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i_MiLK's 2 Round February Mock Draft w/ Explanations

No long intro, let's just jump straight into it.
DISCLAIMER #1: This is based on what I would do if I was picking for each team. This is not intended to be a predictive mock.
DISCLAIMER #2: The largest story of the draft and what will determine how much of the actual draft and mock drafts alike play out is the decision of Kyler Murray to play either baseball or football. Since at the end of the day mock drafts are all about how different scenarios could play out in the draft, in this mock Kyler has decided that he'll commit to playing football and wants to play in the NFL. Ok? Ok.
DISCLAIMER #3: No trades
1.01 ARI - Nick Bosa EDGE The Ohio State
The Cardinals are in a great spot entering the draft considering the sorry state of their roster. I know that seems like a "no shit Sherlock" statement because they have the 1st pick in the whole draft, but what puts them in a good position goes beyond that. It's the flexibility that's key. Want interior pass rush? Quinnen Williams is a monster. Want someone to pair up with Chandler Jones? Nick Bosa's your guy. Want to acquire assets to try and fill all your holes on the roster? You could get a great haul for trading back. I went with Nick because I see what the Chargers have done with Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa and think the Cards could crank that up to 11 with Chandler and Nick, but it's gonna be very hard to the Cards to screw this up with whatever direction they choose to go in on draft night.
1.02 SF - Josh Allen EDGE Kentucky
Lemme tell ya, I hated Josh Allen's game when I watched his 2017 season. The athletic and physical tools were all there but it just didn't look like he knew what he was doing out there, especially when it came to rushing the QB. Fast-forward to the end of the 2018 season and Josh Allen is a top 10 overall player on my board and a prospect that I have fallen in love with. Josh still has some work to do in terms of expanding his moves, counters, and variety as a pass rusher, but his improvement over 1 offseason was absolutely staggering. His ability to learn and add things to his game to the degree that he did this pas year gives me a ton of confidence that he can continue to develop and get better in the NFL. Most prospects aren't finished products coming out of college, and it's the ones that can prove they can develop that earn high grades for me. Josh Allen certainly proved that this season and it's why I'm comfortable taking him in the top 5.
1.03 NYJ - Quinnen Williams DT Alabama
This might be a tad strange considering the Jets are planning on keeping Leonard Williams in the Big Apple but I think getting Q would be the best move for the Jets. With ~$95 million in cap space, I feel the Jets would be best served spending much of that cap space on outside pass rushers and on the OL. By doing that, it allows the Jets to either stick at 3 and take the BPA, or trade back and recoup assets lost in the trade up with the Colts last year. At this point, with Quinnen still on the board and Henry Anderson hitting the open market, this pick is a natural fit on a revamped Jets roster.
1.04 OAK - Brian Burns EDGE Florida State
This pick is pretty simple, the Raiders need a pass rusher on the outside and Burns can give it to them. Long, explosive, bendy, and possessing technique, Brian is my top pass rusher on the board. The concerns about his frame are certainly warranted, as he's a pretty lanky guy, but he has all the other traits you want in a pass rusher. If he weighs in at the combine at 245 like some suspect he will, then that will answer some questions and concerns about his frame.
1.05 TB - Ed Oliver DL Houston
Tampa made a huge mistake last year in passing on the BPA for Vita Vea. Vea is a fine player but anytime you pass on a 1st team All-Pro for a "fine" player, you're going to regret it. That's especially true when that All-Pro is a versatile, playmaking do-it-all safety and your fine player is a 1T DT. That's not a mistake I want to make again, and with Gerald McCoy more than likely on his way out, it makes sense to fill that need with a player like Oliver. Some people have concerns about Ed's size and technical ability, but I believe in his incredible athleticism. The reason I thought that Derwin was a great fit for the Bucs last year was because I felt they needed a playmaker in the secondary. With McCoy gone, the Bucs now need a playmaker on the defensive line and I think Oliver is well worth the gamble on becoming that next playmaker.
1.06 NYG - Dwayne Haskins QB The Ohio State
Regardless of whether or not Eli will be the G-men's start in 2019, this is a good pick. Eli is 38 years old and on the last year of his contract, they need a QB of the future as soon as possible and Haskins is my top signal caller in this class. As a 1 year starter in college with some technical things to clean up in his lower body, having Haskins learning behind Eli wouldn't be the worst thing in the world the Giants were determined to have Eli be the starter for 1 final year. I do think that Haskins talent, combined with the likes of OBJ, Barkley, Shepard, and Engram, could make for a very dangerous offense for a long time.
1.07 JAX - Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma
Yes, he has a small frame (although with how the NFL protects its QBs I'm a tad less worried about his size than others). Yes, he mostly went up against those garbage Big XII defenses. At the end of the day though, Murray has fantastic athleticism and a big time arm. When I watched Kyle play this season, I saw a guy who can flat out play. I'll be fascinated to see how the Kyler Murray experiment works in the NFL if he goes the football route. Murray is a super polarizing prospect, probably more so than even Wyoming Josh Allen was last year. Considering the rest of the QB crop in this year's class, I'd much rather take the Murray risk than rely on the rest of the QBs after Haskins.
1.08 DET - Clelin Ferrell EDGE Clemson
Another team with a huge need at pass rusher. Whether Ziggy Ansah re-signs or not, the Lions need to get some more juice on the edge. Ferrell isn't the most flexible EDGE prospect in this class, but his hand usage, strength, length, and jump off the snap are certainly quality. He's also one of the best run defenders out of the top EDGE prospects, and I think Ferrell's overall game will mesh well with what Matt Patricia wants to do on defense.
1.09 BUF - Jonah Williams OL Alabama
Time to get Josh Allen some protection man. I personally think Jonah can be a high-quality tackle at the NFL level, but on this Buffalo OL it doesn't matter where you put Jonah, he'll be an upgrade. There honestly isn't much more to say about this pick, it's just a great upgrade to unit that needs to be better for the development of Josh Allen's game and the Bills' offense.
1.10 DEN - Byron Murphy CB Washington
More BPA-type picks here at 10. Murphy is my favorite corner in this entire class. Aggressive, fluid, physical, and with great ball skills, I like Byron's mix of traits more than any other CB in this class. With Roby hitting FA and no other real quality CB opposite of Chris Harris, I think Murphy can infuse another layer of talent on this defense like Bradley Chubb did this past season.
1.11 CIN - Devin White LB LSU
I know Bengals fans have seen this pick a million times, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. Cincinnati's LB play was flat out abhorrent last year. The lack of speed and athleticism on their second level was shocking, and needs fixing immediately. Devin White can help solve a lot of those problems. As a RB convert, White's mental processing and instincts improved from 2017 to 2018 and will continue to improve, but White's size and athleticism are tantalizing for a LB prospect.
1.12 GB - Jachai Polite EDGE Florida
Size and frame are concerns for Polite, at only 6'2 and 240-245, but Polite has solid hand usage, explosiveness, and bend on the outside. Clay Matthews has done a lot of great things in Green Bay, including helping them to a Super Bowl victory (grrrrrrrrrrr) but as a 32 year FA, it's time to move on to a younger pass rusher. Polite will probably struggle early on in his career as a run defender, but he'll be able to bring some juice and disruption as a pass rusher on a team that needs it if they want to get Aaron Rodgers back to the playoffs.
1.13 MIA - Jeffery Simmons DT Mississippi State
The tank is on in South Beach, and after years of mediocrity it's the right direction to head in. I believe that building a team from the ground up should start in the trenches and Simmons is the best linemen available. Obviously many won't like Simmons because of his off field history before he got to Mississippi State, and he'll need to answer questions about that in the pre-draft process. However everything that I've seen and read indicates that Simmons has been a locker room leader for the Bulldogs during his time there. On the field there's no questions from me about Jeffery's game. Good size, great quickness and explosiveness, improving technique and solid finishing are all components of Simmons' game. The disruption and havoc that Simmons has been able to cause in backfields all across the southeast in the past couple years are exactly what the Dolphins need to start rebuilding their team.
1.14 ATL - Cody Ford OL Oklahoma
I definitely think that Cody can play tackle at the NFL level, but on this Falcons team I think Ford could start out at guard with Andy Levitre hitting FA and being old. Ford has power, size, flexibility, and agile feet that make him a good prospect for any OL spot. Atlanta's biggest weakness right now is in the trenches gives them the toughness and athleticism to help fix that.
1.15 WAS - D.K. Metcalf WR Ole Miss
Combine medicals will be key to see if DK's neck checks out, but right now he's my WR1. Metcalf isn't the most polished route runner coming out of the Rebel's cookie-cutter offense, but he stands at 6'4 225 with long strides and good long speed. With great physical and athletic traits, Metcalf has the potential to be a legit #1 WR on a NFL roster. Washington really needs someone like Metcalf to give their offense a spark. Whoever their QB is in 2019, and if Alex Smith is able to come back and be their QB after that, will need a dynamic big play WR like Metcalf if the Skins want to try and climb back up to the top of the NFC East.
1.16 CAR - Nasir Adderly SAF Delaware
I really thought long about this pick, but more and more I start to believe that the Delaware product is the best safety in this class. I love his range, size, and willingness to come down and tackle. Adderly is a versatile chess piece that can play in a multitude of positions in the secondary. He's physical and aggressive enough to come down and play in the box in a SS role, he's fluid enough to cover receiving TEs and RBs, and he has the range, instincts, and ball skills to play to play in a single high, deep 1/2, or deep 1/3 role. Looking at the Panthers roster, they've done a nice job of retooling their secondary since Josh Norman left by drafting Donte Jackson, but their safety play has been in need of younger, fresh blood. I think Adderly has the ability to help improve this defense and take this team back to the playoffs and challenge for the NFC South crown.
1.17 CLE - Mack Wilson LB Alabama
I definitely thought about going OT here, but honestly, Greg Robinson played really well for the Browns down the stretch and probably saved his career. Although Greg is a FA this spring, with how he played in Cleveland, I think it makes sense to bring him back to Cleveland considering the quality of his play and the chemistry he already has with that OL. Someone that shouldn't be back with the Browns however is LB Jamie Collins. Collins is simply too expensive for what he brings them. Enter Mack Wilson. Mack's size, athleticism, and coverage ability is fantastic for a LB prospect. In today's NFL you need LBs who are comfortable covering in space and Mack is one of those guys. Wilson isn't the best in terms of processing run plays, and he'll need to play gaps quicker in the pros, but I think being in a LB room with guys Kirksey and Schobert will help Mack's mental development and will help take the pressure off of Mack in the run game. A real nice pick that I think will help round out this defense.
1.18 MIN - Dalton Risner OL Kansas State
All about versatility with this pick. The Vikings need OL help in the worst way and Risner helps to solve that. Risner has the experience, size, and athleticism to play all 5 spots on the OL. If the Vikes want to keep Reiff and O'Neill at tackle, then Risner can easily kick inside. If they want to move around Reiff and maybe move O'Neill to LT (where he played at Pitt), then Risner can plug and play at RT (where he played the past couple years at KSU). Overall I think Risner really helps boost this offensive line, and maybe now Kirk Cousins can beat a team over .500.
1.19 TEN - Montez Sweat EDGE Mississippi State
Senior Bowl standout Montez Sweat goes here to Tennessee in the top 20. Of the EDGE prospects likely to go in the 1st round, Sweat is the one I have the most questions about. Specifically, I wonder how good he can be with his quickness and flexibility questions. However his length, frame, and effort cannot be denied. As a #2 EDGE rusher opposite Harold Landry, I think that Montez can put up some solid numbers and provide more pressure on the QB off the edge.
1.20 PIT - Deandre Baker CB Georgia
I recently went back and watched Baker, Trayvon Mullen, and Greedy Williams and I just couldn't help but think that Baker played the best of the 3. Deandre's ability to make plays on the ball and his ability to constantly break up passes are just what the Steelers need. Baker always seems to find the ball when it's thrown his way with 7 career INTs and 23 career PDs and takeaways and ball skills are the biggest weaknesses of the Steelers secondary. Steelers really need to hit on this pick, but all the top CBs in this class have their fair share of concerns. I just hope that Baker works out for us if he's the pick.
1.21 SEA - Rashan Gary DL Michigan
I think this is solid value for Gary. Gary's production doesn't jump of the page for where he's been mocked and for a recruit of his pedigree, but his size, strength, explosiveness, and quickness is certainly appealing in the 1st round still. I think Seattle can be a really good fit for Gary. Defensively, I think the Seahawks have the ability to be pretty creative with Gary and move him around in many spots along the line to create and exploit different mismatches. A DL that includes Wolverines Frank Clark and Rashan Gary could prove to be particularly destructive to offenses.
1.22 BAL - N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State
Lamar Jackson is a great runner and a fantastic athlete, but he needs a big WR to help make him a more consistent passer. With strong hands, a huge body, and a great catch radius, N'Keal Harry is a good receiver to pair up with Jackson. I do have questions about Harry's route running and his ability to create separation, but on top of the tools I already stated he's a very agile player and has shown solid YAC ability. Time to build around Lamar and Harry is a good piece to start that process.
1.23 HOU - Yodny Cajuste OT West Virginia
Fairly simple selection here. Deshaun Watson is the present and future of the Texans franchise, he simply cannot be taking the amount of hits he's taken so far. The Texans OL was the worst pass protecting OL in the NFL this past year, and Cajuste can go a long way in rectifying that. Cajuste has a great frame, great length, nimble feet, and good strength. Yodny will also bring a tough, fierce, and nasty mentality to this OL unit. I think that Yodny is one of the more underrated OL prospects in this year's draft but I also think he's the sort of guy who can help out a struggling unit.
1.24 OAK via CHI - Noah Fant TE Iowa
Now that Oakland has their pass rusher, it's time to just get talent. With Jared Cook 32 and hitting FA, the Raiders need to get Derek Carr a new weapon to work with. What makes Fant such a promising prospect is how athletic he is and how many different ways you can use him. He played inline some at Iowa but he was used a lot as a slot receiver as well. That mismatch ability combined with his great athleticism gives him the potential to be a very dangerous weapon in the NFL. In 2018, Jared Cook posted a career year with highs in targets, receptions, yards, and touchdowns. If Carr liked Cook that much, I think that Carr would love to have Fant as a receiving target.
1.25 PHI - Devin Bush LB Michigan
Jordan Hicks has been a fairly injury prone player in his NFL career so far, and I don't trust the LB depth after Nigel Bradham. I do have some concerns about Bush's size and specifically his arm length in order to shed tackles, but he has a pretty strong mental game and he has great sideline-to-sideline speed and overall athleticism. He's also pretty solid in coverage vs RBs, although his size does limit his ability to cover TEs. In a very weak LB class though, I'm still comfortable taking a guy like Devin Bush at the end of the 1st round.
1.26 IND - Trayvon Mullen CB Clemson
The Colts are in an interesting spot here at the end of the 1st round. The value isn't really good for an EDGE defender but they're in a really good spot to add a receiver or a corner. With how deep the WR class is and with how top-heavy the CB class is, going with CB first is the better bet. I've cooled off a bit on Mullen from the preseason and early in the year, but I'm still a fan of Mullen's game. He's got great length, nice speed, and plays a physical brand of football. He's a solid and physical tackler against ball carriers and receivers, and he does a good job of squeezing receivers to the boundary and limiting their room to operate. I certainly have concerns about his fluidity, quick twitch movement, and ball skills, but he's done a nice job of making life difficult for opposing outside receivers and I think he can continue to do that in the NFL. For the Colts, Pierre Desir, Nate Hariston, and Quincy Wilson isn't the worst CB starting trio I've seen, but Desir is a FA and regardless, it's certainly a CB crops that can be upgraded.
1.27 OAK via DAL - Deionte Thompson SAF Alabama
Just adding more talent to this Raiders roster. Oakland really doesn't have many bodies at the safety position in general. Karl Joseph hasn't gotten on so far with Jon Gruden and Paul Guenther, and Reggie Nelson is a really old FS that's also hitting FA. Thompson has really cooled off after a scorching start to the season. He's prone to getting baited by QB's eyes and from what I've been able to gather he has a slight frame (like 175-180 lbs). I still believe that Deionte is a really good safety prospect though. He still has great range and his ball skills are good. Despite his size he's also a really aggressive tackler and more than willing to come downhill and hit guys, so there's definitely appealing traits with Thompson. Considering how barebones the Raiders roster is right now, the name of the game should be getting playmakers and that's what I have tried to do in this first round.
1.28 LAC - Jawaan Taylor OT Florida
The Gators RT has been shooting up draft boards, and I feel it's fairly warranted. Listed at 6'5 and 328 lbs, Taylor has great length and good strength as a blocker. He also has some surprising agility for his size, although I'm not sure just how good of an athlete he really is. Regardless, I think he's an immediate upgrade over current Bolts RT Sam Tevi. Tevi isn't a horrible RT and a player that deserves a place on the roster, but I just don't think he's starter material currently. With Philip Rivers approaching the twilight of his career and the team in win-now mode, getting a better RT with be beneficial for Rivers, and potentially the QB that takes over for him in the future.
1.29 KC - Greedy Williams CB LSU
It's pretty apparent where the biggest hole is on the Chiefs team, it's in the secondary. Kendall Fuller is a solid piece, and KC should probably look to bring back Steven Nelson, but there's just nothing else in that CB room. I have my gripes about parts of Greedy's game (his press technique needs more work, his lack of physicality and effort vs the run does not appeal to me much, his long speed, he could do a bit better job of getting his head around and finding the ball, and I thought he would have developed from 2017 to 2018 more than he actually did), but his playmaking ability and his amazing physical tools make him a tantalizing CB prospect. At a staggering 6'3, Williams has the length to shrink any throwing window and negate almost any receiver's catch radius. With 6 INTs as a redshirt freshman and 19 PDs in 2 seasons, he's also proved that he's able to make the most of his talents whenever he's able to see the ball. Williams is the most "boom or bust" CB prospect in this year's class, but if the Chiefs are able to hit on him and develop him, they will become a much more lethal Super Bowl contender. Finally, how can you not have a DB prospect with the nickname "Greedy" go in the 1st round?
1.30 GB via NO - T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa
The 2018 John Mackey Award winner will be a great fit pretty much anywhere, but with Aaron Rodgers the pick becomes all the better. There's nothing Hockenson can't do, he can block, run routes well, use his size to box out DBs, create YAC, has reliable hands, and is an explosive player. He may not have the crazy athleticism his teammate Noah Fant has, but T.J. should be a reliable offensive piece for AR12 and the Packers to replace the aging Jimmy Graham with.
1.31 LAR - Dexter Lawrence NT Clemson
With Ndamukong Suh looking for an offseason payday, the Rams will probably get the chance to replace him with another huge DT. Dexter Lawrence helped himself out quite a bit with a much better and healthier 2017 than 2018, but a suspension from the CFB Playoff has dampened his season. I'm still a fan of Dex's game though. He eats blockers for breakfast and is a constant sight for RBs versus the run on the interior. As a pass rusher I think he offers more value than people think with his ability to quickly push the pocket and collapse areas for the QB to step up in, allowing his EDGE rushers easy opportunities to finish off the QB. DLaw has been lost in the shuffle this draft season, but playing next to the best defensive player on the planet, 2x reigning DPOY, and potentially greatest DT of all time when said player gets inducted into Canton, should help Dexter make more of an impact and help retool this Rams defensive line.
1.32 NE - Christian Wilkins DT Clemson
How "Patriots" would it be for Wilkins to fall to New England at the end of the 1st round? Christian isn't a crazy athlete, nor does he have insane physical tools, but he's a team leader who plays a solid, well-rounded game. The Pats are in store for a fair bit of turnaround on the defensive line, and Wilkins is the perfect guy to help ease that transition. Wilkins is a disruptive run defender and does an excellent job as a gap penetrator (14.0 TFL in 2018), but is also a sound pass rusher with a variety of moves in his arsenal (10.5 sacks over the past 2 seasons). At the end of the day the fit between the Pats and Wilkins is too good to pass up on here with the last pick of the first round.
Round 2
2.33 ARI - Andre Dillard OT Washington State
2.34 IND via NYJ - Kelvin Harmon WR North Carolina State
2.35 OAK - Joshua Jacobs RB Alabama
2.36 SF - Amani Oruwaryie CB Penn State
2.37 NYG - Charles Omenihu DL (And I think he can legitimately play EDGE) Texas
2.38 JAX - Irv Smith Jr TE Alabama
2.39 TB - Greg Little OT Ole Miss
2.40 BUF - Hollywood Brown WR Oklahoma
2.41 DEN - Drew Lock QB Missouri
2.42 CIN - Dawson Knox TE Ole Miss
2.43 DET - Julian Love CB Notre Dame
2.44 GB - Chris Lindstrom OG Boston College
2.45 ATL - Dre'Mont Jones DT The Ohio State
2.46 WAS - Daniel Jones QB Duke
2.47 CAR - Oshane Ximines EDGE Old Dominion
2.48 MIA - Garrett Bradbury C North Carolina State
2.49 CLE - Riley Ridley WR Georgia
2.50 MIN - Gerald Willis III DT Miami
2.51 TEN - Deebo Samuel WR South Carolina
2.52 PIT - A.J. Brown WR Ole Miss
2.53 PHI via BAL - David Montgomery RB Iowa State
2.54 HOU via SEA - Rock Ya-Sin CB Temple
2.55 HOU - David Edwards OT Wisconsin
2.56 NE via CHI - Chase Winovich EDGE Michigan
2.57 PHI - Anthony Nelson EDGE Iowa
2.58 DAL - Taylor Rapp SAF Washington
2.59 IND - Christian Miller EDGE Alabama
2.60 LAC - Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame
2.61 KC - Juan Thornhill SAF Virginia
2.62 NO - Chauncey Gardner-Johnson NCB
2.63 KC via LAR - Khalen Saunders DT Ass Whoop University aka Western Illinois
2.64 NE - Kaden Smith TE Stanford
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