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FSD may not be used by Magic Leap, but Scanned lasers are already here and it is impressive

Edit : I realize that this is a (too) long post so I add this quick summary at the top:
Summary : I bought a small portable laser scanned projector : and quality of image is great : That gives me great confidence that magic leap may (despite what everyone now thinks) use such a scanned laser technology and impress everyone when they release their product!
Background: After seeing Kguttag's analysis of Magic leap videos resolution and discussing extensively as if and when FSD and laser sources have a realistic chance of being included technologies in a magic leap device (with a couple of fair arguments that can be summarized in the following statement: If this was a consumer-grade mature technology (FSD, green lasers, fitting in a HUD), it would already be possible to buy the components to build one => therefore FSD is not ready, or may never be ready for a HUD, compared to existing marketed technologies like oled, DLP, etc...) I had the chance of reading a comment from view-from-afar that a small company, microvision, was already making some sort of laser projection. (and I also understood that as Karl guttag was involved in the DLP technology development at Texas Instruments, he may be an expert, but may be somehow partly biased).
I raised an eybrow and gave it a quick look : seemed like their technology was indeed projecting a laser, but using a very tiny mirror being excited to resonnant frequency, instead of a tiny fiber optic being scanned (=excited) to a resonnant frequency, and that their products had some flaws (poor brightness, some sparkling) and overlooked it.
Until 3 weeks ago, when celluon (that I was already following since their (not perfect...) attempt at a mobile projected laser keyboard) came up with a new handheld pico projector ( with android OS in it).
Reviews from those who where not really unbiased (they seemed to own stocks of microvision) were overexcited of the image quality of this little picobit portable laser projector despite the android OS.
Although there was ( and I guess there still is) no independant review of this little laser projector, I saw that the engine (= lasers + mirror assembly) was actually manufactured by SONY (and, for me SONY = quality).
So I ordered one and thought : " well, if this image is really not good ( low resolution, low brightness, and sparkly) as Kguttag claimed regarding earlier versions of laser projectors, I will wire it via HDMI to my raspberry PI, and that will make a fancy films/lights display in my room if I synchronize it ; to give similar colors than my 4K tv in the back of the TV, a bit like philips/ microsoft ambient light concept, should be easy as image will naturally always be in focus (due to the laser scanned nature of the light source)"
Boy was I right to order one : the lasers are bright enough for a head up display : check ; the thing doesn't consume too much power and is mobile : check ; there is no laser sparkle : check; it's relatively cheap : check
As a consequence : are scanned lasers consumer-ready to be incorporated in a head-up display? The ones that are already available and sold in this celluon picobit laser picoprojector are.
Is the fiber scanned display powered by lasers claimed by magic leap in their patents as ready as these lasers scanned by a micromirror? I don't know, but it certainly is NOT an impossible, always too expensive, 10 years + away technology : it is possible now. And it already works!
My take on this ? I am now confident to bet that magic leap hardware display technology (and not just the software content) is going to be astonishingly impressive and maybe based on scanned lasers ( maybe not scanned fiber optics yet, though, but who knows?), despite what everyone seems to be so sure of after the "quick glance at a device claimed to be a PEQ" by an unwanted journalist from "the information"
Before someone asks : I don't have share, stocks, options, whatever in SONY, Texas Instruments, celluon, microvision or magic leap ( even though, magic leap shares, if anyone have a way to buy some, contact me ;) )
And quality of this scanned laser projector is so good for me, that I basically use it to project ( 2meter x 1meter 1080p (downscaled to a 1900 x 700 resolution)) movies on my ceiling over my bed because it is practical, no heavier than a fat smartphone and silent, and with good enough battery life to watch movies : I am probably not going to use it as an ambient light system on my raspberry pi until magic leap product gets released ;)
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[Table] IAmA: I'm Ryan Block, Co-founder of gdgt and former Editor of Engadget. AMA!

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Date: 2012-10-02
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Ninja edit: Additionally, would you substantiate any of the rumors/quotes out there about how they were not being given a sufficient platform/resources from AOL? I can't really speak a ton to the resources at Aol between 2008-2010, but I can say that during the years I was there -- the Ron + Randy days when the company was being ground to complete dust by a couple of old-media executives who had no idea how to run an internet company -- we truly had no resources to grow or survive. We lost some good folks in that time, and that truly sucked. It was not fun. Not long after I left, Tim Armstrong and a bunch of really smart folks came in to turn things around, and all of a sudden Engadget's staff size doubled and projects I could never get greenlit started going live (like a massive redesign, apps on the major mobile platforms, etc.). So given what I'd gone through trying to grow Engadget -- hell, to try and keep it alive at Aol -- I really do not think that team was being starved out.
Hey Ryan, big fan of your work. What's the deal with the tension/bad feelings between you/gdgt and The Verge? They're the only major site not represented in gdgt's critic reviews, are they not? Is this something you can talk about? With gdgt's critic reviews, we accept requests to be listed from any site or publication, and many publications we didn't carry reviews for early on are now in there. (Likewise, any publication who does not want to be listed in our reviews can opt out.) The Verge hasn't shown any interest in working with us, and they've never requested to have their reviews in gdgt.
To be clear, have The Verge actually opted out or have they just not requested to be listed? They haven't opted in or out, nor have they shown any interest in working with us.
Are there publications gdgt lists that are in the same boat? There have been a number of publications who've requested we carry their reviews, many of which we now do! To the best of my knowledge, to date no sites have opted out.
You made this comment on twitter: Link to www.twylah.com You say, "He's the guy I wish I had to take over when I left." re: engadget and Tim Stevens. Yes, I did say that. Not a lot of people know this, but Josh was way down on my list of possible picks as to who would replace me. My first pick was actually our old Senior Editor, Marc Perton, who at the time was Executive Editor of Online at Consumer Reports. He's whip-smart, and I feel super lucky to be able to work with again -- he's now gdgt's Director of Content, leading our reviews and research efforts.
Were you not happy with what Joshua Topolsky did while he was the EIC of engadget? What was your take on things when he left and poached an entire staff to go to his next project? I had a couple of other folks I wanted to name EIC after Marc, but they didn't work out for various reasons. But Josh did step up, and I think he did some really amazing stuff with Engadget after I left. He took it in places I didn't, or wouldn't, and I think in many ways he made the publication stronger.
What was the reasoning behind that Zune "review" you wrote for Engadget where it was later revealed you didn't actually use the device? Comments were deleted and disabled for a period of time, too. First up: at what point was it "revealed I didn't actually use the device"? I find it really weird you'd say I didn't test the product -- maybe you misunderstood something? I mean, there are photos of my Zune review unit right there on my infamous orange table (which I no longer have, sadly). There are tons of photos of the 2.0 software on the old Zune, the desktop software install, etc. It's pretty indisputable that I had the products and used them. There was controversy about this review though: people were freaking out because I took Microsoft to task on the various shortcomings of the Zune. Remember, back in 2007 people were MUCH more sensitive about Zune vs. iPod -- especially on sites like Engadget. (It kind of reminds me of Android vs. iPhone today, in some ways.) Zune 8 and 80 were actually pretty hotly anticipated among certain circles. The problem was that my review kind of read a little more like an editorial, and didn't spend much time on stuff like battery life, etc. The day after I posted my initial review, I addressed the concerned readers (link). Later, to assuage concerns of those readers, I posted a follow-up piece that went a little deeper on the details (here).
Are you and Peter ever going to start doing the podcast again? You know, I'm surprised it's taken almost 45 minutes for someone to ask this. Thank you.
I don't know! Maybe? I mean, I'd never say never, but probably not any time soon. The thing about the podcast is it takes a lot of time to produce, and in our case it wasn't really converting. In other words, we had a lot of podcast listeners who weren't using gdgt (and very, very few companies want to sponsor podcasts). Unless you're Leo Laporte, it's very hard to make money podcasting.
To this day I'm really honored that so many thousands of people loved the show we produced. And I will say, Peter is probably one of the three or four smartest people I've ever known -- doing a show with him was always a lot of fun.
When gdgt first launched there was a 'Gadget finder' where you could search for devices based on features. It doesn't look like that exists anymore. Can you provide some insight as to why that is? Any plans to bring it back? Keen eye. I loved that thing, and to this day I consider it one of gdgt's hallmark launch features.
I have some very good news for you: it's back! But it's different. (And, I think, much better.) We've built spec-based product finding into our reviews listing pages. Check out finding cellphones or finding laptops.
This new version of our product finding system allows you to do a ton of stuff you couldn't before, like filter by price, input by numeric ranges (i.e. show me phones with screens between 4 to 5 inches), and infer specs criteria with a single selection (i.e. no more having to click a ton of options just to specify you want an Intel processor).
IPhone or Droid and why? At the risk of coming off completely self promotional, I actually recently did an experiment I called The Android Challenge, where I (a long time iPhone user) completely extricated myself from the iPhone and went full-Android for a number of weeks.
I wrote many thousands of words on the experience -- what I liked, what I didn't like, what made sense, what didn't. You can read them all here: (lead-in, part 1, part 2, and part 3)
Tl;dr I switched back to the iPhone, but Android has gotten so, so much better.
Android has gotten so, so much better. Do you think 4.0 - 4.1 had something to do with that? Jelly Bean is by a pretty wide margin the best version of Android to date, in my opinion.
How did it feel to 1-up Gizmodo back when there was tension/war? It felt good to win that war, but what felt better was securing Engadget's existence. There was a long time where we had no idea if we were going to exist in six months. Every day was a battle for our very survival.
Somehow I never knew that you were one of the founding editors of Joystiq. I love gaming, but I have a super hard time finding the time to play. Veronica, however, is a huge gamer and makes me feel totally inadequate in my gaming bona fides.
Are you still a gamer? What games are you playing lately? I know that Veronica is still a big gamer. Do you and Veronica ever play together? Unfortunately, we rarely play together as I'm all Xbox, and she's almost entirely PC. But we did play Portal 2 co-op on Xbox together, and it was awesome.
What do you think the next major technological leap will be? Consider pagers to cellphones to smartphones, what is the next era of tech going to look like? I was just talking about this the other day. I think we're done for quite a while, to be honest. LTE is going to be a huge shift, but once we've gotten past the point of pervasive, ultra-fast wireless broadband, I don't think devices are going to change much.
Cellphones -- smartphones in particular -- were the biggest change we've seen in decades with how we use technology. Tablets were another big shift, but that mostly changed our expectations for more traditional computing experiences. I think wearable computing like Google Glass will be DOA, and I honestly believe the next fundamental change in how we use products will be biological integration (aka wetware). And that's a looong way off.
Between here and there, just expect things to get smaller, thinner, faster, and (hopefully) work better together.
Is there a clear winner here? Where is the endgame? Is it the service that's provided or the device? Me, I'm betting long on Apple, and since there needs to be a #2, Android. I think Amazon has a great strategy around building content appliances, but I don't think that's a smart long-term bet.
I previously worked as a rep at ZocDoc, we had a quick convo about a cancelled appointment. Anyway, thanks for responding! I feel like eventually, what happened with Netflix may happen with Amazon as well. Awesome! I hope I wasn't a total jerk to you or anything!
What piece of tech have you reviewed that made you go "why the hell was invented/produced?!?". So, sooo many.
The Foleo comes to mind. And Nexus Q.
Ugh, this is bringing back too many bad memories.
What has been the hardest challenge so far and do you think gdgt is on the up? In terms of growth and product direction. Well, thanks for giving us a shot (again)! Peter (my Co-founder at gdgt, and founder of Engadget) and I knew gdgt was going to be a challenge from the start, but that's why we did it. It didn't have a natural hook like news, but we felt that by focusing on product (instead of publishing), and building a really rich, robust product database, community features, and technology to help people find and get more out of their products, we could do things that were even more meaningful than standard reporting.
Gotta say, gdgt's liveblogs are some of the best I think. I watched yours and another for the iPhone 5 and gdgt had better content, more photos, and overall better editorial information. Thanks! Been doing those liveblogs for a long, long time, glad I've managed to not be totally sucky at it!
So you've founded a great tech site, moved across the country and got married. What next for Ryan? I think five year plans are silly for people who work in an industry that looks completely different every six months. We'll see! I'm definitely looking forward to taking a little more time off with Veronica this winter or spring, this year has been absolutely nonstop!
Favorite band? Netflix suggestions? It's really hard to say. With Engadget, I don't know that we ever had a single moment like that. With gdgt, although we've grown a lot and the product has gotten pretty damn good (in my opinion), I still don't feel like it's popped yet.
I don't really have favorite bands, movies, music, etc., my tastes change frequently. I can tell you that this year I have listened to a lot of Purity Ring and the new Yeasayer album.
There isn't a succinct answer to this question. I don't agree Apple gets a free pass by any stretch, but it sounds like we're on the same page that, for better or worse, they are a major leader in the tech space.
Well, in San Francisco that means jeans and a button up shirt or polo. In New York you should probably upgrade to khakis or some kind of non-denim-based pant.
What I meant about startup culture is that the mindset for recent grads in a startup friendly city like myself is to start or seek out recent startups instead of the cushy, stable (albeit sometimes evil) corporate job. Have you noticed this trend? Do you think it's a good thing? I think startups are good. I think too many people are starting startups right now for it to be sustainable long term, though, and more people should try working at a startup (just for a little while) instead of jumping into the deep end. I guess I think that way because I had some work experience before getting into the startup world, and it really helped shape the way I think about how a company ought to be run.
Have you met Alexis Ohanian? As a fellow serial tech entrepreneur, do you guys have a rivalry? I don't know Alexis, but I hear he's a super cool guy. I don't know why in the world I'd ever have a rivalry with him.
Who would win in a fight? You or blam? I bet you would. I wouldn't stand a chance. Did you realize Brian is a former Muay Thai kickboxer?
I'm so glad to be able to call him one of my good friends, because if we were enemies I'd be toast.
What was the first computer you purchased with your own money? I was 15, I was working at CompUSA, and I just HAD to have a laptop. I bought a refurb Compaq on employee discount. It was kind of a piece of junk (remember how awful 90s PC laptops were?), but it felt like the future.
Where is this laptop on your had list? I can't remember the model!
Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I'm 18 so I never used a 90's laptop, just desktops. Cue: me feeling old.
What do you make of all the patent wars going on between Samsung, Apple, and now even HTC? Are they warranted? Do they make sense or are they worth it in the end? Will we see a change in how smartphones and gadgets are developed because of it - for example, originality/innovation? As someone who's had their work ripped off many, many times over the years, I understand why sometimes things can get heavy and lead to litigation. But in general I think stuff is super destructive and it's a huge distraction.
I'm a huge proponent of patent system reform, and I think things are only going to get worse for patent holders and consumers alike until the government gets off its ass and fixes something.
Swordfish or filet mignon? Fish please. Can't wait for your wedding!
Will you go to the dance with FTW? Yes/No/Maybe. I'll have to ask my girlfriend wife.
Im going to ask you the same question i asked Veronica in her AMA. out of all the things you've done what has been your favourite and why? Can you be more specific? Like, things I've done professionally?
Sorry, yes things you've done professionally. like is gdgt the best thing youve done in general or something specific for gdgt or when you were at Engadget or something else. I don't know, I've been really fortunate in my career to date. I've gotten to travel all over the world, interview Bill Gates on a number of occasions, meet Steve Jobs, to stand in front of crowds of hundreds -- sometimes thousands -- of people and talk about technology, be occasionally recognized on the street (or on the phone), there's way too much to remember.
I think overall, I'm still really kind of blown away to have gotten to be a part of Engadget. There's such a small number of people who can genuinely claim that "I helped build the best, most widely used ___ in the world," and it's an amazing thing to carry with you.
With gdgt, I'm extremely proud of the work we've done and how far we've come. It sounds trite, but I had no idea just how much I'd learn by stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something that was such a big departure from Engadget.
of all Congrats! to you and Veronica on getting married! I was wondering how you and Veronica met? and were you very nervous asking her out the first time? *spelling. Thank you! V and I met in 2005 at an mobile industry press event in SF (I was out from NY). I was a little nervous, but this was before she was a huge, massive internet celebrity, so it worked out okay.
So anyways, thanks for your coverage and everything I have enjoyed following you and Veronica over the years :) Thanks for the kind words, and serious thanks for not (accidentally) killing my wife with your car. Cheers!
Just wanted to chime in that I was also at the gdgt event in LA, and it was pretty awesome. No more LA events makes me a sad panda. Me too! I guess it's just too much to ask the fine citizens of LA to deal with the hassle of sitting in traffic for a while to come out to our event. Bummed, but sometimes that's how it goes.
How big is the pressure to increase viewership month over month on sites like Engadget? Well, part of the reason I left to co-found gdgt was because Engadget won. It had grown to be the largest news site anywhere and the arms race was over. By 2008 we were just trying to best our own personal records. It was like self one-upmanship, so I started to get a little antsy. I wanted to start learning new things again, even if that meant starting over.
It seems that more and more big sites act like television. Do whatever possible to get views. Some sites go as far as acting unprofessional, some lie, some chose to write to stir viewer emotions. With gdgt, we definitely want to continuously increase audience (and we have), but our interests are far more aligned with our users'. When your goal is to help people find (and buy) the product that best fits their needs, your motivations look a lot more like your users' motivations, and a lot less like your advertisers' motivations.
What do you think is the line and have you ever crossed it? That isn't to say that Engadget or any other publication is somehow compromised (and make no mistake, gdgt does run ads!). But now I don't have to worry about increasingly meaningless metrics like page views, and can instead put all our focus on crafting useful user experiences that will helpfully lead you to a purchase with a minimum of effort and time wasted.
Just registered at reddit for this. I listened to the gdgt podcast and I used gdgt back when the podcast was still going, but I do not use gdgt any longer. I don't think you should be doing a podcast with the intention of it "converting." Rather, it should be from a genuine interest in the discussion. Maybe that's too preachy, maybe it's not realistic, but that's just my opinion. Few podcasts end up really "converting" anyway. I have 2 questions: 1) Is gdgt the only project you are currently working on? 2) Have you considered doing a podcast with Veronica? Why not? Well, maybe my explanation came off a little clinical, but you have to think about how each of us make decisions and balance our choices in life (and at work). The podcast is a lot of fun, and people clearly loved it. I still hear about it all the time, and it hasn't been on the air for like what, two years? That is awesome. I'm still really surprised Peter and my chemistry in talking about technology was able to connect with people so well. But it wasn't (as far as we could tell) driving users to our company's product and it making us any money. On the flip side, it takes a ton of time to produce and it was costing us money. Peter and his wife also had a baby, and gdgt was growing in other ways that required more of my attention. It just wasn't working for us at the time, it didn't make good business sense, and we were killing ourselves every week to produce the show. Anyway, to answer your questions: yeah! gdgt is my main squeeze, professionally, right now. And yes, Veronica and I considered doing a show together for a while. We even had a name picked out and recorded a pilot episode and everything. But ultimately we just got (and stayed) too busy to commit to doing it. Maybe some day!
What are your thoughts on Gizmodo? Well, briefly: they were (as many people know) our mortal enemies at Engadget. Wired and Forbes profiled myself and my then-counterpart at Giz, Brian Lam. It was hyped to be an epic battle. And you know what? It was.
Although we eventually won the audience size / page view game, Brian Lam did an amazing job setting them up to be a well differentiated publication from Engadget. And Joe Brown and the team there have done a good job of establishing a voice and attitude that continues to set them apart. I don't necessarily always agree with everything they write, but I think the world is a better place with Gizmodo in it.
And for my money, crazy back story aside, the iPhone 4 was probably the best technology scoop of all time. OF ALL TIME.
How do you think 'convergence' affects the future of gadgets? I personally haven't collected many since the iPhone and iPad. (Jambox and video game consoles are a couple exceptions that come to mind.) Do you see people collecting niche and specialized gadgets 10 years out from now? Interesting. I haven't thought about convergence in a while because I think we're kind of there, right? I mean, it basically happened. It's the smartphone.
I'm not sure if we'll see another big convergence shift any time in the near future, but I think most of us will have a collection of core, multi-use products (i.e. smartphone, laptop), which will be orbited by an ever-shrinking number of specialized, use-case specific products that do one thing really well (i.e. a nice digital camera, or a game console) but that are purchased (and used) far less frequently.
Hey Ryan, what music are you into these days? Still a huge COD MW fan or have you gotten bored of the endless yearly rehash? Will we ever see a gdgt podcast again? I was a devoted listener. I met you and Peter at a gdgt launch event in NYC a few years back and you were both very kind. Thanks! Rdio tells me that lately I've been really into Yeasayer, Purity Ring, and Hot Chip (among many others).
I kind of gave up on CoD. I was playing some BF3 for a while, but it's just really hard for me to find the time to play anything these days.
Re. podcast, please see this post.
Did you genuinely think I was going to cut it at Engadget after months of multi-hour edits? I owe a lot to a lot of people in life, but you'll always be in the top two or three people I'm grateful for. Cheers! <3.
Hi Ryan! What are some of your favorite memes? Good Employee Lydia is a favorite meme of mine these days. But it's kind of an inside joke.
Smartphones are becoming pervasive throughout society, do you think it's reached a point where everyone needs to "have" one? I think most folks are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves what they "need" to own. Some people don't feel like they need a smartphone (my mom, for example!), and that's fine.
I think the bigger issue with adoption is that for older generations who tend to be a little more intimidated by technology, the mental barrier to entry is too high, and they often don't know what they're missing out on because they haven't really given it a chance.
But to answer your question: I think in the last 2-3 years we've finally gotten to the point where smartphones are mature enough a technology that there's really no compelling reason not to have one (if you can afford it).
What's the one feature you most want Apple to put into the next iPhone - not considering how likely it is? I think the iPhone 5 is a very mature product. I wouldn't mind seeing a higher capacity battery, but thin seriously sells. (This is a lesson I learned the hard way way back when the iPod mini was introduced.) I don't think NFC is a necessity (even though I would actually like to see them grow an NFC ecosystem in the US).
Also, congratulations on your marriage! I think at this point Apple really needs to get to work on iOS. I don't think they've taken advantage of the lead they've had, and if they don't have some impressive stuff lined up for iOS 7, they may run the risk of starting to be perceived as a one trick pony.
How you see a niche site like gdgt competing with some of the bigger sites that focus on everything (ie Link to www.findthebest.com. All that said, I think of more companies like FindTheBest and The Wirecutter can help mainstream consumers break out of the stale, old school reviews sites that have been stagnant for 10+ years, that's a big win for everyone, gdgt included.
Do you worry that the potential of network effects of a comprehensive site could be a problem for gdgt? Interesting. Well, for starters, I find it challenging to believe that any one site can be an expert in dozens, if not hundreds, of subjects. I'm not saying we shouldn't all break out a little bit, and maybe one day we'll take gdgt into other verticals. But domain expertise counts for a lot in the world of reviews and recommendations, and at gdgt we happen to have a lot of domain expertise in personal technology.
I would be interested in seeing a "What's in your bag?" feature like many sites are for someone like you - a long-time gadget addict. IPhone 5 (AT&T, 16GB black)
Retina MacBook Pro (16GB RAM upgrade)
Apple In-ear headphones.
Behance Dot Grid journal.
FitBit Ultra.
Spare Lightning cable.
16GB USB flash drive (just in case!)
Can you give a hint of something you wish you could have reported but never were able to? Just between us, of course. So look, I can't go into details, but I can confirm that Steve Ballmer did blow off a hooker while joyriding on Bill G's captive, genetically-engineered unicorn on the 2010 summer solstice. Just don't tell anyone, ok?
Will you be moving back to NYC one day? I miss New York. Some days I miss it terribly. But most of the time I'm really stoked to life in SF. So who knows!
What's your pockets right now? IPhone 5 (AT&T, 16GB black), thin wallet, money clip, FitBit Ultra, and a very small keychain.
Does Apple hate you? I think they more just tolerate me. They certainly don't like me a ton, as far as I can tell.
Favorite kind of coffee to order? Do you have roaster of choice right now? Depends, but usually a simple cappuccino. Classic. If I'm doing a second, it'll be a macc or straight spro.
I'm happen to live in one of the best coffee cities in the world right now (SF), and we've got so many great roasters. The wedding gift we gave everyone was actually a specially selected coffee from Four Barrel Coffee, complete with custom monogram. (Photo of it here!)
Ryan, Where you a BBS user? If so, what boards did you like? Absolutely! I also read zines before there were blogs.
My BBS of choice was just some small local one (which I can't even remember the name of now). MUDs FTW.
Will content ever be free of huge corporations locking it down? I can play something from Netflix on my phone now, but can't watch Dexter easily. I'm going to guess: probably not any time soon. One of the things I'm most appreciative of Jobs having done late in his career was forcing record labels to abandon DRM on their music. It's really too bad the same hasn't happened for books, movies, TV, etc. It's a reminder of just how long we have to go.
Do you know who Karl Pilkington is? Yes.
And I appreciate that if you couldn't resist asking that question, you at least asked it about Karl Pilkington (who is awesome) and not Moby (who is kinda meh).
You know that dogs are superior to cats, right? I've been told. As it happens, in addition to owning two cats, Veronica and I are volunteer seeing eye dog trainers. If you want to prove to someone why dogs can be better than cats, point straight to guide dogs, as they are seriously amazing animals.
Why rdio over Spotify? I've tried both, but the digerati (I hate that word) seem to go with rdio while Spotify seems to have a pretty huge subscriber base (note that /spotify dwarfs /rdio). It's a hard pick. Spotify's catalogue is SO much better, especially for older music. But Rdio's interface is much nicer to use, in my opinion, and its social features are great. It's not an easy choice, let me tell you that.
Filet stuffed with swordfish? ↑ that.
Do you game? if so, besides pc, what would you recommend? Xbox!
Lol i feel like switching from xbox to ps3. i checked your site, i saw headphones, phones, etc, but i don't see consoles? Or is that not something you will be getting into? No, we got 'em! Home consoles and portable consoles.
Will the Bluetooth in my car ever work properly? What kind of car?
Amazing. That's what she said.
Congratulations on your marriage! Thanks! I know most guys say how lucky they are. But I am a seriously lucky person.
Well i think you're hot as well and smart and successful. Research seems to indicate people marry people of similar beauty and class and race and so on and on... I guess what I am saying is that I wouldn't be opposed to a 3-some. Aw, shucks. I don't know if I'd be able to get Veronica to agree, but I know that a Sexy Sax Man Saxogram would probably help our chances.
My question was posted before he answered. Thanks though. Sorry about that! Maybe the question I answered had more upvotes and I saw it first. In any event, there you go!
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Z Code System Sports Betting Software Reviews and Download

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