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Singapore Pools to resume online sports betting, horse wagering for overseas races

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Singapore Pools to resume online sports betting and horse wagering; 4D, Toto to remain suspended

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Singapore Pools resumes online sports betting, horse wagering

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Hourly News Update

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Reasons Why Online Betting is better than phone betting

The trend of betting on your favorite sports and winning is not new. But something that has changed is the increase in the number of people betting online. However, many people are not familiar with online betting and still believe in other forms of betting including betting on the phone, betting with the help of bookmaker and so forth. So, you must know the benefits of gambling online.
Below are stated four good reasons for wagering online:
1) Free bets: As more people are deviating towards betting online, several betting companies people to join their services by offering free bets. To allure you are the company can offer free bet regularly. Generally, you will never get such an enticing offer from any betting shop.
2) Special offers: The reason for which online betting Singapore is gaining popularity is due to its money-back offers. These special offers are given by online betting sites to gain your interest. The special offers can be returning your stake in case your team loses or your horse falls. This kind of offer is not given by any bookmaker or over a telephone bet.
3) Increased markets: Generally, when you go for a telephone bet, the bookies only offer you some popular betting markets including basketball, football, horse racing, etc. However, online betting offers a wide range of bets including political betting, sports betting, novelty betting and much more. As a result, the internet has made it possible for you to bet on sports and events that do not occur in most of the countries.
4) Comfort: When you can make bets by relaxing sitting at your home, why to hail yourself down to the bookies.
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About the Casino Manipulation Video from a Former QA Tester for Casino Games

First time caller, long time listener. Love the channel! <3
I watched the video about casino manipulation and I knew I had to chip in. I don’t know if Blair be interested in using this, but in case you do, I prefer to stay anonymous.
I am a Former QA tester for an online casino gaming company. I worked with this company for two years until I quit. I was paid pretty well and resided in a beautiful part of America. (I can’t share where due to a lot of red tape with the company.) I am a Game Design and Development major and the reason I quit was to focus on content that was positive and didn’t result in addiction. Additionally, the software development industry for casino games is incredibly sexist. I’ll get more into that in a bit.
These games are accessible on mobile devices and desktop computers, and even tested with Chinese devices. China is one of our largest markets, hence why Singapore is such a hot spot. With all of our online titles, we have to especially anal about why flies and what doesn’t. (You can’t have a game focused on the number 4 since it resembles the word for “death”. I’m serious.) When we do localization testing (22 languages and I had to verify all of them), Chinese and Traditional Chinese were our highest priority. If a game didn’t sell well there, the UK or Australia, it was considered a failure.
The reasoning for the red tape mention is because online gambling that isn’t taxed in the united states is considered illegal. Since we were working on such software, our company shared that our base resides outside of the US, which was technically true. We had a branch in the UK that reached out to us quite frequently. We never saw games come out of them that we knew of. Before I left, we had three stations within the US. Yes, one is definitely in Vegas. Our company name changed three times supposedly “to appeal to more markets”, however I definitely feel it was due to the red tape. Even in the UK website of our company, none of the US titles have been mentioned or even advertised, which is even more bizarre to this day.
I’m rambling though, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of our games. Loading times were typically under 5-7 seconds, to the point where if it loaded any longer, they would fail testing. It was even to the point where if it loaded longer than ten seconds, it would not be featured on a casino gaming platform. Financial testing, as you would expect, is especially anal. We always have to show the correct amount, the correct bonuses, correct bets, correct line wins, correct amounts awarded by symbols, etc. Even if one detail is wrong, your company is history. We heard a story of a physical machine in NYC awarding the wrong amount to a “winner”, and the company basically going under with a lawsuit attached. (The “winner” won that case, but she didn’t receive the money won from the game.) I remember very vividly finding a serious issue within my first week of working there and the main QA tester on the project basically getting his asshole ripped off from missing it.
You’re absolutely right about the tacky/classy visuals. We did our best to replicate common themes that were considered popular (Candy Crush, Licensed Works, Sexy Fantasy, etc.) All of these visuals are bright, colorful, and clear to the users. If anything was considered misleading our out of theme, we’d have to redo that art piece again. Due to the red tape, for all of the voice work we had to do, the sound guy either allowed lady friends (and I kid you not, his DAUGHTER) to do sexy voice lines, OR would even allow coworkers to voice the characters. I can’t share too much about this title, but I’m happy/unhappy to say that I voice a horse with big jiggling tits for one of our titles. I’m not kidding. Although interestingly enough, in the UK, that game was pulled due to a law that was passed about “child-like animations” being used in adult content (casino games, apps, etc.) We also did more deco, retro and even glamorous Vegas-like visuals. It’s all to pull you in. The bonus games and symbols so meant to be exciting and enticing, and even when you lost a bonus game or didn’t win, we had to be careful of the phrasing we used the “End Bonus Game” screen.
There are a lot of boobs in these games. “Not pornographic” as our boss would say “We don’t want to be too tacky”. When we had a meeting regarding the design of one of our games, we had a female coworker that brought up the fact that “If the robber is wearing a leather catsuit, when she’s on a motorcycle, she would get terrible brush burn from the zip down the middle if she has her chest out.” Because of that comment, our CEO sat all of the women down and uncomfortably brought up that this was the market and meant for their largest audience, “40 year old asian women”. I would not make this stuff up if I tried. It was a bizarre place to work. Shareholders visited that place often, and if they wanted something changed, even something major, despite the deadline being two days away, we’d be forced to do it.
Hours were long and borderline abusive, I worked 65+ hours the first month I worked there. You were never safe on weekends and there were several nights I worked from 9 am in the morning, to 3 am the next day. For those nights, we had to coordinate with a company in South Africa that did our verification testing and get the product done before they started testing. Our boss had these long meetings about how amazing their workplace was, and “no other company would have free parking/free food in the fridge/etc”. It was basically a cult that made casino games. Software was constantly tracked for usage such as Youtube, Spotify, etc. Any conversations you had in a separate room away from everyone else was video recorded and brought up in the next team meeting. They supplied us with a lot of alcohol to the point where I became an alcoholic. The only people I got to hang out with were my SO at the time, and the people at my work. It was not uncommon to get shitfaced drunk after the end of every other day. One of my project leads even approached me after a particularly rough day and said “Go home, play video games and drink the night away.” Every time we did a release, there was this sticker ceremony where you had a shield and covered your shield with stickers that represented the titles you worked on. I still have my shield in the basement if you’re ever interested in pictures.
The thing that got to me the most was the reviews. One review that stuck out to me was an old man who went on vacation with his wife, and spent $5k on our game during the trip. Reading that made my stomach sink into the ground.
It’s a lot to unpack, but this is completely the truth. I hated working there and the video just brought back everything that I dealt with. I’m happy to be out of there and working on better software, better hours and better people. But yeah.. Um… thank you for reading. x/////x
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When Can You Lawfully Gamble (In General Public or On the net) in Korea?

What Constitutes Gambling? Beneath the Distant Gambling Act (RGA), “gambling” is broadly outlined to incorporate betting, gaming, and participating in a lottery.
The RGA defines “betting” to incorporate the staking of money or cash’s worthy of on the end result of the horse-race or sporting function.
Under the Widespread Gaming Houses Act (CGHA), “gaming” refers to any video game involving an element of chance, or of combined chance and ability, where players stand to get funds or revenue’s well worth of benefits.
Games which will not include income (e.g. a simple recreation of mahjong concerning pals without cash concerned) never fall beneath the CGHA.
The CGHA also regulates general public lotteries, which happens to be defined to be a lottery to which the public or any class of the public has or could possibly have access. A “lottery” is defined as any recreation, plan or competition whereby cash or income’s worthy of is dispersed in a method dependent on possibility, whether this type of lottery is held or managed in just or outside the house Singapore.
When is it Legal to Gamble in Singapore? Gaming inside a “frequent gaming property” can be an offence under the CGHA. A “widespread gaming property” features anyplace saved or used for gaming, habitual gaming and public lottery, if the general public has access to it.
As a result, whether or not the gambling conduct in question crosses the line into an illegal act is dependent upon whether or not the gambling venue is stored as a common gaming house, or a location for use for gaming.
Personal gambling Although the CGHA will not provide a definition for personal gambling, it is mostly considered as gambling inside of a spot to which the general public may not have accessibility (e.g. at home).
Personal gambling constitutes an offence When the position exactly where these types of gambling is carried out is saved specifically for the objective of habitual gaming as a standard gaming residence.
Any one identified responsible of gaming in a common gaming residence are going to be responsible for a great as much as $five,000, or to imprisonment for just a phrase approximately six months, or to each.
Gambling in community Gambling in community refers to gambling in a spot to which the public could possibly have obtain and consists of anywhere in which 10 or even more individuals are utilized.
It is against the law to gamble in almost any public location. By way of example, gambling in a funeral held in a very void deck may be illegal as being a void deck is actually a community area.
Having said that, if the funeral is held in a private place (e.g. rented space for occasions) to which the public does not have access, gambling there might be unlawful given that the non-public position in dilemma would not represent a typical gaming property (as described earlier mentioned).
Any one uncovered responsible of gaming in a very community spot will likely be accountable for a good up to $five,000, or to imprisonment for your expression as much as 6 months, or to both of those. Their gaming devices can also be seized and forfeited.
Placing bets with bookmakers Bookmakers’ things to do are controlled under the Betting Act. Underneath the Betting Act, a bookmaker is anyone who receives or negotiates bets or wagers with a funds or credit score foundation in exchange for money or dollars’s value.
Any person who bets or wagers with A personal bookmaker (also called a “bookie”) in any place or by any suggests shall be guilty of the offence. Offenders are going to be accountable for a fine as many as $5,000, or to imprisonment for your phrase nearly 6 months, or to both equally.
Alternatively, it won't be illegal to wager with exempted bookmakers like Singapore Swimming pools, Tote Board and the certified casinos in this article.
Fiddling with jackpot equipment As jackpot gambling falls under the definition of “gaming” while in the CGHA, it is illegal to engage in jackpot gambling in a standard gaming house or in community Except the jackpot machine is found in a very club that is permitted to function the device.
Is there a Minimum amount Age to Gamble Legally in Singapore? The minimal age to gamble lawfully in Singapore may differ in accordance with the venue of your gambling activity. There's no just one minimum age that applies to all gambling routines.
Commonly, You should be a minimum of 18 a long time of age to gamble in Singapore. One example is, Singapore Swimming pools only will allow individuals aged 18 and above to purchase 4D or TOTO tickets, or putting horse racing bets. To get an account with Singapore Pools, you should be at the least 21 yrs outdated.
Beneath the Casino Handle Act, You will need to be at the least 21 several years of age before you decide to can legally gamble in casinos. Minors discovered responsible of faking their age to get entry to your casinos might be chargeable for a wonderful around $1,000.
On line Gambling beneath the Remote Gaming Act What's on the web gambling? Beneath the RGA, “on the net gambling”, often called “distant gambling”, is described as gambling through which players take part by means of distant conversation.
This sort of distant conversation consists of interaction by way of the net, phone, television or radio, or any other form of electronic or other know-how which facilitates conversation.
Legality of on-line gambling Portion 8 of your RGA states that anyone who gambles as a result of remote interaction and makes use of a distant gambling services (stated under) shall be responsible of an offence.
It does not make any difference whether the gambling was completed by the person only, or together with some other human being, or no matter whether the person straight or indirectly participated from the gambling.
What is a gambling provider? A “gambling company” is defined to include a assistance for the:
Conduct of a community lottery; Offer of general public lottery tickets; Placing, producing or accepting of bets; or Carry out of activity of opportunity in which the sport is performed for revenue, or money’s really worth, and buyers give dollars, or revenue’s really worth, to Perform the game. Level (4) on the other hand, won't utilize to social game titles and cell purposes which permit gamers to invest in tokens or activity-enhancement features. This can be given that these games do not provide facilities to transform these tokens or options to revenue, or to authentic-earth goods which may be exchanged for funds.
When is on the internet gambling legal? Online gambling is lawful whether it is completed by means of an exempt operator. Presently, only Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club are actually granted certificates of exemption beneath the RGA. Even so, other operators could be granted certificates of exemption in the future.
During the celebration of doubt, It will be finest to get more information as to your exemption standing of operators by lodging an inquiry Using the Ministry of Dwelling Affairs.
Repercussions of illegal on line gambling In case you have participated in unlawful distant gambling exercise, a fiscal institution company might be issued which has a payment blocking purchase which will:
Avoid it from accepting credit prolonged to you personally; Avert it from accepting any cheque, bank draft or identical instrument which can be drawn by or issued to you personally; Avoid it from accepting any resources transfer to or from you; or Trigger it to dam payments or prohibit transactions where these use merchant codes customarily affiliated with gambling transactions. You may also be arrested and not using a warrant.
If you're located responsible of unlawful remote gambling beneath the RGA, you're going to be liable for shell out a great as much as $5,000, or to imprisonment for the time period up to 6 months, or to the two.
Sentencing pointers The sentencing framework for first-time offenders below area 8 with the RGA was thought of in the situation of Lau Jian Bang v PP.
In that case, the court stated that initial-time offenders beneath area eight on the RGA will commonly be fined not less than $one,000 instead of receiving an imprisonment term.
The precise quantity of the good is pegged to the amount of the offender’s bets. Aspects which could enhance the quantity of the fantastic would include actions taken to conceal one’s unlawful bets and deficiency of regret. An offender who pleads guilty inside a well timed fashion or cooperates Along with the authorities may well deal with a more compact fantastic.
An imprisonment phrase will generally only be imposed in conditions involving repeat offenders.
Prohibition versus inviting people beneath 21 to gamble on-line Under part 13 of the RGA, it is actually an offence to ask, permit, or induce somebody below 21 years of age to gamble on line in Singapore.
This involves actions for instance sending the person an ad about a web-based gambling service or highlighting information regarding on the internet gambling to that person by using a see of encouraging her or him to gamble on-line.
Any one identified responsible of inviting an individual less than 21 a long time of age to gamble remotely shall be answerable for pay out a great of at the least $twenty,000 and up to $300,000, or to imprisonment for just a phrase as many as six a long time, or to both equally. This really is Until you can confirm that you choose to took all affordable methods to ascertain the person’s age and that you simply fairly thought that the person was not less than 21 many years of age.
Recommendations on Gambling Legally in Singapore Gamble in A non-public position with dependable buddies As a way to prevent remaining billed for unlawful gambling, you must not gamble inside a public spot, or a typical gaming property the place habitual gaming usually takes spot.
It is additionally most effective to gamble only with a trusted group of close friends and chorus from incorporating Many others to this group. This is because inviting strangers to gamble might be construed as gambling inside a place to which the public can have obtain, constituting the offence of gambling in a very “community spot”.
Stay away from gambling with seasoned gamblers as they may attract unwelcome awareness through the authorities. Seasoned gamblers could be characterised as those who are prepared to commit huge sums of cash when gambling, or anyone who has excellent debts because of their gambling practices.
Location small bets You'll want to cap your bets at a small amount. This this tends to support authorities to understand that that you are participating in a social action with buddies, in lieu of working a standard gaming property.
Guess only with exempted betting operators Keep away from non-public bookies, and area bets only with exempt betting operators. It's also wise to not try to flout the minimum amount age necessity for betting with exempt operators.
Ways to Get If You Have Been Charged that has a Gambling Offence For those who have been billed with a gambling offence, you may want to look at hiring a legal attorney to represent you in court.
The attorney may perhaps assist you in in search of acquittal in case you didn't in fact commit the offence in concern.
Such as, say that you have been identified actively playing mahjong in general public. Underneath the regulation, you will be presumed to become gaming in community for income or dollars’s truly worth, that is an offence.
Nonetheless if there was in fact no dollars involved with your mahjong session, an attorney can spotlight this to try to enable acquit you with the offence.
Alternatively, the law firm may well guide you by creating a defence or, When you are convicted of your offence, by seeking a lesser penalty for it.
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All about Rich Guy, his plans, and other stuff from the offseason

It's been awhile since I posted because I’ve been grinding the game and vegas happened. Dashy filled expectations of being a young formal and its funny that ppl only see that now. Congratulations to Optic on winning Vegas the event was lit. My old sub is fucked up and I can't make it public now so I made the new one and copied the main posts over and locked them but their here now for history. My last post said I could write one last one until next rostermania about small stuff and some stuff I heard that I thought was fugaze. Its good I waited because it turns out lots of it was true and I heard straight from lots of ppl involved. Theirs not too much to talk about for rosters bc everything is set for the qualifier so the only topic left is rich guy and who he is. No its not Marc Cuban lol. I think hes one of the bigger stories in cod since he caused so much movement and was the reason I made my burner in the first place.

So I worked on this post for awhile now in MS Word so its easier to read and made it into sections since everybody kept frying me over it lol. This is going to be my last post until next rostermania so thanks for reading and hope it’s been fun and thanks to ppl that dm’d me info and helped me figure this out.

If you weren't around for Seattle Rostermania when the Optic roster of Scump, Crim, Formal, and Karma broke up, I heard from multiple people that the plan was for them to actually leave together and join some rich guy. These are the two posts I made about it and if your confused they can help.

(1) When Rich Guy first came up

Before ww2 even started the optic guys weren’t happy with what they were being paid and felt like infinite didnt care about them. They would joke about leaving and talking to other teams but other players thought it was just banter. Then infinite kept part of their paycheck bc part of it said they didn’t have to pay it bc it was a good behavior bonus which lots of players have and the org decides if you behaved good or not and it happened around new orleans. That’s one of the things they were pissed off about along with infinite taking forever to redo their contracts bc they only made 8000 up from 3000 and it was about to end.

Then crim made the reddit AMA in February where he publicly said they weren’t happy with optic...

Guys in optic started to think they made a huge mistake selling to the wrong group months before.

Then rich guy probably heard about the AMA post. He got someone to get him in touch with the cod roster to see if they were for real about what was said in Crims AMA. Theres a rumor rich guy was one of the ppl that tried to buy optic when they were looking for investors but hecz sold to the rangers guy instead so he knew of the cod team.

(2) CWL Atlanta WW2

So the optic guys talked on skype with rich guy a few times before cwl atlanta which was in march and they planned to meet at the event to talk in person. Supposedly right before they were going to meet infinite decided to drop the halo team and very nearly dropped the cod team the day before the event too. That’s something scump said himself to lots of different players. I heard it was only crim that met in person at first with rich guy on Wednesday before the event and funny theres a post by someone who saw it and posted way before I made my burner account. Basically he saw crim meeting with rich guy at a strip club.

You can read the other guys post thread here...
This is going to sound made up but I live in Atlanta and I saw crim having a meeting with a guy in a suit who I think is the ceo of another team. It was the wednesday before Atlanta open and they were both wearing suits. My friends and me sat at a table behind them and we heard them talking about money. they stayed about an hour and when they were leaving his friend in a suit went to the bathroom so i went to crim and shook his hand and said good luck this weekend. He was surprised and it seemed like they went there bc they didnt want anyone to see them meeting. When they left they got into a Roles Royce. I can post more after work if anyone wants to know more...
I didnt think anything of it either when we first saw them but as i watched them it was obvious the guy was from another team. Both him and crim were in suits and i swear I heard crim say he loves the offer or something. This was on wednesay or Thursday night near midnight.
Then on monday one of my friends that was there with me told me that he saw the same suit guy out sunday night with karma and scumpi and that they were talking loudly about teams or something. so my friend brad walked up to them and asked if he could get a picture with all 3 of them. The suit guy said no so my friend said he really wants one with all 3. Karma and the suit guy said no and that my friend could have a picture with just him and Scumpi without the suit guy or else no picture at all. My friend said ok so he just got a pic with Karma and Scumpi. After he got the picture our other friend Travis walked up to the suit guy and told him we saw him and Crim out in suits the other night. He laughed and shook my friend's hand and asked where did we see them. My friend told him we saw them at tattletales and that he said hi to Crim there. The suit guy laughed and smiled and told my friend to keep that secret. My friend asked him which team he was from or if he could even tell them who he was and he smiled and said dont worry about it everyone will find out in about a month then gave a wink. Then Scump got in a car with Silly and Study and left but the suit guy and Karma talked a little more then both of them got in the same uber and said they were going to hang out more at the hotel since it was closing time already.
From what I saw on wednesday night and what my friends saw on Sunday night we all say it was obvious something was happening because of how they were acting all secretive.

One of Crims friends and other pros say he said the post was all true but he took him to an expensive steak dinner first and it lines up with what I know about rich guy. The guys second post says something about rich guy and scump getting into an argument and I can see it happening bc scump is a dick when hes wasted which always happens after events.

Other ppl I talked to said they saw rich guy around the W hotel bar downtown where everyone was staying but didnt know who he was. He was talking to attach but attach was trolling and said he was his cousin when ppl asked him so thats where the intel came from that rich guy was someone attach knew. No one knows why attach was talking to him or why he knew him then either even now.

(3) CWL Birmingham WW2

rich guy took scump and crim out to dinner and smoothed things over. After the team lost they went to the bars and gambled until morning. i heard this is where he upped his offer to them to 20k a month salary each for the next 4 games. Scump and rich guy smoothed out things at the event here bc before that they didnt like each other after atlanta. I heard from a friend of crim that he said scump was rude to rich guy the first time they met in person but I dont know if the argument in the guys second post is the first time they met in person.

This is when formal wanted karma gone and tried to get him dropped since he was costing and gunless would easily be available since rise didnt win yet. Im told rich guy then told crim he only wanted all 4 of them and no one would come close to salary and crim and karma thought all they needed was a team change away from infinite then.

I heard attach say rich guy knew cod would be 5v5 the next year and crim said they would want him as their 5th at the bar in bham. I cant confirm that though but it makes sense on why attach would of been talking to him at Atlanta.

(4) CWL Seattle WW2

I heard rich guy took Crim, Attach, Felo, Dashy, and Study out to dinner at a steak house there then went to a few bars with crim and attach. In the players lounge the optic guys were all saying it was done deal and they were leaving optic. Then we all know what happened with t16 so optic knew they needed a change and thats when the talk of gunless came up with him taking karmas spot but crim and scump really wanted john and octane. John was cool with playing with them but only if it was to the rich guy since he thought hed get so much blame if they didnt win from the fans.

I heard that night they settled on scump crim john and formal and they had a party to celebrate. Karma wasnt told at the time for sure he was getting dropped and wouldnt go to the rich guys team with the others so he still went to the party. We all heard what happened here with a tshirt being made but it wasnt finger paint but was from a stripper party rich guy threw for all the players in the hotel not even those he was going to sign. I heard it got freaky and one of the strippers had green hair. Karma was high and going off no sleep so he went down to the lobby and hecz saw him and told him to take the shirt off and told other non optic players to go back upstairs and stop being retards. There is more than one shirt that got made which is why karma says the one in the pic isnt his.

Then scump crim and a bunch of other players went out to the bars with rich guy. I heard they partied Wednesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday nights based on what other players said especially Saturday and Sunday ppl saw them get back to the hotel real late with rich guy. Everyone thought it was a done deal when they left on Monday morning.

Sometime after that I made my first post about optic leaving. scump and crim were insisting on john and octane but then john couldnt get out of his contract with LG because there wasnt an even trade with him unlike octane for formal. I heard thats what then scared rich guy off because if formal and karma stayed on optic together and he only got scump and crim then he wouldnt get a league spot since it would stay with optic bc of the rules. So in the end formal got traded for octane and scump and crim got new deals. Then optic tried to get Zooma but faze wouldnt sell him. So optic bought methodz contract because tk didnt pay for it and then tried to trade him for zooma bc the other faze guys like methodz. Faze said no and then told Zooma they will give him a raise to 20k a month. He said they had their locks on him and wouldnt let him go. So optic then tries to get Kenny but his contract said he had to give notice of using his buyout 20 days in advance and that meant it would be after roster lock so he was stuck too. So optic got stuck with methodz as the 4th. I heard from an optic content guy they asked karma to come back but he said no.

(5) CWL Anaheim WW2

Im not fully sure if rich guy was here but I heard after this event is when he hired apoc to work for him once the season was fully over ( ). Apocs been in the scene for a long time and knows everyone so it makes sense why hed do it. It also makes sense because after the season it turned out unilad got sold to someone else and got rid of esports.
I heard rich guy hung out with a few of the owners from other teams but I never got real confirmation.

(6) Pro league stage 2 WW2

In July between weeks 7 and 8 for group B (optic eu unilad rise lg col MF TM) that nameless had a house party on some random night and rich guy went with the optic and eu guys. I think he took all of them to dinner. One of the players said he was the only one at the party that wasnt a caster or a player. I heard they went out to a small bar after.

(7) Champs WW2

This is where it gets good. So Apoc was supposed to start working for rich guy officially when unilad was knocked out but the unilad owner let him do work for rich guy earlier since unilad was leaving esports anyway.

Rich guys original plan was to build around john and attach and start talking to them after the event. Then they were going to go after slasher bc with those 3 on board they could get anyone they wanted to fill out the roster. Also behind the scenes I heard nade was already offering players to come to 100t before champs even started offering 10k. This is the start of the bidding war for lots of players that happened during rostermania.

That fourth they went after was scump. After optic was eliminated in groups scump and methodz were the only ones who stayed while crim and octane flew home the next morning and skipped the autograph session at champs. So its just scump and zinni hanging out with nothing to do so I heard they partied alot with rich guy. From what I know scump and rich guy are actually friends and drink together so thats what happened Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. A player who heard some of their talks said that scump was still unhappy with optic and wanted to leave and start his own thing like nade did with 100t so he went to dinner on one of the nights with rich guy and heard he still wanted a team. Rich guy and apoc told him they wanted to try to try to get john attach and slasher. I heard scump was going around the venue the next few days telling ppl thats what he was going to do.

Someone said John told them rich guy asked him if he would play with scump and he said yes. The thing is so many ppl say they hate each other but their good friends and hang out alot in cbus and other places. Fans always get things wrong or blow things up when its not a big deal. Ppl thought scump hated jkap but in cbus he started working out with him bc he had back pains and it helped. Or ppl thought formal was mad about karma piping lisserboo when it was opposite but no one its not a big deal. One thing true is the players completely hate larew’s +1 even mlg staff bc she’d get drunk at the venue and cussing security out for not letting her back stage just bc larew was on optic.

Scump couldnt leave champs after losing in groups was bc his mom and friends and family were coming into town to watch him. They were seen talking to rich guy at the venue and I heard he took scumps whole group of 15 ppl out to steak dinners the next few nights.

The story about scump being drunk on Sunday at the hotel bar talking to karma was true but he also talked to lots of players like apathy and asked him to team too but its normal for scump and all the players to be wasted on Sunday nights after events. Lots of them talk fugaze but ppl say scump was serious and also said it wouldnt be with optic but sometimes he blacks out so idk. He was carrying a printed contract with him from rich guy and I heard the offer was 50k a month for 3 years plus a small ownership part of the org. Supposedly scump agreed and wanted it down in writing so rich guy flew one of his lawyers in to write it up and give it to him. Lots of ppl are going to say 50k a month is crazy but for scump its definitely not just look how he got 30k subs on twitch plus all the other stuff he brings to the table for exposure like playing with guys like jack and shroud and ninja. Scump is the face of optic and cod so its good to see salaries going higher.

(8) Rostermania BO4

Everybody leaves champs and rostermania started alot earlier then before. At the start optic didnt know if it was 4v4 or 5v5 yet so they were planning for 4v4 although they found out earlier than the other teams. They thought they had scump locked up but he went awol for about a week and I heard thats bc john and him were calling around to see who would want to play with them. I heard a rumor of slasher scump john Kenny as a 4 and with karma as the 5th.

I heard this is when rich guy had players sign NDAs if they wanted to negotiate so thats why no one really said anything about the details or who he is because he can sue them if they go public. Someone close to one of the players confirmed it. I also heard from another person close to one of the players that rich guy scheduled face to face meetings where him apoc and their lawyers would fly to see the players and talk. One of apocs former players told me rich guy moved him to the USA from England full time to work for him and go around doing face to face meetings with everyone for 2 months. The players were also supposedly shown detailed presentations about marketing stuff salary investments and other things.

Around then John and Scump decided they wanted Clay instead of slasher so he became the new target and they wanted to get it done quick before other teams made moves and so scump could get away from optic without it dragging out. Now idk exactly what happened but I heard scump started getting worried they couldnt get players out of their contracts with their current teams so he decided to go back to optic when crim and him decided to get Teej and dashy instead then add karma if it went to 5.

So karma was still the most wanted FA out there still and everyone wanted him…eu, rise, LG, faze, etc, but for a time he agreed to go to 100t and Nade but then decided he didnt want to go there because he didnt believe in one of the players they signed. John and Karma also wanted to play together so nade thought karma could bring john with him but john said no and he would only go to rich guy or stay on LG. He would only go to rich guy because apoc is his close friend for 8 years. Karma liked it too bc he knew apoc for about a decade. Here’s Karma talking about Apoc in an old video...

So Karma and John got talking and also decided they would want to play with Clay so that became the new core for team rich guy. I heard they stopped going after attach because faze wouldnt sell him and they thought he would be too slow and be a bad fit. Even though rich guy supposedly really liked attach…remember how they were talking in atlanta before anyone knew anything…I heard he wanted to be hands off when it came to roster moves and let the staff decide that. Someone who talked to him told me he wanted to hire the experts and trust their advice and just be the guy paying the bills.

Karma supposedly didnt know what he wanted to do so rich guy wanted to fly to see him with Apoc.

This is unconfirmed but theres lots of evidence to support it that rich guy flew clay to frisco to help meet with karma in person. Clay tweeted out this pic of a steakhouse...

Google maps street view shows that restuarant is in Frisco...,-96.8266338,3a,75y,88.68h,63t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sesXQ0x2CWoJ3c49igD2ZRA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

So Karma agreed on the core 3 and they decided to try to get Gunless since they heard they were leaving the scene after selling teej to optic and knowing they didnt have alot of money to invest into cod. Gunless didnt want to go to team rich guy because he wanted to play with formal on LG. Someone said rich guy was going to buy him anyway for 200k but then changed his mind when he found out gunless’s contract would end on December 31st so he’d only have him for one event then he could walk away for free to LG if he wanted. The word on the street is the core 3 convinced rich guy to still go after him bc if they placed top 4 at vegas they would be locked into a league spot and it would be risky for him to tank and be stuck in the qualifier where anything can happen.

That weekend is also when holly had her birthday and rich guy wanted to help win over holly so karma would sign. The story is rich guy took hollys group out at a club with vip service that cost maybe 5000 then a strip club afterwards. She told them to not take pics of him and apoc and it was some big surprise. She supposedly spent alot of time talking to him on a couch in the corner. I posted more details about it here before...
Here's a portion of it...
i know alot of u are wondering who rich guy is bc crim confirmed today he exists and partly confirmed what i posted about him going over to karmas house and seeing he was already there. i dont know exactly who it is but a few ppl DMd me a few likely suspects that i wont name without more proof. maybe u guys can help out here. When i posted about crim running into him i thought it was insane timing but now i think rich guy was there in frisco for a week.
i dont post stuff without hearing from ppl first and if it sounds crazy i wait even longer before doing it and with crim kinda confirming what i said in my other post i decided to. A few weeks ago someone DMd saying that their friend in frisco met rich guy but he didnt know who he was at the time. the story is holly had a birthday where she invited her twitch subs to show up. she said the plan was to go out to a nightclub to meet up with ppl and she didnt say who it was. when they got there some big guy met them outside and walked them past a huge line right into the club and they had vip and bottles of goose and champ all night on the mysterious dudes tab at a vip table while holly hung out with him for alot of the night talking on the couch. then they went to a strip club. my source said his friend swears this was rich guy.

Here's a pic of Apoc at the party...

Tweets of hollys videos from the party...

Ive later been told some of those ppl at hollys party were...

I think Clayster left the morning of but I think ppl at the barlow house saw him when he went to visit.
This was the weekend before the 5v5 announcement so they thought the roster if it stayed 4 would be john karma gunless clayster. If it went to five and faze still wouldnt sell attach, I heard they were looking at jurd, felo, bance, shockz, censor, or slacked. Someone told me rich would of wanted dashy bc hes a fan of his but he knew he was already signed to optic.

Remember rich guy was paying for apoc to live in the usa the whole time so I heard he stayed there in frisco for 2 weeks. The announcement happens that week that its 5v5 and I heard rich guy and apoc watched it happen with the barlows in their house. Optic guys said karma didnt answer his phone all day so crim decided to go over there the next day to find out what was going on. All the teams were calling him trying to get him but I heard from someone close to holly that karma really wanted to go to rich guy by then. So I posted about this before but I had the details wrong…the old post is here:

What really happens is crim goes to karmas house in the morning but karma wont see him bc hes playing pubg and wont get off the game bc he didnt want to talk to him. Supposedly crim sat there for 4 hours and decided to leave when he figured out karma wouldnt talk. He almost gets to his car when another car pulls up and its rich guy, apoc, and a lawyer in it…they get out and holly says hi to them then they walk inside the house. So the word starts spreading and optic thinks karma is gone for sure if rich guy is going to fly in like that so higher ups at optic start calling karma and he still doesnt answer but then holly tells them they all went out to dinner. I heard hecz was about to go over there and whoop rich guys ass. Somebody sent me a clip from hollys stream showing apoc was at least in the house. Holly also talks to someone who tries to stay off camera.

The next day I heard optic started talking to other players and their big target was apathy. I heard aches got really mad and called karma and told him to sign back with optic because NV wanted to buy EG and it got stuck when optic talked to apathy. But apathy is too loyal at times and decided to stick with EG/NV after a raise even though splyce was trying to buy that roster because all their contracts expired in November and add jurd to them. So optic called eu about arcitys and he wasnt available and gunless wanted to go to LG but nade and rich guy would start a bidding war for him.

So I heard john and clay were happy and rich guy started doing more face to face meetings with the other players he wanted.

Another week goes by and Karma had a 150K buyout, clay had 100K, and johns contract was ending so no buyout at all. Then optic announces the next vision episode will have the cod roster announcement and everyone that was supposed to be on team rich guy thought it was gunless. Im not sure on the timing of this now but I heard sometime around rich guy then offered 300k each for zooma and attach for a five of john, zooma, karma, attach, clay but faze still wouldnt sell them.

So all the players involved with team rich guy were watching it and were surprised when karma was aired during the last week of September. The story is he got really nervous because john’s contract ended second week of October so that was the earliest rich guy could sign him and he was scared he would get left out of competing again and was really stressed about waiting 2 more weeks. Someone really close to the other players told me they were surprised because the night before they all group texted and said everything was good including karma. After that clay wanted to stay on eunited and that left rich guy with just John. I heard he called up faze and offered them 800k for their whole roster but they said no. Ghost and splyce originally tried to buy them too. So that would of left john and a bunch of leftovers. 100t bought slasher and signed enable to complete their squad and Rise left the scene and sold loony to splyce and gunless to LG. I heard thats when rich guy decided it wasnt worth signing john + am players so he backed out. All ended good for john though bc I heard he got a raise to 25k. I heard rich guy was pissed but hes still friends all the guys but doesnt talk to karma but is friends with holly.

In the end this is how the team rich guy wanted changed….
First… Scump, John, Attach, Slasher
Then… Scump, John, Attach, Clayster
Then… John, Attach, Clayster, Karma
Then… John, Clayster, Karma, Gunless
Then… John, Clayster, Karma, Gunless, Jurd/Felo/Shockz/Slacked/Bance/Censor
Finally… John, Clayster, Karma, Attach, Zooma
Then after Clay and Karma weren't joining and he tried to buy the whole Faze roster... John/Attach/Zooma/Reep/Priest

I also heard rich guy offered 250k about a week after champs to get John out of his contract 2 months early but LG wanted to keep him and thought they could convince him. I gotta say steve LGs owner has big iron balls bc he could of lost john for free instead of taking the 250k but it worked out for him in the end so huge win for him. I think if karma smoked some green and chilled for a few weeks until john was free then the most likely roster would have been the John/Karma/ClaysteGunless core with rich guy taking a gamble on Gunless and adding one of Felo/Slacked to them because Shockz wanted to finish school and splyce wasn’t going to sell jurd and ended up getting loony, temp, aqua, and lamar.

So karmas decision to go back to optic changed the fates of eU, LG, Optic, NV, possibly faze, and mostly rich guy. A different decision could of changed this season too….last year john signed his contract with LG late and it was for exactly 1 year. If he signed it 2 weeks earlier it obviously ended 2 weeks earlier and rich guy could of signed him before the 5v5 announcement and that probably could of gotten karma to commit because he wouldnt of been nervous about optic and not having a spot anymore. From there rich guy pays for clays buyout then the rest is history.

Im also gonna say optic with J in charge is in a much better place now and the players feel like their being taken care of unlike during ww2. I heard rumors orgs are still looking for money and some reached out to rich guy to see if he would invest in them instead of making his own but either way I hope he comes into the scene if its franchise next year since he has balls trying to come in and get the best guys like nade did and makes things interesting.

All the pros in the scene benefitted from nade and rich guy being around since they all got raises and other bonuses so their happy but I can see orgs being mad lol but thats what happens when you have nade opening at 10k then splyce coming in at 12k then rich guy going in at 20k lol.

(9) CWL Vegas BO4

So rich guy was at Vegas but idk if he went inside at the event. He was at the casino with players and a few people came up and talked to him. He was doing $500 and $1000 roulette and blackjack so he attracted attention. I heard he was mainly playing with Felo, Clay, and Revan but holly and nufo came up to bet on roulette with them too. One egirl told me they talked to him and he was nice and bought people some shots. All the players including optic guys hung out with him at the hard rock bar after the event and then took them out for a wild night at the nightclubs and strip clubs and apparently he did that every night with different people in the scene. A caster told me they approached him and said his name and acted like they already met before when they didnt and he was chill about it. People were calling him Edgar in person including Scump.

(10) Rich Guy’s Twitter

From what I know and what ive heard im 99% certain rich guy is this guy on twitter and he uses it as his own burner for online stuff only:

He has an interesting group of followers including Nadeshot, all the old and new Optic roster, along with some of their girlfriends, the faze roster, Clayster, Felo, Saints, and other big people in the scene. It doesn’t look like hes really active but he has pics of exotic cars, first class flights, receipts from bars, and he has a 100k pc setup to play video games thats linked on his page.

It looks like he gifted 5000 subs on twitch during Christmas time according to his tweets and people saying thank you to him. That’s $25k.

Someone sent me this clip from scumps stream where he gifted him 500 tier 3s which is $12.5k and like a grand donation over an hour. He says he knows him IRL and he wants to hang out with him next time hes back in dallas and get dinner. He even jokes about edgar and hecz being close. This clip is after karma resigned with optic and bo4 was already out and it shows how much scump and rich guy/edgar are friends even though the team didnt work out.

He has another 400 subs in Crims that I think are tier 3. Then he has another 500 in rallieds and I think 300 in nadeshots supposedly.

Theres also these tweets between holly and edgar that make it sound like theyre friends including meeting up in Vegas and at a bar in Frisco in November. Edgar even tweeted a location pic of where he was.

Finally the Edgar twitter has tweets of him being in cities when cod events were happening.
This is a bar in Seattle….

This is in LA the day before Anaheim and he tags a bigwig at EA in it. I think he works on battlefield…

This is in Ohio during champs…

This is a tweet exchange between edgar, clayster, and felo about meeting up to play blackjack Wednesday before vegas started while they were already there...

This is a tweet of edgar spending $12k at a place that if you google comes back as crazy horse strip club in vegas. Hitch said on his stream something about meeting rich guy there and having a wild night.

If I had to bet my life on it I’d bet this edgar guy on twitter and twitch is rich guy and he was hiding in plain sight.

(11) What I know about EdgaRich guy from sources

(12) Final Thoughts


Thanks for reading and I will monitor this thread for a few days to answer a few questions possibly and add something I might remember later. If not then this is my last post until the next rostermania or if Rich guy gives me an interview lol.
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Bit Paradise (BPD) is a new, innovative form of cryptographic exchange station which runs on game meta.
BPD’s highest selling point is its compensation arrangement. Apart from having a 1 + 1 profit-sharing trading mining system, BPD has a stable payout and buyback system. Additionally, it mitigates value decline through its safety device, thereby building a complete BPD’s ecosystem that is modern and safe.

BPD offers wide range of gaming options

Bit Paradise does not only provide a gaming platform but ensures that its users have several options to choose from when it comes to playing games online. BPD is set to commence with dicing game and thereafter add other games such as Go-top, Soccer pk, Blackjack, Lotto, Baccarat, Craps, Horse Racing, and Slot. As time goes by, it would expand to accommodate games such as 7 poker.

BET Coin

BET Coin is the official coin for placing bets or playing games on the Bit Paradise platform. It has the same intrinsic value as the Bitcoin (BTC) and one can only get BET points upon depositing BTC. Once you deposit BTC you get 2.5% of BET point from what you deposit.

BET coin would be highly regulated to ensure that only a few coins shall be in circulation in order to mitigate volatility. The coin derives several benefits from the profit sharing from the available games such as Roulettes, Slot, and Craps. The coin will be listed on exchanges as soon as possible to provide for an open market.

Mining and Payouts of BET

The BET Coin has an average daily mining capacity of 1.4 million units. The level of contribution during trade on the exchange determines the amount that is mined.

The payout accruable to players is 60% of Transactions fees Rewards + 20% of Buyback + 20% of Winning returns.
30% of Winning returns from Dice game + 20% of BET holder Rewards, 30% of Buyback of Winning returns
20% of winning returns from dice game when holding BET

BPD’s Token Sale

BPD will be issuing its token to the public soon, with a total of 2 billion units expected to be made available. The sharing formula for the tokens include
50% (1 billion units) will be for trading mining.
20% (400 million units) will be for the Foundation Team. 33% of the token will be released from 1 year.
12.5% (250 million units) will be for Marketing.
10% (200 million units) will available to the public during token sale
5% (100 million units) is reserved for the Partners and Advisers
1.5% (0.3 billion units) is reserved for Referral.
1% (0.2 billion units) is for Bounty.
Price for the token during presale is $0.02 (All tokens that are unsold and unused would be discarded in the future).
The average amount of tokens to be mined daily is 93,000 units.

BPD’s plan for the future

Bit Paradise was founded in Singapore in 2018 and has built a safe and complete ecosystem that enables online gamers to make profit via casino meta and ensures that the token does not easily lose its value.

BPD’s biggest dream is to dominate the global exchange market through its innovative approach. BPD has plans to expand into the South American markets as well as the Latin America including Argentina, which has already commenced the use of cryptocurrency for bank remittances. The next destination would be China, Korea and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, BPD hopes to make inroads into eight countries by the second half of 2019.

BPD looks promising in its unique winning sharing formula and other compensation plans. But how it is able to distort the market cannot be fully determined until it begins to unveil its plans and strategies.
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. What’s causing #Malaysia ’s ethnic Chinese brain drain? Almost half of Chinese have reported a strong desire to leave the country. Of the 56,576 Malaysians who renounced their citizenship between 2006 and 2016, 49,864 were Chinese. “Malaysia is getting more backwards and religious,”
  2. Chinese anti-Japanese aggression fighters commemorated in the Philippines
  3. #NewZealand 's free trade vision includes China: New Zealand is renegotiating its free trade agreement with China as part of a larger strategy of helping steer the creation of favorable rules for commerce in the Asia-Pacific region
  4. RCMP and China strike deal to combat opioid smuggling
  5. Vietnamese support Belt and Road
  6. Taiwan President Marks First Anniversary as Discontent Grows: Taiwan Democracy Watch said this week just 18.4 percent of Taiwanese approve of Tsai’s ability to run the government (...awkward...)
  7. Duterte: 'West is just double talk, I want more ties with Russia & China’ (Duterte actually sounds mad just talking about the US)
  8. University in Australia with 4000 Chinese students causes Outrage Via Daily Mail Style Exam Questions, Report From Daily Mail: "Chinese officials only speak the truth when intoxicated"
  9. A belligerent man in a Trump hat was kicked off a flight as a crowd chanted ‘Lock him up!’: booted off a plane in Shanghai. He started arguing before he stepped onto the plane. Crowd chanted until the Chinese airport sounded like a Trump rally. Unclear whether Chinese police jailed the man
  10. China releases report on Antarctic development
  11. China tells N Korea not to defy UNSC resolutions
  12. Erdoğan stresses Belt and Road's trillions worth potential for Turkish industrialists: Erdoğan further elaborated on the fact that the world order is currently being reconfigured and that Turkey occupies the center of this process of transforming the established world order
  13. #Argentina to join AIIB: Argentinean FM. If the plan is actualized, Argentina will be the 16th G20 country to join AIIB
  14. Student apologizes for 'belittling' China: Yang Shuping wrote "I love my country and hometown and am proud of its prosperity…I also hope to make contributions to it with what I have learnt overseas…I have no intention to belittle my country and hometown…I'm deeply sorry and hope for forgiveness."
  15. Good on Australia for not following the US blindly with regards to war hawks on China. If they had the would have been screwed right now.
  16. Built by China: Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway to be launched
  17. Chinese “super scholars” get 5 U.S. university offers on average: 30% of the students received offers from the top 30 universities in the U.S.
  18. Two Chinese language teachers kidnapped in Pakistan
  19. Chinese competitors will use their own missiles during the upcoming International Army Games 2017
  20. Overseas Chinese in Laos expects China-Laos railway a bridge for two countries
  21. Trump sounds exactly how you'd expect in his chat with strongman Duterte. (On North Korea) DUTERTE: I will try to make a call to President Xi Jinping. TRUMP: You can tell him I am counting on him. I have a very good relationship with him
  22. Just Business: China Encroaches on Former French Colonies in #Africa. This year's second African tour by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reflects Beijing's drive to further expand its clout in Africa, where it competes with France for regional influence
  23. A U.S. Navy destroyer in the vicinity of a man-made island in the South China Sea was told to leave the area by Chinese warships, a Chinese defense official said
  24. Geely takes majority stake in Lotus
  25. Beijing's new weapon in economic war: Chinese tourists
  26. At climate change talks in Berlin, Germany and China have called for the US to remain a party to the Paris climate accord. US President Donald Trump has said the US might pull out, having called global warming a hoax
  27. Iran bolstering ties with China
In Domestic news
  1. Flammable ice breakthrough offers huge potential, but plan for extraction needed
  2. China probes Hulk incident, Lavezzi off the hook: football authority said it saw "no malicious intent" in a racially-charged row involving Argentina's Ezequiel Lavezzi. CFA urged Lavezzi "to regulate his words and actions more" as a public figure
  3. Center Parcs hails 'huge' opportunity for China holiday villages
  4. China’s New Megacity: The Anti-Beijing
  5. China is set to publish its first national list of rare diseases, to guide policymakers as part of a broader overhaul to improve diagnoses and speed up drug approvals in the world's second-largest drugs market
  6. Resident ID to be required for domestic legs of international flights [Chinese]
  7. China’s Youth League Wants Singles to Find the One: The CYL plans to help young people develop a “correct” attitude toward marriage. Marriage agencies and similar services need to be regulated, and vowed to crack down on their “deceptive tactics”
  8. Chinese paper applauds anti-spy efforts: story has attracted thousands of comments on Weibo, with many expressing glee that the spy ring was broken. "Strike hard against spy traitors, protect the country's security!" wrote one Weibo user. Well done! Good on you China," wrote another
  9. China's Growth Engines Are Slowly Converging - Inland provinces are catching up with the coast
  10. Chinese #baizuo gibe a rebuttal to West’s moral superiority: anti-baizuo is a fresh indication of Chinese netizens' dissatisfaction with the Western approach of solving global issues, which is often biased, elitist, ignorant of other peoples' concerns and constantly applying double standards
  11. Jack Ma teaches tai chi to entrepreneurs for $15,000
  12. Inside a Zhejiang Village Election
  13. China turns screw on soccer transfer rules
  14. The new Red Guards: China's angry student patriots
  15. Containers will house teachers in remote places
  16. Chinese submersible Jiaolong descends to 4,811 meters in Mariana Trench: conducted observation, sampling and surveying, and collected seawater, rocks and samples of marine life, including a sea cucumber, a sponge and two starfish
  17. 160-billion-RMB nutrition subsidy spurs height increases in rural youth: Eleven-year-old rural-dwelling students covered by a nationwide nutrition subsidy plan are nearly 6 centimeters taller than children of the same age six years ago
  18. 海淀一幼儿园外教被指虐童 幼儿园表示仍在调查
In SciTech news
  1. China is stepping up research and development of the Tianhe-3 supercomputer: designed as the world's first prototype exascale supercomputer. Will be applied in such fields as the analysis of smog distribution, airplane designs, oil surveying and the development of artificial intelligence
  2. China to partly fund new CSIRO climate research centre
  3. Researchers from Wake Forest School of Medicine and Zhejiang University in China developed a novel mathematical model to explore the interactions between prostate tumors and common immunotherapy approaches, individually and in combination
  4. China to form global satellite navigation system by 2020
  5. Ke Jie, Humanity’s Last Hope, Loses to AlphaGo by Half a Point
  6. Managing stress helps transistor performance: team in China have developed a new CESL method that introduces tensile stress into both the channel and the drift region, improving overall performance by offering low drift resistance, high cut-off frequency and desirable breakdown characteristics
  7. China to Build Great Electronic 'Wall' to Protect Airport From #Drones: The technology, which has been dubbed an "Electronic Wall," will help break communication between an UAV and its operator in the event that the drone gets closer than ten kilometers from the airport
  8. An Australian-Chinese research team has created the world's thinnest hologram, paving the way towards the integration of 3D holography into everyday electronics like smart phones, computers and TVs
  9. When Big Brother gets God’s Eye. With the chip, a surveillance camera can greatly speed up human facial recognition and spot a criminal suspect in a crowd in just a few seconds. Proved effective in at least in one district in Shenzhen and has helped police crack cases and find lost children
  10. China Satcom poised to support China’s ‘Belt and Road’ trade initiative: internet penetration lower than 15 percent in the least-developed countries. The Belt and Road Initiative will help more countries to cross the ‘digital gap’
  11. Chinese Online Retailer Is Developing Heavy-Duty Delivery Drones: Company plans to deploy aerial vehicles capable of delivering payloads weighing one ton or more
  12. What is Next for #3DPrinting After China’s First Commercial Airliner Maiden Flight? C919 was developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC), who used 3D printing technologies and specialty metals like titanium alloys in the developments of the airliner
In Economic news
  1. #Samsung launches Galaxy S8 in China, aims for comeback: The fate of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in China will determine whether Samsung can resuscitate itself there after losing out to local competitors
  2. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) between China and the U.S. passed 60 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, more than any other year in history, said a report jointly released by the Rhodium Group and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR)
  3. China, Russia launch long-haul challenge to Boeing, Airbus
  4. New wave of digital entrepreneurs rises in China: A new generation Chinese entrepreneurs is quickly gaining strength. These new change-makers are digital natives, disrupting the world of industry incumbents, creating hero-entrepreneur identities and relentlessly pursuing growth
  5. Hedge Fund Plummets 62% After Betting Against the Chinese Economy
  6. A Chinese company is offering free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers
  7. Beijing's new weapon in economic war: Chinese tourists
  8. Chinese display manufacturers are chasing their South Korean rivals closely by planning to release a larger volume of liquid-crystal panels over 32 inches this year, said a market researcher
  9. Chinese shipbuilders have received orders from South Korean shippers to build 13 ships so far this year, while their South Korean rivals clinched deals from local shippers to build just seven ships, industry sources said. Japanese shipyards’ orders came to nil
In Military news
  1. 'To remain competitive, we must act now': Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson says fleet needs to expand. Some of these global powers, China, Russia, they've been growing, China in particular. They're maturing in every dimension of power
  2. New Chinese attack helicopter makes maiden flight: The WZ-19/Z-19E is mainly intended to attack tanks, armored vehicles and other ground targets, flying at very low altitudes
  3. Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
  4. China, #UAE pledge to advance military cooperation
  5. China, Russia Advancing Anti-Satellite Technology, US Intelligence Chief Says: China and Russia are advancing directed-energy (laser) weapons technologies for the purpose of fielding ASAT systems "that could blind or damage sensitive space-based optical sensors,"
  6. Chinese navy ships visit Myanmar for joint exercises
  7. China's Xi says navy should become world class
  8. Anti-Terror Alliance: Philippines Seeks Military Cooperation With China, Russia. The Philippines could start cooperation on anti-terrorism with China and Russia within the framework of the SCO and its Regional Antiterrorism Structure - Military analyst Alexander Perendzhiev
  9. US spy plane intercepted over South China sea
  10. Chinese Naval Fleet Starts Friendly Visit to Bangladesh
Other Notables
  1. Department of Justice Official Releases Letter Admitting U.S. Amnesty of Unit 731 War Criminals
  2. Chinese Theatre marks 90 years as Hollywood glamour hot spot
  3. Eye-catching three-sided Guanyin statue in E China's Shandong
  4. Cannes: #Disney Partners With Taiwan's Wudi Pictures on China Co-Productions (Exclusive)
  5. The 5 ‘Handsome Girls’ Trying to Be China’s Biggest Boy Band
  6. Opinion: The US will come to regret its petulant snub of China’s belt and road
  7. 中國再獲一項「世界第一」技術,航母這項性能將超福特號
  8. See Images of International Borders Taken From Space: China, North Korea, South Korea
  9. China-made WZ-19/Z-19E Attack Helicopter Completes Maiden Flight (Video)
  10. America Is In Denial About Becoming #2 To China
  11. Chinese Student Insults China in Graduation Speech at University of Maryland
  12. Stop blaming China for the state of the world’s fishing stocks - Policy Forum
  13. Many couples in China chose to register for marriage or get married on May 20 as the pronunciation of "520" is homophonic for "I Love You" in Chinese
  14. Ignorance no excuse for cultural insensitivity: Intentionally or not, Lavezzi has touched a raw nerve of the Chinese public, who've been exposed to racial abuses. Columbia University found door tags with Chinese names removed. Günther Oettinger referred to Chinese diplomats as "slant eyes"
  15. GT on NYT’s spy in China story: If true, we would like to applaud China's anti-espionage. As for one source being shot, that is a purely fabricated, American-style imagination. US media should forego their narcissism. It's absurd US is always the noble side whether it is catching or sending spies
  16. I'm impressed with how quickly netizens are churning out memes about this LMAO
  17. 央视分屏公益广告《一带一路 共创繁荣》OBOR media campaign
  18. Taishan: From where the world looks small
  19. Uncovering the Forgotten History of Chinese Laborers in California Wine Country: Buena Vista Winery founded in 1857. “From the late 1850's to the 1870's, they primarily were Chinese laborers. They actually built our building". After the Gold Rush many worked in railroads, some worked in vineyards
  20. Sun Yat-sen’s legacy in China
  21. Report: Fathers and Grandparents More Engaged in Childcare Nowadays. male relatives have become the main force for purchasing maternal and child products. Findings showed that the proportion of males among consumers who spent 5,000 yuan on maternal and child products on average reached 53.8%
  22. 金一南教授 - 從百年滄桑到大國崛起 Our Hong Kong Foundation
  23. Non-English Foreign Language Capability in U.S. and China
  24. The wooden skyscrapers that could help to cool the planet: monks at the Sakyamuni Pagoda in Yingxian, China. Erected in 1056, that structure rises a staggering 67 metres towards the heavens
  25. Expert Doubts China's Population Number, Saying India May Be No. 1
  26. Meet the American Professor Trying to "Save Cantonese" From Dying in Hong Kong
  27. Huanglong: the picturesque natural beauty in Sichuan
  28. This Chinese Anime Looks Better than Japanese Anime?
  29. Do foreigners have lower moral standard in China? They behave differently compared to how they would in their home countries. And I started to ponder why? Foreigners in China face low and soft moral and even legal constraints. Some Chinese still blindly believe in "white supremacy."
  30. Air Pollution in China
  31. If North Korea becomes Stable, US No longer needs China to Hedge against NK, and US Becomes more aggressive in SCS. Therefore, China's optimal strategy isn't to contain North Korea, but merely, to prevent all out war.
  32. What do you guys think of Pan-Golden Identity?
  33. Bulldozer Fight in China
  34. White Supremacists on Why China Is Winning The Game Of Civilization
  35. Premier Daniel Andrews apologises to Chinese community over racist gold rush tax
  36. CCTV Documentary Chinese High Speed Train
  37. 8 ancient rock paintings of horses found in China
  38. This is how China now is like the U.S. in 1950
  39. Japan's rising right-wing nationalism | Border Dispatch #1
  40. State of Victoria (Australia) apologises to Chinese community for racist policies during gold rush era
  41. The World's Highest And Longest Glass Bridge Located in Hunan
  42. The history of tea - Shunan Teng
  43. China is on the cusp of its own 'American Dream'
  44. How Chinese artist Ai Weiwei became an enemy-of-the-state
  45. Angela Lee crushes Istela Nunes
  46. Collaboration between Asians is of utmost importance
  47. Do you guys think China should adopt a policy of attracting skilled immigrants?
  48. Untold Origins of The Dragon Boat Festival
  49. Chinese Olympic weightlifters: Lu Xiaojun (170lbs), Tian Tao (187lbs), and Liao Hui (152lbs)
  50. Has China outgrown its need for Singapore as a role model? Thousands of Chinese officials have trained in the city state, but domestic programmes have caught up as Beijing gains confidence in its own development model, analysts say
  51. Why does China limit its population when, if a country has optimally utilized its workforce, its continued growth is primarily dependent on the size and quality of its population? why does china have such a hole in its strategy?
  52. 乌兰图雅 站在草原望北京
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Situs Judi Online Hokibet Terbaik Dan Resmi

Situs Judi Online Hokibet Terbaik Dan Resmi
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  22. Habanero
  23. IDN Play Poker
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Weekly Roundup

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. #Duterte tells Chinese firm: We really need China’s help in infrastructure
  2. India withdraws troops from Doklam region, confirms China
  3. China ‘pleased’ with Indian military’s withdrawal from disputed border
  4. Chinese naval hospital ship provides free medical services in Djibouti People wait in queues to receive medical treatment outside the Chinese hospital ship Peace Ark. It will then travel to Sierra Leone, Gabon, Tanzania and other countries to provide free medical and humanitarian services.
  5. US sanctions against Venezuela won’t work, warns Beijing
  6. China Invites Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan, Thailand to BRICS Summit
  7. Chinese return from Africa as migrant population peaks - From 1m in 2013, the number of Chinese in the continent is in decline, analysts say
  8. The China Electronics Technology Group (CETC) and Rostec, #Russia’s defence industrial holding company, have expanded their industrial partnership through a teaming arrangement established between subsidiaries of the two groups
  9. U.S. and China now compete to be the more favored #world power: In Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Australia, Peru and Senegal – China overtaking the U.S. in favorability. U.S.’ once-significant lead has fallen to a virtual tie in Kenya, Germany, France, Brazil, Sweden, the UK and Canada
  10. China says North Korea tensions reached 'tipping point'
  11. Beijing is stirring up 'red hot patriotism' among Chinese students on Australian campuses
  12. Russia, China to Join Together in Space Exploration Effort
  13. How China's $60 Billion For Africa Will Drive Global Prosperity
  14. #SaudiArabia signs cooperation deals with China on nuclear energy: Saudi Arabia has been for years trying to diversify its energy mix so that it can export more of its oil, rather than burning it at power and water desalination plants
  15. Chinese police have captured and extradited a U.S. criminal, wanted by Interpol for armed robbery, to the U.S. Justice Department, the latest judicial cooperation between the two countries
  16. Russia-Mongolia-China transport corridor to be up and running by 2018 — minister
  17. US Is "The Greatest Threat To Peace In The World Today," New Poll Finds
  18. #Norway and China have resumed talks on a bilateral free trade deal, Norway's Industry Ministry said
  19. China says it will never allow war or chaos on its doorstep as tensions escalate on Korean Peninsula
  20. China-Russian widebody jet to use self-developed engines
  21. First Chinese national Chen Shaoliang debuts for SANFL's Port Adelaide Magpies
  22. China offers high-yielding rice variety to boost Pakistan’s food security
  23. Discrimination leads older Chinese-Americans to consider suicide at high rates
  24. How Trump's Nafta Threats Are Bringing Mexico and China Together
  25. Zimbabwe govt gives former white owned farms to Chinese farmers
  26. China Reopens Hotly Disputed Fishing Spot to #Philippine Boats: China has been allowing the boats since April into Scarborough Shoal
  27. China, #Russia freight train delivers success, 17,000 tons of cargo: Over the past year, a total of 43 trains have run on the route, delivering more than 17,000 tonnes of products, worth 236 million U.S. dollars, from Guangzhou to Russia
  28. #Mexico president to visit China to boost trade amid NAFTA talks: Mexico’s government is working to get Mexican products and services, especially from small- and medium-sized firms, onto Alibaba’s platform
  29. Russian President Putin's article BRICS: Towards New Horizons of Strategic Partnership
  30. Despite strains, Vietnam and China forge closer economic ties
  31. China’s Missile Sanctions Are Taking a Heavy Toll on Both Koreas: The dispute will cut 0.3 percentage point from growth, according to the central bank in Seoul. North Korea has taken a massive blow, with China now refusing to buy coal, iron ore and lead, more than 50% of the nation’s exports
  32. Xi Jinping says a dark shadow looms over the world after years of peace
In Domestic news
  1. The Forest Revolution Headed for Chinese Cities
  2. China's confident 'silver fox' steps into diplomatic limelight
  3. AI-related and coding courses to be set up in China’s primay and secondary schools
  4. China’s Crazy Plan to Keep Sand From Swallowing the World - Can a “Green Great Wall” stave off environmental disaster?
  5. China's border troops continue patrolling, defending Doklam area:FM "We will make an overall assessment of the weather conditions and all related factors, and according to the actual circumstances complete construction plans for the Dong Lang (Doklam) area" (someone forgot to tell FM theres a deal?)
  6. US Religious Freedom Report Provokes Backlash from Chinese Public: The majority of netizens voiced their disagreement with the report, but many of them seemed to reject its conclusions simply because they see religion in general as a terrible thing
  7. China eclipses Europe as 2020 solar power target is smashed
  8. How China is leading the renewable energy revolution
  9. China launches 8,000 water clean-up projects worth $100b in H1: The projects were devised as part of a 2015 action plan to treat and prevent water pollution, and cover 325 contaminated surface water sites across the country
  10. Chinese charity raises US$2.27m selling art by people with autism
  11. Chinese government advisor says more #Mandarin needed to fight poverty: Efforts to teach minority peoples Mandarin are “not up to scratch” in various places, said Zhu, who is head of the minorities and religions committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
  12. China lifts 13.9 million people out of poverty each year
  13. Pet-friendly China acupuncturist gets tails wagging again: It appears to be working for "Dan Jiao," who was completely paralysed after a fall that broke his back. After three days of acupuncture, he was slowly able to crawl on his front paws. By the seventh day he was able to limp on all four legs
  14. Face Recognition Spots Wanted Suspects at Qingdao Beer Festival. Police arrest 49 people identified by cameras at event’s entrances.
  15. China one step closer to use of new gas #energy: Promoting the industrialization of gas hydrate will not only upgrade the country's energy security but also reshape its energy mix. China's successful mining of combustible ice in May was seen as a breakthrough
In SciTech news
  1. Silk-based wearable body sensors developed by Chinese scientists may improve sensitivity, flexibility. "There is a whole world of possibilities for silk sensors at the moment. Silk is the ideal material for fabricating sensors that are worn on the body," researcher Yingying Zhang, Ph.D., said
  2. Quantum Teleportation From Space Achieved by China!
  3. US Space Company #NanoRacks Makes History With Client from China: The Beijing Institute of Technology, one of NanoRacks’ latest customers, became the first from China to have an experiment brought onboard the International Space station
  4. First underwater entanglement could lead to unhackable comms: team of Chinese researchers has, for the first time, transmitted #quantum entangled particles of light through water – the first step in using lasers to send underwater messages that are impossible to intercept
  5. The US, China and Russia are working on a #fusion project which could transform energy
  6. China Plans 2019 #Exascale Machine To Grow Sea Power: China will build its first exascale machine on the Shandong province coast as soon as 2019 to support ocean research in the South China Sea and boost China’s maritime expansion
  7. Meet China’s first #AI unicorn Cambricon Technologies: Established by Chen Yunji and Chen Tianshi, two young professors at the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy Of Sciences. It has two R&D centres in Beijing and Shanghai and two major product lines — terminals and servers
  8. Shenzhen: City of the Future. The high-tech life of China’s Silicon Valley
  9. Chinese scientists supercharge virus to kill #cancer cells: Oncolytic virotherapy involving the M1 virus, a mosquito-borne pathogen that mainly causes mild illnesses in horses, is believed to have potential for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common type of liver cancer
  10. Hyperloop 2.0? Chinese company proposes 4,000kph ‘flying train’
  11. China's artificial intelligence technology is fast catching up to the US, Goldman Sachs says
  12. Direct water splitting with polymer #nanosheets using visible light : The Chinese team shows that 1,3-diyne-linked conjugated microporous polymer nanosheets (CMPNs) are unique semiconducting polymers for efficient visible-light-driven overall water splitting
  13. China is Paving the Way to #Quantum Internet: Recent developments have made the concept of quantum communications and a quantum internet a feasible reality. In fact, some even predict that we will have a quantum internet in as little as 10 years
  14. China's Huawei unveils mobile AI assistant at Berlin's IFA
In Economic news
  1. Green gold: how China quietly grew into a cannabis superpower
  2. Exclusive: Trump vents in Oval Office, "I want tariffs. Bring me some tariffs!"
  3. China is the Greatest Economic Growth in Human History
  4. Chinese most active in adopting #Fintech: Technology-savvy Chinese consumers are most active in adopting financial technology among 20 major markets, Ernst & Young said in a survey. The EY Fintech Adoption Index 2017 found that 69% of China's digitally active population have used Fintech
  5. The Next Decade Of China's Transformation
  6. China Targets $900 Billion in #Technology Consumption by 2020: That objective includes everything from digital products such as drones and wearable devices to services such as online medical consulting, entertainment and travel booking
  7. What Does Industry 4.0 Look Like in China?
  8. Demolish the factories - China's violent economy helps iron ore prices
  9. Wang Tao becomes Asia’s youngest tech billionaire as #DJI finds wealth beneath its wings: Wang founded his drone company DJI in Shenzhen in 2006, building it into a business with an estimated 70 per cent share of the world’s market for recreational drones
  10. China isn’t about to have a Japan-style lost decade
  11. China has become the world's third largest #shalegas producer behind the United States and Canada after delivering an output of almost 8 billion cubic meters in 2016
  12. China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold
  13. China Is Creating the World's Largest Power Company: merger of Shenhua Group Corp., the country’s top coal miner, with China Guodian Corp., among its largest power generators. With assets of $271b, the new entity will be the world’s second-biggest company by revenue and largest by installed capacity
  14. China’s mobile payment systems
  15. Apple Accepts #WeChat Pay In App Store As Apple Pay Fails To Make Inroads In China: Apple’s acceptance of WeChat Pay in its App Stores and Apple Music platforms is a pragmatic one, indicating that Apple perhaps has given up hope for its Apple Pay to make any significant progress in the future
In Military news
  1. China's first homegrown #aircraftcarrier is very likely to start its first sea trials in autumn. China has successfully tested the Type 001A's power system and the carrier will undergo a mooring test in September ahead of schedule, meaning that the ship's power system is all set
  2. China may have new long-range #Quantum sub detector: could extend the range to unheard of dimensions. Submarines could be detected up to six kilometers away, or even longer with further noise reduction
  3. China’s live-fire naval drill may be warning shot to India
  4. China will maintain a high combat readiness level in the disputed area of Doklam (Donglang) near the border with India and Bhutan after reaching an agreement with New Delhi on the disengagement of troops, Director of the Information Office of the Chinese Defense Ministry Wu Qian said
  5. China Plans Civilian-Military Technology Integration In #SciTech Sector By 2020: plan is to build new research units and think tanks on cutting-edge science projects, ranging from manned-space missions to navigation satellite systems to supercomputers
  6. China prepares for an era of asymmetric warfare: Beijing is now betting that swarms of #drones, low-tech hardware knitted together with high-tech artificial intelligence, will become a weapon of the future
  7. Report: China Increasing #Drone Operations in Disputed Seas. Department of Defense projects China will produce tens of thousands of drones, worth more than $10 billion, by 2023. Report documents four drones the S-100, ASN-209, BZK-005, and GJ-1. Last month, China deployed dozens of underwater drones
Other Notables
  1. The Wedding Planner Reviving Naxi Traditions in Lijiang
  2. Titanic’s Chinese Survivors Resurface From Depths of History
  3. The Architect Who Revived China’s Love for Its Ancient Buildings
  4. 【中国战争进行式】 Thousand Years of Chinese War History
  5. Beijing’s traditional courtyard homes to get modern amenities
  6. China's 'Wolf Warrior 2' Becomes 2nd Film in History To Reach $800M in a Single Territory
  8. Why an Aussie legend has Chinese #surfers catching California waves: Townend was in Hangzhou producing the Shootout when the IOC announced surfing would be included in the 2020 Olympics. The next day, a government official arrived from Beijing to speak with him about an Olympic surfing program
  9. #Hollywood Executives Flock to School to Learn Chinese for Business Opportunities
  10. Gen Neo 梁根荣 - Missing You (feat.汪小敏 Tracy Wang) (官方MV)
  11. ​Why China's Social Achievements Are Even Greater Than Its Economic Ones
  12. The film ‘Hooligan Sparrow’
  13. Western Fragility
  14. Warlords Era - Cavalry and Infantry Assault
  15. Left swipe on a Tinder Hong Kong video seen as reinforcing unfair stereotype
  16. 马来西亚高中生陈颖恩《那些你很冒险的梦》
  17. The State Department is tilting dangerously toward China: Away from the limelight of North Korea and trade policy, the State Department has persisted throughout the summer with inexplicable deference to China (lol?)
  18. 中国人民解放军军乐团 《歌唱祖国》
  19. Hero Chinese Cop Goes Viral After Building a Retirement Home for Police Dogs
  20. 19 year old Zhan Shichai aka "Chang Woo Gow" touring Europe. He was 7'10 then, later grew to be 8 feet. (1860s)
  21. The perspective of Chinese society about what is happening between North Korea and Japan
  22. America and China's Codependency Trap
  23. Chinese 'Spider-Man' Posters Are Just Plain Cool
  24. Lu Xiaojun/Liao Hui playing Ping-pong
  25. What are the technologies from China that lead the world?
  26. Man With Deformed Limbs Slays in Traditional Chinese Art
  27. Chinese netizens tell Gigi Hadid she's not welcome to Shanghai a year after a racist picture went viral
  28. Chloe Bennet Defends Changing Her Chinese Last Name: I had (to) pay my rent, and Hollywood is racist and wouldn’t cast me with a last name that made them uncomfortable. The Chinese-American actress was born Chloe Wang, and lived with her father’s family in Shanghai for a stint
  29. Reuters is writing more positive articles about China and Xi. Shows that economics is more important than entrenched political alliance, and the UK propaganda mill is turning around. As OBOR continues to attract with honey, and the US continues to repel by forcefully trying to maintain its hegemon.
  30. 《狼殿下》 "The Wolf" drama series trailer
  31. Street Cleaner Only Eats Noodles to Support His Daughter's Dream of Becoming a Gymnast
  32. In face of Harvey, the US looks like a developing country
  33. How China [is] Translating Economic Development Into Geopolitical Gains
  34. Focus on non-Western films, China’s first ’boutique’ film festival will take place from 10/19 to 10/26, 2017.
  35. Pakistan seafood "flying" to Xinjiang
  36. ‘Respect to my Asian fans’: Gigi Hadid responds to Chinese fans about racist Buddha video: Gigi Hadid has said she has nothing but “appreciation and respect” for her Asian fans following the backlash for her racist video
  37. Answer to Quora: Why is the German foreign minister saying that China is breaking up Europe? What has China done to break up Europe?
  38. ‘Wolf Warrior II’s’ Massive Success Forces Studios to Rethink China Approach
  39. What if East Asian Americans became the Largest Minority in the United States?
  40. China's New Ivy League Incubators - A Victory for Humanities Majors?
  41. BBC asks me, can you film something that reveals Chinese people's miserable life?
  42. What Happened to the Chinese Explorers that Landed in East Africa? History of Chinese in Africa
  43. Jing'an Temple (Shanghai, China)
  44. US Foreign Policy: Hegemony or Stability, Not Both | Global Research
  45. My woke reddit posts were linked to this article exposing foreign pedophile teachers working in China
  46. Six Centuries Ago, Chinese Explorers Left This Coin Behind in Africa
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. China, Kazakhstan sign cooperation deals worth over $8b: Both sides agreed to push for the progress in cooperation in energy, mining, chemical industry, mechanical manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure. China to supply super computer equipment
  2. Major Eurasian Bloc That US, EU Have to Take Into Account Now: Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s role in global affairs continues to increase, the bloc has now focused on counterterrorism issues in the Eurasian "heartland
  3. China calls for solidarity, cooperation as SCO admits new members
  4. Chinese team set to enter Canadian Women’s Hockey League: The new team, the sixth in the CWH that was founded in 2007, will be based in Shenzhen and will be known as the Kunlun Red Star
  5. Zhang arrested in Indonesia and escorted back to China: Zhang, whose real name is Song Miqiu, is believed to be the mastermind behind several get-rich-quick schemes in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Chinese police an Interpol red alert on Zhang in March 2016
  6. China has 12 universities within the World's Top 100, only next to the United States and Britain and No.1 in Asia, according to the 14th edition of QS World University Rankings
  7. China ensures its position in Africa by pouring billions into infrastructure and education: Recent poll results from the Pew Research Centre found 75 per cent of Africans have a favourable view about China's influence
  8. Asian-Americans Most Likely To Be Charged For Espionage: Report “There is anxiety that China will overtake America” Wu said. “That affects Chinese Americans, inevitably. We’re seen as representatives, potentially agents, of a rival power. So global politics affect domestic civil rights.”
  9. Panama switches diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China
  10. English Chav beat old Chinese tourist to death
  11. #Morocco and China Reinforce Energy Cooperation
  12. University of Illinois student still missing
  13. Chinese investments in Africa create highly favorable perception among local populations
  14. Chinese-German cooperation blossoms in auto, tech: Corporate partnerships surge, seen as a response to Trump era
  15. Japan, China and South Korea to Pursue Joint Research in the Arctic: teamed up for a joint scientific study in the Arctic Ocean to prepare the ground for future resource development and the opening of new shipping routes
  16. China and Singapore pledged to cooperate on trade and regional infrastructure projects, in a sign the countries have begun to repair ties strained amid security disputes in Southeast Asia
  17. FBI helps search for Chinese visiting scholar missing for 6 days: The suspect is a white man who circled the area in the car on Friday afternoon before stopping to talk to Zhang, the FBI said
  18. What’s hot on Sina Weibo. #Chinese student missing in US# views: 81.62m
  19. ‘Hostile rhetoric’: Trump’s Cuba restrictions pushes it closer to China and Russia
  20. Premier calls on #overseasChinese to join in innovation, economic cooperation: overseas Chinese can use their advantages in capital, technology, management, talent and business networks to engage in innovation in the country, the premier said
  21. China Gains Russia’s Support on North Korea Issue
  22. Hong Kong becomes new member of #AIIB
In Domestic news
  1. Foreign judges in Hong Kong. 50% in 1997, just 6% today
  2. Hong Kong Public Opinion Survey 2017
  3. Studying in China? Law, culture, language classes now compulsory: Schools should respect religious beliefs of foreign students, but aren't allowed to provide any venue for their religious activities. International students who do not live in dormitories are required to register address with police
  4. China ponders public morality after video of gruesome death
  5. Foreign NGOs
  6. Beijing plans 1st exclusive bike lane
  7. China Turns On the World’s Largest Floating #Solar Farm: Floating on a lake over a collapsed coal mine, the power station in Anhui province can produce 40 megawatts of energy
  8. Coal No Longer King as China Spurs Shift to Cleaner Energy
  9. Seven killed in Chinese kindergarten blast; 59 injured
  10. China "Can Do" Business, and "Can Do Away" Some Businessmen. (Chinese Crackdowns on Corruption is What the West Wish it can do: Lock Them Up).
  11. China Will Make as Much Clean Electricity by 2030 as the U.S. Does From All Sources Today: Elon Musk pointed out the high standard that China is held to under the Paris Climate Agreement
  12. China's exploration of flammable ice going smoothly: China has explored about 210,000 cubic meters of the combustible ice in the South China Sea and the tests are proceeding smoothly, a local geological bureau said
  13. Makeshift bomb believed responsible for China kindergarten blast: was the work of a 22-year-old introvert who was among the dead. The Fengxian county government said class had not yet been dismissed and that no teachers or students were among the casualties
  14. China's 'social credit' threatens to become social control: The deepest worry is that the social credit system appears to be going beyond the blacklist -- which is essentially a way to punish financial misconduct -- and becoming a way to monitor and control people's lives
  15. Chinese nationalists gloat over Singapore first family saga: “The Lee family is the vanguard of anti-China [forces]. But if you want to oppose China, you should first get your family matters in order,” read one comment on Weibo
  16. Chinese people are building, flying and selling their own helicopters, but is it legal? Recent reports of Chinese people making and selling their own aircraft have shone a spotlight on a legal grey area in the country’s aviation sector
  17. The Chinese mainland is considering a series of new preferential policies for Taiwanese residents, ranging from access to public provident funds to better tourism services, a mainland spokesman said
In SciTech news
  1. China's space station to help maintain co-orbital telescope: China will develop and launch a two-meter-caliber space telescope, which will share the same orbit with the country's future space station. Used for large-scale, multi-color imaging and seamless spectroscope surveying
  2. For the first time, physicists have experimentally demonstrated a quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) protocol combined with quantum memory.
  3. AI Robot Takes China's Notoriously Difficult 'SAT' Exam, Fails Miserably
  4. Declining phosphorus in Chinese lakes | Nature Geoscience
  5. Domestic #Rice Was Grown in China 9,400 Years Ago: A new study offers evidence that prehistoric villages in the area of Shangshan were growing half-domesticated rice
  6. How #Robots Are Helping Chinese Students Solve Real-World Problems: RoboTerra is partnered with more than 1,000 Chinese schools offering STEM classes, providing both the technology and guidance to teachers. The company’s success has earned Sui Shaolong a place on FORBES Asia’s 2017 30 Under 30 list
  7. Enter the Nimble Dragon: China looks to small reactors for nuclear edge
  8. China joins US as top influencer in science
  9. Face-Lifts and Finance: Where China’s Tech Titans Are Hunting for the Next Big Thing: Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu jostle to get into lifestyle apps to keep fueling their turbocharged growth
  10. Direct conversion of rusty stainless steel mesh into stable, low-cost electrodes for potassium-ion batteries. Zhang and a team from the Chinese Academy of sciences and Jilin University have now found an elegant solution in their use of a waste material to make novel electrodes
  11. Chinese scientists beam back entangled photons from quantum satellite in landmark experiment
  12. China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet
  13. Experts deny U.S. firm's claim that WannaCry hackers are possibly from China: "The conclusion that the authors of the ransomware are Chinese people is premature based on only linguistic analysis of the ransom message, rather than the malware itself,"
  14. In China, a Store of the Future—No Checkout, No Staff
  15. China launches X-ray telescope via Long March 4B
  16. Science Leader No More? China Challenges US Dominance
  17. How Chinese #fossils are rewriting the history of feathered #dinosaurs: Something like 160 species of dinosaur have been described across China since 1990, and the rate of new discoveries may not have peaked
In Economic news
  1. U.S. Tech Companies Now Copycats of Chinese Peers, Andreessen Horowitz Partner Says
  2. Telcos seek 5G cutting edge growth: China Mobile Communications Corp, the world's largest telecom carrier by subscribers, said it aims to deploy more than 10,000 5G base stations by 2020, in a move to launch a commercial 5G service
  3. Two SIM Cards and Better Selfies: How China’s Smartphones Are Taking On Apple. Doubled market share in 5 years. “The impression that Chinese companies are not good at innovation was accurate three years ago but not any more,” said Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL, ranked in the top five in U.S.
  4. Chinese Giants Are Taking Over Hong Kong: Banks, real estate, telecoms show biggest Chinese influence
  5. Chinese brands rose 937 percent in brand value over 12 years, and now comprise 11 percent of Global Top 100 value.
  6. Ivanka Trump brand applies for, wins more China trademarks
  7. Not Just the FANGs: China's Tech Rally Has More Bite: Tencent and Alibaba, which together make up one-fourth of the MSCI China Index by market capitalization, have helped push the index 24% higher so far this year, far outpacing U.S. benchmarks
  8. Hong Kong Cozies Up to Shenzhen to Create Future Tech Giants
  9. More #European companies see gains in China, survey says: About 70% of Chinese operations profitable, led by medical devices, automobiles. As for outlook, 55% of companies were optimistic about their Chinese operations over the next two years, while just 11% were pessimistic
  10. Apple's (AAPL) new App Store policies target Tencent's WeChat and China's online tipping economy
  11. U.S. weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence
  12. U.S. weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence
  13. China overturns rejections of 9 Trump trademarks
  14. China May factory output beats expectations with 6.5% gain
  15. WSJ: China’s Economic-Growth Revamp May Be Working
  16. India Stuck With $300 Bln Electronics Bill: electronic imports worth $4.4 billion outpaced gold import bill by a margin of $600 million. As most of the items are imported from China, it will further deteriorate the country's trade deficit with China
  17. Chinese students are losing interest in working at international firms
  18. "Daddy, I want something Chinese, not a usual iPhone": The headline that you read above is what I heard from a kid shouting out to his father. Not only Xiaomi. Popular Chinese manufacturers like OPPO and VIVO have witnessed tremendous growth in semi-urban and rural areas
  19. Chinese economy gets more innovative
  20. Alibaba Launches Tmall World To Serve 100M #OverseasChinese Shoppers
In Military news
  1. China builds fighter hangars and fixed weapons positions on South China Sea outposts, US says: Once facilities are complete, Beijing will have capacity for up to three regiments of fighters in the Spratly Islands, according to Pentagon report
  2. Russia and China are planning “enormous” and “important” joint military events in their future, after a meeting in which the countries agreed a military “roadmap” until 2020. The superpowers completed a mass naval drill in the disputed South China Sea in September
  3. China’s Largest Solar-Powered Drone will Target US Navy Warships: Caihong-T4 was said to have reached an altitude of more than 20,000 meters during the secret test flight. Design team aims to improve the drone to the extent the UAV can stay aloft for months, even years, at very high altitudes
  4. China Develops Prototype of Microwave Photonics-based Radar
  5. Chinese defence firm claims drone formation world record: China Electronics Technology Group Corporation said it has flown 119 fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles simultaneously. Ehang sent a squadron of 1,000 drones into the air earlier this year, but they were powered by rotary wing technology
  6. Iran & China conduct joint naval exercises in Strait of Hormuz
Other Notables
  1. Starbucks in China (x-post pics)
  2. Higher Brothers x Famous Dex - Made In China (Prod. Richie Souf)
  3. 国泰航空空姐拒挂中文名牌
  4. The King's Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) places in real life
  5. G.E.M.鄧紫棋 - 桃花諾完整版MV(電視劇《上古情歌》片尾曲)
  6. Is democracy the only form of government that legitimately represents people's aspirations
  7. China, Panama establish diplomatic ties
  8. Democracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, and China: Crash Course World History 230
  9. Chinese Couple Accidentally Gets Extra $10,000 in Singapore, Does What We'd Expect
  10. Shaolin monk training
  11. This building with the world's tallest atrium just opened in Beijing (x-post interestingasfuck)
  12. Bruce Lee Passion Drama 'Warrior' From Justin Lin Gets Cinemax Series Pickup: The series is inspired by an idea from Lee and is being executive produced by Tropper, Lin and his Perfect Storm Entertainment topper Danielle Woodrow
  13. Anti-Asian propaganda in "Beyond Good and Evil 2" Trailer
  14. Short documentary on Li Jingliang, China's top MMA fighter on the UFC
  15. Rare Uncovered Footage Shows Bruce Lee in an Actual MMA Fight
  16. Cart, Moon, Canoe, Horse for example: How Chinese characters evolves with time
  17. "Shanghai"
  18. King's Avatar Chinese eSports anime.
  19. #DJI - Test Your Flying Skills at the DJI Arena
  20. Golden clouds over Great Wall after rain
  21. China’s Cult of Stability Is Killing Tibetans, finally US get its act together to work on Tibet again.
  22. great stone arch in the Eastern Qing tombs
  23. China's oldest imperial palace discovered in Shanxi Province: Archeologists have dated the ruins in the northeast of the Taosi relic site in Xiangfen County to around 4000 years ago. Taosi imperial palace may indicate the beginnings of the capital system in ancient China
  24. From a Jade Burial Suit to Terracotta Warriors, a Blockbuster Display of China's Ancient Treasures at the Met
  25. Looking for wuxia films on Netflix, or wuxia books I can read in English, any suggestions?
  26. Gideon Rachman: Asia's Rise and America's Decline: From Obama to Trump and Beyond
  27. China must press ahead as West mired in chaos
  28. As Trump Bets on China's Help on North Korea, Aides Ask: Is It Worth It?
  29. Is it true there are more Mongolians in China than Mongolia? If so, why?
  30. How The White Establishment Waged A 'War' On Chinese Restaurants In The U.S.
  31. Calligraphy top icon of Chinese culture, WeChat data shows
  32. Do you guys know any Manchus/ Inner Mongols?
  33. Anglo Supremacist FairFax Media in Australia on Anti-China Propaganda Campaign
  34. C-BLOCK -顶两口 [Official Music Video]
  35. C-BLOCK x GAI - The flow of Jiang-Hu 江湖流 [Official Music Video]
  36. C-BLOCK - Power to the people 以下范上 [Official Music Video]
  37. Drivers bewildered by twisting Chinese interchange
  38. Before and after photos: 5 years of #poverty alleviation efforts in #Guangxi
  39. The #Disney Character With The Highest Body Count Ever Is....#Mulan: There were 2,000 Huns, and six of them survived the avalanche, including Shan-Yu. Later, Mulan killed him too. So, that means that Mulan killed 1,995 people, more than any other Disney character, obviously.
  40. UFC Fight Night 111 results: Li Jingliang survives first round, rallies to beat Frank Camacho
  41. Shanghai From another Angle
  42. Inside Red China: 1957 American documentary remarks on sentiments still common in the West today regarding China
  43. Shanghai in 1973: documentary about the first time Westerners had seen the city since 1949
  44. China Today 1979: state propaganda film offering a glimpse into life shortly after the Cultural Revolution
  45. World Offers Cautionary Tale for Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: The Trump plan was heralded as a way to lift America’s sagging infrastructure while spurring growth. But it risks yielding India-like problems while failing to produce China’s economic benefits
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