down,” she added, in reference to those who desire to do her quests. “The long-term effects of the Grass Faerie’s ‘peace’ are unknown,” says the official statement by the Hidden Tower. “A faerie’s or Neopet’s loss of strength and intelligence, even temporary – with mounting evidence of permanence with continued multiple quests – is too high a risk for our citizens. Thus, we continue to keep the Grass Faerie under tight control, monitoring her activity and reprimanding those who complete her quests.” But Valtonous Rea, goalkeeper on Faerieland’s Altador Cup team, disagrees with the state’s stance. “It’s [Fyora’s] opinion,” the Uni commented. “And yes, I concede that many in Faerieland feel the same way. But just the opposite – that the Grass Faerie should be legalised, not locked away, and her quests properly regulated – is the opinion of many others in this great nation. This includes me – and I probably wouldn’t even do a quest, anyway! I just don’t believe the Faerie Queen should have the final say on what is objectively our right to complete Grass Faerie quests. This is discrimination, both toward the Grass Faerie herself, and those who might want her services.” Rea has become an advocate for civil liberties in recent years; this includes her support for legalisation, with many – and growing – prominent voices behind her, including Delina the Crafting Faerie. “I’m a specialized Dark faerie,” she said. “And the Grass Faerie is a specialized Earth faerie. From that perspective, we share a lot in common. Have I done some of her quests before?” She gave a coy smile. “Sometimes her relaxation really helps my crafting inspiration. Nevertheless, just as many Neopets choose not to complete my quests for whatever reason – lack of or downright hostility towards NC being the principle reason – Neopets could just as easily not complete her quests. Why stop those who do? We should educate Neopians on the potential risks, sure – but ultimately it’s their choice, they aren’t harming anyone else, and who is Fyora to infringe on that choice?” An aide close to the faerie queen confided, under anonymity, that “It’s pretty well known that many Faerielanders complete Grass Faerie quests. Fyora has been examining potential avenues for quest legalisation, but it’s too soon for any concrete plans.” 3. Faerieland Water Crisis For the first few months that Faerieland sat in a crater, its main source of water came from the freshwater pools that had coalesced like miniature calderas about the impact zone. These quickly dried up, and Fyora scrambled for an alternative source of water. Complaints amongst the water faeries were particularly high; although many can make their own water, they refused to make water for the whole of Faerieland. King Altador, citing “the special relationship Altador has with Faerieland” – in reference to the portal from Altador to Faerieland in Y8 – issued a decree immediately thereafter offering to discount construction on a Water Treatment and Distribution Plant, similar to what is available in the Yooyuball Kingdom, to refine and distribute nearby ocean water. After her chief economists “ran the numbers”, Fyora dismissed King Altador’s offer. Purportedly (as the original statement has since been stricken and is no longer available), the official statement by the Hidden Tower declared the proposed water plant as being “too costly and expensive in construction costs vs. the benefit to citizens.” The Faerie Queen then had the idea that a nearby and already “sufficiently treated” – i.e. freshwater – source could solve the hydration needs of the fledgeling Faerieland: the Demonica River that flowed between her grounded nation-state and the Haunted Woods. “It is almost as close as the ocean,” said a representative of Fyora, “and being freshwater will require much less treatment.” Despite the Hall of Heroes advising against it, a small refinery and distribution plant was constructed by the Faerieland Army Corps of Engineers – though many of them expressed scepticism over the idea as well. “I did tests on the water,” said Mr. Alex the Aisha, a chemical engineer who worked on the project. “It contained amounts of chemicals and toxins that far exceeded the recommended safe levels as set out by the Environmental Protection Wing of the Council of Neopian Nations – in some cases even after we had done our best to filter them out. It also contained traces of chemicals we couldn’t even properly identify – strange stuff leeched in from the Haunted Woods, I’m guessing. Fyora was concerned about these, sure, but pressed on with the project anyway, citing the needs of her citizens.” “The water was almost completely brown,” stated Ms. Kaylie, a Lenny in a middle-class Faerieland community whose members are presently in self-isolation due to the Evil Fuzzles Virus. “It was absolutely disgusting. Many people drank it and became sick. Trips to the NeoHospital increased dramatically! Grumbles, Bubbles, Achy Head… Terrible.” Naia and Marina, too, voiced vehement opposition. “It made many pets turn into mutants!” complained the Fountain Faerie at a Faerieland town hall about the water crisis. “Even after my best efforts to purify it, the Rainbow Fountain seemed to work more like the Lab Ray!” “It actually decreased Neopets’ health!” similarly complained the purveyor of the Healing Springs. Though Fyora was slow to admit her wrongdoing in the crisis, she did eventually reverse her decision and accept the costs of a water treatment facility co-built between her Engineers and those in the Altadorian Army. And although the water in Faerieland is now “Clean and Pristine”, according to official propaganda by the Faerieland Tourism Board, the whole incident has left a foul taste in the mouths of many Faerielanders. 4. Fyora’s Mafia Connections? Although the majority of Faerieland’s citizens are generally unaware – or at they pretend to be – there is mounting evidence to suggest that the winner of the Poogle Races is pre-selected. Although only major races were fixed pre-fall, it seems as though whatever faeries (?) are behind this racket have been allowed to expand since the events of Y12. Speaking under strict anonymity, a (former?) mafia member confided in us, “Yeah, we’ve been operatin’ in Faerieland since around the time of its discovery. We’ve had a hand in a few events here, but nothin’ major – we are beholden to the Sway, after all, and they’re more in charge a’ that. We mostly confine ourselves to the Poogle Races. It’s quick and easy money. Everyone’s in on it.” They gave a mischievous grin. “Even Little Miss Pinky Pants can’t help but look the otha’ way when she gets some of the cash! That’s not to say she hasn’t tried to shut us down in the past when the economy was betta’ – good on her! – but we have a way of quickly rebuilding. Unlike Faerieland. Hah!” But the Scorchio Bookie disagrees. “Our Poogles are good Neopets,” he said. “That I can and will say for sure. They have always been fine, upstanding, honest, patriotic models for both athletics and good ethics. There is no way they would willingly become involved in something like this.” All Poogles declined to comment, citing that we would have to contact their lawyers. “After the crash of Y12, things – of course – they changed,” said Mr. Michael, a Korbat, and long-time Neo Sport cameraman. “It might not show up on the re-runs, but the demeanours of the Poogles are different – and I’ve been filming races for almost two decades, I know our guys. I’m not sure how, but involvement with the mafia would explain it – they certainly seemed to recover quicker than a lot of us did after the crash, but they may also have just had more saved wealth. But given it’s not yet been cancelled during these challenging and exceptional times, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fyora is in on it, too, or practices other forms of cronyism – especially if some of the money goes back into Faerieland. Of course, then, it could be argued that it’s somewhat necessary for the rebuilding effort. But at the expense of those who place bets – many of them tourists, and many more from the lower-class communities just hoping to make a quick buck – it seems a rather heartless thing to do, regardless of ethical considerations. And it’s even worse from someone claiming to be a kind-hearted and moral individual, such as our queen.” 5. The Republic Question Considered a fringe group a decade ago, the so-called “Republic Wing” (with special emphasis on the Wing) has been steadily gaining interest since shortly after the Y12 crash, with its popularity increasing as more and more of Fyora’s scandals and missteps come into the public light. Although always a voice in Faerieland politics to varying degrees, the Wing has been elevated to an almost official opposition status in the wake of the Mr. Krawley incident. Fyora does delegate tasks to certain faeries – for example, declaring Aethia head of the Army – but the citizens largely do not have a say in who represents them and their affairs. Many of Faerieland’s citizens need to simply trust that the Hidden Tower has their best interests in mind. Many citizens feel as though that should change. Even some of Fyora’s closest aides have expressed the need for an elected council of Neopets and Faeries to replace the Faerie Queen or otherwise keep her in check. “The best time to have done so was during the rebuilding effort in Year 12,” said one such faerie, speaking under anonymity. “There was a lot of talk of it then, with both the economy in ruins and the ‘Xandra question’. Though it wasn’t all politically motivated – ‘our nation just literally crashed to the earth, one woman can’t do it alone,’ so the argument ran. But [Fyora] refused to share her leadership with anyone else. When she took in Kaia, we thought, ‘Hey, maybe she’s at least open to sharing her power somewhat,’ but that has largely quieted.” She gave a dramatic pause. “The best time was after Y12. The second best time is now.” We approached Kaia for comment. “I was generally treated more welcome in Faerieland than in Shenkuu,” she stated, “but there were – and are – the odd incidents. I recall one Bruce spat on the ground near me and chastised me for being the ‘obvious successor to the Faerie Queen’, and that ‘the monarchy had no place in modern Faerieland affairs’. I talked to Fyora about it, and what people were thinking, but she reassured me that she had no plans to step down from the throne or share her leadership. A small victory, I guess?” she added meekly. “Personally, I would love if everyone from the least to the greatest had a direct say in our nation’s affairs.” Others, though welcome to the idea of a Fyora-exit, were not so eager on the idea of a republic. “I think the monarchy is deeply entrenched in Faerieland’s society,” remarked Callum, a Buzz originally from an affluent Faerieland neighbourhood who was studying political science at Brightvale University prior to its closure amidst the Evil Fuzzles Virus; he has since returned to Faerieland. “It can easily be seen, from the neighbourhood and street names – like Faerie Castle Road – to the cult of personality around the ‘Queen’ concept and specifically Fyora herself. I think it’s time for a change, but I don’t want to see the monarchy abolished. I don’t think it can be, at least not without a major overhaul of our political system.” “Oh, certainly, she should have stepped down years ago,” said Taelia, who had briefly returned to Faerieland to attempt to bolster support for the Wing. “Now, I’m a little more radical – it’s why I moved to Terror Mountain, where there is no leader and decisions are much more communal, and I would love to see those things for my homeland – but Fyora as ‘Queen for Life’ is deeply disturbing. If you’re extremely benevolent, doing exceptional work for your people, and have a sound long-term plan? Ehh, it’s passable. But I think the Krawley incident has shown us that [Fyora’s] anything but competent.” --- Faerieland is a nation deeply divided over many issues, and the Faerie Queen is at the centre of it all. Will Faerieland ever completely recover? And will Fyora lead that recovery? Or is recovery only possible without her at the throne? As she continues to find herself in a scandal, and losing popular support, will she become more lenient, or less? Will she be ousted, step down, or tighten her grip on power? Together, these comprise the question on many citizens' minds: the Fyora Question. We will have to wait and see how the situation unfolds. 
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My attempt to write like GPT-2 to spoof an AI detector

“By GPT-3”
Adversarial paragraphs written to imitate GPT-2 in order to spoof AI-generated text detectors. It actually ended up being quite fun writing these.
This article is based on true accounts of stories well documented as well as stories heard under the grapevine, all of which have been fictionalised for prose. This article for the most part tries to veer away from any third rails. It softly segues from one tale to the other hoping to elicit a form of elliptical prose. This is nothing new, these issues have been perpetuated across the ages, in problem discovery you are better of betting that its medieval or renaissian. History will yet again be our magistra vitae in dealing with new decision-making tools. It is tough to make predictions, especially about the future. There is not incentive for it, the world doesn’t have great solutions — it is a world of partial solutions. As is quoted by the Adams family what is normal for a spider is chaos to a fly. If it’s not true to the letter it’s true to the spirit. This is the start of a real intellectual journey, like being in the forest by yourself.
As these models allow you to offload some cognitive complexity. The future is not what it used to be. Expect the rise of duck food data scalping, consultants provide you with a conundrum just to repropose your data for future projects. Firstly, I see the whole thing from afar and then all the text has to be licked into shape. You would have to think that once the decisions are triaged through management, solutions would open up like the red sea. A bout of bias can take hold of your thinking and let on every strain of evidence that completely refutes your model. Machine learning has turned into a caricature of itself. Internet it is not what everyone is doing but what everyone thinks everyone is doing. The greatest healing is when you realise you were never sick; you just had a bit of dirt on your monitor. Outrage is now a sort of forking mechanism that slices new communities into being. I ensure that I am proportionately vengeful within the bounds of moral law, sometimes I unfortunately tit for half-tat. The tools have surpassed your biological competence. The power we wield have surpassed your brains.
Machine learning industry application is a cesspool of bike sheds. It is easier for a committee to approve nuclear plants than a bicycle shed. No one on this committee knows much about nuclear power plants. Opposition and dissent are lacking. Management unstudied in quantitative sciences might be barking up the wrong dog. Journalist could be monkeys on typewriters, but no one wants to bad mouth monkeys. If you don’t move, you won’t realise you’re in chains. I am not here to be a master of any future, I am here to absorb the past, the future is an apathetic void of no interest to anyone. Often when we read or learn from something, we see in our adversary an opponent we reactively devalue. Like all impartial people I am partly impartial. The worst part of online shopping is having to get up and get your card.
Probing the large shifts towards automation someone should take on the role of the fifth column. Machine learning did not put itself on the top shelf. Able to harness data to discard false epiphanies and intuition. Machine learning has not yet been criminalised, but the war on machine learning certainly begun, and while it is legalised the over-prescription of machine learning could be a problem. Here the point is to take a strong opinion, the pendulum is still too far on the side of technocrats, the point here is to grab the pendulum and shake it, not to kick it over. Think about the sheer number of hidden mistakes, obfuscation and secrets, by multiplying your own proclivity into the exponential growth of a complex society.
eight or so more paragraphs here if you can stand any more
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WARNING! The Zionist Agenda Continued

The Puppet Masters Behind The Puppet Zionist President Donald Trump
Hello everyone and thank you so much for coming back. In this Post we are going to look at the money behind President Trump. We all know that behind the money, comes the control…the Puppeteers…the masters of somebody’s soul actually. They are bought and paid for to carry out the diabolical evil schemes of those who own them…selling their very soul to them, so they may enjoy the power and wealth and all this world has to offer. However it all comes with a price. We being the short term losers of their agendas, but they the eternal losers of their very souls…eternal damnation. Let’s take a look at the money and Luciferian power behind…the Evangelical poster boy of Zionism “born again Donald Trump?” I mean can one do the work of the devil, and be “born again?” We’ll only Jesus knows that one. But if somebody is doing the work of the devil…I will surely have my eye on his actions, and so will Jesus.
1.(in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led: “declarer ruffs the opening lead and plays a trump“ ▪the suit having the rank above the others in a particular hand: “the ace of trumps“ ▪(in a tarot pack) any of a special suit of 22 cards depicting symbolic and typical figures and scenes. ▪a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage: “in this month General Haig decided to play his trump card: the tank” ▪a helpful or admirable person: “Spencer’s doctor is a trump—I am like a new man” verb
1.(in bridge, whist, and similar card games) play a trump on (a card of another suit), having no cards of the suit led: “why on earth did you trump my ace?” ▪beat (someone or something) by saying or doing something better: “taste trumps most if not all other factors when consumers choose food products” Word Originearly 16th century: alteration of triumph, once used in card games in the same sense.
I think the best place to start with Trump’s rise to fame and power will be with Wilbur Ross.
Puppet Master Wilbur Ross
There is something about the Trump brand which is suggestive of a longer and more strategized approach. This multi-decade tailoring started in the 1980’s with the initial cultural injection of Donald Trump. There has been much written about this time period but little attention is provided to the obvious manufactured aspects of the Trump image.
In the early 1980’s Donald Trump was an up and coming real estate developer in New York. There was no connection between the Trump name and casinos or gambling. The obvious nature of the name Trump and its definition related to gambling and card games foretold of the massive empire which would develop in the coming years.
In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities.
The socioeconomic engineering benefits of mass population manipulation through means of drug addiction, gambling, and other vices, far outweigh those provided by money laundering alone. It can be assumed that money laundering acted as a secondary advantage in much the same way that the subjugation of the Chinese population through the spread of opium financially benefited the East India Trading Company centuries before.
On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.
Edmund de Rothschild “In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoonDonald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.”
“Trump soon became a household name, with hiscolorful personality and his insistence upon naming a variety of luxury hotels, apartment houses andother commercial ventures after himself. But while the name “Trump” appeared in the headlines, the names of the real movers behind Resorts International remained hidden from public view.”
The support of the Rothschild’s would become even more apparent.
After quickly expanding the reach of Resorts International to Atlantic City in the final years of the 1980’s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble as the real estate market in New York tanked. The three casinos in Atlantic City, like other Trump assets, were under threat from lenders. It was only with the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire.
The connection between Baron Edmond de Rothschild, being one of the original principle investors of Resorts International, and Rothschild Inc. allowing Donald Trump to retain “ownership” over the Atlantic City casinos, which saved him from bankruptcy, should not be considered a coincidence.
Great wealth can both create and destroy men of perceived consequence.
Donald Trump landed on his feet when ironically the real estate market in New York turned and his wealth increased dramatically once more. From there the Trump Empire continued to roll forward and eventually expanded its brand into the realm of reality television, the newest method of socioeconomic and cultural engineering.
For those wondering, Wilbur L. Ross Jr. spent 24 years at the New York office of Rothschild Inc. In the late 1990’s he started a $200 million fund at Rothschild Inc. to invest in distressed assets. In 2000, on April Fool’s day, Ross raised an additional $450 million to invest in troubled companies. The timing of this strategy could not have been better, as this report from New York Magazine stated:
“The 2000–1 rolling stock-market crash, 9/11, and a globally synchronous recession pushed scores of companies into bankruptcy. New Economy highfliers like Enron, WorldCom, and Global Crossing went bust. But so did Old Economy stalwarts in industries like steel and textiles—victims of excess capacity, global competition, and generous union contracts.”
So it’s of course no surprise that billionaire investor Wilbur L. Ross Jr. would support the nomination of Donald Trump for president in this Bloomberg article dated March 9, 2016.
It would appear that Rothschild supported front men like Ross and Trump do extremely well in the worlds of finance and politics. Trump’s proclamations to bring jobs back to America will help “….industries like steel and textiles-…” and will support both domestic growth and an increase in wealth for those like Ross who have invested in distressed American assets.
Donald Trump, “…a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage…” is in fact the establishment candidate for president. The difference is that the establishment is one based on the international banking interests, and not one based on the interests of domestic American elites, which are more represented by the Jeb’s, the Mitt’s, the Ted’s, and even the Hillary’s.
At no time in the history of the modern world and politics has an anti-establishment candidate been given so much media attention and free airtime. The negative reporting of Donald Trump by most media is scripted as such. The cognitive dissonance which is developing surrounding the Trump mandate and transformation of America is a strategy which began decades ago in the 1980’s when Donald Trump first began to canvas our television screens.
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Chase Peterson-Withorn Nick DeSantis, Forbes Staff writes the following.
Trump made a bold bet on Atlantic City when he opened a third casino there — the colossal Taj Mahal — in April 1990. Even riskier: He financed the project with $675 million in junk bonds at a 14% interest rate. Within months Trump was struggling to make the massive bond payments as Atlantic City floundered.
In stepped Ross, then head of Rothschild Inc’s bankruptcy advising team, to represent bondholders, who were pondering forcing the casino into involuntary bankruptcy and ousting Trump. Ross reportedly saw crowds pressed against Trump’s limo windows to get a peek at the mogul, and realized the value of Trump’s celebrity.
He struck a prepackaged bankruptcy deal: Trump would give up 50% of his stake in the Taj but would receive better debt terms and would remain in control. The Donald was back in business: He ultimately made similar deals for his other troubled properties and climbed out of debt and back onto the Forbes 400.
Ross went into private equity in 2000, forming WL Ross & Co. He still runs it, but he sold it to investment firm Invesco in 2006 for some $375 million. In 2013 Invesco partnered with Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and others to buy 5 industrial properties from the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brooklyn for $240 million.
Nearly all of Trump’s wealth is tied up in real estate, but he has also owned stocks. One holding, according to a May 2016 filing: $250,000-$500,000 worth of Invesco European Growth Fund Class Y shares. (Trump claims to have sold his stock holdings in June, though he has not provided evidence to support the claim.)
So there you have it my friends…can money buy your soul? Sure it can. It can also buy ones loyalties. They have no choice. They are so in love with all the world has to offer, that they are willing to follow their own lustful passions instead of Christ our Savior Jesus. That’s right! And then become a slave to those very people who bought them. Jesus bought us with a price…His life…His blood sacrifice on the cross. I’m indebted to Jesus! I’m His servant! He bought my soul, and now I belong to Him.
I do not pledge allegiance to anyone or anything…only Him…Jesus the author and finisher of my faith!
1 Timothy 6:7-13
7For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 8And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. 9But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and intomany foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. 10For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 11But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. 12Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. 13I give thee charge in the sight of God, who quickeneth all things, and before Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession;
1 Corinthians 7:23
“Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men.”
King James Version (KJV)
Let’s look now at the big Zionist money behind President Trump.
Puppet Master Sheldon Adelson Adelson has put some of that money toward pushing an array of political interests ranging from protecting his business from online gambling to opposition to marijuana legalisation.
But nothing aligns more closely with his world view than the intertwining of the Republican party and Israel.
Adelson’s considerable support for Republicans is in no small part motivated by what he regards as their more reliable support for the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu, which appear intent on preventing the creation of an independent Palestinian state.
Adelson gave $82m toward Trump’s and other Republican campaigns during the 2016 election cycle – more than three times the next largest individual donor, according to Open Secrets.
That commitment bought him an attentive hearing from the new administration as he pushed for the appointment of Bolton as national security adviser knowing that he would be an important ally in getting the White House to kill the Iran nuclear deal. The New York Times reported that Adelson is a member of a “shadow National Security Council” advising Bolton.
The day after Trump announced that the US was pulling out of the Iran agreement, Adelson was reported to have held a private meeting at the White House with the president, Bolton and Vice-President Mike Pence.
So if you have enough money, you can buy your way into the White House. What’s new right?
It is very obvious that Puppet Trump is being used by two forces…the international banking elites, and the Zionists supremists. What’s very important to note is this. They are separate but equal, as later in this study you will see.
Oprah interviews Donald Trump 1988 Is it a coincidence that he is speaking on the very things that he ran on in 2016. No it isn’t, not at all, its all been planned for quite sometime. It’s close for the Zionists plan to take shape, and become a reality…closer than we probably think. Until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth…leaving no stone unturned.
Author: Troy Payne Founder of the website www.chosenremnant.com. The Chosen Remnant of Jesus and the Truth About the Church, where we discuss the truth of Jesus’s true congregation of believers, and the deception in the Modern Churches, that are leading millions away from Christ, and possibly marching them towards an anti-christ system without them even knowing it. View all posts by Troy Payne
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Guide to authentication for China documents

Step-by-step guide on how to authenticate your documents for China!
The process for correctly authenticating your degree, TEFL and no criminal record certificates for use in China can sometimes feel convoluted or complex. There are several words which upon glance all seem to have the same general meaning: Apostille, legalisation, authentication, notarisation… what do they all mean, what do you need to focus on, and what steps should you take to make sure you’re getting it right? In this article we will help you understand the things you need to do.
Below, the three main steps for document authentication are explained. These explanations also act as a basic explanation of the main terms: Notarisation, Apostille, and Legalisation.
In this article we will help you understand the things you need to do.
Notarisation, Apostille and Legalisation Below, the three main steps for document authentication are explained. These explanations also act as a basic explanation of the main terms: Notarisation, Apostille, and Legalisation.
Notarisation: This is the process by which a document is verified by a legal professional known as a notary. Notaries are internationally recognised and regulated private lawyers who are authorised to check that certain documents are true and correct. A notary will take a copy of your original document an affix a certification to say that it is true and real, then sign and seal it.
Not all documents need to be notarised. If the original document was produced by a government body, you may be able to bypass the notarisation step.
In the case of a Chinese work visa application, the most likely documents requiring notarisation are your degree certificate and TEFL certificate. In some cases your non-criminal record clearance may also require notarisation; this is dependent on the country you are from.
Apostille: An apostille is an additional level of authentication which is required for documents to be accepted internationally. After notarisation (if it was required), you must send your document for an apostille by a government department such as the Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office or Department of State.
An apostille can only be granted for documents that have come from institutions based in the same country of origin. For example, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth office can only grant an apostille for documents that were obtained via a UK institution.
All countries that are part of the Hague Convention must accept apostilled documents. Some countries, including China, have not signed up to this convention, so an extra step is required: Legalisation.
Legalisation: This is the process by which a document is granted legal status in a country. In the case of a Chinese work visa application, your apostilled documents must be legalised via a Chinese embassy based in the country where the apostille was obtained. This is normally a Chinese embassy in your home country.
The 3-step process After your documents have been authenticated via the above steps, you should send a scanned copy of the documents, along with scans of all authentication certificates and/or stamps, to your new employer who will be able to start the work visa application process on your behalf.
The notarisation and legalisation process can differ depending on what country you are from, or whether you have any peculiarities that need to be dealt with. For example, if you have lived outside your home country for a long time, it may be more difficult to obtain a criminal record certificate.
Authentication processes for the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Ireland are outlined below.
The 3-step process outlined typically takes about 3 weeks.
Document authentication in the United Kingdom Step 1: Complete a non-criminal record check via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
A DBS check costs £25
If you have been out of the UK for a long time (i.e. you have no verifiable UK address or bank account), you may need to go via the Criminal Records Office instead. This costs £45
Step 2: Have your degree certificate (and TEFL certificate if required) notarised by a solicitor or notary public
The notary will create a copy of your document(s) and attach a letter of attestation
Typical price: £30
Step 3: Obtain certification of your non-criminal record document
The document must be sent back to the issuing authority with a request for a legalisation stamp
The certificate will be given a government stamp recognising it as a true document
If this option is not available, you will need to go via a notary instead
Step 4: Have all your documents apostilled by the UK government legalisation service
Standard service: £30 per document (takes up to 10 days)
Express service: £75 per document (1 day).
The criminal record certificate must be the original. Copies will be rejected
Step 5: After obtaining apostilles, the documents must be legalised by a Chinese embassy in the UK
This must be done in person at the embassy. There is no postal service available.
Normal service: £15 (4 days)
Express service: £30 (3 days)
Step 6: Your documents are now ready to make your Chinese work visa application
Document authentication in the United States Step 1: Obtain a non-criminal record certificate
This can be done at the state level or federal level
State level checks can be done via your home state’s website
Federal level checks must be done via an FBI Background Check and normally take 2 to 4 weeks
Ensure the document you receive is signed by the issuing authority
Step 2: Have your degree certificate (and TEFL if required) notarized by a public notary
This must be done in the state the certificates were issued
Step 3: All documents must then be authenticated by the Secretary of State in your home state
Authentication must contain an appropriate seal, signature and clear wording
More information can be found on the Department of State Document Authentication website
Click the following for a list of State Authentication Offices
When submitting documents, make it clear that they are for usage in China, so that the official handling your case can use appropriate wording and formatting in the authentication document
Step 4: Have all your documents legalized by a Chinese embassy or consulate in the United States
Complete the following application form
Submit the form, along with your documents, to your nearest embassy or consulate
The form and documents must be submitted in person, or by a nominated person on your behalf
The legalized documents will be returned to you after processing is complete
Step 5: Your documents are now ready to make your Chinese work visa application
Document authentication in Australia Step 1: Obtain a non-criminal record check from your local authority
The certificate is obtained via a National Police Check
Step 2: Degree and TEFL certificate (if required) must be notarised by an Australian notary
You can do this via a notary in any Australian state or territory
Step 3: Have all documents apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Visit smartraveller.gov.au for more information on what legalisation services are available
Can be done in person or by post
Postal service is only possible via Melbourne or Sydney
Step 4: Have all your documents legalised by a Chinese embassy
The embassy must be in the same jurisdiction as that for which any notarisations were obtained.
For example, if your degree certificate was notarised in Queensland, then you must have all your documents legalised via the Chinese consulate in Brisbane
Step 5: Your documents are now ready to make your Chinese work visa application
Document authentication in South Africa Step 1: Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from the South African government
Step 2: Bachelor degree (and TEFL if required) must be certified by the Department of Higher Education and Training
Step 3: Obtain apostilles for your degree, TEFL and no criminal record
Do this via the Department of International Relations and Cooperation
In some cases, your TEFL certificate will need to instead be notarised by a public notary and then verified by the South African High Court
Step 4: Have all your documents legalised by a Chinese embassy
First complete the following application form
Take the form, along with all your documents (originals and copies), including your residence permit and passport, to your nearest Chinese embassy for processing
Consult the following for more information: Cape Town Chinese Consulate FAQ
Step 5: Your documents are now ready to make your Chinese work visa application
Document authentication in Canada Step 1: Obtain a non-criminal record certificate Visit canadainternational.gc.ca for more information
In most cases you will be applying for a Certified Criminal Record Check
You will need to provide your fingerprints
If the check brings up no criminal matches, you will be able to obtain the certificate in 3 days or less
If the check requires any manual processing, or you are found to have criminal matches, the certification process may take up to 4 months
Processing fees are $25, plus local service fees which depend on your local jurisdiction
Step 2: Your degree, TEFL (if required) and non-criminal record documents must be notarized by a notary public, lawyer or Commissioner of Oaths of Canada
Notarization should be completed in the same jurisdiction as the Chinese embassy you intend to go to for the next step of the process
Step 3: All documents must be apostilled by the Canadian government
This must be done in the same province or jurisdiction as that in which your documents were notarized
Step 4: All documents must be legalised by a Chinese embassy
The process is done via a relevant Visa for China Centre
This must be done in the same province or jurisdiction as that in which your documents were notarized
Step 5: Your documents are now ready to make your Chinese work visa application.
Document authentication in Ireland Step 1: Apply for a Gardaí Police Certificate A Police Certificate is issued by the Superintendent in the District where the relevant applicant resides, or formerly resided, in the Republic of Ireland.
Certificates are issued free of charge
Step 2: Degree, TEFL, (if required) and police certificate must be notarised by a local notary public
Step 3: Have all your documents apostilled and legalised by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Application can be via post or in person
Cost: €40 per document
Cash payments are no longer possible in the Dublin and Cork offices. You can only pay by bank card, bank draft or postal order
Step 4: Submit your documents to the Chinse embassy in Ireland for legalisation
You will need to complete the following application form
The legalisation process is outlined here: China Embassy Ireland - Legalisation
Required documents are outlined here: China Embassy Ireland – Legalisation Documents
Step 5: Your documents are now ready to make your Chinese work visa application
Document authentication in other countries Unfortunately, we can't write an article for every country here. The above list covers the most common cases that we deal with here at eChinaCareers.
Most countries follow a similar authentication process to those explained above. However, there are some exceptions. For example, Brazilian and Russian passport holders are able to get their non-criminal record certification at a consulate in China without having to leave the country.
If you have any doubts or questions, the best bet would be to visit your country’s Chinese embassy website.
The authentication process can always seem a little confusing at first. Just remember to break it down into the three main points: Notarisation, Apostille, and Legalisation. With this in mind, you should feel more at ease following the relevant steps for your country outlined above.
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Monthly Report Part 2: April Prospective

Monthly Report Part 2: April Prospective


This post is quite long. It is around 4783 words long with 27450 characters (excluding whitespace). At an average reading speed of 225 words per minute this would take you around 21 minutes (for reference this took me around four days (including time for research (though I wasn't solely working on this)). You don't need to read this in one sitting, but please do try and finish it, I think the material here is very important. Feel free to make suggestions or critique as desired.

This is Part 2 of my monthly report. You can find Part 1 here.

April Prospective


Before I go into my suggestions for bolstering the campaign this month, it is helpful to have targets so we know how well we have performed. Basically, this section seeks to answer the question: "where do we go?". Now, this is the first time I'm doing something like this, so the targets aren't really calibrated to anything. While possible, they may not be very feasible. So failing to achieve some of the targets is to be expected. I also plan to be quite ambitious in our targets — to be fair, we are participating in quite the ambitious project — so the risk of over achieving is negligible. After this month we'll have a better grasp of our capabilities, and next month's targets would be set within realistic bounds. That said, I'll list the targets with a brief description of the motivation behind them.

Twitter Followers
Reach more than 900K followers on Twitter. Growth last month was 160%. In contrast, Pete had a growth of 316% and given that we're already seriously lagging behind (10.6% market odds vs 4.7%, 2.3 polling vs 1.4, 39 vs 24 points) I want us to have comparable growth rates so we're not left behind. Now 900K is an absurdly high number, and we're not of to a good start as the blue rectangles in the below images show:
Statistics For the Past Fortnight
Daily Followers From Inception TIll Date

Reach 75K Subscribers on the Subreddit
Subreddit growth last month was insane, and I want to top that (> 500% growth from the 371% we enjoyed last month). I view this sub as basically an army to help bolster Yang's campaign, and the more members we have on here, the more impact we can have. 75K is also an amount that would allow us to pull off some impressive things, and to do so more reliably. I have plans to harness the fresh blood that I would detail later.

Reach 150K donors
This requires a rate of around 2k donors each day. It seems prima facie unlikely, but I want Yang to blow past his 200K target by the time the debates roll around. I would start tracking his donor count (and some other stats in this Google sheet). Suggestions for other statistics to monitor are appreciated.

Reach 10% Odds For Democratic Primary on Election Betting Odds
I want Yang to reach double digits odds (Pete is already there, and I'm salty dammit). I am worried at the widening gap between Pete and Yang, but I insist that it's just healthy competition. Reaching the double digits on prediction markets would help legitimise Yang, and would serve as an important milestone for us.

Rank At Least 2nd in Monthly Interest
Last month, Yang ranked 5th in monthly interest among the 12 major candidates. I want us to move up two positions. Beto's performance over the month was solid due to the phreak controversy — and being a teen edgelord — but his performance since then hasn't been as exceptional.

Comparisons of Positions 1 - 5 (via Election Betting Odds) of the 12 Major Candidates for the Period (27/03/2019 - 03/03/2019)
The above graph of weekly interest is likely more indicative of the trends for this month than the monthly interest graphs I posted previously. As we can see, Bernie has lost steam, Kamala remains at the bottom, and Beto is in the middle. Joe has blown past everybody with the buzz all his scandals are raising, so he may end up dominating the field. Pete has generally been strong without the interest being inflated by scandal.
If we don't surpass Bernie in interest this month, I would be surprised, so 4th is definitely doable. To get to third we need to surpass Beto, and given the windfalls we received this month, 3rd is also feasible. The real challenge is whether we can pull ahead of Buttigieg. Before yesterday, I didn't think we could (and set our target at 3rd), but given the windfalls we recently received, I'm willing to take a shot at it.


Now that we know, where we want to go, it's time to answer the question "what do we have?".

Media Buzz
April is going to be (and already is being) a wonderful month for us. Yang's fund raising stats (1.7 million and 80K+ donors) for last quarter gathered a few headlines, so we're already of to a good start.
Furthermore, Andrew is currently trying to release 40 policies in 40 days, and due to his unique brand, said policies have the potential to create what I call healthy controversy. And controversy sells like nothing else.

Interest for Quarter 1 2019 (Taken 04/04/2019)
The above graph shows that the circumcision controversy generated as much interest in Yang as the Joe Rogan episode (which has 2.6M views did). That's kind of amazing when you think about it. I think the circumcision was net positive as Yang didn't really lose any followers over it, and awareness about him was raised. Yang's main weakness right now is that no one knows him, so all publicity is helpful right now. Now Yang can't actually ride controversy to the White House like Trump did (the Democrat version of Trump is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez), but it's a relatively cheap way to gain publicity, and I wouldn't be surprised if more of his new policies bag headlines. As long as he doesn't propose something to far out of the Overton window (e.g decriminalisation/legalisation of consumption child pornography) I expect any controversy his policies generate to be net positive.

To top it off, we have the Humanity First tour this April which would generate yet more media buzz for Yang. This means we don't need to artificially manufacture interest in Yang, and can capitalise on the naturally occurring interest that he'll acrue this April. All the media articles on him are links that can be submitted to various appropriate subreddits to stimulate conversation about Yang. At this point, all publicity is helpful as many still haven't yet heard of him.

Scheduled Interviews

Another wonderful thing this month is that Yang has some few high profile scheduled interviews.

He's due to appear on Shapiro's Sunday Special which can get up to a few million views (Joe Rogan got 2.9M views (Ben's JRE experience got 12M views), Steven Crowder got 2M views, Jordan Peterson got 1.5M, Tucker Carlson got 872K and Sam Harris got 864K (these are the top 5)), so while Ben does not have as wide an audience as Joe Rogan (1.4M vs 5M subscribers), we can expect that Yang's interview would get at least a few 100K views and potentially over a million (Yang's JRE experience has 2.6M views). So the Shapiro interview wouldn't be a second JRE, but it would come damn well close (assuming that Yang's popularity with Shapiro's audience is the same as his popularity with the Joe Rogan's audience). At the very least, Yang's Shapiro interview would expose him and his ideas to hundreds of thousands of new people.
Apart from the Shapiro interview, Yang has an interview scheduled with Ali Velshi (who has 385.2K followers). The view count for Velshi I could find on YouTube was nothing impressive (highest was 118 K), but even for Rachel Maddow (who has 9.6M followers) I didn't find any video with up to a million views. I'm guessing this is because most of their viewers watch it on television. I couldn't find concrete data for how many viewers watch Velshi's program, but they consistently rate higher than whatever CNN has on for that time slot. So at the least I expect a few hundred thousand to watch that video (maybe a million if we're being optimistic) — but more importantly — Yang would be exposed to a very key demographic he has little (or poor) exposure to, boomers and gen x, especially those with a liberal bent (who would be key for the dem primaries). So I expect great things from the Velshi interview. (Well, I procrastinated enough on this, that the Veli interview has already happened, you can find it here).
To add more medals to his belt, it appears that Yang would appear in an upcoming VICE Special Report on automation and the future of work. This is potentially amazing, as HBO has 1.4M subscribers, VICE News 4.1M and Vice 10M — double what Rogan has — and their audience tends to lean left, so this would expose Yang to many more (I'm guessing hundreds of thousands perhaps a million+, but that seems too optimistic) liberals, further bolstering his popularity.
If the above wasn't enough, Yang delivers the coup de grace with his CNN Town Hall coming up on April 14th. It's scheduled at 8PM EST (an hour before the premiere of the final Game of Thrones season), and we've decided to make lemonade out of lemons.
There's going to be a massive wave of media coverage on Yang, and a few wonderful videos about him. This alone is enough for April to dwarf March growth wise.

A Unique Platform

Yang currently has 80+ policies on his site, and he's set to surpass 100 this month. While some of these policies are problematic (e.g automatically sunsetting old laws), many of his policies are amazing, and line up perfectly with the interests of several online communities (of which Reddit provides us convenient access to). Furthermore, Yang's plethora of policies set him apart from all other candidates on the field (perhaps only Elizabeth Warren is as (arguably even more so) concrete on policies as him, but in quantity she's outmatched). In addition to his many policies, Yang's de emphasis of identity politics, his data driven, evidence based policies, and the entire technocratic platform make him different if nothing else. Yang has perhaps the most unique platform of all the 2020 candidates, and we should capitalise on that.

Recommendations Going Forward

Now that we have clearly defined our goals for this month, and taking stock of our available resources, it's time to answer the question: "how do we get there?". There are many actions we could take that have positive expected value for the campaign, but they differ in effort required, magnitude of the impact, whether they require cooperation to be effective or if agents acting in isolation could apply it effectively, etc and which platform the action is to be taken on. To make for an easier read, I would try organising my recommendations according to the platform the action is to be taken on. There are a few platforms I'm not very familiar with (and as such I can't really make useful recommendations) I include them only for completion.
A lot of the suggestions I make have been influenced by others. When I am aware of the post that inspired me, I would try to link it, but (especially as I wrote this at a sprint) I may forget a few people. If you think a suggestion I made was inspired by you and you want credit for it, feel free to mention me in your comment with the suggestion you desire credit for (or PM me if you want more anonymity).
  • Meta Actions.
  • Reddit Actions.
  • Facebook Actions.
  • YouTube Actions.
  • Instagram Actions.
  • Tumblr Actions.
  • Miscelleanous.

Meta Actions

These actions wouldn't necessarily lead directly to increased campaign success, but they would create a stronger, more effective community which would be better suited to assist the campaign.

Join the Discord
Perhaps a selfish request, but I find Discord much more convenient for real time coordination. It's much more casual than Reddit as well, and would enable socialisation (which might improve cooperation). A lot of discussions happen in the Discord that don't happen on the sub, and besides, we have a bot that links all threads posted on the sub to the discord (even ones that haven't been approved yet). It's very easy, and strengthens the community to have a third place.

Build A Wiki
Debates tend to be repetitive, and a lot of the time the same points would get repeated by different people. If we try to engage Yang sceptics/antagonists, we'll find ourselves confronted with the same arguments. It would help to have a handy repository of relevant counterarguments. A wiki could serve that (We'd create a Yang FAQ/FC (frequent criticisms) as well as many other pages to serve various functions (guides to select Yang policies, some infographics, memes, etc. This would by no means be a small project). The projected size of the wiki means that we probably wouldn't be hosting it on Reddit. There's a preexisting FAQ by Alex Howlett on Medium, and u/AmericanTechno and I are working on one. My proposed FAQ/FC would be more broad than Alex's and would only grow over time. Ideally, the wiki would consolidate all existing FAQs and similar efforts into one project.

Regarding Upvoting
It has been brought to my attention that asking people for votes is vote manipulation and illegal on Reddit. There have been quite a few posts asking others to upvote certain or all posts (I'm a major culprit of this myself (though I've mostly been more subtle about it)). Apparently, we've managed to fly under the radar, but giving that the practice is illegal, I recommend that you stop explicit requests for others to upvote posts. First of all, it's not every post on the sub that should make it to the front page, and even if we organically get content to the front page, spamming the front page would get us banned from sending content to the front page which only harms us. Most attempts at reaching the front page would also fail given our subreddit's current size, the post approval process (posts are required to be manually approved by a moderator) and the fact that the vast majority of posts simply don't reach the front page. If we want to send pro Yang posts to the front page, in most cases we're better off trying our luck at larger subreddits.
My proposals are thus:
If you see a good pro Yang post on another sub you like, cross post it here. People should "support" pro Yang posts on other subreddits to give them better visibility and stimulate conversation around Yang. Pro Yang posts on other subs may otherwise languish into obscurity. If you see a good article on Yang on the internet, submit the link on another relevant subreddit, and crosspost it here so those interested can participate.
For posts on the sub that we want to reach the front page. We'll probably coordinate that over the Discord, and any such posts would be prefixed with [U] and scheduled to be posted when the sub is most busy (maybe the mods would pin it for increased visibility). Ideally, we shouldn't do this more than a couple of times a week as we don't want to spam the front page or (be perceived as spamming it).

Let's Move Past Other Candidates
There has been so much discussion about Pete on this sub. And so many complaints about that discussion, with some suggesting we move on. I tend to agree. I recently tried to reach a hand out to the Pete sub to make peace with them. Some of us may not like Pete, some of us may believe that he's an establishment hack, that he's not a true progressive that [insert negative opinion of Pete here], and some of us may have positive regard for Pete. Not everyone here is Yang or bust, and the raw hostility towards Pete may alienate some of our members. Furthermore, Pete is an asset for us, as most Pete supporters would be amenable to Yang's platform (Yang has more fleshed out policies regarding tackling automation). This enables targeted marketing as we can try to siphon Pete's supporters. If we go down this route — as we should — attacking Pete directly or mocking him would hurt our cause as it will trigger a defensive response in our prey and they'd be much harder to convince. Furthermore, this is by far the most popular Yang subreddit (we've even been linked in some newspaper articles about Yang), and do we want prospective Yang supporters coming here to see us bitching about another candidate?

Reddit Actions

Reddit is an amazing platform. It has 542 million monthly visitors and is the 6th most visited site in the US. Beyond just its reach, Reddit serves as a natural rallying point for many communities. Also, participation in this communities is generally free (unlike Facebook where many groups require moderator approval to join), and there's a front page which get exposed to the wider Reddit community. Communities on Reddit aren't completely cut off from each other, and reaching across communities is convenient. Honestly, Reddit is a goldmine for internet campaigning, and we can do a whole lot more with Reddit than we're currently doing.
For one, the Reddit front page is probably viewed by millions of people daily, and IIRC only a handful of Yang posts have ever made the front page. We'd like to raise that number significantly, but my suggestions for doing that were covered in the previous section on "Meta Actions" so I wouldn't repeat them here.

Apart from the front page, another way we can raise awareness of Yang and stimulate conversation about him is to post Yang articles on relevant subs, or start discussion about him on relevant subs (Yang has so many policies, that there are many subreddits we can promote Yang on). Most likely, our post would either generate some conversation (especially if we crosspost it to the sub to provide a boost) or get deleted (in which case the only cost is your time). On a rare occasion, you might get banned from the sub, so do take care (though if this happens it probably wasn't a sub you were active on, so how much of a loss you receive is up in the air). I find it very unlikely your account gets banned. I have been doing a lot of this, but I am only one person, and the impact I can have is limited. Further, if I am only seen to be shilling Yang, my credibility drops. My advice is to be careful and tactical with the Yang posts you submit, you don't want to create spam ((especially for self posts, maybe only one self post (or once in a while) on a sub) which would raise hostility towards Yang), and it would be best you weren't banned from the sub. Keep your submissions relevant to the sub guidelines, and crosspost them to this sub, so we can also participate in the discussion about Yang on the other sub.

Someone on this sub wrote a piece explaining why they support Yang, and why others on the sub might support him on one of the subreddits they were part of. It was a very organic piece and received a generally favourable response. When I saw it, I did a shout out to them and recommend more people follow in their footsteps. That still stands. If you decide to undertake such a post, keep in mind that it's generally a thing you'd do only once. I wouldn't give you any advice on what to write as you know your community best, and no what would speak to them.

TheYangGangBot is a bot which (currently, there are plans to expand the bot) scrapes Reddit and Twitter for threads containing Yang and posts it as a comment in a mega thread (a new one is created each day). I recommend that you follow the bot and try to follow up on the links in said threads. There are currently a lot of false positives, but most can be identified without clicking on the link (usually someone else sharing "Yang", but we do plan to improve the bot (if you want to contribute to bot development, find us on #development in the Discord)). Ideally, the mods would pin said threads, but there's a maximum of two threads that can be pinned at a time, and we may have other threads pinned.

There's some discussion about scraping reddit for a list of subreddits that might be receptive to Yang, but nothing has come out of that yet (if that changes, I'll keep you guys posted).

When participating in discussion about Yang, I recommend promoting this subreddit and his social media platforms. Here's a copypasta that I've been leaving on all Yang YouTube videos (and may start leaving on pro Yang Reddit threads and the comment sections of pro Yang articles):
You can explore his platform on: https://yang2020.com/policies.
Follow him on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/AndrewYang.
On Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/andrewyang2020/.
His official Facebook page is: https://facebook.com/andrewyang2020.
His official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCriIuQZpMi6gEt_2P7xKCww.
If you want to participate in the campaign, we have a growing subreddit over at: https://reddit.com/Yangforpresidenthq.
If you feel like donating to his campaign, you can do so here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/redditforandrewyang or at https://yang2020.com/donate.

Facebook Actions

I'm not really a Facebook person, so not much advice here, however there are several Facebook groups, and the main one currently has more members than Reddit. I'll probably promote the Subreddit there. For those of you who are Americans (I can't view Yang's Facebook page, so I'm guessing it's only viewable to Americans) and haven't already, please like his official Facebook page.
Something that could be done is using Facebook (and other social media with statutes like WhatsApp) status to advertise Yang whenever we are having a Yang event (e.g the just concluded money bomb). A lot of Yang discussion probably happens on Facebook, so please participate more. More concrete suggestions would require me familiarising myself more with Facebook, but I am open to suggestions for improving our Facebook impact.

YouTube Actions

Someone suggested we make video guides to Yang's policies, and I think that's a nice idea, though the task is pretty nontrivial. For those of you creating other original video content good job, and please continue. Post it here, and we'll try to show some support.
If you haven't already, please subscribe to Yang's channel.
For every pro Yang video I find, I generally like it and comment with the copypasta above (if you see such comments please upvote to increase visibility). We're looking into having a bot auto comment on YouTube videos with the copypasta (ideally it would link it in a weekly YouTube megathread so we can upvote the comment to boost its visibility. Please like all pro Yang YouTube videos you see and post them on the subreddit (if they haven't already), tweeting it and/or sharing it on other social media would also be appreciated to increase visibility.

Instagram Actions

Similar to Facebook, I'm not an Instagram person, so suggestions are once again welcome. I guess following Yang's Instagram account and liking (and sharing if you think it's shareworthy) all his (and other pro Yang) content you find would be helpful. I'm not sure how much impact Instagram would have, but given that I don't use it, I'm not really in a position to judge.


Sadly, I'm not a Tumblr person either. That said, u/MGN18 has made a pro Yang Tumblr. For those of you who do use Tumblr (or are willing to create an account for the cause) please like, comment and reblog to signal boost it. Other suggestions are welcome.


Online Articles

For general news articles about Yang, if they have comment sections please engage (and post them on the subreddit so others can engage). Feel free to post the copypasta as well so we can direct more eyes to Yang.

Marketing Approach

There has been much talk of suppressing the memes, with the usual complaint being that they're pushing people away from Yang. I'd like to contend that it was the memes that personally drew me to this campaign, and I don't think I'm the only one (even if I was, I think I have had positive impact (and expect I would continue to contribute positively to the campaign)). Nevertheless, some people are pushed away by the memes and #YangGang. They perceive the campaign as non serious, Yang as a joke and don't want to be associated with such a low status endeavour. My response to those concerned about those people is the saying:
Different strokes for different folks.
There's no one super argument that can persuade everyone to support Yang. You can't expect the same approach to work for everyone. You're a sales person, Yang is the product, and non Yang supporters are the customers. Good sales people try to know their customer and customise their marketing to be more persuasive to that customer. For some people memes and "#NEETbux please" would do it. For others a thorough tour of Yang's platform is required. For other still, Yang's evidence based policies, and general technocratic stance is what is required. For others still, no argument would do it. This leads us to our next point.

Opportunity Costs

Not everyone is amenable to Yang. There are some people that no matter how much time you spend trying to convince them, they'll never be persuaded. It is clearly a waste of time trying to persuade them (as that time could be better expended trying to persuade others). Similarly, there are some people that are amenable to Yang, but for which the effort required to persuade them is not worth it. For example, if it takes you 10 hours of conversation to persuade someone, but for most other people it takes you only thirty minutes, then it seems that (unless the person you're persuading has exceptionally high expected (positive) impact on the campaign (if it takes you a month to persuade Barack Obama to support Andrew Yang, then please do so as the expected value of Obama's support is several orders of magnitude higher than the median)) persuading them was not worth it as you could have used that time to persuade others.
The central theme in the above is that of opportunity costs (otherwise known as "real costs"). Your time is valuable. The time you're using to persuade this person is time you could be using to persuade someone else. Time you spend in a particular activity is time you're not spending on other activities you could undertake. The aim is to maximise the impact you have on the campaign for time expended (maximise your efficiency so to speak). Now you're not a robot, so I don't expect that you literally maximise efficiency, just that you keep it in mind and know whwn to cut your losses.
The sunk costs fallacy means that humans are naturally loathe to cease expenditure of resources in a venture they've already invested much in, even when it makes no economic sense to continue. Falling prey to the sunk costs would lead to a lot of wasted resources (in this case, time). Before you get into protracted debates or discussions, I recommend you budget how much time you're willing to invest in persuading someone. If you can't persuade them within that time, civilly disengage. You may be bothered by appearing to lose the debates, but that's just your ego talking — ruthlessly suppress it. Your time is valuable, try to get the most value from your time while you undertake this campaign.

Critique, review, make suggestions, flame, etc. All feedback is welcome.
I'm glad I don't have to do this for another month.
I'm wondering if I should do weekly progress reports kind of like a minified version of this, to provide a shorter feedback loop? It would allow us to iterate faster enabling us to make changes to our strategy, adjust, etc much faster and grant greater flexibility. So I think it's a good idea, the main cons are that I would have to write this every week (and you would have to read it every week). I'm willing to take the sacrifice if that's what the people want, so please vote on this poll.
Remember, stay calm and focus on the money.
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Chinese Visas, Recruiters and You: A Case Study in Paperwork

In February of 2018, I got off the plane in Chengdu after over two months of bureaucracy-wrangling. In the course of getting my documents and Z-visa ready, I ended up learning more about the Chinese visa process than the recruiter did--indeed, more than I ever wanted to know.
There's a lot of confusion on the internet about the Chinese Z-Visa process, which has only existed in its current incarnation since April 2017. In many cases, not even recruiters or schools know enough about the process to walk you through it, so if you just listen to them, there's a risk you'll get burned--even if their intentions are entirely sound. With that in mind, I would like to present my own visa experience and some lessons about the process I learned along the way.
DISCLAIMER: This is not going to be completely and totally reliable. The visa process is in a state of near-constant flux depending on which consulate you are visiting, what state/country you live in, what province or city in China you intend to teach in, and how the consular officer is feeling that day. That's why this is a case study in the process, not a guide; a framework for the homework and double-checking you'll need to do, not a how-to to be followed blindly. Your best bet is to call a visa agency specializing in China whenever the process becomes ambiguous. If you live in the States, CVSC is a good option.
Basics of the Z-Visa
As of February 2018, to work in China as an English teacher you need three things:
You also need to be a citizen of the US, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. EDIT: fleetwoodd has directed us to this official-looking list of Officially Anglophone Countries, so you should also be OK if you're from the West Indies. While the list looks legitimate, I cannot vouch that it will be accurate when you apply, so call a visa agency--or, if your jurisdiction is too small for one, call/email/visit the Chinese embassy.
If you don't meet the requirements, there's probably some sketchy language mill in a Tier 5 city that will hire you on a tourist visa...but in the opinion of the China experts here and elsewhere in TEFL-world, this is a pretty risky proposition. Beijing's been clamping down on people teaching English illegally, the visa requirements are a lot more stringent than they were ten years ago, and if that weren't enough there's a bounty on your head. You risk deportation at any time (and getting banned from coming back for years afterwards), and because you'll be working under the table you have no recourse if your employer decides to screw you over. While some foolhardy souls will doubtless continue to teach English on a tourist visa, we'll leave them to their adventures and explore the legal option.
Note that plenty of job boards, including the (in)famous Dave's ESL Café, are full of job postings that offer jobs to people without degrees, or people from non-Anglophone Western Europe, or so on and so forth. These people are lying, but their postings survive because they make their hosts money. If they insist they can get you a licit work permit without adhering to the above requirements, they are talking out of their ass.
Finding a Job
You're in a seller's labor market, so you can easily afford to be picky. It's not my place here to talk about the various varieties of employment in China; the subreddit FAQ for China and a basic Google search should tell you what you need to know.
I used a recruiter to find a job. Some people have a strong dislike of recruiters and suggest you avoid them at all costs. I think that's a little bit overkill. The real story is that recruiters are useful, but they are not entirely trustworthy. Schools butter their bread, usually whether or not there are problems further on down the line, and so long as they can get your ass in somebody's class they make their living. That can give them an incentive to stretch the truth. Most importantly for getting the visa, the visa process is truly confusing and of the half dozen or so recruiters I interviewed with, not one had a competent grasp on what the process involved.
This is not entirely their fault. It'd be nice to think that, since recruiters exist to, you know, get Westerners over to China, they'd stay completely up to date on what the visa process entails. But the visa process really is confusing, they're almost always Chinese and operate from China, and again--if they get you in the classroom, and then two months later you get busted for a visa violation, they don't get in trouble. The school often doesn't even get in trouble except insofar as they're out one teacher. You get in trouble.
What this means is that whether you work with a recruiter, or contact a school directly, you will have to do your visa homework behind their backs, because they probably won't know what you need to do and don't have too much incentive to learn, but they may try to look like they know the process. This is unfortunate, but it's seemingly inescapable. From my experience, although my recruiter was a touch confused and underinformed on the visa process, she was quite gracious and helpful when there was an accommodation roadblock further down the road. So, don't assume that your recruiteschool is completely untrustworthy just because they're confused about the visa. They're all confused about the visa. That's why you're listening to the visa agency, and not to them.
The upside to the long, arduous, expensive, complex and ultimately pointless process that follows is that people watching the TEFL labor market (Discord user Bryan) are already noticing that the regulations have constricted the supply of teachers, because lots of noobies find the process overwhelming or ragequit partway through--also, some of these requirements also apply for teachers already in China looking to change jobs within the country (I can't, however, speak as to which ones), so switching countries can be preferable to switching cities, if you came into the country on a more relaxed visa regime. Constricted supply and steady or even slightly rising demand mean higher prices, as Econ 101 tells us, and indeed, salaries are beginning to inch up. So take heart! If you can navigate your way through the bureaucracy, you'll be in a position to negotiate higher pay, at least once you've got some initial experience under your belt.
Document authentication
In the good old days (the mid-2000s or so), you could just get a sketchy TEFL certificate, or fake one, and get a work visa to teach English. Those days are over. You now need a BA, a background check, and a TEFL certificate or two years' experience post-graduation to get the Z-Visa. Moreover, it's not good enough to just show up to the embassy/consulate with scans of those documents and expect to get your visa. They must all be authenticated by the consulate before your employer-to-be can even get the work permit. Because of this, and because demand is so high that you're guaranteed of finding several offers if you meet the requirements, it is a good idea to start on the document authentication train once you decide on China, and keep juggling offers until the documents have all come in. Until they do--a process which will take at least a month--no prospective employer or recruiter can do anything to tie you down. So keep looking.
What's authentication, you ask? Because different countries have different bureaucracies, languages, and so on, you usually can't just show up to Country B holding a legal document (like a marriage certificate, diploma, or background check) from Country A and expect it to be taken at face value. How does Country B know you didn't just photoshop or Xerox the document? In most of the world, this is done by apostille. An apostille is a magic seal that you get at the Secretary of State in your state (or equivalent if you're not American) that certifies that document for use in any country that's signed the Hague Convention.
Unfortunately for you, China hasn't signed the Hague Convention. Instead China requires foreign documents--if you have a Chinese BA, or a Chinese-issued TEFL cert (do these exist?), this won't apply--to be authenticated, which is a multi-step process that can take several weeks. The steps are as follows in the United States:
A major thing to note is that--in theory, at least--all documents must be notarized, certified and authenticated in the jurisdiction in which they were issued. So, for example, while I live in Maryland (and thus got my background check there), I went to college in Oklahoma and have a CELTA, which was issued by Cambridge University. This means that my diploma, background check and CELTA were all issued in different jurisdications--the Houston consulate has jurisdiction over Oklahoma, the embassy in DC has jurisdiction over Maryland, and the embassy in London has jurisdiction over (southern) Great Britain. As a result, while I was able to take the train into DC to get my background check authenticated after I had it certified in Annapolis, I had to have a friend in Oklahoma notarize it and then take it to the SoS in Oklahoma City, and then send it to the visa agency in Houston to be authenticated. My CELTA was even worse; I shelled out about £300 to an agency to have a solicitor notarize, the Home Office apostille, and the Chinese embassy authenticate my CELTA. (Note that while apostilles are certificationes non gratae in the States, they seem to be a required part of the process in the UK--documents just need to be authenticated after they get an apostille. If you are not American or British--heck, even if you are American or British--you should double-check as the process may have changed since I wrote this.)
However, the New York and--I think--San Francisco consulates are known for authenticating any document regardless of its jurisdiction of issue. This is not the only instance of the Chinese visa system being not entirely consistent with its rules. Call a visa agency if you intend to go down this route. Also note that while the consulates--Chicago, San Fran, LA, Houston and New York--will authenticate a document straight from the Secretaries of State in their jurisdiction, the embassy requires you to take the state-certified document to the State Department in DC to be certified a second time at the federal level. If you do not live within driving distance of DC, a visa agency can take care of this for you, for a fee, of course. Once you've got the State Department's certification, you can take the document to the embassy, or the agency can do that for you.
Perhaps the most Kafkaesque part of this long, expensive process is the fact that while it gives the illusion of security, you really only need to fool the notary. That's because none of the bureaucrats in this process are actually checking that the document is real, except the notary. They're checking that the previous bureaucrat in the chain is who he says he is. Thus, your state's secretary of state doesn't actually check that your TEFL certificate, or even your diploma, is real. He just checks that the notary is a real notary in the state's database of notaries and that the notary's signature corresponds to the signature on file. Likewise, the State Department only certifies that the secretary of state is the real secretary of state. And the consular officer doing the authentication only checks that the secretary of state's certification matches what they've got on file for that state. In theory, this means that you could just get a decent printer and some card stock and photoshop yourself a Harvard diploma, and find the most gullible notary in the state of Massachusetts and be on your way; that nobody seems to do this points to its effectiveness via deterrence, as security theater. Ultimately, the whole process mostly represents a cash grab for visa agencies. It's tempting but useless to get mad about the hundreds of dollars and weeks of time that can be involved. Resist the urge, cough up, and try to negotiate a higher visa reimbursement allowance out of your employer.
An additional note about background checks
Background checks are definitely not one-size-fits-all. It's basically universal that the background check must be no more than six months old when you apply for the work permit. Whether that's a local, state, or federal (FBI) background check, however, depends on your home state and the requirements of the province or city you'll be teaching in. E.g., as my home state is Maryland and I'm teaching in Sichuan, a state background check was sufficient. (Because it was issued by the State of Maryland, it didn't need to be notarized, but it did have to go to the Maryland Secretary of State for certification). Follow this blindly only if it's February 2018 and you're a Marylander who's coming to teach in Sichuan. Talk to your visa agency. For what it's worth, FBI checks tend to be pretty fast, if you do them online and send the fingerprint card in by mail.
An additional note about TEFL certificates
If you just want to teach in China and you're looking for a TEFL certification, and you're not British, you may want to forego a CELTA, since as noted above the CELTA is supposed to be authenticated in Britain. I received an email this summer from an American CELTA trainer saying that this has become a problem for everyone trying to teach in China with a CELTA, and that Cambridge is trying to work something out with the Chinese foreign office to streamline the process, but nothing has come of it so far to my knowledge. I have a sneaking suspicion that I got my current job (ritzy private school) partially due to my CELTA, but the language mills or even public schools won't care. A cheap online Groupon cert should suffice, and when I called the visa agency on behalf of a friend looking at Groupon certs, I was told it may even be possible to get them authenticated in your home consulate regardless of where the cert's issuing company is incorporated.
An alternative to a TEFL certificate is "two years' teaching experience". The specifics of this are really hard to figure out, but there does seem to be a consensus that you need a reference letter from a former company and that the work must be post-graduation (and that the foreign affairs office can check the graduation date on your diploma when you apply for the residence permit, so you might get nailed for fudging this one).
EDIT: The two years' teaching experience--used to be just work experience, but now it's teaching experience--must be attested by a signed reference letter on your former employer's letterhead, which does not have to go through the authentication process. Thanks to moderator TeachInSuzhou, again, for pointing this out. Also, at some companies the proof of two years' experience must be acquired to move up the pay scale, so it's not entirely interchangeable with a TEFL certificate.
The Health Check
In theory, you are also supposed to get a health check before you go to China, and this is supposed to go through the whole authentication gauntlet. However, it's possible (perhaps not in all provinces, but in most of them, it seems) for your employer to get a waiver from the local foreign-workers office so that you don't need to get the health check till you come to China. You may as well insist on this, since it saves you the time and money involved in getting a fourth piece of paper authenticated.
The Work Permit
Once you have gotten all your documents notarized, certified and authenticated, your employer can apply for the work permit. Make sure you've finished all contract negotiations before you send scans of the authenticated documents. Before you send in the scans, you're completely free to drop any employerecruiter and apply for other positions. Once someone applies for a work permit in your name, however, you're tied to that employer in a national database, and you can't be let go without release paperwork--which may not even be possible to get if you're not already in China (it's not clear) and will take weeks even if it is. By now, you should make sure that your new employer has the paperwork required to hire foreigners. If they get cagey about this, you should probably drop them. You can find a new one in a few hours of googling and emailing.
There's occasionally some confusion as to what documents, exactly, are needed to get the Z-Visa; I recall reading, but cannot find, a story by someone trying to find work in Suzhou, whose employer wanted him to courier his passport to Suzhou for the work permit, presumably based on some bureaucratic misunderstanding. Don't do this. The work permit process has recently been standardized--at least in the major cities--so all you should need is a scan of your passport's information page and of the aforementioned authenticated documents (including the original, all notarizing/certifying pages, and the authentication certificate, which is light green with a reflecting silver sticker). You do not need to send the originals of your documents by FedEx or anything like that. If your employer insists you need to do that for the work permit, drop them and find a new one, or threaten to. Your original documents are way too valuable to risk getting lost in the post (to say nothing of your passport), and the local foreign affairs office can work with just the scans (or at least they're supposed to).
Your work permit should arrive in your email box a couple of weeks later. Work permits have recently been standardized in the major cities, so you don't need to get the originals by mail--printouts are fine. (Apparently some smaller jurisdictions have yet to catch up, so you will need the originals couriered to you from there. But if you're going to any place anybody has ever heard of, you'll be able to apply for the visa with a printed-out scan.)
Applying for the Visa: Location
Now that you've got your documents and your work permit, it's time to apply for the visa. You are not entirely out of the woods yet. Something you will probably hear from your recruiter is that you can come in on a tourist visa with your authenticated documents, then fly to Hong Kong and get the Z-Visa done there at the local foreign office. And, indeed, for years and years this was entirely possible. It still sometimes is, from what I've read, but increasingly inconsistently, and it's known that South Africans, at least, are definitely no longer able to pull it off; the rest of us will probably follow in the near future. There's also regional variation--some Chinese provinces will still sometimes issue work permits with Hong Kong listed on them as the place of visa application, others won't; in a few years probably none will. The real reason your employerecruiter wants you to do this is that work permits cost a fuckton to apply for--something like 10K yuan (about $1600). If they apply while you're still at home, and then you decide you'd rather go to Korea--which, given the notorious flightiness of many a TEFLer, is not an entirely unreasonable fear--they're out all that money with nothing to show for it. By bringing you in on a tourist visa, and only applying for a work permit once you land, then sending you to Hong Kong, they ensure that you have some skin in the game. However, in the opinion of this subreddit's China experts, as well as those elsewhere on TEFL forums, the Hong Kong Shuffle is just too much of a risk.
Also a grey area is whether it's possible to apply for a Z-Visa from outside your home country. In theory, this is not supposed to be possible...in practice it's a bit more complicated. Before coming to China I worked in Russia, and asked the St Petersburg consulate whether applying for a Z-Visa from Russia was possible. They said it wouldn't be until I'd lived in Russia for six months on my current visa, which meant waiting till March (and then very possibly finding out at that point that the answer was "no" for some other reason). Again--possible? Yeah, people have done it and done it recently. Recommended? Maybe, if you live in the same city as the Chinese embassy/consulate in that country; since you can get documents authenticated by DHL courier, it might save you the price of a plane ticket, particularly if your home city is sufficiently far away from the consulate in your home country that you'd need to cough up for an agency to authenticate them anyways.
Applying for the Visa: Process
Once you've gotten to this point in the labyrinth, this one's a snap. In DC, at least, I needed to fill out the visa application (typed and printed), bring printouts of my work permits (black and white was accepted, but you might bring both B&W and color printouts, just in case), my passport, a scan of my passport (again, err on the side of both B&W and color), and a passport photo. This last has pretty stringent requirements--I think so that there's a technicality on which almost any application can be rejected if it really needs to be (and also probably so that facial-recognition software can work with your photo). In the US, you usually get two-inch-by-two-inch photos when you go to CVS or Wal-Mart for passport photos; these are the wrong size. I used a millimeter-marked ruler and an X-Acto knife to cut down mine to size, and it was accepted without comment. May as well bring two, since that's usually what you get when you buy them at Walgreens or similar. The application says to "affix" the picture to the application; I just used a paper clip, and the consular officer scotch-taped it to the box. Thankfully, they do recognize that the process is confusing and are somewhat more lenient about it than they let on; there were a couple of typos on my document authentication application, and the consular officer let me make emendations in pen at the window. If you've made a good-faith attempt to get everything as straight as you can, they'll probably let you pass--and if not you can try again, if you can afford the fee. They didn't want my authenticated documents when I applied, but they might whenever and wherever you apply, so it can't hurt to bring them. You will absolutely need to bring them with you when you get on the plane.
If you don't live near the embassy/consulate (pity the poor souls in Utah and the Dakotas who are under DC's jurisdiction for no very clear reason), you'll have to go through a visa agency, who will charge a fair amount for their services but (in CVSC's case, at least) guarantee the success of your application. (Embassies and consulates like visa agencies because they do all the spade-work of ensuring that everything is just so, so the consular official can rubber-stamp the application.) If you still feel lost about the ins and outs of the application, it might be worth shelling out the extra hundred dollars or so for them to cut your picture down to size and submit the application for you; at the very least you get a refund if they fail. Once you've got the visa, you can buy a plane ticket and come to China! (There will be further bureaucratic processes once you're there, of course, some of which I have yet to go through, but the biggest hurdles are over once you've got your visa in hand).
BIG EDIT: Some consulates (Chicago and San Fran at the very least) are now requiring prospective applicants to come in person to be fingerprinted. If you're from the Mountain West, this sucks, to say the least (since you have to go to DC if and when DC adopts the fingerprinting policy). This will probably be universal policy in a couple years. Sorry.
The Chinese visa process is confusing, and recruiters and employers are underinformed and can be misleading. Don't take everything above as gospel. At the time of writing (February 2018), the process described above worked for me, and most of it should probably still work for you--but I have no idea what deviations from my process you'll have to make. Take the above as a framework, an illustrative case study of the frame of mind you need to use. Double-check your recruiter, talk to visa agencies, don't come in on a tourist visa, and get your documents authenticated the right way. Good luck!
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Oh, no more unrelatable copypastas/text memes? Yknow what?! I'm gonna post as many copypastas as i can (Part 3)

动态网自由门天安门天安门法轮功李洪志Free Tibet 六四天安门事件The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安门大屠杀The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派斗争The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大跃进政策The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人权Human Rights 民运Democratization 自由Freedom 独立Independence 多党制Multi-party system 台湾台湾Taiwan Formosa 中华民国Republic of China 西藏土伯特唐古特Tibet 达赖喇嘛Dalai Lama 法轮功Falun Dafa 新疆维吾尔自治区The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 诺贝尔和平奖Nobel Peace Prize 刘暁波Liu Xiaobo 民主言论思想反共反革命抗议运动骚乱暴乱骚扰扰乱抗暴平反维权示威游行李洪志法轮大法大法弟子强制断种强制堕胎民族净化人体实验肃清胡耀邦赵紫阳魏京生王丹还政于民和平演变激流中国北京之春大纪元时报评论共产党 独裁 专制 压制 统一 监视 镇压 迫害 侵略 掠夺 破坏 拷问 屠杀 活摘器官 诱拐 买卖人口 游进 走私 毒品 卖淫 春画 赌博 六合彩 天安门 天安门 法轮功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 刘晓波动态网自由门
Hello, fellow homosexuals. It is us, [MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION]. Here to remind you that we support your lifestyle now that it has been federally legalised and it is completely socially safe, allowing for us to capitalise on your existence now it's mainstream. Look, we even changed the colours of [LOGO]! Why did we wait this long to come out and 'support' you? Haha, no more questions, homosexual. Buy our product. Buy our product. BUY OUR PRODUCT.
If a service dog without a person approaches you, it means the person is down and in need of help. Follow the dog and you'll get a free purse or wallet.
I spend 5 hours masturbating before my prostate exams. I edge, and edge and edge, until a butterfly sneezing on my taint could bring me to orgasm. I tactfully shuffle my way down to the doctor's office and when he lubes up I nearly cum every time. But I've trained my keggle muscles enough to the point where I can hold in Mount Vesuvius' wrath. Then as soon as he puts the smallest bit of pressure on my prostate I unleash with the fury of a lion hunting its prey. As the room gets covered in my hot sticky juices the doctor looks on disgusted and leaves the room. I always go to a hospital far away from where I live to get it so that I don't have to go in for surgery under the doctor that I busted to. Best thing is we have free healthcare here, so the doctor gets me off and it's covered by taxpayers. That's my fetish.
MEN ♂️ AND WOMEN ♀️ OF THE NATION🇨🇮🇧🇼🇧🇿🇨🇲🇧🇷🇨🇨🇨🇲🇨🇰🇨🇫🇨🇮🇫🇰🇪🇦🇪🇹🇫🇮🇩🇯🇫🇲🇭🇲🇬🇵🇮🇪🇮🇱🇮🇲🇬🇹🇮🇴🇭🇰🇬🇾🇲🇵🇱🇷🇲🇴🇲🇨🇱🇻🇲🇱🇲🇱🇳🇮🇵🇭🇴🇲🇳🇺🇴🇲🇳🇪🇵🇪🇵🇫🇳🇦🇸🇭🇸🇽🇶🇦🇸🇬🇶🇦🇸🇪🇸🇸🇸🇽🇸🇭:
STAY VIGILANT AND STRAIGHT📏📏❌🏳️‍🌈❌🏳️‍🌈❌🏳️‍🌈❌🏳️‍🌈❌
Today I [40M] caught my wife [19F] having an orgy [2hrs] with my sister [19F], father [81M], and nanny [107F]. I took my bags [9lbs] and left to an overnight motel [$40/n] to think things out. Should I end our marriage [3yrs] or try therapy [$100/hr]??
WOW kid you just got WOOOOOOSHED!!!! 😂😂👀
"Wooosh" means you didn't get the joke, as in the sound made when the joke "woooshes" over your head. I bet you're too stupid to get it, IDIOT!! 😤😤😂
My joke was so thoughtfully crafted and took me a total of 3 minutes, you SHOULD be laughing. 🤬 What's that? My joke is bad? I think that's just because you failed. I outsmarted you, nitwit.🤭
In conclusion, I am posting this to the community known as "Wooooosh" to claim my internet points in your embarrassment 😏. Imbecile. The Germans refer to this action as "Schadenfreude," which means "harm-joy" 😬😲. WOW! 🤪 Another reference I had to explain to you. 🤦‍♂️🤭 I am going to cease this conversation for I do not converse with simple minded persons.😏😂
A 👩‍🏫teacher👩‍🏫 asked her class
“What is sex👅👀?”
Johnny🙍‍♂️ got up and said:
“Sex is a 😏temptation😏
Caused by a 😩sensation😩
Where a boy 🙍‍♂️ sticks his 🍆location🍆
Into a girl’s 💁‍♀️ 🍑destination🍑
To increase the 👪population👪
Of the next➡️ 👶generation👶
Did you get my ☝️ 👏explanation👏?
Or do you need 😩💦 a
👅🍆🍑💦Demonstration👅🍆🍑💦 ?
The teacher👩‍🏫 fainted 😱
Guys I really wanted to believe that Virginia Western was not the cesspool of morons all my fellow biology faculty told me it would be. Unfortunately your finals, which I purposely made as easy as humanly possible, tanked harder than a Kardashian marriage. I personally apologise for expecting the bare minimum from you as students. If you look at your grade book you will notice that you all have gotten a 50 point grade bump as 'extra credit' and no this was not because any of you deserved it but it was infact so I don't get my ass fired when the dean asks me 'hey why the fuck did 50% of your class fail an introductory biology class' to whom I will reply 'hmm I don't know maybe its because these klingons are 18 years old and still giggle every time I say the term 'phagocytosis'. I'd like to add that in fact one of you got a 5/100 on this exam for which I salute you. Considering this was 100% multiple choice and the statistical probability of you missing more than 90% GUESSING is actually higher than your chances of getting laid, which for this student would be an act of God (please stay out of the gene pool you know who you are). I could have actually taken a shit on the scantron, wiped it off on the grass, and I am pretty certain my feces could have picked up more correct answers than you deliberately bubbled in. So congratulations, on making me lose faith in the public school system, and in humanity.
mood backwards is doom
doom is a video game
video games are played by teens and adults
adults include alex jones
alex jones breaks open government secrets
the government turns the frogs gay
frogs are a symbol of trump
the symbol is called pepe
pepe is a italian band from the 80s
italy was part of world war II
world war II was led by hitler
hitler had one testicle
inside of a testicle is sperm
sperm is what makes people
most people are assholes
assholes are on every single mammal on earth
mammals include bats
bats are similar in appearance to birds
birds don't exist other things that don't exist is australia
australia has slow internet connection
comcast has slow internet connection comcast = mood
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better than any psychologist! (ripped from darknet)

for a random chatroom with strangers there are logs for homeland and fbi to study - this is one chat with 1 stranger and 1 agent in his role:

...pre texts are not shown for own security - some texts are ------ for anonymization purposes.
- strong language and bad stereotypes in use
- no harm of legalisation and rights

20:31 me: it annoys me - i was searching for a chanboard, like a forum for syria and iran hacking lol
20:31 me: --------
20:31 ->: doesn'ìt sound encouraging
20:31 ->: neither a bit
20:31 me: so what about now?
20:32 ->: usually advertisements here are not good
20:32 me: ist a bit dark i know... like the slaves in my cellar
20:32 me: got it XD
20:32 ->: ahahahah
20:32 me: you know some deeeeeeep edges of the darkweb?
20:33 ->: i actually use pretty only this chatroom
20:33 me: like the shittiest forums and stuff
20:33 me: really?
20:33 ->: i'm not into those things
20:33 ->: and most of them are illegal
20:33 me: how did you find here? im not a bot
20:33 ->: looking for websites
20:34 me: yea thats fore sure. just do it out of curiosity fella
20:34 ->: but i wanna stay away from troubles you know
20:34 me: there were a site where you can buy horse heads from horse owners XD
20:34 me: me too lol
20:35 ->: you sure youre german
20:35 ->: ?
20:35 me: so just stay here and nothing happens ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
20:35 me: yea
20:35 me: im the whitest nazi out there
20:35 ->: you speak a surprisingly good english
20:35 me: im watching 24// english youtube soo....
20:35 me: thanks mate
20:35 ->: btw I'm not really from florida
20:36 me: are you native american
20:36 me: i knew ist
20:36 me: it *meme+
20:36 ->: how did you know ?
20:36 me: you are from the next police department XD (?)
20:36 me: kinda obvious of your short undetailed answer
20:36 ->: I'm the shadow following criminals
20:36 ->: the vigilante in the night
20:37 me: *more like a spain country?
20:37 ->: nope
20:37 me: more like sphaghetti of knights lol
20:37 me: so where u from dude?
20:37 ->: real location is always secret here
20:37 me: i seriously wont tell FBI or Homeland
20:37 ->: you should learn to hide yours too
20:37 me: for sure
20:38 me: via vpn or what?
20:38 ->: of course tor hide it
20:38 me: have u mine location? lol kinda unsecure
20:38 me: by now
20:38 ->: but if it's you revealing it it's pretty pointless isnt it
20:38 me: ive close to nothing to hide
20:39 me: ahahahaha
20:39 me: kinda
20:39 ->: I'm not from Israel looking for nazi ahah
20:39 me: what region? are u a hacker boi
20:39 ->: just joking
20:39 me: lol like h3h3
20:39 me: *just jerking
20:39 ->: i have nothing against germany
20:39 me: israel?
20:40 ->: nooope
20:40 me: ive so much against this shitty country but its more agains humanity
20:40 ->: but if ever you'll guess I'll still lie about it so don't waste time guessing
20:40 me: do you use tor for getting around regional locks?
20:40 ->: I always say Miami cause i love it
20:40 ->: I am not an hacker
20:41 me: im guessing u r a gud boi
20:41 me: miami is pretty nice you have palms 80s streetwear n shit
20:41 ->: that's why i love it
20:41 ->: but i should choose a less absurd fake position
20:41 me: u know what i mean? everybody nowwadays is trying to be normal out there
20:42 ->: who wanna be normal ?
20:42 me: dont try to choose a big city
20:42 me: more like cansas
20:42 ->: why not a big city
20:42 me: most of my near fellas here...
20:42 ->: ?
20:43 me: because the most people would write down something like that, if you choose Lichtenstein germany for example...
20:43 ->: once i was in another chatroom, not on dark web, and there was an user called "girl next door"
20:43 me: not everybody knows so they search it and they became obducted byits trueness
20:43 ->: i chatted her and as usual i said i was from miami
20:43 me: omg
20:44 ->: thanks for advice
20:44 me: he or he believed
20:44 me: np
20:44 ->: she got so scared ahaha
20:44 me: so u play some games?
20:44 ->: she was really from miami
20:44 me: HAHAHAHSdaojhs
20:44 me: lol no wasy
20:44 ->: and she said she could really be girl next door
20:44 me: sorry kinda stressed right now i see blue lights
20:44 me: ooopsie
20:45 me: like where is your credit card information?
20:45 me: *only 320m away*
20:45 ->: if only i had one ahahah
20:45 me: if you want i play bfv recently, you can have my ------
20:46 ->: bfv?
20:46 me: a girlfriend? thats my heavy lifin?
20:46 me: *heavy liftin'*
20:46 me: battlefield dude
20:46 ->: i like battelfield
20:46 ->: but i dont have it on pc
20:46 me: .
20:46 me: fuk
20:47 ->: and actually im more into real weapons ahaha
20:47 me: dont say xbox
20:47 me: me too.
20:47 ->: everything legal of course
20:47 ->: really ?
20:47 ->: what's your favourite gun?
20:47 me: i go from times to times to the local shooting ranges for birthdays and so on
20:48 me: i once shot a cz pistol and it feels so nice in the hand.
20:48 me: and of course the m1 in germany you only can shot semi :/
20:49 ->: a cz bullet is like a poem
20:49 ->: i love that gun
20:49 me: so i go to the ---- some times, they got an SG550 and many other swissmade weapons :)
20:49 ->: but my favourite will always be the glock
20:50 me: you can fire there in auto too. u once shot in auto?
20:50 ->: i never tried actually
20:50 me: i feel on the glock that the recoil is too uncontrollabel
20:51 me: and the bet one was a drilling with 2 20ga and a .45acp on the third barrel - -love that thing
20:51 ->: i am mostly into handguns and knives more than rifles
20:51 me: biggest caliber yet?
20:51 me: i had made some knifes some time ago by myself
20:51 ->: i tried once the 45
20:51 ->: but i didnt reaqlly enjoyed
20:52 ->: you should take time to know glocks
20:52 me: not the best quality but it was more like upcycling from old rusty stuff
20:52 ->: they can be your best firiend
20:52 ->: friend*
20:52 me: the highest for me was the 45-70 govt. goddamn that thing hurts i say
20:53 me: *best for wood chopping
20:53 ->: i prefer being able to shoot 2 bullets quickly of 9x19 than one in 45
20:53 me: soooo i need to go on ma friend, nice to meet someone arround the corner ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
20:53 ->: not so around the corner
20:54 ->: let's say that asia is not really near germany
20:54 ->: can't say more than this
20:54 me: there were a long weapon wiht a spring and firepin issue with short bursts of 2400 rpm you should search for it on youtube
20:54 me: who said i live in germany?
20:55 me: i live in austin texas lol
20:55 ->: you did, but maybe you lied ahahah
20:55 me: no i live in german reich
20:55 me: XD
20:55 me: love ya - stay yourself dude
20:55 ->: if you lived in texas you'd have an m60 under the bed
20:56 me: u wanna some personal information about me? *trying to convince*
20:56 ->: see you man, enjoy with your friend
20:56 me: and my aunt is my sister
20:56 me: ahhahdshfsaiouödhf
20:56 ->: hope for you that your fieend is a blonde german girl
20:56 me: see ya l8er alligator
20:57 ->: byeeee
20:57 me: noe im singel as fuck
20:57 ->: better, you can have more girls
20:57 me: introvertet fag i am like yoda... good night ;*
20:57 ->: not night here but... ahaha
20:57 me: chlorophorm intensivies
20:58 me: lol so im irl too it kinda destroys first meetings
20:58 me: dont wanna leave u
20:58 ->: huh?
20:58 ->: just keep trying, girls are weird creatures
20:59 me: ur still on?
20:59 ->: on what?
20:59 me: sometimes i feel like that i be made for noone you know what i mean?
20:59 me: online?
20:59 me: lolö
20:59 ->: i tell you this
20:59 me: you want my facebook account?
21:00 ->: i had a friend, who till last time talked pretty bad about another guy, not that she hate him but like someone she would not date
21:00 me: i will keep searching, i recently lost my virginity in a strip club XD
21:00 ->: then he tells me that he and her go out together
21:01 me: and after that?
21:01 ->: i was like, what the fuck is going on here
21:01 me: no way
21:01 ->: i liked that girl
21:01 ->: but he is my friend and i didnt want any problem
21:01 ->: so now me and the girl neither talk
21:02 me: always i met someone where i think, dude shes hot and intelligent and all that, then i take some time with her to notice that she is not interested in me - that kinda hurts allot
21:02 me: the same happend to me
21:02 ->: i have a friend
21:02 ->: a 26 hot girl
21:03 me: my friend invited me to hollöydays in spain and he said - if i have somone else to come with us i just ask them if they want to
21:03 me: i choosen my crush
21:03 me: she was with us and i thought, man u need to tell her about your feelings
21:04 me: after a week we driven home and i saw them holding hands
21:04 me: so i murderd them both
21:04 ->: she is not the most clever girl in the world but she is definetily beautiful, she even likes me, and she has a bf
21:04 me: lol no i thought let them do what they want
21:05 ->: that's am mistake, it was just him the target ahahaha
21:05 me: she is not the most clever girl in the world but she is definetily beautiful, she even likes me, and she has a bf - i hope you (?)
21:05 ->: nope, not me
21:05 me: ://////
21:05 me: fuck biches
21:05 ->: i am the almost secret lover
21:05 me: Pink Guy - bitches aint shit
21:05 ->: neither a real lover
21:05 me: me too XD
21:06 ->: i have a friend who might seduce him to give me a chance
21:06 me: after they came together she gets pregnant after 4 weeks and he got inprisioned lol
21:06 ->: but knowing her killing him would be less expensive
21:06 me: now im thinin' that was a right desition i made
21:07 ->: my friend says that everything happens for a reason
21:07 me: try destilled water and hypothermicx needle
21:07 ->: maybe she is right
21:07 ->: even if i don't believe in destiny
21:08 ->: is that a sort of poison? ahahah
21:08 me: just inject water in his atheria while he is sleeping, he dies and noone knows why ;)I))))))
21:08 me: lol
21:08 ->: i hate needles honestly
21:09 me: sometimes i think the most women are without feelings but whis a pussy to fuck ol' night long
21:09 me: then try a 100lb glass pane out of the 7th stock
21:09 ->: there are women with feelings, but women are strange
21:09 me: it securly kills fast
21:10 me: and leaves a nice compct
21:10 me: *compot
21:10 ->: if you ask me something and i tell you "no"
21:10 ->: it means no
21:10 ->: if you ask to a girl
21:10 me: but they are so goddamn weid
21:10 ->: no can mean anything
21:10 me: they mean nothing but no
21:10 me: they mean "estus flask"
21:11 me: ahhhhh i h8 it
21:11 ->: there was a girl who once, we were together and i tried kissing her after she told me she liked me and so on
21:11 ->: she said "not in the mouth" so i kissed her in the cheek
21:11 me: try prostitutes at the first time you feel like a pig and never do it again
21:11 me: oh my gawd
21:11 ->: then she got mad cause i didnt kiss her on lips
21:11 me: fuck dude
21:12 me: what did i said? dumb bithces
21:12 me: and if u force them ist molestion or what?
21:12 me: dont get this*
21:12 ->: pronstitutes are professionals
21:13 ->: they don't illude you
21:13 me: i only got one girlfriend when i was 12 :/
21:13 ->: you know its a job, you fuck them, you pay, over
21:13 me: but you get a bit rough with yourself after prostitution
21:14 me: its simple and convinient
21:14 me: to use
21:14 ->: why, they offer a service, you paid, you didn't treat them bad
21:14 me: ehhhhh...
21:14 me: i didnt came so it was a bit dissappointing for me the first time
21:15 ->: i am still virgin if it can help you
21:15 me: the reason was 2 times yjerking off in the morning, it was a pretty wierd situation too
21:16 me: even with 19 yo (if thats real) it helped me not even a tiny bit to loose virginity
21:16 me: dont try it
21:16 ->: i am really 19
21:16 me: just grab the next boy on the bus stop and here we go mario
21:16 me: joke lol
21:17 me: so you ahd some girlfriends before?
21:17 ->: not officially
21:17 ->: we neitehr said we were together
21:17 ->: never*
21:17 me: me too. ever kissed a girl or something else?
21:18 ->: kissed, 2 girls
21:18 me: i never got a real kiss its kinda depressing
21:18 me: normal smooch but not with real lovr
21:18 me: im still waiting
21:18 ->: whats the problem, i mean
21:18 ->: youre ugly? unfriendly? shy?
21:19 me: you go party some times or get drunk?
21:19 ->: nope, no party no alchol
21:19 me: i would say it ist extremly hard for me to show feelings
21:19 ->: don't
21:20 ->: let them show you feelings
21:20 me: i go pretty often to partys but i never drunk bevore
21:20 ->: don't show your cards
21:20 me: who dont?
21:20 me: really?
21:20 ->: yea you can be interested in a girl
21:20 ->: you can show interest, a bit
21:20 me: it sounds a bit weird because i got soooo much to give in a realtionship
21:20 ->: but never say "i like you"
21:21 me: i think it goes along with my crazy behaviour some times
21:21 me: really?
21:21 me: i sometimes think that i take too much time for this
21:22 ->: hey, you talk with someone who follows videos to improve relationships ahaha but its what they say
21:22 me: and in on case i really shot my kneecaps for pure dumbness
21:22 ->: till now its working better than declaring
21:22 me: no never done this, i always think be yourself and show it
21:23 ->: i met recently a blondie
21:23 ->: at a shooting range
21:23 me: mhhh. i missed the best opportunity to get the best girl out here out off uncompfort
21:23 ->: she greeted me and went away
21:23 me: with abullet?
21:23 me: ooohohohoohoooooo
21:23 ->: she still didnt shoot me actually
21:24 me: sometimes i see girls and think - shes a godness
21:24 ->: ahaha nice the joke of the bullet blonde ahah
21:24 me: know ya feel boi
21:24 ->: dont, she already has enough people thinking she is
21:24 me: i work as a sales man in a hardwarestore
21:24 ->: be different
21:24 ->: think she is like you
21:25 me: she realy likes me once, but that was truly my fault because i only thought of myself in this scenario
21:26 me: i destroyed it without noticing - shit happens dude
21:26 ->: i learnt something by experience, if she likes you dont wait
21:26 me: so do you ahve a similar experience
21:26 ->: everything changes in a blink of an eye
21:27 me: after that moment i got that message from her. now shes with a dumbass together
21:27 me: can i show you her?
21:27 ->: course you can
21:28 me: https://www.facebo-----
21:29 me: she was my ------ for the ------ and we instantly got a wire together
21:29 me: like soulmates
21:29 ->: cute
21:29 me: and goddamn she is hot
21:29 me: i was her bestie for a long 3 years
21:30 me: after she broke up i would stay to her for healing
21:30 me: after that i didnt noticed that she reeeeeealy wants me to overcome the bad feelings and i didnt get it this time
21:31 ->: relationshiops finish
21:31 ->: next time be there
21:31 ->: we learn from our mistakes don't we?
21:31 me: i thought, "let her a bit space so she can cure" but she needed me then the most and i let it rained out like nothing :/ poor story bro
21:31 me: i hope so
21:32 me: thanks for havin a ear on me
21:32 me: *only social interactions in dark net XD*
21:32 ->: she is alive, so there is hope
21:32 me: so if u want some contact further im a bit interested in write and tell u know?
21:33 me: i think the train is gone for me
21:33 me: have you a crush in sight now?
21:33 ->: no problem, at least i don't have to chat with insane people asking me where to buy drugs, as if i am a pusher
21:33 ->: the 26 years old girl
21:33 ->: but her bf is still with her
21:34 me: lol ive nothing to do with drugs XD and sheis older were that a problem for her?
21:34 me: you waitin?
21:34 me: does the relationship seems briddle?
21:35 ->: she is with him since years
21:35 me: mhhh doesnt look to promising
21:35 ->: but i trust my friend skills in seducing him
21:36 me: i loved a girl for maaaany years before her - it was resulting in hate from my side. dont recommend to stay for more than 2 years
21:36 ->: well i know her since one
21:36 me: kinda problem with "seducing" have you an toher word for it? (sorry)
21:36 ->: so i have time ahaha
21:37 ->: mmmmm, seduce is like making someone fall in love
21:37 ->: or bring someone to have sex with you
21:37 me: if it dont get briddle on them i would give you the advice - let it be. you turn yourself in a feeling trashcan otherwise
21:38 ->: it's like i feel im so close
21:38 ->: that only problem ruin my chances
21:38 me: if its a friend too -- thin ice
21:38 ->: him? i never met him
21:39 me: i know this moment when you made something and load her to a dinner and so on, i feel now, like that not the right way.
21:39 me: so fuck him and try honeypottin
21:40 me: i was always too shy and insecure about feelings, i really want to change me to be more honest to women. that should you do too
21:40 ->: I always promise to myself thaat i won't go on this chatroom again talking to strangers for advice and then a moment comes that i do it haha
21:41 me: i think the most women really have problems with their feelings, s they dont need a man with the same issues to
21:41 ->: she know i like her, i just need to send her roses and then i did everything to make her understand
21:41 me: lol i once did this with a guy out of argentinia
21:41 ->: you sent roses to a guy?
21:42 me: have you done it or do you want to do it=
21:42 me: nooo i had this kind of conversation
21:42 me: lol
21:42 ->: nah, no roses, she might tske me for crazy
21:42 me: you are more a romantic fella?
21:43 ->: sometimes
21:43 ->: i go with the girl
21:43 ->: if she is romantic i am romantic
21:43 ->: if she is direct im direct
21:43 me: i made for her silver braceletts with own craftmenship
21:43 me: really?
21:43 ->: that's definetely too much
21:44 me: im more like a romantic dude - slightly insecure and introverted as fuck
21:44 ->: I'm thinking of that girl in shooting range
21:44 ->: i wanna chat her
21:44 me: but i dont see why
21:45 ->: the first time i talked witha girl like flirting, i had your same problem
21:45 ->: i was afraid of talking eith a girl
21:45 me: i saw a beauty last week too, but i always think, she has a friend, a dad, is fat or feelings are dead - so belongs to the trashcan
21:45 me: im so often afraid too
21:45 ->: then i read on a site
21:46 me: allways there are some guys with the girls so i dont even try it
21:46 me: what?
21:47 ->: why are you afraid? you are stronger than a girl, in a fight male usually win (i am also a fighter so another reason to not fear girls), you will probably never see her again
21:47 me: have you a type of girl which u r attracted to?
21:47 ->: why does she scare you?
21:47 ->: and i though
21:47 ->: hey thats right
21:47 ->: i am afraid of a girl saying no? what harm will do to me?
21:48 ->: and i decided to give it a try
21:48 me: i even tried it 2 times for a number or a dinner - 2 times a "why not" and after that she broke contact to me :/
21:48 me: thats why im a bit pre-biased about it
21:49 ->: my type of girl ? blonde, tall, rich, beautiful, sweet, strong, a fighter ad who likes me
21:49 ->: do i ask too much?
21:49 me: i really dont want to piss off by now but i really want to go to bed now^^
21:49 ->: sureeee, btw im joking about the ideal type of girl
21:50 ->: it was a pleasure talking with you
21:50 me: mhhh for me the smile makes a lot for me, they should be mentally strong and not fat or ugly as hell
21:50 me: for me
21:50 ->: i would tell you not to worry that the right girl will come
21:51 ->: but lots of people told me
21:51 ->: and its not useful at all
21:51 me: too, if u want to stay in contact, write ---- on her friendslist.
21:51 me: thats for sure...
21:51 ->: so I'll tell you to wake up tomorrow, to look at the first beautiful girl you see in the street and to go talking with her
21:52 ->: (of course if she is with her bf and you dont want to fight maybe choose the next one)
21:52 me: okay ill try it a bit more offencifly (bad language)
21:52 me: add me 4 gud memes https://www.facebo-----
21:53 ->: you'll get a no, and then another, and again but at the end someone will say yes
21:53 me: search for ----- - good night
21:53 ->: and it will be worth all the nos
21:53 me: hope that same for you!
21:53 ->: good night man
21:53 me: with some luck
21:53 me: good night and sieg heil
21:54 ->: can't promise to add you cause i actually dont add random people
21:54 ->: but I'll keep it in mind
21:54 me: i know but me
21:54 me: <3
submitted by DOMlNGO to ChatRoulette [link] [comments]

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